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Apple Cider Vinegar  

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Posted by Angela (Honchurch, Essex, Uk) on 02/25/2012
5 out of 5 stars

What a wonderful website. Came across this when I did a search for treatments for Shingles which I was diagnosed with yesterday. Having read most comments on ACV I called my husband on the phone who was out shopping to get a bottle from Holland and Barrett (1.75) and applied it with cotton wool as soon as I got it. Unbelievable but true. I applied the soaked cotton balls to the blisters and rash on my face around my mouth and up my cheek round to my ear on the left side of my face and the relief was instant. I could hardly believe it. I am still taking anti viral drugs but they do not help with the burning sensation, ACV does. So now I will apply it every 1-2 hours. It really made a difference and it is such an inexpensive solution. Thank you all for discussing ACV on this site, I would never have thought to try it:) THANK YOU

Posted by Dkimb (Redondo Beach, Ca, Usa) on 02/24/2012
5 out of 5 stars

I want to thank you all for the great tips ~ I found them late at night, when I realized I was indeed coming down with what could have been a terrible case of shingles on my face, close to my eyes, which was pretty scary. While waiting to find out how soon I could see my skin & eye doctors, I applied a lot of apple cider vinegar, and also took it in tea, and added l lysine and Brewer's yeast (great source of B12). EVERYTHING calmed down! I still have a case of shingles, and am now on the med, but not stopping any of these other things, ESPECIALLY Apple Cider Vinegar, it has made a huge difference. The itching, burning, tingling is all but gone, the blisters that had started already are drying up (in 1 day! ), and other blisters I really feel have been halted. I will complete my whole course of meds for the week, with ACV applied all the way. I would never have thought of this, but it is unbelieveably effective ~ so to all of you here ~ THANK YOU, so much. This could have been really awful!

Posted by Maggiemae (Dearborn, Mi) on 11/21/2011
5 out of 5 stars

Looking for relief for pain from shingles--ear, neck, head. Just tried 2T of ACV (followed by a little honey) and got instant relief. Also applied to my bumps and blisters. It's as close to a miracle as I've seen! THANK YOU! Also, going to look up morton's neuroma....

Replied by Ray-ray
East Northport, New York
5 out of 5 stars

My wife (50) had her second bout of the Shingles. Last time was about a year ago. This forum completely changed her visable rash on her left thigh overnight. She applied Organic Apple Cider Vinegar (with the mother) with a cotton ball and drank 2T ACV. Had breafast that had some raw local 100% pure wildflower honey in it and organic extra virgin coconut oil (cold pressed) too.

Posted by Nalatie (Farnham, Surrey) on 11/19/2011
5 out of 5 stars

Thank you so much to this site for saving me! I have Shingles so badly on my face/scalp/eye. So bad that my GP sent me to A&E eye clinic. The blistering and swelling has been so intense that I could not sleep from pain. After researching how long shingles could take to settle down I worried about my face and cancelled every appointment for the next 2 weeks. Suffering badly and fearing the worst I researched more about home remedies and came across this site.

I have used just ACV directly on the blisters on my face (Dabbed on cottonwool) and within 12 hours the blisters looked better. After 24 hours they have totally dried up and are completely calming down. I am still dabbing the blisters every 3 hours. Along with Anti Virual, antibiotics and pain killers the blisters are less painful. ACV alone HAS helped and been the cure. ALos taking one cap in water. Take what you can as ACV is the best cure. Don't be afraid just dab it on and keep persisting as it takes the pain away and also the yellowness from the blisters!

Thank you to everyone that has written about this unbelievable aid to an extremely pain and horrid virus.

Posted by Autodinman (Modesto, Ca) on 10/20/2011
5 out of 5 stars

55 years old and first time credit card size rash showed up on upper arm near elbow. Like many, I figured I must have scratched the area while carrying redwood or maybe brushed against a "gopher plant". Once I read all of your comments, I knew it must be shingles. It is; blisters, redness, pain. I saw that many of you applauded ACV. So, I went home and applied a cotton swab with ACV. Only put it on for a minute. The next day the blisters are subsiding and the rash is going away. I'll reapply tonight. Thank you all.

Replied by Happsoul
Frisco, Co
5 out of 5 stars

I have shingles. I found this website at 2:00 in the morning on day 2 of shingles. I was in extreme pain. I was desperate. I had raw unpasturized apple cider vinegar and drank one ounce to start with and immediately the stabbing pain got better. I was able to sleep. I used it every 4 hours but did reduce the dose to one -two Tablespoons. I added lysine and cats claw. By the time I saw the doctor I was much more comfortable. I have been able to sleep and have not used anything for pain control other than the three I mentioned. I did start on an anti-viral 12 hours later. I have continued to use the ACV every 4 hours for pain control. I use it locally and take 1 TBS orally. I am SO GRATEFUL for this site and for this information.

Posted by Bigeasybunny (Houston, Texas) on 10/13/2011

Suffering with shingles for the first time, went to doctor who prescribed anti-viral and pain meds, weeks later, still suffering internal pain and external itching/burning (thought the blisters have cleared). Found this site and started the ACV 3 T a day, drinking it using a shot glass, and follow up with tsp of honey.

Instant relief from the deep internal pain after the first dose and has not returned! Able to sleep soundly and even turn over and lie on my back and side where the shingles are! Dabbing the area with mix of ACV and sprinkle of cayenne pepper 3-4 times a day also helps with the external itching/burning, and in between, also use pure aloe vera gel and hydrocortisone cream.

As recommended on this site, I also started taking Lysine 1, 000 mg 3 times a day, and cayenne pepper pills 40,000 HU (processed to be cool in the stomach) 3 times a day, both with food. Am so grateful to be almost completely pain free and able to sleep soundly (though I wake up itching and apply hydrocortisone and get instant relief and right back asleep). I also recommend boosting your immune system with Vit C and diet.

Posted by Amanda (Anchorage, Alaska) on 09/17/2011
4 out of 5 stars

I would like to say this information was very helpful! I've never had shingles before and had four docs misdiagnosed me until they got it right! At 29 years old and coming down with a unknown rash in well, a very fragile area that started at my tail bone and wrapped down and around was one, very embarrassing and two, didn't feel the best!

I woke up this past Sunday with the shingles and never had a sign that it was coming.. Nor the true signs of symptoms.. No pain.. No itch.. No burning.. I guess in that part I was rather lucky.. When I went to the doc that diagnosed it I was already past the point of the anti viral meds working.. So I was looking for anything herbal that might help clear them up faster.. So I bought the gallon size bottle of Apple Cider Vinegar and started cleaning the affected areas right away.. Not gonna lie.. Yes it burns.. I started with one good soak and scrub and noticed a difference right away.. Later that night I did another soak and scrub and by the next morning I noticed the sores had already dried up and swelling had gone down! Now two days later it's dark.. And dried up.. Wouldn't say 100% gone.. But much better then what it was when I started..! I'm following up with zinc oxide ointment and lysine vitamin.

I would like to say thank you as reading everyone else's first hand experience has been rather helpful. I think a few good more soaks and scrubs and it will keep getting better and better.. And will heal up faster compared to if I would have just let it runs it's course as the doctor stated.. It's a pretty nasty experience and embarrassing.. I think I showed my bum to more people in the past week then my entire life.. Best of luck to everyone who experiences shingles!

Replied by Jean

Hi. How do I cure shingles with apple cidar vinegar.. What do I do.. Recipe.. Exactly.. For sores and pain.. Tks sincerely, Jean

Replied by Om
Hope Bc Canada

Hello, Jean --- EC has a special section on shingles treatment, please look it up. It must be painful.

Namaste, Om

Replied by Oscar Donate

Syracuse, New York

Dear Jean, Shingles is one of many viral diseases that respond extremely well to BHT for at least some people. There was a recent testimonial about BHT used to treat shingles in this forum. The BHT worked and fast to treat this condition. A matter of weeks on the BHT and all symptoms were resolved.

The doses of BHT most currently being discussed are 250mg to 500mg of BHT per day with water only on an empty stomach for average size people. This BHT works amazingly well for at least some people and costs very little....Oscar

Replied by Nmitchell
Jackson, Ky

I have found that the apple cider vinegar stings if the liquid is room temperture so I keep the bottle in the frig. Being cold lessens the sting a great deal.

Posted by Karen (Tulsa, Ok) on 09/12/2011
1 out of 5 stars

I have had shingles for the first time for a week now. I thought it was poison Ivy, really painful, itchy, burning hot patches of blisters. After three days of applying poison ivy meds, including the apple cider vinegar therapy, which actually caused mine to worsen as the Apple Cider Vinegar initiated furious blistering and swelling, I went to the dr who diagnosed shingles and started me on a potent anti-viral. I also went to the health food store (Akins) and got a gel rub which works wonderfully for relieving pain and itch. Also taking 1,000 mg Lysine 3x a day and 1-2, 000 mg of a good quality Vit C 3x a day. Shingles is a very serious ailment and can be life debilitating.

Posted by Liz (New York, Ny) on 08/21/2011
5 out of 5 stars

Out of desperation, I began searching for a remedy for my mother who was suffering from shingles. She said she has had the worst three weeks of her life. Her doctor prescribed vicoden and benadryl but she couldn't function and these only provided minor relief. We started the ACV yesterday. We first applied it with a spray bottle mixed with a basil tea I made. (Her outbreak was in her head. ). We also gave her 2T every 4hrs yesterday. (unfortunately she couldn't tolerate the 4th dose..... She gags on the vinegar hahaha). It wasn't an immediate relief, but almost!!!! She slept for the first time last night without any medication!!! Said it's like a miracle and much better than benadryl. She said she doesn't mind the taste because the benefit is far greater!!!!! She said it was a 70% improvement.

Replied by Carmen
Ottawa, Ontario

Was looking for relief. Tried your remedy. Thanks a bunch:)

Posted by Hma (Parlier, Ca) on 07/22/2011
5 out of 5 stars

about 10 days ago I noticed three shingles in my groin area. I had an outbreak about 10 years ago of the shingles on my right ear. The doctor prescribed some green antiviral pills that did nothing but constipate me. Anyway that outbreak went away on its own after 3 weeks of pain and vertigo, and not to mention lost work. this time around though, I decided no doctor, I consulted a friend of mine who told me about this site.

Let me tell you all that this remedy of apple cider vinegar truly does work fast on these painful shingles. I have swabbed these critters with Apple Cider Vinegar for the past 24 hours, once every 4 hours, and let me tell you that two have almost dissapeared and one shrunk to half its size . Im very happy with this folk remedy and just sorry I had not known about this site before. An inexpensive formula that is common all over the world truly works wonders.


Posted by Bvemu (Kent, Uk) on 05/06/2011
5 out of 5 stars

I've just put this on my shingles on my face, it burned a little for 10 minutes and then the spots went white- PAIN GONE!!! I have suffered shingles on and off for 20 years with huge gaps of 5 years but I will absolutely be looking at the great qualities of this ACV for other ailments... My husbands athletes foot. Will let you know how I got on. A BIG THANK YOU for sharing your advice... It has really worked. Kind regards BV

Posted by Jamie (Indianapolis, Indiana) on 11/05/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Shingles: I tried the ACV after reading testimonials. It relieved the pain and the rash is clearing. I did go to the doctor and am on medication but the ACV really does help. Thanks

Replied by Nlt
Tampa, Fl
4 out of 5 stars

Have had shingles for about a week and a half now. Originally thought it was a spider bite like some of the other posters, but quickly realized that it was unlikely that a spider would have bitten me 3-4 times. Went to a doctor who had no idea what it was and when I asked he just mumbled "its some sort of skin... Thing. " Idiot. Prescribed Cipro and anti-itch medication, neither of which would help at all so I didn't even get it filled. I figured out on my own that it was shingles and began applying Abreva hourly, which definitely helped prevent further spread. Its pricy but OTC and really helps!

Found this site about 4 days ago and have been using the apple cider vinegar, as well as tea tree oil, directly on the blisters. This has helped a lot. The blisters are healing and haven't seen any new ones popping up. I won't say the pain or itchiness is any less, but at least they're disappearing. The tea tree oil does help to soothe a little but it only lasts for about an hour. Still can't sleep, and I'm very uncomfortable in any position- sitting, laying, standing. Just all around uncomfortable. Considering taking Ambien if I go another sleepless night. Will post if I find anything new.

Posted by Kelbie (Ripon, Ca) on 08/14/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Thanks for the information on your site. I had shingles for 4 days before I found your site. I had been to the doctor who gave be antibiotics but the pain was not going away. I was not able to sleep one night from the pain so I searched for remedies. I tried the ACV. I put on the ACV with a cotton ball directly on the blisters. Couldn't believe that once I put it on my blisters, within 5 minutes, the pain had subsided. I also drank the vinegar mixed with apple juice (1 tblsp to 4 oz of juice). I had a lot of redness on my skin with the blisters. The redness was gone within a few hours of applying the ACV. Thanks so much for the help!

Replied by H
Bixby, Oklahoma
4 out of 5 stars

Developed my first case of the shingles after minor surgery! Ouch! They're worse than surgery! And itchy!!! After going several days just using the Famciclovir the dr gave me and calamine lotion on the rash (about 3-4 nickel-quarter size 'bumps' which never formed blisters)... I remembered Earth Clinic. The info provided here helped me with other conditions too!

Last night, this morning and this evening I drank 1 Tblspoon ACV in water with honey (heated up).. not exactly tasty, but I'll do what it takes. I also rubbed cotton balls soaked in ACV on the bumps several times. I'm still getting the shooting "pains" apparently associated with these shingles, but the bumps have already started to fade. It's already doing better than rubbing calamine 3-5 times a day! I also purchased L-Lysine which I've taken 2 tablets, B-12, one tablet, and I'm taking 4-6 tablets of Vitamin C. So far the ACV is helping with the rash. Time will tell! Thanks Earth Clinic.

Posted by CJK (Augusta, ME) on 06/30/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Apple Cidar Cinegar cured my shingles. I'm 37 yrs old and was shocked when my dr. said the word shingles!! I thought it was a spider bite for the 1st 2 days, and then on the 3rd, it started to blister. That's when I knew, something was very wrong. My dr. prescribed an anti-viral, and antibiotic, and pain med. By the next morning I was in so much pain I cried, I decided to surf the net to see if I could find anything useful. Thank goodness I came across this site! I immediately went to the store and picked up apple cidar vinegar, L-Lysine and Vitamin C. The ACV was a miracle!!! I didn't drink it because my stomach was already upset from the med's. I applied it to large gauze pads and wrapped it with seran wrap. After an hour I removed it and it already looked better and definately felt better. After 3 days the blisters are level with my skin and are not as painfull. I can only imagine what would have happened without the ACV. Try it, what do you have to loose?.......... besides horrific pain!!!! THANK YOU, Sincerely, CJK

Replied by Eva
Muncie, Indiana

I have been dealing with shingles for 9months now. My problem is not rash but flu like symptoms. I have been so sick that I cant get up somedays. I have lost 25 lbs due to lack of appetite. I have been to ER twice and on antiviral twice. Nothing works. Still on percoset 2 to 4 times a day. (pain is constant) Somedays cant move legs or arms-its in my spine. I had breast cancer in 1998. I am so scared that I may never recover. I cannot function to even work. Please is there any cure for shingles so that I may go on with my life?? Thank You, Eva.

Replied by Psyched
Flying Hills, Pa

Evelyn, I am so sorry for your chronic pain & I empathize with your pain. My own 1st time bout of shingles brought me to this website, and I've read a lot of the postings. My suggestion after reading several is to try apple cider vinegar (1T. in water or juice 3x a day to drink & also dab directly on lesions), aloe Vera gel, l-lysine (for energy), oil of eucalyptus or peppermint for pain, & olive leaf extract (natural anti-viral recommended by a retired pharmacist on this site), cayenne capsules, and cold pressed coconut oil and raw honey rubbed on for their anti-viral & germ fighting properties & to keep from scarring. Personally, I used raw honey on a bad burn on the back of my hand and have NO scarring. Much success to you.

Posted by Sam (London, UK) on 05/17/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Hi all, in January 09 i came down with a case of shingles on the right side of my face. It was excruciatingly painful. Once the blisters had cleared up and I could again open my eye, I thought I was on the mend. However I was left with neuralgia in the nerve endings in the right side of my face and head. I went to the doctor to see what he could give me for it as this was preventing me from sleeping each night and I was slowly going in insane. The only thing he could suggest for me was anti-depressants. No way! Not for a pain on my face, however much it hurt! So to cut a long story short I did a lot of research. ACV kept coming up over and over. One morning the pain was soo bad and frustrating as I could'nt keep my fingers from it that I couldn't leave the house. I remembered that I had brought the ACV to try and took 2 tablespoons of it in desperation. Magically the itching and burning sensation stopped almost within minutes. I thought I was imagining it. However I continued to take it every time the pain came back and each time it had the same affect. 2 tbsp every couple of hours. Or whenever you feel the need. Hope you find this helpful. Take care