Natural Allergy Relief: 10 Simple Remedies to Alleviate Symptoms

Neti Pot
Posted by Artfox13 (Los Angeles, Ca) on 03/31/2013
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My allergies were really bad today, woke up with tears coming out of my eyes and snot oozing out of my nose. I have tried up to 3,000mg of MSM to no avail (maybe it's the wrong dosage?) What did work was:

1. Using a Neti pot to clean my nose first.

2. Took a q-tip and dipped it in tea tree oil and lined the inside of my nose with it. Not deep, just around the very opening. It seems to ease the nasal issues for me. The oil is actually very gentle, however you still want to be careful about putting it in too deep. I think the drying mechanism of the oil could be responsible for the relief. There was a period I would get staph infections in and around my nose and I would always dab the tea tree oil on it and after about 2-4 days it would subside.

Neti Pot
Posted by Yogini23 (Bedford, NY) on 03/25/2010
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Allergies: Please, please, please try the "NETI POT" !

Healthfood stores, yoga studios usually have's looks like a tiny tea pot, you fill it with water, add salt, and rinse the nasal passages. It gently washes away dust, pollen, excess mucus. Simple!

All info, saline solution, head position (with pictures), a little breathing exercise after the nasal cleanse is included with the neti pot. Salt can be purchased separately.

P.S. Love this web site, love to learn about natural remedies, and so many good willing people...:)
Thank you EARTHCLINIC for creating a place where our good spirits can meet!

Neti Pot
Posted by Marty (Nashville, Tennessee) on 10/11/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I have had seasonal outdoor allergies for most of my life due to living in Tennessee, which is known for high pollen counts. I have been able to manage this with over-the-counter medication until this past spring. I got deathly sick after painting a few rooms, pulling up old carpet, sanding some hardwood floors, and then trimming shrubs when the pollen count was high here. I've never had to seek medical attention until this event. I had all of the symptoms of allergic rhinitis, but was coughing my head off to the point of urinating on myself. The mucus was so bad that I was throwing up. With no health insurance or physician, I opted to go to a clinic inside Walgreens. I was placed on a Prednisone Dosepak and an Albuterol inhaler, and was told I had asthma due to allergies. After I took the prescription, I had one good month and then the symptoms returned. I went back to the clinic, and was given the same medication, but was also told to go to the emergency room because I was wheezing in all lobes of my lungs. With no insurance, I opted not to do this. I took the steroids again, but the symptoms came back. I was told I couldn't return to the clinic because asthma was out of their realm. I've been sick for over 5 months. The coughing has been so bad that my ribs feel broken.

I decided to take matters into my own hands. I purchased a Neti Pot (Sinu Cleanse) after seeing it demonstrated on Oprah. I highly recommend this to all! After a few days, it helped with breathing and sinus headache. I'm still doing this 3 times per day. I also found this website, and began the organic apple cider vinegar "cocktail." I use _____'s, and have decided two tablespoons of ACV, 1/4 tsp. baking soda, and one tablespoon of raw honey in 6 ounces of water (3 times daily) works best for me. I heat this in the microwave for 40 seconds to melt the honey. I do this for 6 days on and one day off. I also eat a cracker with no salt on it while drinking this to help offset the taste. I'm on my 3rd week with the ACV, and I feel so much better. For someone who felt on the brink of death and that an ER hospital visit was next, I'm amazed at the results. I'm slowly weaning myself off of the inhaler, but still need it. I'm also taking Mucinex and Zyrtec with the hope of getting rid of it too. I highly validate this ACV remedy to allergy and asthma folks! I will keep it up as a maintenance regimen with hopes I don't get this bad again!