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Posted by Nicolas88 (New York, Usa) on 12/15/2010

Hello, I used the ACV method to remove a really small mole. I scratched it a bit and then applied ACV. The first day it looked scabbed and the second day it started peeling off. The third day it was gone, but left a big scar around the area. Thanksfully, most of the red is gone by now (1 month later) and the skin is normal, but there is still a reddish dot where the mole used to be (it has the size of the mole too). It is better than having the mole, but still very noticeable. What I'm wondering is whether it is the mole growing back (the scar hasn't changed for a long time and although I cannot really say if it has brown in it, it is dark) or it is just a scar. Could you help me please? Have you had similar experiences with this treatment?

Posted by Me (Fremont, Ca) on 11/13/2010

[YEA]  I had a small mole on my face that suddenly grew large as a pencil eraser and unsightly. I applied ACV with a q-tip to it for about 20 minutes per evening while I read a book. I also scratched the surface of the mole to make the ACV more accessible to it. Dried, crusty layers of the mole came off until eventually, with continued treatment, it was completely gone. The process of applying ACV lasted about eight days. Amazingly, when the last of the mole came off there was no scarring whatsoever. It looks like I never had a mole that had been on my face for as long as I could remember. Yea!

Replied by Pilar
Panama City, Panama
[YEA]   I read all the posts on this wonderful forum regarding getting rid of moles/skin cancers with ACV and I decided to try it a month ago. Since I couldn't find the organic ACV I went and bought the Heinz which worked VERY well. I started treatment on a suspicious mole I've had for over 20 years which I suspect I developed after over sunning myself during a summer holiday. The mole was about 3/4 cm in size (1/2") and a dark beige color. I am light skinned. It was located about 1 inch above my navel. The ACV started to work right away. Within 5 days, the mole had sloshed up like lather and I could rub it off. Ten days after I started it was scabbing up. A month later the scab came completely off and all that remains is a pinkish spot slightly indented. Looks like its GONE for good! I am very grateful for all you great people who have shared your experiences as you gave me encouragement to go and try the ACV. I was truly dreading having to go to one of these local dermatologists who would probably gouge my skin and my pocket and put the scare of my life into me. Thank you everybody!!!

Posted by Melissa (Frisco, Tx) on 11/07/2010

[YEA]  After reading all of the success stories about getting rid of a mole with ACV, I was convinced to try it. Just wanted to say that ACV really works. I got rid of a flat mole in just about 4 days. I used a cotton ball, tape, vaseline and ACV (Store Brand). Every night I put it on and removed in the morning. By the fourth day it had a scab. I peeled the scab off and the rest of the mole went with it. It made a sore and scar, but it's healing pretty fast, alot better than the mole. Thanks Everyone!!

Replied by Mrs M
[YEA]   I began using ACV on a flesh coloured mole six days ago. The mole was raised and lighter in colour than my skin tone; applying make-up didn't disguise it at all and I felt as though it had slowly become the most dominant feature of my face :( In certain lighting it almost disappeared, yet I still felt so self conscious because it was located on my chin, prone to hairs and now so visible in many photographs!

I visited a dermatologist who said that surgical removal would leave me with a more noticable scar. She basically told me to keep smiling (this flattened it out) and to learn to live with it as it was non-cancerous and benign. I was elated about that part, but still miserable about my appearance. I could see over a year that it was more raised and friends and colleagues would glance down during conversations :(

So.... out came the ACV, and thank heaven for this wonderful treatment! If you try this remedy, please do not be put off within the first two days of treatment. My mole became swollen, sore and red during this time - and I was only applying the ACV with a cottonbud for three ten minute applications daily. I didn't soak overnight, felt it was way too potent for that, nor did I scratch the area. But I did surround it with vaseline ;)

By day three my mole was flattening and scabbing. I felt it was time to stop applying ACV, so started taking one tablespoonful in water twice daily on appearance of the dark scab. On day three I also steamed my face with hot water and a little added ACV. I am definitely continuing with both of these, my skin is fresh and glowing and I have more energy! I applied some aloe vera and tea tree oil to the scab every morning and night. Now, six days later, my scab is way smaller and the skin around it is not red or raised! I can tell it is getting ready to drop off, no picking here to avoid scarring, will post when the scab fully heals! Very pleased so far.... It's working!!!!! :D

Posted by Lindsey-marie (Nottingham, Uk) on 10/04/2010

Hi there, just started using Apple Cider Vinegar today about 6 hours ago, scratched at the mole with a sterile needle and applied Apple Cider Vinegar using a cotton pad, then placed a plaster over the top and kept checkin every hour. It has gone black and I have now took the plaster and Apple Cider Vinegar off as am unsure how much I need to be doing this and what the next step is??? Can anyone advise me what to do now it is black and completely flat to the surface? thanks

Replied by Friend
You don't need to check it every hour... Just do what you did: after covering, forget about it. Leave it there until you shower or get up in the morning or something. If it is too irritated and hurting, skip a day or two until it is not. Otherwise repeat the treatment once a day and suddenly it will fall off (it will be a great "ha! " moment). Also, it helps if inside the bandage you leave a cotton ball soaked with ACV (overnight is best). Just get enough of cotton to cover the mole. Good luck!
Replied by Lindsey-marie
Nottingham, Uk
Hi, I did as you said and left the cotton wool soaked in ACV with a bandaid on for most of the 48 hours, changing regularly to avoid infection. I have stopped using ACV now as it is totally flat, black and around where my mole was in turning scabby but the scab seems to be sort of indented slighty, lower than the rest of my skin. Anything I can do to speed up the process of the scab coming off and avoid there being a 'crater' on my face?
Replied by Tracey
Columbus, Oh
You may want to check with a dermatologist. The way you are describing it sounds a bit like a minor skin cancer my grandmother had.
Replied by Ole Man Dan
The question was raised 'Did I repeat the treatment for four days? Generally yes. The smaller ones didn't need that much time, but the huge flat one on my neck has needed a couple of weeks. It was the size of a Dime, now it's about the size of the head of a 'Q'Tip. It's scabbed over and shrank down... I'm waiting for it to fall off.

Since my first post, I've taken a small wart off the back of my Right hand too. The scab came off of it yesterday. Not a single mole has left much of a scar. If I get a scar from the giant mole on my neck, it will still be an improvement. Take care of yourselves, and use common sense and AVC or Iodine will remove warts, and moles. If they are stubborn, we have to be stubborn too.

Replied by Autumn
Colorado Springs, Colorado
I tried the ACV on a mole right above my lip that I've always wanted gone. It's now day 2 (I did the first application last night by pressing a soaked q-tip to the slightly raised mole which is about the size of the 'O' on your keyboard) and within an hour, it flattened an turned dark. I know I shouldn't have been so impulsive, but I wanted it gone so badly, I was willing to risk negative possibilities. I'm still somewhat apprehensive of scarring and, worse, regrowth... But I applied Vaseline liberally and have been pretty sterile. All the best. - Autumn

p.s. - there's a small white ring around the mole. I'm wondering if this will turn into scar tissue when the mole falls off?

Posted by Shack (Miami, Fl) on 09/30/2010

[YEA]  I had a protruding mole midway between my right eye and my hairline. It was already the size of a small bullet point on a word document. I irrated it a couple of weeks ago and it started to grow exponentially. In fact it perhaps more than doubled in size to a small raisin. I was desperate. We (my family)is in the middle of switching our insurance plans, so I couldn't get to a doctor. I came across this website and intensely read every post. I analyzed the comments and weighed the pros and cons. Right now its Thursday morning. On Tuesday night I went to the store and purchased the Apple Cider Vinegar. When I got back home I took a Q-tip and dipped one end in vaseline. I put a light coat around the mole. I took a sterilized needle and poked holes in my mole. Mind you, my mole had that "clustered grape" look to it. Then I took the other end of of the Q-tip and dipped it into the ACV, and proceeded to dab it onto the mole. I did that for about 2 minutes, then put a band-aide over it. By morning time it had strunk some and started to darken. I put more ACV on it, and kept the band-aide off during the day. Later, Wednesday afternoon, I looked in the mirror and it had strunk to even lower than the original size. By bed-time around 11pm it looked like it was ready to fall off. This only 24 hours later. I repeated the needle/vaseline/ACV treatment and put the band-aide back on. Well, this morning when I took the band-aide off, the mole fell off it as well. I have no discoloration and the only thing you can see, if you look real closely, is a slight raising of the skin where the mole was. Hopefully, it will flatten. I will take any suggestions regarding post-treatment. I want to thank all those who shared their experiences. So far the results are 100% positive.

Replied by Julian
Vancouver, Canada
Worked for me. I had a slightly raised, smallish mole near the base of my neck on the side before I discovered this site. I applied ACV with gauzes and bandaids at night and when around the house. I'd just dab some on with my clean finger before I went out. The mole was filed down and turned into a scab and fell of in only three days.

The way it looked after than was worse than the mole itself. Quite bloody and scabby. About three or four days later, the skin was just a bit red. It still is (this is seven days after I first applied the ACV), but it's quickly fading to skin colour.

If you're willing to have the area look worse for a week, this is a miracle tip. Surprised it isn't more mainstream.

Posted by Rachel (Hartford, Connecticut, Usa) on 09/07/2010

[YEA]  ACV worked like a champ for killing the four moles on my face that I'd hated for years. I knew that my options at a dermatologist were to burn them off or cut them out, neither of which sounded appealing and both of which sounded like they had the potential to scar my face. When I read about ACV, I figured it probably wouldn't work, but when it did, I was pleasantly surprised. I followed the process suggested here (scratch mole with sterilized needle, apply ACV several times a day, use ACV-soaked Q-tip bud at night, wait until moles scab and slough off on their own), and I'd say it probably took about a week for the moles to fall off and another week for the underlying wounds to close up enough for me to be able to apply foundation over them. They're healing nicely; I apply vitamin E with a Q-tip and slap a scar-reducing bandage over the pinkish skin, and every day, they fill in better and appear less pink. I've been telling everyone who seems interested about this method. So glad I found this site and gave ACV a try before throwing money at a dermatologist!

Posted by Andrew (La, Ca, Us) on 08/23/2010

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  Hi, I have used the garlic & Apple Cider Vinegar method multiple times, but once the mole is removed, it always returns again! I dont want to say it's a mole but black raised skin always reappears to where I applied the acv(it's bigger than the original mole also). It seems like it's pretty loose skin, but it becomes soft and loses its hardness and scab like qualities as it heals. I have been applying vitamin E on it and my mole came off about 3 days ago, but should I keep applying vitamin e on this "mole" to see if it heals? Thanks!

Posted by Tacocat (Hyde Park, Ny) on 08/14/2010

[YEA]  I am 47 and had a pencil eraser size mole on my cheek for over 20 years. It was a raised, flesh and red colored "bump". One MD said it would need to be "scooped out" and cause a scar. So I left it alone until my sister so graciously said " get that big ugly thing off your face, it makes you look old". AHHHH, I ran home and found this site. Well, I slice and diced this mole up and it bleed for a few minutes. I put the vaseline around it. Used a qtip and every hour or so applied the ACV. This got redundant, so I put a small piece of the qtip cotton in a bandaid and went to bed for 4 hrs. Thats when I woke up having a night mare that I would awaken to a burned out hole in my face. So, I discontinued treatment at 3 AM! This mole looked white and blistery. It had a red ring around it, on the skin that received a bit of a burn from the ACV. The next day it was blackened and I got very anxious that I screwed myself! I alternated from honey to 100% aloe gel on a bandaid. The bandaids I used were the ones that you can swim with and keeps it very much sealed. It even looks good on. After keeping it moist (moisture is best for healing!!! ) for 2 days the scab softened and the whole mole kept diminishing. 5 days later it is completely gone and flat to my face with only a red healing spot that is easily managed with coverup. During the last 3 days of healing, I was not anxious about any scaring. Whew! I applied iodine 3-4 times a day and that help it the rest of the way. I recommend this treatment. ONLY, DO it gradually- like 4hrs in one day and NOT NOT NOT over night. Remember: You must score up the mole. It isnt pretty for a few days. And, I was extremely anxious the first two days. I can see where it can burn and scar if you are too aggressive.

Replied by Janice
Apex, Nc/usa
Hi, am currently trying the ACV method for moles and wondered, did you only score the mole the first time you applied the ACV or on every occasion of applying the ACV? Wasn't sure if it was necessary on subsequent treatments or just the first time. Thanks! Janice
Replied by Crazydogjack
New Castle, Pa, Usa
I only scored the mole once and applied the ACV daily and the mole fell off.
Replied by Mrs. L.
New York, Ny
[YEA]   This was nothing short of amazing! I had a noticeable mole on the side of my cheek. I never had it removed due to fear of scarring. After reading all the posts on this site, I had no doubt that ACV was the way to go. I lightly roughed up the surface of the mole with an emery board, soaked a small piece of cotton in ACV and secured it with a bandaid. I did this in the morning and changed the dressing in the evening. After three days, the mole looked softer and the outer layers started sloughing off. By the fourth day, most of it was gone BUT there was a fairly deep and very raw looking indentation. I applied a mixture of Vitamin E and rose hip seed oil several times a day. Within a week, the wound started closing up and within two weeks the area was flat but discolored -- nothing a little concealer couldn't fix. It took about four weeks to heal completely, no discoloration whatsoever and it's like it never happened! I can't tell you how thrilled I am with this remedy. It also worked like a charm on two other moles I had on my leg.

Posted by Danniella (Essex, Uk) on 08/11/2010

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  Last thursday I started applying cider vinegar (just normal cheap one from supermarket, it actually only says cider vinegar on the bottle) on my 2 raised and big moles on my face. First, I did what everyone said on this website, soak a piece of cotton wool and taped it on, but it wasn't very accurate and Apple Cider Vinegar dripped or wasn't perfectly placed on my mole. Even though I put vaseline all around my mole it still burned (not too bad, but very uncomfortable) SO since then I have just been using a cotton bud, soaking it in Apple Cider Vinegar and dabbing my moles and holding it on for about a minute or until my arm aches! (still with vaseline around my moles)as I am on my holidays this is very managable for me. I have being doing this a few times throughout each day. It is now Wednesday (6 days) and so far one mole is very sore, it has shrunk and is black and I think it's scabbing. I really do hope it falls off as others had said. The other mole is similar but hasn't made as much progress. Layers of the mole has come off in the shower though :) Around the mole the skin is pink and soft. I feel quite disheartened as it's on my face but perhaps I need to give it more time. I will update on any progress. ANY ADVICE FROM ANYONE? Should I keep adding Apple Cider Vinegar OR should I just leave it completely dry so it scabs?? Thank you in advance :-)

Replied by Addy
Fb, Ga
Hey Danniella. I too was recently working on two moles on my stomach and experienced the same as you. One mole went flat, turned black, scabbed over and eventually came off. The second mole came off in layers. Didn't quite get why but I kept at it. Seems to me it was just a little more stubborn than the other one. Since you are dabbing it with Apple Cider Vinegar and not covering it on your face, I would continue for a few more days then stop. My only recommendation is to let the scabs come off by itself. I became a little to anxious and pulled one off before it was ready to. I've been a little red where it was versus letting it do its own thing.. Perfectly normal looking skin on the other. Good luck! Addy
Replied by Danniella
Essex, Uk
Sorry, one more thing mole removers! I DID NOT SCORE OR EVEN DARE try to damage my mole before I put Apple Cider Vinegar on. That's just scary and I don't know whether that is safe at all! Yes I know we're putting vinegar on our faces but I mean as safe as can be. So from my other comments that I have written, you can see that actually the outcome is still generally the same as those people who are scoring their moles first. Please be safe people. Doing it slowly is probably the best method and the best outcome. Just dab Apple Cider Vinegar on your moles with a cotton bud for a few minutes and not put cotton wool with a plaster on and run the risk of it touching/dripping on to your healthy skin. Your choice but just keep safe. USE LOADS OF VASELINE AT ALL TIMES.
Replied by Anon
Newcastle, Uk
[YEA]   I 'had' four moles on the right side of my face which had bothered me for some time... After reading the feedback on the use of ACV to remove moles I decided to give it a go, I scored each mole with sandpaper and applied ACV with a cotton-bud directly to each mole over a couple of days until they turned darker in colour and scabbed, over the following week I eased the scabs away from each mole leaving the skin free to heal with absoluteley no sign of any of the moles remaining... Fantastic Remedy! , Thanks Earth Clinic & its Contributers.
Replied by Danniella
Essex, Uk
Please help. I posted a few times a couple of weeks ago about my 'successes' of removing my moles with Apple Cider Vinegar (2 large raised ones on my face). All seemed fine and am currently treating my scars etc.... BUT NOW, my moles are reappearing over the scars/crater! They look even bumpier and worse than the original moles. Has this happened to anyone else? I feel so disheartened to have gone through this whole process (let alone the highs and lows of emotions) to find that this has all been for nothing. As the moles are on my face, it's obviously visual to others and so I've avoided seeing anyone over the last few weeks. This has dented my confidence even more. Please help me anyone.
Replied by Addy
Fb, Ga
Hey Danniella from Essex, Uk. I noticed the other night that two moles popped up just adjacent to a previous mole. This has me curious.. Did it seem to be a little stubborn and come off in layers or did it all turn black and come off at once?

I removed two moles.. One with Apple Cider Vinegar w/o mother(kitchen brand) turned black, fell off, end of that one. The second one with organic avc with mother took a little work. It came off in layers.. I think it took about 3 weeks before it fell off. I thought it strange but now that someone else got it.. I'm curious if anyone knows what happened?

Replied by Danniella
Essex, Uk
Thanks Addy for replying. I thanked you for your previous comments a few days ago, as well as updating my progress but they didn't submit my comments for some reason?! Anyway, they both went black and scabbed up. I'm going to number them to make it easier to explain. Number 1 mole: It's hidden slightly by my hair so I left completely alone and it shrunk and I kind of nudged it off gently. This one came of in layers. This one does not look as bad. This one is a crater and the outside circle is brown. I am not sure if this is going to grow into a full mole??

Number 2 mole: This one was more visable (under my eye) and so I did tug at that one. This one is the worse one so maybe you must have to leave it completely alone. Unfortunately as it is on my face I really feel I can't just have this horrible scab hanging of which is why the most visable one I really needed to get it off. Underneath it was very white and soft almost liquidy. The mole is growing over the crater more and more every day. I used cheap cider vinegar from the shop.

Replied by Wafaa
Tucson, Az, United States
Hi Daniella. Did you try reapplying some ACV with Q-tips to the new growth. I'm theorizing here, but it could be that you didn't get all of it the first time around (that is all the mole cells, since moles are caused by benign abnormal cells), so it's growing back. Especially because you mentioned it was hard to get rid of.
Replied by Karen From Oregon
Sealrock, Oregon
[YEA]   I had a black mole on my neck that finally had to go. It was getting in the way of my clothes & was growing a bit each year & was getting way too large & ugly. I sliced a garlic & put it over the mole & secured it with a band aid & left it in place for 3 days. (not getting it wet) I then removed the garlic & didn't put another back on for 3 days. After two rounds of the garlic the mole started to dry up, scaled up, & started shedding layers off until it was all gone. Yea! The whole process took about 2wks. Or so.
Replied by Lee
New York
Did you smell like garlic during the 3 days? I've tried, unsuccessfully with ACV, dandruff shapoo, h202. I'd love to try your method but am worried about the smell. Congratulations to you!
Replied by I Hate My Mole
Virginia, Va
I started the ACV treatment on the 18th on a slightly raised mole in between my eyebrows YIKES THIS TOOK ALOT OF BRAVERY about the size of this "O". I read all of the comments on this site and felt real confident based on others results that ACV was the way to go. I lightly scratched my mole with a sterile needle and applied ACV with a Q-tip and held it in place for about 5 mins about 3 times a day, I was really scared of permanent scarring so didn't leave it on all night.

Second day the mole turned black and went flat and twice the size (it almost looked like a had a mono-brow), day 3 it looked like it was lightly scabing but definitely not ready for it fall off or even pick at, so I continued with the treatment, I had some swelling around the mole also I guess I burned my self even though I used alot of vaseline to protect the surrounding skin, wasn't too worried about that.

By day 6 I was getting really worried that the mole was not scabbing as others had described and was still swollen but now it looked like the mole had sunk into a crater, so I decided to stop the treatment.

Since last night (23rd) I've been using vitamin E oil and triple antibiotic to help with the healing. 24th it seems to be healing but still a little sore and red around the mole and the scab is no longer black but has turned to a dark-ish brown. Im going to let it heal completely and hope for the best. Has any one else had a similar experience? Does it sound I like I did something wrong? Would appreciate any feed back or advice as I obviously want this darn thing gone.

PS, I had my mole checked and was told it was a benign mole.

Posted by Luckystarz77100 (Milwaukee, Wi, Usa) on 08/10/2010

I have just started the ACV treatment for a 'pencil eraser' sized mole on the side of my neck. I roughed up the surface quite a bit and started use, I only put the ACV on at night while I'm sleeping so I assume the process will be slower than others. I'm on day 4 and the hard dark scab is on the mole, but the very bottom edges are still soft (discolored but soft like the original mole) is there anything I can do?

Replied by Cyn
Fern, Fl
I have a question- my moles are flesh colored. They are not like regular moles that are brownish. And they are all over the right side of my face I look so horrible and I am so depressed because of them. Should I give the apple cider a try or would it be way too much scarring?
Replied by Lily
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Hi Cyn, what if you try the apple cider vinegar on just a couple of moles first and then see what happens. Lily.

Posted by Milana (Toronto, Canada) on 07/09/2010

[YEA]  After reading all the posts here, I also decided to try ACV with mother in it on my mole. I had a mole right beside my nose that became bigger in the last few years, it looked like a bump. At first I wasn't sure if ACV is good idea, I mean it is my face, but. . . For one week I used a part of cotton ball(swab was too small) and soaked in ACV, then pressed against the mole. No scratching or anything else. I did that three times daily(kept for ten minutes) for two days. Nothing happend. . . Well the color was a bit lighter, not very noticable. . Then on the third day I soaked the cotton ball in ACV, squeezed ACV out, so the cotton just felt wet, but looked almost dry. I again placed it on the top of the mole and kept it there firmly. It started to burn in the first two minutes, but I didn't remove it for about half an hour. . Well, I removed the cotton ball,and a black scub covered my mole. The next day I did the same, maybe for twenty minutes, and the day after that I decided to stop using ACV. Scub was very dry and fell of next morning. Five days, and mole was gone for good. As for scar, there is none. It was a tiny wound, then became a layer of dry skin, and now there is a pinkish spot only. My husband was quite sceptical and asked me if I know what I'm doing, but the day the scub fell off, he came back from work, and there was a loud: "I can't believe, it is gone!"

So, the same day I decided to remove a way bigger dark brown mole on the side of my neck, usually covered with my long hair. It is size of a raisin,quite big and raised. My father has the same kind almoust on the same spot. . . The thing is that the top of the mole was quite dry, I suspected, it was from hair coloring. The mole is just between my ear and the hair line. With this one I didn't squeeze out the ACV completely, I used it over night, four nights in a row, and that made my mole look vey wet and it started to break in small pieces. But just the previously dry part(top). Then on day six the rest of my mole became way bigger,looked scary for a bit. There was no burning. . . I remembered what I did with the first mole, I squeezed ACV completely out of the cotton, used the bandaid as before and kept it overnight. I did use some vaseline around the mole, but it was so big and raised, that there was no contact between the skin and the ACV cotton ball. There was burning and kind of painful to touch after few minutes,but my mole was a black scub next morning. So, in my case it helped to squeeze ACV out of cotton, it almost felt/looked dry before I used it on the mole. My second mole is now very dry scub that is barely attached to the skin. It is day nine now,and I think it will be gone tomorrow. So,now I want to thank everyone for sharing your experience,it did help me in a big way. I made right decision and two moles are gone in about two weeks!

Replied by Milana
Toronto, Canada
My apology everyone! It seems that I had a scub, well it is my own version of english. Sorry, I certainly mean a scab. It is gone today and I am standing in front of the mirror for most of the time this morning. 30 years old mole is gone...
Replied by Gibman70
Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom
[YEA]   Used vinegar on a small, but very raised facial mole. Pricked it with needle all over first. Mole flattend right down level with skin, scab formed within hours, came off 5 days later - no mole! Can't believe this works... And best of all didn't even have any Apple Cider Vinegar so used regular malt vinegar. Now will buy some Apple Cider Vinegar which is no doubt stronger and better for use on the few other moles I have on my body. Incredible solution!
Replied by Jeyanah
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
I was wondering, I've been doing the Apple Cider Vinegar treatment for moles for around 3-4 days, I have a raised mole in the middle of my right cheek around the size of a small pea, and it's not really turning black or scabbing over like all of the other posters' have been.... It's just looking all red and a bit rougher/harder but it's not a scab.... Is that normal? I've already tried this once with no results, and another time I tried it and it scabbed over and when it fell off, it was just a raised skin bump.... So I'm doing the Apple Cider Vinegar treatment again on that skin bump, and like I said, its not scabbing.... I really need this off, help please?!
Replied by Crazydogjack
New Castle, Pa, Usa
Hello Jeyanah in response to removing a mole on your face.... I read a post on earthclinic from another contributor that you have to initially poke holes the mole with a sterile needle a few times. Then apply the ACV daily. I just did this with a little mole on my cheek. It took a week but I am happy to report the mole is gone! I also applied Tea Tree Oil antiseptic the last couple of days when it was healing. Best of luck to you! Leslie
Replied by Sebastian
Eindhoven, The Netherlands
[YEA]   Wow! This stuff is amazing!!

I had a mole on my forehead for my entire life, and as long as I can remember I wanted to get rid of it. I'm so glad I found this site, here's what I did :)

I applied the ACV on Friday, by holding a cotton swab soaked in Applecider vinegar against the mole.

It turned black after 20 minutes so I decided to leave it like that for the day and only applied some drops of ACV on my mole before going to bed. The next day the mole was black with a white ring surrouding it. So I held a cotton swab to it for 20 minutes again, and applied some drops before going to bed. The next day, sunday it was, the mole started to look like a scab, only it wasn't hard yet. I decided to leave it like that and didn't touch it for the next four days. In those days, the scab became hard and just fell off! The mole was gone and there was only a small cratar looking scar left.

After a week the cratar filled up and now you can only see a pinkish spot where the mole had been my entire life.

Posted by Susan (Windsor, Ontario Canada) on 06/05/2010

[YEA]  I stumbled across this web site quite accidentally. I had a pea sized mole on my right cheek which I had hated for years. I decided to try the ACV. For the first three days I used vaseline around the mole and left a small piece of cotton ball soaked in ACV on 24/7 secured with a bandaid. I changed it frequently throughout the day and before bed. Within 4 days the mole scabbed and on the fifth day it fell off. The skin around where the mole had been was a little red so I used an antibiotic cream and a bandaid overnight. This took the redness away. I can still feel some of the core of mole and there is a small part that is not completely gone. My plan is to now dab ACV on with a q-tip several times a day to get rid of the last bit of the mole. Thank you so much for this site. To be rid of this mole after all these years so simply and so inexpensively is wonderful.

Posted by Sue (Va, Usa) on 05/23/2010

[BETTER BUT WITH SIDE EFFECTS]  I tried the apple cider vinegar method to remove a mole on my belly. I roughed up the mole and applied the ACV with a cotton ball taped into place with band-aids, twice a day for 2-3 weeks. The mole sort of dissolved away, but always left a red spot, not just normal skin. I didn't start using vaseline (later, virgin coconut oil) on it right away, though. Maybe that is the problem, because the red area has turned into a keloid scar that is not going away, though I have been applying pure vitamin E oil to it morning and evening. It has been a couple of months...any suggestions, please??!! Thanks to all who write with various issues. This is a phenomenal website!

Replied by Francisca
Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France
I used white vinegar for a few days on my leg and was left with a unsightly dark stain. No idea how to get rid of it. It looks far worse than the wart I had which was hardly visible. Any ideas?
Replied by Pat
Hunlock Creek , Pa
Sue from Va. If you find a solution, please let me know I have the scar on my wrist and its driving me crazy. Thanks
Replied by Gil
Johannesburg, S Africa
Some people have mentioned that with the mole gone, there is a keloid scar left. Try SSKI or Potassium Iodide on the scar that is supposed to take the keloid away. With some of my moles (none on the face) I have removed them by tying a hair around it, but they are the type of moles that have a 'neck' to them. Overnight they dry up and next day they fall off.
Replied by Pauli
Fresno, Ca
Gil, you were very fortunate to have moles come off in a day using the hair-tying method. I once tied one off near the hoo-hoo and it took so long to come off I was afraid I was going to have to go to the doctor and be the source of his next gyn joke, but fortunately it finally came off. It was very, very painful toward the end too--could hardly sit down--can't recommend it.

Posted by Ashlee (Naperville, Il, Usa) on 04/21/2010

[NAY]  My girlfriend tried ACV on a cotton swab after scoring her 2 facial moles. They both left leaving craters in her face. She could handle the craters (because she knew they'd heal)but now the moles are coming back, which she's not too happy about. Especially since they already came back once before with a vengeance (getting bigger) after a failed attempt using H2O2.

Posted by Mitch (Birmingham, United Kingdom) on 04/15/2010

[NAY]  i tried the acv on two moles i have on my back ive had for years since i was a child. one on the center of my back that is about the size of a pencil eraser and one slightly raised on the bottom of my back. I filed both moles with an emery board and dabbed with a qtip some apple cider vinegar on both everyday for about a week and kept them covered with band aids im on about day 5 now and the moles havnt really changed except the biggest one on the center which is really sore and gotten bigger im a little worried and unsure if i should carry on is this normal. Thanks to any replies

Replied by Jane
Wisconsin Rapids, Wi
Reply to Mitch, Don't give up too soon. The ACV will sting at times and the mole will look sickly and bigger, but eventually it will start to get smaller and scab over. Worked on a mole on my neck that I had since I was probably seven years old. I treated the mole for 2 to 3 weeks. Only a small scar is left now. Much better than having the mole there. The ACV sure beats the price of having to go to the doc.
Replied by Laurie
Saukville, Wi
[YEA]   I want to share my exciting story. A few weeks ago as an experiment I began putting ACV on a mole that was approximately the size of two pencil erasers wide, and about one pencil eraser rasied. It was dark brown/black and ugly. Been there forever, located in a hard to reach spot on the back. Anyway... Began by putting lots of neosporin all around the mole, about an inch all the way around, so that the ACV would not irritate the surrounding skin. Then began with q-tips dipped in ACV, and also used cotton balls soaked in ACV. I did this for 3 days at bedtime, each time covering with a band-aid. The mole began turning lighter brown day by day. It was also itching, but I figured that's part of the healing process. So after 3 days of ACV, I gave it a few days off from the ACV and on those days I would put on either neosporin, coconut oil, witchhazel, turmeric paste or combinations of the above to soothe the itching. After that I followed with a few more days of ACV application, and then a few more days of soothing with the above remedies. Patience is important since each person is different and each mole is different. I am happy to say that the mole is gone, and in its place is a light pink circle. I will continue to apply the soothing ingredients as needed until the itching stops completely, and until the pinkness is gone. Needless to say, I was amazed at the results.
Replied by Mitch
Birmingham, Uk
[NAY]   Thanks Jane for replying sorry it took me a while to get back. I carried on with the treatment and it seemed to have not changed. It swelled and now has gone back to its original size but is quite sore on the base but I have had to stop treatment as I go on holiday in the sun and is quite awkward to pursue in everyday life.
Replied by Rz
San Diego, California
Hey, I just wanted some advice. My mole came of today, but I'm not sure what to do. The skin where my mole used be is not my skin color, it's more like a really lighter version of my mole. It's really light black. I'm not sure if I should keep applying apple cider vinegar, to completely get rid of it (I'm afraid it might come back or stay like that) or to begin the healing process by applying vitamin E oil.
Replied by Joey
London, Uk
I have raised moles on the back of my head and body I have just ahd 2 liquid ntrogen treatments by my dr on the ones on my head and it has had no impact except for damaging the skin around them. I have just come across this forum and have gone out and bought ACV. Will try tonight on one on my body to see how it goes before trying on my head.

I will post again with progress fingers crossed.

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