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ACV in Apple Juice for Gallbladder Attacks

| Modified on Apr 13, 2024

Earth Clinic's top cure for a gallbladder attack is simply apple cider vinegar in apple juice. Over one hundred users have reported relief with this inexpensive and readily available natural remedy.

Recipe for Gallbladder Attack Cure

  • 2 Tablespoons raw and organic apple cider vinegar
  • 8 ounces of apple juice
  • Mix together and drink. Some find relief in as little as ten minutes; for others it takes up to an hour to experience pain relief.

Variations on the recipe:

Some Earth Clinic users have used as much as 1/4 cup of apple cider vinegar in 8 ounces of apple juice, and some as little as 2 teaspoons and still found relief. While apple cider vinegar is quite strong, mixing it in the apple juice makes it much more palatable.

What if I Don't have Apple Juice or Apple Cider Vinegar?

If you are in the middle of a gallbladder attack, the last thing you want to do is go grocery shopping. Earth Clinic readers are a diverse and creative group and have found several substitutions for apple juice that have been just as effective. Some have mixed the apple cider vinegar in cranberry juice, orange juice or even just plain water.

Instead of raw and organic apple cider vinegar, some have used regular grocery store apple cider vinegar. Others have resorted to white vinegar or red wine vinegar. Others have left out vinegar altogether and found apple juice or orange juice alone to give them relief.

What to Do After a Gallbladder Attack

If you found the apple cider vinegar in apple juice cure to be helpful for your gallbladder attack, it may be a good idea to have this tonic every day. The malic acid in the juice and vinegar can help to dissolve certain types of gallstones. Many who have gallbladder problems find that this tonic keeps attacks at bay.

You might also look in to some dietary changes to prevent attacks and consider trying a gallbladder flush to eliminate stones.

Scroll down to read the dozens of encouraging stories of stopping a gallbladder attack with apple cider vinegar in apple juice, and the clever variations!
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Posted by Jessica (Lehi, Utah) on 05/31/2023

I woke up tonight with so much pain in my upper abdomen and back. At first I thought I had the stomach flu because all I wanted to do was curl up in a ball, I had the chills, I couldn't sleep because if the pain. After a couple hours of tossing and turning it occurred to me it was probably a gallbladder attack. I haven't suffered from gall bladder issues for many years so it wasn't my first thought but I was pretty sure that's what was happening and I was willing to try anything you make it stop. I have used organic ACV for gall bladder before and decidedto try it again. I felt like dying anyway so what could it hurt. I poured myself a small cup of apple juice with 2 tablespoons of acv grabbed a warm compress and 10 minutes later the pain is gone! It's a miracle cure I swear!

Apple Cider Vinegar in Apple Juice
Posted by Nancy (San Antonio, Texas ) on 03/16/2023

I was skeptical about the ACV thing, thought it was mostly hype. I'll give anything a try once (we'll, almost anything) and I was in having a gallbladder attack… I had just bought some raw, unfiltered, organic ACV and apple juice (because I'd just read about it helping gallbladder pain) so I took 1 tbsp in 8oz of juice and within about 15 minutes my pain eased tremendously then vanished completely in about an hour! I couldn't believe it!! I'm telling everybody about this! Why don't doctors tell their patients?!

Replied by Cindy
(Illinois, USA)
486 posts

I sued lemon juice and olive oil, way back when. Since then, I drink lemonade and take an occasional swig of olive oil and haven't had any gallbladder issues in the years since. Olive oil was a surprise - I assumed it would be disgusting but it's not. And I don't even like olives but olive oil is extremely interesting. Plus, WAY better than the oiliness of coconut oil!

Replied by Bonnie
(Ontario canada)

Doctors don't make any money off a remedy like this and they were never taught! Pharma runs the med schools, so they promote usage of their products!

Apple Cider Vinegar in Apple Juice
Posted by Juju (Pittsburgh Pa) on 03/05/2023

I was waiting for a friend to come back from store with the apple juice, in much pain. I just decided to drink about two tablespoons of ACV with the mother, plain. THANKFULLY, That alone worked. Within about 10 minutes. What relief!!! Pain was almost unbearable. Thank you.

Apple Cider Vinegar in Apple Juice
Posted by CheekiKat (San Diego, CA) on 12/29/2022

I started drinking Apple Cider Vinegar on my second morning and I was doubled over in pain. I also started keto on Day 2 too and I believe that was what triggered the gallbladder attack. It came on so suddenly about 20 minutes after eating breakfast. The pain was in my upper right abdomen and was excruciating and lasted about 40 minutes. And just like that went away. Three hours later I felt fine and decided to take a couple sips of water then 15 minutes later the pain returned and lasted for about 30 mins. I tried the Apple Cider Vinegar and Apple juice remedy listed here and it worked. I also ate an apple then a light dinner and I felt an odd tightening around the area but no pain. This was a life saver I thought I would have to go to the ER. Thank you to each and everyone of you who posted.

Apple Cider Vinegar in Apple Juice
Posted by Toni (Philadelphia ) on 06/25/2019

I was a skeptic but I was also in severe pain. This was my third attack and the longest one so far lasting more than 9 hours. At 1 am I couldn't handle it anymore. I took 2 tablespoons of ACV with apple sauce and within the hour I was asleep.

Apple Cider Vinegar in Apple Juice
Posted by Ang (Pensacola, FL) on 03/13/2019

Woke up at 4am with first gallbladder attack in over 12 years, after doing a Turmeric remedy for another health problem (which worked beautifully, btw, and is totally worth this minor setback). I could tell all that Turmeric had me feeling quite biliary! Now I sit, reading everyone's reviews, sipping my Braggs apple juice drink (comes with acv and cinnamon already mixed in, but I did add in two additional tsp.s of acv). Halfway through my mug and already feeling the relief kicking in, thank goodness. I must've been psychic when I decided to try this new (to me) drink. It's been sitting in my pantry for a week, just waiting for this brilliant opportunity. Can not express the level of pure love I feel for Earth Clinic. 💜💜💜 Y'all have saved me hundreds (or more) dollars in just the past couple of weeks, and made me feel much, much better. Thanks to all acv in apple juice reviewers!

Replied by Nicole
Replied by Joanna
(Norwalk, CT)

How did you use turmeric? Can I ask how it helped you?

Apple Cider Vinegar in Apple Juice
Posted by Johancast1349 (Newark, Nj) on 09/23/2018

Apple cider vinegar and apple juice

I have been having gallbladder pain and flare ups very frequently. Especially since I am pregnant. Despite dramatically changing my diet. This remedy worked in 20 minutes for me!!!! I cried from the relief!!!!!

Apple Cider Vinegar in Apple Juice
Posted by Marcia (Indianapolis, In) on 07/16/2018

For my gall bladder attack I added one Tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with the mother to eight ounces of half organic apple juice, half organic cranberry apple juice. I sipped it over about a 20 minute span. In about an hour my pain subsided. In the future, I'll use two Tablespoons. Thank goodness for Earth Clinic and natural remedy relief!

Apple Cider Vinegar in Apple Juice
Posted by Mags (Ny) on 03/29/2018

I had my first gallbladder attack after eating too much food laden with butter at a restaurant for lunch a couple of days ago. Two hours later extreme nausea and was close to vomiting. I found the Apple Cider Vinegar in apple juice remedy and had both in my kitchen thankfully. It was hard to get down because I thought I would throw up at any moment. About 20 minutes later when I had finished the drink the nausea subsided considerably. I still felt gross the rest of the night but the next day was ok. Great remedy, thanks.

Apple Cider Vinegar in Apple Juice
Posted by Lnd_bloke (London, Uk) on 03/20/2018

I recently realised that what I thought is exercise related back pain is in fact rather frequent GB attacks - mother and aunt both had it removed! My last attack lasted from Sunday evening(took ibuprofen to fall asleep) continued through yesterday and intensified after dinner earlier tonight. I was in pain to the point of thinking that might end up in ER tonight and started googling about ACV about which I have briefly read a before and had dismissed as internet rubbish. Tonight I decided to jump in the car, go to the local Tesco and by Organic Raw Cider vinegar and some apples, got back home, juiced the apples about 250 ml, added two table spoons of ACV and drank it at 12 midnight, by 12.20 pain had gone after 20 minutes of weird feeling in the abdomen area. I can't believe that it actually works! Need to do more research on natural remedies ...

Replied by Debbie

So I have gallstones and gallbladder problems. I don't really want surgery but the pain not going away. How much of this in ml should I drink a day?


Hi deb you need to regularly do Apple Cider Vinegar and apple or cranbery juice and avoid trigger foods that sludge and block gall, foods like butter, choclate and avoid processed foods high in vegtable oils as these make the stones. (olive oil is fine if cold pressed) Doctors will remove the gallbladder which is a big no no as it's mostly easily fixed.

Apple Cider Vinegar in Apple Juice
Posted by Alx913 (Philippines) on 03/14/2018

I had a gallbladder attack yesterday, I honestly didn't know what it was. I thought it was just a spasm until I had an ultrasound this morning. They found 5 small stones. I'm getting the official result tomorrow and will consult my Doctor on Friday. With that being said, I went to the store this morning to get raw unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar with the "mother" which is the important ingredient and some apple juice. I took some this afternoon, not that I'm in pain but thought it would be a good place to start until I see the Doc on Friday.

Apple Cider Vinegar in Apple Juice
Posted by Gg (Florida (fl)) on 11/24/2017

Apple Cider Vinegar - I can't believe this worked...when I was pregnant I started suffering from what I am confident are gallbladder attacks. Now, months after my baby has been born, the symptoms persisted if I ate certain things or had a heavy meal. The attacks continue to get longer and longer. Yesterday was the worst attack yet starting in the evening and persisting for 12 hours. I was tempted to go to the emergency room but saw this remedy and figured it was worth a try. It took me an hour to drink the drink (although it tasted fine the vinegar did burn my throat a bit). Within that hour my attack slowly lessened and now its to the point where it is almost completely gone and I can comfortably rest. Try it!!!

Apple Cider Vinegar in Apple Juice
Posted by Lindsay (Wa) on 11/12/2017

I am 26 weeks pregnant and have had a few gallbladder attacks, which is apparently common during pregnancy. The first two lasted days and were incredibly painful. I have had an ultrasound and thankfully there are no stones, but still having gall bladder attacks. My chiropractor suggested the apple cider vinegar in water trick and last night after having another terrible attack, it worked in under an hour. So thankful!

Apple Cider Vinegar in Apple Juice
Posted by Trt (Montana) on 07/16/2017

This really works! I was in pain for 8 hours and I wasn't sure if I wanted to try it. I'm so glad I did. I've had gallstones since 2002 that hardly bother me, but if I've been eating badly, they kick up a fuss and let me know they're still hanging around. After a week of nightly bowls of ice cream I went into an attack. Horrible knife like stabbing pain in the back and pain in the upper right quandrant over my gallbladder. After 8 hours I came here and wasn't too sure Apple Cider Vinegar would work for me so I went on to other remedies. I wish I had tried this one first because it surely my surprise took the pain away. I was in tears! I warmed a coffee mug full of water...not too hot, then added two tablespoons of ACV and a bit of honey then mixed it up and drank slowly. It took a full 45 minutes for the pain to go from a 9 to a 2. So I made another mug of the Apple Cider Vinegar and drank about half of it and the pain went completely away. I was about to go to the ER! Just a word of caution however... this did make my stomach rumbly and I had two fits of diarrhea.

The next day I did go in and get my blood work checked to make sure things were normal to be on the safe side and got a sonogram. I'm going to keep my gallbladder as long as it responds to a good diet.

Replied by Robert Henry
(Ten Mile , Tn)

Trt,,,,,,,, suggest you flush your liver and gall bladder every 6 months. The procedure is in EC's archives. Be pro-active.


Replied by Trt

I am afraid of flushing and getting a stone stuck. I'm still dealing with bilary colic off and on. Despite normal blood work and my sonogram showing nothing serious but stones and sludge, they want to take out my gallbladder. I'm not too keen on surgery so I'm trying to hold out.

Apple Cider Vinegar in Apple Juice
Posted by Jennifer (Arizona) on 04/22/2017

I have never had gallbladder issues before. But I am absolutely in AWE of how fast this worked. I went from tons of pain in my back and under my ribcage on the right side which felt like a heavy brick pushing from the inside out with sharp edges and tons of pressure... To FEELING amazing in 15 min flat. It was incredible! I was so skeptical. I am scheduled for a fasting ultrasound this week...and the Dr sent me home with pain medication...the warnings that came with that medicine, had me shoving it deep in a drawer never to be used. So I went hunting for natural remedies. Earth Clinic has always been my go-to... so if you are reading this. RUN do not walk to try it. It WORKS BRILLIANTLY!!! I am ever so grateful for all of the reviews...your voices are what convienced me to try it!