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Cure Shingles: Home Remedies for Shingles Treatment

Last Modified on Sep 29, 2014

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Posted by Mary Jo (Bethel Park, Pennsylvania) on 02/08/2013

My mom has shingles. I am 62 and have had chicken pox. Can I get them from her?

Posted by Kelly
Cambridge, Ma
@Mary Jo - No, you will not catch it. Only those who have not had chicken pox can catch the virus from someone with shingles. (PHEW, huh?) :)

Posted by Need To Know (Huntsville, Alabama) on 12/02/2011

Does Epsom Salts help Post-Shingles Neuropathy Pain? I really need to know!!

Posted by Jeanne (Fraser, Mi, Usa) on 11/19/2011

What I thought was a pulled muscle in my mid back, turned out to be Shingles... And the pain was unreal. I only had a few blisters, and did end up on antiviruls. Now, a month later.. Some days are ok, some aren't.. But now I have this redness, and itching, around my middle, between my bra line and waist. I thought that it was from all the fruit that I have been eating.. Or all the vit C and supplements.. But I now remember that I have had this off and on for a long time (around my middle)... Again I just thought that it was a reaction from eating too much fruit. In my subject line, you see I think this has been years, and I will explain.

Years ago I woke up with a fever and sore throat, went immedialty to Dr. as I am prone to throat infections, he gave me a shot, and meds. Within a couple of days, my mouth was burning, and my joints where so sore I could hardly move, even my jaw muscles.. Could hardly eat. Went thru all the tests, and just about everything came back ok.. My Dr. said it was an arthritic episode of some sort. Well, my knee to this day still hurts, (muscle).. At that same time, I was under a lot of stress, and right before this (episode) I was getting this sharp stabbing pain above by shoulder by my neck, it was a burning pain.. Not unbearable, just hurt all the time.. Went to chiropractor, told that it was prob. Fibromyalgia.. , rubs, massage, nothing seemed to take this away. I still, to this day have that same pain, but have noticed that I had a very slight rash, with a few raised pimple-like spots... but again just figured that it was the topicals I was using for the pain..

I really think that I have been with this shingle thing for yrs... I am 65.. And I really think this all started over 20 yrs ago. I have had odd rashes, muscle pain, joint pains and along with that, this burning, in just little areas here and there.. again for yrs..

Since I have done all this reading, and I mean a lot (this site is awesome).. I truly think it's just been happening off and on until the really big hit.. With the major pain, and actual blisters.. and you all know the rest (pain)..

I'm so afraid of that pain coming back.. I have been doing so many of the remedies that I have read here.. Feel ok.. Just scared.. I guess I have read myself into panic.. Especially googling and reading all the real bad horror stories.. doesn't do me any good, either..LOL...

Thanks for listening...

Posted by Pam (West Des Moines, Ia) on 10/17/2011

I have suffered for 2 years with PHN from shingles. I've read where IV Vitamin C has helped many with this condition -- but my doctor will not do this. I've read that oral Vitamin C offers no benefit -- only the IV Vitamin C allows the development of hydrogen peroxide in the tissues which makes it a pro-oxidant not an antioxidant. Is there a treatment with actual hydrogen peroxide that will do the same as IV Vit. C?

Posted by Patrice04 (Corona, Ca, Usa) on 08/17/2011

Is it possible to have Shingles in just one small spot? My cousin says this has happened to her many times- now, it seems to have happened to me as well. Just on my right arm, like my cousin. I have ALL the pain, signs, etc. However, when I see pictures online it seems that others have blisters in a much larger area.

Posted by Gramma Lynne
Springville, Indiana
Yes, as I understand it, shingles can definitely break out only in one area. I am currently working through an episode involving only my right shoulder, arm and hand. I do believe there are underlying health issues that cause the shingles to occur in a particular area. In my case, that is a weak rotator cuff in my right shoulder. The nerves become inflamed, triggering the latent virus left over from smallpox.

I came to this site looking for help for the deep residual pain and a few persistent sores. At the moment, I'm dabbing on some ACV which I've had here all along, but didn't know to use. Too early to tell yet, but it seems as though it may be helping.

Blessings to all of you as you fight through this. It is certainly one of the more difficult things this ol' 70 year old Gramma has ever had to deal with!

Geranium Oil Applied Externally   0  0   

Posted by Seanjk (Norcal, Usa) on 03/03/2014

I was looking for an internal solution to the Shingles problems for my older mother.

I very quickly cured the external shingles with geranium oil after reading some scientific papers about geranium oil. It worked far better than anything I tried, apple cider vinegar, aloe vera, etc so I thought I would pass that along. Geranium oil appears to be the magic bullet for shingles externally if my mother's case is typical.

As far as reducing the stress on the internal organs, body due the virus, I tried common antiviral organics on her after the doctors prescription antivirals failed to do anything, externally or internally, and he refused to prescribe anymore for her, even though she has an expensive private plan. The 'kind' physicians told her to go home and die more or less. He must get a bonus for not prescribing

I have her on...

  • 2000 mg day of neem leaf extract -very, very safe strong antiviral , antibacterial, useful to fight cancer as well
  • 2000 mg a day of olive leaf extract, strong antiviral
  • 2000 mg a day of elderberry extract, strong antiviral, safe
  • 6000 mg equivalent of garlic oil, strong antiviral, safe
  • 6000 mg a day of time released buffered vitamin c,
  • also vitamin e, d, b-complex
  • and Cayenne extract

That provided some significant improvement to the stress on her, but I think I need to dose her higher on the cayenne extract. I was not watching her carefully enough on the Cayenne and she was not dosing her high enough.

There are other antivirals out there that are strong like licorice root but they can't be taken for a long time at higher doses. I had her on 2000 mg a day of licorice root for about a month.

Golden Seal   1  0   

Posted by Dan (Bisbee, Arizona) on 07/04/2011

[YEA]  Hello, I want to suggest goldenseal tincture as a remedy for shingles. It tends to sting a bit but really helps to alieviate my symptoms. Also works on mouth sores and funky gums. I aply it topically and in the case of mouth problems I swish it around as long as I can then swallow it. One dropper is enough.

Homeopathy, Staphaseptic   1  0   

Posted by Elationrelation (Minneapolis , Mn) on 05/01/2011

[YEA]  Natural cures help but are slow, and overall one needs to look at stress, diet, etc.

The best cure for shingles blisters is "Staphaseptic, " which is a natural ointment available in a tube from your pharmacy over-the-counter shelves. Most stock it and others will order it. (The box is white with rust-orange, yellow-gold with black accents, and is good to have on hand for other things, from simple infections, to boils, staph and even MRSA). You will see a dramatic change or even resolution within 24 hours. Apply 2-3 times per day.

The cure for the disease itself and the nerve pain is homeopathy, and though ideal to see a doctor trained in it, Arsenicum 200c works for many people. Pain level can decrease quite quickly. Continue for 2-3 days after symptoms are gone. Dosage is up to your practitioner, but often 3-5 pellets, 3-5 times a day, works.

These two things will bring dramatic change within 24 hours.

Posted by Eva
San Jose, Ca
Homeopathic Rhus tox C30 stops the pain of shingles. I used it years ago, and now a friend of mine got shingles and he healed within a day.

Hot Sauce   0  0   

Posted by Jessaka (Tahlequah, Ok) on 01/10/2011

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  Hi, I have been using Tabasco Sauce for years whenever I had a sore throat and always wondered how well it would do on shingles. Then my friend's husband got shingles, and I told her about it. He tried it and felt so much better that he went to his doctor and bragged to him about it. I have tried capazin on certain things, but it doesn't kill the pain as well as Tabasco Sauce.

Hydrogen Peroxide and Baking Soda Paste   1  0   

Posted by Candace Pfau (Franklin, N.C.) on 08/03/2013

[YEA]  I have shingles, taking the anti viral. But accidently found out that a paste of hydrogen peroxide mixed with baking soda stops the spreading. Or changes its course. Stopped from going up my face cold turkey. Of course then it started working down my neck. Each place you feel it breaking out, the itch, a paste of this will kill it or stop it. It also makes the blisters feel better. I had used this on cuts to heal them when nothing else would. Going to try the cayene pepper.

Hypericum Oil   1  0   

Posted by Ernest (Newcastle, Nsw Australia) on 03/23/2012

[YEA]  I have suffered with shingles for three years on the left hand side of my face the pain has been debilitating, but I have just found a treatment that has eased that pain. That treatment is a bottle of essential oil called hypericum oil, I rub it into the painful areas twice a day. Hypericum oil is oil of saint johns wort.

Ice   0  0   

Posted by Renee (Pensecola, Florida) on 02/21/2012

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  I have read many of these replies of all treatments you have tried, I have suffered for 3 CONSTANT years now with the shingles on both sides of the body, face, arms and other places. I have found to help stop immediate itch and severe pain till anything you have taken orally can work place ICE on the blisters, red bumps, or just when the itch starts this will calm it and feels great! Ice for 20 minutes at every hour soothes the nerves.

Ionic Silver   1  0   

Posted by Sherri (North Adams, Mi. USA) on 08/27/2012

[YEA]  A 75 year old neighbor was suffering with shingles. It followed the nerve from the center of her back, around and under her right breast. The medicine the Dr. gave her did nothing to relieve her. I took a sray bottle and filled it with ionic silver. 3 times a day I sprayed it on her shingles soaking them good. I put a loose gauze under her breast to prevent skin to skin contact. I also had her drink 1 teaspoon of the silver 2 times a day. It gave her immediate relief. The rash developed but never blistered. It has been 3 weeks and there is hardly any outward sign of the shingles.

L-Lysine   4  0   

Posted by Laura on 07/12/2006

[YEA]  I heard about Shingles before but this is my first experience and what an experience had been so far!! It affected the left part of my face having my eye pretty compromised. I'm using antibacterial ointement for my eye, and is improving. I'm very careful with cleanness, washing right away towels, pillowcases etc. that had been in contact with my face. My main concern is to avoid the possibility of infecting also my right eye. I have a big property and love to work in the garden. Well, I'll not put my hands in the dirt until am out of the woods. I had been reading about the topical and internal application with apple vinegar and i'm willing to try since I have now those ugly red scars from the rash, maybe will help to heal faster, I'll be glad to let you know. If someone wants to write to me and exchange tips, please, feel free to do so. Following suggestions from the book in Nutritional Healing - James and Phyllis Balch - I'm taking L-Lysine, Vitamins C, B complex B12 - A - regular medication. Diet is important too, maintain a possitive attitude and stay away from depression, it doesn't help at all.

Posted by Pat (Ann Arbor, Mich) on 06/23/2006

[YEA]  For me, it's the only thing I've tried, and it works every time. I used to get shingles regularly, and have used l-lysine each time, except for the time the MD didnt recognise the condition, and gave me............ antibiotics! Wow. I also use the dietary guidlines, and eat foods rich in lysine, and low in arginine. Stress will up the arginine, and bring on the outward manifestation of the virus

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