Mold and Black Mold Exposure

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Posted by Emi (Sarajevo, Bosnia) on 12/26/2011

I have ABPA and also MCS after mold exposure. I have tychochardia and chest pains due to high level of stress, very slow food digestion, beginning to blood clotting, back pain and apparently a herniated disc, sinusitis. Very, very low immunity, joint pains, nausea, fatigue, insomnia, chronic bronchitis, dizzyness. I refuse steroids since I do not trust doctors (they tried to put me on pencillin although I am severely allergic to mold and have ABPA! ) No one knows anything about this! Please help, I have a small baby and he needs his mum!


Posted by Emi
Sarajevo, Bosnia
Nobody knows anything about aspergillosis? Ted? Anyone?
Posted by Maria
Gippsland, Australia
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Hi Emi, Please read both pages on mold here:

I have also found the herb Tulsi invaluable for my lungs after mold exposure. For your digestion take some ginger (will also help the nausea) with meals or digestive enzymes. Alkalizing, and there's lots about it on EC, would be worthwhile. Magnesium and potassium may help with the tachycardia and chest pains. Make sure you are well hydrated with water that has had the chlorine filtered out of it. All the best.

Posted by Catadelle
Kirkland, Wa
Please read this carefully and tell everyone you know. Your Electric Meters on your house/Apartment have been changed to cell technology. What does this mean and what does it have to do with mold? So called Smart Meters/or cell tech. Are RFs (radio Frequencies or Radiation)! just like your *cordless phones, *Microwave ovens and any new appliances with cell receptors. Smart meters (some go by other names such as CellNet) meters are 100xs that of a cell phone on radiation. MOLD GROWS PROLIFICALLY IN RADIATION FIELDS, Been tested! you have had this meter put on your house without your knowledge or consent. There are many sites out there to research this just g--gle "smart meters health concern" and "fungus/mold grow prolifically/ faster in RFs/ Radiation" or something to that effect. ( Sorry don't have the links handy). The remedy: turn off cell phone when not in use, demand your analogue meter be replaced (see web sites) use *corded land line as CORDLESS PHONES ARE WORSE THAN CELL PHONES. and drop the WiFi and plug your computer in. AND TELL EVERYONE! Start to notice if you are EMF sensitive what cell technology you are being exposed to..... Pass this on we need to STOP this maddness. THey are touting themselves as being green by not using meter readers.... But there is a bigger agenda here.... let's all wake up and help.

Posted by Hirize (Nashville, Tennessee, Usa) on 11/29/2011

My wife and I have been struggling since June of 2011 with what started out as a hacking cough. It is now November of 2011 and she is still sick with not only this cough but with a cracked vertebra of the spine due to all this horrific coughing.

Some background; we decided we would move right after her retirement in June and began packing up our things. The very same day following clearing out a barn where we had stored things over the years she began coughing sometime so violently that she would lose her breath. The local Health Care center which we went to almost as soon as the coughing started was suspicious that she had inhaled some sort of mold or the like and gave her an antibiotic to treat it. It had no impact at all and in fact got progressively worse. Since then we have practically camped out in doctors offices seeing several GP's along with a Pulmonary doctor as well as Ears Nose and Throat specialist. Her last MRI showed her sinus cavities improved from her first MRI, however, she had to stop taking an antibiotic called Avelox(?) because of some severe side effects.

We are confident it is some sort of mold or fungus infection in her sinuses that triggered this problem. All xrays of her chest have shown clear but I have read on some post in my countless hours of research that mold cannot be detected by an x-ray or an MRI unless it is set to specifically look at soft tissue for these type of infections. We have tried numerous at-home remedies such as herbal teas, every across the counter product on the market for coughs and congestion, and most recently 3% food grade mixture of hydrogen peroxide in a cool mist vaporizer but nothing is really helping and her congestion seems to be getting worse since she has had to stop taking the antibiotic Avelox.

It appears the only thing we have left to try is sinus cavity surgery as was an option given by the ENT doctor as a last resort. I read at least one account whereby a Toxicologist had suggested a tub bath in a mixture of ammonia and water but have not researched this enough to know anything about it. In that same article it was said that the same Toxicologist recommended this type of bath because ammonia was the only chemical that would kill mold and mold spores.

Most recently, her fingernails have become thin and have a white line at about where the nail joins the cuticle. This is even more alarming since this is a sure sign things are not getting better but in fact, getting worse. We are at the end of rope and really need some help on this if there is anyone who has already gone thru this. Any help or advice will be sincerely appreciated. My email address is ken(at) if you would like to send a private inquiry or suggestion...Ken.

Posted by Timh
Louisville, Usa
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Hirize, my two cents. Anytime there is such severity of illness in the mucus membranes I immediately see a red flag for vit-A deficiency. The viscosity of those cells is such that it leaves them utterly defenseless in the event of exposures. Do a vit-A loading with up to 50,000 iu's daily for several days AND rub the contents of a soft gel over the nose once daily for a few days. Also use 50mg Zinc orally as it works directly with vit-A. Vit-E also strengthens many body tissues, use at least 400 iu's daily (also works with zinc). Any homeopathic formula for inflammation and allergies would help. Good luck.
Posted by Csb
Tumby Bay, Sa
I am from Australia and Sinus infections etc have ruined my life. Mentally and physically. You seem to know a lot about vitamins, minerals etc, are you a professional of some sorts because I feel your guidance could be my savior.

I have just taken up juicing, do you know of any vegetables (do I need root vegetables in particular) and or fruits, herbs that could benefit me so I can become the happy, healthy person I once was. What fruit juices should I avoid? I would like to know in particular juicing recipes.

I put my infections down to moldy Air conditioning and houses and living in sub tropical climates, I also put it down to working in a florist in the 1990's and developed a 1 year sneezing problem and used 1 big man's box of tissues each day until someone suggested drinking pineapple juice (I drank the juice 2 weeks solid and cured the sneezing) however my usual thinking became somewhat scattered and lost, I have had nervous problems since that episode in the 1990's and have a feeling of being scared and anxious by all means.

I recently heard of a woman who had been diagnosed with cancer and she lives in a tropical area and mold is always present in and around their house (although looks clean and tidy) when the wet season arises. I want to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Just recently I have had as little as 3 hours sleep a night with some sinus infection juices and not felt tired, I now have tons and tons of mucus coming down my throat and have resolved the bronchial side effects of that with a bronchial juice. I need this resolved for life as I have now suffered for 11 years and seen at least 20 doctors with no real results. What are your ideas on sea water for dousing the nasal passage. How much kelp would I need to have each day in a juice to resolve the issues. Do I need a colon cleanse too? Please help, I know of many others who have similar symptoms and am enthused to assist them by whatever means I can, especially after some self treatment with juicing.

Posted by Toploader427
Howell, Michigan
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I too have in the past suffered with sinus infections colds and illnesses until I started taking vitamin D every day. Now I am so much better.
Posted by Cat
Austin, Tx
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So very sorry to hear you have this problem. The pineapple juice, while very cleansing for the colon, is also very high in sugar which is why you felt so scattered. Please cut that out of your diet and all high sugar fruit. I don't know if you have the means to move to an abode w/o the mold problems but if not, here is what I would concentrate on if I were you. Eliminate all grains (wheat, corn, oats, ... ) sugar and milks from your diet as mold feeds on these items; especially in a body with a low immune system as yours seems to be. Stick to meat and vegetables only - No Fruit - for at least 2 weeks; then, slowly eat low sugar fruit like berries and apples in small quatities and see how they affect you. I guess I'm basically telling you to restart your body's immune system with a very low-carb (sugar) diet.

My husband had your severe mold problems as well. He has cured himself by eating the type of diet that keeps mold from growing inside your body and attacking your immune system. What's happening is that your body is now highly inflamed. You need an ant-inflammatory diet with certain ant-inflammatories. My husband follows the very low carb diet and takes the following: 1/2 tsp Vit-C with 1/4 tsp of baking soda, Quercetin, Curcurmin (Turmeric is cheaper) Bromelain and HCL twice daily. He also does a 24 hour fast twice weekly and drinks lots of water to keep his sytem flushed. He exercises for 20 minutes 3 times a week. When he veers toward mold-liking foods, the old symptoms begain to flair up, so, he backs off them. Now, he is quite healthy from this regime and feels that his life has been saved. He can even tolerate being around dogs and cats now. Please, please, please, do not give up.

Posted by Cat
Austin, Tx
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I forgot to mention that you should also take coconut oil (at least 1 tablspoon daily). Coconut oil is excellent for detoxing & reviving the immune system but, only if you can tolerate nuts. PLEASE, please be wary of fruit juices, especially if bottled or canned. Eat 1/2c low-sugar fruit only- like berries. My aunt began a heavy fruit juice lifestyle and ended up with full blown diabetes because, as her doctor explained to her, fruits contain high sugar which can lead to diabetes and an inflamed system unable to tolerate life's mold spores, fungus, bacteria, viruses... She now takes diabetic pills and must monitor her sugar daily. This is an ongoing battle for a lady who loves life and celebrations that include lots of sugary food. I wish good health & happiness in your future.
Posted by Ad
Pleasanton, Ca
sinus infection was ruining my life as well but didn't know I even had one. I tried itracanazole, which is really good for behind the nose and for the brain and my mental symtpoms went away in 24 hours. I felt a complete change in my personality and this 4-5 inch thick layer of mucous that was attached to the back of my nose came off; it was amazing.

Truth is, there are so many different types of speciies and doctors are giving flucanazole mostly. None of those azoles, even ketocanazole will touch the nose stuff, and that is the mental stuff. It is important to try an azone that crosses the BBB [blood/brain barrier] and gets behind your nose.

Posted by (Prince George, Va 23842) on 03/23/2011

in 2009 moved into a 1970's bi level. We discovered mold in the home. Cleaned it up as much as we could. I began having what appeared to be sinus infections, dosed w/ anti biotics and steriods. CT scan in 2010 showed no sinus infection. Face swollen, barely breathing. Got a mold test on house - bad conditions. Mold had regrown!!!!! I now have severe abdominal pain with alternating constipation, muscle pain and headaches. I have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, but the doctor did not connect with the mold I had told her about. My doctor did not connect anything. I am 46 years old worked out everyday for 22 years was in perfect health before I moved into this house. I cannot walk 20 minutes before my muscles clench in my legs.

My life as I knew it is over. I worked 60 hours a week in a frenetic car dealership. I have been asleep for 6 months. I did the candida diet, and it did help because I could not talk and form sentences in November 2010.

we removed the carpet and did what we could. thank you for the info, lynn

Posted by Stonefieldsian
Auckland, New Zealand
There are "Ozone Generator" (home and commercial units available) which claims to remove mold, mildew, cigarette smoke, musty smell.......I have no experience with these machines but the science behind it seems to be convincing.

Posted by Diamond (Salisbury, Mass.) on 03/12/2011


I found as a very young kid I had something wrong with me, I never liked the hot summers, I had blurred vision and headaches, I could never gain weight (no appetite) I always loved candy. When I was in my early twenties I still weighed the same; I was 130 lbs. And was 5'11" I was very moody and very late in developing as a normal female would have. My self and my siblings grew up in a very cold wide open house where winter was just as cold inside as it was outside. When I was approx. ten years old, my baby Dr. told me I had some sort of blood disease but he wasn't sure therefore tests were never done. Further on down the line I tend to have followed what ever this was, my mood swings became severe, I was put on meds. Until I stopped taking them. Many doctors were continuously treating me for urinary tract infections, which made me 100 times worse.

The another Dr. told me I needed a D&C things progressed slowly, I was hyper active, I moved into what I never knew was a very cold damp apt. but I used the fireplace which was cozy but the mold was still lurking in the corners and closets, so the damage is done twice (home & apt.)

In 2000, I was given surgery on my neck as I was told I had bone spurs (not true) what that surgery did was further weaken my immune system and made me worse. I have been to many Drs. with no hope, I have been picked, probed & you name it. Today I am 100% crippled because of the lack of the system and their lack of knowledge or is it ignorance? My muscle strength went from 100% down to 0/5 and getting weaker. I continued to make the mistake of covering up my real problems by eating a half gal. ice cream every three to five days which only makes it worse. Whereever there is mold/fungi there are parasites, these parasites love acidic inviornments, anything pickled, vinegar etc. spicy foods, most definately sugar/sweets.My diet was almost nothing.

Recently my newer Dr. gave me an anti-biotic for infections an it really did me in, I thought this was my last days here on mother earth, I was in bed for three weeks burning up, the plus side was good as it was ridding me of poison toxins, today is the first day without ice cream and feeling better. One of my diagnosis was toxoplasmosis, I was told it was parasites from damp conditions/environments. It is true that once we have this disease it does shed, any one can catch it, I've seen many friends die very young without warning, I am the carrier, which means the host lives longer then those that randomly catch it and/or with immune systems that might be on the weaker side. My brother died of toxins very young. The Dr. told me it was toxins but not what type. Another brother died young from toxins & heart failure, he went into ER with severe pain in his left arm they sent him home told him to take two aspirin that same night he died. My younger sister died from mold starting from the brain spreading all without warning. It's so sad doctors know the truth but never tell of it.

I am happy to see someone else writing about the same interests as mold/fungi because others thought I was bonkers. Even another older sister and brother have the same signs but refuse to believe what I say, they seem to have felt that sleeping in a freezing cold wide open house was healthy(denial) and yet they allow their doctors exploit them. Although my older brother must have a half way decent Dr. because he told my brother not to eat any dairy products or anything spicy or pickled. I am so happy to see a lot of people joining in this chat and finding that together we can all conquer these issues. "United we stand, divided we fall. " Be blessed......

Posted by Jamie
Lake Worth, Fl
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Diamond, you poor dear. I am glad you are ready to take the plunge and get healthy. It sounds like you diet is/was a major issue in addition to enviornment. When you become armed with knowledge, you can fight off most condtitions.

As a child we just dont know, but as an adult and feeling crappy all the time, why wouldnt you examine your diet? We fuel our bodies on what we consume, maybe that is not common knowledge. To me its common sense, but I have taken an interest in natual health and healing for many years.

My suggestion is to get on a good probiotic, daily. Make sure you get nutrition from plenty of veggies and lean meats. You may want to consider organic. Remember lots of colors in the fruits and veggies. Try a parasite cleanse, drink plenty of water. Use whole grains, get rid of refined foods (SUGAR!!!! ) gluten, and probably yeast. This would be my first line of defence, then see if you need to remove dairy from your diet. You may not need that, give your new way of eating plenty of time to work befoe you decide it does or does not work.
I bet you will feel better in a very short time. I am not saying not to take a good quality multi vitamin, however the reading I have been doing of late says you are better off getting you vitamins from food.

There is so much information out there on the net about healthy eating. Sites like this where nobody is trying to sell a product, just a bunch of people that want good health.

Posted by Diamond
Salisbury, Mass.
Jamie;Thank you so much for your much needed info. I found my bone density is very low so I do take calcium, magnesium, selenium, b12 plus a couple others to build up my strength. I think my need for so much sugar was to numb my own emotional pain, eventually I woke up to find this isn't right. With this mold/fungi It is a very complicated disease & going un-noticed for many years by doctors by then it's almost too late to treat, others don't know they have it and those that do may not have ways of searching alternative cures.

Before I found any real help and the support on this web site I was lost & Dr's acted as if fungus did not exist in the human body;and this disease progressed beyond repair, but I do hope to at least save/repair what little of me that I can. When mold/fungi is in the picture there is also parasites involved. I found some thing I did days of searching on and thats L-Lysine & colloidal silver, back in the 30's & 40's these were used for anti-biotic's and found to work great until the American industry came up with penicillin which never worked;any fungi disease is going to reject penicillin which both derive from mold/fungus.Also with mold/fungi it is not a good idea to eat or use any dairy products.
Thank you again for your post

Posted by Carly
Seattle, Wa Usa
Hi Diamond... You might want to look at taking a good Fulvic Acid supplement. There is a lot of information on Fulvic minerals here on Earth Clinic if you search it. Good luck to you. :)

Posted by Susan (New York, New York) on 11/15/2009

How would you get rid of fungus in your sinuses? I have a black fungus, which I believe it was causes by a combination of dust and mildew from our basement, and also the dust from the furnace. I feel its due to mildew in the air. You can even smell it in my house. Which started after a neigbor gave me something that smelled just how my house now smells! I got really sick after having been given this item and a Flu shot . I got rid of the item but somehow it had given us something we did not count on. A virus or bacteria! And I have been sick ever since. I almost died the winter of 2008 when it got so bad. But my DR gave me an antibiotic but I still have this fungus in my lungs and sinuses. Its just at a lower level and not as active but I still have pain in my sinuses and a wheezing in my chest. what can I do to get rid of it? I use a saline solution in my nose, which keeps it under control in my sinuses, but I still suffer every winter when I cant get outside. As soon as we have to turn on the heat it seems to come back with a vengenance. I tried cleaning the hosue and vents with clorox, but you cant get it out of your lungs and sinuses.

Tell me what can one to to get rid of the fungus or at least eleviate it in my nose!

Its almost like a spirit has come over my house with this mildew/ fungus. Both myself and my husband got pneumonia the first winter. I think it was the combination of getting the flu/ pneumonia shot just shortly after the itrusive gift! Hope you cna help me. thank you.

Posted by Jae
Baltimore, Md
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Sorry to hear you are dealing with this. I would try colloidal silver and oil of oregano. You can also do a search on colloidal silver I read testimonies of people with mold in their home who put it in spray bottles and sprayed the mold on the wall and it killed it and did not return. You can flush your sinuses with drops of the silver in a netti pot. Which i think you should be doing regularly. Hope this helps.
Posted by Mother Earth
Ks, Usa
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You may want to try grapefruit seed extract for your issues. Please read about it first on Earth Clinic and other google sites before you use. You may be able to spray it in the air also to kill mold and fungus. There's books on amazon that you can search and read for more info about grapefruit seed extract. Also, coconut oil is anti-fungal, antiviral, and antibacterial. Would it be possible to purchase a little electric heater for home use rather than using your furnace system. Wishing you well!
Posted by Robert Henry
Ten Mile, Tn Usa
SUSAN, glad you asked........Let me tell you one of my 'ATS', another true story. Several years ago we spilled some milk in our truck and did not clean it up effectively. The milk in the carpet spoiled and the spores got into my truck's A/C where it proceeded to grow. Soon I was congested and coughing up constantly.

I went to my doctor for a cure and he told me that he could give me something for my symptoms, but I'd have to kill the mold in my truck a/c or the problem would continue. I told him that I had sprayed with lysol to which he said would not work. He then told me that he found that his new office building was infested with mold and his employees were staying sick. He brought in a firm from Knoxville which fumigated his building with GSE, grapefruit seed extract. GSE is a natural fungicide made from the seeds of grapefruit.

I called the firm in Knoxville and had about a two hour secession with them. They made their living by ridding real estate condemned because of mold. They also cleaned up mold in vehicles. Ozone will do the same but has some dangers. If GSE worked on entire houses, it should work in my nose. Anyway, I got a nose sprayer , pored out the contents and replaced it with a solution of sea salt, baking soda and 10 drops of GSE. I spray this up my nose every morning which keep my sinus open. I do Bill Munro's hydrogen peroxide spray to keep my lungs clear.

I want this solution saturated so I warm the water in a plastic cup and add a teaspoon of sea salt and a teaspoon of baking soda and the GSE. The baking soda is for pH control. Once the solution is cool the excess salt will be in the bottom. I then fill my sprayer with the clear solution.

We live lakeside so the humidity is always high and conducive for mold to grow everywhere. I make up GSE in a 16 oz spray bottle and routinely spray our vehicle vent system. For our home we have installed ultra violet system in our HVAC to keep down yuck in our home.

We also use GSE to spray all our farm berries and produce to extend their shelf life. For an truly interesting story, Google GSE and read how this product was discovered by an immigrant scientist in Florida back in the 80's.

I think some could make a fortune if they packaged GSE in an aerosol can to spray down vehicles.

Long .............. but I's a story teller.

Posted by Cmatthews
Tampa, Fl
Hi Susan - IMHO you may have Candida. I had horrible sinus issues / equilibrium problems for 2 years and finally got tested for Candida and came back positive for overgrowth. A friend of mine who is an acupunturist tested me and now has me on herbs for Candida. It takes MONTHS to get rid of it, plus you need to follow a special diet, but it is worth it. I probably cannot mention the name of the herbs she has me on this website, but if you want to email me at I would be happy to tell you and help you in any way I can.
Posted by Natasha
New York, New York
I saw your email saying remedies needed for mold. I was in an office that was full of mold but did not know till the ceiling cracked and I could see it.

These were my symptoms for those who might be unsure of what symptoms they could have which are many:

-itchiness all over
-hair loss
-dizziness all the time
-fatigue ( I thought I was going to die at 30 because I felt like I was at least 60 years old)
-memory problems (people would ask me to do something and I would not remember them asking me to do it)
-weight gain, I put on 30 pounds while eating 800 hundred calories a day
-my whole body hurt
-thyroid problems
-vision starting getting blurry

I spent a fortune on trying to get better but as most of you know, nobody had a clear answer on how to help me.

In looking up mold cures I found an article that talked about peach tree extract helping to get rid of mold toxins. I really don't know what is in this stuff but it works. I got the peach tree extract and a diffuser for my new office because I still had to keep some legal papers for the company, however I put them in the back room.

3 years later, I sometimes still cry when I get up because I don`t wake up in pain and feel so lucky that I got another chance with my life and health. I feel good, I feel strong, I feel the way I did before I encountered the mold.

And if you can, get out of the place that has the mold because mold will keep recirculating in your body and you will get sicker. If you can't move out, please get the diffuser which smells fantastic by the way sorta like oranges and cloves.

I hope this helps someone because I know how horrible you feel but you can definitely get better and feel like yourself again!

Posted by No Trinity
Bakersfield, California, United States
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I thank you for your info about mold and how terrible it can be. How did you get it in your body in the first place, because I see mold on the wall above my bathroom and on the ceiling?? You say you took peach extract to get well, but how much and what method. Please reply and thank you in advance.
Posted by Natasha
New York, New York
Someone had asked how mold gets into your body. Basically you inhale in the mold spores which then attaches to fat cells and therefore is hard to get rid of because your body does not recognize that it is an intruder as it is attached to the fat cells. You will get inflammation and I think that is why I gained so much weight.

It is 15 drops 4 times a day with meals and once at bedtime. The bottle will last for a very long time and you will start noticing results in a couple weeks. Its been a while but I believe I started feeling better in a couple weeks and just kept getting stronger and feeling better each day.

Posted by Karen
Huntington, New York
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natasha -- or anyone who knows about peach tree extract -- can anyone please tell me where I would purchase this?? I cannot find it in any health food store and have tried to look it up online. I have had EVERY symptom that natasha stated (dizziness 24/7, extreme fatigue, hair loss, blurry vision, etc) -- please let me know. Thank you so much!
Posted by Tom
Its important to realize that mold can be hidden in your home and make you sick. If you suspect mold, have a professional inspect your home for mold. Most will do it for free.

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Posted by Pr (Houston, Texas) on 10/04/2012

Found this wonderful link on Youtube by Dr. Ali - easy and inexpensive way of getting rid of mold in your environment.

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Posted by Anonymouscat (Portland, Or) on 07/17/2013

[YEA]  Consider taking mega doses of Vitamin C (make sure there is no sugar added). Second, start alkalzing, You have to starve the fungus start on the anti-candida diet. Stop all sugars including fruit, dairy, no cheese, or flour products fried food soda pop or peanuts. Take a bath in borax. Then add 1/8 tsp of borax to 1 liter of water drink for 5 days on and I believe two days off. Take all of following take two pills 3 times a day garlic, (GSE) grapefruit seed extract. Also take the amazing Andrographis take 3 pills 3 times daily. Take golden seal tinctures and medicinal oregano oil daily. Also olive leaf extract is good too. The best antifungal tea is freshly grated ginger boil in hot pot of water for tea this is excellent. Take a great probiotic. Realize you liver will be working overtime so take a good liver tonic. Be Well.


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