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Dental Care for Pets
A lot of our pets have mouth and teeth issues. Let's face it, they're not good tooth brushers. And flossing? Forget it! Still, we can take some easy steps with home remedies that improve our pets's oral and dental health.

The teeth and gums are just as prone to infection and decay in our cats, dogs, and other pets as are our own dental hardware. A little dental care routine for cavity prevention and gum care can go a long way in keeping our pet's overall health in the best of shape.

Natural Pet Care Remedies: Raw bones (not boiled--these can splinter!) can be an easy thing to give your dog to strengthen and clean their teeth. Brushing your dog's teeth is critical, as best you can do it and as often as you can, and it doesn't hurt cats either. Make sure to gently clean the gums as well, and look for pet food that isn't full of cavity-creating carbohydrates. The better balanced diet will help to support oral and dental health!

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Coconut Oil   1  0   

Posted by London (Sandusky, Ohio) on 05/24/2010

[YEA]  My dog has AWFUL teeth, they are rotted and horribly decayed, she's 10 years old. Finally one morning her whole face was swollen and deformed, and her gums were bleeding and oozing pus. She was so sick, and lethargic we were looking into crematoriums, and making plans to put her down.

She, ofcourse, was unable to eat dry food, so my mother started hand feeding her wet food, and we put about 2 TBSP coconut oil in there mixed in. Within a week, she was dramatically improved and the swelling went completely down. In 2 weeks she was better than ever, (completely healed)and full ofyouthful energy. We continue to feed her wet food now, and she had one other minor flare up, since then, and we gave her coconut oil and in 2 days she was good as new.

Remember guys, Brush your dogs teeth!!!!

Posted by Kimberly
Akron, Ohio
What type of dog do you have? I have a lab about 125lbs. Just wondering on the dose of coconut oil
Posted by Cj
St Paul Ne
Does coconut oil works really good for cat gingivitis?
Posted by Theresa
Mpls., Mn
652 Posts
Hey CJ! You are responding to a post that is over 2 years old, so I will try to help with a reply.

Coconut oil fat is nearly 50% lauric acid, which is a compound with amazing health promoting properties. It contains antifungal, antibacterial, antiviral properties that boost the immune system. Lauric acid is converted by the body into monolaurin and makes coconut oil effective in treating many bacterial and fungal infections.

The kind of coconut oil that best retains its healing properties is virgin. raw, centerfuge extracted, but cold pressed or expeller pressed can be good also.

Coconut oil melts very easily and can be easily added to your cat's wet food.

One thing to consider feeding your cat once his mouth has healed is raw bones. Raw chicken wings, raw chicken necks are the right size for a cat and eating them will provide the natural tooth brush action to keep your cat's teeth and gums clean.

Coconut Oil for Stomatitis   1  0   

Posted by Jane (Dover, NJ) on 03/15/2014

[YEA]  Coconut oil has helped my cat's stomatitis greatly. I was told at the vets that the only ways to help this condition was either repetitive steroid shots for the inflammation or removal all of her teeth. I put a small amount of coconut oil on her paw, she licks it off and inflammation is gone. Also, she likes the taste and her fur has never looked so good.

Posted by Diana
Western Australia
Jane, your news about how effective coconut oil was for your cat sounds so wonderful - I'm so worried about having to pay $500 each year ($300 just for anaesthetic) to have my cat's teeth scraped - can you tell me what product of coconut oil you used? Or maybe what's its properties are, as listed on the pack? Perhaps I can match them. Thanks for your advice.

Colloidal Silver   2  0   

Posted by Cate (Alta Loma, Ca) on 08/29/2012

How much colloidal silver should I add to my dogs bowl to treat his peridontal disease? is it safe to use?

Posted by Kittymom (Northern, Nm) on 03/20/2010

[YEA]  To Whom It May Wellfully Concern, all kinds of animals and humans, too. To all you kitty lovers out there whose kitties/doggies are quite impossible to brush their teeth, try putting some drops of colloidal silver in their daily drinking water. As it is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral, it keeps the mouth germs down to a minimum. A kitty who had 3 teeth out 2yrs ago, had an exam recently and her mouth was in good shape due to this little tip! also, cured in a couple of day, an oozing cold in her eye. you can use it safely in eyes, ears, nose or directly in mouth as a holistic viral/bacterial natural medicine. it is great! and almost tasteless. As a human being i use it myself often to keep germs from making havoc by squirting a few drops down my throat and in my nose every time i'm out and about in crowds/hospitals, etc.-where germs are rampant, also whenever i get a hint of soar throat. i squirt a few drops and voila they're dead and i'm all well!

Posted by Meredith
Hamilton, New Zealand
[YEA]   I've also had what I consider to be amazing results with using colloidal silver in my dogs drinking water. Our 10 year old French Bulldog has awful teeth, having had several rotten ones removed over the years. I was told by the vet due to Frenchies having very crooked teeth and big jowels to hide germs and food scraps that they would always need attention. Her mouth has always smelled AWFUL. I recently bought some colloidal silver and decided to try it out and saw results within a couple of days. Now her breath is not smelly at all. I've also noticed her general well being has improved- she's more active and bubbly. I use 1 tablespoon colloidal silver to a bowl of water refreshing both water and silver daily. I've been doing this for 4 days now and will stop after 7 to see how things go. The amount of colloidal silver may be on the high side for her body weight but she had a significant problem so I'm treating it as an acute infection.

Dental Plaque Remedies   0  0   

Posted by Petrina (Castleton, Virginia) on 10/01/2014

I have two 16 year old twin boy cats, Atma and Brahma. They have eaten raw food for years. Now they had a solid capping of plaque on their back teeth. the vet was able to pick it off, except for one side of one cat. It is like cement. He can go and be sedated at the animal hospital and have it cleaned off. The hospital is about 90 minutes of yowling in the crate, away. Any natural suggestions to soften and or disolve it enough to pick it off at home? Thank you, Petrina

Posted by Om
Hope Bc Canada
Hi Petrina --- how I enjoy the names of your cats.

When I did some research on EC, people mentioned that their pets teeth were white and healthy from DE (diatomaceous earth) in their food. On earthworkshealth there is supposed more info. on DE. That was from a post on EC. Maybe this will be of help.

Namaste, Om

Posted by Om
Hope, Bc, Canada
Hi Petrina --- how I enjoy the names of your cats.

When I did some research on EC, people mentioned that their pets teeth were white and healthy from DE (diatomaceous earth) in their food. On earthworkshealth there is supposed more info. on DE. That was from a post on EC. Maybe this will be of help.

Namaste, Om

Posted by Theresa
Mpls., Mn
652 Posts
Hey Petrina!

Here is an oral spray that may be helpful for you: PetzLife Oral Care Spray - Spray it on teeth once or twice daily; It's safe for cats

Posted by Petrina
Castleton, Virginia
4 Posts
Thank you for the recommendation. I will check this out asap.
Posted by Petrina
Castleton, Virginia
4 Posts
Thank you! I have diatomaceous earth!!!!
Posted by Petrina
Castleton, Virginia
4 Posts
Thank you Theresa. I will def give this a try.


Diet Change, Lysine   1  0   

Posted by Kathryn4 (Lanham, Maryland, Usa) on 11/28/2012

[YEA]  I have discovered a remedy for my cats herpes like sore she gets now and then on her mouth. First of all I swtiched to a better cat food, and secondly use Lysine cat treats that you get over the internet. Every day give some and they work like a charm to keep those sores away!

Frankincense and Thieves Oil   0  0   

Posted by Eileen (Usa) on 05/26/2014

Hi my name is Eileen ...I have a little Toy Fox Terrier who is 12 yrs old ...2 weeks ago he had to have all his little bottom teeth removed ...he has been in a lot of pain and is not recovering well ..his lips and gums became very swollen and sore ..took him to the vet today ..and he gave him the pills that are equal to morphine for humans ...he said there wasn't much that can be done other than removing 1/2 his jaw ...and I can't do that ..I was wondering if you think that frankincense and thieves oil will help him ? the vet said it was time to make a decision ...but I can't even think about that ...I really need to help him he is my baby ...and I don't want to see him in pain anymore .Thank you

Sincerely, Eileen

Posted by Om
Hope, Bc. Canada
Ellen from USA -- from Om

So sorry to hear about your little one. At the moment I am treating a tooth abcess and I am using colloidal silver with DMSO for the pain with very good results.

Give him a tsp. of colloidal silver with two drops of DMSO using a water pick, frequently. Swelling will go down and pain disappear. The DMSO will take the silver deep down to kill pathogens. In between you could also take warm chamomile tea and irrigate the gums with a water pick. That would soothe the nerves, too. It is alright to have it go down the gullet. Stay clear of antibiotics.

My good thoughts for your success. Om

Posted by Eileen Hart
I was going to use Colloidal Silver ..and a friend told me about essential oils ...and what is DMSO? ...I have already ordered the oils ...and I never give antibiotics is a cancer tumor ..I don't own a water pick.
Posted by Theresa
Mpls., Mn
652 Posts
Hey Eileen!

I'm sorry to hear about your TFT having cancer in his jaw :(

Please read up on bone cancer remedies on EC:

Certainly the essiac tea applies, but you may also find a remedy that resonates with you as you read through the remedies on that page.

General Feedback   0  0   

Posted by Stacey (Knoxville, TN) on 01/03/2009

Please help: My rotty/lab mix has worn her teeth almost all the way down. Is this a vitamin problem? Do they suffer the same way we do when they have teeth problems. She doesnt have problems eating, She still has all her energy but she loves a rope tuggy and really doesnt play with it anymore. what can I do to help? The vet didnt really reccomend anything at our last visit but I always prefer herbal treatments to actual medication. Thank you

Posted by Bagofnuts
Metairie, LA
Hi, I too have a dog that his teeth are almost completely worn down or gone. He was a super frisbee, ball playing dog. Vets don't seem to react to teeth missing or worn down. My dog is now 10 yrs. and he eats fine and still plays ball but I stopped the frisbee. Evidently they don't have the same nerve endings in their teeth as humans! A few years ago I was ready to bring him to special vet for giving dogs new teeth!
Posted by Callista
Penang, Malaysia
re: Teeth problems in pets

To any pet owners who are looking for safe and effective toothpaste for their pets, there is a company that makes oral gel and spray using all natural ingredients: grapefruit seed extract, grape seed extract, neem oil, thyme oil, rosemary oil and peppermint oil. You may try googling it. Please, I am in no way associated with this company. It's just that I've been looking for safe toothpaste for my dog, and so far all the products I've looked at have questionable ingredient(s), until this one. So I'd really like to spread the word.

Posted by Katrinika
Morehead City, Nc Usa
6 Posts
[WARNING!]   Collapsed trachea emergency solved -- Update on Gidget... If I hadn't been very ill with a antibiotic drug reaction, my Gidgi-poo would have been put down. I figured out what was wrong, and she's almost completely well. One night, not being able to sleep with the Keflex rash and too weak the two days before to bring her in to be put down, I lay listening to her heaving for breath - at least once she passed out. She had been so much worse that day that even at the highest dose the vet's medicine was no help at all... I thought, "what was different about today?" and it hit me... I thought that since she was dying anyway her weight didn't matter, and little by little over the course of the week I had given her all the treats/chews I had... Then I ran across a few Dentley's dental enzyme dog chews and gave her one. That evening and night she struggled, heaving and strangling for breath. The CET enzymatic dog toothpaste works so much better than the regular.. I thought these dog chews would be good for their teeth.

So I went online and researched collapsed trachea in dogs. It is a common weakness in toy and miniature dogs, some more so than others. Its cause is unknown, but the action is that the rings of the trachea somehow soften.. The rings are made of cartilage... Dental enzyme, plaque, calcium... Cartilage, calcium...!!! She always had a weakness for the symptoms of trachea trouble, hoarse coughing when she got excited, probably because she was under-nourished as a puppy, but these were her first attacks. She had had her first attack of trachea collapse in July and I took her to the vet, gave her the medicine and she got better. Well, I now realize that first attack coincided with the first time she had been on another brand of dental enzyme chew, Sentry HC Petrodex (Seargent), for a couple of months, I ran out while she was getting the meds.

It wasn't the vet meds that made her better, it was running out of the enzyme chews. When I got more in, after a couple of months again she went down - this time the vet meds did no good. With the addition of the Dentley's occasionally during the day and my recent increased use of the enzyme toothpaste.. I almost killed her. While I suspect that there will be residual damage from the spell of collapse before I discovered my mistake, two days without enzyme chews and she is almost back to normal. Warn everybody.

Posted by Malteseandme
Tulsa, Ok.,74137
[WARNING!]   On the toothpaste gel for pets, I would be caution about giving my maltese something with grape seed extract since grapes are very toxic to them. (09/11/2009: Callista from Penang, Malaysia replies: "re: Teeth problems in pets)I just wouldn't want anyone's pet harmed.
Posted by Jholl
Louisville, Ky - Kentucky
15 Posts
I think this is a case of mistaken identity. The supplement is grapefruit seed extract. No worry about the grapes. Of course, grapes are toxic to all dogs. Grapefruit seed extract is anti-bacteria, anti-viral and anti-fungal. It is used in some hospitals as an antiseptic. It is very bitter and MUST be diluted. Many people use it on their toothbrush to eliminate bacteria

There are pet sites that sell it, so I believe it is safe for pets. I have used it for myself and for my dogs with good results.

Also, oil of oregano is great for dogs and healthy teeth. Just a drop or two and like the GSE, it must ALWAYS be diluted.

Gum Disease   0  0   

Posted by Tango (Tijeras, Nm, US) on 03/03/2013

I was wondering if there was something topical that I could put on my cats gums. Can I use clove oil or is that toxic for cat's. I have read that it is, so I'm a little scared to use it. He is 16 years old and I don't know if that would make him more sensitive or not. He is on a very good Diet and also on Vitamins too. If anybody else has any suggestions for something topical that I can put on his gums, that would be great. I feel desperate to make him comfortable because he's been through a lot in the last three years. 3 Operations and he is doing well but now his gums are red and he's uncomfortable again. Also has Herpes Virus. Poor guy has been through a lot. Thanks so much.

Posted by Sunsmile
Sunnynv, Us
Hi, I'm aromatherapist, my kitty has the same gum problem. DO NOT USE CLOVE OIL on cats or dogs. Its Highly toxic. All u can put straight on its gums is Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil, and its nice also to mix it with his food. And Coloidal Silver water to get rid of the infection. Use only High quality organic raw products-Cold pressed oils are raw.
Posted by Maude
Sacramento, Ca
I have an older cat with chronic gum, teeth, mouth ulcer problems. Petzlife spray has worked well. Also will try the other suggestions for colloidal silver and lysine treatment for the ulcers.
Posted by Babs
I know this is an older post but I just stumbled across it. I am taking care of a dozen rescued cats, and one of them I found with stomatitis....and she'd had it for a very long time....years. We had to have a few teeth pulled but after some scary antibiotic issues, we stopped it all. I found that she just didn't want to eat her food, which caused her to not heal as she should (feeding raw, with multiple nutritionals). I did some research into the stomatitis (teeth and mouth infections) and found that in most cases the whole mouth is like an ulcer....inflamed...and very painful. I began to use slippery elm powder, mixed with hot water and then cooled, and then I would add the nutritionals, and whatever meat I was giving her. The VERY FIRST time I gave it to her (I was having to feed her by a dropper), when she finished I set her on the floor, and then a couple of minutes later I offered her food bowl.....she snapped her head down and smacked away and cleaned her plate!! From that day forward I just simply mix in the slippery elm/water mixture with her meat and nutritionals and she licks the plate clean.

I know it was the slippery was the only thing I changed. She had been on colloidal silver, probiotics, olive leaf, etc. etc. and a handful of nutritionals for a long time. Small improvements tho....the slippery elm put us over the top. I'm about to add bladderwrack for it's fucoidan content as well as healing iodine.

Slippery elm is very makes a soothing and protective coating for the mouth (actually the entire digestive tract), soothes inflammation and helps healing to begin.

This is over two months now and after nearly a year working on her health, I NOW see vast improvement! She is so fantastic. Take away the pain, soothe the tissues, and healing can begin. Do some's incredible reading.....

I am also using it for another of the rescued cats with mega colon. I refuse to use the laxatives the vet wants and do not want her on meds. Slippery elm normalizes bowel movements. I mix the same slippery elm into her food, along with soaked chia seeds. problems anymore. Am transitioning this one to a raw diet also, and hope to reduce her weight and bring her back to good health!

The slippery elm is fantastic stuff! It has a light maple flavor, and I thought for sure they wouldn't touch it but they seem to love it. I have another that I give it to in his cream.....loves it.

Posted by Theresa
Mpls., Mn
652 Posts
Hey Babs!

Thanks for the awesome feedback on the slippery elm! When the right remedy is applied, it works - and obviously so. Kudos on not giving up until you found the right remedy!

I am very excited to hear about your results with slippery elm and mega colon - wow! Can you please provide doses that you used - how much slippery elm powder into how much water? And how much chia seeds? I know readers following in your footsteps will be asking about dosage.

Thank you for sharing your journey!!!

Posted by Dog_Conscious
New York Area
[SIDE EFFECTS]   My experience with slippery elm and my dog. My dog has had very bad acid reflux for years and unfortunately no vet, holistic or traditional has been able to help (they only say take Pepcid - a very bad solution). After a dental procedure in July 2013, we were given antirobe to give to our dog. It's a very potent anti-bacterial drug that is strong enough to penetrate bone. The acid reflux became so severe that our dog would faint and have a seizure from it. Again, no vet, holistic or traditional knew what to do. So, as I always do, I researched and found slippery elm. It was a "miracle" for a month. Then, he started to show signs that again no vet, holistic or traditional (we went to 5 different vets for help) knew what was going on. From Sept. 2013 thru Dec. 2013 there were symptoms which included: extreme hind side pain, wouldn't eat unless it smelled right, excessive thirst (he's got kidney disease so we thought he could be in renal failure), dry eye, etc. We tested for numerous things. I questioned everything (as I usually do). He got sub-cutaneous fluids and homeopathic remedies. It was miserable for him and for us. He would only eat liver. We got a vet nutritionist to help. Finally, after he lost a pound in a matter of weeks and then gained several pounds in two weeks, it dawned on me. It's the slippery elm that stopped the absorption of his hypothyroid medication that caused this. Yes, as I said, the severe reflux improved to just minor episodes for a month but the reflux came back anyway and in addition, he now didn't have enough thyroid medication in his system. I followed the directions of what I found online for the slippery elm (which wasn't adequate - 1 hour before the medication) because as I asked every vet no one had an answer for me except one after the fact (as that one vet mentioned, "The slippery elm should always be given at least 2 hrs before or two hours after any other medication.") Of course, no vet wanted to believe my conclusion until all the symptoms finally went away during the weeks following the end of the slippery elm usage. It took about 12 - 16 weeks following the end of the slippery elm usage for the symptoms to be completely gone and his thyroid to be back to normal. We now have found other alternative health solutions for the acid reflux (still all the vets wanted him to take Pepcid) that appear to be working.

I'm not saying to not use slippery elm. I've heard of it being helpful for very sick animals outside of this forum, too. Just please be careful if your dog/cat is on any medication (although we try very hard to use alternative health solutions, he eats home cooked organic food, thyroid medication is a necessity for our dog). I also do wonder if the slippery elm does not allow for the complete absorption of nutrients when given with food. If it causes lack of absorption of medication, that leads me to believe it could cause lack of absorption of nutrients, too.

Another thought, when a vet says that tests or study's were done on humans so the result might correct not be for dogs/cats, trust your instinct. Who's to say it might not be for them, too. BTW: every single symptom I researched that was about humans applied to my dog and led us to be able to help him. Also, he was never in renal failure (YAY! ), his excessive thirst was due to dry mouth which IS (no vet wanted to believe which caused the wrong homeopathic remedy and was just a waste of time and money) a symptom for hypothyroidism (in humans AND dogs). In addition, I found a study from the NIH that stated that humans who have hypothyroidism can have their sense of taste and smell thrown off because of it. And finally, we couldn't understand why our dog would only eat liver for weeks (which made us a bit nervous). Turns out liver is very good for the thyroid.

Bottom line: listen to your animal and then, yourself! Good luck to everyone.

Posted by Theresa
Mpls., Mn
652 Posts
Hey Dog_Conscious!

Thank you so much for sharing the journey of healing for your boy. It really pays to stick with it, and to go with your gut. I appreciate your sharing what you learned about slippery elm; it is important to understand that even when 'natural', remedies and therapies need to be studied and fully understood to avoid or negate negative side effects.

Very impressed with how you did not give up on your boy and found the answers you needed!

Thank you!

Raw Bones   3  0   

Posted by Mrsg (Jupiter, Fl, USA) on 06/13/2013

[YEA]  Giving my dog raw bones has helped clear the tartar build up on my dog's teeth. Even her vet said her teeth looked white. Thanks EC!

Posted by Theresa
Mpls., Mn
652 Posts
Hey Carolyn!

How interesting your experience from mine. I've fed from toy breeds to giants raw bones for over 20 years and never had a complication with splinters. Perhaps its the cut of bone you fed? The O shaped marrow bones I find useless as teeth cleaners, same with the knuckles - they only serve to wear the teeth down prematurely. Rib bones and some steak bones have worked well for my pack. That said, I have introduced bones early on to my puppies and they learned from the onset to gnaw their bones rather than crush/splinter and swallow. I do believe early exposure allows for puppies to learn to gnaw bones rather than crunching them and wolfing them down.

Posted by Carolyn
Carrollton, Tx
[WARNING!]   Good luck with that on a regular basis. I was giving our greyhound raw beef bones and he got a sliver caught in his intestines. Finally passed it with a cooked turnip and potato.

Posted by L (Whitefish, Mt) on 06/12/2011

[YEA]  We have 3 big dogs - a chocolate Lab, a chocolate Newfoundland, and a Great Pyrenees/Bernese Mountain. We just had their regular vet visit and he was is awe over our dogs teeth. All of them are between 4-5 yrs. Old and their teeth are gleaming white, with no tartar at all. He asked what we did. We feed them half their food (high end kibble with no corn) am and then other half at noon. But at night we always give them a raw marrow bone to chew. We have a butcher that cuts them at 3" and we freeze them and give it to them frozen so it lasts longer. It also keeps them occupied at least a 1/2 hour, another bonus!

After reading so much on this site, however, I am going to start moving them and our 2 cats to an all raw diet.

Hope this helps someone with high vet dental bills!

Posted by Gracieuse
Ut, Netherlands
[YEA]   Yes! I've had my puppy, now six months of age, on a complete raw meaty bones diet, supplied with organ meat once a week. She's blazing with health, with pearly white adult teeth, doesn't smell.

For more info see

Also worked wonders with a cat suffering from various ailments (sneezing, bad teeth, bad coat, urinary issues).

Remedies Needed   0  0   

Posted by Mandessa Cat (Germany) on 08/04/2014

Hello all, I live in Germany, I read almost all what was written trying to find a fast solution for my old cats bad gingivitis and stomatitis problem, my Teddy is an old cat, I don't know old he is as I rescued him two years ago from the street. The past months the vet told us his problem, we started the normal way, anti inflammatory pills and cortisone, he feels well, eats good and two/three months later his mouth sore, inflamed and with a real bad breath! The vet told me the time between the shots will be smaller and we'll have to PUT HIM TO SLEEP eventually!

This rang a bell in my head, this will NEVER EVER happen in this life to put any of my babies down, I didn't know about HOMOEPATHY for pets!! But as I'm the kind of person of loves natural, fresh food I thought I'll give it a try and make some research, maybe I'll find natural remedies for my old Teddy, and it was so nice to find lots of remedies. I tried the coconut oil, raw chicken, yogurt, I make camomile in hot water cover the cup till it's cool and I take 2 tablespoons and add it to his bowl with water! The thing is Teddy is not improving, his teeth are so bad, his mouth smells very terrible and he lost his appetite. He stood in front of his food but not able to eat, I also mix vitamin B12, half pill ground in his food!

Plz help me, what is the best for calming his mouth and to ease the pain? How many time do I have to give him coconut oil? Which other remedies can help fast? I don't wanna lose him, he lived as a wild cat in the streets for long years and after he has a home now I don't want him to suffer! Thank you beautiful humans..

Posted by Theresa
Mpls., Mn
652 Posts
Hey Mandessa Cat!

Turmeric may help reduce inflamation for old Teddy; I would mix it into his wet food to get him to take it. You may also find L-lysine to be helpful with this condition. Cold laser therapy may be a possibility if it is available to you. If this were my cat, I would get the second cortisone shot to reduce the inflamation and pain; when his appetite returns feed him the L-lysine and turmeric. It might be worthwhile to remove the teeth as 80% of cats who have their teeth removed make complete recoveries. Given that Teddy cat lived on the streets for many years, he may have an undiagnosed case of bartonellosis /cat scratch fever; this is known to contribute to stomatitis in cats and you may wish to have him tested for this disease and treated for it if necessary.

Posted by Om
Hope, Bc Canada
Hi, Mandessa Cat from Germany --- Having done rescue with many cats most of my adult life, this is a common issue with deprived cats. The foremost is raising the immune system for which detoxing is necessary. And the tendency to "put down" a cat because they do not know how to heal, is evil. I have such a cat and had many before, which I at that time did not know what to do but after many years of tears and sorrow some answers came. Presently he has the same symptoms you describe and I think I can alleviate it to some extent where he is comfortable One other cat had the same illness and his immune system stood up to it. He is well now.

I used colloidal silver as the only drinking water and a few days later some in a syringe twice a day. This is a disease affecting the entire GI tract and detoxing is the key as that helps to raise the immune system. He may feel pain in eating so mix liquid Virgin Coconut Oil into the food and also squirt it into his mouth. Make eye contact, no need to explain, and they may take, knowing you are here to help. Also make liquid food w. VCO and feed with syringe or put into his mouth otherwise to stop weight loss. Salmon oil is also good.

For special detoxing of the mouth I took a small quantity of turmeric powder using a tiny spoon and quickly put it into the hatch. That will remove much saliva for which paper tissue has to be kept near. I use this last step also for colds and cough. Since I took mostly old, unwanted and sick cats, this is the experience I gained eventually. My present oldie is doing alright but he does not like being medicated.

They cry with pain but with this treatment mine have been able to make it so I have to use it only occasionally now.

Another method to use with the above is to use ESSIAC tea in very small amounts as tea once daily on empty stomach. This will help tremendously over time according to the individual constitution. It will raise the immune system and detox extremely well. I know as I am taking it myself. This can be had online by Essiac West. It has to have all the roots included. And only the four herb version.

I hope this will help. I an identify with your feelings and wish you both the best success and much love for the rest of his life.

Namaste, Om

Posted by Theresa
Mpls., Mn
652 Posts
Namaste, Om!

Can you please clarify the use of colloidal silver? What concentration do you use? How much do you use in what amount of water?

LOVE the advice to make eye contact; it can be easy to forget this when overwhelmed with stress on how to treat a suffering individual.

Posted by Om
Hope Bc Canada
Hi Theresa! --- good to hear from you. Frankly, I plan to get in touch with Dave on this when I get the time.

What I have done for years is making silver till it turned just about yellowish and stop it there. Have no idea what ppm. I am unscientific person who works intuitively mostly. This CS has worked greatly on abscessed teeth, infected places and needy cats. Dave is the person to ask and I hope to contact him soon. However I have had good results even with mites, eye issues and so on. Cats, dogs and people would do well with CS for mouth problems which is only a fraction of what CS can do. Warm regards, Om .

Posted by Diamond
I thought this information would be of great help, I looked it up because I have severe inflammation also. But it is good to be informed. Good Luck.
Posted by Mandessa Cat
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Hello Theresa,

Thank you so much for the advice, I actually had no choice but to take him for a cortisone shot, this is the 5th shot :( But I had to, I need him to eat, I feed him with syringe, I boil chicken, lentils, celery and carrots, mix them real soft with my food processor, add some yogurt and give it to him, I also asked her about removing his teeth and she said yes, he may have good chances after this procedure!!!! Then why in the world she didn't say a word earlier????? Why waiting all that long???? I will go on with my plan, feeding him naturally and will remove his teeth as soon as the inflammation gets better, cross your fingers for my Teddy, and thank you again.

Hello Om from Hope,

Where can I get Colloidal Silver?I can't find here in Germany! Is it safe?Will keep looking online till I find it. I use coconut oil and I rub his gum gently with tahini and it helped the inflammation to be reduced and also his drooling almost stopped, I noticed his fur is more shiny and looks better than ever, I always give him eye contact when I feed him or clean his mouth and I sing to him along the feeding process, it makes him feel safe, turmeric powder is new for me, Theresa mentioned it and now you, I guess I have to give it a try, should I mix a little with his liquid food? Is there a special one or the normal powder we use for cooking? Thank you very much for trying to help Teddy.

Posted by Om
Hope, Bc, Canada
Mandessa, you also can ask Dave of Fountain Inn here on EC. He is an expert in Colloidal Silver.

Turmeric can had in groceries but also online. The organic is better and more expensive . Groceries sell T. with added stuff which I think is fillers. T. would be good to put into the mouth after surgery. Stay away from antibiotics or you open Pandora's Box. If Teddy is older, there is a chance he might not come out of the anaesthesia. This why I did not subject my cats to it, not to mention the fees.

Best wishes. Om

Posted by Jessica (Pittsburgh, Usa) on 02/14/2013

My pekingese, Shadow, is 12 1/2 years old. He has been blind for a year. It has been quite the adjustment for him, but he is now on track and doing well. With this new found sight loss, he has also become a messy eater. Shadow was always a steady 11 1/2 pounds. He has bad arthritis and for over a year has held a steady 9 pounds. The vet said the weight loss is common with how bad his arthritis is and his age. However, in the past few weeks I've noticed a huge change in his weight. He is down to 7 pounds!!! It is very noticable on him because he is already a small dog. He looks like a sick stray dog that hasn't eaten in weeks. That being said, I made an appointment for the end of the week to have him put to sleep. This absolutely breaks my heart, but I can't let him suffer. This week I watched him eat (messily as always), but noticed food falling from his mouth. So, the next time, I measured his food, watched him attempt to eat for about 40 minutes, measured it again, and it was the exact same. Putting all of this together, I am assuming his weight loss is because he is getting no food.

I have since then cancelled the appointment to have him put down and instead have made a new one to have things checked out. I know that blood work and other things will be done to ensure that there is no underlying issues such as cancer, but should all come back well, then the problem definitely lies in his mouth. The new vet I will be going to even said he feels this is probably the case. If he needs to have dental work done, I most definitely will do this, but I know the bills are going to be astronomical. He's almost 13. I just don't know if I can handle thousands of dollars as I did for his eye issues.

If there is anything I can do to help clean his mouth, and maintain whatever I have done professionally, it would be greatly appreciated. This little guy needs to get eating so we can get his weight back up. Also, he is on glucosamine for his arthritis. Since he can't eat, he's not getting the glucose and now he can't even get up. =(

Posted by Cc
Wellington, New Zealand
Hydrogen Peroxide - H2O2

Sorry to hear of your dogs health issues. This is great for teeth issues.

Ted from Bangkok says use 1 cap of 3% Hydrogen Peroxide per litre of water.

I recommend you read the posts on Hydrogen Peroxide as they may be the starting point for you.

Don't give up hope, your little dog is trying to eat so that's a great positive. I wish you well.

Posted by Bob
Newtown, Pa
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Try a diet based predominately on raw meat and raw meaty bones. Should chop or grind the meaty bones to small enough to swallow portions since at age teeth are no longer strong enough to chew. Our two 8yr old mini schnauzers are doing great on such diet (now over a year for us). Also found quick improvement to our neighbor's 12yr old mini even in a month.

Posted by Amy (Goole, United Kingdom) on 10/19/2012

Hi, could you please help me with my little cats problem. She lost her brother with throat cancer and two years on is having the same kind of problems he had I. E. Raking at his mouth appitite there but not able to eat because or sore mouth, she has been to the vet who knew about the history of her brother so did the tests for cancer and said no cancer there but said she had a root that needed to come out. She had that done but is no better and the vet does not know why or is offering any other treatment except a form of liquid pain relief. I need a treatment that will make her well. I have looked through your treatments but although there are many I don't know how to mix them or how many times a day a cat needs threating or for how long. Can you please help me understand the treatments how to give them and any other advice you could offer. Please help me, it is getting urgent, I don't want to have her put to sleep but she is suffering and I need to help relieve her pain.

Posted by Kathryn4
Owings, Md.
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Does it look like a mouth sore? If so could be just needing Lysine. I get enisyl lysine treats off the internet. I have to give to my cat ever day or she gets mouth sores.

Posted by Andrew (Plainfield, Nj/usa) on 08/14/2012

My 10.5 yr old Akita/malmute has a gum which has been invading his now 2nd and 3rd front lower teeth, its not inflamed, but growing over the teeth. All in the space of 3 months. I took him to 2 oral specialists, including the u of Phili, (experts), which set me up for the worst possibilities that a mass of about 1 inch under the gum was associated and may be malignant or not. In any case would have to be removed, along with 3 teeth, and possibly some jaw bone, depending on x -rays. $3000.00. Is anyone familiar with a natural supplement or something that could be applied topically that would shrink the tumor/gum mass, that would not be immediately washed away/swallowed? Any natural option, as who has 3k to begin with, and if I go off on one more credit card im in trouble. One tooth is also "mobile". The drs want to cut away. Please help "Bear"- This is the best site on the internet, have been on apple cider for 5 years! Andrew

Posted by Renee
Orlando, Fl
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My dog has the same thing. I am using Sutherlandia OPC liquid, (Sth. Africa), and Insitol 6 a high immune booster. I am going to add in shark cartledge powder, I was told to use this for shrinkage of tumor on gum line also. I can keep in touch if you like. I'm only two months into this with my 10 1/2 yr old black lab. I had his tumor removed a year ago, benign, and now it has returned and it's larger, upper gum line. Let me know how your dog is. R
Posted by J
Southern, California Usa
Andrew, NJ and Renee, FL: I would urge you to focus mostly on if your dog is able to eat, smell etc. My dog had a small bump on his nose, noticed Christmas 2009. A few months later it grew. So we had all- angle xrays done. It was a mystery-the tumor not on bone, not on tissue, but Vets said we would monitor it... 3 months later it had doubled in size and vet said Sorry its Cancer and now it would come thru gumline. We could opt for surgery but that would impact his quality of life as they would have to remove half his mouth and vet said he would look deformed. By April they gave him 6 months to live. I was working at a health food store and vendors felt sorry for my pooch so they would give me anything to try to shrink tumor. We used musrooms, GSE, silver, essiac tea, etc. It made me feel better but unfortunately it was too far gone. Key is prevention but alas it is a curse of the canines, We ended up hand feeding him and bottle feeding him water. In my mind as long as he ate he had a will to live. Looking back I see he was just hanging on for us. Although I swore I would never do it, we let him go Nov 2010. He lived a good quality year since his diagnosis. Cancer takes everything out of you but dont ever give up. By the way even though we didnt get the surgery he ended up loking deformed anyway as that tumor doubled each month. Message is. Prevention!! But if its too late -Still dont give up.

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