Natural Cures for Atrial Fibrillation

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Posted by ORH (TEN MILE, TN.) on 07/11/2019

AFIB.............. HI U OLE PATOOTS,,,,,,,,,,,,,, let me tell you a story about treating AFIB with only natural supplements. I did that for a few years because my natural doctor was treating his AFIB wife with Nattokinase. Now this it a good product, but may not be the total answer. Today I went in for a Vit C IV in prep for my heart ablation procedure in a few weeks. I want to be in the best shape for this invasive procedure. I made this decision and could care less if my heart doctor knows. I call these shots. Plan to do 3 IV's before he address' my heart ablation. What has shaken me up us that my natural doctor's wife in now in a wheel chair following a stroke and many TIA's. What I also know is that she was head strong and would not take his advice ...ever. They are Baptist, but she undoubtably never understood that the man had 51% control. For you Feminist, you need to understand the load this 51% puts you under, is nothing but hard times, you are ultimately responsible for everything that goes wrong in the family. So here is where I am. Sometimes you have to listen and do what the traditional doctor say to do. My AFIB is now under better control with Rx, but the pills keep me feeling badly. I want to do this ablation to get off one Rx that is the culprit. I will still have to keep my blood thinned, and accept that. The Lone Ranger is long gone and he took his silver bullet with him. There are few simple solutions for life's health problems. Now to my garden stuff. Got a new neighbors that are as country as me. We are trying to out give one another. Took them some fresh corn this morning and told the wife that I need to be the winner and keep them obligated to me. Don't like being obligated to others. She just laughed and said ....... we'll see. ATS,,,,,,,,,,, ====ORH====