Natural Cures for Atrial Fibrillation

Posted by Helena (Norwich UK) on 01/24/2020

My Mum has had atrial Fib for many years, she is 89, ended up in hospital many times because of it and also had very high pulse. Medications don't work anymore, she also had pacemaker fitted in many years ago but it didn't seem to work for atrial Fib. She also had 3 cardioversions, last one before last Christmas. I wanted to share what she did to bring her heart beat and pulse to normal. She had shoulder pain and used electric massage to relieve the pain, as last cardioversion worked only for a few hours she was back to square one with her heart going like crazy and high pulse, so she had an idea to put this massage gadget near her heart but on the other side not close to her pacemaker and she noticed that after a few minutes her heart rhythm came back to normal. It was a month ago more or less, she used it a few times when it started again and it calmed down straight away and her pulse came down. She was amazed herself and so was I but happy that something worked for her as it is a horrible and frightening illness. She told her GP about it another day and her doctor was very interested how she did it and said it's a home cardioversion she did and was happy for her. I wanted to share it, maybe somebody would benefit from it.