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Cure Shingles: Home Remedies for Shingles Treatment

Last Modified on Jul 13, 2014

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Posted by Kelly (San Antonio, TX) on 01/02/2009

[YEA]  Every year, once or twice a year, I get an outbreak of shingles on my right cheek. I know I am getting it due to pain on the left side of my face accompinied by a tingling sensation on my nose. When I feel this, I immediately start taking acyclovoir (SP) and wash the area with regular ol' rubbing alcohol, applied by a cotton ball. Then while the area is still wet, I apply Goldbond medicated powder and let it dry. It seems to help with the pain and itching. If blisters form, they immediately start to dry up. Try this, it might work for you.

Posted by Wendy (La Ceiba, Honduras) on 12/18/2008

[YEA]  I read with great interest all the remedies posted for shingles. Researching a bit on my own, I came up with this concoction which has reduced itching and pain as well as sped up healing.

In a very small container place One teaspoon of coconut oil, squeezing a gel cap of Vit E oil into it...add a teaspoon of Neem oil, 2 drops of grapefruit seed extract, 2 drops of oregano oil, 4 drops of sandalwood oil, a teaspoon of fresh aloe gel and a 1/2 teaspoon of turmeric.

mix this all up and dab it on the blisters. i lightly placed a tissue over this as the turmeric will stain clothing so wear something old.

I have eliminated coffee, alcohol, nuts, seeds and have upped my intake of papaya and sardines (high in lysine).
Internally, I am taking 15 drops of grapefruit seed extract and 2 drops of oregano oil mixed with water in a shot glass, followed by a large glass or pure water every hour. This mixture does not taste good, but has very strong anti viral properties and ANYTHING is better than the pain from shingles. DO NOT take more than 2 drops of oregano....this is powerful stuff. ALWAYS mix it with water.

I am on day 5 now. i started using this protocol on day 3. The first angry patch has scabbed over and and looks much much better and the other patches have not developed blisters I am hopeful for a brief experience.

Many of these ingredients are part of the Indian healing system called Ayurveda. I just added everything I researched into one method. Hope this helps you.

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Posted by Lucy (Santa Cruz, California, United States) on 06/03/2010


I thought this was an old persons disease, not so. The medication they gave me did nothing for the pain, so I tossed that.

Health books always start with a fast to give your system a rest. I went on a 10 day orange, grapefruit and lemon fast with large amounts of L-Lysine three times a day. I still needed something for the pain, that went on for weeks. The pain is so intense, making it almost impossible to even sleep.

Visiting my brother, I found him taking 500 mg of Niacin every morning, was he crazy! His face was as red as a beet, but he didn't seem to care. I never took anything more then 50 mg of Niacin.

I thought if he can take it, so can I. A few minutes later my face started getting hot and tingly, but to my surprise the pain from my shingles was gone, not just slightly gone, it was gone.

I found Niacin only lasted about 4 hours before the pain started coming back. Another thing I found out is that it only worked on an empty stomach in the morning. Every day the pain became less intense. After about a week, the pain was gone. So far never to return.

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Posted by Bettylou (Arkoma, Ok, United States ) on 10/22/2011

[YEA]  Hello, I just found out from a doctor a few days ago I went to the emergency my first thought was I had cancer. I had a big red bump on my back and two small bumps in one of my breast I was very shocked to learn I had shingles I worked in the medical field and was exposed to shingles never once caught them. The Doctor said we caught it at the right time since it was only a few days. He gave me pain med and antibotics which didn't help much but when I read where it was related to chicken pox. I remember my mother making a paste from oatmeal and applying to the red patches and thought I would give it a try it gave me a lot of relief. Thank God for mothers they know best.

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Posted by Quercus (Inland Empire, California ) on 02/12/2012

[YEA]  Have had shingles on and off for several years. What really seems to knock them out is olive leaf extract. Olive leaf has anti viral properties and brought me almost instant relief during the last outbreak. I have found using the standardized extract of 20% Oleuropein in 300 mg /3 times a day worked well. I have also found that the Zyrtec antihistamine helps with the uncontrollable itching. Diet/stress for me seems to cause an outbreak. Usually chocolate and nuts are factors. How long they last seems to depend on rest, diet and supplementation. Lysine, B & C vitamins along with the olive leaf extract really helps me.

Olive Leaf, Vitamin C   1  0   

Posted by Maggie (Philadelphia, Pa) on 07/04/2013

[YEA]  I got a nasty case of the shingles right below my rib cage on my right side a few weeks before I left for an overseas trip. It was so painful, I really thought I would have to cancel. The valcyclovir did nothing but upset my stomach, so I only took it for a few days. What really killed the shingles was olive leaf extract and vitamin C. I took 4 capsules of 20 percent standardized olive leaf extract and 500 mg of vitamin C 6 times a day for 10 days, when I reduced it to 3 capsules plus 500 mg vitamin C 4 times per day. After a month, I reduced it to 3 capsules plus 500 mg vitamin C 3 times per day and so on. It significantly reduced the pain and blisters and in 2 weeks both were pretty much gone, save for some zapping pain every once in a while. I continue to take a reduced dose just to make sure it doesn't return. Oh, and I had a great trip!

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Posted by James (Camden, Tennessee Usa) on 06/12/2012

[YEA]  I've tried many things but BUTT PASTE is by far the best thing.

Posted by Barbara (Montgomery, Al) on 12/06/2011

[YEA]  Several years ago when I had a near outbreak of shingles... Rash starting to appear and painful stinging sensation, I read in a health magazine that Tagamet, an over the counter acid reducer, could help with symptoms. It did! The symptoms went away in a few days.

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Posted by Palma (Chicago, Illinois) on 04/30/2014

After 6 weeks, I am recovering from a nasty case of shingles. This caught me by surprise as I have not had a cold or flu in 6 years. Thought I was healthy!

The abdominal swelling is located along the path where the rash was and worse where the original eruption occurred.

I suspect possible nerve damange. Any suggestions to reduce, control or eliminate conduit post shingle condition would be welcomed. So many others have this post shingle condition.


Posted by Dave
Fountain Inn, Sc
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Hello Palma,

Re "post shingles" inflammation/ bloating;

Yes we see it a lot...and it might be due to continued viral activity. I apply DMSO fifty-fifty mix with Colloidal Silver. I'd apply topically to affected area with a white cloth and repeat at least four times over a week.

Also assuming nerve damage from the virus, I use AEP, a cellular enhancer...called "membrane integrity factor"... google "Calcium AEP nutrition review" and find a great article on the 20 BIG benefits of AEP.

Posted by Kilee (Ontario, Canada) on 04/02/2014

Hi All, I have been suffering through a very severe bout of shingles. It is over four months now and there is still tremendous pain and swelling on the right side of my abdomen, all the way around to my spine. I did not have the shots they recommend in the first 72 hours and I am a senior so it hit me really bad. The pain is unbelievable, the Dr.has me on Lyrica. I hate to take it, as it works by way of the brain and has some nasty side effects.The function of my kidneys has changed and it makes me dizzy, but it does help somewhat with the pain. I hate to take pharmaceuticals and refused to, for four months, but I couldn, t stand the pain and finally broke down and started the Lyrica. If anyone has suffered from this horror and found something natural that helps, or if anyone has suggestions, please post them for me. I use icy gel and cold compresses and some advil when I just can't stand the pain. I tried the Apple Cider Vinegar early on and it did not seem to help. Thanks to all the posters and the staff that make this site possible. Kind Regards to all.

Posted by Mr. Ree
Get a bottle of licorice extract and put the liquid all over the area 2 or 3 times a day...It will be gone in three days..If you get it again reapply it the same day and it will go away in an hour...A doctor told me I'd have it for months or maybe years and there was nothing they could do except give me percoset...They are all puppets with the drug companies pulling their collective strings.
Posted by Tj
Milwaukee, Wi
For some one suffering with shingles. The key question is are you restless? There is no need to figure out why, but if you are restless, consider the homeopathic remedy Rhus Tox. I have known four people to clear their shingles symptoms very quickly by just taking the remedy. In one case, the doctor who diagnosed the shingles thought he might have been mistaken because the shingles cleared so quickly.

Posted by Lauren (Melbourne, Victoria, Australia) on 09/04/2012

I am wondering if anybody has had shingles but with more internal symptoms rather than the blistering painful rash. I had scalp problems initially ( on one side of my head) which was painful and a huge swollen gland on same side of neck. A second doctor diagnosed shingles and said it was too late for medication. That was five months ago and since then I have had various symptoms including extreme fatigue, itching over various prts of body and some rash but not overly painful. Nightsweats, ongoing sore throat, headaches, dizziness, very low mood and a constant sense of a kind of presence in the same side of head and neck. A lot of the symptoms seem to add up to shingles but every single piece of information I have read focuses on the skin problem and I can't seem to find much else. It has been extremely debilitating and mentally wearing to feel so fatigued and ill for a long period of time.

I am now taking st johns wort ( a natural anti-vral) and a tonic made up by naturopath which contains olive leaf and other ingredients for the nervous system. This seems to be making an impact and I can feel my energy starting to return. I am hoping I am turning the corner on this as it is has been one of the most horrid illnesses I have experienced and feels like it will never leave my system. It has been very depressing also. I feel lucky that the skin rash has not been extreme for me but the rest terrible. Has anyone else experienced anything similar??

Posted by Ahmad_h
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
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Hi Lauren, Two things I can suggest for you that will significantly improve your situation: increase you water intake and apply cayenne pepper to red/itchy spots on your skin. The water will flush your system and help your skin, and the cayenne will increase blood flow to damaged skin and will assist the body in fighting off the virus. Drink buckets of water for a few days.. as much as your stomach can hold.

Posted by Connie (Slc, Ut) on 09/23/2011

Hi Mavis; I'm going to make a suggestion to you that has worked for me for shingles, as nothing else has... I'm tempted to say that I've tried everything, nearly. It's Vitamin B12. Not only does it help with the pain, neuropathy, but it may stop the outbreaks of this herpes zoster virus. ( It's only contagious to others that have not had chicken pox yet). It used to be used to treat shingles back in the better days. Some people may need a series of daily injections for relief. ( I may have to look into it ). I'm having excellent results with sublingual lozenges of Methyl-B12. Many natural stores, such as Whole Foods, carry it. I order from Swanson's. It's difficult to suggest a specific amount for folks ; I say, 1000 mcg. -5000 mcg. daily. This is an average amount, some people may need even more. With high dosages of B12, many people will need to increase potassium foods in their diet. I suggest adding carrots and celery to juices, soups, and salads, as well as green leafy vegetables. Reducing acid intake is also very helpful for stopping outbreaks.

Posted by Mavis (Lake City, Florida) on 09/22/2011

hi my grandmom is in pain with the shingles. My poor mom has to call me to put cream on her back and its working around the side like a rash. Im always pretend im a doctor and shes my patient I have to doctor on. I even have to wear gloves so I don't have to catch it. Every time I rub the cream in her back and side she cries out in pain. I try my hardest to rub gently whince in pain. So I'm trying my hardest to look up some home remedies cure shingles so I don't have to see my grandmom in so much pain. So whoever have shingles, god bless that it goes away completely. thank you.

Posted by Bess
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Hi Mavis, Bless you for taking care of your grandmother. Have you checked all of the cures in the shingles section of Earth Clinic? There are a lot of good testimonials there. Just click on the link below:

Also, I've heard that taking sublingual B12 daily was very good at treating and preventing shingles. Most older people are deficient in B12. Echinacea 20 drops in water three times a day might help diminish the pain. Aloe vera is good to put on lesions mix some with lysine powder (open up the capsules and make a paste of it with the gel).

I hope you find something that works for your grandmother. Take care, Bess

Posted by Lynn (San Francisco, California) on 11/12/2010

Wow what a fantastic site. I was praying for my daughter who just got diagnosed with intercranial hypertension and was drawn to look up natural remedy for reduction of spinal fluid and it was right there. All I needed to know. She is currently on diamox. I emailed your info to her. She is a big (was) user of spertaine etc. She had heqadaches for a month and finally diagnosed after a lp test. Thank you. Now I am asking for myself. I get herpes and shingles. I am on amitriptaline 10 mg which is suppose to ease my stress and help elimate the outbreaks. I still get the post herpetic shingles and herpes. Any info would be appreciated. Sincerely, Lynn

Posted by Jay
Toronto, Ont, Canada
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You might want to try olive leaf extract. It has been shown to be effective against fever and helpful for nervous tension. It is a great immune booster and viral/bacterial killer and has been used safely since ancient times.


Posted by Jdsrrt
Red Cloud, Ne, Us
[YEA]   "I have had shingles / occipital neuralgia that are always best treated for me with L-lysine tablets 500 mg , 2 in AM and 2 in PM. I used to suffer so much and Doctors just treated the pain, Acyclovir made me sick.. Thank goodness a co-worker suggested L-lysine!! Pain always decreases within 24 hours and slowly fades to nothing in 4-5 days. Good luck! I always have it on hand and it seems to decrease flare-ups during busy, hectic times to just take 500 mg once in AM. Hope it helps. You can find L-lysine at any place that sells vitamins etc... Get -Well!
Posted by Faithinhealing
Forest Park, Ohio
Coconut oil may help with this but make sure it is the UNREFINED raw virgin coconut oil. You can use it both internally and externally.
Posted by Clarity
Los Angeles, California, Usa
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Regarging Shingles and Herpes. Grind: 2 tablets of Aspirin 375 mg. 1 tablet of Lysine 1000mg. Or quantity but always multiples of 2 to 1. Make a paste with a light facial cream. Apply on face or anywhere on the body. Mine was gone in 2 days.

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Posted by Joan (Wildwood, Florida) on 07/20/2007

[YEA]  I am suffering from many things at once. such as lower tract infections and thrush and shingles all at once/ Part of which is due to the many antibiotics I was prescribed for the bladder and lower GI track. One of the effects of shingles is it produces much anxiety because your muscles start to spasm and the spasms and pain mimic some very serious conditions. This is the third bout with shingles. The panic attacks were so serious the paramedics had to come out twice and one time to the hospital in the ambulance because my blood pressure soared up to dangerous levels. Well to get to the point... Out of desperation today because now I developed a sore in throat that feel like something is stuck in there and it is swollen red and yucky.. It was too sore to gargle. I had to pace the house for an hour to prevent a panic attack because I felt like my throat was closing up (this is side effect of thrush), When I calmed down an intuitive sense told me to just sip on water and salt. I only had sea salt at home put a very small amount about 1/16 tsp to 8 oz size purified water and sipped it over an hour. Then I got worried (no anxiety attack) I hurt myself because my mouth felt like it was drying up (my mouth might be responding to the thrush). Went got another glass of water and drink that plain. Gradually the puckered dry feeling went away. But the amazing thing is that the salt must have been absorbed through my mouth because I could taste salt water coming from my nose trickling down my throat. It felt very good and soothing. I went to the computer to research what damage sea salt can do to you and I got a confirmation rather than an antidote for toxins. I am waiting to see what improves next. Next time I am going to reach for the S A L T rather than 911 or visits to the doctors.

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