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Mold and Black Mold Exposure

Last Modified on Apr 19, 2016

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Colloidal Silver  
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Posted by Bcnu147 (Anacortes, Wa, U. S. A. ) on 01/14/2013

[YEA]  I had mold exposure a few years ago and a medical person recommended colloidal silver (10ppm). The problem cleared up in 2 days.

Replied by Gwen
Hi! Just wondering how much C. Silver you used, how many times per day? Did you take it in water? I suffer from asthma and think it was caused by mould exposure - do you mind me asking what your symptoms were? Thanks so much!
Replied by Dave Donate

Fountain Inn, Sc
Hello Gwen from Canada,

I see you posted to "Bcnu" who posted a year ago, so may not see your question.

So I'll answer from my perspective in case Bcnu misses your post.

Bcnu said she/he took CS for two days and ended the mold infection. If me, I'd take three times daily two tablespoons per dose for a month (on empty stomach and away from mineral supplementation). But if symptoms are gone in two days...great. Stop after you are sure the infection is killed.

Replied by Larry
Blue River, Oregon, Usa
Yes, how did you take the Colloidal silver? In a mist in the lungs or spray in mouth or what ? I've been leaf blowing here in a very moldy fungus area of Oregon lots and lots of mold here and I disturb them up in the air and breathe them as I was using a backpack leaf blower and I believe my lungs have been infected with mold.

Deny Air and Water  
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Posted by Grant (Huntsville, Ontario, Canada) on 05/07/2012

[YEA]  I'm so happy to find your site and know I'm not alone in my suffering of the past 10-15 years. During recovery from a past surgery, I was able to study more and found there were over 20,000 different mold types with no exact cure for them all. The World Health Organization says that mold health problems can only be cured by natural medicine methods. The many stories shared on this site will benefit so many sufferers.

There is the common recommendation of mold removal frequently using bleach related methods, but here's another fact. Mold is a plant. Plants will die without water or oxygen. Washing with bleach often kills the top of the plant, but not the root and it will grow back. Often repeated applications of bleach or some mold control sprays can go on for weeks or longer. If this "plant" could lose its water or air source, it has to die. In leaky basements, the mold grows on the concrete and wood. I tried sealing the moldy concrete floor with WD40. After two applications two weeks apart, the area has been mold free for years. Unfortunately the latest WD40 has changed its formula and no longer is effective.

BUT the idea works! The best substitute is Fluid Film. It's safe around food, etc., will not rot wood and has a pleasant smell. Simply clean off the mold, spray the area, scrub it lightly to work it into rough surfaces and re-apply. Touchup may be required in a few days. Because Fluid Film can be used as an automotive undercoating for rust, it sticks to vertical surfaces and seals from water exposure. With the roots sealed, the mold "plant" dies.

After posting this information on their website, the company sent me a huge thank you gift of promo goodies, and a local resort contacted me for more information.

Another suggestion along the same lines is aerosol auto paints to seal porous walls with surface mold. The paints are thin enough to seal rough surfaces, dry very quickly and are too smooth and hard for mold to grow on. I've also used engine oil on level cement surfaces. In my experience, I've never seen mold on old garage floors.

Hope this can be of help to those who cannot relocate.

Replied by Mater Magna
Cape Town, South Africa
Hello Grant, I appreciated your posting on this matter and would like to discuss other possibilities of keeping moulds out of the house.

To all other sufferers I would suggest the following:

1/ identify the type of mould in your habitat (house, appartment, office, etc)

2/ inform yourself, try find as much information as possible about that precise mould: where it comes from, how does it develop, what does it need to thrive like humidity % in the room, heat, cold etc and also what it doesnt like, for example extreme heat or extreme cold

3/ Remove the mould out of your house... Not only treat it but remove it (like that woman from England who washed ALL the walls with borax not just the piece where mould was present). Keep your house clean of dust and dirt and allow fresh air into your house at all times. Keep an eye especially on your bathroom under the sink, under and behind the toilet under the bathtub, the showercubicle. In your kitchen under the sink and definitely the fridge, more accurately the sealing plastic... Moulds looove hiding in the ridge, same for the washing machines

As to which ingredient to use... I was just browsing the internet and stumbled on information about something called 'active oxygen' which seems to be related to peroxide and ammonia (check wikipedia 'active oxygen')

4/as to how remove it from your bodies: WHAT you use and HOW MUCH you use , it will depend on each INDIVIDUAL. Also here I'd suggest to first have the organs checked which have to process any type of medication you choose to use. The liver, the pancreas, spleen, heart, ... All these organs as well as the immune system have to work hard to keep your body running swiftly under normal circumstances so imagine how much harder they have to work when your body is compromised by some illness. In consequence probably the first good advice would be to avoid further toxins (such as alcohol, coffee, cigarettes, drugs, frying oils etc) in order to allow your organs to do their job properly which is to keep your bodies clean of toxins. Second, try going for a walk or a bicycle ride somewhere where you can breathe in pure clean air at least 1/2 hour every day.

In reference to the ammonia bath: ammonia at 3% is used in swimmingpools to keep the water free of moulds. So probably also good ingredient to clean your kitchens, bathrooms, washing machines, fridges and also windows and windowsills.

Good luck to y'all! I'm going back to my research on 'active oxygen'

Essential Oils  
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Posted by Debbie (Park Hills, MO) on 09/14/2007

[YEA]  M from Texas wrote about ailments possibly stemming from toxic mold. My young son and I are victims of toxic mold inhalation and exposure, so I have learned more about the subject than I ever wanted to know. The most important point I want to get to this person is, if you took things from that apartment, especially if mold was visible on them, you have just brought the problem with you. The mold is now growing in a new home, and you are still exposing yourself to it. My son and I had to leave everything behind and move from our home. Traditionally Western medical practioners do not even want to acknowledge the health problems associated with toxic mold; They have received no training for it in medical school, and there is pressure on them from numerous areas such as insurance companies, real estate management and developers, etc., to not acknowledge the affliction. I am treating my son with a number of natural remedies, although ACV hasn't been one of them, I intend to try it. But what I have found to be helpful is pure essential oils. Oregano is the best, but when mixed with Frankicense, and a special formulated blend of Clove, Cinnamon, Rosemary, Lemon, and Eucalytpus, the synergy of the Oregano is enhanced. I put these oils into a gelatin capsule and take them orally. I also get massages with oils over the spinal area which is where the fungi like to live, in the spinal fluid. These oils with the massage, called a Raindrop technique massage, will help drive the mold from your body. I do experience the mold ejecting from my body with skin bumps that spit out these nasty little white or brown crystal-like things, the size of a piece of salt or a little larger. They get easily infected, so it is important to keep the skin very clean, and to use Colloidial Silver or some other method the keep bacterial growth down. I am open for ideas to replace Colloidial Silver, because it is so very expensive. Any ideas?? Also, we now use a diffuser in our home which diffuses essential oils into the air we breathe. This has helped our conditions a lot, and it helps ensure that as molds are being tracked into our home, that we are killing them.

Just be sure that you are getting PURE ESSENTIAL OILS. They cannot be fragrance grade or be adulterated in any way. If anyone would like more information on where to get these oils, they can feel free to contact me at danngann@att,net. Love your site!!!!!!!! Ask all to pray for us, and for all victims of toxic mold.

Replied by Sarah
Key West, Florida
For Debbie with fungal mold problems: please do not try ACV as it contains mold.Vinegar has many health benefits and most people can fight off the amounts of mold found in apple variety, but you sound like you have plenty in your system. I am fighting many mold issues and parasites since the hurricanes (Still!). Please try the Borax! Use bottled white vinegar if you wish, which does not contain the trace common vitamins that ACV does nor the mold. I'm still trying to figure this stuff out and appreciate your tips, I'm excited about the VCO, have tried caprylic acid but the spoonfuls of unrefined coconut oil seem more effective! Good luck to you and your son, God/dess bless.
Replied by Laura
New York, Ny
How long will it take to detox from exposure to mycotoxins? I've recently vacated my mold-infested apartment and have started taking essential oils, exercising regularly, and eating a low sugar, anti-yeast diet. My main symptoms are tingling, shaky arms and hands, muscle cramps, extreme fatigue, and chronic sinus infections. Over the last week symptoms have lessened slightly. I hope it will keep improving. Also, I left my apartment as soon as the mold was discovered (it was behind a wall and as soon as the area was exposed my symptoms kicked-in full force). I grabbed some clothes and ran. Is it safe to go back for my bed spread and sheets? Can they be salvaged by a hot wash? I don't want this to follow me.
Replied by Tom
Regina, Sk

There is a little known G. P. Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker in Maryland on Chesapeake Bay who has been treating mold and other neurotoxin -exposed victims since the late 1990s! He runs several websites:

If you have one or more of these unexplainable symptoms, you may have been exposed to a biotoxin. Our research in biotoxins began almost 10 years ago, and during that time we have treated over 5, 000 patients with Biotoxin-related Illness. Our cutting-edge work has led to the development of an a brand new on-line screening test which can be completed in about 20 minutes. (Unfortunately, this test is NOT free. )

Since he's got several days' reading up on those sites, not including his several 300-500-page books, plus videos you can watch, maybe a snapshot of his work, his findings & the treatment protocol would be better first. It's CSM (cholestyramine, an Rx item):

The main first thing to do always is to get out of harm's way by vacating any known mold source. A 2nd clear warning given among all this info is any unwell person is to stay away from any "moldy" foods. This would include anything from small rot spots on fruits to blue cheese and even Apple Cider Vinegar.

Here is one site which mentions Shoemaker, and which claims some kind of peach tree extract works to pull out the mold neurotoxins:

Here's another one with what looks like a lot of real info, or a complicated protocol to follow:

As far as salvaging your bedding, I don't know if you also mean the bed, which until the place is thoroughly cleaned up and defogged for days with either MMS (chlorine dioxide) or ozone, means it'll be thoroughly tainted. To prevent a really long post here, there's got to be scores of pest removal/mold remediation companies either online or in the Yellow Pages. You could call them or e-mail and ask each how EXACTLY they gas a contaminated building once the moldy parts are removed and replaced. I believe they call it 'tenting', and it's similar to the way they gas out termites and cockroaches.
Replied by Candra
Ahwatukee, Az
I tried Dr. Shoemaker's protocols with a Dr. trained by him. I got MUCH worse. I found that colonics, coffee enemas, getting a portable IR sauna and doing veggie smoothies has helped. Also, things that bind toxins in your stomach to help move them out, like bentonite clay. I tried the hi-pro, low carb diet and got MUCH worse. Both Dr.'s I'm seeing now said that's a bad idea. Proteins are harder on the body and slow down assimilation and detoxification. I'm better now, but still have MCS and can't eat a lot of things. Still, most days I can think!! I read that women are 4x more likely to get adverse reactions to toxins like mold than men because of lower testosterone. Hmmm. I got my testosterone tested because I'm in perimenopause. ZERO. No testosterone. So I'm going bio-identical. Hope tht helps. BTW, if you do a home sauna, cover it w/ towels and wash often as the mold will get in it.
Replied by Faith
I was exposed to hidden ( odorless, invisible) black mold for three years in newer house, Symptoms began with itchy skin, red dry eyes, progressed to dizziness, blurred vision, nausea, wheezing, heart palpitations , rash, brain fog, neurological problems, tremors, shortness of breath, weight loss totally disabled. Most . The a brilliant doctor, thought I had mycotoxin poisoning. He put me on Cholerstraymine four to five times a day, charged Zeo-lites, broken cell Chlorella, all of these were taken at different times of the day. Nutritional balancing, fungus free diet, and taking quality probiotics. Sauna daily and colonics help tremendously. Getting detox from black mold takes time so be patient. We finally discovered the mold and moved. I washed all clothing with ammonia in the washer ( I wore eye goggles and wore gloves when handling ammonia) I also rinsed clothes twice this kills mycotoxins in the clothes.

Apparently, Dr Shoemaker did write that many very effective methods were being used in other countries to treat black mold. If anyone knows of other methods please do write .

Replied by Faith
My doctor, an environmental illness and mold expert, is a great doctor! Mold allergy is serious can be fatal There are so many pathways in the body that are disrupted, and how the body reacts is shocking. A doctor of this caliber knew instantly how to deal with this mold/mycotoxins poisoning. For example I had a fired up parasympathetic nervous system caused heart palpitations, heart was beating so hard my body would shake, and I had tremors. I saw two cardiologist that gave me two different diagnosis. The underlying cause for my heart issue was mold poisoning.

It is best to move from mold house, and do not return even after remediation.( Believe me I know how hard it is to leave your home, but it so not worth it when you might die from mold exposure).Because your more likely will react, statistically that has been the case . Do not cross contaminate your new house with items from items from your old house.

Take several binding agents, because different binding agents bind to different types of mold! I took cholestyramine and few other binders. I did saunas, colonics, and several detoxifiers. I was also on specific kinds of IV's for releasing the mold toxins in the tissues, causing faster detoxification. Also injections into the ganglion centers was offered to reset the body and help the parasympathetic system.

The doctor explained to me once the house has mold you cannot get it out even after remediation. Imagine a grain of sand cut into 20 pieces how can you see that with the naked eye. If you breath one little piece in you will react.

Replied by Sandy
Northern Ca
Faith - Please, I'm looking for an experienced specialist in the San Francisco Bay Area. Mold exposure from school!!! I have Kaiser, but, they are no help. This war is an outrage!
Replied by Anon

Raj Patel, M.D.

California-based mold physician specializes in treating CIRS, Lyme and other tick-borne diseases as well as Autistic Spectrum Disorders (ASD). When possible, he uses a nutritional, rather than drug-based, approach to preventive medicine and treatment of illness.

Replied by Heidi
[YEA]   This message is for the first post by Grant of Ontario. Did you take oregano oil as a tincture, pill or some other form? You mentioned you mixed it with Frankincense but I was wondering how and it what proportions. Thanks for clarifying.

General Feedback  

Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile, Tn) on 10/22/2014

HI U OLE BIRDS DOIN, , , , , , , , ,

Got a wild hair. Ever heard that term? It's a Red Neck sayin when something wild and strange comes to mind. My young spouse has had the sniffles for awhile and I am coughing up oysters myself. Anyways, I go to Lowe's and buy a mold test kit to check our HVAC ducts. Bad is not the word. The petrie dish is spooky.

What to do? Research, yeah and I can address this problem two ways: Ozone or Citricidal. I have a Hi Dollar Ozone Generator, but I also know that ozone is flammable. So I opt out to address this problem with Grapefruit Seed Extract. The Tenn Mold people are experts at this, and I called them. Folks are so hard up these days that they are in a do-it-yourself mode. Thus, Tn Mold will sell you the product and you do the spraying. Guess what they use as a sprayer? Yep, a Theatre Fogging Machine. One used by Elvis and those folks. I've ordered all that stuff today.

When it comes in, I will remove the HVAC filters, turn on the fan and and spray the product into the intake. This should fog our whole house with mold killing mist.

Why are we in this condition? First , we live on a large lake where the humidity is maxed out. We just a bought credible dehumidifier and now have our home humidity under control, but the mold is already established.

The message here, is that regardless of the supplements and drugs we take, sometimes we have to change our environment to solve our health problem.

Few posters on this site recognize this. Yeah, maybe Ted, Bill, Dave and others.

Anyways, I hope I have planted a seed that sometimes you have to change your environment to get health relief.


=====OLE ROBERT HENRY=======

Replied by Kathy
Ontario, Ca
Great sleuthing! Have you ever considered essential oils? They are amazing. Aches, pains, killing mold spores even! I enjoy reading your posts!
Replied by Robert Henry
Ten Mile , Tn.
HI U KATHY, , , , , , , , , , , , , I do some, but when you are exposed constantly to toxins you have to remove them before you can address them. I think mold and EMF's are the silent killers of our modern life style. They get us and we don't have a clue.

As you know I'm a story teller and I am glad that I have at least one fan. We took our girls to Ontario in the 70's and they were astounded at the diverse culture you have. They were reared Rednecks as you would expect.

=======OLE ROBERT HENRY======

Replied by Rebel
Somewhere, Usa
How are you Robert? I just made a concentration of Grapefruit Seed Extract. I put several drops in 11 ounce hair spray bottle and clean some black mold of my windows inside. I then sprayed the windows down with it and let it dry. I hope I have the concentration strong enough. I put quite a bit in for just 11 ounce of water.

I shook the bottle very well before cleaning. Do you think this will work for my mold and mildew problems? I also sprayed a small spot on my ceiling that looked like mold. I may check into the company you speak of, so I can do the air condition system.

Take care, Rebel

Replied by Robert Henry
Ten Mile , Tn.
HI U REBEL, , , , , , , boy howdy, that's a really good moniker. I go by ROBERT HENRY because as a youth, when my mom got the ass at me, she called me by my double name. Now, I figure all have the ass at me so I use that as my pen name.

I found a web site that gives the formula for a patented solution of GSE for HVAC systems, and if I take the time then I can make this. My problem is that at 78 , I am sho nuff on the shady side of the mountain and don't have time to mess around. It's sheet or git off the pot. "Come clean me, Momma".

As you know GSE is a natural fungicide and we use it to preserve our garden veggies. The microbiologist immigrant that came up with this while working for the state of Fla trying to get their produce to market in good shape. It is quite an interesting story.

Reb, what I have read is that 90% of our sinus problems is due to mold one way or the other. I wrote this Mold Ditty because most on this site want to cure their symptoms and that is not a fix. You have to get after the root cause. You are on the right trail, but I am searching also. Sorry, I can't give you a solution.

======OLE ROBERT HENRY========

Replied by Robert Henry
Ten Mile, Tn.
HI U OLE PATOOTS DOIN, , , , , , , , , , , ,

Well, today we did the dirty trick. We fogged our HVAC ducts and the entire house really. Saved about $ 1200 by doing it ourselves.

As all are aware we have had respiratory problems and traced it to mold in our HVAC system. We hired a firm to clean our ducts and today we fogged using a GSE solution.

Now , we must clean our lungs , etc. To do that we will use hydrogen peroxide and glutathione via a nebulizer.

I look forward to the day when the EC site puts doctors back into the houses they lived in when I was a kid. In my day doctors made a living and that was all. Now, they make a killing and they are not the ones dying.


Replied by Mmsg
Thanks for the update, ORH, it does give us a boost to watch you carry on and find solutions!!
Replied by Robert Henry
Ten Mile, Tn.
HI U GOOD FOLKS DOIN, , , , , , , , , pay attention least this goes over your head. My latest saga has been mold in our HVAC system. This leaning experience has sent me to school and I hope you have learned also.

First, this far more complex than this trail I have taken you down. One of the ways we thought we were doing good is the ultra violet light that we installed 5 years ago. All critters can be killed by zapping them with the same frequency that they emit. Hulda Clark knew this and her zapper will kill your internal parasites. Our boy Timh, is well aware of this and posts on using this technique often. Mold spores can be killed by the frequency of a simple ultraviolet light. The problem is that the light deteriorates and becomes useless.

I have a GB4000 Frequency Generator that was first used by Dr Royal Rife in the 1930's and it will kill all body critters including cancer. That concludes my preamble.

Now to the meat of my story. I have health problems and I developed a plan to address the problem. One of these programs included doing 5 UBI treatments along with Alpha Liopic Acid IV's to get my liver is the best shape possible. After my experience with my HVAC mold , I talked numerous times with the UVL folks and thus became a skeptic about the UBI treatments I had just received. I then called the folks in Canada who sell the German made UBI machines.

Guess what , I was right on. They no longer sell the old models because the UV light deteriorates and the UBI treatments are useless. So , I probably have spent several months and treatments for naught. I have a call in to my Doctor to discuss this possibility. He is a great guy but sometimes you don't know what you don't know. Also , he is a Doctor so he has an ego.

As I told you good people , follow my saga and you will learn a thing or two. I thought I was going to be smart at 65, nope, set my new goal at 75, again nope, set my next goal at 85....... hey boys and girls , I may make that goal. I am finding that critical thinking is the way to go. Makes you a cynic and not lovable but you got to get up before daylight to sheet this ole sheeter.

My hope is that my doctor realizes his short comings and we have a do over. Otherwise, he is not the man I thought he was.

To be continued. =====ORH=====

Replied by Robert Henry
Ten Mile, Tn.
HI U GOOD FOLKS DOIN, , , , , , , , , , ,

Promise, , , , this is my last post on this subject. What have I learned in this trial?

One, know what your humidity is throughout the year. It is high in the spring, summer and fall and low in the winter. Have meters throughout your house.

Run a dehumidifier during the high humidity times.

Install a UVL SYSTEM in your duct system and change the bulb every two years.

Don't run your HVAC fan separate from the evaporator coil being on in the high humidity times.

My HVAC folks just left and I now have two UVL systems to kill mold. I am an extremist and I only want to address a problem one time. If two aspirins will cure my headache then 4 should do the job in half the time.

My health saga continues, but I hope my mold problems are behind me. I learned a lot in this endeavor and hope you have too.

Besides our food supply , our heath problems come from mold in our homes and EMF's. The EMF problem is not a deal, all you have to do is go barefooted as I did until I was a teen ager. It's a grounding thing. The Lord takes care of his critters because they do not wear shoes.

We have out-smarted ourselves.


Replied by Rsw
Uniontown, Oh
Hi Robt Henry,

My engineer husband thinks you should look at this:

He read about it, then bought a switch that is a humistat for about $30. Someone had given him an old furnace fan that he hooked up to the piping of his shop vac system in the basement, that vents out to the garage. This takes the coldest, wettest air off the basement floor to the outside, and replaces it with drier, warmer air. This is the poor man's version, but our humidity has been falling since he installed this in the summer (although it has been cold and our heat is on now). He thinks running your A/C would keep your humidity down at a lower cost that running a dehumidifier.

Glad you have solved this problem and hope you will be on the way to a full recovery soon. With the ALA IV's, maybe consider some LDN (low dose naltrexone, goes hand in hand with the ALA - per Dr. Bert Burkson, Las Cruces, NM) for liver repair and many other benefits, including limiting cell proliferation in cancer. (During the 16-20 hours after it leaves the body)

Take care.

Posted by Zack (Melb, Vic Australia) on 11/29/2011

Hi everyone, just want to know if selenium forte instead of selenium yeast, as well as chrome as amino acid chelate instead of chromium are worthy to use as substitutes in the battle againt mold exposure and hair loss?

Grapefruit Seed Extract  
1 User Reviews | 1 YEA

Posted by Marybeth (Volcano, HI) on 09/21/2007

[YEA]  I have used GSE in the past for candida but I'm looking forward to using it for other things. I live where mold is a problem so I make a mixture of 20 drops GSE, 2 cups water, a few drops tea tree oil and a few drops lavender. I spray it on walls, furniture and it works great. I also put some in my dishwater-where I live there's no water lines to it's just rainwater in a big tank. The GSE helps with any bugs that may be there.

Hydrogen Peroxide  
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Posted by Cindy (Coarsegold, Ca) on 10/16/2013

[YEA]  Hydrogen peroxide is definately a cheap remedy for some tough illnesses. Got Black Mold in my lungs from living in an apartment with unforseen mold under the carpet. Hot water heater blew in the 2nd month and the maintenance man (sent over by the slum lord) sucked the majority of the water out but installed 2 blowers under the carpet to dry it out. When I saw the mold I told him straight up, "That's going to blow Black Mold into the air and we could end up getting mold spores from breathing it" I'm sure he blew me off like he does all the other apartments he maintains because his lips weren't moving but he said to himself, "ugh, .... Another hypocondriac."

3 months later, I was extremely ill. Hadn't even considered black mold yet, due to on going esophogus problems for 15 years. The doctors said the only way to tell is to do the endoscopy at $750. I paid for the intial visit, was able to get on a $25. Month payment plan and when the time came to go at 6am, the receptionist wouldn't adhere to my agrreement due to the fact that the business department didn't come in until 9. I panic'd due to the fact that I felt a 2nd round of pneumonia approaching, and my lungs were only taking in maybe 20% of it's capacity. I did my research and found that the only way to survive a combo like this ( I have a fantastic nurse practioner that actually listens, and admits, she learns too) was to prepare myself. The first on-slaught of the pneumonia had to be covered by a single pill that costs $100. (something new?) I was sceptical. I don't trust pharmaceuticals. So, she gave me a $75. Discount coupon and I took it just in time, I guess, cuz I lived but still had the mold. It was growing and I was breathing less. My son-in-law was surfing the net for a cure for me. (Now that's a loving son-in-law), but, maybe he just wanted me out of his house!! Hahha He found a video of an old man showing the benefits of putting hydrogen peroxide in a nose sprayer and inhaling it 6 times down the hatch, at 6 times a day. We set my funderal plans aside (kids!!! ) and I recovered. That sweet son-in--law even helped me carry my bags to the car. That was 2 years ago. Still dealing with espophogus problems. My nurse practitioner treats me with respect and nearly reverence. I've been able to heal deadly diseases in my life, mine and others. Extraordinary. Hydrogen peroxide yes, .. for lots of illnesses.

Hydrogen Peroxide, Oil Pulling  
4 User Reviews | 1 YEA

Posted by Lera (St Petersburg, Fl) on 08/16/2010

[YEA]  2 years ago I was exposed to toxic mold in a building. I went to this building on a bi-weekly basis for 18 months and kept getting sicker and sicker. I was diagnosed with asthma (at a free clinic) and put on 2 meds. One for maintenance the other for emergency. My lungs became inflamed and I was using the inhaler constantly... I finally weaned myself off the inhalers and other meds. After doing research I did a cleanse with H2O2. It took me over 6 months to reach the full dose and then I reduced and am now maintaining at 22 drops per week. 3 months into the "detox" I also began oil pulling. My gums were receding and I had no energy. I bought 3 bottles of sunflower oil, within 2 weeks the sensitivity left my teeth and my gums began to reattach. I finally was regaining energy and I have not stopped either therapy, Now 2 times per week I use coconut oil, I love the taste and it seems to help my lungs stay clearer. I also inhale the H2O2 as shown on this site several times a day. My treatment started over 1 year ago. I refer many friends here and have even cured my dog of heartworms from your pet site suggestions. Thank you and please continue helping those of us who can't afford health insurance or doctors. It's nice to have alternatives to make ourselves.

Replied by Gail
Quinte West, Canada
Hello and thank you for your information. I would like to start the Peroxide inhaling. How do you do this and what is the mixture? Regards
Replied by Lera
Formerly St Petersburg, Fl
Gail, Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner. We moved across the country and I neglected to get on this site for a period of time.

I bought a bottle of saline solution and emptied the contents. Then I refilled the bottle using a 1 drop of 35% food grade peroxide to 11 drops of distilled water ratio.

After filling the bottle I lean forward and inhale as I spray the mist in the back of my mouth. I do this several times and inhale deeply. Within minutes I cough up mucus then feel much better for the rest of the day.

In flu season I regularly tilt my head to one side and spray a few pumps of the solution in my ear. I then turn my head so it runs down inside. After the bubbling stops I drain onto a tissue and do the other side. Since doing this I have not had the flu or even a bad cold. My husband, a skeptic, now asks for me to do his ears at the first sign a cold or the flu.

Hope this helps, and again I apologize for taking so long to respond.

Replied by Steve
Can you tell me if you used regular hydrogen peroxide or food grade hydrogen peroxide in your nose? Also do you know if it is safe to drink in small portions?


Posted by Panther88668 (New York, New York) on 02/11/2010

i have been exposed to mold. i heard that iodine is helpful. please locate your recommended treatment for mold exposure.

Replied by Bee
Anon, Usa
I too am suffering the effects of mold exposure. I've not heard of iodine being used, but I thought GSE is helpful. I'd be interested in remedies- I've had congestion and fatigue mainly. Also, what can be used to clean up mold in a house? Would borax or bleach be helpful? Thanks.
Replied by J-six
Sunrise, Florida
I am inhaling Lugol's iodine via nebulizer. Nothing definitive right now. I plan to go on a 100% Vegan diet for a few months and do the Lugol's inhalation. I think it can really work then. Will try to report back.

I feel nothing bad from this practice. Some say to inhale nascent iodine instead so I bought some. Nothing definitive yet.

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Posted by Alva (Nashua, New Hampshire) on 08/06/2013

[YEA]  Like most people in the mold forum me too I thought I'm going to die if I didn't find a solution. If not from the direct result in every organ in my body I would kill myself as the Central nervous system is my very big reaction from mold. The problem has linger on for more than a year since I found out the cause of all my illness. Yet I researched combed every website on the internet since last July of 2012. Cchlorine was the most popular one but it didn't do a damn good to me. The mold , the spores are all over my body. I experimented about 127 different kinds of reagents, cleaning, disinfectant, bacteriostatic bactericidal anti fungal anti everything both single combined cocktail or mixtures, tinctures etc.... It was hopeless. No matter how much supplements I take it would help for a day or two starts again. The bottom line is how to begin to find where the sources is coming from as I felt the crawlies wherever Im inside my house. I was not sure if it is coming from the windows from the outside it was maddening. I examine the carpets judiciously , then in every moldy part of the carpet I check the corresponding part from the ceiling. I found a lot of cracks up in the ceiling. I am renting this house. The painting of the ceiling strikes me very oddbecoz it is corrugated not a plain smooth type. I suspect my landlord have done this deliberately to conceal something. I borrowed a ladder sick as a dog I began spray painting the cracks. In my disgust I wrote on the ceiling. After I'm done the ceiling looks like a graffiti of multiple colors. I still felt like droplets of something on my head every now then./Every time I have seizzures difficulty breathing I cried almost every night. I surrender myself to Mother Nature. I prayed that if she wants me to die I am willing to go. I also prayed that I am exhausted pls. Guide me. Then one day I ran across one website that says Thieves oil. I went to the market to find the ingredients on how to make Thieves oil. One of them is eucalyptus that I could not find. Came home I thought the concept is similar to when I was young where we live in a farm where there is no electricity yet we used kerosene lamp. We lived using a kerosene lamp for more than ten years. So I made a lamp then fuel it with kerosene. I found an oil lamp at Salvation army converted it into a kerosene. I made a wick made of towel about half an inch in diameter not length but the width where its going to lit. How big of the fire it will emit should be thought of ahead of time. The lamp is lit continuosusly. I put it inside a clay pot to secure that my cats cannot knock it down. After I lit it I went outside do my chores while the smoke of from the lamp is engulfing the living room. I know its safe becoz that's what we have when I was a kid. I am a pro in making this stuff as my father taught me how to make them that he made me the designated light manager of our household. In about two hours I came in the lamp kinda died down. It was lit for the night that I never expected what its going to do. The website didn't say how to do it what is that you're going to find out. I lit it late in the afternoon , the following day when I wake up I saw a massive black dust everywhere, every single surface that I can tell. Basically what had happened the zoot from the lamp carbonized or carboxylized what was on the ceiling the floor the walls. I saw a massive fungal lines everywhere. Had its not for the carbon from the lamp I have no clue what state of infestation I was in. I shut down the air purifier the AC. The inside look likes holloween for me. I took my time have a coffee it was the most peaceful morning I have ever been. I fell on my knees sob on the floor. At long last the battle I won. It's been more than days now that nothing is crawling even when it rains. Today I took a blanket stand higher up under the lamp to carbonized my body. My scalp was riddled with mold for years. I cover my self inside with the lamp inside the blanket when a continuous popping sounds for about an hour. The mold spore are popping out. I think what had happened to the mold spore is since the spores is made of a filament that is hydrophilic/lipophilic, the carbon attach to the water molecule of the mold dropping out the oxygen out when the carbon combined. I made another three lamps to complete the whole entire house one in each room I made one with a long handle like a torch so I can reach the corners of the roof.

The lamp have a half gallon kerosene is still lit until now. My kitties are not scractching that much anymore. I am very happy celebrated my triumph with Mother's earth guidance. I am very grateul to the people here at earth clinic the reason why this is the place I chose to share this knowledge. I am happy if you have a comment or a question feel free to contact me at Lakambini19(at)yahoo(dot)com.

Menthol, Thymol, Camphor, Ecualyptus, Tea Tree, DMSO  
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Posted by Robert (Naples, Florida) on 01/05/2008

[YEA]  The question of whether Vicks Vapo-Rub works on toenail fungus was the subject of a University of Michigan study about a decade ago. Their conclusion was positive; they isolated the specific ingredients that worked, and received U.S. Patent 6,361,785 (look it up to see the results of the research).

Also note that 90% of toenail fungus is caused by four dermatophytes that are the same culprits in athlete's foot and jock itch. (Therefore, to prevent re-infection, one must get the fungi everywhere - nails, feet, & crotch. Also change towels regularly, and don't dry your feet first, then transfer the fungus to another place.)

The formula (based on the research study, (which I've adapted for a more natural cure) is: 1 part Menthol oil
1 part Thymol oil
1 part Camphor oil
1 part Lemon Eucalyptus oil
1 part Tea Tree Oil
5 parts DMSO
5 parts Aloe Vera
5 parts Rubbing Alcohol
(the oils can be bought on e-bay, DMSO in a health store)

Apply twice a day to nails and feet. I've suffered from this vexing problem for 40 years, as did my mother and grandmother. It works.

Replied by Ellen
Redwood Shores, CA
To Robert: Were you successful in fully eradicating the toenail fungus? Btw, it was Michigan State University's patent, not University of Michigan. I did look it up and skimmed the Doctorese. I was familiar with the Meijer's Chest rub study. Thanks for providing this information!
Replied by Robert
Naples, Florida
Robert's Fungus Saga – Vicks Update

Part One: Feet

Q. Do the ingredients (camphor, eucalyptus, thymol, menthol) work?

A. I've applied the solution on my nails as well as to my entire foot to get rid of all the fungus that might eventually cause a reoccurrence. The results were obvious after 4-5 days: first, the athlete's foot symptoms between my toes rapidly got better and were healed in about a week. Then, at the seven-day point lots of skin started sloughing off all over my feet where the fungus was obviously in hiding -- including the heal callus. I was surprised to see so much sloughing of the skin around the base, sides and top of the toe nails -- this area apparently had been deeply affected by the fungus, but just looked like tough skin that I had become accustomed to expect. Within 2-3 weeks the unaffected new toe nails could be seen at the cuticle. Now, several months later, there is a clear line of demarcation between the old fungal nail, and the new clear nail. I expect that it will be 3-4 more months before all the old nail has grown out and gone.

Q. Is the formulation the right one?

A. After much research and playing kitchen chemist, I learned that coconut oil is a good anti-fungal as well as a great emollient. DMSO doesn't need to be at 25% concentration. 10-15% is sufficient. Oregano Oil is composed of Thymol and University of Western Australia research proved tea tree oil's anti-fungal capability, so I added it as well. The essential oil amounts are at least or a little more than what bio-chemists call the Minimum Inhibitory Concentration (MIC). The formulation I like and use now is:

Revised Formula
1 part Menthol oil
1 part Thymol oil or Oregano oil
1 part Camphor oil
1 part Lemon Eucalyptus oil
2 parts Tea Tree Oil
2 parts DMSO
12 parts Virgin Coconut Oil

There is probably a synergistic (i.e. harmonious working together) effect of anti-fungal herbs, which has been demonstrated in several studies. In one test of ten plant species whose oils were anti-fungal, researchers noted that "combinations of the anti-fungal essential oils increased their activity remarkably." In a similar study, researchers stated that "in all the oil combinations, the anti-fungal potency was found to increase over individual oils."

Part Two: Adult "Acne"

This is where the "saga" starts to get interesting. After my adolescent acne should have cleared up 35 years ago, it got slowly worse. All over the bearded part of my face, what appeared to be sacs of hardened oil under the surface of the skin had been forming nodules. These didn't get infected,' each just grew larger. Over the years I've seen dermatologists who said, because of my otherwise great health, "you're just a middle aged adolescent," blaming it on high testosterone, etc. The apparent acne problem continued and worsened.

I've seen doctors, dermatologists, pharmacists, herbalists, laser specialists, and spiritual healers. I've bought every acne ointment known to man. I took pills, vitamins, and herbs. I changed diet. I get plenty of exercise. Nothing worked. I had extensive surgery to correct the problem three years ago, and within 18 months it looked just as bad as before. As a public speaker and author in my profession, the skin condition was emotionally upsetting and stressful.
Having conquered toe nails, I started researching down the path that maybe the acne was caused by a fungus (although the symptoms didn't look like my feet). Was I surprised when I found:

" Tinea barbae is a superficial dermatophyte infection that is limited to the bearded areas of the face and neck and occurs almost exclusively in older adolescent and adult males. Symptoms include inflammatory, deep, kerion-like plaques and noninflammatory superficial patches and lumps resembling bacterial folliculitis. The hair breaks off below the skin surface. It is caused by several dermatophytes. Trichophyton species are most common. Infection of bearded skin may be the result of autoinoculation from tinea pedis or onychomycosis."

In other words, the mess on my face that had caused me so much grief and been misdiagnosed for decades was caused by the same fungus that gave my feet a problem. Apparently the dermatophytes enter the hair follicle (nails and hair are similar biological structures), then attack the sebaceous gland, feeding off the body oil; then the body's immune system reacts with scaring and hardening the facial oil, leaving an oil nodule. The dermatophytes then migrate to the next follicle, and eventually dozens of affected follicles link as a nodule the size of a pea.

Now it became obvious what had happened: The athlete's foot I got as a teenager went to my toe nails, and, because I was ignorant of the relationship of using a towel on my face that might have been used on my feet or crotch, the fungus got transferred.

Not a single dermatologist who examined my face ever bothered to ask the question: "Do you have toe nail fungus or athlete's foot!"

Using the same solution on my facial outbreaks as on my toe nails (the revised formula with coconut oil), the facial condition is clearing up. Just like with my feet, skin is sloughing off and the nodules are beginning to eject. This is the best result I've seen in years. I expect it will take a few months for the problem to be cured, as the fungus is down below the level of the base of the hair follicle in the sebaceous gland.

Part Three: Chronic Sinusitis

For the last 15 years I've had chronic sinusitis, post nasal drip, clogged nose, etc. I was constantly clearing my throat, and sometimes coughing. I snored a lot, which my wife didn't appreciate, and the snoring actually would wake me up in the middle of the night, leaving me tired in the morning. I seemed to catch colds more easily than before, but I attributed this to my very frequent plane travel.

Doctors prescribed antibiotics, but I they did not fully cure the problem and when I stopped the treatment, every symptom returned. (And I just don't like unnatural treatments.) Others said it was allergies.

I wondered: Could my sinusitis be a fungal problem? More exploring on the internet found the answer:

In 1999 Mayo Clinic researchers found the cause of most chronic sinus infections to be an immune system response to fungus, and that this may kick off a secondary bacteriological infection. It is not an allergic reaction, but an immune reaction.
Again, I felt betrayed by the medical profession. Why hadn't anyone told me this?

I went to the health and vitamin store to look for an anti-fungal nasal spray, and nothing met my requirements or budget ($10-15 for a one ounce bottle of ingredients seemed way out of line.) Here's the formula I "invented:"

1. Rinse out a 1 ounce nasal spray bottle
2. Add one eye-dropper (approximately 1 ML) of Oregano Juice (NOT Oregano Oil –it's too strong and will not dissolve in water)
3. Add a pinch of salt (approximately ½ ML) (Iodized salt is OK – iodine is a good anti-fungal)
4. Fill the rest of the sprayer with distilled water, and shake well until the salt is dissolved.

Spray as frequently as once an hour until symptoms subside. For me, this solution began working within an hour; most symptoms were gone in three days. And the price of the ingredients per bottle is just a few pennies.

If the oregano/saline solution is too strong for you, dilute in half with water. If you want, you can add a drop of eucalyptus oil with ½ ML of glycerin, (which will bond the oil to water). I now spray once or twice a day, just to prevent any recurrence.

A very dear friend, who is 75, has had awful sinusitis for years. He heavily cleared his throat every minute or two. I told him of this simple formula, and two days later he called me to say it was working. He then said with amazement: "I don't believe it, we've been talking for over 15 minutes and I haven't had to clear my throat once!"

There are articles and books that claim that some cancers are caused by fungus. If this is true, taking action on fungus early may be very beneficial in the long run. It's time we gave fungus a deeper analysis.

Replied by Ellen
Redwood Shores, CA
To Robert, Thank you for sharing your research with us. It is fascinating! I no doubt transferred my toenail fungus to my face and I also have Rosacea--do you? I did read somewhere recently that the oils are the best remedies and it certainly sounds like they are, judging from your research. Regarding your recipe, I do have a question. With coconut oil being a solid, how do I mix it with the other liquid oils? Thanks again for sharing! I am hopeful to see the line of demarcation, too!
Replied by Robert
Naples, Florida
Coconut Oil melts at 80 degrees F. If it's solid, just run the container under warm water. The essential oils, when added, lower the melting point to below room temperature.

Regarding Rosacea, the following information may be helpful from internet research: "The Rosacea diagnosis includes a range of inflammatory events in facial skin. The range is so broad that it is reasonable to ask if Rosacea' is too fuzzy a term that can apply to diverse immune-mediated events in the skin with different causes.... Seborrhea is a related condition that involves the hair-bearing skin of the scalp and face, all expressions of infection with the fungus, pityriasis ovale. Seborrhea can involve the central forehead, skin under the eyebrows and beard and may contribute to or be confused with Rosacea."

Hope this helps.

Replied by Amanda
Gainesville, FL
Robert, I have been suffering from chronic sinunitis for years I am going to start trying your remedy today, I have also been suffering from abcessed boils for the same amount of time that I have had the chronic sinunitis, now I am wondering if they are related, the funniest thing is I never had a problem with any of this stuff until I moved to the state of FL, moving here from Bangor, ME. I thought it was from the mold counts here... I am not sure, let me know if you think your essential oil treatment would work on abcessed boils. thankyou so much for your information.
Replied by Patty
Sioux Falls, SD
[QUESTION]   Where do you find oregano juice, I have the oil but have not seen the juice.??

EC: Google shopping has a bunch:

Mold Exposure Recovery Remedies  

Posted by Doreen (Freeport, Ny 11520) on 07/09/2013

Please help. Can u simple put down what I need for myotoxins I see your list but where do I get it all the strange suppliments? headache forget everything voimiting. This if from hurricanne flooded home. I'm deathly ill think I'll die soon. I am worried to take the A/baths but hitting the pool maybe chlorine will help. The supplements get so crazy My brain doesn't help.

Please simplify this ex: take 500 g's of this or that. I have to say I'm not in the position to move. I have done the remediation but forget it.. I smell it everywhere. Fogger helped a little, Bio Cide Bombs helped a lot. Everyone buy them if you can't leave. It will help. I'm just swallowing the mother load vinegar by the cup everyday.. Also the garlic whole. I have bought all this stuff on line but I am no better. Yes I'm known as The crazy Mold Lady in my family and town hurts so bad.. Work too:( I have seen 7 doctors /cause and effect thank you Sandy and the ever changing shore line.. help!

Replied by Trudyg
Please look up Oxine. It's a product they use to clean up mold in ductwork. It was recommended to me to use in a humidifier in my chicken coop (so the bird will inhale the mist). 2 nights and no more respiratory rattles. It's about $30/gal and use 6 ounces/gal in the humidifier. Just me here, and I'm no doctor, but if I had a respiratory thing and knew I had mold, I'd inhale it. I would also spritz down everything with it--it disinfects very well. If you're gonna die anyway, you may as well try something that is proven to work in poultry without adverse side effects in the hens. Mold is pernicious--a mere 'cleaning' won't eradicate it.

Mold in Your Building  
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Posted by Gertie (Alabama, US) on 04/19/2014

My workplace flooded. After a week, they let us in to remove important/personal items. I had a stack of documents w/ red mold growing on them that I had to box up to send to be dried. I most certainly was exposed to mold of all sorts. How do I make sure I don't get a reaction? I'm sure some moldy items are now in our new location; don't know that there's any way to prevent that. I have wiped down all the surface that I can, but I can't control the other folks. What should I do to protect myself and detox what has already entered me?

Replied by Lemon
Texas, US
The only way that I know of to kill the mold/ spores. mycotoxins is ammonia . You must wiped down your stuff with water and ammonia, Wash your clothes with some ammonia. I have read about using thieves oil in a humidifier for kills spores, however I haven't seen the research behind it.

Posted by Nicole (Chicago, IL) on 03/30/2008

[YEA]  I wanted to say that if people have extremely chronic respiratory or nervous conditions, they ought to find out if they are living or working in a moldy building. Nothing cures that but getting out or fixing the problem in the house!

Replied by Renee
El Dorado, KS
[YEA]   8 days ago two small, painful, splinter-looking bumps appeared just under my chin. To help the foreign particles escape, I poked a small hole in each. Instantly I recalled my toes* and sought to ward off infection... applying 3% H202 on and around. OMG!!! Second Degree burn from the bumps to the base of my chin and two areas of my neck. No reaction from 3% ever before.

*5 months ago both big and little toes became extremely infected... one 1/2 hard the other 1/2 gushy - and they really hurt. After 3 rounds of anti-biotics my toes still aren't quite right. Approx. 40% of each big toe remains numb. Forget standing for more than an hour or two... makes the toes scream!

First I thought I'd picked up Scabies. Nope. Then found a site called Morgellans and the Federal Government's Center for Disease Control. Talk about depressing! Kept looking. Parasites? Something is coming out of my skin... nasty looking too, especially under 30-times magnification! Rid Worm by Hartz (smile) didn't do anything and this seems to be getting worse.

While I check in on this site periodically (found numerous treatments here already when medical field left me desperate), it wasn't until early this morning I found my way back here. And boy did I come running back! Check out the Image Bank at Yep! This seems the most likely fit to my symptoms... could be wrong though but worth a try.

I believe my home is sick. Mold in the bath room seemed contained behind shower wall. Kitchen sponge doesn't mold when I leave it full of soap to dry out. Other usual precautions when living in an old, moldy home. It gets worse. Two dogs have pee'd on my kitchen and living room carpet so many times that I've literally went nuts 3 times ripping out carpet... swore I wouldn't replace until they were gone. Finally this year... Fidos are gone - ruining my son's apartment carpet now.

Anyway... though I'd scrubbed all the yukky stuff from the sub floors... a dark gluey substance remained behind in numerous places - nothing I could think of touched it. I've just been throwing area rugs here and there to hide.

Was going to brush my hair - to check if scalp was red, bumpy, etc. There were things growing on my brush! Upon magnificatin, no doubt some form of mold has completely taken over when I wasn't looking. So here's I am!

Not really thinking, I picked up an area rug and poured H202 on the mysterious black tar/glue substance. Ahh, the trusted bubbles went to work. Within one minute I could see white spores beginning to appear from the blackened floor. Couldn't help but notice some of the disgusting particles I keep finding on my skin is also in this bubbling puddle of burn-the-damn-house-down mess. What is in the ceiling? Behind the walls? Under the other floor coverings? Ughhh! has a doctor claiming Baking Soda kills Cancer which is really Yeast/Fungi. What the hell? I've already this in my home thanks to Earth Clinic! Rubbed it all over, head to toe... letting the crumbs fall where they may. Appears the mold on the floor will be much easier to remove than the re-dried mess the H202 left behind. Of course I'll be needing a Haz-Mat suit!

Hey, the burning itch hasn't bothered me in a few hours and one of my big toes is beginning to have feeling again!

No doubt will try many of the great ideas I've read this morning from all of you. Thanks! Oh... I'm pretty sure it is the Systemic Candidiasis I'm up against. Maybe I won't have to watch all my skin and hair rot off only to welcome the finalle of painful death.

Really folks, take a look at drfungus' "Clinical" pictures of Fungi/Yeast. The medical communities around the globe have no excuse for no education or treatment. I take their silence as a personal attack on all of us who have ever had, have, and will have to suffer from any type of fungi. Accountability is long over-due every where I look up, for this and for that. Thank God we've still got one another!"

09/18/2008: Renee from El Dorado, KS writes: "Duhhh, forgot my question.

How do I keep this out of my eyes? The yeast over-growth inside of me is apparently on the march and I've got white particles coming out of my skin and my eye socket tissues aren't exempt. Several times I've felt a pain/burn in an eye and upon looking I've got what now appears are small spores penetrating the actual eye ball... or maybe they're coming out of my eye balls!!!!

Blindness can be one of the end-effects!!! HELP!

Replied by Joyce
Joelton, Tn
Hello Rene, Google SSKI (potassium iodide) and pull up one on Tahoma Clinic. SSKI was the first thing used to treat systemic candida. Dr. Wright has some excellent information on SSKI, how to use it, and what it does. Cutting out sugars & syrups from your diet also goes a long way toward getting rid of it. Please don't make the mistake of replacing sugar with aspartame (nutri-sweet) as it is a neurotoxin & damages the brain & central nervous system. Stevia is a safe substitute if you just must have everything sweetened.

Multiple Remedies  
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Posted by Victory (Chicago) on 08/23/2013

[YEA]  For two years, I was so sick nausea, sore throat, rash, dizziness, chronic fungal sinus infection, burning, dry eyes exhaustion, wheezing, heart palpatations and shaking trembling feeling like I many I thought I was goner. I saw over 60 doctors I did not know that doctors are not trained in detecting mold poisoning, nor do they test for mycotoxins .

If your ill and no one can find the cause it can be your house . Our 4 year old dream home became a nightmare home, we had a hidden leak one day I noticed a crack in the sheet rock the plumber must of forgot to put the two pipes together a quietly totally invisible leak for a long time! Specialist were hired they fumigated and began fixing the damage. It was serious they wore hazmats suits! They found Stachybotrys, penicillin and hyphae. This is straight from intergrative MD told us to move out of our home even if we had to live in tent or rent a motorhome. We were blessed by God to have our condo to go to. We took the full mycotoxins test the only lab the does this nationally is in Texas We were told not to take anything with us because we could cross contaminate the new enviroment . We were put on natural Gamma detox which is 1/4 tsp zeolites/bennonite clay (carries the byproducts out of the body) 2 times a day , Mycotoxins inhibitor 10 drops of Mycotoxins inhibitor 3 x times and I also drink 1/8 tsp borax in liter a water drink throughout the day and I bought these homeopathic borax pellets and put one in my neti pot let it dissolve add sea salt, baking soda and sterlized water then really flush my sinuses by holding one nostril shut and breathing in the water until it the water comes to the back of your throat this really works to clean and kill the fungus in my sinuses this worked well for me We also took detox complete, and caprylic pills or you can take fresh virgin coconut oil a couple 2 tsp 2 daily make sure that the coconut oil is made from fresh coconuts NOT dried coconuts since dried had has mycotoxins in it . Also milk thistle helps the liver clean out the body drink lot's of water. Anyhow it takes a few months to feel better but eventually you do, this sort of ordeal forever changes your view on life.

Replied by Beth
Would you mind emailing me more about this Gamma detox? I would like to follow your specific protocol.
Replied by Carmen
Los Angeles California
Can I have the information where I can buy these products. Very informative. Thanks for the valuable info
Replied by Ladon
Oklahoma City
Hi your symptoms are almost identical to mine. Can you please tell me, where do I get these products and the full instruction for the natural gamma detox?
Replied by Victory
Chicago, IL
I apologize, I left out of couple of important things. The item is called Gama Detox-FX is on Amazon . Drink oregano oil and olive leaf extract in water throughtout the day. Take high quality probiotics. A couple of other things to do is go on a anti-fungal diet or candida diet this diet; this stops the food source for the mold so they die. It took me many months to feel better but according to Shoemaker who is the mold authority he prescribes Cholestryamine which is supposedly the best product for mold poisoning. People on Cholestryamine generally feel better in two weeks unless you are severely ill so that is worth thinking about.
Replied by Victory
Chicago, IL
Few more things I've learned working with specialized doctor regarding mold poisoning - Taking Cholesyramine carries mold/mycotoxins out of the body. The broken cell wall chlorella does the same thing; take it an hour away from food. Avoid taking it at night, might keep you awake I read the broken cell chlorella maybe very be superior to cholesyramine. Also for sinus issues, consider distilled water mixed with 1/2 tsp xylitol mixed with few drops SSKI and 2 to 3 drops liquid dmso in a neti pot; it breaks the biofilm down and attacks the infection.
Replied by Mike
Little Falls, Nj
Hi, your post regarding mold remedies was very helpful, could you please recommend a good doctor that you used for your treatment? How long it took you to be 100% free of mycotoxins? Thanks!
Replied by Victory
Chicago, Ill
I'm glad the information helped

The doctor that treated me was a MD/ND and a Chinese medicine doctor, sadly closed his practice this year .

A couple other things my doctor recommended Vital nutrients BCQ (iwhich is boswellia serrata, bromelain, Curcum longa, Quercetin) and Cal-Mag Butyrate this I believe is a remove neurotoxins, and a gentle powerful binding clay Springgreen77

A couple of others I took peach extract, and drank pine needle tea and lots of cliantro and celery juice

I would like to suggest to anyone suffering with black mold spore/mycotoxins poisoning Look on Dr Shoemakers website and there is a list of medical and naturopathic doctors that have trained with Dr. Shoemaker and and are trained in treat this illness . I know that mold illness has pretty severe symptoms, just know it takes time to get all the pathways that have been disrupted by mycotoxins in the body back on track. It took me one year for all of the dizziness to disappear. There are IV's available to help detox as well.

Replied by Victory
I want to share a few more points. Mold exposure may infect the sinuses. My doctor was certain. I had mold in my sinuses. I had a nasal smear, A specialized lab was used that mold literate doctors or an environmental illness doctors will use to identify what is growing in the sinuses. From what, I understand this must be done or you will get sick again and again, because what is growing in the sinuses will reinfect you. I was given EDTA spray for biofilm and the doctor told me I could use xylitol, (buy at grocery store). I then mixed the xylitol with sterilized warm water in my neti pot and pinch of baking soda and sea salt to flush sinuses, then wait a few minutes for the biofilm to dissolve then use the medicine spray. In my case this was determined by what was found growing in my sinuses.

One of the most effective, fastest way to get well is to starve mold out of the body, Stop alcohol, sugar, dairy, grains, no peanuts or, mushroom or corn. The anti- fungal diet or look up Mold Warriors diet this is so important it spends up recovery. Drink lots of cilantro and celery juice this is chelator

Cholestraymine is drug of choice, it, has sugar in it and it is cheap. There is a special order a pure form no dye, no sugar it is more pricey . Some people will take cholestepure they want something natural . I took cholestraymine, but I prefer the broken cell wall chlorella, zeolites, clays and activated charcoal. Before bed I would take a detox med. then I would wake up at midnight and take some charcoal or mixed clay and go back to sleep so my body is in a continual state of detoxing, while I sleep. As for ozone it does not kill mycotoxins I read it crystallizes mold, Yikes

This took me awhile to understand, that fastest way to detox is get on the diet and take several different things since they all do different things and work on different parts of the body. The cure is an attack on all fronts.

For clothes exposed to mold /mycotoxins .I had black garbage bags for contaminated clothes and then I would put in white bags for cleaned clothes Wash clothes in washer with 2 cups ammonia I do a triple rinse and dry. Another doctor suggests 1 cup borax detergent, 2 tablespoons nizoral which has 1% keticonazole and I use 1 cup biokleen detergent or regular detergent again extra rinse. I did both to be on the safe side

DO NOT MiX ammonia and Bleach ever, most people know this, it is worth repeating.