Scabies Remedies and Holistic Cures

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Posted by Lajayyc2389 (Houston, Tx) on 02/25/2013

Scabies? Around the end of November, my son and I went to stay the night with a friend. At the end of December I started a new job. About a week later my hands were severily Intensively ITCHY, Very Dry, and my Fingers And Knuckles Were Red with Whelps & lil bumps "like ant bites". I pretty much woke up like that every morning but when I got to work is when I would notice the whelps, so I assumed I was allergic to something. Then the bumps, itchyness & rashes started to occur on my wrist, then my arms.. Spread to my legs and top of my feet. My mom thought it was for sure bedbuggs But I didnt think so, because my son sleeps in bed with me & he was just fine! About A Couple Weeks Later I Noticed Him Getting Itchy And Getting Bumps! So put my son in the living room, I did my research on bedbuggs so I got the spray, blow dryer (for heat), & a car Vacume So I Can Suck them out of the cracks and corners... Well.. I found bugs alright! Little white worms! From food my son stuck under the bed!!! BUT I never seen any bedbugs... I sprayd my room anyway and bagged everything up, & got new sheets & me and my son started to sleep on the couch and taped the bedroom door so they couldnt move to other parts of the house. WELL, when I read up on bedbuggs it said they only bite you when your asleep and you cant feel them only the itchyness from the bite the next morning, and that they only bite where skin is not covered. your face, arms, legs, feet..

Well me and my sons itchyness increased, more bumps, rashes, sores from scratching, feeling them crawling on us alll the time not just at night. Just got worse, from the neck down. even unexpected places: He has bumps and blotches of rash around his genitals, I have them on both of my areola's as well as my inner tighs, and we both have it on our buttox, backs & abdomen as well.

my itch is HORRIBLE!!! But I know because my son is younger that he is suffering more, I dont sleep maybe for an hour or two a night, and my son wakes up through the night itching because at night it increases a lottt more! It calmed down on my son he has so many bumps that thats all you pretty much see, on his back, and abdomen. On his stomach he started getting a rash with these tiny red bumps which made it look even worse, and they have been bitting at his wrist, fingers, arm pits, waste line & inbetween fingers, on his knuckles and inside his hand ALOT more lately. So I did research and it kept coming up scabies.. I read ALOT of diff. peoples stories, as well as googling symptoms & pictures & all.

it said where they are known to be, and how they look from a naked eye, too small to see but looks like a little black spec.. And I looked inside of my sons belly button after I gave him a bath & seen couple lil black specs, I used my nail to get one out & put it on my nail to see it & you could tell it was not dirt; it looked like a super tiny lil flea! Too tiny to tell exactly but you could notice leggs coming out of the black spec. bearlyyy but visual enough to me.

as for the burrows, I am not sure exactly if I can point them out even if I did see them, because he has so many scratches and rashy bumps.

I am pretty positive that SCABIES has been the problem of all this hell that me and my son have been going through. Now im on the search for a cure to get rid of these suckers!!

today (feb. 24, 13) out of no where I got a huge rash, starting from the back of my knee down to the bottom of my calf, with a horrible stinging sensation ; feels as if I burnt it!!

me and my son both soaked in a tub containing: hot water, organic oatmeal, & a little tea tree oil for him and quite a bit for me. (because ive never used it I didnt want him to end up breaking out if he was allergic or something)... I let him soak for 30 mins & I soaked for an hour. While soaking I felt awsome! Up untill about 45 mins into it lol I started feeling a lil itch here and there, but when I got out it wasnt long untill we were itching up a storm again!! I know the itching stays for a while, so im not going to say it didnt work just yet. im going to do the oatmeal baths with tea tree oil everyday for this whole week & see if it improves! Hopefully it works because this has been hell!!! & I cant hate myself enough for knowing my son is going through this at 4 years old.

I feel for all of you that have to deal with this & I hope that you all find a cure that works for yall soon!

p.s this has seriously been one of the worst experiences I've even had to go through.. may god bless me & my son as well as yall with a cure. amen!

Posted by Om
Hope, Canada, B.c.
For scabies, take PSORINUM homeopathic remedy. It will do away with it in half an hour. Strength is 30C. You can order it from a good health food store or phone a homeopath and ask where you can get it. Cost $8 or thereabouts. It has helped me. First I had gone to an allopathic doctor. He gave me a medicine which, when applying, made my aura black! (this happens also to plants when given pesticides). When I read the info. of the package, I nearly got a fit! It can cause cancer! It cost $80!!!

You can also buy colloidal silver water and sponge your entire body. In my experience no bug on or under the skin can survive this remedy. For bedbugs it is unequalled. Hey, you'll both be fine. Om

Posted by Lajayyc2389
Houston, Tx
My son and i have been taking a hot bath with oatmeal, & tea tree oil also adding a little peppermint body wash. it was calming our itchyness to an extent & i put petroleum jelly on us before bed time, my son was able to actually sleep!! well yesterday i decided to add some vinegar; & let me just say that was a huge mistake!!!!! we itched all night and today we are itching like crazyyyy!!! not to mention we woke up with more red itchy bumps!!!! my son: on his knuckles, inside of his hand, up his neck (which wasnt happening before) & between his fingers! and now he keeps scratching his head!!!! and me: around my ankles, bottom of my legs, my thighs, & between my fingers.

im thinking that the vinegar made things increase? im sticking with the petroleum jelly though, & use gloves on our hands all day and tape around feet and ankles and i will be trying new things as well to see what works, i wont give up untill these things are gone!!!

Posted by Candleeclipse (Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia) on 04/04/2012

Hi, I have been reading every single post on scabies cures as I got them from my future step mother and I was really going through hell with these things!

I took the permithrin and it didn't appear to be working as they cleared and seemed to come back in my backside within the week. I took more and more (as I was worried about infecting people) and it seemed to keep them at bay, I then took ivermectin tablets first lot then 7 days later with permithrin(lyclear), we cleaned our flat everyday from the moment we realised, bagged our beds and furniture and bleached all day, let off 3 pemithrin bombs, washed everything and dried in hot dryer for min 30 minutes each day, washed clothes and soaked in tea tree oil and boiling hot water and washed toilet seat with bleach after every use. It cost a fortune! I seemed to be getting new nodules coming up on my behind again and on my arms. I was devastated. I then tried bleach baths with hydrogen pyroxide and then borax baths with hydrogen peroxide, and covered myself with clove oil and olive oil. The clove oil burned so badly it was terrible.

I then finally was referred to a dermatologist and he checked everything and said I didn't have scabies at all, by the way you cant see them at all, they are very very small and you can't see them running and they are not black, that must be something else, I was advised the new nodules coming to the surface and the severe itching as an allergic reaction to the permithrin, the sever itching and crawling feeling in my backside was also due to burning it with the soaks I was doing and the clove oil and the allergic reaction, so I stopped everything and then tried to repair my completely damaged skin. It is working, the bits I saw in the bath as I drained the water were dead skin cells, my backside is finally healing and I can now see where I have burnt it, and my nodules are disappearing. My major concern that the scabies weren't dying was incorrect, I had a severe allergic reaction to the permithrin and then I was burning my skin off with the bath soaks. I have been told the nodules may continue to show for up to a year as I have sensitive skin and I have damaged it so badly. I think I was going a little crazy and to be honest I was trying everything.

Once I stopped damaging my skin I have started to repair. My skin on my backside is now peeling off which is causing the itch. So please listen to your dermatologist, he has a microscope and could see if there were any burrows or scabies, there weren't, and I also had skin scrapings all on the new nodules that were appearing, all were clear and to be honest he was correct. the ivermectin tablets worked, so when you are diagnosed as clear, keep ensuring you clean thoroughly and ensure that you cant be reinfested. Do not visit people to infect them as it is just not a nice thing to do to anybody. And have hope that your skin is just repairing itself and has had an allergic reaction. I have read my story from 5 people on these forums, and I am hoping my story will help other people like me experiencing an allergic reaction to the pesticides to trust that you are free of these awful things and that you don't have to have bleach baths and burn your skin to get rid of them. Also tea tree oil did sooth the itch, but the clove oil has to be diluted as it burnt me so very badly.

Posted by Itching Again (Janesville, Wi) on 10/01/2011

Third week and three tubes of permethrin, last head to toe three days ago, I only have gone from couch covered in plastic with a new sheet everday to washing machine hot cycle to shower. Cleaned and then avoided touching everything at start. It's back. And each time it seems the cream stops it then three days later it doubles. Lost my faith in the doctor. God I hope the list of cures I found off this page will help. You all give me hope, itch itch itch, I will let you know what worked for me just saying, thanks aaahhhh, itch itch itch

Posted by Griffo Again
Adelaide, South Australia.
Griffo Again, To all the people who have acknowledged thier experience I thank You. Reading through posts I would like to say please people be aware that once you have thoroughly cleaned everything and taken sleep with cream on nights it is dependent upon how long you have had the mungrel paracite under your skin before treatment as to how long the affect will last. As I am up to eight months with the paracite I now have small sand like pebbles coming out of my butt, upper thighs and stomache. Not a lot like earlier in the sufferring term but enough to create an annoying itch. I stand by natural oils more so than the chemical based creams available. Ive used Eucalyptus/citrus oil spray on sores after a tea tree eucalyptus citrus oil bath. As I was stubborn in my belief I had scabies and went too long before treatment I find now that most of my body was infested. The paracite debris is still coming out of me but not at the grose level it was earlier. I am of the belief your skin needs to dry and die before the paracite debris exits your body. Such a horrible feeling but I believe it's fact. Therefore if many have bred under your skin before treatment (ie. lyclear)expect a long term of skin irritation while the paracite debris exits your body.

I experienced more sand like pebbles and smallish bumps arising many times after a bath where I rubbed my whole body with a course flannelette. Spraying eucalyptus and citrus oil on the affectted areas stung but did kill the itch many times. Im so glad it is nealy over. The other day I experienced a burst of blood coming from two snake bite like holes on my fore arm. This area has turned into a small rectangle area with tiny red dots making up the rectangle. DEBRIS EXITING.... Hurry the hell up I say... Nearly there nearly there... nearly there.

I again thank all the sufferring people who have offerred their experiences and do hope my information has helped someone.

My only question now is "What can bring back skin colour to the healed scabie sore scar tissue areas?"

Posted by Roses (Tulsa, Ok) on 09/19/2011

I have used all the suggested thing to cure scabies. Some helped but most did not cure. I have had allergic reaction to some of the treatments such as too much bleach.

To change the PH balance and make my body uninviting to the pests, in desperation I used bottled lemon juice. Real lemon juice undiluted, right from the bottle. To be easier to apply poured it into a covered container and keep in the refrigerator. Oh, feels so good cold to sooth the itching. Would take my shower then after drying off. Use a clean wash rag soaked in the juice to totally wet my body down then allowed to air dry. Did this morning and night for two weeks, also vacuumed and washing bedding and clothes daily. Was mostly free of pests in 3 days but continued just to be sure. I have had scabies 5 times and my Dr says it is a pH imbalance problem so now I eat very little sweets, white flour products and lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. Sure don't want this again.

Posted by Snubian (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) on 08/31/2009

Hi all, I hope this helps someone. I am tramatised in Philly and have been battling this SCABBIE mite for 3mos. I used a few things in conjunction. First know your enemy this mite likes to nest in paper, anything poreous(sp)curtains, rugs, books, unfoRtunatly humans, as we who are suffering know. So trash anyhing in your house made of these substances, it especially likes to lay eggs in your bedding. I threw out almost all of my belongings and minimized everything. I went to kmart and bought twin fold out iron bed frame(100 bucks) and a swiss blow up mattress (43 bucks) one allergy fitted mattress cover to protect against microscopic pest. I purchased xtreme clean, medicated wash and salve and pest dust from Q base solutions on line. The dust should be fine mist throughout your home, it smothers the mite and strips its skeleton and that of its eggs, I also put it on my body to smother any emerging mite. Neutrogena acne prone skin body wash and scrub has acid in it and I found that it flattens out those bumps and heals the skin. Use vitamin e oil to help repair skin. Eat as much fresh cloves of garlic as you can stand because it is a natural anti parasitic and it will also help to fight off infections. Eat alot of fruit and veggies for the vitamin c to keep your immune system up, its needed against this bug, Wash all your bedding and clothing everyday. If you can, after a bath coat yourself with petrolium jelly and add tea tree oil which kills their egg cycle to keep them from breeding in your home. Fine mist that dust in your bedding too and on all hard surfaces(not too much because you dont want them walking on it) you want to choke them out. PRAY, PRAY, PRAY!!!!! dO NOT TRASH ITEMS UNTIL YOU GET THE DUST, if you disturb any of their nest they may come after you and you want to protect yourself. Use the dust in your car because the mite goes where you go. I hope to God that this helps someone.

Posted by Snubian
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Hello, formerly panicked in Philly here. Wanted to share with my fellow comrades. One, purchase lice/egg and killer and spray down your carpets and bedding and furniture to kill scabie mite. I was told by a pharmacist that it works just as well on killing the scabbie mite. Second, if your itching like crazy and you feel them everywhere on your body but you have no new bumps on tracks then there is more than a good chance that you are suffering a form of post traumatic stress as I was. This is not far fetched because the experience of this mite is so horrific that it may take some time until you accept that its really over. It took me 3trips to the E.R. and my final trip to the dermatologist (today) to convince me that there was nothing crawling all over me. I left a inchoherent, grammatical mess of a post on this site lastnight because as I typed I felt the creepy crawlies all over me. It was all in my head. Period. I sprayed the house down with the Rid lice killer just to be on the safe side. To those who REALLY are going through it, you have my deepest sympathies and prayer. DON'T DO YOURSELF BODILY HARM!!! Keep fighting and eat plenty of garlic to fight off possible infection. I endured the anguish of this creepy critter and understand. GOD BLESS YOU.

Posted by Cindy D (Greenville, Texas) on 07/03/2009

Scabies. OMG! This has me so depressed! To hear that some people have had these for a year? My boyfriend lives in sandy soil and I first thought it was sand fleas. Boy was I wrong. He stays in motels for work and I truly believe this is where it came from! I am embarrassed to tell him. But I will tonight. We have not seen each other for a month so I wonder what he will think. This has been going on for about a month now. It's driving me insane, but I finally went to the Dr. and he prescribed Eurax cream rubbed over entire body and left on for 48 hours (no bath). It's gross! I think my house is infected so tonight I intend to go on a cleaning mission. I have leather couches and when you sit on them you can feel the mites jumping you. What to do there? I think my mattress is infested as well. I have sprayed with bleach. Also is there anything I can put in my steam cleaner to help kill these creeps? I itch constantly at work and am afraid and embarassed that my coworkers will get it! I need to do something in my office without drawing notice. I have gotten some really good info from this site and will try whatever! Thanks guys soooo much. It makes you feel so unclean.

Posted by Dianna
Austin, Tx
orange oil. you can put some drops into your bath water and soak in it. also mix it into a carrier oil and rub it all over your body. olive oil or coconut oil would work as a carrier oil. you can also add a bunch of drops to water and shake it well and spray your house.
Posted by Citygirl27
Richardson, Tx, Usa
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Orange oil: I am using orange oil today. I put it on after I had a bath (with tea tree and coconut oil in it :) ), and used coconut oil as the carrier. It smells SO good. SO much better than some of the more smelly remedies. Orange with clove oil smells like Christmas omg just use a carrier oil like coconut, almond or olive bc clove oil is extremely strong. I got mine online from the big vitamins company that starts with a P, buy 2 get 3 free. It is definitely keeping them quiet and smells yum.

Posted by Sara (Brooklyn, NY) on 04/19/2009

i have scabies and sometimes find white stuff- lke tiny grains of salt- on my skin and bedding- what is it?? thanks

Posted by AiBella
Mathews, Virginia
In response to the question of what you may be finding on your skin and in your bed that resembles tiny white grains:

You could be finding one or both of 2 things...

skin cells: every thirty days your skin "cycles" (for lack of a better word) all skin cells are sloughed off and replaced by the cells beneath it. It takes approximately 30 days for your deepest dermal layer of cells to reach your epidermal layer to be discarded.

eggs and parasite corpses: the above mentioned cycle also effects anything IN your skin layers. If you try a treatment and the creatures and eggs are killed, they are still there... and you will still itch until the "remains" are cycled. As the the new skin cells are forming, they push the older cells toward the surface. The surface cells die and fall off, are washed of, and even scratched off (as is the case with scabies). When the dead scabies and their eggs reach that top layer, they are "exfoliated" with the dead skin cells.

That is why you will continue to itch even if your treatment DID kill the parasites.
It also could very well explain what you're finding on your bed.
Since you know you have scabies and are using treatments (I assume) your epidermal layers of skin may be reacting to the treatments by dying which would cause excess exfoliation (think dandruff).

It is unfortunate that you haven't been able to get rid of the parasites... it seems that not only are you dealing with the allergies to the presence of dead parasites, but the condition is perpetuated. I seriously think you should have EVERYTHING about your life checked. For example, I work at a nursing home.... THAT'S where I picked up MY hitchhiking vampire mites. A condition of a resident that has had scoriasis since she was 15 years old was ignored (nurses and doctors even argued with me about it) and she has passed it not only to me and nearly every other resident on the unit I work on, but my 2 year old and my 5 year old.

I had gotten rid of them, and then the resident got transferred from another unit to my unit and she brought them with her.

Please don't ignore scabies!!! If think you can live with the itch, that's all well and good but scabies can cause skin infections from the scratching and the fecal matter. Skin infections cause liver and kidney problems!!!!!

Posted by Mary
Windsor, Ontario
Those pieces of sand can also feel like glass, I've experienced those as well as seen black dots and tiny mites, I presume its all the same crap. I've been battling this for years. I think its gone but it isn't. It just shows up in another area. Its working on my ears and causing my lobes to swell up. At one point my ear looked like it was encased in a slippery looking skin. I've tried sulpher mixed with cream, bad reaction. I use borax in bath, helps keep me somewhat free, but tons of brown age spots, which I believe are result of the horrible mite. I use pine needle oil mixed with a carrier oil and it helps, also take wild yam herb another known scabies killer. I'm going to buy the cream and apply to skin, particulary ears. And use pinesol cleaner, it really works, but, its a tiresome job, My other next purchase will be silicone cream and Results lice killer to apply to head and skin. Learned about it on British website, called Full Marks. God Bless in your endeavors and give you favour in finding freedom from this nasty menace.

Posted by Jennifer (Los Angeles, California) on 12/25/2008

Caution! I tried this on myself for scabies and the solutions burns like crazy. This can really hurt your dog is you are not careful. Especially if they have raw skin. Make sure the solutions is very diluted as not to burn your dog.

EC: Sorry, no idea what solutions you are talking about. Please let us know exactly what remedies you tried.

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Posted by Bangalorean (Bangalore, India) on 01/08/2011

[YEA]  yea for Psorinum 30

After trying borax for another 2 months, laundry, bathing, etc. For the outbreak of mange in my area, and finally I developed scabies myself in the first week of December. I'm glad of it because I have found a better way to heal mange and scabies (cured 1 dog that was completely blackened and hairless and myself).

I read Peter Morell's PSORINUM and followed his protocol of 1 dose of psorinum 30 and to wait 2 months.

The first 5 days the itching was intolerable but within 9 days the scabs dried up. I got patches of scabies around my joints throughout the first month but without much itching.

I recommend this cure since it healed me and a dog already (he's already got most of his hair back) and please read to the end about surface cures, topical creams and aggravations.

Posted by Cm
Wilmington, Nc
Okay just got my Psorinum 30 C and want to be clear on the amount to take, is one of the pellets enough? Please let me know.
Posted by Jo
Dublin, Ireland
Hi Cm from Wilmington, in Homeopathy 2 "pellets" or tablets are usually considered a dose. That being so I presume that Bangalorean from Bangalore means take two Psorinum 30c pellets and then wait and see! Please let us know how you are getting on in a couple of weeks.
Posted by Cm
Wilmington, Nc
Thanks Jo, I will keep you posted on my progress!


Posted by Cm
Wilmington, Nc
Any other advice on this treatment for scabies? I had never heard of Psorinum 30 before and would love to hear from others that have had success with it as how long it should take to work, when you should take it and with what or not to take it with???


Posted by Bangalorean
Bangalore, India
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Cm and Jo, Sorry for not replying. Yes, 2 pellets of Psorinum 30c or 30x is more than enough for 2 months. Then you can repeat it. Acts as a preventative too. I've healed about 6 dogs with scabies with Psorinum 30.

I've had a few problems with moving up to Psorinum 200 (as Peter Morell suggests) that I'll explain:

1. Psor 200 brings up very deep aggravations of hidden diseases. If they're cancerous or have a systemic infection or failing organs, you'll see their entire body throws it out onto the skin, conditions which last for months. I've come to feel a dog's life is so short that there's no justification for going deeper.

2. Psorinum has an amplified effect in the fall. It is a very powerful remedy working for months on end so be warned.

Just stick with a couple of doses of Psorinum 30 spaced 3-6 months apart and the hair should grow back easily. Don't go higher unless you have a homeopath to advice.

Posted by Bangalorean
Bangalore, India
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[Slightly long, sorry] Cm from Wilmington, Nc asks: "Any other advice on this treatment for scabies?

Re: other advice on the treatment of scabies - as soon as Psorinum does its work, if the hair isn't back, you'll notice that another homeopathic miasm, the Syphilitic miasm, rears its ugly head. Some dogs seem to inherit it at birth which is responsible for the bone and nervous disorders (incessant biting, itching, barking, irritability, restlessness), black patches, rupia, sores and eczema that accompany scabies. You can approach a good homeopath or go very carefully through the symptoms and treat it with Kali iod 6x, Aur met 6x and Nitric Acid 6x.

The way I recognise the Syphilitic miasm is by the waxing and waning of the symptoms with the moon cycle - its at its worst on full moon and a few days before a thunderstorm.

I'm beginning to think that this syphilitic tendency is the primary cause that draws the fleas, mites and fungus to the body (parasites after all can't live on a healthy host). Removing the parasites without removing the primary destruction is pointless.

Psorinum clears the case if it is simple or else shows the way to the deeper problem.

I hope that helps.:)

Posted by Sky
Kenosha, Wisconsin
Where do you buy Psorinum 30 c?
Posted by Sky
Kenosha, Wisconsin
Bangalorean: can you say that your scabie free still to this day?

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Posted by Annie Mae (Waltham, Ma, Usa) on 09/02/2011

[YEA]  For years I've tried everything that I could find that was non-toxic to annihilate my scabies. I was desperate -- just as desperate as those here whose posts I've seen. I tried the peroxide with borax and it did not help. But the grains of borax helped by being abrasive. Finally found sulphur powder. Mixed it with either eucerin moisturing cream and another batch with petroleum jelly. Again only temporary relief. Okay, two days ago my inner thighs were so chafed and sore that I applied an ointment which was of a mix Vitamins A and D in petroleum jelly. Bought at CVS. Just to fight the soreness, but I reached for the Vicks. Those things must have overlapped, this was my final attack for that night. I got up and did whatever needed doing around the house, and when I began ironing and felt the itch I took a cloth, rested my iron on the cloth -- it was VERY warm (hot) and I put it against the itch. Over and over I used a supply of washcloths that way. It proved to be the final blow to this curse.

I'll never really know if the vicks, the A & D ointment that began the end of the scabies, but I have seen a straight 24 hours that increased to 48 hours with no itch. Or if I itched I hit it with yet another hot cloth --- Do I dare feel cured? Desperation will push you to do unconventional things. And yes, I did plug the iron in and had it near my bedside. And yes, when what was left of the population kicked up at 2AM, I put on my light, turned the iron up, rested it onto a cloth and hit the itch with it and the thing came to a complete stop. This has been ongoing for now two almost three days. I've put away the things set up here that made my areas look like a laboratory. The clove oil, the various mixes of sulphurs, the rubber gloves for wiping down all plastic coverings with bleach, the diatomaceous earth, the dishes with a concoction of clove oil- d. Earth - moisturizing cream. Clove oil is caustic enough to eat into any mixing dish that isn't china or stone-ware. The inner peace at seeing my house look now as normal as before is healing itself.

My prayers were (and are) aimed at St Jude, St Joseph, St Anthony (dear St Anthony please look around my health is lost and cannot be found) . You've got to pray; man and his toxic concoctions made in labs are not always --- in this highly advanced age of moon shots etc ---enough, or might do it but leave you reeling from side effects. Not for me. Natural is always the best of options, first. Okay, the 'iron' isn't purely natural, but it sure seems to have been a good last resort at least for one who was sure there was only one way to rid myself of these: my death.

Do not put anything like metal onto your body ONLY A CLOTH THAT HAS BEEN MADE VERY WARM. I only say this because the desperation can drive us to the edge of madness. Terry is appropriate; like your washcloths. Not a thin cotton fabric. God bless you, one and all.

Hydrogen Peroxide, Anti- Itch Cream, Whitening Toothpaste   1  0   

Posted by Jason (Newport News, Va, Usa) on 08/29/2012

[YEA]  I have had the 'bug' for almost 7 months before locating this site. When my symptoms first appeared, I was unsure if I was just losing my mind. I went to the doc's and they had no idea at first.... (odd if you think about it..... Med school for 12 yrs to open a business called a "Practice"). I didn't feel like being a guinea pig, but the itch was unbearable! I've read many of the articles/comments from others and came to the conclusion something was going to done soon. The "bleach/peroxide" cure didn't pan out, the "oils" were just too costly, And all the others were just a "hocus pocus" form of treatments. I did some more reasearch, spoke to a few peeps and was steered in the right direction after spending countless hours awake scratching till I bled at night!

Heres the cure:



3.APPLY AN ANTI-ITCH CREAM (allow time to penetrate skin)



I know this sounds crazy! But after doing this for 3 days the symptoms associated with the 'scabies bug' ceased! The itch is gone, the healing happens rapidly, and I can sleep at night again!

After you've applied the toothpaste to the area, be sure to leave it on until the next day. Wash it off with warm water and soap. Re-apply at night and follow process for a few days. You'll be amazed at the results!

After going to the doctors numerous times for them to prescribe me.... Cures...... which never worked and cost me a fortune, this is a cheap cure for scabies!

Let me think about the costs....hmm...

Permethrin Cream..$120


Permethrin is crap and costly! Doctors know nothing! They pump you full of drugs to see which works best!

This is a cure for me...... Toothpaste........ A whitening paste! You have a cool, tingling sensation after applying it, and sleep like hound dog!

Try it and add comments to this lovely and 'cheap cure for scabies'!!!!!!

Posted by Julia
Riverside, Ca
I have no idea where to buy some of the other ingredients... But your list is do-able. thank you.
Posted by Carol
Paris, Ohio
I wish I knew what toothpase? I have no money and fear wasting barrowed money on the wrong toothpaste.

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Posted by Steve (Winnipeg, Canada) on 05/01/2008

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  Hi there, I was just reading through your page and got a lot of helpful information from all of the posts. I have scabies intensely on my wrists, and a very small out-break on my netherands. Now, I had gone to see my doctor abut the condition (knowing already what it was (that's right, this isn't the first time) he prescribed me the same medication as before; NIX Topical Cream. Now, this worked absolutely wonderful the first time I came across scabies. However, it was only today (four weeks after my first application of the NIX Topical Cream) and now after applying the same cream for the fourth time/bottle/30g each) my scabies still haven't gone away, and I find out that the scabies mite just might be immune to the treatments? Well, that pissed me off as you could probably guess, and $120.00 later (not including cleaning supplies and time). After reading the posts, I immediately went (stomped) to the washroom and ran my wrists under HOT water to open up my pores and then pulled out the hydrogen peroxide, and started rubbing it around on my wrists, WOW, I'm not sure if it felt soo good or soo painful!?!? Anyway, after I applied it, there appeared to be a lot of bubbling. I waited a minute or two and then washed it off. I then applied a Zinc Oxide Cream used for diaper rash and skin irritation. The burning from the peroxide soothed away, but as I'm typing to you now (5 minutes later after all of that) I appear to have a yellow transparent discharge in the area of the rash on my wrists. I'm sure it will be okay though. The reason I used Hydrogen Peroxide is because I use every time I get cold-sores (fever-blisters) on my lips. And I found it worked the quickest and without scarring. Instead of developing a big blister on my lip, if I applied the peroxide at the first sign of the cold-sore, the swelling went down almost without even a scab. I would apply it with simply a q-tip, about 3-4, 5 times daily, for one or two days, the discomfort of having a cold-sore goes away almost after the first day, and the feeling of relief feels sooo nice. I'll write again to tell you how well this works, side-effects, and how long it takes if it does. I still have a feeling that this might have been a bad idea; I don't care anymore at this point. I can't afford it or stand it anymore. Hey! The bright side is, I haven't cut off my hands yet *laughs* Thanks, Steve.

Posted by Joyce
Joelton, Tn
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Hi Steve- I have had your problem before & know how intense the itching can be. I don't know the topography where you are, but if you know what poke sallet (also known as pokeweed) is, the root of this plant is boiled in water, cooled enough to apply to the affected areas for scabies. At the times I had the problem I didn't know this, so have not tried it personally. I have eaten poke sallet and have taken poke berries for arthritis problems, so I can tell you that the plant is not likely to kill you. My next younger brother (now 72 years young) did tell me about his grown daughter came to him with the same problem of scabies, asking him what to do. Since I had told him about using the root for this purpose, he dug up a root, cleaned it, boiled it and gave her the water it was boiled in to lavishly apply it to the affected areas. He laughed as he told me about how it worked. She told him that "it set me on fire" but got rid of the scabies in one application.
Posted by Nancy
Lakeland, Florida
[WARNING!]   "Do NOT try this treatment! I did and ended up with bad chemical burns on my arms from the hydrogen peroxide! I do not know at this point whether I will be permanently scarred by these burns as they are still very bad over a week after trying this approach.
Posted by Nancy
Tarpon Springs, FL
Reponse to Nancy: Hydrogen Peroxide is a TOPICAL (to be used on the skin) antiseptic. You can use a diluted solution of it to rinse your MOUTH. You shouldn't have gotten a chemical burn from it. Perhaps you are allergic or hypersensitive or perhaps it was something else.
Posted by Mary
Yonkers, Ny
[BETTER BUT WITH SIDE EFFECTS]   "I was using the HP and get "burned" so stopped. Start using the ACV and "burn". start Borax, burn part of my face, neck and chest but I did not stop the borax treatment.

After 2 months I tried the h2o2 and the Apple Cider Vinegar again just to see what happen. Surprise, didnt burn anymore. For me the burn was the killing of some fungus. In a normal healthy skin I guess dont do that. I am free to use it again.

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Posted by Indigo (Sacramento, California) on 09/05/2008

[YEA]  For the person being plagued by SCABIES - I had something like scabies (never did figure out exactly what, the doctor was useless on this). I can suggest a few things that worked for me. Get some green plastic garbage bags and white plastic garbage bags. The clothing that comes off of your body goes directly into the green garbage bag to be washed after one wearing, likewise your towel after one use. Store clean clothing out of the dryer in the white garbage bags until you put them on. Keep the bags sealed and separated. Wash your body and hair with Meat Tenderizer mixed in your water and shampoo (you can just mix in your hand before soaping up). Get the unseasoned meat tenderizer so you don't end up smelling like garlic. The papain in the meat tenderizer dissolves the exoskeleton of the bugs and they die. This also works for fleas for animals. Rinse thoroughly - it will leave your skin and hair nice and soft. You can get a large (almost 3 pound) dispenser of tenderizer online for around 20 bucks from Spice Place. Cheaper on the whole than small containers from the grocery store. Also change sheets and pillow cases every night. Wash clothes and linens in hot water and 1/2 cup bleach. Borax is also good - 1/2 cup for each load. Vacuum carpets and mattresses like crazy. Put your pillow through a hot dryer cycle. And this is very important - you need to change the internal terrain of your body, then parasites will not be attracted to you. Stop eating all forms of sugar and refined products, msg, artificial sweeteners and all junk food. Take a high potency multi and B vitamin complex. Drink hot water and lemon juice first thing every morning and a few more times during the day and before bed. Eat fresh food - lots of veggies. Coconut oil is also a great remedy for scabies. You can coat your skin before bed, even massage into your hair at night and shampoo in the morning. You'll be healthier in the long run and parasites will completely lose interest in you. Read the posts here on coconut oil - it seems like there are posts regarding scabies.

You can get rid of them. Best of luck.

Posted by Liz
Winnie, TX
It's really a bit cynical to be washing like this daily, who really has the time for this? Have you heard of the saying sometimes you can be too clean... the environment has ways of taking care of it's own, but as far as internally cleansing that really is the answer.
Posted by Lolita
Sacramento, Ca
The washing like crazy IS VERY TIME CONSUMING but necessary!!! If you have these creepy crawling things in your skin, believe me, washing everything over and over will be something you are willing to do to get rid of them!!!! Good Luck. We are still fighting. Will try some of these remedies and get back to you.

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Posted by Johnmac (Castlemaine, Australia) on 09/16/2014

I've read through hundreds of posts here on scabies, and wonder why there is such confusion and angst.

If you read the scientific literature on scabies, it is generally cured with one dose of Ascabiol or benzyl benzoate.

E.g.: Landegren, J. et al. Treatment of scabies with disulfiram and benzyl benzoateemulsion: a controlled study.

In a double-blind study, 38 adults with scabies were treated with the scabicide Tenutex (a proprietary aqueous emulsion containing 0.5% DDT, 2% disulfiramand 22.5% benzyl benzoate) and 42 patients were treated with a similar emulsion lacking DDT. The treatment consisted of a single whole-body (except for the head) application which was washed off after 24 hours. When examined 3 weeks later, both groups were completely cured. Thereafter, a further 35 patients took part in an open trial with the DDT-free Tenutex emulsion and allpatients were cured, irrespective of whether the treatments were administeredby skilled personnel or by themselves at home. It is concluded that for the treatment of scabies in Sweden, the most commonly used preparation, Tenutex, can be replaced, without risk of loss of efficacy, by an emulsion containing 2% disulfiram and 22.5% benzyl benzoate, I.e. Tenutex without DDT.

Personally, I'm using clove bud oil. After 3 days most of my itching has gone, and many mites have died and surfaced through my skin. Clove kills the mites, but apparently not (all) the eggs, so I'll keep applying it for 6-8 weeks till the breeding cycle is over. As for fanatically laundering and hot-drying your clothing and bedding daily, spraying your entire house daily (including the ceilings! ), etc: Why? The literature is clear that scabies mites survive 24-36 hours only off the human body: "Human and canine scabies mites are capable of surviving for 24–36 hours at room temperature and retain the ability to re-establish infestation. Canine mites dislodged from a host respond to host odour and thermal stimuli by actively seeking their source. Despite the detection, survival and penetrative abilities of S scabiei when kept at room temperature, the role of contaminated bedding as a reservoir for infestation appears to be overemphasised. For example, in experiments where volunteers climbed into warm beds just vacated by heavily infected patients, only four new cases resulted from 272 attempts." (Google it.) Yes, you do need to treat scabies. Yes, you do need to wash your clothes and bedding - or abandon them for a few days to let the mites die.


Posted by Rainymtnranch Escape From Scabies (Pinole, Ca) on 08/31/2013

For starters, I would like to thank everyone who posted material. Knowing I was not alone was the only thing that kept me and my family from quitting this earthly existence. The tips helped me craft the all out war I waged to get my life and household back. Some links I had found, though I digested it all and incorporated it into this posting. Http:// Http:// Http:// (excuse the errors in ingredients caused by iPad auto complete spelling. The amount of info I am entering is a lot) Also excuse the possible repeat of paragraphs, Or minor organization problems, I am not able to re-live this experience as long as it would take to properly edit this entire write up. I organized this as best possible in 2 writing sessions.

Materials (things I used, for methods/application see detail below or look at posts from others)

Drop cloths (plastic) for furniture (pack of 3 best value at Walmart) Tape to secure drop cloths on furniture Tack mats (use shelf paper upside down, taped to floor with blue tape) Clean room tack mats avail online, but sometimes hard to get quickly delivered. Swiffers Bleach wipes Clorox cleanup Latex gloves, disposable one use only Ziplock bags Marker Towels small (Walmart has 12 for $15 in the car wash isle, I used these for the showers instead of washing lots of large towels after one use Towels, medium ( hair, showers) Bleach for laundry wash Scotch packing tape to collect bugs (clear is good for microscope review, can bring samples to doctor) Lice gel treatment - took to using this on whole body, then shower. Walmart had large bottles. Cleaned and reused combs, was nice to have a stable of clean combs to grab. Rx permethrin RxTriamcinolone. 1% Rx Hydrocortisone 2.5% just caused caking of cream on skin and caused patient to just feel hot. Sarna skin original cream (normal has like. Cooling camphor in it, sensitive has no cooling gent. Cooling gents like c phor in creams are not well tolerated by kids, they tend to get cold and cannot tolerate term until bath, even warm bath water is colder when the creamed skin hits the bath. Sarna skin sensitive cream, better for kids. Sulfur soap. Sulfur soap felt nice on skin, but scaled up the shower door with residue. Hand sanitizer Orange oil Tea tree oil Coconut oil Sulfur cream 10%(best was de la cruz sulfur ointment posada de azure 10%) best cost was Walmart or cvs. Mothballs or moth ice Vacuum bags or space saver bags Trash bags Foot powder borax bran iodide ( Walgreens) Walgreens fast acting odorless analgesic crime, trolamine salicylate 10%, inactive ingredient aloe barbadensis leaf extract, Cheryl alcohol, glycerin, mineral oil, potassium phosphate, propyl paraben steric acid, triethanolamine, water, (did not work as well as muscle rub to quit the bug skin sensation) Muscle rub ultra strength Walgreen s brand (active ingredients: camphor 4%, menthol , methyl salicylate 30%', inactive ingresdientss: carbomer, dis odium EDTA, glyceryl lstearate SE, lanolin, ploys ornate 80, potassium hydroxide, steric acid, trolls mine, water Concepts This is ALL OUT WAR. It will have costs, waste generation and some casualties lost. Get a calendar, note dates of treatment, doctor visits, any other details of the day: what treatments were done This will help you remember ( this situation often feels like Groundhog Day, lonely, hard work, volume of things to do) Note any creams used on whom and number of times per day of showers, creams, oils, etc When something changes for better or worse or to show progress the calendar visual is very helpful It also helps as a communication tool with doctors who do not know how you feel and do not understand the depression, manic feelings and urgency that the patient feels. It helps guide the discussion. It helps they understand you situation timeline. Push for immediate appt s with dermatologist or other doctors, the delay in a dermatologist appt caused some of the explosion of this population after the primary doc timed the treatments wrong. Dermatologists like the easy schedule of their practice (primadonas) , often they see no urgency (until of course you are in their office and they see you then they act ingratiatingly urgent. Otherwise be prepared that most doctors don't care or get it or understand the disease. They are detached and just following a script, despite very contagious and the need for the patient to stay away from work and daycare. If you don't get the treatment right the first time, permethrin treatments Rx is expensive because the pharmacy coverage is considering one tube per month. Despite requirement to use it in one day and then a week layer again all one day. There are a lot of out of pocket expenses here. Minimize your costs by managing the care provider, be firm, tell them what you need don't expect them to know or understand the strict all-out-warfare protocols. Make sure doctor knows to prescribe one tube for each person in house, even if the other family members are not seen. All housemates need treatment. Rx only covers a tube per person. Get greedy to request or force another tube, if you spill it, you won't have enough. If they won't prescribe for a spouse, call the spouses doctor immediately, tell the doctor what was diagnosed and what you were prescribed and get them to call in a prescription for the other family members. There are different permethrin manufacturers. The Targets pharmacy permethrin (Actvis mid atlantic llc brand) was more liquidy and easier to spread. Cvs (Perrigo brand) pharmacies have more creamy, thicker application. Harder to spread and cover everything. Disability coverage by employer for adult is helpful to cover child care issues. Child cannot mix with other kids when infected. Dermatologists charge to complete employer forms for disability coverage. My child and I had scabies, she could not go to school. At least I got the doctor to understand that I should be kept home with scabies and not impact my coworkers. Being able to care for my child when no other care was available was helpful. Did not have vacation available to use. Dermatologist do not know how to fill company disability forms out. Ensure you carefully check the paperwork. Ensure they know they cannot charge you for incorrectly completing the paperwork. Do not let them go or leave their office until you submit the paperwork via fax or make them fax it, look it over for correctness yourself, and get your company nurse or hr rep to approve the paperwork. Dermatologists take their time correcting their errors and it can affect your employers system, discipline tolerance, etc. Nurse practitioners at work who know your case through hr can help prescribe follow ups if needed because of a negligent Dermatologist. The disruption of sleep during this infestation also affects your mind and mental state. Realize that you are the only advocate for your child. No one else cares about your kid unless you make them act. Dermatologist just want you and your infested cloud out of their office. You are there because you are sick, they would rather have patients with appointments for Botox or other high dollar treatments. General actions: Couches & mattresses & seats wiped with bleach wipes Heat treat everything in dryer Everything in bags (all toys, all clothes, rugs, pillows, blankets, ) Vacuum bags (space saver bags) with moth balls Full utilization of washer /dryer, use and schedule with little down time. I even woke up through the night to do another load. All toys that cannot be wiped need to be put away in bags for 1-2 months or more. Kid won't miss it. Kid to take a bath, with three oil treatment Keep asking them if they are itchy Bleach garage floor, entry steps Bleach driveway or other approach Control areas of clean laundry, everything is one way, if it falls on the floor or touched some untreated thing, it goes back to the beginning of the treatment process. We had one bedroom for washed clothes, stuff. Treatment bags or toys in bags were in garage Furniture use was managed to minimize cleaning certain areas everyday. Laundry baskets were either wiped or if collapsible, they were placed in dryer then post treatment used for clean clothes. Collapsible laundry baskets from ikea were more durable than 99cent store. Both fit in Dryer. Clean treated Laundry baskets did not touch floor where dirty laundry or other infested area They would carry clean clothes sheets then collect the sheets the next day and go to garage and get treated. Garbage bags also were used for collecting laundry in waiting. My thought was that critters that could weaken and drop off would then attach to feet, socks, other items and cling to life. If they were stuck in a bag waiting for washing the. They were contained. Always think CONTAINMENT, LIKE OUTBREAK! Stay away from used areas +3 days (most info says these things die in 24 hours without a meal, but I have experienced different and some web info cites studies where female mites lived 96 hours! ) Razors and Luffas one use or bleach treat Combs bleach treated. Pillows mattresses covered in plastic cases. (bed bath beyond) Furniture contained in plastic drop clothes. Car seats had to be treated or quarantined to stop bug life cycle. Car seats that could not be left for a week without use has to be covered. Plastic Drop cloths were disposable, or beach towels one use cover and wash in hot. All day work agenda is to tackle the mountain of household items to clean, treat, heat treat, bag and wipe. And swiffer at least 3x a day Replace tac mats, use tac mts to wipe feet, deduce floor debris, tracking, travel of bugs. Wash clothes in very hot Increase water heater temp Wash clothes inside out many times. Wash all socks and underwear in hot with bleach or agents Contain shoes in bags with moth ice Heat treat shoes as possible Shoes and clothes may shrink, casualties of war. Contact potential affected people: hotels, baby sitters, schools, close family. Tell them what to watch for so they can act on treatment. Stay away from hospitals, eldercare centers, scabies is very contagious and tough to manage in those facilities. Protect your loved ones by keeping away from them. Keep samples each day of anything found. Mark in dated bags, location taken from This also helped gauge when things get better. Our experience was many relapse episodes unfortunately. After fighting the initial time it got better but then the backlash of not properly containing clothes, hair, etc. Caused a relapse. I realized after doing everything the doctor said for weeks, that I felt bites on feet and back where my hair had just been combed out. My scalp was not itchy, but whatever was dropping onto my back in microscopic size was a vector. Plus my husbands shirts might be dropping mites who then lived. We found the vectors to be hidden in our hair, scalp, floors. Once we attacked the scalp spot on top of the kids head and the hair bands and the increased frequency of swiffer (so glad we don't have carpet! ) Treated hair Contained dry cleaning shirts Swiffer until the swiffer sheets are clean Tied hair in buns for over 8 months Then final change toward recovery and improvement was when contained hair and floors and clean room criteria. Meds or skin treatments Rx: Permethrin 5% a tube per adult, some left over from kids tube apply for neck to toes, get under nails and in ALL spaces, cracks. They say 8 hours, but in one treatment towards the end of many unsuccessful treatments, we left it on for 24 hours. Permethrin also had Cooling tingly affect, unsure if this was nerve response or the meds acting. We also did lice body shampoos Lice gel treatment - took to using this on whole body, then shower. Walmart had large bottles. Cleaned and reused combs, was nice to have a stable of clean combs to grab. Dermatologistskept trying to soothe skin with Rx for: Triamcinolone. 1% Hydrocortisone 2. 5% just caused caking of cream on skin and caused patient to just feel hot. Dermatologist office also tried to sell Saran for double the Walmart cost. $20 a bottle, I returned it, I would have guessed then that they resell possibly used and returned bottles. They were not surprised I returned the bottles or that I was angry at the rip off. Sarna skin original cream (normal has like. Cooling camphor in it, sensitive has no cooling gent. NOTE: Cooling agents like camphor in creams are not well tolerated by kids , they tend to get cold and cannot tolerate term until bath, even warm bath water is colder when the creamed skin hits the bath. Sarna skin sensitive cream, better for kids. Sulfur soap felt nice on skin, but scaled up the shower door with residue. Multi layer treatment, (recommended by web folks who said permethroin did not work. ) made black things come out of skin. Put in layers over whole body. Get help, for your back. Hand sanitizer Orange oil Tea tree oil Blue magic Coconut oil Left these on for about an hour then showered and sometimes followed with sulfur cream It is killing these bugs but also Both oils and sulfur creams caused the skin to expel black stuff. I agree this must be the bugs dead and leaving. I Liked tea tree oil and it soothed the skin. Orange oil smells nicer, bugs did NOT like orange and tea tree oils. Enjoyed the thought of winning small battles with orange and tea tree oils. Also the sulfur cream. Felt like they were suffering. Some of these smell bad, segregate clothes you will wear with these creams and oils. Eventually the sulfur smell and tea tree smells go away, after many washes, but the relief is worth the smell. Sulfur cream, get help for back. Some blogs said to put on for a hour. In some cases I got desperate and left it on all day. Again calendar helps keep facts straight. At some point my trusted doctor and my replacement good dermatologist agreed that the mites were likely not there and I was dealing with nerve sensations. Long after the initial scrapes of diagnosis, and treatments, I saw bumps and lesions. I had 3 biopsies, each time they cut 3 spots, 9 cuts and none showed infection. I paid a lot for the biopsies and their analysis. Learned eventually that skin healing response can produce these bumps. It is part of the response to the medicine and also the bugs. Also going bck to work, some of my clothes were tight and the skin response to tight clothes was to create its own lesions nd bumps. At this point I resorted to treating the sensations. Some of the web posts stated: kill scabies in five minutes..... So I tried it. Rub down with muscle rub and then go take a bath with foot powder. Materials listed below: Foot powder borax bran iodide ( Walgreens) Walgreens fast acting odorless analgesic crime, trolamine salicylate 10%, inactive ingredient aloe barbadensis leaf extract, Acetyl alcohol, glycerin, mineral oil, potassium phosphate, propyl paraben steric acid, triethanolamine, water, (did not work as well as muscle rub to quit the bug skin sensation) Muscle rub ultra strength Walgreen s brand (active ingredients: camphor 4%, menthol , methyl salicylate 30%', inactive ingresdientss: carbomer, dis odium EDTA, glyceryl lstearate SE, lanolin, ploys ornate, 80 potassium hydroxide, steric acid, troloamine, water Notes on kids Sarna skin cream (normal has like. Cooling camphor in it, sensitive has no cooling agent. ) Cooling agents like camphor in creams are not well tolerated by kids , they tend to get cold and cannot tolerate them until bath, even warm bath water is colder when the creamed skin hits the bath. Kid management: explain bug infestation Ask if they can help, kids love to help swiffer. Set standard that the "doctor says" must do medicines, creams, baths, cleaning, toy a quarantine time, etc Buy them a swim cap for hair treatments, character caps help too. They can use wipes to help clean while you use Clorox wipes They can help clean bathtub No stuffed toys for a while, they are " in the laundry" Use google images to demonstrate the sickness. Notes: on additional controls and responses. Known to infest just skin, not scalp, however, I found an infestation on my daughters scalp (3 yo) only infants supposedly get scalp infestation....... Hmmmm..... We had scalp stuff. Also noticed that it felt like critters on my back falling from hair. Like biting on my back immediately 10 mins post shower and lice treatment on hair. Felt like these had gotten into our hair by retreating to un-permethrin treated areas also hair bands/ scuunccii on floor had collected and harbor end critters. Mom Treated scalps of mom and daughter with permethrin, told doctors, although we were told it was not needed. Shortened daughters hair to minimize combing about shoulder length. Pediatrician Rx sklice for scalp treatment, new technique and was $80 with prescription coverage. Also felt like critters on floor from clothes, skin, wherever, and they keep cycling onto person Noticed that doing laundry, I felt bites on my feet start when I got near laundry pile. Contained husbands dry cleaning inside large plastic bags so no critters could drop and move. Quarantined this clothing in garage with more tarp underneath. Purse and gym bags with cleats, heart rate straps, watches, etc all infected. All isolated, treated, etc. Sensations Felt itchy, crawly, ears, top of head, nose, toes, armpits, waistband. Bra bands, etc. Permethrin felt cooling when applied. I felt it more than husband. The relief sensation was comforting and addicting. This may be caused by nerve agent nature of the drug. As nerves healed over time, tingling and bug sensation would occur. When done, wear loose clothes for 6-8 months or tight clothes will cause skin response similar to scabies, lesions that is simply an immune response. Took months for sensations to stop. The muscle cream and foot soap bath really worked like a switch to stop the tingling buggy feeling. It was terribly uncomfortable to be so cold and wet, brutal treatment, but worked. Root cause investigation thoughts: Unsure if we only had scabies or a multi infestation with other mites. Massage June 6, 2012, then went to work out. Masseuse was rookie, concerned about transfer to heart rate monitor. Possible June infection from hawaii trip Possible gym infection, possible daycare route, Daughter and mother worst infected Daughter and mother waking up all night when sensation and biting occurred. Also think there were body lice in play here Daycare friends had traveled possibly infected us, but not honest enough to alert others to the risk, No one in our house got any infection here by visiting. Baby sitters were fine. Daycare provider had heavy pubic scratching and also hospital astray hospital cancer. Also worried about work chair, put raincoat over chair and switched chairs. Bart train seats, infidelity, all possiblities that were considered. I think there was scabies, plus some other mite from the driveway fir trees. Used to get bites when sitting in pickup truck bed that has fir tree cones and debris from trees. Twice found visible bugs, not ants coming from driveway toward garage and laundry, liked sweaty clothes. Scabies are not visible, so these were other mites. Once floor controls and hair scalp was addressed, all bites stopped. Sensations continued, but camphor creams helped stop brain response. Mental Dermatologists smug over initial first treatment by primary care doc because it was a 2 week treatment, Corrected with 1 week treatment, but they also refused to accept there was another reinfection. Bites on back and feet, they said, it's not scabies, cannot help you. Second opinion dermatologist said scabies. Also other bugs were on driveway and floor, and scalp, initial dermatologist and other doctors seemed hopeless that they could not help.. This is when I realized it was all out war to quarantine everything's movement more tightly than the TSA at the airports. Doctors Refused to consider scalp, until pediatrician saw what I saw. So we switched to sklice Rx. Pediatrician was helpful and had really seen scabies so follow up bumps were discounted and patient at ease. then dermatologists were bullish when not considering the comfort level of patient, excreted bugs appearing were dismissed as dirt/debris. Bully doctors would discard the patient, prescribe more creams, just to make more money, don't care about patient. They left patient to mentally suffer. Sometimes felt like there was no future life away from scabies condition. Hopeless, very suicidal and very risky. As if they did not understand this was skin expressing the bugs out. Black things appear on these patients as commonly anecdotes on the Web, people don't all have the same story by chance. This phase exists. And the doctor treats them as crazy people. As if these black things are in their minds only. As if derms don't get that there is stuff and cannot explain what it is to a patient. They need tone able to understand and help the patient brought. Now I clearly know more than any dermatologist about scabies. That first derm office should be disciplined by the med review board. Skin issues also followed with fungus or other immune response lesions that were scary to experience as a potential comeback of the bugs. Web logs were helpful. Felt not alone. Good tips Some people wrote what their experience was as opposed to actual science, but it was helpful. ( e.g., one post said they saw moving black bugs under microscope. I found this questionable. The debris was likely bugs but they were only coming out because skin was expressing the debris. I never saw live specimens. )

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