Natural Cures for Atrial Fibrillation

PACs Trigger Identified
Posted by Lynn (Colorado) on 10/29/2022 5 posts

Premature Atrial Contractions (PACs) GONE…HOW???? WHY???

Well, I have used all the treatments on here, but not until I found the reason it was happening.

My esophagus has thin skin, the nerves of the vagus nerve are irritated when you have reflux/eaten aggravating foods. Then the vagus nerve gets irritated….that is why magnesium (calms nerves), advil (removes inflammation), water (coats throat temporarily and stops dehydration), but no one could identify WHY…

THIS IS WHY…so stop the inflammation, the reflux (hiatial hernia is popped up, push it down), drink pickle juice to reduce acid to help reflux).

NO MORE PACS, NOTHING. Eat ice cream to help inflammation, but mostly, get the reflux under control, use epsom salt to keep a relaxed airway, and you WON'T HAVE ANY MORE PACS.

Being a margarita drinker, thought it was alcohol…no unless you are dehydrated, it was the lime juice causing reflux, then causing inflammation of the vagus nerve, then the cycle begins and won't end until you get the vagus nerve to calm down and not be inflamed.

FINALLY, THANK GOD, I always thought I was going to die, now, a HUGE SENSE OF RELIEF….

I hope this helps someone.