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Apple Cider Vinegar for Hot Flashes

| Modified on Oct 12, 2023

Apple cider vinegar is the top home remedy for hot flashes, according to hundreds of testimonials we have received since 1999 on Earth Clinic. Dozens of women have shared their success stories of using apple cider vinegar to greatly reduce or completely eliminate their hot flashes.

Dosage of Apple Cider Vinegar for Hot Flashes

Because everyone is different, the amount of apple cider vinegar needed to relieve hot flashes varies greatly among women. Some find that 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar each day solves the problem. Others take much more - even up to 4 Tablespoons each day. The best solution is to take a smaller dose and slowly work up to more if needed. Start with 1 teaspoon in a glass of water twice a day. If this does not do the trick, increase the amount a teaspoon at a time. You may also want to increase the amount of water to dilute the vinegar taste. Some women add honey to their vinegar water to improve the flavor. Some women find this tonic works best used before bed, when hot flashes tend to be the most disruptive.

Organic apple cider vinegar is best if you can find it in your country. Women in the USA easily find Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar at their local grocery stores. However, we have heard reports that it is difficult finding apple cider vinegar outside of London in health food stores, so you might check Amazon for sources and have it shipped.

Dosage of Apple Cider Vinegar Capsules for Hot Flashes

Some women dislike the taste of apple cider vinegar and have found that apple cider vinegar pills work just as well. Again, because everyone is different, the effective dose is quite individual. Some women find they only need 1 apple cider vinegar capsule each day. Others take as many as 4 capsules twice a day to cure their hot flashes. It is best to start with less and increase the amount if you need to. An advantage to the apple cider vinegar pills is the portability, especially when traveling!

Over time your body may need more of less apple cider vinegar to keep hot flashes at bay. If need be, increase or decrease your dose. Always watch for side effects when taking a new natural supplement.

Side Effects of Apple Cider Vinegar for Hot Flashes

At least one Earth Clinic reader reported itchy skin as a side effect when she took apple cider vinegar for her hot flashes. Apple cider vinegar can also cause side effects like blood pressure changes, diarrhea, digestive upset, and headaches. To avoid side effects, start with a smaller dose and increase slowly.

Additional Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar has many reported health benefits. You may find that your acne clears up. You may lose some weight. You may have an improvement in your blood glucose level or blood pressure. Aches and pains may disappear.

Have you tried apple cider vinegar for hot flashes? Did it work for you? Did you see any additional benefits? Please let us know! And read on to see how other women are using apple cider vinegar to get rid of hot flashes and get a good night of sleep!

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Posted by Zl Kp (a) on 09/02/2022

Pros: significant improvement just after one dose

Cons: has side effects - nausea for about 1 hour after drinking it

Been experiencing hot flashes for a few months now. Its especially bad at night with intense warmth then chills about 5-10 times a night. I suffer from insomnia and with these hot flashes I got even less sleep than usual.

Yesterday I drank 2 tblspns Apple Cider Vinegar in half glass of water in the morning. For the rest of the day, I had only a few very weak hot flashes. More importantly the night time hot flashes were significantly reduced in number and severity to the point where I was finally able to get some decent sleep.

I plan to continue with it for a while. I will try taking it with food rather than on empty stomach to avoid side effects.

Thanks to everyone for sharing their experiences.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Jan H. (California, Usa) on 03/23/2018

Hi, Texas Terri (2014)

Wow! Our stories are similar.... I was going into my 12th year of night sweats when I found all of you on Earthclinic. I was having 4+ night sweats per night. (This is nothing compared to what other ladies are going through but I was pretty miserable.) Each time I was so drenched in sweat that I had to get up, change my nightgown and put a fresh towel on the bed. I also tried HRT and lost hair. I was pretty sad and desperate for relief.

I've been taking the ACV for about six weeks, two tablespoons three times a day. I believe that equates to 2/500mg pills 3 times a day, spaced out morning, noon and night. I've only had two night sweats in the beginning while I was trying to find the dose that would work for me. I still suffer from terrible insomnia but at least I'm dry now! ACV has been a miracle and a blessing!! I really hope our reviews will help others. May God continue to bless you, thank you for sharing!

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Gina N. (Baltimore, Maryland) on 03/22/2018

Apple Cider Vinegar -- cured my hot flashes and night sweats in 2 days.

I'm 51 and for the past 4 years I have been experiencing 20-30 hot flashes a day and 3-4 night sweats a night. Life has been - difficult. I've tried many different supplements and some would help, briefly. Never, I mean never did I expect ACV to completely stop all hot flashes and night sweats. I'm almost afraid to exhale (smile). AMAZING

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Famcoll (Tennessee) on 10/23/2017

Read on Earth Clinic about using apple cider vinegar for hot flashes. I worked my way up slowly to 2 tablespoons twice a day, diluted in hot water with blackstrap molasses. Only at at this dosage did I experience a nearly complete absence of the hot flashes. At that point, I had only one hot flash a day upon rising from a night's sleep. Later, I decided to stop taking the ACV for a few days and found that the hot flashes returned but were not as frequent or annoying as the ones I had experienced initially.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Rebekka (Netherlands) on 08/19/2017

Apple Cider Vinegar does absolutely nothing. Been taking it for hot flashes for over a month. I take 1 tablespoon in a huge glass of water 3 times a day. Nothing. It also does not do any of the other things people say it does. My skin and hair look the same. I have no more energy than I had before. I still get headaches etc. The only difference I have seen is I'm having problems sleeping. Would not recommend it at all.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Rachel (Vienna, Austria) on 07/30/2017

Hot Flash Remedies:

Sage did nothing for me. I took 2 500mg sage pills every day for 10 weeks. No relief from hot flashes at all.

I also tried Black Cohosh, magnesium supplements and several other things. I finally started drinking ACV twice a day -- 2 tablespoons morning and night -- and after only 5 days my hot flashes are greatly reduced to a point where I rarely get them either throughout the day or at night. Wish I had tried ACV before. It's an excellent remedy for hot flashes.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Stuff (Washington) on 12/09/2016

Holy smokes!!! I thought I'd try cider vinegar before bed for hot flashes. I woke up and didn't recall waking up throwing covers off, checked my fitbit, my awake/restlessness went from 20+ per night over the last month to EIGHT last night!! Sweet! I took 1 tbsp.

Replied by Louisamay
(Marina Del Rey, Ca)

Thank you to Earth Clinic. I'm 52 and after a year of solid hot flashes ("flushes" for you Brits) when I was 48, they subsided suddenly. I was in a fairly dull relationship then which eventually ended. My periods are more erratic than ever, but that's to be expected. After a long "dry spell" I am now in a vigorous new relationship. To my shock and embarrassment, my hormones must be being stimulated because for these three weeks, I'm having almost endless hot flashes - all day and frequently (6-8 times at least) per night! Desperate for relief! Took black cohosh at night for a week - felt no difference. Today, I just gagged down my first 1 Tbsp of Apple Cider Vinegar in 8 oz of room temp water. Boy, I sure hope it works! It's an awful taste, but perhaps like wheat grass juice, that depends on one's body chemistry. I'm going to take another 1 T on an empty stomach right before bed. Here's hoping! Thanks for posting your article and to everyone who commented. I am inspired by your stories.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Jillg (Burlington, Ky) on 09/29/2016

Menopause slammed into me with a force about 3 weeks ago. Periods were every two weeks for a few months then none. THEN the hot flashes during the day (2 to 8) and night sweats (6 to 20). They started immediately. No ramping up. Started the ACV (2 tbsp in am and 2 tbsp in pm - mixed in apple juice or warm water).

For the past 4 days I have not had one daytime hot flash. For the past 4 nights I'm down to 1 to 3 night sweats. I'm fairly amazed at how simple this is. I should not be... God gave us everything we need. But I do wonder... how long do I need to keep using the ACV? Does it do it's thing then we stop taking it? Or does it only work while on it? Also - do I need to worry about a high acidic environment in me? Is it necessary to use baking soda as well??

Replied by Robert Henry
(Ten Mile, Tn)

HI U JILLG,,,,,,,, when my tractor driver got into this phase of life, she was crazy and was driving me crazy. In our youth boys and girls go through puberty about the same time and length of time. As we age we lose our hormones, but not on the same time schedule. Men lose them over a 15 to 20 year period, but wemmins lose them over a few years. They don't know whether to sheet or go blind when this happens.

She first went to a regular doctor and the MD prescribed synthetic hormones by Kentucky windage. That was a hit or miss and we both finally went to an Anti-aging doctor that measured our blood and spit and prescribed natural hormones to suit our situation . She sleeps and I sleep and she does not have sweats and sex is bettern ever, only not as often. Also, we get along. Our bodies are at peace.

My suggestion to you is to find an Anti-aging doctor that will get you on natural hormone modulation. This will cure most of your ails and slow down your aging. Most MD's hate Suzane Somers because she is smarter than they are in this area. Read her books.

ATS =========ORH============

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Soraya (Florida) on 08/04/2016

I love apple cider vinegar. I take it with water 3 times a day to reduce sugar levels, but I also noticed it is reducing hot flashes from menopause. It's amazing!!!

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Angeles B (Bronx, Ny) on 01/11/2015

Thank God for those who posted these remedies! I couldn't sleep or function due to hot flashes. Since I've been drinking ACV with honey end of Dec 2014, flashes are mild and I've been able to sleep most of the night. Found out last week that I have calcifications in my breasts and that ACV can dissolve them. So, I'm trusting that when I go to Dr. on Wednesday the mammogram will be clear. Thank you everyone! God bless!

Replied by Karen
(Vancouver Island, Canada)

Hello! I have been having intermittent hot flashes for approximately five years but, for the past eight weeks, they have been brutal. I believe this newest change coincides with a complete lack of menses. I realize that eight weeks without a cycle does not mean I am finished menopause, but I think there has been at least a major shift in my hormones. Nonetheless, whatever the menopausal stage I am in, I am finding it difficult to cope with sleepless nights and uncomfortable and embarrassing flashes during the day. I have asked my husband to buy some apple cider vinegar and I going to try it tonight!! I think I will start with four tablespoons. Bottoms up and wish me luck!

Replied by Marcin
(Toronto, Canada)

For your symptoms I recommend you take sage. I just read on this topic yesterday. Here is what I found.

"In 1997, the National Institute of Medical Herbalists in the United Kingdom sent out a questionnaire to its member practitioners on the clinical use and experience of sage. Of 49 respondents, 47 used sage in their practice and 45 used it particularly in prescriptions for menopause. Almost all references were to sage's application for hot flashes, night sweats, and its estrogenic effect. The age range of the menopause patients was 40 to 64, with an average of 49.76. Three-quarters were aged 47 to 52. (...) Sage was prescribed as tea (aqueous infusion) by 37 practitioners, alcoholic tincture by 30, fresh tincture by 14, alcoholic fluidextract by 2, fresh juice by 2, and fresh leaf by 1 (Beatty and Denham, 1998).

It is well documented that Sage leaf helps to reduce menopausal sweats. (...) Sage has a strong anti-hydrotic action, and was a traditional treatment for night sweats in tuberculosis sufferers. Its oestrogenic effects may be used to treat some cases of dysmenorrhoea and menstrual irregularity or amenorrhoea and can reduce breast-milk production."

Quoted from

Replied by Lori

I have been having serious issues with this for about a year. I have a week or two of them and then none for a couple of months. Mine happen mostly during sleep, although not always, and within seconds I completely soak the bed with sweat. Night after night this is disrupting both my sleep and my poor understanding husband who always welcomes me onto his dry side....until I soak that too. I have ACV on hand and will start back on it tonight. I am an RN and this thing is beyond me. I wake somedays wondering how I have any fluid left in my body after these nights. I am 50 so I am fairly sure this is menopause though I have no uterus to confirm this with the absence of periods. THANKS TO ALL FOR YOUR SUGGESTIONS! Will report back! Here's hoping and praying something works soon....

Replied by Diana

Well I expect miracles however I must be honest...I forgot that I need an empty stomach. I did the 3 times with one tablespoon...I slept until 1 and after that it was downhill. I saw one comment on another website that to had 1/2 tsp baking soda.

My question is this: after several try-outs with it working, is this necessary to continue?

Replied by Helena

Hi Dianna. Has the ACV remedy helped?

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Louise (Toronto, Canada) on 08/06/2014

Wanted to share important info on using ACV for hot flashes, but first I want to thank earth clinic. If I hadn't discovered ACV (used it for other reasons) right around the time my hot flashes started, I'd really have suffered.

So for a couple years, as long as I took about a tablespoon (maybe a bit less - I never measured) per day, I'd have zero hot flashes. Lately, it seemed to stop working. I've had hot flashes I can only describe as debilitating - so bad I haven't wanted to leave the house.

After trying various things, I decided to increase the ACV by a lot. I must be taking about 4 tablespoons (still not measuring) either in water (always with a straw to protect my teeth) or in salad dressings that are heavy on the ACV.

This has worked. I have my life back. I've slept through the last 3 nights, which makes a HUGE difference to my quality of life.

So my advice is, pay attention to dose. Some people may need more than others, and the necessary dosage may change over time.

Replied by Donna

Just had hysterectomy, only so far when I go outside it feels like it's 300 hundred degrees. Will ACV help this?

Replied by Chris E.
(Nebraska, Usa)

Thank you so much for this post! I started ACV in January 2017. It was a miracle cure. I was taking 2 tbs twice a day. The flashes completely disappeared after using the first bottle. I got my life back. But then I house sat for a friend for three weeks and didn't use the ACV. The flashes resumed, although they were not as bad as they had been. I resumed taking ACV at my normal dosage but to my dismay -- nothing! It's simply does not work for me anymore. From reading here I've learned that it is safe to increase my dosage. I will be doing that, promptly. Thank you for the hope your post provided.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Laura (Connecticut, US) on 04/02/2014

Hi Everyone,

I stumbled across this website while searching a natural cure for hot flashes. I am 64 and have been on HRT (Activella) for 15 years. I wanted to try to get off so last September I started "weaning" myself down a little at a time. I got down to every other day and began having hot flashes all day and night. I then stumbled across this web site. I can't stand the taste of vinegar so I bought some ACV pills. The pills are 250 mg and equivalent to 1 1/2 tsp. of vinegar. I took 2 pills the first night and they didn't help much. I came back to check what amount others were taking and noticed a lot of women taking 2 Tablespoons of vinegar day and night so I started taking 4 pills in the morning and 4 again at night. This is the equivalent to 2 T. liquid vinegar. I have been taking the ACV pills for a couple of weeks and have no hot flashes and can sleep at night. Ironically the day after I take my HRT pill ( I am down to one every third day) I do get some mild hot flashes. the other two days that I do not take the HRT pill I am HF free!! I am tempted to just stop the HRT pills altogether and take the ACV pills only but don't want to throw my body back into severe hot flashes again. Is anyone else out there trying to wean off of HRT and taking the ACV pills at the same time and how are you doing?


Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Terri (Texas) on 01/22/2014

After suffering from horrible night sweat and hot flashes for over seventeen years and trying hormones which cause my hair to fall out even more, out of desperation I visited the local health food store in an attempt to try something else. As I was talking to the attendant she mentioned one of her older clients who takes Apple Cider Vinegar at night with honey. I thought what the heck my only other options was jumping off a bridge to escape the insomnia from the night sweats and hot flashes continuously whole sleeping. First night I drunk four ounces because I knew with the hot flashes I had two tablespoons would not be enough. To my amazement I only had one hot flash. Next night I repeated and again only one hot flash. The next night I figured it was in my system so I went down to two ounces and to my amazement no hot flashes. This has been a miracle and a God send for me because I was feeling really hopeless. I have not had a hot flash in about five nights and my husband has been so excited because he has watched me suffer for so long. this is the first review I have ever written and I pray to God that my testimony help someone else who was at the end of there rope like me. I am just in awe after so many years of praying, it was something this simple that healed me. God bless!

Replied by Jillery
(North America)
88 posts


I was thrilled when the ACV helped my hot flashes. but it really only helped me for a week or so. I continue talking ACV for other health benefits-- maybe in the future it will work again for me. (i take 2T with a bit of water before bedtime)

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Jillery (North America) on 01/08/2014 88 posts

For hot flashes, the ACV works best for me if I take 2 t. in a half glass of water. It's strong but I don't mind the taste. I then drink water after that. It is so nice not to wake up 'over hot' all the time!

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Jillery (North America) on 12/31/2013 88 posts

2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar diminished my night time hot flashes soooooo much last night. I had the ACV in water and drank down a cup and didn't have ongoing hot flashes. It was great!!! I have been drinking ACV on and off for a number of weeks but I never corrolated it with less hot flashes. Enjoy!!!