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ACV in Apple Juice for Gallbladder Attacks

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Posted by Pam (Naples Fl) on 05/15/2014

Hello, I tried the apple cider vinegar & apple juice. I couldn't drink it. It made me gag. I am wondering if drinking a glass of apple juice daily would help keep attacks away.

Replied by Anne
Houston, TX

This may help you get the ACV down: Put 2 tablespoons of ACV, the juice of 1/2 lemon and 2 tablespoons of aloe vera juice in a gallon of distilled water. drink 1/2 your weight in ounces each day. For example if you weigh 100 lbs. drink 50 ounces.

Posted by Rod (East) on 05/02/2014
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I had some sharp pains, since I didn't have any Apple Juice, I added 2 tblsp of Apple Cider Vinegar to a glass of water and had 2 apples, the sharp pains have gone and now I can lean down a bit better. Since this has worked a bit, then my message to everyone is try to always have your oily food with either ACV or some lemon juice to prevent this attacks from happening - it also make the food more tasty anyway.

Posted by Macy (San Juan City, Philippines) on 04/01/2014
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I am now having terrible gallstone attack and its been days. I took several Buscopan Plus capsules but the pain did not go way. I did not bother tell anyone about since I am afraid to end up again in an ER. Last night I tried taking 2tbs of ACV mother but to no avail. After reading some tips here I increased it to around 6 ounces with apple juice. It was very unpleasant to the point that I'm going to vomit. Now after 15 minutes, the sharp stabbing pain that goes through my back subsides to almost gone but the burning sensation is still there which is much more tolerable. I am so afraid to have any kind of operation - just the thought of visiting a hospital makes me so nervous. Good thing I have ACV by Braggs in hand and I swear it is working even in the most excruciating pain that I just experienced for two days in a row.

Replied by Arya926
Port Huron, Mi
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to Macy fromSan Juan City: I am also afraid to have my gallbladder removed. I was recently released from the hospital and I am determined to do anything necessary to keep all my parts. I learned that barberry bark will slowly dissolve gallstones and it is the main ingredient in Dr.christopher's liver and gall bladder formula. I have been taking it since I got home from the hospital and, although it has only been about 10 days, I am feeling much better.

i have tried to cut many of the fats from my diet and I also take a digestive enzyme tablet before each meal. If the meal will contain fat, I add a betaine hcl tablet to help digest the fat so my gall bladder and pancreas don't have to work so hard.

i indulged a bit last night and ended up sick all night; however, I took some Apple Cider Vinegar and the symptoms have subsided. Usually, I am sick for several days so I think it really helped.

Posted by Katt (Austin, Tx) on 03/31/2014
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I am waiting on having my gallbladder removed. Had some discomfort tonight after eating a little excessively. Went out and bought some 100% apple juice and ACV. I used 1 TBS to 8 oz of juice. It is 40 minutes later and the pain and pressure are going away. Glad I found this. Will Be a drink I'll mix in the morning and take to work in case of pain.

Posted by Linda (Eugene, Oregon) on 03/27/2014
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I was diagnosed with probable gall stones at urgent care last night. I was shocked and didn't want to believe it but checked out home remedies on google tonight since symptoms were worsening- tried lemon juice and ACV IN WATER 15 minutes ago and my pain is subsiding as I send this!!! I will get apple juice tomorrow! Thank goodness for proven home remedies!!

Posted by Rastomp (Raleigh Nc) on 03/16/2014
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My doctor found 3 "silent" gallstones while looking to see if my kidney stones were gone. They act up if I have sour cream, cream cheese, etc I have been doing the apple cider with mother/apple juice for the last few days and it is great!! I heat up the cider/juice in a cup, and sip it slowly twice a day. Have not had one peep from the stones since. Very happy and will continue this daily.

Posted by Joey (Chicago) on 03/08/2014
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I ended up in the hospital Friday night with the most unbearable pain imaginable, it took 3 shots of pain killers to dull the pain. I had and ultrasound and I have gallstones. Still in pain I've been looking up everything possible when I say this. My sister kindly went to the store and picked up ACV and apple juice (they didn't have organic). I just drank 8 oz of Apple juice with 3 table spoons of ACV and the pain is gone. Thank all of you sooooo much. That did in ten minutes what 3 shots of strong painkillers failed to do.

Posted by Db (South Carolina) on 03/06/2014
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Last night, after my 3rd "attack" in 6 days of what sounds like gall bladder issues, husband found this site. Was on hour 5 of hurting, drank the ACV with AJ and, just like the other comments here, the pain was gone with 20 minutes! Then I slept like a baby! Am following up with doc today to determine root cause. But am praising the Lord for His natural medicines!

Replied by Marie
North Las Vegas Nv
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Thank you so much for your posting. I made the mixture 3 tbsp apple cider vinegar with 8 oz apple juice. I was on the verge of another ER visit. I drank the cocktail and in about 45 min was able to fall asleep. I actually use the vinegar all the time but it had been so long since I have had a gall bladder attack that I forgot. I like adding it to the apple juice. It made it much more tolerable. Hope your husband feels better too!!

Posted by Ann14 (Texas) on 03/03/2014

Hi, I am wondering- how long do we drink the apple juice with ACV for a gallbladder attack. After that first glass, what about the next day? Thank you

Replied by Timh
Ky, Usa
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Ann: Without the presence of gallbladder disease, many people have adopted a one dose ACV/Apple Cider for an array of general health conditions. The list of positive benefits of daily ACV is a long one, so drink up.

Replied by Ann14

So drinking this drink will not irritate your stomach? Where can I read about the healthful benefits of this drink. Thank you again

Replied by Ann14

I forgot to ask this: If a person has acid reflux, I take over the counter Prevacid everyday 2 tablets once in the morning. What I don't understand is that I would think ACV would be irritating to the stomach, (which I haven't felt yet) I have been taking the ACV with apple juice for a couple of days now. Does anyone know if this will irritate the stomach more or is it less? I do know that fermented sauerkraut has been suggested for acid reflux. I thought "OMG" that would be so irritating, but I guess not. Does anyone here have acid reflux?

Replied by Catie

Ann -

This might sound ridiculous... but, contrary to popular medicine, heartburn (*usually*) is a result of low stomach acid. When you eat food but don't have sufficient stomach acid (HCL) to digest the food, the food will start to putrefy in your stomach, creating it's own acids. *Those* acids can definitely damage your stomach. You can take Tums or Prevacid to ease the pain, but they don't address the real problem (low stomach acid), and in fact can make it worse, by neutralizing what little stomach acid you do have.

A better solution to heartburn is to actually introduce good acid to your stomach. You can do this by taking HCL in pill form, or by taking shots of ACV because it has the same pH as stomach acid does. I don't get heartburn anymore since going this route, and my digestion has improved (until running into gallbladder problems recently, which is what brought me here). I would be very careful with using meds like Prevacid and OTC remedies like Tums or Rolaids. I used to pop these regularly when I had bad heartburn, but I now never, ever need them. Both HCL and ACV will stop my heartburn within 2 or 3 minutes if I need them.

Replied by P.j. Tedrick
Marathon, Florida Keys

I have had 3 (what I know now to be) gallbladder attacks. I take no pharmaceuticals whatsoever, and got of Prilosec months ago because I'm changing my life to as ayurvedic as possible. To the person who's taking the Prevacid: I started using pickle juice, ale vera juice and/or ACV to manage my heartburn. Took a few weeks, but it worked! I'm hoping the ACV/apple juice will take care of my gallbladder problems too, cuz I do NOT want surgery of any kind.

Posted by Hatman (Asheville, Nc) on 02/22/2014
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Apple cider vinegar in apple juice works just like everybody says!

Posted by Happy Wife In Nj (New Jersey, Usa) on 02/08/2014
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My husband has gall stones and was having attacks every 2 months or so for 6 months starting about a year and a half ago. After a trip to the ER on the 4th or 5th attack, he learned he had gall stones. Started eating healthier and only had one mild attack in the last year. He became a little more lax recently and tonight had an attack that came on rapidly. After the last attack I had read about this remedy and bought a bottle of apple cider vinegar to have on hand just in case. I looked up remedies today and was reminded about this one so I told him and he ran to the store to get apple juice. He drank the concoction (3 1/2 tablespoons to about 8 oz apple juice). He was in a decent amount of pain and tried a few different positions to ease his discomfort. He finally laid on the couch and after about 15 minutes following drinking the potion told me to throw a post up here on the forum to say that it really worked! He's feeling much better. He's still on the couch not wanting to jinx it but I'm so happy he's feeling better and hopefully won't need a trip to the ER tonight!!!

Posted by Aw (Manchester, Uk) on 01/23/2014
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The gallbladder remedy has worked! I bought the unpasteurised ACV this morning & got a bottle of apple juice. I used 3 tbs of ACV in a glass of apple juice & the discomfort I was having has subsided. It hasn't even been half an hour yet. One word of caution though - it is very sour but it is definitely worth it!

Replied by Gerri
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THANK U! I have been in PAIN SINCE FRIDAY - iT. WORKS!!!

Posted by Jnz (California) on 01/21/2014
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Hi! I don't have much new info to add, but I've been finding amazing remedies and helpful advice on Earth Clinic for a couple of years now and thought it was about time that I said thank you and contributed if only to say, "Yep, it worked like that for me too!! "

I was having these attacks a couple of years ago off and on for about 5 or 6 weeks and didn't know why or what they were. I went to the Dr. and she told me if these "stomach aches" were resolving themselves, there was nothing to worry about. After that 5 or 6 week period of time, it stopped happening until a couple of days after this Thanksgiving. It happened twice and then it went away again until Jan. 4th of this year. I had 4 or 5 attacks from the 4th - 7th and after the first one, I looked online to see what type of food was linked to causing these type of symptoms, as I thought it was probably a reaction to something that I was eating that wasn't agreeing with me, and saw that my symptoms matched gallstones exactly and then I found this remedy. I mixed 4TBS of ACV with approx. organic sparkling apple cider and two of the three times, the pain was gone within 15-20 where it would normally last (at least moderate pain) for two to three hours. One day though, I was getting a little bit of a headache and so I drank a cup of coffee cause most of the time it will get rid of a headache for me. OH MY GOSH!!! About thirty minutes later - the worst of these attacks that I have ever had!! My face, neck and chest flushed dramatically (like it was on fire) and the pain was super intense for 45 minutes, despite drinking the ACV and apple cider. Moderate pain lasted for about an hour and a half longer and then slight discomfort for another couple of hours. This is not to take away from the ACV and apple cider remedy, it works fantastically. I am fairly sensitive to caffeine, (and prone to very mild flushing) so this is just to say that if you are too, you might want to think twice about drinking coffee while dealing with these on going type of attacks.

After that incident, and while waiting for a doctor's appt., I was worried that I was going to have another attack like that so I tried the ACV and apple cider for prevention. I'm used to using ACV for other things anyway, so it was no big deal. I put two tsps. of ACV in about 6 oz of sparkling apple cider and I would drink half of it before I ate and the other half after. After a day or two, I used water instead of apple juice. I haven't had another attack since the one on the 7th after drinking coffee. I can't say for sure if it the situation was resolving itself anyway or if it was the ACV that kept it from happening again, but my feelings are that it was the ACV. After about a week of that, I've just been having about 1tsp ACV in 6oz water when I first wake up and right before I go to bed and, so far, I haven't had an attack since the 7th. I have also started taking my probiotics again and began taking milk thistle. Not sure what of these different things has helped me not to have another attack so far, but they sure haven't hurt!

I went to the doctor a couple of weeks ago and they agreed that it sounded like it was gallstones and ordered an ultrasound, which I had a few days ago. Still waiting for the results and will post if I have anything to share that I think might benefit anyone else.

Thanks again for everyone posting their experiences and to Earth Clinic for providing this community - I very much appreciate it!! :O)

Replied by Timh
Ky, Usa
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Jnz: Many health practitioners recommend annual colon, gallbladder, and parasite cleanse as optimal health cannot be achieved otherwise. Oregano, Garlic, Neem, Oilve Leaf, and Grapefruitseed are all good herbs for killing parasites and pathogens; incorporate one in the daily diet or take supplement. A one week rotation of these will be most effective.

Replied by Caitlin
Austin, Tx
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This poster relates that caffeine possibly caused a subsequent gallbladder attack. I personally never experienced one until last night. Then, I awakened to a worsening pain in the upper-right side quadrant, spreading toward my back. Gall bladder, I thought, but why. A day earlier, I drank EG tea which has caffeine, about 25mg a cup. I never drink caffeine but ran out of my herbal tea. Could this be related, I wondered? Well got on EC as I always do first and tried the ACV remedy. I dd not have apple juice due to sugar/diabetes control, so took 2 T of ACV in cold water. Pain eased only a little. An hour later, I took another Tablespoon but in warm water and the pain eased further, about 80%. 30 min. later, pain is 95% gone. Perhaps the fact that I took ACV for years with no gallbladder problems, then not so much this year had something to do with this attack? Perhaps, my continual use of ACV in prior years kept stones from forming in my gallbladder. At least, this is what I believe since I'd never had an attack before. But, I'm also now on a strict no-carb, hi fat (olive oil), hi raw vegetable diet that could be moving existing stones out of my body. For me, this bears watching!

Replied by Steve

I know from experience and what I have heard from others with liver/gallbladder issues is that the gallbladder can be irritated by cold food, oils, beverages, wheat, ice cream, etc. When taking remedies for the GB such as ACV, epsom, magnesium citrate, olive oil, lemon juice, always take them with warm water as this allows the GB to release stones/toxins easier and faster. Also using a heating pad or water bottle with filled warm water will enhance your relief and results.

Posted by Emmanuel (Waco, Tx) on 01/15/2014
5 out of 5 stars

Thank god for this web site and all the helpful remedies. My wife was having her first attack and I had no idea what to do! When I heard about the apple cider and apple juice I was absolutely certain it wouldn't work but just as everyone said it kicked in after just 15 min now she is pain free!!! Thank you all

Posted by Gatorbyt (Tampa Bay, Fl) on 01/06/2014
5 out of 5 stars

ACV in apple juice for gallbladder attack: Without a doubt, this works great, and quickly! I had 100% pure apple juice and put a couple of tablespoons of vinegar in it and within 15 minutes, I was pain free. Thank you, thank you, thank you!