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Donating to Earth Clinic

Interested in making a donation to Earth Clinic via PayPal?  Thank you for your kind generosity and support! Your donation will help us with some of the enormous expenses associated with running the Earth Clinic websites (i.e., programming and web designing fees, web server hosting fees, editorial assistance, etc).

Donating to Ted in Bangok - Medical Donation

Earth Clinic has created a donation button for Ted's medical expenses below. We will collect medical funds for Ted until such time as he again has full control over his own PayPal account. Please note that ALL money received for Ted through this donation button (minus the transaction fee that PayPal collects from each transaction) will be wired to the top medical clinic treating Ted as of Monday, October 26, 2015. Invoices and paid receipts will be shown at

Click the button below to make a donation towards Ted's medical expenses.