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Oatmeal, Salmon, Garlic, Supplements   1  0   

Posted by Janette (Oceanside, California) on 12/04/2007

[YEA]  I have been fostering a yorkie terrirer he is about a yr old and when I picked him up they said he had dermodex. I had no clue what it was, but the poor little guy was a mess! he was completely bald and scabby.... I took him home with meds from vet and thought what the heck am I getting myself into. Well 4 months later.... I researched it and its a immune desease more then anything....I started bathing him regularly in oatmeal shampoo, giving hime lots of salmon and garlic and then I statrted giving him atratylodes rhizome 5gms daily also asian ginseng root, licorice root, and ginger root.... I took him for a check-up a month after I started all this with him and the vet couldn't believe the difference!He has hair again ....he has gained 12oz's and is doing much better I have also heard acne meds work it's a long road with this stuff but definitely working to boost the immune system is the key.

Oregano Oil   1  0   

Posted by Bliss (Brooklyn, Ny) on 10/27/2009

[YEA]  Cat mange cure:

I rescued a cat with mange and struggled with it all summer. It seemed cured but kept on scratching, then my other cats began to catch it. I tried everything, advantage, hydrogen peroxide, Scratchex, ACV, essential oils.

Then last week I heard a doctor on the radio talking about Oregano oil to cure upper respiratory symptoms. I bought some tiny oil caplets, and in desperation, gave one to my cat with mange. In two days it's totally on the wane, no more scratching.

The vet only med, Revolution, is a heartworm med, Intervectin that acts from within to kill the mites. That's what gave me the idea to give them Oregano Oil, and it's been immediately effective. When they have mites on their face you cannot treat with other things, and bathing is definitely something they hate. This seems to be an immediate cure.

Hope it works for you.

Petroleum Jelly   2  0   

Posted by Liatris (Grand Rapids, Michegan) on 04/02/2007

[YEA]  I have always wondered if petroleum jelly (Vaseline) alone could eventuallykill the mites that burrow under the skin - I know it smothers the ones that come to the top but RITA from ROLLA, MO said in a post that it cured her dog with, I think, the type of mite that is below the skin ??? WHERE ARE YOU RITA ? Earth Clinic ::: Is there some way that You can contact her (she registered leaving you email address with you)and ask if I can contact her ??? I am in really bad shape and could really benefit by this. Thank you.

EC: Sorry, Liatris.' Undated emails on Earth Clinic are several years old at least! We also didn't add the option of people leaving their email addresses until February, 2007.

Posted by Rita (Rolla, MO)


Pine Sol, Mineral Oil   2  0   

Posted by Stephanie (Pipe Creek)

[YEA]  Hi everyone i just thought i would share my mange treatment with everyone. i have a great dane named emilli beautiful girl she came down with mange really bad and she was taken to a vet and they said to go ahead and put her to sleep because she isn't going to get better so i said let me think it over. i took her home and then the next day was on the way to the vets office when i broke down and started crying because emilli is only a baby and didn't even have a chance so i turned around and went back home called the vet and said i can't do it i am going to see what i can find for her so i called the breeder i got her from and told her what happened and she said for the first time in almost 30 years of breeding danes, she is seeing mange come up on them so we got together and looked up different things and decided to try a mixture of things -- almost everything is cheap.

Go to the nearest feed store and get yellow sulfur for pets then get pine sol and mineral oil mix one small bag of sulfur with two containers of mineral oil and 2 cups of pine sol (yes the cleaning stuff) you will need an air tight 1 gallon container to save the extra in. it is kind of yellow and feels really disgusting and rub it in really go to the dogs skin anywhere and every where even on their butts and peepee's because they can get it there to then go to the feed store and get ivomec for cattle and swine but do not inject it give it .1cc for every 10 lbs.give them this by mouth this also works for heartguard so it is expensive but you don't need to buy the heartguard or wormer. you will also need to get penicillin ask the feed store which one is best for dogs you will need to give them 1cc for every 20lbs into their muscle in the back leg ask someone who knows how to give penicillin to show you first. we have cured 8 dogs in 2-3 months by doing this. if you have tried everything else then try this -- it should work.

Emilli is now a happy and healthy 7month old great dane puppy. if you have any questions don't hesitate to email: jharris1964@yahoo.com.

Replied by Joanne
Battle Ground, WA
[YEA]   Our dog got mange, I took her to the vet to verify what it was. He gave her some pills to take and a wash to use..we used it for the time he said to use it, and 1 month later it was still there. I found a remedy of 1/2 pine sol and 1/2 shampoo, any kind, do equal parts, shake it up good and shampoo your dog once a day. We used it the first day and could tell a difference..after the third day, the mange was practically gone and our dog had it's great life back. Pine sol and shampoo work great. It also gets rid of fleas. Now I only shampoo my dog with this half and half treatment atleast once a month, have been doing this for over 4 years now and have not had mange or fleas. Were all happy!
Replied by Gail
Millbury, MA
[WARNING!]   This method scares me. Pine Sol is toxic to animals. It can cause lung damage. Check it out: www.oes.org/page2/4335~Danger_-_Pinesol_is_toxic_to_dogs.html
Replied by Rose
Steedman, MO
Stephanie: What a wonderful story! Thank you for posting it.

As far as the toxicity of the treatment: I think that desperate times call for desperate measures. It's a desperate time when the only suggestion your vet gives you is to put the puppy down. I know I'd do the same thing, jump online and research, then make an educated decision.

Raw Meat and Bone Diet, MSM   1  0   

Posted by Peter (Sydeny, Australia) on 01/25/2008

[YEA]  I tried many times the borax and hydrogen peroxide on my very large german shephard. I found it helped but never cured and also was very difficult to apply to a large dog. Also i believe if I heal him from within it would be a long term solution. From what i read mange is due to w eakened system allowing the mites that are there anyway, but in very small numbers, to multiply into an infectious state.

By giving him all raw meat and bones and occasionally putting in shredded carrot and egg in his food, it helped. But what has finally done it is putting MSM powder in his food an drinking water. It is such a relief after struggling with this problem for around a year. i had seen two vets and got products sent from overseas. But the diet and the MSM is definitely the answer. It overall creates a healthier dog anyway. It is to me the only way, as washes and chemicals dont change the enviroment internally that let it happen initially

Replied by Terrie
San Jose, CA
What is MSM? I've been dealing with dermodectic mange on my jack russell, Buster, for 2 months. my primary vet didn't detect the mange in the skin scrapings. We did 3 rounds of antiobotics & prednisolone, which only created 2 additional secondary infections. We then went to a dermo vet. Buster is on Invermictin and is slowly responding. So far he doesn't have any of the side effects. Ted's peroxide/borax rinse seems to be helping too. He appears to feel immediate relief and the red areas don't appear so bad. And he smells much better. Anything I apply topically he licks off and then throws up...even the very bitter tasting stuff. I have him wearing a "shirt" which keeps him from licking that area. All the infected areas are places he can lick! Any ideas?

EC: http://www.earthclinic.com/supplements/MSM.html

Replied by Ann
Poplarville, Ms
I was reading that you can help with the mange with MSM-that comes in milk -can you give a dog milk -my vet said no

Sarcoptic Mange Remedies   0  0   

Posted by Tsheba2 (St. Petersburg, Florida Usa) on 06/22/2011

Dear Ted

I have a 9 1/2 yr old Female Chihuahua and she weighs between 12 and 14 pounds in which I love her very much and about 3 month ago I noticed a round crusty area on top at the end of her back where her tail start going up in which it look like a bruise but there was a hole in her skin and blood around the area and on her hair and on the pillow she lays on... She yelp when I was examing it and touching it and the only thing I thought to do was put a Neosporin on it, like I do when I get a cut or scrape so it wouldn't get infected. It seem to clear up than it came back and I was lost and when I saw tears come out of eyes and one time one of her tears fell on my arm when I was holding her and I just broke down and cried because I am below poor and I do have a job but I don't get only 9 to 16 hrs a week and only make $7.91 and hour. I was searching on the computer and come across your site and it has been now a month and I and she is getting worst it has spread on her back and her her neck and she is unable to sleep at night but it seems not to bother her as much during the day as I noticed at night when we go to bed.

But, I have read your solution for Sacroptic Mange and what to try and I believe I am reading it right, but, will you please email me back to make sure I am doing it correctly... I will be starting the solution on her tonight... I believe you said to wash and than rinse and I thought ot my self do I dry off my dog with a towel before I apply the Hydrogen Peroxide and Borax Powder and leave that on her her don't rinse... Is that correct I am new at this she hasn't been around other dogs but, where I live is other dogs and the old people here feed the Squrriels and there is 2 cats that hang around here and I was wondering if possibly my dog could got this just from walking in the sand or grass where opther dogs or cats have and squrriels have beeen and gotten this on her that way. I just don't know and my heart is braking because I just don't know what to do. PLease help me in anyway you can... I have no money to take her to a Vet. I have had her since she was 8 weeks old and she is 9 1/2 yrs old now.

PLease Help a Lady in Florida... PLease email me ASAP



Replied by Tsheba2
St. Petersburg, Florida, United States
Dear Ted I have never recieved nothing from you since I written you on 06/22/2011,

It was about my Little Chihuahua (Female) 9 1/2 yrs old I believe she has Scarpotic Mange,

If you would just please read my POST again it is emergency because it has been over a month now and she seems to keep getting them back on her back and stomach now and under her head on neck.... Please help me what I can do, I love her so much I don't want to her to die on me... I have been doing this and please tell me if I am doing wrong... In a bowl.... I mix 1 cup of Hydrogen Peroxide, 2 cups of hot water, and 3 heaping tbps of Borax Powder and using my hand to make sure that the Borax is dissolved before I put the solution on her... But before I do that I bath her first with Dawn and rinse her will good to get rid of the fleas..... Before I notice that she had this I had put the PetArmor Plus on her for Fleas, but I notice after I started this solution on her the PetArmor is not working and she has gotten more fleas again on her... I have another question I would like to ask you, does this interfer with the PetArmor PLus for Fleas?? If so, what would you recommend. PLease help a Lady In Florida

Thanks, Rebecca


Posted by Elke (Lilongwe, Malawi) on 03/01/2010

Sarcoptic Mange & Allergy, Lime-Sulphur Dip

One of my two dogs (Rex) has got Sarcoptic Mange and has probably infected the other one by now. Unfortunately Rex is allergic to both Ivermectin and Amitraz. We live in Malawi and those are the only drugs available. I have now been able to get a lime-sulphur dip but it is for plants. The active ingredient is polysulphide sulphur 320g/l. Can I use that? If so, how should I dilute it? If not: what can I do?

The other dog, (Pumpkin) apart from having been infected with the mange, is allergic to I don't know what. We suspect it is something in the garden. (The dogs stay outside.) She has wounds on her paws from chewing and red spots, like pimples on the soft part of her belly. The vet here recommended cortisone in low dosage given daily and ongoing. The other vet here suggested anti-histamines. On top of that we have been washing the paws regularly and applied antiseptic cream but none of this really works. I am not happy about that as I think she can't be on pills forever. I have now heard about homeopathic drops that might help but don't have a name. Do you know about these? Or do you have any other suggestions? Please help, my dogs are in really bad shape! Thanks a lot


EC: Hi Elke,

A few people may have reported sarcoptic mange cures using Ted's borax and hydrogen peroxide remedy on this page: http://www.earthclinic.com/pets/dog_mange_cure.html

Sea Water, Calabash, Lime   2  0   

Posted by Manicou River Resort (Tanetane, Portsmouth, Dominica) on 08/17/2010

[YEA]  I live on the Caribbean island of Dominica in the West Indies and have a local dog. She came to us with a low immune system and gets recurring mange. We have tried the chemical treatment but it was very harsh on her. We also tried neem oil without very good results. I took her to see the vet who works with PAWS the rescue dog charity and was recommended a local treatment. 2 liters of Seawater (or salt water) and ½ a Calabash. (Or bottle gourd or opo squash not to be confused with the calabaza) Scoop out the fleshy insides of the calabash and squeeze into seawater. Then add 3 fresh limes squeezed and mixed with the seawater & calabash.

Strain and coat the dog in the liquid. Do not rinse for 2 days and rinse and repeat the process twice. Fantastic results! No more mange and she started to grow her shiny new hair back as soon as the treatment finished. Very happy Ocho Dog.

EC: For those interested in learning more about Calabash: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Calabash

Replied by Manicou River Resort
Tanetane, Portsmouth, Dominica
[YEA]   News on The Calabash, Sea Water & Lime treatment. It worked so fast! Ocho has no mange now and her hair is growing back thick and fast. As she missed out on so much stroking since she was so sore she is wearing us all out getting loved up. I will keep posting the local Dominican remedies as we use & prove them. The population here is one of the healthiest in the world. It's famous for it's centenarians.

Sodium Perborate   0  0   

Posted by Buddhamom (St. Louis, Mo, Usa) on 01/07/2012

How do I use sodium perborate for mange. I read how to use the H202 borax, but there are no instructions for sodium perborate.

Thank you, Pat

St. Louis MO

Special Meat Diet and Remedies for Mange   1  0   

Posted by Sue-Ann (Roatan, Honduras) on 08/06/2008

[YEA]  Aug 07 I had a boxer born here in roatan with her 3rd time with demodec mange. she is one of 5 in her litter and at 8 months old she was the only one alive. She would go to a vet for 3 weeks, come back with no hair. the hair grew back 6weeks later and then the mange came back. after 2 times I was desperate. I researched out a holistic vet I found in N Miami beach (Dr. Bernstein). he and worked very closely with remedies and baths of coconut oil. he now tells me that she was hours from death. I thought of putting her down but I just could not give up on her. I got my remedy kit from him and fed her one kind of meat and nothing else. her ears were so swollen they didn't bend, her eyes were so swollen she could not see out of them and the puss oozing was terrible. her skin was bleeding and scabby and she was all bones. We used hepar, sulphur, other remedies. A year later she is happy playing, her hair has grown back, she looks great and I am so happy i didnt have to put her down. DONT GIVE UP ON YOUR DOG WITH MANGE. PLEASE.

EC: Hmmm.... the name of your vet sounds very familiar. In fact, it may have been 10 years ago that I called Dr. Bernstein for a consultation about my malamute, who was having terrible neck problems. (I lost the name and # years ago unfortunately.) He also recommended a raw food diet and some homeopathic remedies, which did wonders for Rajah. If you still have a contact phone # for him, would you please send it in to EC?  Thanks!

Sugar Syrup, Baking Soda   1  0   

Posted by Oldaxe (Thonotosassa, Florida, Usa) on 04/06/2010

[YEA]  Red Mange

OldAxe: tpajas@gmail.com

I have discovered a treatment for red mange that works miracles! After only three hours the large strawberry like splotches turned dark brown. The red rash (about 60% of the dogs skin)turned light brown. The bloody places on her tail stopped bleeding and began drying up. Best of all she stopped scratching.

After three days her skin was smooth with a light rose tint. Ten days later you can still see the white skin through the short hair that is growing fast.

Here's how: Pore a 24 0z. bottle of any sugar base syrup into a large pot and bring it to a boil for three minutes. Add four heaping table spoon fulls of Arm & Hammer baking soda. Be CAREFUL,If your pot is not big enough (about 8 qts.)it will boil over! After a few minutes it will start to thicken. Add enough tap water to thin it to it's original syrup texture. Done properly it will not separate. I used a 2 inch paint brush to coat the affected areas. Next day it didn't look like it was needed but I painted her again. Also gave her a half cup to eat. Those little critters love sugar but the bicarbonate wipes them out. I got the idea when I googled breast cancer.

They said maple syrup but I figured any sugar syrup would do. After cooking the syrup will be dark amber.

My new dog Beulah, no longer abandoned and homeless looks great. I do hope this works as well for others as it has for Beulah and I. It cost almost $4.00

Sulphur And Burnt Motor Oil   0  0   

Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile , Tn) on 12/30/2013

HI U OM, , , , , , , , , , ,

This is not high tech stuff and you just mix the wettable powered sulfur with burnt motor oil until you have a paste that will coat and stay with the dog. I always put the dog in a tub of some kind because it's a messy process. I put on a rain coat , goggles, and rubber gloves. The dog needs to be securely tied in the outdoors because his going to try and rub all this junk off. It's also better to have someone holding the dog while you are coating them. The dog should be covered from head to tail. I have never done a long haired dog, but suspect they need a hair cut.

I learned this technique from my Dad as a kid. He also used boric acid. I don't. We have cured a number of dogs with no failures. I think if you will research, the vets have many failures. When I was a kid there were few vets, so folks had to learn what works and does not for their pets. Om, you need to understand that there are lots of detractors of this procedure. I just know it works, and your dog will be one happy fella.

Just in passing , most of the folks treating their own personal mites say they only treat the mite bumps. I think that is a mistake. I did not know where they were, so every treatment was over my entire body.

Wish you well, =======OLE ROBERT HENRY============

Replied by Theresa
Mpls., Mn

I just LOVE your sage, tried and true remedies but must respectfully disagree with your mange remedy as applied to pets. For adult humans, you can decide what to use on yourself, but for pets, this is toxic advice - and here is why.

The use of used motor oil for mange or ringworm is an old remedy; it may have done the trick "back then" - but the remedy today is outdated and unsafe, particularly so as the forumlas for motor oil have changed from 30 years ago and the synthetic derivatives are highly toxic.

Skin exposure to motor oil can cause rashes and skin destruction in severe cases. The hydrocarbons can be absorbed through the skin and cause a dangerous drop in blood pressure. If motor oil is licked off the coat, resultant vomiting can lead to aspiration of motor oil into the lungs and pneumonia. Kidney and liver damage can result from motor oil dipping.

Please, even if this is what your grandparents did, do NOT apply used motor oil on your pets!

Replied by Theresa
Mpls., Mn
This remedy posted by Nick offers an excellent substitute for used motor oil:

12/15/2013: Nick Van Rhyn from Port Elizabeth. South Africa: "Hi, I have the same problem and I have tried mixing Vaseline, baby oil and flowers of sulphur in a very runny paste and applied it to my small dogs tail area with good result. Mix one part of the 'flowers of sulphur" and two parts vaseline and then add baby oil to thin the whole lot for easy application.

Hope this helps. If it does please repost so others can see it as well and let me know too.

Good luck, Nick.

Sulphur Powder   6  0   

Posted by Lisa (Brownwood, Texas) on 06/05/2008

[YEA]  When I was a small child my puppy got mange from a stray cat, My grandmother used a paste of Sulfer powder and bacon greese applyed daily until all signs were gone on puppy. It was plyable and stuck to skin and fur. I dont know exact ammounts sorry. But it worked and we never had problems again.

Replied by Jenn
Midwest Ohio
I just thought I would add, I have a one year old lab/bernese mountain dog mix. She is currently recovering from mange. After much research on the home remedies I settled on using a combination method.

FIRST - Claritin, helps with the itching and many sources stated it was safe for animal use as long as it isn't Clartin D. One pill each day, dose varies by wieght of the dog. This has seemed to help her immensly.

SECOND - Sulfa-Lo soap. You can order it OTC at the walmart pharmacy. I used this soap to bathe her everyother day. We rubbed it in generously and let it sit a soak in for about ten minutes before rinsing her off. Then we used a blow dryer to dry her up real good to avoid her licking off any residue.

THIRD - Every single day (on bath day after she was dried from the bath we applied this step) we used a mixture in spray bottle 1/3 olive oil, 1/3 listerine mouth wash, 1/3 water. We sprayed her down generously with this mixture each evening. My understanding is the oil smothers the mites.. But the mouthwashing discourages licking. She does still try to lick at it some but not constantly.

Within one days treatment her itching was greatly reduced.

By day three the redness in the bald patches was reduced as well

within a week or so she wasnt digging at her self anymore and her skin was looking normal.

It has taken about three weeks to notice any significant hair regrowth.. but she is much more comfortable and looks much better.

We are just waiting for the hair to grow and plan to continue the treatment untill her coat is full and healthly looking again. But in the meantime we are happy to have our girl back to her playful self, instead of a irratable scratching machine.

Posted by Sarah (Fort Worth , Texas) on 02/28/2008

[YEA]  We have cured two family dogs with a paste of flowers of sulfur powder (bought at feed store) and vegetable oil. These were separate occurrences, years apart). Each time they had been diagnosed by the vet, and we had used the prescribed medication without results. When we used the sulfer & oil treatment the results were fast and complete.

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