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Posted by Mitch (Birmingham, United Kingdom) on 04/15/2010

[NAY]  i tried the acv on two moles i have on my back ive had for years since i was a child. one on the center of my back that is about the size of a pencil eraser and one slightly raised on the bottom of my back. I filed both moles with an emery board and dabbed with a qtip some apple cider vinegar on both everyday for about a week and kept them covered with band aids im on about day 5 now and the moles havnt really changed except the biggest one on the center which is really sore and gotten bigger im a little worried and unsure if i should carry on is this normal. Thanks to any replies

Replied by Jane
Wisconsin Rapids, Wi
Reply to Mitch, Don't give up too soon. The ACV will sting at times and the mole will look sickly and bigger, but eventually it will start to get smaller and scab over. Worked on a mole on my neck that I had since I was probably seven years old. I treated the mole for 2 to 3 weeks. Only a small scar is left now. Much better than having the mole there. The ACV sure beats the price of having to go to the doc.
Replied by Laurie
Saukville, Wi
[YEA]   I want to share my exciting story. A few weeks ago as an experiment I began putting ACV on a mole that was approximately the size of two pencil erasers wide, and about one pencil eraser rasied. It was dark brown/black and ugly. Been there forever, located in a hard to reach spot on the back. Anyway... Began by putting lots of neosporin all around the mole, about an inch all the way around, so that the ACV would not irritate the surrounding skin. Then began with q-tips dipped in ACV, and also used cotton balls soaked in ACV. I did this for 3 days at bedtime, each time covering with a band-aid. The mole began turning lighter brown day by day. It was also itching, but I figured that's part of the healing process. So after 3 days of ACV, I gave it a few days off from the ACV and on those days I would put on either neosporin, coconut oil, witchhazel, turmeric paste or combinations of the above to soothe the itching. After that I followed with a few more days of ACV application, and then a few more days of soothing with the above remedies. Patience is important since each person is different and each mole is different. I am happy to say that the mole is gone, and in its place is a light pink circle. I will continue to apply the soothing ingredients as needed until the itching stops completely, and until the pinkness is gone. Needless to say, I was amazed at the results.
Replied by Mitch
Birmingham, Uk
[NAY]   Thanks Jane for replying sorry it took me a while to get back. I carried on with the treatment and it seemed to have not changed. It swelled and now has gone back to its original size but is quite sore on the base but I have had to stop treatment as I go on holiday in the sun and is quite awkward to pursue in everyday life.
Replied by Rz
San Diego, California
Hey, I just wanted some advice. My mole came of today, but I'm not sure what to do. The skin where my mole used be is not my skin color, it's more like a really lighter version of my mole. It's really light black. I'm not sure if I should keep applying apple cider vinegar, to completely get rid of it (I'm afraid it might come back or stay like that) or to begin the healing process by applying vitamin E oil.
Replied by Joey
London, Uk
I have raised moles on the back of my head and body I have just ahd 2 liquid ntrogen treatments by my dr on the ones on my head and it has had no impact except for damaging the skin around them. I have just come across this forum and have gone out and bought ACV. Will try tonight on one on my body to see how it goes before trying on my head.

I will post again with progress fingers crossed.

Posted by Eartha (Takoma Park, Md, Usa) on 03/01/2010

[YEA]  I have had a raised mole about the size of a lentil under the right corner of my mouth since birth. Never bothered me, though it grew slightly larger as I aged, and for the last few years I have thought about removing it -- but did not want to pay several hundred dollars to have it done by a doctor. Having seen a side view of it, while having my hair cut recently, I decided I was ready to say goodbye to it.

Natural home remedies are always my first line of defense, so when I went on the internet and came across all the positive results using ACV I laughed at how simple this could be.

I followed instructions roughing the skin up. I didn't have any unused sand-paper or emory boards -- so I used (LOL)a small piece if a cracker with a very rough surface. It did the trick, so I then applied the ACV with the tip of a cotton swab, dabbing for several minutes until it formed a hard black scab. I soaked a small piece of a cotton pad and covered the mole with it using some regular clear tape to secure it and slept with it.

The following day, I wasn't sure if I had roughed up the undersides of the mole(as it was raised)so I sterilized some cuticle scissors and scraped around the mole with the sharp tips -- again applying the ACV with a swab -- and again covering it with the soaked cotton pad.

Foolishly, I did not apply petroleum jelly to the surrounding skin, so the area became quite burned and inflamed. ACV is VERY strong, and I probably used too much, too soon -- so for the next few days I used only a little hydrogen peroxide to cleanse the area and vitamin E to heal the skin.

The mole had formed such a hard tight scab that I became doubtful it would come off. But I hung in there, and after a week it became loose enough to remove with a little prodding. There was still a trace of the mole underneath and since it was slightly raw I applied the ACV again with a swab.

There is a much smaller scab there, at present, I feel confident that the rest of the mole will come off, or at worst, will be greatly diminished. I will post back with the complete results.

Posted by Maydaybefore (Brussels, Belgium) on 02/21/2010

[BETTER BUT WITH SIDE EFFECTS]  Just wanted to let you know i had a BIG mole on one side of my waist, ugly and blackish... i have used a cotton meche soaked in ACV to keep it wet for about 5 days - changed the cotton every evening and morning. I did not scratch it with needles or anything. It stang a bit and it was kinda painful (more like uncomfortable). The 6th day when taking a bath, it peeled off! Left an ugly scar for the moment but i'll keep you posted on how it develops, as it's only yesterday that this happened! Good luck and thanks.

Replied by Hope
Ab Canada
Craters & scarring from mole removal...

After treating some moles for a few days (On the face) they started to disappear, but I also noticed the moles were leaving craters & lines around the craters that looked nasty.

I prayed to God for help & this is what He provided:

* Comfrey...

Some fresh comfrey was chopped up & mixed with Extra virgin olive oil, honey & nutmeg (Appreciations to Ted) put on a bandaid & applied to the crater sites. These were kept on over night.

The next morning was pleasantly relieved to see the craters were minimal & looked like they were healing nicely : ) The Comfrey, Extra virgin olive oil, honey & nutmeg remedy was used for the next few days as well.

The results have been impressive...NO HOLES, NO CRATERS!
There is some redness around the wound areas, but this is healing quickly.

Important note: Treatment choice in this instance was Lugol's iodine 5 %. I'm not sure about the apple cider vinegar but the iodine worked. If you are interested in removing moles with iodine, prepare yourself, it has quite a sting, but it also kills the moles & really it wasn't that bad.


* Using a Q-tip, put some maple syrup or black strap molasses on the mole(s) BEFORE the iodine.
Leave on for about 3-5 minutes THEN apply the iodine.

The reasoning behind this was if the mole was some sort of fungus, the maple syrup or black strap molasses would lure them out for a nice feast on some of their favourite food. Hopefully this would optimize the attack that was soon to come from the iodine (And just maybe minimize the scarring & cratering too).

* Comfrey...What an amazing gift!

* Keep the new wound(s) clean.

* Follow up with something that will help reduce the holes & craters (Comfrey mixture, aloe etc)
This is really important.

* Eat sensically & Alkalize your body before and during treatment. This will be supportive as the body works to repair the skin & assist in removing the mole(s). (Appreciations to Ted) Read more about this on Earth clinic & gather other helpful tools as well (Healing helpful herbs, foods,
activities & drinks etc.)

* Count the cost before doing ANY treatment. Pray, research, ask yourself questions...Be prepared.
Sometimes bad things can happen if you don't have enough knowledge...A little extra research,
patience & prudence can really payoff!

* Comfrey Mixture contents: Half a cup of Comfrey, approximately 3 TBSP of Extra virgin olive oil,
approximately 2 TBSP of honey & approximately 1 TBSP nutmeg mixed together in a jar.

* A Broccoli ointment was also used during the treatment, this was comforting & I think it helped.

* Iodine was applied to the moles several times a day. Everyone is different. The mole may come off the first day, maybe the second or third day. Please be patient.

* The above treatment lasted approximately 2 weeks.

Thank You God : )

Replied by Hope
Ab, Canada
[WORKED TEMPORARILY]   Update to iodine mole removal treatment, Use with caution! Moles came back after being removed!
Replied by Friend
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
[YEA]   I have had a mole on my private area since what feels like birth. It has been steadily growing over the years and reached a size a bit smaller than a dime. A friend of mine suggested a natural remedy, chemical free (as I am weary of making it worse) and suggested I use silk thread to tie it around the mole (to cut off the blood supply) until it falls off. The process is quite slow, but nearly pain free and good for raised moles. Thus far, I've safely removed half of the mole and the skin underneath looks a tiny bit scarred but healing well, which is amazing for a mole of this size.

Over the last three weeks, I've changed the string a few times and continued to keep the area clean with alcoholic wipes and iodine. I suggest using alcoholic wipes sparingly as that could irritate the skin. Also, I didn't have silk thread, so I used the regular thread from my sewing kit (which might have slowed down the process), sometimes soaking it in iodine to ensure cleanliness. As I mentioned, the process is very slow (3 weeks for half of a mole nearly a size of a dime) and the only results you will see for some time is the incision made my the thread getting bigger. All throughout, the string has to be tightened to adjust to smaller diameter. Only about a couple of days ago I woke up and the half of the mole tied with the thread turned black and even later that day and the following morning very hard. The next day I just pulled it off as it was hardly attached and ready. It was painless. At some points throughout the past 3 weeks, the skin looked somewhat discolored and I feared infection. Luckly, I took precautions with iodine and alcoholic whipes to prevent that from getting worse. This is working for me thus far, and now I'm using the same routine on the other half. I do recommend it. It doesn't require scratching with a needle nor using abraisive chemicals. I don't know if I would recommend it on a facial removal. It may not be the easiest, nor the least noticable way to do it.

Replied by Karina
Mumbai, Maharashtra
yeah guys the garlic stuff REALLY REALLY WORK!!!!!!

Posted by Chavezellavictoria (Quezon, Philippines) on 01/22/2010

i'm so happy i came across this website... i was planning to go to the doctor to have my mole removed, but then i found out that it was expensive. i wanted to get rid of my mole because it's becoming itchy, and i'm worried that it would become bigger. i've tried using olive oil for several days but nothing happened, then i planned to used VCO, but unexpectedly i came across your website and i read that ACV can be used to remove moles. i'm so happy that there is an unexpensive way to remove unwanted moles. i already applied apple cider on my mole. i know it will work... thank you very much. God bless...

Posted by Bonnie (Manlius, New York, Onondaga) on 01/20/2010

[YEA]  Ok, so I decided to rid myself of a very unattractive mole on the left side of my face, on my hairline. I brought my trusty bottle of acv to work (yes, work...I'm not so inclined to slap a piece of duct tape on my face to secure a stinky piece of acv soaked cotton while trying to sleep). Sitting cautiously behind my computer, so as not to pique the curiosity of my co-workers, I soaked a q-tip in the acv and applied it directly to the mole. I then sat and read Earth Clinc posts for ten minutes or so (hope the IT staff were on break). I started this self-inflicted facial hooplah three days ago and only did it once a day and's gone! Of course, it looked like I had a science experiment growing on the side of my face for a couple days! It enlarged and turned blood red on day one, as if it were going to put up a fight (puh-LEEZE) and then it scabbed up and turned black the following day. As I read it it's last rites, it simply fell off! I swear I heard it whisper "I'll beee baaack" but ain't NO MOLE strong enough to withstand the power of pure, undiluted acv!

PS. Should you choose to do this at work, be prepared to answer the repeatedly asked question: WHAT'S THE HECK IS THAT SMELL?????

Replied by Crazydogjack
New Castle, Pa, Usa
Okay that was seriously the most entertaining post I've read in a long time! You should write a book of some funny!
Replied by Bonnie
Manlius, New York, Onondaga
Why, thank you! I believe humor, and a positive attitude, are so important to our healing. I just posted some feedback on treating a headache with cayenne pepper and lemme tell ya....had I not laughed at myself, I probably would have cried! OUCH!
Replied by Crazydude
Philadelphia, Pa
haha, I like the enthusiasm... I happen to be on my second day of treatment and it's scabbing up already, so I'm guessing it should fall off in the next day or so...

Posted by Jessica (Sacramento, Ca) on 01/05/2010

I have a question about ACV and Moles

I am trying the ACV treatment for moles. I have a few moles on my face and decided to try to get rid of them. I have put the ACV on a small piece of paper towel that has been folded so that it fits under one of those small square bandaids. Well, I left it on over night like I have read you are supposed to. I took off the bandaid in the morning to let the mole breath and such. I noticed it had bumped up a bit but I wasn't really concerned with it. Later in the evening I rubbed the area near it and brushed the mole. It popped and a clear liquid came out of it like a blister! Has anyone else had this happen?

Posted by Yui (Toronto, Ontario, Canada) on 12/28/2009

Hi, I have a question for those who had tried Apple Cider Vinegar on a flat mole about the size of a pencil eraser. When i was young i really hated this mole on my face, and i scratched it, thinking that it would remove it permanently, because i didnt know much about moles. It used to be raised, but after being scratched it became raised, turned flat and got bigger/darker. The size of it used to be smaller, now became the size of a pencil eraser. I read some feedback on this website and learnt that flat moles tend to have roots that are deeper than raised moles, and tend to have a higher scarring chance. My question are: since my mole used to be raised, but since i scratched it, it turned flat does not mean it has a deeper root now? And will it leave a hole if i remove it with ACV? I really want to find more about this before i use ACV on it, since it's on my face. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance! And Thankyou to this website also; I've learnt so much here.

Replied by Anonymous
Melbourne, Australia
I'm currently using ACV to get rid of a slightly raised mole. When I began this treatment, I had already been (unsuccessfully) trying to get rid of the mole with a sulfur-based mask, so a layer of skin had peeled away from the center of the mole to begin with due to the exfoliation I did alongside this. I've been using the ACV method for about one week now (applying it to a piece of folded paper towel and keeping that in place with a bandaid). The middle part (where a layer of it had already worn away from the previous treatment) is continuing to wear away even more and become deeper. The mole seems to be peeling off in layers and these areas are kind of... soft, and when moistened with the ACV they turn lighter in colour.

Does it sound like it's working? If so, how long could I expect this to take? I've just noticed that many other people have experienced effects such as the mole hardening into a black scab and simply falling off, whereas I've experienced only a bit of scabbing and a seemingly more gradual removal process.

Also, as the surface of the mole was damaged when I began this treatment, and continues to be like this as I am peeling at parts of it, the ACV stings a bit when I reapply it. This subsides after a few moments. Is that okay, or should I stop the treatment and let the skin heal before continuing? I know some have successfully removed a mole quickly by scouring its surface, but I'm just weary of overdoing this. I am aware that it may result in a scar... not too worried about that though, as I'd rather have a scar than this mole.

Any responses to my queries wold be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Posted by Rachel (Baytown, Tx) on 11/22/2009

Apple Cider Vinegar and moles

Worked great! I was a bit skeptical but figured what did I have to lose except possible a mole?! There was a mole on my side that my son would always scratch while he nursed. It was such a pain to keep him from scratching it! So one night I decided to try the ACV. The mole was already scratched from my son so no scratching needed, I took a piece of paper towel (didnt have cotton balls or anything) folded it up, soaked it with ACV, got duct tape (didnt want the ACV to make the small bandaids I had fall off so figured I'd use duct tape)Taped the paper towel directly over the mole (no vaseline or anything on the surrounding skin)Did this for 4 nights, by night 3 it stung so I figured it was working pretty good, after the 4th night it was pretty black and scabbed so I figured it was good as gone so I discontinued the acv at night. Within a few days, it was dried and fell off! Small pinkish circle is all that is there now! YAY!

Working on a few others moles now, I am going to try hydrogen peroxide just to give a report on that if it works but ACV for sure works! If the mole is not scratched you definitely need more than 4 days of acv soak. I tried 4 days on another mole and only the top scabbed off and I'm sure its because it wasnt scratched so going to try a few more days on that one.

Replied by Merryanne
Orange City, Florida, USA
Rachel,,That is very good,,you give me incentive to get rid of my old age spots,,but I am working on clearing up something now, and It is about finshed, I will be making a report next week,,good job,,Merryanne, Fl

Posted by Dredot (Asheville, North Carolina) on 11/10/2009

[YEA]  First of all, I was skeptical Apple Cider Vinegar would work- i'm not going to lie! But over the last six years I had seen two dermatologists about a mole on the very end of my nose. Both of whom tried to remove the mole by means of freezing, and shaving. Both times it came back. Its been quite the journey for that little guy...but I really wanted to get rid of him. So, I gave ACV a try after reading this site. Started the regime a little over a week ago with scratching the mole with the broken end of a toothpick, essentially roughing up the surface a little then applied a cotton swap about the same size of the mole soaked in ACV over the it aplied a band-aid to hold it in place over night. Did this three nights in a row. The first day it bubbled a little. Nothing too noticeable. Second day after I took off the band-aid in the am. it has scabbed over looking black. (just like everyone said it would.) the third day I took a hot shower and afterward i peeled the scab right off and it left a crater sized hole. Honestly, I looked like a mess - but i prevailed and by the fourth day I could already see the damaged skin reviving itself and starting to heal. Today its day 8 and you can hardly see anything. My skin is looking healthy. I'm thrilled. In the back of my head Im worried that some how it'll come back just like it has in the past, but only time will tell. I am truly amazed it worked. Also, truly grateful to have found this site!

Replied by Dinah
Hendersonville, Nc, Usa
Just wanted to learn of additional feedback on the Apple Cider Vinegar method in mole removal. One particular person who posted their experience was Dredot from Asheville, NC. Curious as to whether or not his mole came back since his post was on 11/20/09. Thank you!

Posted by Nelda (Deltona, Fl) on 11/02/2009

[BETTER BUT WITH SIDE EFFECTS]  I used acv on the side of my face near my left eye using acv for about 5 days with a small piece of cotton saturated with acv and covered with a bandaid. The mole turn black and scab I could feel the acv burning. The mole fell off and left a red mark and scar. I put lavender oil on during the day and Ted's remedy of honey and nutmeg at night on the scar. It's been almost 2 months. The red is gone and the scar is starting to go away...I don't think the scar will go away completely, but a little powder does cover it up. I'm really happy with the results.

ATT: To let everyone know this was my fault for not protecting my face with VASELINE around the mole. I have another mole on my face and I will use VASELINE :>) this time. Good Luck to everyone!

Posted by Ruthie (Houston, Tx) on 10/25/2009

[YEA]  ACV got rid of my mole in minutes! I had a mole -the kind that's raised and rough to the touch- grow within the last month or so on my front torso. It was itchy and had grown enough that it was bothersome.

I'd read somewhere that if I doused a cotton ball with ACV and just rubbed the mole, it would come off.

I tried it last night: doused a cotton ball and started rubbing the mole.

At first just flecks of the mole started to come off. Then after about four minutes of gently rubbing the mole and 3-4 cotton balls later, half the mole was gone! It was disintegrating little by little -kind of like a scab would- and I was a little worried because although it wasn't bleeding, it was leaving a red/bloody 'footprint' on my skin. There was a little blood on the cotton balls which turned the cotton ball dark brown (i assume the reaction of the blood with the vinegar) but other than that, it took about EIGHT minutes for the mole to be completely OFF!

I wiped the newly mole-free area with one more swipe of a cotton ball and put on a small bandage to keep it from chafing from my shirt while I slept.

Right now, a day later, it looks like it's scabbing. I 'cleaned' it again today with another swipe of ACV and it stung, but subsided.

I don't know what'll happen, or if it'll grow back, so we'll see, but I would rather have this scab than that itchy nasty raised mole!

I did not do what most have done, which is to leave the cotton ball on for days; I just literally rubbed the mole off in minutes. Not sure if that would work for everyone.

Good luck to you!

Replied by V
N/a, Gr
BEWARE: For moles that appear suddenly, grow quickly and itch, you SHOULD visit a doctor first to make sure they are not cancerous. I'm trying to get rid of moles with garlic at the moment, BUT I had them checked first by a dermatologist.

Posted by Ramon (Sacramento, Ca, USA) on 10/12/2009

[YEA]  acv on moles thanks it worked. will this work on dark freckles too or just on regular freckles?

Replied by Cured
Niceville, Fl
Since childhood each year I get more and more freckles. I love the sun and live in Florida and until finding coconut oil this winter rarely ever use lotion/sunscreen. I can't stand the feel of them.

For freckles: I have been using coconut oil topically and turmeric in homemade capsules for other reasons but have noticed...the turmeric will even out skin tone nicely, even acne redness. Due to the healing properties in the coconut oil some of the clusters of freckles did kinda scab over then healed leaving lightened freckles or no freckles at all. I watched these spots but after the scab fell off I could not even tell where they were. If this was cancerous I am not worried b/c of the coconut oil healing properties. Far as i'm concerned it is healed/detoxed and I no longer have to worry about it.

I believe that it is both these remedies together that is working on my freckles. Either way, I have less freckles and younger/healthier looking skin. I have only been using this for a few months and look forward to seeing if I can get rid of most if not all of my cute freckles. A heads up--research coconut oil first if you have never tried/heard about it. It has some fabulous cleansing properties but some people have to start slowly with its use.

Posted by Brian (Staten Island, Ny) on 10/05/2009

[YEA]  ACV for Moles

I recently read about Castor Cream and Apple Cider Vinegar used for removing moles, so I tried one of each on two different moles on my neck.

I applied both for a couple of hours each day for about two weeks (using a soaked cotton pad of ACV, held with a bandaid, and simply applying the Castor Oil with Baking Soda on the other).

While the castor cream seems to have little effect, the ACV definitely worked. A couple of days after the tip of the mole scabbed I felt the mole with my hand, scratched it a bit and it felt as if the scab just fell off. I went to check it in the mirror to find that the whole mole itself actually fell off!

ACV definitely works for mole removal.

Posted by Vernetta (Tampa, Fl) on 10/01/2009

[YEA]  I stumbled upon this website by accident about 6 months ago. I have tried several of the suggestions mentioned for different ailments and they have all worked. I tried the remedy for mole removal using organic apple cider vinegar from the health food store. I had this ugly mole on my neck and I must say that after soaking a cotton ball and applying it to the mole at night for 5 days, securing it with a bandaid, I am mole free. Thank you so much for that helpful suggestion. I have also been using the organic apple cider vinegar on my melasma (face) applying it directly on the skin using a cotton ball and it has lighten the areas on my cheeks and forehead. I think in a few months the melasma will have faded completely.

Replied by Kathy
Dubois, Pa
I've been meaning to post about melasma for awhile now, and your post reminded me to do it. Melasma can be a sign of a copper overload. I had melasma on my forehead and jaws until I added 50mg/day of Zinc Picolinate to my diet. After I did that the melasma faded away. For me, it was a completely unexpected result, but since Zinc balances Copper, my result leads me to conclude that I was too high in Copper. I had the melasma at the same time I was hypothyroid, hypoadrenal and estrogen over-loaded, all of which can lead to a build-up of Copper in the body (as I now know).

EC: Thanks Kathy! Cross-posted to the melasma page.

Replied by Villiers
Dublin, Ireland
[YEA]   Hi there. Yeah, I just want to submit my experience with this remedy. I underwent the Apple Cider Vinegar procedure as outlined by many posters on this forum

I'm at about day 3 - it does appear to work alright. I had a mole (minimally raised) on my face and it has appeared to have gone. I applied ACV to it after using an emery board to chaf it. It stings a little bit upon application. I soaked a bit of tissue and applied a plaster over it and left it on overnight. It initially turned white, then in the subsequent days it turned darker. I was worried the next day upon inspection as it appeared to grow larger - I think that might have been the ACV that might have burned the surrounding skin. So I left the plaster off for a day and just applied ACV with a cotton bud. The next day it started to scab and just came off this morning. It is a little bit pink now but the mole is gone. I've been applying Vitamin E cream to it in the meantime. Looks like it's working to calm the redness, but I can't tell just at the moment. I'll post again in a few days time to let you know of the progress. Just to say, there's no scarring as such, just a little redness. I very happy overall.

Replied by Kei
90, Sa
Okay, so I had this stupid mole on my nose ever since childhood and was always a reason for people to pick on me and make fun of it, I have other moles on my face which don't really bother me but this one has made me sad for a long time and the only way to make it unnoticable was to use a tone of makeup on my face "it's a flat mole" but too much makeup started to make my skin even worse so I decided to remove it myself after I read this thread.

Okay so I did the needle scratch then ACV method but always ended up burning the skin around the mole because the mole itself is small "yet too noticable due to it's place on top of my nose" so I couldn't use a bandage I just hold a q-tip soaked in ACV press it to the mole for 20 mins, I did that for three days straight, then I stopped yesterday because I didn't want to keep getting the skin around burnt, especially I go to school and it's become harder to hide the area with makeup because of the burn, it's not a bad burn but again because of it's place it's very noticable, so anyway yesterday the mole was really dry and the mole itself was split in half so I decided I have to just pluck it out, obviously I wasn't supposed to but I was so fed up with the mole and so I plucked out the first half, it was all gone, but when I did to the other half it looks like something is left, there's a really tiny curve-line of a brown shade "much brighter than the mole's color" I'm not sure because the area is still burnt, I was wondering if I should do the same ACV process again on that line, just to make sure the mole wont come back, or if that line will fade once the burnt area is healed, I'm still waiting to see how it will look when it heals, then I'll decide...

Replied by Tinley
Hi, So I am just wondering for everyone who has tried and succeded with the mole removal has any grown back? I am on my 1st day and I am afraid it may grow back if it does work.

Posted by Tara (Worcester, Ma) on 09/23/2009

[BETTER BUT WITH SIDE EFFECTS]  I am on my third day of the ACV mole treatment. I am treating 7 moles. 3 look good (turning black scabbing etc) However another 3 of them look bigger and slightly lighter than before. They look inflammed. Has this happened to anyone? I am not sure if I should continue the ACV treatments. I really want this to work and want the moles gone.

Please help!

Replied by Snewc
Deep In The South, Louisiana
[YEA]   I had a good size mole on my right temple. Mine also seemed to swell or enlarge and turn lighter in color before scabbing and falling off. I did not do the bandaid route, instead I went in the bathroom several times a day and held ACV to the mole via a q-tip. It took almost two weeks, but it is totally gone tonight! I did finally "scratch" the area before applying the AVC and this sped things up. I had people left and right telling me to "have that thing removed!" I am so happy to say...the mole/wart is gone! I used tweezers to remove the the edges would darken I would peel them off....the mole shrunk and finally tonight came off. Hang in there! I hope this helps!!
Replied by Aman
Auh, Uae
Hello People,

I just got say one thing to all of you. If you want to cure your moles & warts use only Duofilm. It is a liquid you can buy from any pharmacy at your place. Use only in the area where the mole is. Don't apply on the surrounding areas. Because it is very effective from first use and you can feel the pain as soon as you apply to the mole. So apply carefully. I have cured 7 moles in 4 days. So you can imagine how effective it could be. One last secret I would like to share with you all. Even the moles specialist doctors uses the same liquid to cure moles and charge huge amount for the treatment. Later


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