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Mole Remedies

Last Modified on Mar 22, 2015

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Posted by Tara (Worcester, Ma) on 09/23/2009

[BETTER BUT WITH SIDE EFFECTS]  I am on my third day of the ACV mole treatment. I am treating 7 moles. 3 look good (turning black scabbing etc) However another 3 of them look bigger and slightly lighter than before. They look inflammed. Has this happened to anyone? I am not sure if I should continue the ACV treatments. I really want this to work and want the moles gone.

Please help!

Replied by Snewc
Deep In The South, Louisiana
[YEA]   I had a good size mole on my right temple. Mine also seemed to swell or enlarge and turn lighter in color before scabbing and falling off. I did not do the bandaid route, instead I went in the bathroom several times a day and held ACV to the mole via a q-tip. It took almost two weeks, but it is totally gone tonight! I did finally "scratch" the area before applying the AVC and this sped things up. I had people left and right telling me to "have that thing removed!" I am so happy to say...the mole/wart is gone! I used tweezers to remove the the edges would darken I would peel them off....the mole shrunk and finally tonight came off. Hang in there! I hope this helps!!
Replied by Aman
Auh, Uae
Hello People,

I just got say one thing to all of you. If you want to cure your moles & warts use only Duofilm. It is a liquid you can buy from any pharmacy at your place. Use only in the area where the mole is. Don't apply on the surrounding areas. Because it is very effective from first use and you can feel the pain as soon as you apply to the mole. So apply carefully. I have cured 7 moles in 4 days. So you can imagine how effective it could be. One last secret I would like to share with you all. Even the moles specialist doctors uses the same liquid to cure moles and charge huge amount for the treatment. Later


Posted by Ruhruh1979 (Gun Barrel City, Tx) on 09/23/2009

[YEA]  I cannot believe how well this worked! Last week I swear a mole popped up on my back outta nowhere. It was itchy and very annoying. I was seriously considering going into a doctor to see about having it removed. I've had 2 kids, a little shot in the back shouldn't bother me too much, but I absolutely hate going to the doctor. So, I googled natural mole removal and found out about acv and then found this site. After reading just about every feedback that was listed on the site, I figured why not give it a try. I can always go to the doctor if it doesn't work.

I started this on Sunday afternoon. I used one of those cotton rounds that you usually use to take off nail polish with. I folded it into quarters, put it over the top of my acv bottle and put some on it much like when I put nail polish remover on it. I then took a slightly larger bandaid and this little triangle fit perfectly on the center of it. Put it on my back and let it do it's work. I changed it again before I went to bed, and took it off when I woke up, and kept on going. The only time that I went without it was when I went somewhere, and as soon as I got home, I reapplied.

It's now Wednesday evening, and the mole is virtually gone. It's been painless. I have a little red mark where the scab fell off, but it is soooo much better have this irritating little mole driving me nuts when my shirt rubs on it or while trying to sleep. I have had no burning of the skin whatsoever. I imagine some are much more sensitive to things, but I've never had issues like that. I'm so happy this worked, because iodine is not an option for me since I am allergic to it. The only thing about it is that acv has a strong smell and my husband thought it was hilarious that I smelled like salt and vinegar potato chips. HA!

I have a couple of more moles that I want to try this one, but will wait until I get back home after being gone this coming weekend. I'm still leery about trying to do one on my face, but I think I'll try that as well. :) I also used a cheap store brand bottle of acv.

Replied by Nathan
Lakeland, Florida
[WARNING!]   To the person who had the itchy mole, before they started the AVC treatment. You should still go to a dermatologist and have the spot where the mole was checked. As you said the mole seemd to come out of no where and itched. Its not usually a good sign when a mole start to itch all by itself. It could be turning into melanoma. Its better to be safe than sorry and have suspicious itchy, bleeding or irregular colored moles checked out by a dermatologist as soon as these symptoms appear. As melanoma is an aggressive cancer.

Posted by Ally (Tumon, Guam) on 08/21/2009

[BETTER BUT WITH SIDE EFFECTS]  Please help! I used ACV on a small mole on my face (above my lip). I was extra careful in only putting the ACV on the mole and covering the surrounding area with vaseline. My mole is scabbing over after one day; however, I am experiencing SO MUCH inflammation around the site. Is this normal? My skin is all red and inflammed around the mole. I am concerned. Please give advice. Thank you to everyone!

Posted by Bahocha (New York, New York) on 08/20/2009

I am in the process of trying the Apple Cider Vinegar for a new mole on my face. I have so MANY questions about people's progression using this product. I would love to start posting on here more about my progress so that I can possibly help other people.

Posted by Nebby (London, England) on 08/18/2009

[YEA]  Basically i had 3 moles on my face which were about half the size of the end of a pencil erazer. So i read all the stuff on here about using apple cider vingar, so i thought i might aswell give it a shot so i did.

But before i applied the vingear, btw i used normal white vingear that was the only 1 at my house at the time. So basically i cut my moles quite alot using a scissor untill they were bleeding... your probably wondering how i cut them up.. but basically how i cut them was using EMLA cream 5mg, its basically a local anaesthesia cream which is available from chemists without prescription :D:D. I applied it onto my moles for 1 hour, untill the moles and skin around the moles got numb and then i cut them up abit with a scissor.

Once that was done i got a bottle of vinegar, took the cap off... and held the entire bottle of vingear on each of my moles for about 20mins each it burnt abit but the vinger penetrated the moles straight away coz the moles were cut up :D. in about 7 hours i noticed the moles went black but were still abit soft... then about 24 hours later they became hard and scabby... i didnt peel them at all.

4 days later whilst applying vaseline the mole scabs were healing up and then it just peeled right off! a slight pinkish scar but u cant even notice it honestly.... its the best method to be honest!!! and u dnt have the headache of using a bandaid everyday...!

btw i only used the vinegar for 20mins! and that was it... i didnt even need to use a bandaid and soaked cotton wool for 1week like the rest of the people here...

Posted by Mikal (Phenix City, Alabama) on 08/16/2009

[YEA]  hello my name is mikal i'm from phenix city alabama. I was born with a large mole on my neck. I was always made fun of in school cause of it. It measured at a size of a dime i found this web site and i saw the (apple cider vinegar) I said to myself i've got to try it so i went and got the items and started using them it has been three days and it has gotten alot smaller .I'm happy now knowing that its not going to be there much longer I'm just going to keep using it until its gone. Yhank You very much Earth Clinic

Replied by Mikal
Phenix City, Alabama
hi this is mikal it was took seven days and my mole fell off im so glad its off thank you

Posted by Fefe (Chicago, Il) on 08/14/2009

[YEA]  I had this mole on my face for as long as I remember. I'm simply writing to share my amazement with how the method worked in removing my mole! I scraped the mole with a clean needle and then I applied vaseline on the skin around the mole. Then I took a cotton ball and soaked it in Apple Cider Vinegar (with the mother) product. I placed it directly on the mole and taped it down with normal tape. I left it on 1 hour and then washed it and took it off. I did this for a week however I didn't do it every single day (I did it every other day and I was skeptical so pretty much I thought I was wasting my time). The mole dried up and fell off. There is a tiny pink spot but I can cover it with even pressed powder. I'm sure it will disappear though.

Replied by Melissa
Burlingame, Ks
What do you mean you scraped it with a needle?
Replied by Dana
Los Angeles, California
Did the pink spot ever go away?
Replied by Summer
Baton Roiuge, Louisiana, Usa
... I came on line in search of a remedy to the moles I have on my face. So I am into day 2 with the use of ACV.... I coat the surrounding skin real well with thick coats of Vaseline to protect. But so far I see a darkening of the moles. I have 3 flattened moles near my cheeks, several smaller ones the size of a pen point (those I can live with). But I am so hoping this works, I had them once laser removed but they returned. So I will be posting my progression with ACV.

Posted by Radiogal (Chattanooga, Tn) on 08/01/2009

[YEA]  I am still amazed! I had a large brown freckle/mole (about 1/4 inch) on my chest. I'd had it checked by a dermotologist to make sure it was benign (it was), however, it seemed to be getting slightly larger every year. Used the ACV technique I found here: saturating a small piece of cotton/placing on mole/covering with bandaid/leaving overnight. Did this about half a dozen times, and not even on consecutive nights. Was amazed how the mole came off in layers. Each morning, after showering, I'd dab with some hydrogen peroxide. When the last layer fell off, the skin underneath was slightly pink, and now I can't even tell where the thing was. Fabulous!! Thanks EC and to everyone who posted this cure :D

Posted by Liz (Madison, WI) on 07/29/2009

[YEA]  Apple Cider Vinegar removed two flat very dark moles in about two weeks. I applied the ACV overnight consecutively for about a week and a half, and once they both scabbed up (they became very black and a little hard), I did not touch them. Then a week later, both fell off! The skin is still red, but both moles are completely gone. The most importnat thing is is that you don't pull at the scab and take it off yourself too early, otherwise you might only get half the mole and it increases the risk of scarring. You really have to be patient, and put up with the scabs until they fall off. Thank you soo much Earth Clinic, I love this site!! :)

Posted by Buster (Dime Box, Texas) on 07/26/2009

[YEA]  ACV Removed my pea size mole in 2 1/2 days only a small red area left that is turning lighter every day, I recomend trying ACV it is cheap and does not take that long, Plus there is very little pain through the whole process.

Posted by Kayla (Ottawa, Canada) on 07/22/2009

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  So i tried this, and it did remove my mole, BUT it wasn't completely off, so now its a big scar with tiny moles under the skin, but atleast it worked ! :)

Can I remove my other mole by doing this process SLOWlY, (like maybe weeks or months depending) and only dab it in the daytime when I am awake and can continue wetting my mole with ACV ? Can I also do this on a FLAT MOLE without getting a scar ? Help pls ? Has anyone tried this on a small flat mole, and was not scarred ??? Thanks in advance ! xD

Posted by Earthella (Leitchfield, Kentucky) on 07/16/2009

[YEA]  After reading about some "yeas" concerning the use of apple cider vinegar to remove moles, I decided to try it. It really, really works! I had an irritating mole center bottom of my sternum that I covered with a tiny piece of cotton drenched with apple cider vinegar. It fell off in 3 days. No scar, no scab... smooth as silk. I reapplied the cider 2-3x a day and kept it covered until it was gone.

Posted by Aldo (Brisbane, Australia) on 06/02/2009

[YEA]  Apple Cider Vinegar removed a mole in 7 days!!! I have to admit, though I am very interested in natural remedies, I was very skeptical that just simple ACV could help to remove a mole. But, for just a few dollars spent on band aids and ACV, why not give it a try?

What I did:
Used a sterile needle to "rough up the skin a bit" over the mole, just break the skin a little, but not try to make it bleed. Then I used a corner piece of tissue and folded it 3-4 times and made it into a neat square. Then I put some ACV into a spray bottle (it is so much easier to apply then) and sprayed enough to soak the tissue. Finally apply it to the mole and cover it with a band aid. I did this twice a day.

In just a couple of days, the mole seemed to transform into a scab. On the seventh evening, it almost fell off (with a little help from me when I saw it came three quarters off by itself anyway. I have to admit, I only very very gently tugged at it and it just fell off.

Now, I am applying honey to a piece of tissue paper and applying that to it. I heard elsewhere on this site (and subsequently others) that honey is great for the healing and minimising any scarring. Well, the ACV worked, so why not give that a try!

By the way, the ACV I used, says it is organic but it didn't even have "the mother" in it, and it still worked!!! Now I have started doing 4 more flat moles, it is day 2 and they are all looking exactly the same as the first one did on day two! Wohoo!

Thank you to all of you who posted before, it really encouraged me to give this a try. Thank you too earthclinic, you are doing a wonderful work!

Replied by Peter
San Diego, Usa
I used neosporin on it and the reddish mark is little to none. I'm not sure but it might slow the effect of the ACV slightly but i don't really mind as long as there is no red mark for me it's fine. This is day 2 for me with the ACV and it has started to scab but there is red mark and also it's on my face and none of my friends seem to notice.

Posted by Xena (Singapore) on 05/31/2009

[BETTER BUT WITH SIDE EFFECTS]  pls cud any kind angel help me, my wedding is cumin.. N I'm stuck with a brownish reddish mark surrounding my mole that I've tried to remove using apple cider vinegar. My mole is almost gone, but the surrounding area is troubling me, cause it makes it more obvious. I'm scared tht it might be permanently be there. I've applied so much of aloe vera gel but it does'Nt seems to lighten at all.I guess the surrounding area of my face is burned by acv. Pls how do I get my original skin colour back fast. Help me! Warning to those, trying the acv pls protect ur surrounding skin especially if it's on ur face. pls give me a solution guys... Thanks

Replied by Kayla
Ottawa, Canada, Ontario
Try Honey ?
Replied by Bonn
T Or C, Nm
Try putting a circle of petroleum jelly around the mole. Just get some vasaline on a q-tip and swipe in a circle around mole covering read area, hope it helps!!
Replied by Abez111
Preston, Lancashire, United Kingdom
ok so heres my question, I have a mole in my private area, and I want to use avc, im from england. Im 16. Is it just the organic apple cider vinegar, in like a blue bottle? or the one in the see through bottle? I hope some1 can answer this as I am desperate

Posted by Angie (Los Angeles, CA) on 05/27/2009

[YEA]  ACV: Used it to remove an ugly mole

I am so excited about ACV. My 10 year old son had a mole right at the center of hix neck on the back, the size of an eraser. He refused to wear anything without a collar, and insisted on wearing his jacket to school just to cover the mole. Apparently he was getting picked on at school. One day I found him on the internet trying to find a way to remove the mole, that's when I realized this was more serious that I thought. I jumped on this site and tried the ACV. I put it on with a Q-tip morning and night before he went to bed and covered it with a band-aid. I only put the acv on the mole. By the fourth day it turned black and flat that is just peeled off. My son was so happy, he's now wearing his regular t-shirts without a collar! I love collars shirts but I just want him to wear anything without being self conscious about himself. Thank you for your wonderful postings. You have made my son very happy.

Replied by Kayla
Ottawa, Canada, Ontario
Hii, Im Kayla and I will be trying this method out, because it seems that Acv is the most effective for mole removal, this has encourage me to attempt removing the mole that has been bothering me for years. Thank you everyone for your stories and opinions. I will start this project today and will report back once I am done the operation! XD

I hope this really works!!! :D *crosses fingers*

- Kayla ! :)

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