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Poke Greens
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Posted by Sarah (Monrovia, Ca) on 10/20/2008

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  This is a wonderful site, I got scabies from a patient who were treated twice with Elemite, I began to have scabies break out after 3 weeks. The whole family memebers applied Elemite all over from head to toe, but the scabies were not killed. I have more break out. I tried neem oil, tea tree oil,oregano oil, nothing worked. Then I tried Poke root, only adult used this potent herbs, I let my children use turmeric and neem powder paste which is safer for children. It seem that I got a very resistant type, I splashed the decoction all over and instantly, dead bodies of scabies popped out all over me. It was itchy badly, but I wanted to kill the mite so bad and left it on my body for a couple of hours. I thought I will be free from scabies after this treatment, but I still itch the next day. a few days later I have break out again. Then I tried poke root for the 2nd, 3rd and 4th time. I began to have many bruises on my legs. Now I only itch on my ear lobe. So I decided to stop use poke and see what will happen to me. I also desperately wash all clothes and linens with hot water. Many many loads a day. I'm praying for a cure from this! If anyone have a better solution, please post on this site!

Replied by Robert
Buford, Ga
Joyce, Will poke greens kill collembola, and how to?

EC: Interesting thread on collembola infestations here:

Replied by Joyce
Joelton, Tn
Hello Robert from Buford, Ga.,

I didn't have the answer to your question on poke greens (leaves & shoots), but went looking up some of the chemicals found in the pokeweed and their activities. So I will let you make your own decision on the part of the plant to use, after reading the following:

anthocyanin (93,000 parts per million) in fruit (pokeberries) is a pesticide

caryophyllene found in fruit is insectifuge, larvacide (your collembola have a larval stage), antileishmaniac, antistapholococcal, antistreptococcal, fungicide, candidicide, mosquitocide, pesticide

isopquercetrin found in the leaf is insecticide, pesticide

oleonolic acid found in the root is antimalarial, piscicide (kills fish)

tannin found in root is anthelmintic, pesticide

All of the above chemicals have other actions also but I was specifically researching this for your infestation. when you have plenty of time just type research on pokeweed in your search window and have fun reading about this wonderful weed.

I question whether you would get much pesticide part from the eating the leaves since it must be parboiled (and a lot of your chemicals are going to go in the water you drain out, before you finish cooking it. Plus, if you eat a lot of poke greens you are going to find that it is a excellent laxative.

I have never taken any poke root preparation, but remember reading in Earth Clinic, where someone else wrote in recommending a poke root extract & told how to make it and take it. The poke preparation I wrote about for scabies was to boil the root in water & applying to the body after it cools down. I haven't tried this either, but I have a niece who attests that it worked very well to solve her problem with scabies.

I personally took and still take pokeberries for arthritis pain problems and found it works well for that and that they weren't poisonous, as I had been told. For this I just put 20 to 25 poke berries in my mouth and washed them down with water 4 times a day. I later started extracting them in alcohol (they last for years this way versus several months when dehydrated) and usually take from 1/2 to l tsp. full 4 times a day. To figure a dosage for a child, put the child's weight in pounds over l50 (average wt. for adult) & reduce to lowest fraction. This will give you the percentage of adult dose that child should have. A 75 lb. child would get 1/2 the adult dose. When looking up the chemicals, it seemed that the berry would probably have more of the chemicals you are looking for than the leaves would.

Hope you find this helpful and if it works for you be sure and let us know. From what I read in EC, there are a lot of people looking for solutions for Morgellon's.

Has anybody else wondered where all these strange diseases are originating lately. Dear old HIV, then the flesh eating organism (now called necrotizing fascitis, when mentioned at all), now we have Morgellon's, West Nile disease mosquitos, and the latest is that dear old swine flu (for which it looks like taking the shots to prevent it is worse than having it) from what has been published on it.

Posted by Patty (Houston, TX) on 10/07/2008

I think I have scabies...after having what i thought was a rash for a couple of weeks, my son came over and laid across my bed for a while and he called the next day saying he was itching too...well, i had thought I had it because it felt like bites of different intensity, etc..i had gone to my doctor and she said I didn't have scabies because I didn't have the rash...well I have them..and I've tried permethrin (got her to give me a prescription anyway), no help (my son used it and his are gone),(he's grown and gone) have tried tea tree oil, it soothes but doesn't eradicate them, have done the washes, and daily changes of sheets, towels, all other clothing..washes, etc..and last night tried the peroxide and borax soak..I am still itching today..will try the above again (peroxide, etc) but have ordered some enzymes and meat tenderizer and will try that...also will try the poke remedy..but does anyone know if the boiled concoction can be boiled and refrigerated for use later...i don't have a continuous there any danger with poke and should it be rinsed off and can it be used daily? also, does anyone know if they can "live" in the mattress? Also I have lots of carpet..I think I have infested my surroundings...Help someone ! ! How does this happen to someone who bathes daily and sometimes twice...???

Replied by Joyce
Joelton, Tn
Hello Patty from Houston, I don't think there would be any problem with refrigeration of the water from the boiled poke root, but have you considered boiling enough for one day or two and dehydrating or freezing the rest of the root until you need it. Pokeweed should be growing rampant in Texas, the same as here. But be prepared to dig, because those roots can get pretty big. I would just bathe with for one day, and if the itching stopped, hold off to see if it started again.If it does repeat the bathing again (wiping off with drippy wash cloth). I just tried to call my brother to see how many times his daughter had to bath with the pokeroot boiled in water since he didn't mention her using it more than once, but alas my phone is not working now. You probably shouldn't use it continuously for more than 2 or three days.

You should also boil clothing and bed linens to get rid of scabies.

I just looked up scabies in "Cuz Jim's" The Green Pharmacy and he suggests that one can find skin care products containing neem at some health food stores. He says to just mix in several teaspoons of turmeric and apply it to the affected areas daily. He gives this advice because an Indian researcher treated 8l4 people with scabies using a paste made from 4 parts neem leaves and one part turmeric roots, having the infested patients rub it all over themselves daily. 98% of them were improved within 3 to 5 days and were completely cured within 2 weeks.

Another suggestion he has is to boil the skins of a half dozen yellow onions in a quart of water for l5 to 30 minutes to extract the quercetin which has soothing powers against scabies and other skin problems.

Another suggestion is boiling green hulls (from black walnuts) in a cup of water until the water is half evaporated and apply to affected areas. A more heavy concentration can be obtained by covering the hulls with water, bring to a boil and simmer until half the water is evaporated. Apply liberally to the skin, daily applications should be safe, but hope you don't mind being brownskinned for awhile.]

Replied by Renate
Jacksonville, Florida
Scabies can live off of the body for 48 to 72 hours. A big reason reason why people get re-infestations is failure to properly clean the mattress (wish someone would have said that a year ago...) You spend a significant part of you day in bed so that is where they thrive outside of the body. The best thing to do, in my opinion, is get a steam cleaner and steam that puppy everyday before putting on new sheets. Make sure you give it time to dry because you don't want to grow mold in your mattress. If you have to take your clothes to the laundry mat like I do (sadly that makes everything that much harder) make sure you keep a "quarantine" bag for dirty laundry and never,never wear anything twice without washing it. Another good tip is if you have a job where you have to wear a uniform like me (go Kmart yay) and you don't have a uniform for everyday of the week, iron the clothes before you put them back on again. High heat kills them instantly. And another thing that I never once thought of to clean everyday is shoes. Especially if you wear them everyday. And lastly, never think that one treatment will cure them if you haven't already noticed. Scabies lay eggs!!! 1-3 eggs per day!!!

Never let anyone tell you that you are dirty because you have scabies. They don't come from dirty people or go to only dirty people. Anyone can get them. Think of it this way... Head lice, for instance, goes to the person with the cleanest hair. Same with scabies... those damn creatures...

Posted by Susan (Charleston, WV) on 07/20/2008

[YEA]  For Scabies: I had them once and lucky for me read in the paper the same day what to do to get rid of them. I dug up the roots of Poke Greens that is plentiful in my area. I boiled the roots for 5 minutes. Just 3 or 4 small sprigs of roots is enough in a small pot. Got in the shower and after it was cool enough, splashed the Poke tea all over me and Scapies popped out all over me. Itches like crazy but left it on as long as I could stand it about 3 minutes. Then greased myself with crisco all over and the itching stopped. I waited about ten minutes and washed off the crisco and never had another scapie. It worked for me. But it's not easy going through it because of the itching. Susan

EC: More about Poke's medicinal uses here:

Photo of Polk Greens:

Replied by Chris
Monteagle, Tn. USA
[YEA]   YES, YES, YES!!! This round, I've only been battling scabies for about three weeks. Three full body Pyrithrin treatments, borax and peroxide soak and several Oregano oil and Tea Tree treatments, nothing was working (I actually think they liked the Oregano oil)
I had scabies once before about ten tears ago, and a single treatment with Pyrithrin cream did the trick. I'm certain that if its the same species of scabies they have developed a resistance to the toxin(but not me, it was making me sick).

I live in the Tennessee mountains where theres lots of Poke Salad, one treatment as prescribed above and boy, could I tell a difference. They seem to be almost completely gone, and man, did it itch for about five minutes...I could tell them little boogers was hatin' life. I'm sure I'll have to do it a couple more times, thats all right its free!. I spent close to a hundred bucks in less than three weeks without results, when God provided the cure for free right out my back door So, do it.... Man am I happy. Thank you.

Replied by PATTY
Replied by Susan
Charleston, WV
Remember to wash all your bed linens after your Poke Green Roots treatment, because once you get back in the same bed you will get them again. Wash anything, clothes you came in contact with before you do the treatment. I got them from someone who laid a coat on my bed. Also spray your doorknobs and spigots, whatever you touch, with some kind of disinfect, even wipe over your telephone, glasses, keyboard and mouse, because they're there and you'll get them again. Wear plastic gloves while you're cleaning areas and picking up clothing you've worn. I only had to do it once. Susan
Replied by Susan
Charleston, WV
I would never use the poke green treatment on a child or a pet. It worked for me, an adult. Susan
Replied by Vera
New York, New York
What exactly is the Poke Green Treatment, and how do I go about treating myself with it for scabies? This website is awesome!
Replied by Joyce
Joelton, Tn
Hello Vera from NY, Poke greens have always been called poke sallet around here in the south. At the time we were catching scabies in my youth we didn't know about boiling poke root in water and then bathing with the water would kill them, so I have no personal knowledge of this. However, when a niece got the problem a couple of years ago and asked her father what to do to get rid of them, he asked me what to do because they had no money to go to the doctor. When I informed him that pokeweed root boiled in water, and then bathing in the water was said to kill them, he proceeded to dig one up and present it to her to boil in water to bathe in. I don't know how much they put in the water but knowing my brother, I am sure that he got a big old pokeweed root to give her to boil. He laughed as he told me about the results later. She said she felt like she was on fire when she put it on but it sure did work to kill the scabies. If you want to research on this plant, put in pokeweed for the common name, or you'll have trouble finding it. Pokeweed grows back from the same roots in the spring and some of those roots get pretty darned big and difficult to dig out, so my advice is to look for one that looks like it just came up from seeds this year, which it will soon be poking up from the earth. If you get a big root I would hesitate to boil the whole thing to bathe in since it would be very strong.

The letter from Susan from Charleston telling how she used it sounds logical, but I think I would prefer to use something besides Crisco for soothing after the bathing, maybe olive or coconut oil instead. Lots of luck. We have been having a lot of head lice going around down here the last few years and if they make an appearance in this family again, we are likely to boil some poke root and mix in some borax for shampoo to see if they don't succumb quickly as the scabies did. Lots of luck and be sure to cool that water down before bathing with it.

Replied by Shan
Reno, Nv, Usa
Hi Joyce,

I have just in the past day relized I have scabies. I'm interested in your polk soak recipe to use. Sad thing is, I'm in polk out here. Is there someplace I can buy the root? Please reply, I'm desperate.

Replied by Kathleen
Glenwood, Nova Scotia
We have sheep and sometimes you need the from-the- bottle remedies. Apparently, I cannot provide the actual chemical name here, but if you look up scabies at Wikipedia, you'll see some photos, and you'll probably see the name of the remedy that clears this up fast. I'd suggest you go to a feed store [for farm animals] or a sheep farmer, and buy some. It is usually administered sub-cu to sheep, but on a dog, or a human, 1/2 cc, twice a day, mixed with a little mineral oil, or a little, um, ..liquid horse liniment [comes in an yellow/orange plastic bottle*] and rubbed on the affected area,will clear up the problem -pronto. Ask the farmer or the feed dealer for the injectible product [it begins with the letter, 'I'] that is, it is usually administered by injection, under the skin, in a regular worming program, for ruminants. *come to think of it, this 'liquid horse liniment' might make the 'I' meds. even more effective, since the active ingredient is potassium iodide. Stings like the dickens, though, on any sort of open-type sore. I only saw this problem once, some years back, when we were seeing other problems, associated with widespread use of defoliants, locally, to manage clearcut areas. [very attractive sounding, isn't it? -you can't imagine..] Had this remedy not worked, -and FAST- I can tell you it's one you'll want to high-tail it to a doctor, to get fixed. Hope this helps! -By the way, we are, and have been for many years, COMPLETELY Earth Clinic 'types', and I'm so grateful for this wonderful site. Best wishes to all -
Replied by Joyce
Joelton, Tn
Hello Shan from Reno,

Sorry I can't help you with a source for buying poke sallet (pokeweed) root but you might inquire at a natural resource place in your locality. Before giving up on it growing wild there, type pokeweed or poke sallet in a search window and see if you can pull up a picture of it & go hiking. It is a very easy plant to identify if you know what it looks like. It is growing all over here. Shame you aren't a neighbor because I'd even let you borrow my shovel to dig one up from my yard.

Replied by Shan
Reno, Nv
Hi Joyce from Joelton Tn.

I'm a southern girl too, originally from S.C. I've heard of poke sallet all my life, just never ate any. Instead of lending me a could dig one up and mail it to me? Now that would be a "christian" thing to do. I'd be happy to pay the postage.


Replied by Penny
Phoenix, Az
Pokeweed root is sold by I looked under pokeweed herbal supply on my search engine. Good luck.

Powdered Sulfur, Vaseline
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Posted by Sandra (Tampa, Fl) on 11/22/2010

[YEA]  Mix 1tsp powdered sulfur with 1tbsp melted Vaseline to make a salve. Apply frequently until scabies go away. Wash all bedding, washcloths and towels everyday with hot water to reduce possibility of reinfecting yourself or other family members. This remedy was passed down from my grandmother and my family has used it successfully for many years. Powdered sulfur can be purchased from a compounding pharmacy.

Prescription Medications
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Posted by Dylan (Toronto, On) on 01/15/2012

I suffered from scabbies for 8 months and no doctor told me that it is scabies and I tried so hard get rid of that horrible itch at night. When my wife had same symptoms then we checked the internet and find this site. Thank you to all of you for your posts. I have to say that ivermactin was the only solution to get rid of it and one dose is sufficient. I also bought Borax from Walmart and cleaned our entire house hold with bleach and borax for ten days. No doctor will prescribe ivermactin unless you push and find one doctor might write the prescription. The only place you may find Ivermactin is Smiths Pharmacy at Yonge-Lawrance location. No other drug store have it. As I said the bleach, borax and kwalada lotion does not cure. Ivermactin did work for me and my wife.

Replied by Nmx
Next time try psorinum homeopathic - its made from scabies and should kill them - or check online search scabies +cure and you see what other people have used successfully.

Posted by Pat (Raymond, NH, USA) on 05/19/2009

My son had a friend sleep over 2 weeks ago, and he brought a dirty blanket with him. He slept in the extra bed, but when he left I stripped the bedding and washed it in hot water and soap and bleach. I slept in there for 2 nites and started to feel itchy. I thought I had mosquito bites around my ankles, but as the days went on I noticed bites going up both legs toward my knees. Over this past weekend the boy stayed here again, no blanket this time and I asked if he or anyone in his family had bites or rashes. He called his dad and told him about it and he thought they had bed bugs a month ago. I researched the bite type marks that were like lines of bites and knew I had scabies. All day Sunday we took all blankets, bedding, etc and hot washed with bleached and hot dryer. Items that we couldn't wash (large comforters, pillows etc) we placed in large trash bags with ties and placed them all in our living room. I've read them should be bagged 7+ days.

We took out our Kirby vacuum and did all the bedding, including the bed frames, and all carpets floors, drapes etc. I called my doctor first thing on Monday and went in and they said I had scabies and prescribed Lindane lotion and said to thin cover my entire body, from neck to toes, blow dry it on my skin, then wear loose clothing to bed, and rinse the lotion off in the morning. Because this lotion is said to kill the scabies under the skin, the itch can remain up to 2 weeks, after the bugs die, they also prescibed the steroid (predesone) to lessen the itch. I had difficulty sleeping still, feeling itchy, and crawling over my lower legs. Today, I was ok til @ 3pm and the itching came back, so I applied ice, and took an antihistamine (bendryl) to lessen the itch. This worked ok. I notice if I stand a long time, my ankles get red and so don't the bites in that area, so I have been elevating my feet, when possible, with the ice bags, that helps. It's too early to tell if this lotion did actually kill the scabies under the skin. I am grossed out, but the fact my skin will heal with dead bugs underneath, so I am wondering if anyone has ever open the skin slightly and scraped them out. For those on this site that have had them for months and years, I simply can't imagine, not being able to sleep with the constant itchy, crawling sensation, I've had over the past week, never mind the psychological aspect of scouring your home and everyone in it to make sure every spec you see isn't a bug/mite. I have tweezers, plastic container with lid, and a large magnifying glass on the counter, just in case. I was sent this site today, but have read many of the comments and I've not seen any that state they have killed scabies and have not had them again, but using/doing certain steps. I've read on WebMD and other medical sites that scabies need to be treated/killed or they will continue. THe doctor told me that if they do not have a host to feed that the mite will die within 24 hrs. I don't know how they travel. My prescriptions (lotion and steroid) co-pay was only $15, so if this works and they are gone, the creepy crawlies and itching were worth me freaking out about the potential (scared the crap out of me) side effects of the lotion. Good Luck to all who are searching for the cure, and if this works and I'm done soon with the itching, I will re-post.

Replied by Sarah
Leesburg, VA
So I am anxious now that it's been two months how it all worked out for you!!

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Posted by Om (Hope, Bc Canada) on 12/28/2012

[YEA]  For scabies infection use the homeopathic remedy PSORINUM 30C. Within less than 1/2 hr. it will be gone. Use once or twice more. It helped me immediately. If your health food store does not have it, it can be ordered. Cost: about less than Can. $10. The medical remedy was cancer causing as per info. And cost about Can. $80.

Stay away from costly, dangerous medicines. I saw my aura turn black with the medical remedy! You could try Psorinum on pets without side effects. Otherwise use Ted's remedy. From Om

Red Wine Spray
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Posted by William Dasher (Perth, W.A , Australia) on 06/13/2009

[YEA]  Has anyone studied Scabies habits. These creatures are very small and can go wherever they like when you apply any lotion etc. They are fond of getting under the eyelids, you should be able to feel them itching their way in and can stay there for hours. To stop infection from bacteria introduced by the insect some eyedrops recommend by a Pharmacist may be able to help .With the eyedrops in the eye you should feel the insects leave.

Have a plastic bottle 500ml with a trigger sprayer filled with a medium red wine 10.5% alcohol or better and spray all over the body. Keeping eyes closed a light spray to shut eyes will not hurt.Scabies will hide in all places so you will have to use your imagination.

The shower is a good place while doing this. Leave it on for as long as you feel comfortable with and then shower off. I have found this method to work very well with red wine a little more effective than the white. A cheap inexpensive four litre cask of medium red wine will be more than enough if you do not drink it.Having said that please do not drink too much of the cure.

Replied by Ivory Coast
Loco, Ca
Replied by Wantemgone
[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]   So red wine works and kills these monsters? I've done all the cleaning on what these threads say except the steam which I cant afford! I got a dog and got lucky with myvet they took my word and started her on revolution ive took the hot bath the suanas...ive applied TTO bleach periode and avc! My problem is I thought I had it licked but my dog seems to b acting up in the nights and now I am again aftr 2 months im really low on money and havent tried the borax and dont even know where to get it only thing I can think of was a person came over and they never shower but I seen them itching so now makes me wonder if I was cured or reibfested myself? So upset can anybody plz help with a cheapwr method so far ive only got a few raised spot that look like mosquite bites with itches luckily no wiggles yet however I have foundthose brown specks on my belly when they had been clearing up andvmy vet told me scabies in dogs r different than humans tht is very rare tht a mite from dog get on us so they cant produce I got sle lupus my skin is so dry plzhelp just cant handle this nitemare thank u for listening and god bless each good luck to all.

Rubbing Alcohol
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Posted by Concerned (Houston, Tx, USA) on 12/09/2009

Scabies/Mites/bed bugs and Alcohol

Has anyone tried using diluted acohol on their lessions to kill Scabies/Mites/bed bugs? And how do you tell which one you could have? My oldest son (10) has thousands of bumps that I had been treating as an allergic reaction for a little more than 4 weeks now. And no one else was affected, until now. My younger son (5) has bumps in his underwear. Extremely worried because I now have a newborn, do not want her to get infected, and need to cure my sons.

EC: We're guessing you are referring to rubbing alcohol? Please correct us if we're wrong!

Scabies Feedback
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Posted by Joyce (Los Angeles, CA) on 11/16/2008

I had two outbreaks of either a scabies mite attack or bird mite attack, but the doctor seems unable to conclusively diagnose me even after a skin biopsy and blood tests. By getting my house sprayed twice by an exterminator, cleaning the house more frequently and washing linens every day using Borax, and buying a new mattress, I have not had a third outbreak (yet). But I still have the itchy crawlies. So I am not sure if the mites are gone and that's just residual skin senstivity, or if I still have mites? If they are not biting...I hope that means they are gone.

I have isolated myself (and live alone) for the last 2 months. But my niece needs me to babysit while she goes through surgery. I am afraid I will pass whatever I have on to the baby if I still have mites.

Any good advice?

Replied by Dot
Central Texas, US
I hope you got better. I contracted bugs after going to the San Diego area. They went away once but came back again. Both times in the fall, October this year, late November last year. They don't bite my husband (so he says).Could be rat or bird mites, since they look for shelter from cold weather.

I saw a remedy for dog scabies from a girl that worked in a shelter. They covered the dogs in mayo. I know when my daughter was young we had to "smother" the head lice. They went away AFTER, I made my husband get the headlice treatment, same as us, even tho he claimed he did not have them. People are strange.

So this time I am having a more difficult time eradicating, but not giving up. Jesus saves! I think soaking clothing overnight will help. purchasing the steam dryer and washer, mainly to keep bugs out of them! One utube site admits the bugs in humans are epidemic and the Drs don't know what to do? It's a Channel 7 news report. Visit that, you'll realize your itchies are not the worst!

Posted by Sarah (Monrovia, CA) on 11/12/2008

I just want to remind you guys that be careful with online products for curing scabies. and most important thing is that you should see a dermatologist and get an accurate diagnosis first. All my family members were treated with permethrine 5% twice within 10 days according to a diagnosis by a nursepractitioner. But we have more rashes. actually only myself has a few rashes before treatment with the toxic medication...But finally we found out that the rashes were allergic reaction to the medication. But we did not know and freaked out and thought we have more scabies, so we desperately searched online and bought "AllStop" for scabies on line. This product is so irritating that we all devloped rashes all over. So we went to see dermatologists and they all told us that it is allergic reaction. And they do not think we have scabies, they said we don't have any tracks!

Scabies vs. Morgellons
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Posted by Communicatingcenter (Helotes, Tx) on 09/17/2013

I fought what I thought was scabies for four months. A lot of the people on this site were describing similar symptoms.

If your scabies are visible, then they aren't scabies. If you are having symptoms of black specks, little skin-colored grains, sharp 'pebbles', splintery organisms and hair-like things coming out of your skin, I URGE you to research Morgellons. Do NOT use Wikipedia for information on this condition, as they are incredibly biased on the subject. There is a lot of misinformation out there to sort through.

If you have been fighting 'scabies' for more than a few months, or if you have been seeing organisms coming out of your skin, chances are you are experiencing Morgellons. You cannot kill Morgellons with scabies treatments.

I wish I had found out about this months earlier. Someone posted something similar on a scabies forum, and I ignored the information because a) I didn't want it to be true and b) the Wikipedia page was so biased as to not include any pathogenically based studies on the subject.

Do not despair--if this is what you have, you are one step closer to a cure by knowing what you're after.

Here is a link to a study on the subject

I suggest you visit a Morgellons website as well to read descriptions of the symptoms from people themselves. I repeat: don't let yourself get pulled in by misinformation.

Silicon Dioxide
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Posted by Kim (Illiniois, US) on 07/23/2014

My message is I'm using a bedbug pesticide with silicone dioxide for scabies. It's a powder, I'm making it into a paste with water, rubbing it on skin. I hope it works. IS THIS HARMFUL? All it said was it would erritate skin.

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Posted by Vanities (New England) on 12/13/2014

[WORKED TEMPORARILY]  As soon as I saw the Dudadiesel address in another post, I bought a 5 lb bag of sulfur for scabies... the sulfur calmed the itch the first night. Somewhat less the second night. By third and fourth, the itching under the sulfur is back like mad. I find that anything I try: permethrin, clove oil, heated cloth, Listerine, diatomaceous earth, peroxide work for a limited time. And same with the sulfur.

Posted by Sally (Cullowhee, North Carolina) on 08/19/2012

[YEA]  PLEASE listen to me! I contacted scabies from a client in a health spa that I work in. I had NO idea what it was at first. A small rash, itchy on the palm of one hand. I am now 3 mos. into it and about to blow my brains out! We cleaned the bedding every day on 'sanitize' in my washer, cleaned everything and I took clorox baths with sulphur soap and sulpher cream. I STILL have it and the eggs and got new bumps off and on and trail marks. SO, I went back and read lots of things on the net and this is what I did and what has worked more than all the creams, oils, lotions, baths etc.

USE BORAX!!! take a borax bath and soak for 20 minutes. Then, get a spray bottle and fill with water and lots of borax. Shake it up good and spray yourself. I also used castor oil/borax paste and put all over myself. I woke up this morning and everything has changed! The places are GONE and my skin looks almost normal!! I spent SO much MONEY on that other stuff! ALSO, I finally listened and wrapped my mattress in plastic (buy a drop cloth at Lowe's). I was washing so much and spraying the bed, but didn't encase it in plastic. The clorax helped at first with the places, but never killed the eggs. Plus, my skin was getting raw and sore.