Natural Cures for Cardiac Arrhythmia

Posted by Spiritauthorlindsey (Norfolk, Virginia) on 06/03/2012

Taurine controls my 8 year battle with a racing heart. I get mine from chemical exposures (perfumes, cleaners, etc. ) taurine is an antioxidant that doctors don't seem to know about. I take 3 - 1000mg tablets a day. The body flushes out what you don't need. It is safe with no know drug interaction issues. It has literally been a miracle for me! I hope it helps you too.

General Feedback
Posted by Steve (Cleveland, Ohio, United States) on 05/30/2012

I developed an arrhythmia in 1996 two years after a car accident where my stationary car was struck by a drunk driving a 15 passenger van at high speed. In the accident I sufferred some damage to my neck, back, struck my head etc. I have since learned that damage to the vegus nerve can cause cardiac arrhythmia as well as numerous other problems. The doctor assigned by my insurance plan put me on a regimen of 600mg of ibuprofen every six hours for pain, not only in my back and neck, but also for an arthritic knee. Which had been operated on previously. I have learned since, that Ibuprofen and other "nsaids", in high dose (over 400mg/day), can damage the myelin sheath which is the equivalent of electrical insulation on our nerves. I have read that this can cause nerve impulses to leak and activate muscles along the path of the nerve which can result in twitches, spasms, or arrhythmia. Long term use even at lower dosages can also have the same affect.

If a person already has arrhythmia, then I imagine use of these types of drugs may make the problem worse. I also learned that most nsaids cause red blood cells to clump together unnaturally, Which leads to stroke. Especially if one already has an arrhythmia. The first course of action we need to take is to find a physician who wants to cure us instead of treat us with the pharmaceutical industry crap for the rest of our lives which in most cases causes a host of other problems requiring more wonder drugs.

Thanks to my naivete in trusting my doctors I have become disabled, suffered two strokes, developed constant diarrhea, dizziness, temporarily lost the ability to swallow, and temporarily went blind in my right eye. On top of this I developed M.R.S.A. while in the hospital. Western Medicine SUCKS! The criminals at the A.M.A. , F.D.A., the drug conglomerates, Insurance companies, Politicians with price tags around their necks, and the so called JUDICIAL SYSTEM that covers and protects their miserable asses all need to be completely destroyed and rebuilt, with the best interest of humanity as the goal instead of the bank accounts of the scumbags in power.

Magnesium, Taurine
Posted by Peggysue (Grand Junction, Co) on 05/10/2012

For people who have a irregular heartbeat, be sure and get 400 mg. Magnesium Oxide a day. I go to Walgreens and ask the Pharmacist for it. And if you get an irregular heartbeat and it won't settle down, take 500 to 1,000 mg.oOf Taurine. I went several times to the E. R. and had taken Taurine and by the time I was hooked up, I had a heartbeat of a "seasoned athlete! " It really works!

Food Allergy
Posted by Colin (Melbourne, Victoria Australia) on 05/02/2012

Carl, from Floridale, Try eating a red Delicious apple after dinner and also as required during the day for your GERD. I was placed on Nexium (for life) at age 70 because of Gerd and a Hiatus Hernia.

Persevered for a month or so as I had been on Nexium for about a year and was back and forward between apples and pills in that time. Gerd is now resolved and I swear by this method.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Susan (East Troy, Wisconsin) on 04/12/2012

Apple cider vinegar contains iodine..... People with thyroid issues can experience voice changes and heart palpitations, they are sometimes treated with iodine.... I would have your thyroid checked.

Posted by Kc (Boston, Ma) on 04/11/2012

I go to dr brownstein... He is fabulous. Taking iodine for my afib right this second for my afib. Wish me luck!

Apple Cider Vinegar, Baking Soda
Posted by Michael Kelly (Termes D Armagnac, France) on 04/08/2012

How much baking soda, and is it mixed with acv?

Posted by Dennis (Calgary, Alberta, Canada) on 04/03/2012

There's some research that Taurine might be one of the most important amino acids to regulate the heartbeat. The research paper on the link below discusses how someone who had 20, 000 irregular heartbeats per day eliminated them with Taurine (along with L-Arginine). The paper says that the people involved in this particular study had tried many other supplements prior to Taurine, but Taurine (with L-Arginine) was the answer for them

See George Eby Research site.

They were using very, very heavy doses (10 - 20 grams per day). For a starter dose, one could take 3 grams per day of Taurine in 3 divided doses of 1 gram (the paper says to take with meals, but I have heard that it's better on an empty stomach so that it doesn't compete with other amino acids for absorption). According to what I have read, there are no side effects for dosages up to 3 grams. Beyond that, you might want to do some searching on the internet to check on this. Overall though, it seems that Taurine is pretty safe, but it's probably best to start with small doses and build up.

From the link, it seems that L-Arginine does have side effects (sometimes severe), so proceed with caution with L-Arginine, or just supplement with Taurine and see what happens.

Sea Salt
Posted by Bob (Elmhurst Twp., Pa.) on 02/26/2012

Thanks to a cat owner who tripled its sea salt and got rid of its diabetes, it triggered me to up my salt intake to that of a saline IV. That is 1.5 tsp. per quart of water consumed. I confirmed that requirement with an energy test by a chiropractor. That change cut my episodes of AFIB 75% and far less severe. I now have a near normal life & it did not cost me one cent.

Food Allergy
Posted by Carl (Floridale, Florida) on 02/08/2012

Thanks for your comments. I have also had trouble after eating oatmeal. Many other foods seem to cause V tach, skipping and extra beats too, but usually when trying to sleep. I think sweets and flour products, fried food, beef, gas causing foods, beans, red sauces, tomatos, milk, cake, etc, all contribute. Coffee drives it crazy (Chickory is my substitute- limited amounts). No colas anymore for me. Episodes begin just as I am fading into sleep and last off and on all night. Can't hardly sleep. Gets much worse in early A. M. When heart slows, skips, bangs, wakes me. I was prescribed Toprol, maybe helped some, but won't continue on it for long. Have felt terrible for a year or more, no energy and have battled GERD for years, progressively worse. I think the GERD causes the V tach, maybe the V tach caused the GERD, though. Doctors don't care, just want to treat one, not the other and prescribe only chemicals. I was ordered to stop all supplements by the cardio Dr. I think diet and magnesium and other things on here will help. Right now I will try to eat a lot from about 8am to 2pm, then maybe almost complete fast till bedtime so I can sleep. On of my best nights was after I fasted all day, but I have to eat. I think we need more info / research on the connection between digestive system -GERD- and arrythmia. BTW, ACV helps with GERD.

Apple Cider Vinegar, Baking Soda
Posted by Alan (Toowoomba, Queensland Australia) on 01/28/2012

Hi all, I'm back. I am still taking the A.C.V and Bi-Carbonate of soda also I have been continuiously doing research on Cardio arrythmia. I have discovered a few facts about statins (cholesterol medication ) they have an adverse affect on the muscles of the body paticularly the heart muscle , I have read that the body produces COQ10 naturally when taking the prescribed medications of statins they counteract the the production of COQ10 and now I can say that by taking A.C.V and Bi-carbonate of soda helps the body to become alkaline. The A.C.V has a lot nutriments that help the body such as Magnesium which is also important for the heart the body naturally produces carbonates to make the body Alkaline naturally, by eating a lot of acidic foods the body depletes its supply of carbonates so by taking Bi-carbonate of soda helps neutralise the acids replenish the carbonates in the body which takes a little pressure off the body thereby helping to control the cholesterol, which takes the pressure off the Gall Bladder. I have not taken any medication for six months now. I went to my doctor last week and had across the board blood test cholesterol.

P. S. A Diabetes and so on I went back this week and all was normal except Diabetes was diagnosed as mild but we are all individuals and have different life styles so I have given this information from my experience. best of luck

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Debbie (Melbourne, Australia ) on 12/13/2011

Also good for you would be chlorella and spirulina. Read the free ebook at They clean the blood and detox the body and are very alkaline.

Also Ann Wigmore also recommended wheatgrass implants as a good way to clean the bowel but also get nutrients back into the bowel. Her book "The Wheatgrass Book" is excellent.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Ronbn56 (Tavernier, Fl) on 12/12/2011

for some years i have been sending in reports of my experience with arrhythmia. i have been hospitalized three times been given coumiden and told i need to stay on it for life as well as some other drugs for rapid heart beat. i have searched and searched and they do not make things easy for those searching for answers.

thank goodness for the internet. i have tried with some improvement juicing, fasting, diet, exercise, sea salt, and more but really got to the bottom of it when i discovered most things are digestive related. i found out i had symptoms of candida. i once had a white tongue, itchy anus constantly, sinus congestion, massive amounts of mucous after eating, and other seemily unrelated symptoms. it was then with all the stomach mucous i discovered was undigested protein and that was a result of lack of stomach acid and poor protein digestion. i put this all together and realized candida was in my stomach and my colon as well as the sinuses.

i started treating that and soon found my digestive problems were also my heart problems. when i first started taking hcl stomach acid there was massive die off of candida in my stomach and my intestines. finally i started to feel something with the die off. as unpleasant as it was, it was progress things that did not belong were dying. i also started taking systemic enzymes, and digestive enzymes and my digestion improved 100% as well as my a fib.

my theory is my colon was so full of toxic waste from undigested food it was poisoning my body and the heart was beating fast and out of rhythm in response to that poisoning. clean the liver and clean the blood with enzymes and juicing and many of the things bothering you will disappear. not right away but in time. try hcl and if one pill does not seem to give you any response of being too acid try two and up until you find the right amount. i gave one to a friend and he could not take one without feeling a burn. i take four and feel nothing. i had almost no stomach acid. if your stomach is not acid then your blood will be and that's a disease waiting to happen. you need the stomach acid strong and the blood to be alkaline for good health. i had just the opposite.

so here is what i did and i think i may have found the cure. i have taken no drugs for two years and am not dead yet. in fact i get healthier every day at age 66. rebounder, weights and running

hcl- three or four with each meal

digestive enzymes -three with each meal

juicing- carrot, apple beet celery cucumber every single day

mineral supplements TJ Clark

Food Allergy
Posted by Rebeca (Des Moines Ia, Usa) on 12/05/2011

Could it be that you are allergic to oats? You might want to read a free book.... The Pulse Test by Dr Arthur F. Coca Somebody posted it here and it has been a help to my son who was told by his doctor that he is allergic to something.

I hope this is a help to you and you find health.

Food Allergy
Posted by Shane (Palm Beach, Queensland/australia) on 12/05/2011

Hi there. I have heart arrythmia (well HAD it) for about a year. I would have an episode where my heart was beating all over the place or skipping beats about once a week to once every 2 weeks. The episodes could last for most of a day and sometimes longer. They left me worn out and feeling crappy.

Now I am a big fan of oats and would eat them regularly but it seems that oats are not my friend. There came a time when I stopped eating oats for 3 months and for the entire time my heart arrythmia stopped (as did my frequent heartburn). I then ate oats for one week and low and behold both my arrythmia and heartburn returned. That was when I noticed the correlation and so I again stopped eating oats for a few months. The heartburn and arrythmia ceased immediately. Recently I ate oats again and the symptoms returned.

I therefore now do not eat oats. I can eat bread and I eat cornflakes every morning but no oats.

I've asked doctors about this but they seem to discard it and tell me I shouldn't have stopped taking the medication (which I took for only about 1 week as it seemed to make the arrythmia worse), even though I seem to have cured my problems without drugs.

I have found no scientific evidence for my case and have searched the internet for reasons for why it works but there seems nothing. In fact I have found a number of sites recommending oats for heart problems, so I can't explain it, but hey... cutting out oats from your diet to see what happens can't harm anyone so I hope this helps someone with the same problem.


Magnesium, Co Q10
Posted by Alan (Toooomba, Qld Australia) on 12/01/2011

Hi every one just a quick word to let everyone it's been 2 months to the day since I posted I was taking Magnesium and COQ10 so therefore I have been taking these supplements for 3 months now and guess what? Still no Arrythmia. I don't think about when the next time it may happen now, this a great site to gain knowledge for your health and wellbeing. I hope this helps someone.

Magnesium, Co Q10
Posted by Alan (Toowoomba, Australia) on 10/01/2011

I have been suffering from Cardio Arrythmia for about thirteen years about once or twice a month, sometimes more I have been to a few doctors and they have said that no one has died fom it yet BUT it is very scary, the longest time period it has lasted is five hours so I went straight to the Doctor while it was still happening so he could properly diagnose the condition I HAVE BEEN ON PRESCRIPTION ASPIRIN SINCE TO REDUCE THE RISK OF STROKE also a prescription drug for the control of the rhythym but it still happened.

Five weeks ago I went to a Naturopath and he put me on Magnesium and Co-enzyme Q10. Since starting on these natural medications I have had one short burst of Cardio Arythmia for about fifteen seconds and that's all in five weeks, I will keep posting of this improvement if there is anymore improvement.

Posted by Mike (Princeton, New Jersey) on 09/27/2011

I just read that too much elemental iodine can be fatal. Just want to let people know. June, where did you get your elemental iodine? vibra64(at)

Sodium Bicarbonate Tablets
Posted by Tony (Melbourne, Australia) on 08/25/2011

Go to a Traditional Chinese Doctor and ask for DAN SHEN (a Chinese herb). It does not cure arrythmia, but it calms things down. Remember that there is Dan Shen and Dan Shen. It was not until I went to a Chinese Doctor that my arrythmia calmed down. Some people may find it expensive, but I think it is reasonably priced. I have used it for over twelve months. I found that regular medical specialists were hopeless. They just do not know what to do, but of course allow one to think they are in control.

EDTA Chelation
Posted by Jt (Salisbury, Uk) on 07/04/2011

Following surgery for a blocked carotid artery, I found out about ProArgi-9. Wonderful stuff for clearing arterial plaque. You simply take a scoop each morning and night in a glass of water. Much easier than chelation systems I have tried.

Please do Google it and find out about Dr Prendergast, the inventor. My surgeon has never heard of it and does not want to know about it!!!

General Feedback
Posted by Elwyn (Mt.shasta, Ca, Usa) on 05/15/2011

Thank you for your advice and for this wonderful site. I backed myself off of Cartia a calcium channel blocker in an extended capsule form~not an easy nor comfortable task. Also refused 2 thallium scans back to back~really don't need the large a dose of radiation! I started using the cayenne pepper and am feeling much better. I have refused coumiden, lasix and another beta blocker. I also take Calm (magnesium in a powder form)~CQ10~Iodine drops~and 300 mg. of resveratrol. My heart is much better and thanks to you wonderful and supportive people I am not scared and depressed like before~thank you and God bless you!

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Diana (Sofia, Bulgaria) on 05/12/2011

I have to tell you about this awesome remedy, I made my own apple cider vinegar after I read all the good comments about it :). I am taking one tablespoon in the morning with a glass of warm water. I wasn't really expecting much, but I got a lot :). I was having a heartbeat problem which sometimes was soo bad, but after a month or maybe less it stopped and I believe it is from the vinegar. Also from forever I was having problems with my voice, it would get low and people would not understand me. There was this tightness in my throat, I had to make an effort to talk and if I had to talk longer louder.. O my God. It was affecting my self esteem and I didn;t know what was causing it. And the previous couple of days I noticed that my voice was normal and clear and just wonderful. I am so happy :), I have to put a sticker on my car bumper - I love ACV :)

EDTA Chelation
Posted by John Thomas (Salisbury, Uk) on 05/12/2011

I am trying out Angioprim, oral chelation. See their website for scores of previous users all over the world that you phone up and ask about their experiences.

General Feedback
Posted by Anne (Chicago, Il) on 04/28/2011

Elwyn, I was taking a beta blocker (Toprol) for my arrythmia, and wanted to stop taking it. I just gradually tapered it off myself, using a pill cutter (you can get one at pharmacy). My cardiologist wasn't pleased, but I am off of it and doing ok for over 6 months now. I did ask them afterwards to give me a Halter test, and all was ok. I think they would have kept me on it forever. You might want to figure out what lifestyle changes you should make to avoid the arrythmia; I learned a lot on this site about possible causes. Good luck, Anne

General Feedback
Posted by Elwyn (Mt.shasta, California, Usa) on 04/28/2011

How does one safely withdraw from a time-release calcium channel blocker? I want to take only herbal or other natural remedies for my arrthymia.

Posted by Daveschiman (Philadelphia, Pa) on 04/26/2011

I got some Nascent iodine and started using it last week. Within a few days my heart stopped skipping beats. I tried many other things on this page, but the iodine seemed to do the trick. I put 7 drops in a 26 oz bottle of water and drank it all day. I also painted a drop on the inside of my left wrist once a day for a week.

Posted by Nevada Smith (Smithfield Township, Pa) on 04/14/2011

According to the book, The Magnesium Miracle, one of the most absorbable forms of magnesium [after an IV of magnesium] is magnesium oil [magnesium chloride] which is absorbed through the skin. Next would be magnesium glycinate, magnesium taurate & magnesium orotate. Magnesium citrate is fourth which is most popular due to it's cost. Magnesium oxide is a distant fifth and is poorly absorbed.

Posted by Robyn (Woodburn, Or) on 04/07/2011

I have to agree with the writer of this post! I have A Fib, and have been in it for several hours now. However, I juiced 2 grapefruits, 3 oranges and 1 lemon, 1/8 teaspoon of cayenne pepper and green magma barley grass and my ticker went back into normal rythm. I also took 12.5 mg of Atenolol. I am trying to go all RAW in my diet and I juice veggies and fruits twice daily. I highly recommend Green Magma Barley grass.

Posted by Wendy (Sydney, Australia) on 03/18/2011

Hi, I stumbled accross this site and just want to say a big thankyou for the helpful info. I am 49 and have had a dual chamber pacemaker (several) since I was 27. I have suffered with a multitude of different types of arrhythmias which the doctors just label sick sinus syndrome. More recently I have had episodes of VT. They tried several meds that my body just rejected and nearly killed me. Wanted to try burning my heart & if that didn't work - try putting a defribulator in. Providing I survive an op to take out all the current leads in there. That sent me on a path to find my own answers.

I would like to share with all the women sufferers out there not to discount the benefits of natural progesterone. Have to import it as in my country it is not available. (they just want to kill you with chemicals) I learnt a lot from reading the book 'what your doctor may not tell you about menopause' by John R Lee MD.

I also have been taking herbal medicine prescribed for me by a authentic Chinese doctor.

The combination of these has helped 50%. Im still not out of the woods yet which prompted my search.

I have followed the links and intend to start trying the vitamin methods as well. So thanks again I had started to give up. I knew there must be another way.

EDTA Chelation
Posted by Jo (New York) on 03/13/2011

Pattie, Please tell me the exact name of the supplement, the brand name and the total amount you took. Also, please tell me the name of the Dr. you worked with (who is doing studies at the university). I have a family member who has had this for 4 years and trying to get off medication. Please help. thank you.

EDTA Chelation
Posted by Pattie (Lake St. Louis, Mo) on 03/13/2011

I would just like to say; I love your site. I believe God first in all things. Luke was a Dr. So we have need of caring for ourselves at times while the Lord works out all of our issues and promises to heal us by his stripes. He does and sometimes we can play a part in it.

I had bad heart arithymia about 8-9 years ago.

I was at the point they were going to put the pacemaker in, as I was in filbilation all of the time. A new heart Dr.Was added to the practice and he told me lets try something they had been working on at the university. So I had two weeks to get better basically (from what I remember), he put me on slow magnesium 2 pills a day. My heart before the end of the two weeks started to beet normal. However if I don't take it for several months the fililations returns. I for some reason am normal to low on the blood test, but they don't know why.

In some states and countries you may have to get the slow mag from the pharmist, you have to order in st. louis and then pick it up but it saved my life.

Posted by Patty (Newport Beach, Ca) on 02/14/2011

I thought it was the best to use magnesium taurate to cure cardiac arrhythmia? Can anyone verify the best magnesium to take for this problem?

Posted by Dallas (Amesbury, Ma, Usa) on 02/14/2011

Kolin's post on the cayenne page is a GREAT description of an arrythmia!

Kolin (Nottingham, England) on 02/13/2011: "Yesterday I had, unusually while awake, a strong episode of atrial flutter, my chest felt like a washine machine full of golf balls!"

Gotta LOVE it. Next time it happens, I hope I remember this cayenne remedy. Another remedy to keep the golf balls out of the washing machine is CoQ10 on a regular basis. I started with a heavy dose and it worked right away. I was astounded. Then I worked my way down to a lighter dose. Less expensive.

Posted by P J (Alpharetta, Ga) on 01/26/2011


Be careful about the dose of cayenne. As a vasodilator, a large dose can seriously drop your blood pressure. This happened to me, after I took 2 - 500 mg capsules on an empty stomach. I started seeing black and almost passed out but was able to lower my head over the side of the sofa to allow blood flow to my head and my heart rate to settle down. Follow the recommendations on the bottle.

EDTA Chelation
Posted by Anne (Chicago, Il Usa) on 01/13/2011

Thanks, Richard. I also wanted to mention you should look under the 'Ailments' tab at this site and click on arrythmia. Some interesting info There (see June from Cincinnati's post on12/28/09 using 'real elemental iodine'). I also learned somewhere on this site that apple cider vinegar is helpful in cases of arrythmia. Will like to hear about how your situation improves. I live in a high-rise and have developed tinnitus noticeably more at home.. am wondering if all the 'waves' in my building could be an issue for both the tinnitus and arrythmia....Anne

EDTA Chelation
Posted by Richard (Menlo, Iowa) on 01/13/2011

Thanks Ann, I hope you test goes well. I received a very nice e-mail from a Woman named Candy about a site that sells non toxic Iodine. I think I'll give it a try along with mag, vit. C and fish oil. Still hoping to hear from Ron from Tavernier Fl. and June who had great luck with Iodine.

EDTA Chelation
Posted by Anne (Chicago, Il Usa) on 01/12/2011

Richard, I developed arrythmia issues last year and was put on 25 mg Toprol, which I have recently stopped taking (didn't like the side effects and slowly reduced the amount). I researched it and from this website learned that lactic acid can build up in all our muscles (including the heart).. And can cause the arrythmia. I believe that I had exercised so much, was eating yogurt (has lactic acid in it), and the combination of electrolytes being down, the lactic acid from both working out and the yogurt, could have contributed to the arrythmia.

I have recently read a book call The Magnesium Factor by Seelig and Rosanoff which has explained how most Americans are seriously low in magnesium. Since stopping the Toprol and reading the book, I take 1 tsp of magnesium powder before going to bed (I use a product called CALM I found in the health food store, not sure who makes it... ). I'm having a 48-hr halter monitor test Thursday and Friday this week (cardiologist was upset when I told them I gradually stopped the Toprol on my own... They say people don't usually go off it. I didn't want to stay on it for life! ). Not sure how old you are, but some of us remember Jim Fixx who got Americans running, and then up and died of a heart attack one day, which was pretty confusing to the masses. It could be that lactic acid & low levels of magnesium (an electrolyte) contributed to it. By the way, I also don't drink coffee and instead use a tablespoon of blackstrap molasses (has potassium) in hot water as a drink at work. Hope this helps...Anne

EDTA Chelation
Posted by Richard (Menlo, Iowa) on 01/12/2011

I Would like to hear from Ron from Tavernier Fl To see how the vit. C therapy is Working for him. And also from Jane to see If the Iodine is still helping her with this nightmare. Or from anyone else that's having luck controling there AFIB. Thanks. Richard

Posted by Patty (Newport Beach, Ca) on 01/02/2011

Thank you so so much for this post! My heart has been out of rhythm for months and I too have felt moments of impending doom! I have been taking the cayenne in capsules because it was too difficult on my throat. I have had a regular rhythm for the first time in months! I too do the magnesium, calcium, B vitamins, omega's, and vitamin C. I also have added herbs from the Tao of Wellness store for heart and blood in addition to acupuncture. Thank you again and Happy New Year!

Sodium Bicarbonate Tablets
Posted by Ripple (Spokane, Wa) on 12/22/2010

First I just want to say thank you, thank you for all all the information all of you have given me. It has been great to have folks who know what they are talking about for the first time in my life. I was bedridden, for a long time with severe yeast, almost homeless because I could not hold a job because of the money spent on infusions. Detailed help is wonderful. Bless you. And to Carly from Seattle :There was no need to come to Ted's aid. I simply was being playful daring anyone into an answer but not demanding it. Sorry if it was misunderstood. Thats the trouble with text, you can't hear the voice and intention behind it. Happy health.

Sodium Bicarbonate Tablets
Posted by Carly (Seattle, Wa - Usa) on 12/20/2010

Dear Ripple,
I find this offensive. Ted gives and gives of himself and his vast knowledge to help the people on here. Please do not be so flip as to "dare" him to do anything. When he is not too busy taking care of others, and he has the time to share anything new.... He does. Ted is not your puppet to DARE to do anything. Consideration is key. Please be considerate.

Sodium Bicarbonate Tablets
Posted by Cricket (Spokane, Wa) on 12/19/2010

Thank you so much for your time I bless every little cell in your body. I also think I need to have brown rice for a little carbs because I am getting a bit tired , I cant eat stir fry and soup three times a day for a year. I have had this for seven. I hope with all my heart to have this done in a year! Is a cup of rice or two rice cakes ok ? My husband needs weight and also has candida and is already thin. I would not eat them with a protein. I am an avid food combiner. Thanks honey...

Sodium Bicarbonate Tablets
Posted by Bill (San Fernando, Luzon, Philippines) on 12/19/2010

Sorry about the mix up EC!! .... Typing too fast. To clarify dosages of sodium bicarbonate -- I take 1/2 tspn sodium bicarbonate in half a glass of water. I also take 1/2 tspn of sodium bicarbonate with two tablespoons ACV or with a squeezed lime or with a squeezed lemon in half a glass of water. I also know that Ted recommends 1/4 and 1/2 tspn amounts of Sodium bicarbonate and this seems to cause some confusion. The reason I take 1/2 tspn amounts of sodium bicarbonate in the above remedies is because I'm a 200 lbs guy and it suits me. If you are of a significantly lower weight or you have problems with 1/2 tspn amounts then use 1/4 tspn amounts of sodium bicarbonate with the above remedies.

The way I use these alkalizing remedies is that if I feel fine, I'll take one of them maybe once a day. If I'm tired or run down, I'll increase dosage to two or three times a day(for one alkalizing remedy). Dosages and frequency are up to you because everyone's weight and metabolism are different and everyone has different problems - so you will have to adjust your own dosages accordingly. As you become more aware of your body and more intimate with these remedies, you will be able to just know what dosages to take for yourself almost by instinct. That's been my own experience over the last five years or so of using these remedies anyway.

Sodium Bicarbonate Tablets
Posted by Bill (San Fernando, Luzon, Philippines) on 12/19/2010

Hi Ripple... I'm not Ted, but I was the one who responded to Mikec. In answer to your questions:

If you don't drink water then digestion is impaired. There are three stages to digestion. First in the mouth -- an alkaline environment -- where the enzymes in the saliva begin to help digest carbohydrates. Then in the acid stomach who's main function is to begin protein digestion, to kill bad microbes and to break up the food in the stomach through muscular contractions. The final and the most important part of digestion begins in the duodenum -- in an alkaline evironment. If you do not drink enough water with your meal, then the stomach chyme will remain too dry and will not break up so well for next stage digestion in the duodenum. Also, if not enough water is taken, both the hydrochloric acid in the stomach and the protein enzymes will not be spread evenly throughout the food to properly digest food and kill bacteria, leading to problems. If the stomach chyme squirted into the duodenum is fairly dry and thick, then same thing -- poor digestion results and since the chyme needs to be neutralized to slightly alkaline by bicarbonates from the pancreas first for this next digestion stage to work, and if this is incomplete then this could lead to an acid intestine and other problems like candida.

The reason I drink 1/2 baking soda or sodium bicarbonate in half a glass of water half an hour after meals is to aid digestion and to preserve the bicarbonates in my pancreas. By taking sodium bicarbonate in water when the food has moved out of the stomach into the duodenum -- I help turn the acid chyme from the stomach into an alkaline environment for proper digestion in the duodenum. Also, by not using the bicarbonates from the pancreas, then these bicarbonates will be released into the blood, thereby helping to alkalize my blood.

Next - Calcium. The reason Ted advises against taking Calcium supplements is simple. All foods now in the West are too heavily fortified with calcium. Corn Flakes, rice and grains, milk, other drinks, pastries -- everything is heavily fortified with calcium now. So, on a daily basis, the western diet has too much calcium. Calcium in excess acidifies cells and is therefore bad for you. But taking calcium in the correct amounts with the other major electrolytes -- Magnesium, Sodium and Potassium -- needed for your body is good for you. This is why Ted insists that you don't have to take calcium supplements in a western diet -- because western foods are loaded with calcium already. Also, it is worthwhile supplementing potassium and magnesium in the western diet as these minerals are always lacking. Magnesium is used in over 300 enzyme reactions in your body and is also the mineral that helps to regulate calcium in your cells and bones. And if you take salt -- make sure its natural sea salt -- more alkaline than processed salt. From my own experience, I also would admit that regularly taking these four minerals in the correct amounts has made a significant difference in my own health and life.

My ideal meal for candida would be a thin, unfancy Chinese style vegetable soup with chicken or fish chop suey. Lots of stir-fried veg, with a small mount of white meat.

EC: Hi Bill, Can you clarify "1/2 baking soda". Thanks so much.

Sodium Bicarbonate Tablets
Posted by Self (Ny) on 12/19/2010

Ripple, there's no need to dare Ted to respond to you or post that "nobody knows any of the answers" when this is the first time you've posted these questions here. I know Ted's pretty busy now helping some people in life and death situations, so until he can get back to you, I'll post some links that might be of interest to you and others here.

1) "... a lot of complementary practitioners recommend against drinking water with meals, believing it dilutes the stomach acid and, hence, interferes with proper digestion. Technically this is not true, Dr. B says, as the water probably doesn't significantly mix with digestive juices. So for the record it's only people who are having problems making enough stomach (hydrochloric) acid who need to worry about this...."

2) "...the greater part of the water passes through the stomach in less than fifteen minutes; therefore it will not interfere with the meal. Even three to five glasses may be taken at one meal and half an hour later no more will remain than if only one had been taken...."

"To review those with a large amount of gastric juice, of high acidity, may drink with advantage; those with low acidity, may be injured, especially if motility is at the same time impaired. Those with good motility have no reason to avoid water drinking with meals. Those with poor motility should take no more than eight ounces of fluids of all kinds with each meal. "

3) There are medical tests your physician can conduct and send to a lab to measure your carbonate/bicarbonate level.

4) You're worried that the body will stop producing carbonates/carbonates if you supplement with such? I have seen no data saying such can happen but perhaps it hasn't been researched and published yet. But if someone is suffering and they don't have money and carbonate/bicarbonate supplementation has been found to be beneficial in research that has been done, then you have to weigh the current quality of life against that possible risk until it is hopefully one day known and published. Regular loading of say with sodium bicarbonate could upset the sodium/potassium balance, but then you can just add some potassium citrate or bicarbonate if needed.

5) In some cases, leaky gut is caused by excess calcium

6) Most of us have plenty of calcium. If your body can't absorb nutrients from food, it'll most likely have trouble absorbing nutrients from supplements to one degree or another. So focusing on healing the ailment first and worry about supplementing with calcium later unless it there is a known severe deficiency. "Leaky gut syndrome also creates a long list of mineral deficiencies because the various carrier proteins present in the gastrointestinal tract that are need to transport minerals to the blood are damaged by the inflammation process.... If the carrier protein for magnesium is damaged, magnesium deficiency develops as the result of malabsorption.... Further, bone problems develop as a result of the malabsorption of calcium, boron, silicon and manganese. "

7) Also if leaky gut is often caused by yeast breaking down the walls of the intestine so food and toxins leak, why would you be worrying about calcium supplementation since yeast/fungus feed off of calcium? I would focus on remedying the ailment first then worrying about getting enough calcium. Even if you take an oral calcium supplement, as I wrote above, the body might not be able to absorb it well either. These techniques may sometimes leave some bodies deficient, but what is better to just suffer and do nothing when we have affordable, easy to access remedies that many are posting positive feedback to on various home remedy websites (as well as even some traditional medicine research has even touted the positive benefits of such).

Sodium Bicarbonate Tablets
Posted by Ripple (Seattle, Wa) on 12/18/2010

TED I dare you to answer all of my questions as nobody seems to know. If you decrease the acid in the stomach by drinking water with meals then how are you going to digest protein. What proteins can you eat and still have a 7.3 ph to kill yeast. Also, almost every other site you go to says not to drink with meals because it dilutes digestive chyme. Also how do you know if the body is releasing carbonates or not. Maybe by drinking BS your pancreas will stop releasing it.

In response to some of your other posts :If you don't take calcium because yeast attaches to these calcium walls where are you going to get your calcium from (not from your food because if you have leaky gut or digestion issues you are not digesting your foods)What is a great candida meal for you. I guess what I am trying to say is some of these techniques leave the body deficient.

Sodium Bicarbonate Tablets
Posted by Bill (San Fernando, Luzon, Philippines) on 12/17/2010

Mikec... You have alot that is wrong with your body, but I'm sure you can cure most of this yourself. Virtually all of what I'm recommending is from Ted's advice on this site. So far, I've had my own problems(all cured now) and I've made a detailed study of Ted's remedies and know them fairly well now -- although it has to be said that Ted is continually discovering new remedies and changing his old ones, so sometimes it's hard to keep up!!

I'll try and address your problems one by one. Here is what I would do:

Heart Problems
1. Adopt Linus Paulings Heart Protocol -- Every day take at least 6-8 GRAMS of Sodium Ascorbate per day together with 6 - 8 GRAMS of Lysine(Amino Acid). Take this in water in three or four split doses outside mealtimes per day. I buy Ascorbic Acid powder(from Thailand) and I convert it to ascorbate by adding Sodium Bicrbonate(Baking Soda -- Arm and Hammer brand -- you can buy this at any SM or Robinsin's mall very cheaply) until the fizzing stops. One month on Linus Pauling's Protocol should show significant results. See and hear more on Pauling's heart remedy protocol here:

2. Heart Arrhythmia: Take large dose Magnesium - as Mag Citrate, Mag Chloride or Mag Gluconate - about 1000 mgms with water in split doses, for about 3 days then reduce dosage to about 500 mgs daily. If the larger dose cuses loose stools, just cut back a bit on the dose. This is what I did for my own arrhythmia, dizzyness and night cramps and I was cured in days. All diets -- including water -- these days seriously lack magnesium.

3. Stay away from sugar and calcium. No sugar or sweets, no dairy. Calcium in excess acidifies the body and is not good for the heart muscle. No sweetners allowed, no aspartame or sacharrine etc.

4. Take more potassium.

5. If you take any salt -- make sure its only natural sea salt NOT processed salt. Sea salt is easily and cheaply purchased in the markets here in the Philippines.

6. Take Lugol's Iodine. You can buy this easily in Bangkok, Thailand -- just go to Radjdamnearn Rd near the palace. Get a taxi to the winged monument and get out -- plenty of chemical supplies in that road. I got mine at Vidhyasom Lmtd. You can get Lugol's, Mag Chloride, Vit C powder and Borax there(chemical grade) very cheaply. I currently take about 12-13 mgs lugols(2 drops 5% lugols) in water every other day(sometimes mixed with vit c in solution). Helps me sleep, keeps me regular and protects my intestines against fungi, bacteria etc.

Baking Soda and Hydrogen Peroxide

You can certainly take these together but you stomach problems would be helped more if you took just 1/4 tspn Baking soda with 1/2 glass of water approximately 1/2 hour after eating(or when the food has moved out of the stomach. ). This will aid digestion, preventing acidity and pains and will also help to preserve the bicarbonates in your pancreas to be used instead to alkalize your body.

I also just use the TELSTAR 10% by volume hydrogen peroxide(which is 3% H202) sold in the Philippines because there is nothing else. Been using it internally for 4-5 years now with no problems.

Stomach Pains

This sounds like it could be helicobacter pylori bacteria causing a problem. Here is what Ted has to say about it:

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "I noted a simple cure of H. Pylori involves the same remedy as the acid reflux. The key is to reduce the stomach acidity and decreases the time the food spends in the stomach. Sour food, such as fruit juices, and other sour food would cause the stomach to digest the food slower (this is a known fact by even conventional medicine), and results in acid reflux. Adding 1/8 teaspoon of baking soda or 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda along with the foods we eat, with reduce sourness in the food and sweetness, can prevent H. Pylori from growing. Drinking plenty of water would also reduce the colonies as H. Pylori are acid lovers. In general I would also take 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda once in the morning and once before bedtime in 1/2 glass of water. But I may also take a 1/8 or'1/4 teaspoon of baking soda along with the food to reduce its acidity and decrease the time the food spends in the stomach, so that the H. Pylori, can persist. This has worked generally well. One secret why I never get H. Pylori is that when I eat food, I always eat going back and forth drinking water. In generally I drink between 2-3 glasses (usually 3) of water during meals, not counting all the other glasses of water I take when there' no meal. Hence, I can easily exceed the required 8 glasses per day just counting the number of glasses of water I drink in a day, which amounts to at least 9 glasses of water a day. Between meals, I may drink between 1-2 glasses just because I feel the need. The key therefore is just to add baking soda. Some people want to maintain a sodium/potassium ratio. In that case, a 1/4 baking soda plus 1/8 potassium bicarbonate in 1/2 glass of water taken twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening. Some baking soda is needed during meals. Do not add too much baking soda. It has a laxative effect during meals, but it does decrease the time the food spends in the stomach and H. Pylori dies of starvation in an alkaline medium. "

Sodium Bicarbonate Tablets
Posted by Mikec (Iloilo) on 12/16/2010

Bill from Pampanga:

I asked this question but forgot to check back here till now. Thanks for replying Bill. Mercury Drug Store in the Philippines sells 10 volumes RHEA H2O2 (Agua Oxigenada) made by Telstar Manufacturing for PHILUSA. This must be the red and white tip bottle you mentioned. It doesn't list any other ingredient other than H2O2, so it must be okay. Will taking 6 drops in filtered (3-stage sediment filter, Carbon filter and UV sterilized water be okay for mixing it in or do I have to buy Absolute or Wilkins distilled drinking water?

I also bought United Home Sodium Bicarbonate tablets(680 mg. ). Instructions say take 3 times a day, 1 hour after each meal. Would this do instead of mixing 1/4 Sod. Bicarb in 1/2 glass of water? I wonder what the equivalent of 680 grams of Sod. Bicarb in measuring spoons (1/4 or 1/2?)

Can I take the 6 drops of H2O2 with or after the Sod. Bicarb?

I have a discomfort in my upper left stomach that is activated by eating sweets. It disappears when I stay away from sugar stuff but returns after taking sweet stuff like fruit and grapes. I don't want to wait and be diagnosed with cancer and start treatment so I must as well do now. I ordered some maple syrup to be mixed with Sod. Bicarb but I just read Ted from Bangkok's instructions not to take it with maple. Ted seems to know a lot so he must be a practicing doctor who tried out a lot of alternative cancer treatments. I don't think I can buy Lugol's Iodine here in our country, can you?

I've had a quadruple by-pass in 1993. 12 years later in 2005, I was scheduled for another angiogram and possible stent or by-pass. Couldn't afford it and I really don't want to go through it all over again. I opted for Intravenous chelation and had 35 IV's using EDTA and Plaquex plus vitamins in IV form and O2 in water solution and came out okay. I didn't exercise and watch my diet so in April 2010 this year, I had 12 IV's of EDTA and Plaquex only again. Not having money to continue the IV chelation treatment, I tried Cardio-Renew EDTA in liquid drops and I am okay now. I can't get an endoscopy till I have a cardiac clearance but it costs money that I don't really have. So, I don't know what I got in my stomach. I have a super sweet tooth and was fond of sweets. But now, I am abstaining because I fear what may be inside my stomach. It's like a sore that won't go away but the sod. Bicarb tablets is helping a lot till I eat sweet stuff again. This causes my heartbeat to go medium fast and irregular. Could this be candida?

I noticed that after staying away from sweets and taking the sod. Bicarb tablets, the arrhythmia disappears. It's a strange one that normally starts when I lie down on my left side (most of the time. Positional arrhythmia maybe? I wonder why and what's causing it on my left side. Thanks so much and I'd appreciate suggestions from you Bill or Ted or anybody.

Posted by Bohnney (Bakersfield, Ca, Usa) on 09/29/2010

I'm going to purchase some molasses shortly so I can have the potassium ready when I am out of bananas and/or veggie juice. For a few days I had been having A-Fib symptoms and then earlier today I ended having a serve A-Fib attack. It was bad enough that I thought I was going to end up in the hospital again. But then, I got to thinking about the chips I ate yesterday and the fact that I hadn't been eating my daily banana or two for about a week. So, I opened a bottle of veggie juice and downed 12 ounces. After about 15 minutes I poured another glass of juice and started eating a banana. Within 25 minutes of drinking the first glass of veggie juice I could feel my heart go into a more regular rhythm. RELIEF! I finished off the second glass of juice and banana and drank a third glass of veggie juice over the course of about two hours. I ended up ingesting between 1800 to 2000 mgs of potassium. I feel great now.

EDTA Chelation
Posted by Tom (Regina, Sk) on 09/19/2010

To all: The entire cardiovascular and cancer research pretty much, done by Dr. Linus Pauling (d. 1994) and his less well known co-researcher Dr. Matthias Rath who actually was Dr. Pauling's mentor in Vitamin C therapy after he retired at 65 in order to pursue this, can be found in a few key documents on Dr. Rath's site here:


Among the discoveries made by Dr. Rath the following rank highest:

1. The discovery that atherosclerosis, heart attacks and strokes are an early form of scurvy caused by a chronic vitamin deficiency of the vascular wall. Read about it in Dr. Rath's book 'The Heart'. (PDF, 1. 43 MB)

Looking at the TOC inside, Arrythmia is in CH. 6, on Page 96. This has been freely available online since 2001, and the Pauling scientific studies were released in the early 1990's just a few years before Dr. Pauling died. But some slides are like an open-face book, there are two pages per slide. So in the PDF doc, if you put 96 into the page box and expect to get there, you'll note there are only 96 pages or slides total, so you'd be on the very last page. The correct number to put in the box above is '48'. This gets you to Chapter 6 Arrythmia. In here is the case studies, dosages and frequency, etc. For the various supplements, minerals, Vitamin C and amino acids!

Posted by Alexandros Halaris (Heraklion Crete Greece, Greece) on 08/31/2010

I would like to know the dose in Micromiligrams someone can take and how many times a week, I suffer from AF Idiopathic.

EDTA Chelation
Posted by Ron (Tavernier, Fl) on 07/28/2010

I just want to thank the person that mentioned Vitamin C Therapy and Linus Pauling. It appears Mr Pauling had the answer years ago and the drug and medical industry has spent years trying to keep it a secret. My doctor told me " It doesn't matter what you do, you will never correct this problem yourself without medical treatment." Of course by medical treatment he meant to shock the heart, pacemaker or some other medical witch doctor baloney and of course the dangerous and deadly drugs. Here take this drug it will calcify your arteries, cause cancer and you can bleed to death but at least you will not have a stroke. Some choice.

Vitamin C Therapy is the answer to all of your problems with the heart. Take my word for it because I had A fib worse than any of you, it was a 24 hour 7 day a week problem with a heart beat of 155 beats a minute. In the mornings, I would wake to a heart beating out of the chest, not sometimes but every morning... Once again my thanks to the person that posted the part about Linus Pauling and I want to thank you for saving me from this problem as micro nutrient therapy is the answer to the riddle I was beating my head against the wall trying to find. No thanks to the dangerous and deadly incompetent medical industry with their dangerous chemicals and primitive medical practices.

Posted by Melissa (Clarksville, Tn) on 07/21/2010

I also have learned that along with avoiding soy (not sure if it is an allergy or what). . . If I have an arrhythmia flare up, I can paint a bit of iodine on my wrist and it will be better in just 5 minutes! I am not quite sure of the reasoning for this unless it is thyroid related (although all my tests came back "normal"). Whatever the reason, it works for me!

EDTA Chelation
Posted by Bill (San Fernando, Luzon, Philippines) on 06/26/2010

Hi Mikec...I can think of no reason why magnesium malate should not work for arrythmia. The malic acid from ACV is converted to sodium malate salt when Baking Soda(Sodium Bicarbonate) is added to ACV in solution. Malates will provide more energy for the cell Kreb's cycle. The magnesium part should act in the normal way to relax the heart muscle more as well as help balance any excess calcium, acidity and tension created in the heart muscle.

The more usual magnesium forms to supplement are mag chloride, mag citrate and mag gluconate. I have seen and bought magnesium gluconate from GNC in SM Mall in Baguio and Manila. I have also seen various magnesium supplements at Healthy Option shops in SMs like Asia Mall.

I found that both taking Magnesium Bicarbonate water and absorbing magnesium sulphate(Epsom Salts) in solution transdermally was the best way to get rid of my own arrythmia problems. I bought a large milk carton of Epsom Salts crystals from Healthy Options recently and it cost only 99 pesos. I put a couple of tablespoonfuls of Epsom Salt crystals in a garden sprayer and, after my shower, just spray myself all over and let it be absorbed transdermally. This is the most economical way to absorb larger amounts of magnesium than supplementing -- and with this method there will be no intestinal problems.

EDTA Chelation
Posted by Mikec (Iloilo, Philippines) on 06/25/2010

Bill, Will magnesium malate work for arrythmias?

Posted by Jt (Salisbury, Uk) on 05/01/2010

I used to purchase small gelatine capsules from the pharmacy and fill them with cayenne. Much easier to take that way.

Posted by Lani (Fairburn, Georgia) on 04/05/2010

June, can you be more specific about what kind of iodine you used. I ordered Dr. Brownstein's book this morning, but I need to start something immediately. Please help. Lani email: [email protected]

EDTA Chelation

EDTA Chelation
Posted by Bill (San Fernando, Luzon, Philippines) on 04/05/2010

Hi Robert...Although EDTA chelation therapy clears plaque from within the smaller blood vessels, current research has found that it does not have much effect on the bigger arteries near the heart.

A relatively new discovery, recent research has also found that dilute solutions of hydrogen peroxide -- by way of chelation IV therapy -- DOES successfully clear plaque and obstructions near the heart.

There is a therapy called CHELOX THERAPY that combines both the EDTA and Hydrogen peroxide chelation therapies which has been quite successful. See this link here:

As well -- regarding your heart arrythmia problems -- you might like to try three further protocols:

* Taking magnesium supplements -- such as Mag Chloride, Mag Citrate or Mag Gluconate.

* Taking baths with two cupfuls of Magnesium chloride or Epsom salt crystals. This method uses transdermal absorbtion by the skin of the body to absorb the Magnesium. I also use a simple garden sprayer -- 8 oz of water plus 2 tablespoons of Epsom Salts -- and just spray it all over my body after a shower and let it dry and be absorbed. This is the fastest, safest way to get your magnesium levels up. See this link:

* Take mega-doses of vitamin C. Linus Pauling, a double winner of the Nobel prize went on to study vitamins. He has proved by research (which the medical profession has completely ignored), that taking 4-6 GRAMS of Vitamin C with 4-6 GRAMS L-Lysine, an amino acid, removes plaque and heart blockages. Pauling also referred to the arterial plaque as "Arterial Scurvy". See these links here:

The two magnesium protocols I've mentioned also got rid of my regular episodes of racing heart. I also found that I could sleep much better, and it raised my energy levels. I'm over 60 y o bye the way. My determination of my own problem was that my calcium intake was both too high and unregulated because of low magnesium in my body.

Magnesium is very important for your body and is involved in over 300 major enzyme processes. It is also involved in the regulation of calcium in the tissues(think arterial plaque) and magnesium is also critical to the heart muscle(or heartbeat) -- being the important part of the relaxation process.

EDTA Chelation
Posted by Saba (Mentor, Oh) on 04/05/2010

I have read some good things about CAYENNE PEPPER and heart health. Maybe it will help you too. God Bless.

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