Scabies Remedies and Holistic Cures

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Red Wine Spray   1  0   

Posted by William Dasher (Perth, W.A , Australia) on 06/13/2009

[YEA]  Has anyone studied Scabies habits. These creatures are very small and can go wherever they like when you apply any lotion etc. They are fond of getting under the eyelids, you should be able to feel them itching their way in and can stay there for hours. To stop infection from bacteria introduced by the insect some eyedrops recommend by a Pharmacist may be able to help .With the eyedrops in the eye you should feel the insects leave.

Have a plastic bottle 500ml with a trigger sprayer filled with a medium red wine 10.5% alcohol or better and spray all over the body. Keeping eyes closed a light spray to shut eyes will not hurt.Scabies will hide in all places so you will have to use your imagination.

The shower is a good place while doing this. Leave it on for as long as you feel comfortable with and then shower off. I have found this method to work very well with red wine a little more effective than the white. A cheap inexpensive four litre cask of medium red wine will be more than enough if you do not drink it.Having said that please do not drink too much of the cure.

Posted by Ivory Coast
Loco, Ca
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Remedies Needed   0  0   

Posted by Ray Ray (Henderson, Nevada, Usa) on 12/24/2012

I need to get instructions on what to do for scabies cure that ted recomends, wife and i have just tried permethium lindane stromictin twice. we are currently trying coconut oil and clove oil, or clove bud but ted says they are also in blood what is safe to kill internally and will someone who has been cured by ted's remedys please contact my worse situation is that my wife is bi-polar and taking 2 baths a day for her his driving her wackyy more then she is. what can we take externally and internally safe for her while on her meds ?? also we have tried the bleech baths and borax and h202 we do see a gray film come out of us and also black looks like bugs. we were told by a dr to try the neem oil mixed with turmic but it is hard going to work when it turns you and your clothes yellow. i am worried i can infest others i work around i work in a room by myself which i spray and wipe down with lysol spray but i am not certain if this kills anything. there are so many different stories it is hard to know what to believe. i here that ted is a chemist and is cures tend to work so please ted can you contact me samuri18 {at} yahoo [dot] com.

Posted by Citygirl27
Richardson, Tx, Usa
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Coconut oil is the best thing I have tried so far. It takes time to work, but it is by far the safest, healthiest most effective treatment for scabies. Not saying that other things don't work, but coconut oil does everything right and even smells good! You can take it internally no problem as well as apply it topcally. Apply it liberally to the affected area(s) twice a day - after a shower and before bed. Other oils (orange, clove, neem etc) work well as repellents, but nothing clears them as well as VCO in my experience. Apply it and inspect the area 10-20 minutes later, you will see black/grey flecks appear near the scabs! Wipe them off with a disposable napkin or tissue, and dispose of it quickly. You will see a little bit of improvement every day.
Posted by Pr
Houston, Texas
I had scabies one time from handling invested fire wood. I read in the Young Living Essential Oil book rosemary and pepperment oils mixed together equally would kill them. It worked very well and in a few days all gone. Just rub it on. I also took food grade diatomaceous earth for any that got in my body or organs. Never had them again. Oh I did this several times a day and the scent is pleasant. Hope this helps.

Posted by Clare (Manchester, England) on 05/21/2012

Hi, my name is Clare from England and I would be very interested to hear from people who have successfully got rid of norweigian scabies. I have tried lots of different treatments in the past and I am now at my wits end.

Posted by Distraughtinfl (Tampa, Fl, Usa) on 05/09/2012

I have it in my eyelashes, nose and ears. I'm planning to use the treatment with the clove oil, orange oil, tea tree, oil, etc. For my hair/scalp and body. But you can't leave that on your eyelashes for a half hour. You can't use bleach there either. What do I do for these areas? That's where the infestation is worst. Please help, I'm desperate.

Posted by Cat
Bop, Nz
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Try virgin, unrefined, organic Coconut Oil. It's a natural anti-biotic as well as many other things. I'd be surprised if it didn't work and you can leave it on overnight and wake up to beautiful skin and eyelashes!! Use it for the rest of your life - eating 1-2Tbsp every day will also benefit you enormously. Its uses are many and varied. Just remember to get the quality stuff, NOT the deodorised one!!!
Posted by Susan
San Francisco
Wash and dry your face. Then splash a mixture of apple cider vinegar and borax saturated water on your face (getting your eye lashes good and saturated) and let it dry (be certain it is completely dried before you open your eyes or it will sting). I did this 2-3 times a day and in less than a week the itching stopped (guess the critters were killed off). I don't know if I had scabies, mites or whaterver, but the acv/borax water worked for me.

Posted by Omi (Massachusetts, Usa) on 12/30/2011

Hello all, I am desperate. I have an infant and a toddler that have scabies. We have just completed the permethrin cream... From what I read a lot of you used essential oils... Do any of you know which oils and amount are the safest to use on an infant just in case my infant ingests it? It's on my infant's fingers and he sucks on them.....

Please help.

Posted by Normajean
Round Mountain, Nevada
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Hi. Hopefully you have found relief for your children with the scabies. However for future reference or if you have not had relief yet, borax in the bath is amazing. 1 cup in the bath as warm as the child can stand. Do this daily until the problem is under control. You can add 1 cup of hydrogen peroxide as well for additional power. Borax can be found in the laundry section of the grocery store. Hope this is helpful for you.

Posted by Thanks So Much (Wilmington, Nc) on 11/14/2011

Thanks so much to everyone on here. I have had scabies for years and have tried all sorts of meds.. Had Drs. from Germany send me meds. From there and it did not work as well as all the meds. Available here with no luck. I tried the bleach borax last week and have done it 3 times since and I think I am close to being scabie free. I got the mites in my head and Drs. keep telling me they don't infest your head and they just would not believe me. They would tell me I don't have them and then I would sadly pass them to someone else. I thought I was crazy at one point just been horrible. For the scalp and suggestions to treat it???

Posted by Luis (Orlando, Florida, Ee.uu.) on 05/31/2011

I have this parasites on my whole body form head to toes... For 11 months now. It's been a terrible experience. could I use the borax and 3% hydrogen peroxide on me? I've used phermetrin 5% like 10 times, benzoato de benzilo = benzyl benzoate 25% very irritant. clover oil, neem oil, coconut oil, etc I am tired and depress I teally need help with this situation.

if somebody have knowledge how to kill this parasites and the eggs under skin please help me. thanks!!!

Posted by Misschris
Nolanville, Tx
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Here are a couple of links with some info on home remedies for scabies

I personally use ONLY neem soap for my whole body, including the face. The purpose for ingesting anything made from the neem tree is that it is bitter and has a garlicky taste, which makes your blood, which the mites feed on, less desirable. I also keep neem oil on hand for healing and making natural flea spray for my animals. So adding some neem oil to your bath would be a good idea. Another good help with the itching (and possibly to help get rid of the mites) is adding dead sea salt to bathwater. I suffer from occasional bouts of exzema and this has helped tremendously, especially with the itching. From what I've read it is of utmost importance to wash everything you come in contact with in hot water (makes sense). Also I keep reading that even after the mites are gone you will have skin issues for a long time after, which you need to keep treating. So maybe you have just not given it the amount of time necessary to heal completely. Oh, and another good skin care product I keep on hand is bentonite clay. Vey soothing and helps tremendously with infections.

Rubbing Alcohol   0  0   

Posted by Concerned (Houston, Tx, USA) on 12/09/2009

Scabies/Mites/bed bugs and Alcohol

Has anyone tried using diluted acohol on their lessions to kill Scabies/Mites/bed bugs? And how do you tell which one you could have? My oldest son (10) has thousands of bumps that I had been treating as an allergic reaction for a little more than 4 weeks now. And no one else was affected, until now. My younger son (5) has bumps in his underwear. Extremely worried because I now have a newborn, do not want her to get infected, and need to cure my sons.

EC: We're guessing you are referring to rubbing alcohol? Please correct us if we're wrong!

Scabies Feedback   0  0   

Posted by Joyce (Los Angeles, CA) on 11/16/2008

I had two outbreaks of either a scabies mite attack or bird mite attack, but the doctor seems unable to conclusively diagnose me even after a skin biopsy and blood tests. By getting my house sprayed twice by an exterminator, cleaning the house more frequently and washing linens every day using Borax, and buying a new mattress, I have not had a third outbreak (yet). But I still have the itchy crawlies. So I am not sure if the mites are gone and that's just residual skin senstivity, or if I still have mites? If they are not biting...I hope that means they are gone.

I have isolated myself (and live alone) for the last 2 months. But my niece needs me to babysit while she goes through surgery. I am afraid I will pass whatever I have on to the baby if I still have mites.

Any good advice?

Posted by Sarah (Monrovia, CA) on 11/12/2008

I just want to remind you guys that be careful with online products for curing scabies. and most important thing is that you should see a dermatologist and get an accurate diagnosis first. All my family members were treated with permethrine 5% twice within 10 days according to a diagnosis by a nursepractitioner. But we have more rashes. actually only myself has a few rashes before treatment with the toxic medication...But finally we found out that the rashes were allergic reaction to the medication. But we did not know and freaked out and thought we have more scabies, so we desperately searched online and bought "AllStop" for scabies on line. This product is so irritating that we all devloped rashes all over. So we went to see dermatologists and they all told us that it is allergic reaction. And they do not think we have scabies, they said we don't have any tracks!

Scabies vs. Morgellons   0  0   

Posted by Communicatingcenter (Helotes, Tx) on 09/17/2013

I fought what I thought was scabies for four months. A lot of the people on this site were describing similar symptoms.

If your scabies are visible, then they aren't scabies. If you are having symptoms of black specks, little skin-colored grains, sharp 'pebbles', splintery organisms and hair-like things coming out of your skin, I URGE you to research Morgellons. Do NOT use Wikipedia for information on this condition, as they are incredibly biased on the subject. There is a lot of misinformation out there to sort through.

If you have been fighting 'scabies' for more than a few months, or if you have been seeing organisms coming out of your skin, chances are you are experiencing Morgellons. You cannot kill Morgellons with scabies treatments.

I wish I had found out about this months earlier. Someone posted something similar on a scabies forum, and I ignored the information because a) I didn't want it to be true and b) the Wikipedia page was so biased as to not include any pathogenically based studies on the subject.

Do not despair--if this is what you have, you are one step closer to a cure by knowing what you're after.

Here is a link to a study on the subject

I suggest you visit a Morgellons website as well to read descriptions of the symptoms from people themselves. I repeat: don't let yourself get pulled in by misinformation.

Silicon Dioxide   0  0   

Posted by Kim (Illiniois, US) on 07/23/2014

My message is I'm using a bedbug pesticide with silicone dioxide for scabies. It's a powder, I'm making it into a paste with water, rubbing it on skin. I hope it works. IS THIS HARMFUL? All it said was it would erritate skin.

Sulphur Cream   3  0   

Posted by Pnky (Rockville, Maryland Usa) on 01/10/2011

[YEA]  I ordered sulfur cream and sulfur soap and it works when you are trying to kill scabies, it does not kill the eggs, but if you keep using it you will be cured. You can go to your local drug store ask for sulfur powder and make your own sulfur cream. This stuff works. I have tried almost everything else, and it was horrible, the horrible smells, the burning oh god it was bad. Sulfur is non toxic and it does not smell bad and it works. It is very gentle. Think sulfur and you will be thinking cure scabies no more sleepless nights. No more dreading the night, sulfur is the cure, nothing else has come close to sulfur.

I tried permethian from canada and mexico you get more from mexico but they use formaldehyde as a preservative its 5% perm and 1% forma so that is not good I used the stuff and got some relief but it did not work, I ran out of it, and it was less and less effective. I do not think sulfur will ever lose its effectiveness. Thank god for sulfur. I spent 60 dollars for about two and half pounds of sulfur cream along with 10 bars of sulfur soap. You can make your own sulfur cream and its much cheaper. If I need more sulfur cream I think I will make my own its so much cheaper.

I have found the best way to use it is sulfur cream applied to the affected areas rub it in, it is very gentle. At this point I usually feel sand like particles on my skin. Leave the cream on for an hour if you can. Get in the bath wash with sulfur soap if you have it regular soap if you do not. Get out of tub dry off put the sulfur cream on again rub it in leave it on. Do this upon rising and before going to bed. There are different methods of using sulfur soap/cream. Good luck!

Posted by Luvdplanet
Gainesville, Fl
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Hello there! Any chance you can provide us with the recipe to make the cream. It would be greatly appreciated ;o)) Thanks, and I hope you got your problem under control. I want the recipe to put on diabetic ulcers.

Posted by Umothra (Kensington, Md, Usa) on 01/02/2011

[YEA]  I have recently purchased for curing scabies diatomaceous soil, permethrin 5%, enzymes from kleen green, and finally most recently I purchased sulphur soap and sulphur cream from some where in oklahoma. The sulphur soap and cream work!!! , nothing else has worked. When I rub the cream into the affected areas where the rash is, after I rub it in for a few seconds, well it begins to feel like sand appears I can feel it I guess that is the dead scabies. Any-who the sulphur soap and cream especially the cream, kill scabies.

I have been using the soap and cream for 5 days and am almost completely free from. Please look into and order the cream and you will see that it does work its really quite amazing I am so happy that after 3 years I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I think that generally you can purchase sulphur powder locally and mix it with oil of some kind. Maybe you might consult a pharmacist about the sulphur powder and or products.

Posted by Umothra (Kensington, Md, Usa) on 12/30/2010

[YEA]  I have had scabies for about three years, on and off im not sure if I have ever completely got rid of them. They come and go. I have tried many products and spent a lot of money. Recently I tried sulfur soap and sulfur cream it is inexpensive and it works. Results are fast although you have to keep up the regimen for a while. Sulfur works and I urge anyone with scabies to look into the use of sulfur to cure scabies.

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