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Mole Remedies

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Posted by Silke (Dallas, Texas) on 03/22/2012

Hey guys..question: I started the apple cider vinegar treatment 3 days ago.. My mole looks like a flesh hump with a brown mole on it... The second day it started bleeding and some of the mole came off not all though... The hump got a little bit bigger and I observed also a swelling around the mole.. I guess its from the acid.. I use chap stick to protect my skin... The today is the third day and I saw a white circle around the mole.. The mole turned to a dark brown... Still swelling around the mole but no scab.. I am wondering if the mole will probably fall off but the flesh hump will stay.. I tried to avoid surgery so that's why I tried this way... I put the soaked cotton ball on it for twice a day.. Always 3-4 hours... I really need some help here if ppl had the same mole and had the mole gone but the hump stayed??? thanks

Replied by Olemandan
Gadsden, Alabama, United States Of America
[YEA]   Hi... I recently found this forum and read it thru. I tried ACV on several moles, and two skin tags.

I roughed up each one with a needle then held a soaked q-tip swab against them for 10-15 minutes. A flat mole on my chest was gone in 4 days. The skin tags were gone in a week.

Now I'm treating a huge mole on my neck. It's shrank to less than half it's size and half as high. I can see that it's starting to break up.

* With a swab, I can push in the center, and feel that its caving in.

I also tried using Duct Tape to remove them, but it didn't work for me. Too moist an enviornment to scab over.

I tried taping a cotton ball on the moles, and they always manage to slip and just burn the skin around the moles...

My best observation is that some moles take much longer to kill than others. The big one on my neck has been there at least 50-60 yrs... It's tougher. But it's dying.

The mole on my neck is right where the seat belt harness crosses the neck, and easy to irritate. Thanks everyone for you time and input. ACV has worked wonders.

Replied by Tiffany
Fort Lauderdale, Fl
Hi olemanden, did you repeat the 15 minute scratch and apply process each day for four days? Or just the first day?
Replied by Dallasgirl
Dallas, Tx, Usa
[YEA]   I started the ACV treatment 4 nights ago. I roughed up my mole (about the size of an eraser--raised as well) with an emory board, not enough to make it bleed, but enough to where it is sore to the touch. Then I used chapstick around the mole to keep that area safe from the ACV. I then applied ACV with a Q-Tip for about 5 mins, then take a piece of a cotton ball soaked in ACV and band-aided it down over night. I did this 2 nights, then I forgot one niht, and did it again last night.

I have no issues regarding the area around my mole being affected or sore.

I do have a very dark scab that is the same size of the mole, but completely flat in the location I have been treating. It is sore to the touch, but I can definitely tell it is working! I have been able to kinda peel a little of the scab, and there is NO brown underneath where the skin has regrown. I can't wait. I will update once it is all gone.

I've had this mole on my stomach as long as I can remember; I can't wait for it to be gone. This week seems like forever, but it is completely worth it! I plan on using this treatment on other moles on my body.

Posted by Ashley (Seattle, Washington) on 02/26/2012

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  I've had a mole on my face for as long as I could remember! It was tiny and unnoticeable when I was a child but grew bigger and darker as time went on. I've always hated it ever since I got teased about it throughout middle school and high school. I've been so insecure most of my life so I decided to just get it over with and get it removed. I was about to set up an appointment with the dermatologist when I came across this apple cider vinegar method. I thought, "why not?" doesn't hurt to try right? I purchased a brand of ACV with 5% acidity and began applying it on 2/20. I first put chapstick around the surrounding skin and later, vaseline. Then I got a q-tip and soaked it with Apple Cider Vinegar and applied it on the mole after I "roughed it up" a bit using my finger nail. I didn't let it bleed though! I taped a cotton ball soaked with Apple Cider Vinegar on it and kept repeating the process. I had school and work so I didn't get to do the process consistently. I noticed that it got much flatter after each day and my mole was pretty raised! Over the course of the treatment, I decided to just scrape the mole with an emory board, apply vaseline over surrounding skin, and apply Apple Cider Vinegar every half hour or so using a q-tip. I didn't tape anything over anymore, just simply rubbed Apple Cider Vinegar with a q-tip for 10 mins straight and left it alone for about half an hour. Long story short, the mole was half off by earlier yesterday and I know I probably shouldn't have done this but I peeled the rest of the mole off (which, of course, caused bleeding) but I cleaned it up and the skin around it doesn't look too bad thanks to the vaseline. There is now a small crater where the mole used to be and it's really whitish. I'm hoping it'll get better with time so I'll update later!

Replied by Joseph
Ny, Usa
[BETTER BUT WITH SIDE EFFECTS]   I tried this technique myself on my mole and it left me with a slightly reddish raised scar (or the remnants of the root of the mole), so be very careful when using this home remedy. Can anyone help me as to what I can do at this stage? It has been almost a year since I removed it. I have applied silicone sheets and petroleum jelly I.E. Vaseline to the area recently and hopefully will see some improved results.

Given my experience, I think you should be very careful with using this type of home remedy. The number of Yea ratings can be a bit misleading and lead you to perform this home remedy straight away. However, I suggest consulting a professional first before doing anything else (and if I had a choice again, I probably would have preferred laser surgery which is a one-off cost and the scarring would be most likely minimal).

Replied by Suzanne
New York, Ny
You can try rose hip seed oil. The energy is probably blocked in that area as well as places adjacent to the area, that is why it scarred in the first place and is not healing well in the second. rose hip seed oil is fantastic for scarring and will help open up the energy, inducing a faster healing time.
Replied by Autumn
Co Springs, Co
You could massage the area to break up the accumulated collagen :) just a suggestion, I'm no expert. I'm trying this remedy on a mole on my lip, and it broke up into little soft bits and doesn't seem to be wanting to fall off at all. The area around it is very blistered and yellow, and it's been this way for almost a week. I wonder what's going to happen, anyway good luck!

Posted by Locestlord (Springfield, Oregon) on 02/14/2012

[YEA]  Hey everyone! Listen... If you want to remove your moles than this is how I just did it for literally under five dollars!!!! I bouth apple cider vinegar and it was the safeway brand! I also bought iodine of tincture (safeway brand) this cost me just about 4 dollars and 50 cents. So what I did was like everyone else I soaked a cotton ball in ACV and taped it over the mole. I left it over night, and the next day it changed color to a mild blue which was kind of scary. (Keep in mind my mole was about the size of a pencil eraser, it was brown with black spots; perhaps atypical but with faith in God and lot's of research I decided to avoid medical bills and remove it myself! ) I had this mole for years mind you. Anyhow, I kept the ACV treatment going for three days and on the third day I noticed it was turning black and becoming flat. Also, I neglected to put vaseline around the surrounding skin so the ACV burned the surrounding skin so I stopped using the cotton swab and I began rubbing iodine around the irritated skin and dabbing the mole with ACV using a Q-tip. I did this for another two days so far I'm about a week into the treatment. Once the mole was completely flat, I began soaking the mole with a Iodine of tincture (safeway brand) and three solid days of doing this three times a day, the mole turned into a scab and today it FELL OFF!!!! AMEN!

Posted by Sarah (Utica, Ny, Usa) on 02/07/2012

[YEA]  I have had a raised mole on my chin for about 10 years now. It started out flat and then raised up to be a little bump. It wasn't that big but it was brown and in a place that I just didn't like especially because it wasn't always there, it sprang up in my early 20s. I decided I wanted to have it removed and asked the doctor about it. She suggested I go to a dermatologist to have it removed because it was on my face. The mole was not that large, but raised like I said... It was smaller than a split pea, maybe about half the size. I set up an appointment and in between that time my sister had 2 moles removed at a dermatologist and one left a large scar. I started to not want to do this. I went anyway and they told me that the mole was benign and that there was potential for it to scar if they removed it. They suggested I go to a plastic surgeon so I went. I have no insurance but even if I did this wouldn't be covered. They charged me over $100 to look at the mole and tell me nothing was wrong with it and then said to remove it would cost almost $500 and that it could leave a scar, the same thing the dermatologist told me. I decided to keep my mole and deal with it.

Then I came across this site. I figured I had nothing to lose, and I'm glad I tried it! I removed the mole in less than a week with Apple Cider Vinegar! I very lightly scratched the mole with a pin, not enough to break the skin though. I was sure to go around the bottom of the mole. I put a little vitamin a&d ointment around the mole and covered it with a small piece of cotton soaked in ACV and a bandaid. I didn't use organic ACV, just the store brand that I had in my cupboard. After the first night the mole was darker but seemed flatter. After the second night of treatment the mole was completely flat. By the third treatment it was a scab. I only did the treatment for 4 days, it might take longer if your mole is larger. After the mole turned into a very hard scab I stopped the ACV and began putting vitamin E oil on it during the day. I started the treatment on a saturday night and by Thursday the scab fell off leaving behind no trace of a mole, just pink skin.

It has been 10 days since the treatment and my chin is almost 100% healed. The skin is a bit dry in that area and a tiny bit pink but is easily covered by makeup and I'm sure it will be completely normal in about another week. I put the vitamin a & d ointment on it at night and this seems to help. This method works!

Replied by Km
Sacramento, Ca
I found this site about a week ago... I am amazed on how many things ACV can be used for. I got a q-tip and dabbed some on one of my moles... I could feel a little tiny stinging sensation.... And noticed that it was starting to change color. I was not fully committed to try it at that moment.. But.. I will on the weekend. Unfortunately, I inherited my moles from my mother... And had a few removed from my face by a doctor... That's how much I was willing to deal with a little scar.. (gotta love a military doctor-they did it for free! ) I really don't want to spend $500 per mole to be removed. I will try the ACV... I have also been taking two spoonfuls twice a day... I will post another response to let everyone know how it went. Thanks to everyone who posts to this website.. It's kinda interesting to see what people are using to cure ailments! Who woulda thought!
Replied by Km
Sacramento, Ca
[YEA]   Ok. So its been a full week. Last Sat, I sat with a q-tip and soaked and soaked the mole in ACV... Now, its smaller.. And a scab has taken its place. I am waiting for it to fall off. It's definitely smaller. I do have a slight redness around the base of the mole... Which, I am guessing, will diminish in time... I would rather have the redness, than the mole... This stuff works!!!
Replied by Sarah
Utica, Ny, Usa
[YEA]   I'm glad it worked for you. Mine was also red around the base... since I wrote that post the area has now gone back to flesh toned, I barely have to use makeup to cover it.

Posted by Eunshin (Seoul, South Korea) on 01/08/2012

I have a mole between my nose and my upper lip.. It is raised. I want someone who can share its experience on using AVC. Does it have any side effect? Does it can remove successfully?

Replied by Debbie
Melbourne, Australia
If you look under "ailments" for "moles" there is already a lot of people who have shared their experience. Cheers

Posted by Angeldazed (Capitol Heights, Maryland) on 12/10/2011

I am using ACV to remove two moles I've had since childhood. One is on my face, the other is on my neck. They were considered beauty marks until they continued to grow. The one on my face began to grow hair... This was the deciding factor to try to remove it. I'm on day 3 and last night it pussed a little. I keep a cotton gauze with Apple Cider Vinegar on it while I use vaseline on the surrounding area. Wish me luck I will keep updates posted.

Replied by Angeldazed
Capitol Heights, Maryland
Day 3 and so far I have been dipping cotton gauze in Apple Cider Vinegar and taping it to the moles with medical adhesive. As I am anxious, I poured some Apple Cider Vinegar into a bottle cap and held it over them both for 20 min each. Before this, however, I slathered vaseline on the surrounding area. In between the acv, I've put baking soda and castor oil paste on them. Hoping they fall off tomorrow before I return to work on Monday. Will keep posted.
Replied by Angeldazed
Capitol Heights, Maryland
[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]   Okay so it scabbed and the scab peeled off today. The hump of the mole is still there... Now my mole is flesh colored with a white ring. Ugh!!! I will continue with the vinegar into next week, if it doesn't get better... I'm calling the dermatologist!!!
Replied by Micksmom
Chicago, Illinois, United States
I was searching for a natural remedy to pssibly get rid of raised mole above my right eyebrow, which started out as a small, light-colored flat mole when I was 7! Over the past 40 years, it slowly became raised, pea-sized. It has been the first thing people notice... I've had it! I was told it was benign, that it would have to be cut and a very fine stitching would need to be done to minimize scarring. After having a doctor totally botch up a stitching on a simple flat mole years ago, there is no way I'm going have someone slice up my face. Besides, I do not have health insurance or money out of pocket to go to a doctor, and I always try to go the natural route anyway because it usually works better!!

I found this forum, and decided to try ACV. I started this exactly a week ago today. I wasn't agressive at first because I was unsure, but I roughed it up slightly with a smooth nail file, and started applying ACV a few times a day. It started getting dry, but I could tell that if I kept up with this it would probably go away. It has been slow going, but that's because I've been more careful with it.

The past 3 nights, I have been placing a piece of cotton (just enough to cover only the mole) soaked in ACV and keeping it in place with a small round Band-Aid. By morning, it is moist and weeping a lot like a blister, but it's not too sore (only stings when applying ACV) and gets flatter each day. I apply ACV several more times throughout the day with a Q-Tip. Today, it's almost down to the base and completely flat. I could feel it stinging more in the base today, so I know it's working. I believe it's just more to difficult to remove because it's raised. But I have had this thing for 40 years, I can be patient and give this remedy a chance.

Putting Vaseline or Chapstick (I'm using plain Chapstick) around the surrounding skin to protect it is very important. I can see that not doing this could burn the skin and do damage. Take this precaution.

I will keep updating this because I believe it is going to be gone in a few days and I want others to benefit from it.

Posted by Desiree (I Love, Arizona) on 09/13/2011

[YEA]  First of all, I've been using ACV for a while now as a facial toner after cleansing (diluted), in the laundry to soften towels and sweatshirts, etc. So when I got online to do some research for mole removal home remedies and found that ACV could help me, I was thrilled. I immediately went into the bathroom and roughed up a "pencil-eraser sized" raised mole I've had on my stomach that's made me incredible uncomfortable for years. I taped on an ACV-soaked piece of cotton. Did this several times, over and over again, and now, two-three weeks later, my mole is scabby but not gone. It got very sensitive to touch so I called off the ACV regimen, but started on another one. This one is located on my chin. I roughed it up very very gently because of the sensitive area, and bandaged on a piece of mole-sized cotton soaked in ACV. Wore that overnight. I dabbed it with an ACV-soaked cotton swab daily, while bandaging it with ACV-soaked cotton every night. I can't tell you the exact amount of time, but within probably a week, week and a half, my mole was a scab that was beginning to heal. Stupid me began to pick at it, not out of impatience but curiosity, I suppose, "IS THIS SCAB MY MOLE AND WHAT IS UNDERNEATH! ?" So naturally, it bled and left another scab. The scab since has come off and left me with a pretty smooth little scar which I suspect will fade within the year. My fiance couldn't believe it, and mentioned that I do the mole (flesh-colored, somewhat raised, smaller) on my nose. This one has always bothered me and has gotten more and more noticeable over time as had the one on my chin. When I wore make-up it looked as if I ALWAYS had a pimple on my nose--VERY sad since my skin has cleared up so beautifully since high school. So I couldn't help but rough it up just a bit, maybe ten seconds with the smoother side of an Emery board. I dabbed it with an ACV-soaked cotton swab several times a day, but for my first application (and once every couple of days), I held the cotton swab in place for as long as my arm would let me. For all moles tested, they turned white and then scabbed, etc.

I decided one night to sleep with a very tiny piece of ACV-soaked cotton bandaged on my nose. I began treatment on that mole probably 5 days ago and last night the last bit of scab fell off during my once-weekly exfoliation. I went up to my fiance and said "LOOK AT MY NOSE!! " and he was nearly speechless, couldn't believe that it was gone. I now have a very very small little crater with a little red scab, about the size of a ballpoint. This I feel assured will go away. The crater itself may remain just a little bit but I can tell you, IT'S BETTER THAN LOOKING LIKE I HAVE A PIMPLE ON MY NOSE ALL THE TIME!! :)

I want to begin treatment on other moles but want to see a doctor about a few of them first, they are a bit suspicious and potentially pre-cancerous because of their shapes, colors, etc. I am also going to restart ACV therapy on the first mole on my stomach now that the sensitivity and irritation has subsided. I am probably going to wear an ACV-soaked cotton ball taped to the area every other night and apply ACV 2-3x during the day. If anyone wants their moles gone without a large expense, try this! ACV does wonders for your body, inside and out, and also around the house. Love it!!

Replied by Anonymousguy
Birmingham, England
How can I get rid of a mole on my head, it's under my hair on my scalp? Someone give me some advice please.
Replied by Flower
Brooklyn, Ny
I have a mole on the right side of my head just above my ear. I have been using multiple methods to try and get rid of it. ACV daily, in between I've been applying Lugol's Iodine. I use a medicine syringe to apply it directly to the mole and have been using a small circle shaped bandaid to attempt to keep it in place. Additionally I tie a scarf on my head to hold it in place. The once fleshy mole is now becoming hard. I will continue to do this until it's gone and report back.

Posted by Hannah (London, Uk) on 08/18/2011

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  Ive been using ACV on two raised moles on my face. I began treating them on monday night. I scratched them with a needle, covered the surrounding skin with vaseline, then soaked a cotton ball in ACV and taped one to each mole overnight. When I woke up, I removed the cotton balls and noticed they had both begun turning black and had got flatter. During the day on tuesday, I scratched both moles again with a needle and massaged ACV on them (using a cotton bud) for about a minute. (i did this 4 times). I then repeated the overnight process (did this for 3 nights)
It is now thursday night and my moles have shrunk, are black and are scabbing slightly. When I went to apply more ACV, the burning pain was too much and I decided to leave it for tonight. Instead I massaged them with warm water and a cotton bud and they started scabbing over. I dont think they are ready to fall off yet though. Anyway, I decided to apply tea tree oil to my moles before going to bed tonight, in hope that this will help them heal, dry up and scab off finaly. Was I right to apply tea tree oil or will this just make it worse? also, I have been avoiding leaving the house because they look quite awful right now, what can I do to make these scabs fall off asap!?

Replied by Yow_whaz_up
If you're in Singapore for a holiday, stop by People's Park shopping centre at China Town. There is a mole-removal-by-laser shop corner on the right side of the ground floor, if you are facing the main road. It is very near to the exit door. You could see a taxi stand outside through the glass wall.

For 6 to 30 Singapore dollars, you can have a mole burnt by laser. It sounds scary, burning by laser, but it is not, even a 15 to 20 year old can handle the somewhat ant-bite-like feeling.

Within one day, all moles are gone, or roughly 30 seconds per small mole. It is extremely fast than whatever remedies others might suggest. No more worries, no more checks, no more searching, no more thinking, no more praying, bla bla bla.

If you have several moles, try laser-burn 1 and see how well it goes.

Posted by Lemon Drop (Cumming, Ga) on 08/18/2011

[NAY]  Whatup? The apple cider vinegar didn't work on my moles. I tried to file the flat moles a little and then put on some Apple Cider Vinegar and a bandage a few times a day. After a week, my mole is still there and I got an allergic rash on both arms for almost two weeks now. I have no idea in heck if this related o_o

Replied by Lemon Drop
Cumming, Ga

Like I wrote above, ACV didn't work on moles I had a long time on my arms but it did work on new moles sprang up near my breasts. I soaked a little cotton in ACV and taped it on with surgical take overnight and in a day or two they did turn black and peel off. The long term moles on my arms didn't budge after an entire week! So it is a Yay for new moles and a Nay for old moles.

Replied by Sara
Rabat, Malta
Hi, I've used Apple Cider Vinegar to remove my mole. It's day 3 and nothing really happened to the mole. I don't know if it should work on everyone.. and if I did the procedure wrong or something :) Thankyou.

Posted by Kelly (Athens, Ga) on 08/01/2011

[YEA]  I read on this site about using ACV for moles. I had a mole under my bra-line that formed in my late 20's after a bad sunburn. It was tiny for years then slowly grew to a bigger size. Recently it got so swollen it was very embarassing and started to look like a 3rd nipple! I had to do something but I hate doctors, so no way I was getting it surgically removed. I was scared to use ACV at first but finally I had to try it. I roughed up the mole using a pumice stone (this took bravery). Then I tore apart a cotton ball to make a piece that would just cover the mole, and soaked it with ACV. I used band-aids to tape it on. I put on a fresh one every night and kept it on until my next shower. The mole would form a crust/scab on top that would flake off and sometimes in the shower I would lose a whole layer of the mole! I was amazed and kept at it. It took at least 3 weeks and now I have a flat pink spot where the mole was. The ACV did burn sometimes, I won't lie. I'm sure this would freak out some people but I just tried to stay brave. I did not have to use any vaseline around the mole on the healthy skin like some people report doing. I think the ACV only soaks into skin that is broken, thus the roughing up the mole first with pumice stone.

I am amazed, and so is my husband. He wanted me to get it surgically removed! I used organic ACV with the mother.

Replied by Donna
Drexel Hill, Pa
Hi Kelly from Athens, GA. I read your story about the mole you removed with ACV and couldn't believe how similar it is to my scar. I also got a very bad sunburn on my braline when I was a teen. It really did not show up until my late 30's at which time I had it biopsied to see if was skin cancer. The doctor at the time said it wasn't, but after that the scar got worse. It became lumpy and very weird shaped. I never went back to the doctor, but always wondered how to get rid of it. I'm in my early 50's now and I may just try the ACV and see what happens. I'm glad you had success and appreciate your recent post. Thanks!
Replied by Morgana From Vancouver
Vancouver, Bc Canada
Hi there,

After reading the various testimonies, I want to try this method. The only thing is that I want to get rid of three hideous sebaceous cysts that are located on my face. Anyone knows if Apple Cider Vinegar works on those? I am worried to fail and make them bigger (believe me there are big enough)

Thanks for your answer.

Replied by Punkin
Dallas, Tx
[YEA]   I have been using strictly tincture of iodine on my moles with excellent results. I had a rather large mole just above my jawline on the left side of my face. I kept applying tincture to it and covering it with a bandaid and I did that consistently for 3 weeks and it fell off and NO scar whatsoever. I did NOT prick it or anything. I think disturbing it like that may be what is causing the scarring. I did not insert a needle into it. I just put a dab of iodine on it and a bandaid every single day. I am now using it on some other moles and again, no scarring.

Posted by Joe (London, Uk) on 07/21/2011

Hi I have recently had 4 raised moles on my head frozen with Liquid Nitrogen and after 2 treatments the moles have not been touched. The dermatologist said the moles are safe to remove and that I may need 4-5 treatments. The problem is the liquid nitrogen treatment also freezes the skin around the moles and causes blisters - not very nice on your head going to work :-(

I come accross this forum yesterday and cannot believe the success people have had with ACV. I started treating 1 small raised mole on my stomach yesterday as a test and all seems to be going well.

I have a question I start a new job in 10 Days time and want to know if I start treating the moles on my head now will they be gone / reduced and healed in 10 days as I do not really want to start a new job with 4 big lesions on my head.

I really hope someone has the time to answer and all help will be greatfully received please reply to post or email me.

Thanks Joe.

Replied by Natalie
Toronto, Ontario
[YEA]   I am in the process of trying this method. It has worked, but it is a slow process. My mole was a raised mole about the size of a pea. One problem with this method is that I noticed I had a lot of blistering around the mole itself. I am assuming this is because I was using ACV on my face in which I have pale and sensitive skin. I did use a copious amount of Vaseline/Polysporin around the mole but I think regardless some ACV will burn and blister the area around the mole (especially on the face). Also, just to mention, I did not sleep with a cotton swab soaked in ACV taped onto the mole itself because I was scared about permanent scarring due to the amount of blistering that occurred after the first two days just by dabbing the mole/holding a q-tip swab soaked with ACV on it for 20 minutes once a night and for 10 minutes once every morning EVEN when taking EXTRA precaution to protect the surrounding skin. If I woke up and it looked really red/started to really scab, I would leave it for a day and reapply the ACV only once the following day. Around the 4th day (after only applying ACV about 6 times) I rubbed the surrounding scab very gently with a q-tip soaked in warm water. The scab started to gently peel off and when I finally gently removed the scab so I could see the remaining mole, the mole itself shrunk dramatically. Therefore, if you want to ensure that you are not left with any permanent damage/chemical burns from this method, I would NOT recommend taping a cotton swab soaked in ACV on your FACE over-night particularly if you have white/sensitive skin. As mentioned, the method still worked fine without taping acid to my face :)

So some precautions is you want to try this method on the face:

  • Make sure you have a large amount of Vaseline or Polysporin (or mixed for extra safety) surrounding the mole. Even reapply while holding the q-tip swab soaked in ACV around the mole because the vinegar from the q-tip will drip onto the surrounding face and will cause blistering (which you want to a certain degree- because that white blistering will create the scab that will remove the mole when rubbed with warm water and a q-tip. But you don't want raw skin and severe blistering that will leave you with a crater/scar)

  • If the surrounding skin of the mole looks really irritated and blistered, leave it for a day to let it dry/heal a bit to form a scab. Once a scab has formed (as mentioned) gently rub it with a q-tip and the mole will begin to come off in layers with the scab.

  • After you remove the first scab, you should be left with a scabby mole which should be both flatter and smaller in diameter. Protect the surrounding skin with vitamin E and Aloe Vera, then the next day, continue the treatment.

  • The process will begin again- some blistering with occur but this time around the smaller mole. The smaller mole will then scab as the original sized mole did, and will once again shrink in size (depending on the size of your original mole) OR this time, will completely fall off as a scab. I am currently on this phase and so far, am please with the results.
  • Replied by Chris
    Canton, Michigan
    [WORKED TEMPORARILY]   I've done it several times. ACV works but only temporarily. (At least with the flat brown kind that have been on my face all my life) I've made one go away for about two weeks until it starts to return. It takes a week to get it to that point. I have a dremel tool with a small round metal bit, I turn it up full, touch lightly to the mole. Then dab a Q-tip of ACV on it, it stings like hell. That's IT! Maybe after one shower, dab again, but the stinging application is the one that does it. I wait 3 days and peel off the scab, then peel again after 2 or 3 more. All that I've read says not to do this. But it works better to peel the scab (with the color) off. Maybe after 10 separate times it might stay away, then again, it might keep coming back.
    Another mole I had was raised. It was off to the side on the base of my neck and used nail clippers to cut it off, it hurt like hell for a second but it was worth it. You can't even see a scar or any evidence of that big ugly black thing.
    Replied by Autumn
    Co Springs, Co
    Did it ever completely come off? Mine is doing this, too...

    Posted by Deborah (New Orleans, Louisiana) on 07/16/2011

    [YEA]  I can't believe after all these years (58) I actually found a site where I can use information to get rid of this mole that has been on the tip of my nostril forever! You may understand how much I detested it, and the frustration I felt not having a way to remove it! I found this site yesterday, and last night began applying the vinegar and vaseline! It's a raised mole, about the size of a split pea.... But it feels huge! Lol

    It immediately started turning white, and puffing up. The bottom half became black.... Which sounds like what it's supposed to be doing. I used a needle and emery board to roughen it up, and applied chap stick and vaseline to the surrounding skin. Because of it's location, I cannot bandage it... Nothing will stick, so I'll have to do it the hard way.... Applying ACV constantly with a q-tip. It seems to be working, and I feel like I have a new lease on life!

    I have gotten really bad skin with wrinkles and jowl lines in the last few years, due to stress and lack of care. I am on a quest to regain my appearance as much as possible, and am using all avenues to secure it! I am applying wrinkle remover, moisturizing, and taking vitamins. I cannot afford a face lift... So started using a book and dvd called "Facial Fitness" to remove the wrinkes and tighten the skin. I even found a free hypnosis download called "Turning Back Time" to make myself look better! I will NOT go down without a fight! Time to get myself put back together in a presentable and pleasing way! Will keep you posted on the mole removal.... It was an added bonus to my new quest, and will be forever grateful for this site!

    Replied by Joey
    London, Uk
    Hi can you give an updat if the mole has gone completely and the healing time?
    Replied by Deborah
    New Orleans, La.
    [YEA]   YES! It officially breathed it's last breath 3 days ago! There is a very thin scab on it now, but the hole it left has already filled in nicely! I apply neosporin to it a few times a day. I think it would have gone much faster if I had kept it bandaged.... But being on the rim of my nostril it was almost impossible to keep it covered without looking like a zombie and I had to run the grandkids around. If I had only known how quickly and cheaply I could have removed this 50 years ago, it would have saved me a lot of anguish! I feel like I have a new lease on life! Lol Now I am tackeling a few others!!!! This is the best site I have ever run into, and I love that we can talk to each other about the "process"! It looked pretty ugly for a few days... But I just kept it up and now I am "moleless"!

    Posted by Danny (Orlando, Florida) on 07/10/2011

    [YEA]  Apple Cider Vinegar for Mole Removal

    Oh man, I can't even begin to describe how happy I am right now! Im 17 and have had a flat mole on my cheek since I was born. Everyone called it a "beauty mark" but I didn't find it appealing at all. It was impossible to convince my parents to remove but I finally got them to give in about this apple cider vinegar idea. Here's what I did:

    I started on a wednesday night by roughing up my mole with an emory board (no more than 1 minute ). I surrounding the area around the mole with vaseline for no scarring. Dunked a cotton ball in the Apple Cider Vinegar and taped it on the mole for the night. Thursday I applied the Apple Cider Vinegar 3 times during the day (only dabbing the mole with a Apple Cider Vinegar cover Q-tip) and then at night again(cotton ball and tape). Friday I applied the Apple Cider Vinegar 2 times during the day and then at night. Saturday was one time in the day and then at night. Sunday I woke up to take a shower in the morning and when I got out, IT WAS GONE.

    I highly recommend this technique. It is very painless, and it doesn't effect your daily life. In my 4 days I went to my soccer practices, the gym, and out shopping. You may get a couple more stares during the process because it can get pretty ugly, but its worth it in the long run :)

    Replied by Kk
    Miami, Fl
    How did you rough up a flat mole, just want to know the best way to do this! Trying to do same thing with flat mole on side of face. Thanks so much!

    Posted by Helena (Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Usa) on 05/08/2011

    [YEA]  I was so excited when I came across this info. I tried ACV on 5 facial moles and by the 3rd day they were decreasing in size and drying up, by day 4 they all were flaking off. By day 5 all were gone, at each site I have a small pink area, but the pink areas are healthy looking. I started putting Silverderm which is desigated for burn tissue, but I alternate it with pure coco butter which has the healing and returning complexion to it's original shades. I am very very pleased. I took great care during this process to coat the healthy skin around the moles with thick coats of vasaline. It is very IMPORTANT to use cotton ball only the size of the mole. I saoked Q tips and pulled the soaked cotton off the q tip to ensure only the moles were exposed to the ACV. I am so pleased and feel like not only are my moles gone but the "roots" were also destroyed therefore they will not grow back.

    For now I can place a little make up when I am out and about til my natural color returns. I feel so much better, I wish I could post before-after pics. I had them removed before professionally and they came back. I think the lasered them. SO good look, try on one in a area before doing them all. My five were in my face... So I just went for it!!!!! Good luck to all..... Ms. J

    Replied by Thanks
    Goldy, Qld
    Hi thanks for info on skin recovery. Did you find using silverderm and pure coco butter helped in reducing redness and scarring?
    Replied by Lilo
    El Paso, Tx
    Hi everyone! it took me about a whole hour to really analyze every comment, process and results of using APC, and now im pretty convinced im gonna do it! The only problem is im sorta of a wimp, and my mole is in my upper right cheek the size of an eraser, and it's flat, NOT raised. Will this work for me? All of you who have success in this had a raised mole or flat brownish mole?
    I can also take any advice on the precautions and proceedures on doing these. I would really appreciate it. THANK YOU ALL! :)
    Replied by Emmy
    Brooklyn, Usa
    hey I'm hearing alot about everyone using acv, castor oil is good for mole removal. No burning, tsp of castor, tsp of baking soda mix well apply it makes a paste apply morning n nite can cover w/ bandaid but, don't have too. Or you can just use cold pressed castor oil about 6$ at vitamin store, I like the paste currently using for 3 days now so will let you know how well it works also castor oil is good for skin, dry eye, hair growth, age spots it has a number of uses, chk out castor oil uses on u tube for your hair, hope this helps .
    Replied by Jenni
    New Orleans, Louisiana
    I have been doing this for about a week now and it still hasnt seemed to work? for the past 3 days I have been wearing a soaked cotton ball in ACV with tape over it and all it is doing is leaving nasty red stripes where the medical tape is. Am I doing something wrong? The days before I started wearing it at night I would do it for like 30 minutes 3 times a day. I am using 5% ACV, does that have a part in why it isnt working as well as everybody elses? My mole is on my neck and it is raised but no bigger than a pea.

    Posted by Erin (Tuttle, Ok, Usa) on 04/17/2011

    [BETTER BUT WITH SIDE EFFECTS]  Background info: A few years ago I was able to successfully remove a wart on my pinky finger with Raw Organic ACV. I've had a raised mole the size of a pencil eraser behind my ear my entire life. I decided to try to remove it using the same method I'd previously used on my wart. I've been applying ACV to a cotton ball and securing it over the mole with a bandaid overnight. Although the ACV is working on the mole (it's a lot smaller, black, and flat against the skin - I feel with a few more treatments it will be gone), the skin around the mole (an area about the size of a 50 cent piece) is very red and irritated. There are some areas within the red patch (very small in size) that are scabbed over and almost look like little ulcers. Also, the lymph node under my ear is a tad swollen and tender to the touch. I typically do not have sensitive skin and have never experienced a reaction like this to ACV. For now, I plan on treating the area with Aloe Vera gel and Vitamin E oil and only applying ACV to the mole with a cotton swab so the other areas do not get further irritated.

    My questions:

    1. Has anyone else experienced this sort of reaction to ACV?

    2. Am I correct in thinking Aloe Vera gel and Vitamin E oil will soothe the area or are there better solutions?

    3. Could it be that the ACV was eating away heathly skin while working on the mole?

    Thanks in advance for your help earthclinic!

    Replied by Repairmom
    Chicago, Il,usa
    Since the area behind your ear is swollen and appears to have changed color around the edge, as well as crusted, from my own experience, see your physician (or dermotologist) and get checked out for skin cancer. I had a tiny sore on my face that turned out to be skin cancer. I am totally fine years later after Mohs surgery. I hope it's nothing but you can't play around with cancer. I use natural treatments whenever possible - and always will; but if you need it I recommend Mohs surgery, as the most effective painless option if it is cancer. If not, keep trying the ACV, it's amazing. Good luck.
    Replied by Leo
    Boston, Ma
    You could be allergic to apples.

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