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Cure Shingles: Home Remedies for Shingles Treatment

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Posted by Kelly (Lake Cathie, N.S.W-Australia) on 03/05/2009

[YEA]  What I first thought were infected insect bites turned out to be shingles. While I did not have any pain, I had extremely itchy lumps that blistered and spread till they formed one large area on my neck and were popping up in other places as well. I had tried various things like hydrogen peroxide, aloe vera gel and betadine but they only gave temporary relief from the itching and did not stop them spreading. I remembered your site and read about using ACV for shingles and thought I would give it a go before I gave up and went to the doctor. I just used a cotton-ball and dabbed it straight onto the whole area that was affected every couple of hours. It gave me immediate relief from the itching (although it stung a bit for a few minutes) and within a couple of days it had dried up completely, the scabs were healing and it had stopped spreading. It is now about a week since I started using ACV and the shingles have virtually disappeared. Thanks heaps!

Posted by Vicki
Duvall, Wa
Treatment for Shingles. Melaleuca.

Posted by Anonymous (Nowhere, PA) on 01/21/2009

[YEA]  So, I am 25 years old and developed my first case of Shingles. They are HORRIBLE!! After reading the posts on ACV, I decided to try it out. Well, tonight is the first night that I have used it and already I am seeing less redness and swelling in the areas of the Shingles. I am currently drinking 2 teaspoons mixed w/ juice. It tastes as it smells but I don't care as long as it keep working!!! :) My Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles and Dad all swear by ACV!! So far it's working!! Thanks for the info!!

Posted by Dthales
Ogden, Ut
[YEA]   "I was seriously doubting that Apple Cider Vinegar was working becasue so many people seemed to be also using some other form of treatment. My 16 year old son has shingles on his neck and was miserable for two days. He was beyond the time when antivirals would be effective so the doctor said he just had to wait it out and to take an allergy pill if itching became a problem.

My son was miserable and couldn't beleive all he could do was wait it out for a week or so. So he begged me to find some other form of releif and I found this website talking about Apple Cider Vinegar. I figured it couldn't hurt to try.

So I went and bought some and dabbed it on all the affected areas with a cotton ball about 5 times during the whole day yesterday and he drank one capfull of the ACV 2 times during the day. He also also put on calamine lotion on before bed.

This morning he woke up and says he feels 80% improved from yesterday! Holy cow the stuff really works! The sores even look better already! Drives me crazy I have to search the internet for this stuff though. The doctor should tell us these things!

Posted by Susanfrommontreal
Montreal, Canada
Shingles: My husband had a severe case of shingles 3 years ago all over his upper body that lasted 3 months. The only way he could sleep was to wrap ice in a towel. We finally found a Dr who recommended a 9 step treatment at the hospital (injections in the spine) that finally worked along with a cream compound (xylotaine)

The shingles are back again (no more cream) but on his face this time. I had an herbal infusion made at a local shop that I read about with oak bark, sage, lady's mantle, oats, sweet clover& chamomile that I boilled, let cool and he used it as a compress. Itching gone. So far, so good.

Posted by Steve (Ballina, Australia) on 11/29/2008

[YEA]  After six days of the really intense pain of Shingles on my scalp and right forehead - and this using the prescribed medication and painkillers, I looked up cures on the internet and found this site. ACV seemed to have the most comments and it was something I knew I could get from the local supermarket. I took the two tablespoons in juice orally as one writer had suggested and within minutes the pain had dulled to a tolerable level. This was about 8pm in the evening. I also dabbed the rash with straight ACV. Not looking forward to yet another sleepless night I took a second oral dose of ACV and all my doctor prescribed stuff just before going to bed at about 11pm. I am writing this the morning after the only unbroken sleep I have had all week. I have taken another dose of ACV with the other stuff this morning. I still have some pain but it is tolerable and I now think the other option I considered ie. chopping my head off, was perhaps a little too drastic.

Posted by Dkimb
Redondo Beach, Ca, Usa
[YEA]   "I want to thank you all for the great tips ~ I found them late at night, when I realized I was indeed coming down with what could have been a terrible case of shingles on my face, close to my eyes, which was pretty scary. While waiting to find out how soon I could see my skin & eye doctors, I applied a lot of ACV, and also took it in tea, and added l lysine and Brewer's yeast (great source of B12). EVERYTHING calmed down! I still have a case of shingles, and am now on the med, but not stopping any of these other things, ESPECIALLY Apple Cider Vinegar, it has made a huge difference. The itching, burning, tingling is all but gone, the blisters that had started already are drying up (in 1 day! ), and other blisters I really feel have been halted. I will complete my whole course of meds for the week, with ACV applied all the way. I would never have thought of this, but it is unbelieveably effective ~ so to all of you here ~ THANK YOU, so much. This could have been really awful!

Posted by Donna (Halifax, Nova Scotia) on 10/23/2008

[YEA]  Apple Cider Vinegar for Shingles

I used cotton rounds soaked in Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) and swabbed area as often as I could, approx every hour. I also drank 2 tbsp mixed in juice, morning and night. Best to leave the soaked cotton on affected area as long as possible. On first attempt, I placed cotton on area and wrapped plastic around myself to keep cotton from moving, however, after approx 30 min the burning sensation was too strong and I had to remove plastic. From that point on I placed soaked cotton on affected area and laid down with it on my back for as long as I could. I saw a drastic improvement in less than 24 hours. The affected area looked better, pain had decreased substantially and rash stopped spreading. Never would have believed it if I hadn't tried it myself!!

Posted by Gena (Baltimore, Maryland) on 09/14/2008

[YEA]  My son had his first case of shingles (13yr) this week. I came upon your site and read the remedies from others. We tried the ACV. I soaked cotton balls in ACV and put them on the rash area for about 45 min. 2 times a day. I also had him drink 1 tbl ACV w/ 10oz of cold apple juice in the am and at night. His rash begin to heal overnight. His pain and rash went away within 3 days. I think that we will try this remedy when he feels the rash coming on. I believe that if you start it early on-this remedy will lessen the shingles time. Thanks so much to others who shared their remedies and to you for getting this info to others! Gena Taylor

Posted by Joan
Adelaide, South Aus
My husband developed shingles two weeks ago. We have been using Calendula Cream which seems to have been very effective in healing them and easing pain. also taking zinc, vit C.

Posted by Denise (Tampa, FL) on 08/29/2007

[YEA]  Shingles stopped with ACV -- I suddenly had severe stabbing pains in my back on the left side. A few hours of this and some red blisters were starting to appear. I read about the Apple Cider Vinegar and took 1 1/2 T in a glass of distilled water with some honey for taste. I had only 2 more stabbing pains and went to bed. In the AM the rash was gone. I am continuing to take the ACV twice a day and so far I feel like it is trying to break out again on my upper thigh, but then disappears due to the ACV. Time will tell, but I have no doubt that it is the ACV that is keeping it at bay.

Posted by Karina
Sherman Oaks, Ca
I have had shingles twice now, and I am finally starting to figure out how to shorten the duration. First things first.... Relax. Mine is triggered by stress.... So I do EVERYTHING to relax and unwind! I get massages, do yoga, go on walks, laugh... Definitely laugh... and remind myself not to take life so seriously.

Once you see the rash coming on... Take two valtrex immediately. Then take one twice a day for at least 7 days or until the shingles subside. I wash with zanfel once a day for itching and to help pop the little blisters so they heal faster. This is a poison oak treatment... But it helps tremendously with itching (almost immedately) and help dry up the blisters so they don't spread to other areas (shingles can be spread... so don't scratch them and spread them to other areas of the body).

I have also been using a cream called triamcinolone acetonide. Its a topical steroid cream and dramatically reduces inflamation. I use this twice a day after washing with cold water and a light soap to keep the rash clean.

I am also taking lysine and vitamin C twice a day to help build my immune system. The virus loves weak immune systems... So anything that helps build it will help get rid of it faster. That includes no alcohol, lots of veggies (helps alkaline the body), fruit and water.

Also...change your pillow case and sheets regularly so they stay clean. Apple cider vinegar soaks with cold water also help to heal the skin quickly and sooth the itching and inflamation.

I hope this helps. Shingles suck but they are managable if you get on it right away. I am also going to look into the vaccine since this is my second bout with this and I am over it!

Posted by Dani (Melbourne, Australia) on 08/06/2007

[YEA]  My Bf got shingles almost 1 and a half weeks ago now. he went to the doctors and got anti viral tablets, and i spent almost a full day in between answering phone calls at work reading up on natural remedies,as i fuss over him, and wanted him to get better quick! im a quick fix type of person. i went out and brought him everything i had read about, ACV, tea tree oil, broccoli, fish, which i cooked with lemon grass, parsley, a killer amount of garlic and rosmary,to ensure he got a good does of all the good stuff, along with all these other things. he didnt want to drink the vinegar or have it on his body! "it stinked" according to him, and he didnt see how it'd help, so i maintained feeding him heaps of broccoli..with all of his meals and applied tea tree oil twice a day after his showers. this helped it maintained the rash and kept blistering to a minimal, but it was not a quick fix. last night i talked him into trying the vinegar as while the sores were slowly clearing he was starting to get sharp pains, and i told him it was either try everything natural to help otherwise acupunture, so the chicken decided we'll try the vinegar. i soaked cotton wool, i brough in strips from the supermarket in ACV placed it on his sores and wrapped him in cling wrap for a good 2 hours or so! he still had a few sharp stbbing pains for the first half an hour, but then the pain stopped and when we took the plastic and cotton off, the infected area had completely cleared up with the exception of a few little blisters. he woke up this morning, the affected area still looks great and the pain is minimal. a few more days of the ACV treatment and he should be 100% and would have dodged acupuncture completely.

Posted by Sue (Charleston, SC) on 09/28/2006

[YEA]  I cut strips, sufficent to cover areas affected with Shingles, from a brown paper bag and soaked them in ACV. I placed them onto those areas and covered the entire area with cling wrap which kept the paper from drying. I was amazed at the results--immediate comfort, drying of small blisters, and my first night of painless sleep since they first appeared.

Note: I do not leave the treatment on overnight. I do use it at least twice a day for short periods. Thanks for the help your website provides.

Posted by Phoebe (Zebulon, NC) on 03/22/2006

[YEA]  I read about the ACV on this website. About 2 weeks ago I began adding 2T of ACV in a quart of good water and sipping on it throughout the day. I immediately noticed more energy, exquisite bowel function,better kidney function and about a 1/2 pound a day weight loss. I noticed an outbreak of shingles starting, but after only a day, the process reversed and disappeared. This has never happened before. I have no other explanation other than the ACV.

Posted by Sandra (Pahrump, NV) on 01/30/2006

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  I have had this for nine days and having a baby was less painful, I am trying ACV on the lesions for the first time today and we'll see but benadryl ointment extra strenght seemed to take the pain away faster, I did mix honey, ACV and water for internal help. Hope something works have Dr. s app. tomorrow and will try anything to make this go away. It's on my neck, right ear, cheek and head, right side only. Pain is terrible like hot needles inserted, a branding iron on the skin!!!

Posted by Peter (Oakland Park, FL) on 01/23/2006

[NAY]  apple cider vinegar did nothing for me. i tried aluminum acetate diluted in water applied via a compress, which dried the area and had a soothing effect. however, i must say that acyclovir, and zovarax cream seemed to do the best. for pain good luck,tylenol helps, as some rx's the docs can supply you with. i am 16 days into this and can not wait for it to be over. PAINFUL.

Posted by Virgil (Houston, Texas) on 06/05/2005

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  Can't say I am cured but applying the vinegar sure gave me pain relief. I apply when the posthepetic neuralgia pain kicks up and befroe bedtime. Started using the ACV last Tuesday, just 6 days ago. This is the best treatment so far. I had acupunture initially and it reduced the most severe pain by a lot however 6 treatments could not erase the remaining pain.

Posted by Brenda (Bear, DE)

[YEA]  I have lost 23 lbs. in 2 months. ACV Also helped me through a bout of shingles in a very short time. I use 2 TBS. of vinegar in 6 oz. water twice a day. I find it helps me more to take it right after lunch and supper. I don't feel so bloated after my vinegar drinks and swear this has took the weight off and makes me feel better overall.

Posted by Anonymous

[YEA]  Yes, I tried vinegar, not orally, but rubbed it on the spot in my back that has given me horrific pain for 6 years, I have used Zonalon ($85 per tube, Empi ($45 per oz) and Capsascin, even athletes foot medicine, Aspercream, and this is so far, the most relief I have had. My shingles never blistered, but I was left with Posthepetic neuralgia which has been terrible. Worth a try, and you have it in your kitchen. I wonder how does it work, is it the acid?

Posted by Natasha
Los Angeles, Ca
I was 13 when I was diagnosed with my first outbreak of shingles. In the States herpes is diagnosed as type I and type II. My blood tests recently confirmed that I contracted both types, at different stages of my life. For the past twenty years I get burning sensation almost every month just around my period. I also get it almost guaranteed when I am stressed out, tired, or about to come down with a cold. It almost looks like we can't live without each other anymore. And, just to show how easy it is to activate the virus - last week I got a small patch of burnt skin from sun over exposure, and sure enough, my "friend" followed shortly after. In a way I consider myself lucky only because I rarely experience blisters, maybe up to twice a year. More often I get the burning and itching sensation that can last for days and up to a few weeks at worst. This time I got blisters before I realized what was coming. I wear a loose shirt and I cover the affected area so that I don't get to touch it by accident. I am aware that I am contagious these days, thus I avoid physical touch with my husband, to protect him from getting infected. All the affected clothing, towels and bedding is washed in hot water and bleached, to further prevent possible contamination. My doc tried me initially with pills that made me feel as sick as I could imagine. Then I got switched to new medicine that seems to work ok. I only need to take it for one day, and while it doesn't reverse the first signs, it seems to be helpful with decreased number of recurrences. I went from about 10-12 annual occurrences down to 4-5, which is for me a great improvement. I have not tried any natural remedy described here, but I am aware of ACV's effectiveness with all sorts of medical issues, not just with shingles. I will most positively give it a try as soon as possible. After two decades of suffering I believe it's about time to send my friend for some vaccation.
Posted by Katherine
Asheville, Nc
[YEA]   "Apple Cider Vinegar for Shingles.

Thanks to this site, used Apple Cider Vinegar very successfully. Cold compresses for 1/2 hour at a time, 1 part ACV to 2-3 parts water. Leave the ACV on for about an hour after, then rinse and then used an oil from my Chinese acupuncture clinic (not as effective as ACV, but good for soothing and healing). Do this as 4-5 times a day. Also used acupuncture and homeopathic remedies included arnica, belladonna and rhus tox. I worked with a homeopath who helped me figure out what I needed when. I also took the antiviral Acly (whatever it's called... Finished it and threw out the bottle... normally hate meds and only go natural but worked with everything I could to alleviate this condition).

Also took Lysine, vitamins and herbs... everything I could to strengthen my immune system.

Also, muscle tightness in my back (outbreak was on my chest and back) was intense. Did lots of breathing and stretching exercises to keep the energy moving, even when it was painful. Carefully worked thru the pain.

Got thru what my acupuncturist said was a pretty severe reaction pretty quickly... Again, thanks primarily to ACV and this site. Really grateful.

Posted by Breizhbabe
Woodley, Reading, Berkshire, Uk
[YEA]   "Hi, When our children had chicken pox, which is the same virus as shingles - to ease the pain of the blisters we were advised to put some oats in a muslin cloth, tie it and place it in the bath. This produces a milk which bathes the sores and soothes. I tried this last year when I had shingles for the first time and it was very soothing. I also put calamine lotion onto the spots (you can also use this for sunburn). I currently have shingles and I think they have affected my scalp. When I wash my hair I put one drop of tea tree oil into the final rinse water and this has soothed the scalp. I wonder whether peppermint might also help. Now I have read the article on apple cider vinegar will try that. You can buy organic apple cider that isn't that much more expensive.
Posted by Ja
Burlington, Vt
I think I may have shingles, though not 100% sure. It is some kind of rash. Began as a light pink 1" round spot on my left upper thigh--almost hip level. Next day the same thing on the other side and they both grow more red and splotchy. If I look very close there seems to be a tiny little head. Then same thing on my left ankle. I apply a 3X antibiotic, Neosporin with no effect. There is no deep pain and very little itching with these three. But for a couple nights my left leg itched like crazy. I realized my skin was rather dry and started using Dermasil lotion on the non-affected areas.

Within a couple days I notice the same thing on my forearm. Within a day I had 5-6 little bumps and in another day my left forearm had 1 or 2. This is war. I applied Betadine to all of them for a week. Still red but seem better with the B drying out the skin very much and some skin peel. Never saw blisters, but I think I may have.

I'm 55 and the last few months have been very stressful and 15 years ago I did get shingles when I was working 2 demanding jobs--stressed. Dr told me to work less. Now some of the spots are a faded brownish color, but I do notice a few very tiny new ones beginning.

I'm going to try this ACV treatment and let you know if it does any good. Right now I'm drinking a couple TBS in my ice tea.

Posted by Ja8877
Burlington, Vt
I am nearly positive this is shingles now but the symptoms etc are confusing. I've had very little pain, the little pain I get is usually in the evening and I have the urge to scratch. On a pain or discomfort level it is a 2 out of 10. It's on both of my forearms which is strange. I've called a few Dr's and they are all too busy and tell me to go to the Hospital Emergency. That shingles are very serious and I need immediate medical attention. Really no help there.

I have 2 full days of ACV now and the jury is not in yet. I use it diluted, but strong as a half hour compress which does help and feels much better. After the half hour compress I daub with cotton ball full strength. I do this 2 or 3 times per day and I drink about 4 oz per day diluted with water. I've also used calamine lotion on some areas as a test to see if it does help. And yes calamine lotion does help.

I can definitely say the ACV does help, to what extent I am not sure, but I think fairly significant. I'm sure I'd be in worse shape without it. I've also increased my vitamins, like C and B Complex and take an oral anti-histamine daily.

Since it's a virus I'm just going to let it run it's course and manage it. If I feel pain or if it spreads to my face I'll find a Dr who is not too busy. I did have shingles about 18 years ago--but I knew what it was as soon as I saw it and it was extremely painful--this is mild--so far.

Posted by Ja
Burlington, Vt
[YEA]   "Follow-up. YEA! ACV is a big help. I can definitely say that over the last 5 days ACV has drastically helped alleviate my shingles. The first few days the skin on both arms were a flaming scarlet red with little dots appearing like crazy. For the first few days I diluted the ACV with about 2-3 parts water and would use a compress for about 40 minutes, 2-3X per day and then daub with full strength. The first day I used a full strength compress and my skin was really irritated from that.

I then would daub any new little red dots with calamine lotion and that over the course of a couple days dried them up. I was really impressed with the results of the combo of ACV and calamine lotion. Finally yesterday my arms began to return to normal, but it took a few days to get there. The last 2 days my arms are looking so good I only do 1 compress and ACV daub/calamine lotion per day.

My flaming red arms are now retuning to their normal color. I have a few other small areas to deal with--but my arms were the worst. At one point they were flaming red 12"x 4" and I never saw anything so virulent and rapid. I'll list some things I've learned to help you.

1. Dilute the ACV with 2-3 parts water for a long compress. Then daub with full strength.

2. Let dry and apply calamine lotion to any small red dots and let it dry. Wear loose cotton clothing. And drink at least 2 oz per day of ACV per day--dilute with 6 parts or more of water.

3. I would take a Benadryl capsule with antihistamine if there was any itching. Sometimes the itch urge can drive you crazy.

4. I beefed up my vitamins and took a good multi, 2000mg of C, and a B Complex.

5. Wash with cool or tepid water and minimal mild soap. Warm or hot water only aggravates the skin. When you wash you are throwing trauma at your skin.

6. Try to rest and don't eat any junk food. Also no sugar, coffee, choclate, nuts, strawberries and spinach--they will aggravate your skin.

7. Any rash on your face--get to a Dr.

8. Shingles is a virus and will run its course. Once you have it all you can really do is to alleviate the pain and itchiness and keep the shingles from being infected and to reduce the dots as fast as you can. ACV with calamine worked for me.

Posted by Jennifer
Orient, Ny, Usa
ACV can work wonders for many different types of rashes. I'm glad you're feeling better, but not sure if what you had was shingles since the rash only emerges on one side of the body at a time, along the nerve pathway affected (as told by doctors when I got it over 2 weeks ago). Of course, they could be wrong, and I'm certainly no expert, just thought your symptoms sounded odd for shingles. Mine started with neck pain, pain in the right side of my throat when swallowing, and mild skin irritation on the right side my neck. This happened about two days before a small red spot appeared just right of the median line of my neck. When I woke the following day it had spread to the right on my neck and developed blisters. I also had a new, blistered area under by right ear. It quickly spread up to the right side of my face and to my right ear, spreading behind it and into the ear. It also caused multiple round, swollen spots which are about the diameter of a golf ball across the right side of my skull. Although the rash is almost cleared up, the bumps on my skull remain and I continue to have severe pain: constant headache, occasional severe shooting pain starting under my chin, running up the right side of my face, ending about two inches into my hairline, and deep ear pain. I have barely been able to get off the couch, which I have to (try to) sleep on so I can rest my head on the left side, something I couldn't maintain in bed.

I've finished the antviral medication and steroid prescribed (for inflammation) by my doctor, but had no recommendations for the pain due to other medication I need to be on. Although my blisters and rash itched me, they were nothing compared to the nerve pain. I will start taking ACV internally today with the hopes it will relieve some of the pain and increase my energy. Will let you know how it works for my nerve pain. Also planning on taking Lysine, which many people here recommend to help boost my immune system since I am under constant stress lately, which I suspect triggered the virus.

Posted by Ursula (Barrington, IL)

[YEA]  ACV has helped me with a recent bout of shingles. Instead of drinking the vinegar, I applied a solution of 1 tsp. ACV with 1/4 cup of water with some cotton balls. I also made a foot-bath with 1/4 cup of ACV and 1 gallon of warm water, twice a day for three days. The sores were healed within a few days and gone was the pain.

Posted by Tom
Elgin, Il
Valtrex, prednisone, Lydocane patches, take an edible vitamin C 4 times a day, one Lysine amino acid a day, small amount of zinc every day vitamin B-12. I was cured in a week. Watch your diet and avoid an acid stomach. I used ibuprofin to ease pain it worked.Some say crushed aspirin mixed with nail polish remover as a topical pain reliever, I didn't try it. I didnt try ACV either but will give it a shot if I feel symptoms again.

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