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Irritable Bowel Syndrome Treatment

Last Modified on Nov 11, 2015

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Posted by Amy (Georgia) on 05/05/2014

I have ibs and I get bad bloating after I eat salads and some steamed vegetables. I eat fennel seeds to help. Any other suggestions?

Replied by Mama To Many Donate

Dear Amy,

There are a couple of things that I would try.

One would be charcoal. If you know you are going to eat something that will aggravate you, take a couple of charcoal tablets (not capsules) or a teaspoon of charcoal in 6 ounces of water. This will often help with gas/bloating.

Alternately, there are some herbal things to try. (Don't use charcoal within two hours of medication or herbal treatments.)

Peppermint - Have a cup of peppermint tea when you have something that may disagree with you. Or even easier, keep a bottle of peppermint essential oil with you and put a couple of drops into some water and drink it when you have something that might bother you.


Comfrey - You can make a comfrey tea to take with or after eating potentially offending foods.

You could also try just drinking comfrey and peppermint tea regularly. This may give some healing in the long term. You could drink 3-4 cups a day.

Let us know what you try and if it helps you.

~Mama to Many~

Posted by Firminatus (Mansal Lacy, Hereford, UK) on 11/23/2009

[YEA]  There is no doubt in my experience that stress in conjunction with lack of natural food will create IBS. I have had several bouts of this debilitating condition and have cured it by removing stress as much as possible and drinking fennel tea. Make a tea in a small stainless pot,with one large teaspoon of whole fennel seeds and a pint of spring or filtered water.Gently simmer tea for about ten minutes and allow to cool. Drink about a quarter of a pint, two or three times a day. The first cup,I usually take on an empty stomach. Sometimes if it is really bad, I make two pots and allow the seeds to meditate for a day or so which can make it slightly more potent. Don't keep it for too long. Love to you all.

Replied by Darenm
Trenton, Michigan
I too have had great results with fennel. I have been suffering from IBS on and off for several years now. Usually it only last for about two weeks. But this time it lasted about 8 MONTHS!

My IBS is strictly pain. I don't get diareha or constipation just pain on my left and right side below my ribs.

Heres what I did:

After a colonoscopy my doctor diagnosed me with spastic colon (aka IBS)and prescribed me an anti-spasmodic drug called Bentyl or something like that. Of course I refused to take it and searched for a natural alternative.

Fennel is a natural anti-spasmodic and so is Chamomile. Fennel tea does help but I found chewing fennel seeds and sucking the juice out and swallowing then spitting the seeds out helps a lot too. But so far I think it is better to actually eat the seeds. I add about 1/2 teaspoon to a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. (I acutally use sunflower seed butter)

I buy my fennel seeds at a local health food store for 50 cents per ounce. Two ounces last me a 1 week or two. You can also order them online. I like Frontier Herbs since they have great prices and a HUGE selection of raw and organic herbs.

The other thing that is GREAT is to eat a fennel bulb that you can buy at a grocery store. I buy mine at Meijer or Kroger. But some krogers don't carry them. It's a white bulb with a long green stem. The best way I've found to prepare it is by cutting it like an onion into half in strips then STEAMING it. It makes it very soft and easy to chew. Sometimes I also sautee it with butter.

Eating the fennel bulb is probably one of the best in my opinion.

I also like to combine the steamed bulb with rice as it makes a nice substantial meal. And rice helps a lot for me.

The other thing that I recently purchased that HELPS A LOT is Organic Acacia sennegal fiber. There is a seller online with a great price for a round tin that contains a good amount. The brand I bought is specifically made for IBS sufferers. I think it was like $16. You can find it online by doing a google search for "Acacia Fiber IBS".

The final thing that has helped me is STRESS reduction and watching comedy! START LAUGHING! IT HELPS I SWEAR. Go on youtube and look up Louis CK he is hilarious! Or just type in comedian and watch some of those videos.



Replied by Tommy
North York, On, Canada
I'm happy that Fennel has saponins that could explain why it relieves your IBS. Saponins have some activity against protozoa and bacteria. Your testimonials are another prouve that IBS is an infection.

General Feedback  

Posted by I Have Had It All (Boston, Massachusetts ) on 05/21/2012

<<<>>> I have had it all , IBS Diarhea for 30 years, Seriously, it lead to colon cancer, 25lbs of it taken out, I am now in remission, everything is going great for me, CEA of 05 out of 0.0-2 5 , so the doctors think it was related to IBS. Please be careful, I was careful and the doctors drop the ball on me. I went to my appointments and their nurse found out I was anemic as the doctor said I was good to go. Now I still have cronic Dia f- n ria which has always taken over my life for 30 years, can you believe this? It has, I am the most patient person on this earth. I have written down 11 answers to the question as to how to CURE this disease of IBS w/ D, I want, where is a bathroom, gone from my life. I have been passed on to Dr. To Dr. Idiot to Idiot if you want my opinion, the last GI Doctor just let me go one month ago, very kind of them. They had no more answers for me as to how to cure or even help the problem except for DTO / Opium, it works, it slows everything down but not always. D is stronger than anything I have ever known and I am a cancer patient. I should know, you wouldn't believe the pain from chemo drugs and having Diarrhea, its like walking in a field of flaming hot fire, well as I close here thank you to all IBS suffers you know how I feel. To all GI Doctors, You are all full of C_HIT! Sell your Crap to someone else and keep on pretending to be a Doctor, your not anywheres near being anybody- your lower than a used cars salesman. Well I am off to the bathroom AGAIN!!!

Replied by Solenia
New York, Ny
Dear I Have Had It All, You could investigate Dr. Schulze's Intestinal Formula #2. I've been having sporadic IBS-type problems for 6 months post-food poisoning, and every time I take this it relieves the problem and I function normally for the rest of the day. I am considering doing their full 5-Day Bowel Detox, with multiple doses a day -- or maybe two 5-day detoxes back-to-back, to wipe out what I suspect is small intestinal bacterial overgrowth and attempt to restore normal motility.
Replied by Heather53
Palmdale, Ca
Have you tried cutting all forms of Gluten out of your diet. I used to be like you and I am much better. You probably have undiagnosed Celiac Disease. It is very hard to diagnose even when you take all their tests. The only way to know for sure is to study gluten and all the names for it in food and remove it totally from your diet. If you have Celiac Disease and you don't remove Gluten from your diet you will get intestinal cancer. Celiac is an autoimmune disease that manifests with intestinal damage when you eat gluten products. If you have any problems eating dairy products that is also a big tip off that you have Celiac. I got lactose intolerant from intestinal damage due to Celiac. I have been gluten free for 9 months and I can eat some dairy now. Get the book "Wheat Belly", it will save your life.

Posted by Lady From London (London, Uk) on 12/23/2011

I just heard that a diet called Low FODMAP diet is helpful in relieving the symptoms. Basically, it's keeping fermented foods out of the diet. If anyone has tried this, please do let us know. Thanks!

Replied by Megan:)
Ballarat, Victoria, Australia
Hi, I have tried the FODMAP diet, roughly :) I have cut out some fruits such as apples, as they send me straight to the loo! Also I try not to eat fruits containing polyols or excess fructose. It seems to have worked but I am know suspecting it could be the tap water. Am definatly going to supermarket to get 20L of spring water. Am also trying the apple cider vinegar with water X
Replied by Thecalling13
Florence, Ky
What is the "Mother" they are referring to when mixing these remedies with apple cider vinegar or whatever? I have seen with the Mother and seen another with the X... I am skimming thru the articles but don't know what they are talking about. It is under Irritable Bowel Syndrome/ Treatment for IBS.

Any answers would be great :). Thanks

Replied by Healthminded
When you see "the mother" in reference to Apple Cider Vinegar (apple cider vinegar) this is referring to a natural raw pure vinegar. It should have a "muddiness" appearance to it, not perfectly clear. There will be sediment in the bottom and this is the good stuff. :) It has all kinds of beneficial healing properties in it. Organic is also best.

Posted by Fran (Montello, Wi) on 10/24/2011

Did it help the pain to sit up while trying to sleep? I was just contemplating that. I am Gluten sensitive, but when I have an IBS attack, it seems like no rhyme or reason. I take probiotics and all kinds of vitamins, aloe etc. It's a crazy malady.

Posted by Winstjv1 (South Lake Tahoe, California) on 09/18/2011

Response to Sorrell from Brookline, Massachusetts

Sorrell. If you haven't had any success with some of the other posts you may like to try a simple digestive fix approach. 1. Your IBS may be triggered by a Gluten Intolerance. Cut out ALL Gluten and see if your gas goes away and stools return to normal. (It worked for me) 2. If your Gerd is constant not just around meal times it is likely you have a parasite in your gut called H-Plylori. This would explain the ulcers and Acid Reflux. Simply order a bottle of H-PLR K-32) by Apex Energetics online. Take the full course and have your partner if necessary do it at the same time. H-Pylori is very transmittable through saliva. (One bottle cured my chronic reflux of 10 years) 3. Candida will need a more serious cleanse involving a strict no sugar, no yeast, no wheat diet. Paragone by Renew Life is the best I have found (the diet is tough but be persistant as it is very effective). In the mean time take plenty of probiotics. 4. Digestive enzymes may also be worth a shot when eating meals. Ensure you do eat slowly, chew your food completely and avoid drinking water 30mins before meals and 1hr after. Drinking water will inhibit your natural digestive enzymes from working properly. If you need you can sip on a hot drink such as boiled water.

These are a few things that cured my digestive problems.. Hopefully something in there will help you. My sister aslo has fibromyalgia and I am still convinced it is a result of toxic exposure (most commonly mercury poisoning). I'm trying to get her have her mercury (amalgam) fillings removed (it's VERY important to research the "SAFE removal of amalgam fillings" techniques and choose your dentist wisely if you do so). For best results it should be followed by a supervised heavy metals detox. It is well known that amalgam fillings emit very high constant levels of mercury into your bloodstream. I have heard of a number of success stories in helping fibromyalgia by doing this..

Good luck.

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Posted by Clyde (Chesapeake, VA) on 06/21/2008

[YEA]  Fresh Ginger Root also helps Acid reflux and IBS. peel off a small teaspoon size chunk of the root (after peeling and rinsing) chew it well. NOTE: the root is very spicy (hot) but not too bad.

Gluten Free Porridge  

Posted by MKS (Abu Dhabi, UAE) on 09/26/2008

I tried to eat porridge with soy and rice milk for three weeks. This remedy helped me in the following ways:

Before: Go to toilet 5+ times a day.
Now: 2 times a day.

Before: Can't empty my stomach in the first time I go to toilet.
Now: I can!

Before: I always worry how I will be able to empty my stomach in public toilets.
Now: I go without thinking.

Before: I suffer from diarrhea and dehydration.
Now: Diarrhea is under control.

Before: I suffer from bloating.
Now: no pain, no bloating, can wear tight dresses.

Before: suffer from gas.
Now: no gas!

I used Heron Foods product its name 'Organic Gluten Free Porridge'
I mix 4 spoons of it with a glass of soya or rice milk and bring to the boil for 3-4 minutes.
Tip: You can add a slice of ginger while it is boiling to make it taste good.

Hydrogen Peroxide  
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Posted by Lucy (Racine, WI) on 01/14/2007

[YEA]  Thanks so much for the suggestions. Me and my husband use 3% h2o2in the ear whenever we feel the onset of a cold or flu. We have not had a cold in two years since using this method. Before my husband would get a flu that would keep him from work for 2-3 days in a week but no more. I had intestinal issues (loose stools). Went to Dr. diagnosed with IBS. Next went to homeopath. took saliva test, had sensitivity to wheat change eating habits improved but still loose stools frequently. This transpired over a year. After finding this site and reading about h2o2 had the courage to try h20s internally. I started with 5 drops in distilled water, the goal was three times a day I usually hit twice a day. By the tenth day my stools were consistently solid and well formed. It has now been over a month since the big improvement for me. Even when I eat wheat I do not get bloated or have the loose stools hardly ever. I still try to stay away from a lot of wheat but I now am the proud producer of solid log like stools!

IBS and Candida  

Posted by Gigi (Denver) on 02/04/2014

ICV and Candida: 2012 was a tough year after 2 surgeries that lead to much research. In fall 2012, my period became quite heavy where I couldn't leave the house for more than 3-4 hours. In March 2013 was given a prescription to clot menstrual cycle, which resulted in a thrombosed vein - I believe was caused a blood clot (April 2013, surgery #1). Anemic and weight loss for a few months, then had ablation July 2013. Since ablation, symptoms of menstrual discomform persisted (low back pain and what seemed to be swollen ovaries). November 2013 had painful intestinal reaction after reintroducing wheat, dairy and sugar back into my diet (and probably stress). Took ACV and high quality aloe vera juice successfully with a couple bouts during the holidays. In late December, visited gastero doctor who diagnosed it as IBS. He suggested colonoscopy and CAT scan. The day after colonoscopy (December 21), I was in a fetal position in great pain. MD, Gastro and OB said it was probably yeast from drugs after surgeries. After consulting with a host of non-traditional resources, it seems my ICV (ileocecal valve) is problematic and bloating a sheer misery for 5 weeks.

Earth Clinic has helped immensely as well as Jini Patel Thompson's site to heal my inflamed large intestines. Looking back, my occasional symptoms have included bad menstrual cycles, sinus problems, tinninus, brain fog, heart palpitations and muscular issues. ICV symptoms can be many and is known as The Great Mimicker. The recommendation is to resolve inflamed intestines to alleviate it turning into IBD or Crohn's. There is a massage technique to address the ICV online; peppermint tea (enteric coated peppermint is excellent to help the peristaltic movement of the intestive), marshmellow and slippery elm to coat the intestines. I'm eating bone broth (made from organic grass fed beef bones and chicken, carrots, celery, onion, zucchini and garlic. I eat all except the celery and easy to digest foods such as avocado, banana, pear; juicing green vegetables with apples, parsley, cilantro and fresh ginger; avoiding dense foods, chips, sugars, wheats, dairy, fermented foods, legumes that cause gas (a little hummus is good), spicy hot, carbonation, scratchy veggies, grains and processed foods. I've also been doing allergy elimination via acupuncture which seems to help. I'm also taking wild oil of oregano and Grapefruit Seed Extract to kill bad bacterial and repopulating with a super good probiotic (Lactobacillus acidophilus, NAS super strain, 5 billion cfu (colony forming units), Bifidobacterium bifidum, Lactobacillus bulgaricus, LB-51 super strain, 5 billion cfu), Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D. Also incorporating oil pulling and castor oil packs (3-4 x per week) and activated charcoal 2-3x per week to help flush out the bad. Will start an Elemental Diet this week for 10-14 days, then plan to begin eliminating the candida through continued diet, rife and acupuncture (the candida diet is basically what I'm doing now to keep the pain away).

Moral? If you're suffering from any type of intestinal problems, please consider having olonoscopies and GI tests carefully. Even though my physicians were talking with one another, not one thought of telling me about the potential yeast problem nor did they caution me not to have the colonoscopy while my intestines were in a very fragile state. This ordeal has diminished my health considerably and is costing me financially, physically and emotionally just to get my life back to normal. Blessings and healing to those of you with any form of IBS.

IBS and Herpes Virus Connection  

Posted by Wydo (Ventura, Ca, United States) on 08/09/2010

I have IBS and nothing seems to work for me real well. I do the baking soda and EDTA. I treat for Candida regularly as well. Right now I have a little pit in the roof of my mouth and it is really sore. I think it is the herpes virus which I have had since 6 years old. I have had the IBS since 22 years old and by age 48 I thought I had kicked it. After several years of being free of it the IBS is back. I get cold sores more frequently now as well. I keep wondering if the herpes virus is part of my IBS problem. I have heard that the herpes virus is either active or dormant but I wonder if rather then going dormant it really just goes to my intestines and causes the IBS and Candida problems. I would like to know if Ted could answer this for me and if he has found the herpes virus among the people he has helped with IBS. I would also like to hear from other people with IBS that get the cold sores of the herpes virus and how long they have had both the IBS and herpes and if the herpes came first. I think there is a connection in my case but I would like to know if there is a connection with the two in other case. Thank you everyone.

Replied by Ted Donate

Bangkok, Thailand
388 Posts
If it's a recurring issue of cold sores, its usually a virus which tends to hide in the nervous system and bone marrow. Nervous system is common, while in bone marrow tends to cause anemia now and then. The IBS might be helped with 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt in a cup of water, single dose. The herpes, is mostly lysine 1000 mg with glutamine 1000 mg taken hourly for 4 hours for roughly three days. If they come back it's taken again. Someone claimed that it resists every supplement I mentioned here, but I have found they work in all cases from direct experience. Zinc maybe supportive. As for candida, baking soda, potassium citrate, perhaps potassium iodide are the common supplements I might consider, along with 25 mg of sodium molybdate for a week or two, as the most promising so far. People also tend to be low in copper, which is supplemented with chlorophyll.


Replied by Wydo
Ventura, Ca, United States
I have one more question Ted: why do I feel so much better when I take manganese sulfate? I read what you said on this mineral for hair and started taking it. To my surprise it really makes me feel good so much so I hate to stop taking it. It also has a Viagra effect on me as well. I just wanted to let you know that I do read all your post concerning my problems. I have taken the sea salt a certain Celtic type; I have taken the l-lysine, zinc gluconate, colloidal copper and lugol's. Perhaps I am taking so many things I am not doing any one of them long enough or often enough. I am taking the l-lysine, glutamine and zinc right now and I have the rest on order except the sodium molybdate which I am still trying to locate. I haven't been taking any of the supplements together up until now but I started taking the zinc, lysine and glutamine all together now and I hope that's ok. Other problems I have which I believe are related are; sore muscles which are worse on the right side of my body, a rash on my chest and trouble going to sleep and staying asleep. I put milk of magnesia on the chest and I take baking soda for the sore muscles. I have also tried your carbi-carb mix for the sore muscles but that doesn't work. Thanks to you I take the citric acid and borax for the sleep problem as I suspect fluoride in the water to be the problem. I am hoping that eliminating the herpes and Candida will help out with the sore muscles and the rash problem. The sore muscles get worse at night and can wake me up which adds to my sleep problem. I also wonder if the fluoride has an effect on the IBS. I went to my chiropractor the other day for the sore muscles on my back and I mentioned to him I have IBS and he said he had that as well. Later I mentioned my cold sore and he said that he takes lysine when he gets a cold sore. So here is another example of someone who has the IBS and herpes.
Replied by Wydo
Ventura, Ca, United States
Hi Ted, I finally got my sodium molybdate reagent in. It came all the way from Korea. What I need to know is if the 25 mg of sodium molybdate can be taken with other minerals or is it like the manganese sulfate and must be taken alone? This will help me a lot to know this and it will surely help all the readers that are going to do this as well. Thank you so much.
Replied by Gunner
Tulsa, Oklahoma
Replied by Luana
Hollywood, Fl
Magnesium Chloride cured me right away. I was given a deadly staff infection from a surgery and then tons of antibiotics over the course of a year and became very messed up. Doctors had no answers. I couldn't even digest food any longer and had terrible problems. I tried everything. Learned of the magnesium chloride from Bill from San Fernando here on Earthclinic and followed all the really valuable links he provided on the miracle of magnesium. Don't buy the magnesium in the drug store, its not the same.
Replied by Gavin
Manganui, Northland, New Zealand
Yeh regarding your IBS. Totaly knock off white bread .. And take a teaspoon of Black strap mollasas everyday. That cured me. Browner the bread the better.. but the cheap white fluffy stuff seems to make the bowels react.
Replied by Bess
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
I found this regarding IBS in a recent newsletter from Dr. Al Sears:

For irritable bowel syndrome, or IBS, you can take enteric-coated capsules of peppermint oil. It's completely safe. The coating stops the oil from getting digested too early. One study gave either the capsules or a placebo to people with IBS. Of the people who took peppermint, 75% had a significant reduction of IBS symptoms.

I hope this helps the IBS sufferers. Not quite the same thing, but when I have indigestion, I either drink peppermint/spearmint tea or chew a few fresh mint leaves. It takes just a few minutes and I feel much better. Maybe that's why people have "after-dinner mints" - it's the mint that helps digestion.

Replied by Megyn
Houston, Tx
Hi I know this thread was started last year. I just wanted to share quickly my experiences with vaginal herpes and IBS-C. I have had herpes since I was 18 and IBS-C symptoms that have increasingly gotten worse. I have followed a gluten and lactose free diet for over two years now which helped greatly. Then recently my food intolerances have become so bad that I started a low FODMAP diet which has also helped to mitigate a lot of the bowl discomfort I have suffered. But I was still having a lot of problems going to the bathroom. All of this is going on while I have been having almost one herpes out break after another for the past 6 months. I have been tested for SIBO, and it was inconclusive. My bathroom habits have been difficulty accessing the muscles needed to properly eliminate (a lot of twisting, turning, pushing on my abdomen) what ends up being pretty soft, sometimes not formed at all stool. So its not classic constipation. My lower left back has also been causing me pain problems chronically. I was beginning to wonder If I had a pinched nerve that wasn't signaling properly, but I don't seem to have a pinched nerve either. I also don't have any sensation in the rectal area to have a bowel movement. It is more of a bloating and discomfort in the abdomen, so I go and try and pray something happens.

So a few days ago I got a prescription for Valtrex for suppresive therapy, after just two days of taking 1 gram a day I have noticed a huge difference in my ability to eliminate! I don't know if there is a causal relationship, but it is definitely correlated. I will continue to stay on suppressive therapy for a LONG TIME as well as continue the low FODMAP diet for at least a year to let things heal. I will probably get some stool samples tested for parasites and yeast just to make sure too. But I think I am on to something. Hope this helps someone!

Replied by Yardley
Los Angeles, Ca, Usa
Megyn, I had the chicken pox 2 years ago which is when my ibs symptoms started. Chicken pox is a form of herpes and I am convinced there is some correlation with this virus and bowel dysfunction. Now all we have to do is convince our doctors and maybe they will do a study!

IBS and Parasites  

Posted by Tommy (North York, On, Canada) on 01/14/2011

Hi everyone,
I just want to say that some doctors and even the big pharma still want to hide the fact that IBS, Crohn disease and other GI dysfunction are nothing but a parasitical infections. I urge all people who are suffering from these diseases to check for parasites. On stool tests is not enough. If your doctor is stupid who doesn't think out of the box ( most doctors are brainwashed by big pharma, even their books are sponsored by big pharma, their textbooks are like their bibles). Now big pharma are trying to patent Rifaximin for IBS. The reason is simply because big pharma doesn't want to admit the fact that parasites and bacteria are causing IBS and Rifaximin kills the parasites.

is also linked to lyme disease. MS is a manifestation of a bacterial infection. It's sad to see people suffering for 10 to 20 years with IBS when a simple treatment that address the cause could cure them in 1 to 2 weeks.

Replied by Rusti1230
Dayton, Oh, Usa
I'd like to add some additional information to this post. I was hospitalized and then diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. They did a parasite test while I was in the hospital and it came back negative. I found out later it only tested for 5 parasite types. Based on some reading I did, there are over 350 different types of parasites. I did the whole medical establishment routine for a year and then the symptoms came back. I did not want to take all those meds anymore so I started trying many of the remedies on this site with mixed results.

To make a long story short, I also have 4 dogs and I ordered some food grade diatomaceous earth because they had worms (I read about FGDE on this site). After further reading regarding the health benefits for humans, I decided to take it myself. Not to be gross, but you can imagine my surprise (and I'll spare you the details) when I realized I had parasites myself. I'm hoping that now that I've taken care of this, that the other protocols outlined on this site will be more effective or that my UC will clear up now; however, I believe I also have a mycobacterium issue.

Replied by Jules
Brooklyn, Ny
Hi there, I was reading your post because I found myself in a similar situation about a year ago, only I was told I didnt have chrones or ulcerative colitis, yet, still had all the symptoms. I then went to a naturopath who tested for yeast and parasites and I tested positive for both. Do you feel any better?

IBS Linked to High Cortisol Levels  
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Posted by Missy (Toronto, Ontario, Canada) on 01/30/2008

[YEA]  For those of you suffering from IBS and find no relief and only to find your pocket book a lot lighter, I thought that you might gain some hope from my story. I, like you, have tried everything. Going from doctor to doctor. From diet changed to feeding the existing friendly bacteria and everything holistic and spiritual in between. I suffered so much that I could not work for many years. Finally, I saw young doctor, in the summer of 2007 and he sadly told me that they have no answers let alone a cure as yet. I literally had tears streaming down my face at the notion that I will suffer and have no quality of life for the rest of my life. The young doctor, seeing that I was very informed about IBS, tired and in poor health asked me if I would like to participate in a IBS new drug study by a very large drug company. (I am not sure if I am allowed to mention their name on this site.

He explained to me that I would be given placebo and medication over a 15 week period. I would basically be a guinea pig, testing new drugs. But that I would not know when I was getting the actual drug. He explained that the study and drugs were based on the theory that the stomach has it's own brain. This intrigued me as I knew from experience and lots of research that friendly bacteria ingested by mouth, IF they could survive the stomach acids, would NOT have anywhere to establish territory on the intestinal walls. That they would be flushed out within a few days. And feeding the existing friendly bacteria also did not work. So, perhaps this theory about the stomach having its own brain was something to consider. I actually want to get up and scream when I hear a doctor blame everything on stress. And that is exactly what this study was all about. Stress.

I almost refused the study, but the doctor quickly explained that the fight or flight syndrome stimulates a hormone called cortisol. And under prolonged stress, this hormone is over produced by the brain in the stomach, and the cortisol remains over active in the stomach, according to their theory. Well, this finally made sense to me. Prolonged stress and being an achiever, a top producer in sales, yes, I guess I was always in a perpetual stress mode. It's dangerous being a guinea pig, but I was so tired of being sick with no life and if this study would end up helping not only me, but all the millions of IBS victims.....well, I finally agreed to it.

I had to go through a psychiatric screening to determine whether I qualify and sign documents the size of a phone book. I adhered to all the protocol to the letter as I wanted their study to be as accurate as possible. I was monitored on a daily basis. I never knew when I was getting the placebo or the real drug. I can only guess because of my symptoms. But the last 3 weeks of the 15 week study must have been the right drug. Because it worked. It will take another 5 years for the drug to be on the market. It has to go through more testing. They are very thorough. It was the first time in 5 yrs. that I felt normal. No more unexpected bouts of diarreah and I can eat anything that I want, within reason. And I am actually sleeping more than the usual 2-3 hours.

After the study was over, I introduced new foods into my diet (I wasn't allowed to on the study and I was going through hell till the last 3 weeks of it.) Now, I only use virgin coconut oil in all my cooking/frying. As before, I take a tbsp. of black strap molasses & unpasterized or raw honey every second day. Kelp, vitamins, calmag, goat milk, almond milk, freshly ground flax seeds and heritage or heirloom raw garlic etc. I eat organic as much as possible, but I still cannot digest to much raw food. It has to be slightly sautéed or stir fried. The stomach has a brain theory with the cortisol fight or flight hormone being stuck in the stomach must be accurate, because I have been IBS free now for 5 mths., with normal bowel movements. I still experience a pang now and then in my intestine. But nothing like it use to be. I hope that this sheds some light and hope to all that suffer from this nasty disposition. The brain in the stomach has literally gotten stuck in the fight or flight mode.

Replied by Steve
London, UK

I read your post with interest. However, maybe it is me but I am a little confused. After the trial you say you started taking certain things in your diet. Is that because that is what the acutal trial involved or did you continue to take the drug/potion that was given to you in the trial? You say that you have been free of IBS for 5 months so what is it that you are doing or taking to make this happen?

Replied by Liz V
Ojai, Ca, Usa
Hi Missy, I know this is old, but I would like more info about this drug. It's been a couple of years. Are you still doing good?
You can email me privately
Thanks! Liz
Replied by Jbobo
Texarkana, Tx, Usa
Please tell me more info about this new drug. Been suffering from severe IBS for almost 18 months now. Want my life back.
Replied by Steve
London, Uk
Missy - so what was it you were taking please? You can email me at tixe1(at)

Please let me know as I am desperate.

Replied by Missy T.o.
Toronto, On, Canada
I'm so sorry, but I didn't know this old post of mine was still here. I tried to find it after Earth Clinic changed their website, but I couldn't. The Universe works in mysterious ways.... Tonight, while searching for update IBS info, I maracioulsy stumbled upon it.

I don't have any good news to share about that drug study. I have been in IBS attack mode, many times since then, due to careless choice of foods (sweets & pizzas). Then I have to find new and improved ways to beat these bad gut guys back into a minority.

This past summer, 2012, I did see that same Dr. again, begging him on any info relating to that drug study & that particular drug. I was double over in pain, he just shook his head and said No. Apparently, that info is with GlaxoSmithKline & he has no access to it. He also said, "IF" the drug was successful, it would take more than 5 yrs to hit the market, due to more studies. Sorry, but I too am very disappointed bcos the Dr. could not even remotely guess what the trial meds were, as they were a secret only shared by GlaxoSmithKline. Even the nurse, who became my email buddy did not have access to what they were. :(

@ Steve from London - Sorry that my post was not clear. Keep in mind, all this was 4 yrs ago and much more new info re: BIS is out there. Yes, the last treatment of the trial drug brought me out of horrible pain into remission. No, they did not send me home with a supply.

The diet I mentioned was my own idea, as a preventative measure only.

@ Chris from Valencia; Liz V from Ojai; Steve from London; K-lee from Chicago, Gee, I hope I didn't miss anyone.

I was, what I thought to be, cured. I went back to selling houses/condos on subdivisions for two years, then all of the sudden, due to my careless eating habbits, I was back in deadly IBS mode. The only thing that saved me last Aug. was Dr. Albert Snow's remedy which I found on my IBS forum. Only a few of us took the initiative to try it, as the moderators considered him spam & removed him. But somehow, we managed to get the links revived & the protocol is on that site.

His protocol worked for me, but not for some. I was dying & I must say, it really worked. There is a specific ingredient in his protocol which aids the probiotic to stick to your intestine (rather than be flushed out in your poop), long enough for it to burrow in and attach itself to the intestinal wall. "COLOSTRUM" must be taken with, if memory serves correct 2 kinds of probiotics. Read all of our posts regarding this trial. I post under the name of CheeMiss on that forum:

or google search: Dr. Snow patients. Follow up. How are you doing?

And if all else fails, my back up remedy is drinking "raw potato juice" 3 x per day on an empty stomach. It takes about 4 days to see results, and yes, you suffer nasty die off doing it. That's why it's my last choice.

Just google it. Lots of info about it, as I was posting this remedy many years ago & finally it caught on I guess. :)

Next, I am so sick and tired of band aides & I am always on the hunt for a cure. I came just across The GAPS Diet(dot)com A wealth of info in the side bar of that site. Worth the read.

I wish all of us a cure. Remember, we need to build up our friendly bacteria & heal our intestinal lining too, if we really want a cure. Read the GAPS Diet, you will be very impressed with what she has to say. Remember, this diet may not be for everyone. And it does require a full understanding before you embark upon it. But it does target re-establishing our good gut flora. Good Luck one and All.

IBS Remedies  

Posted by Lee (Malaysia) on 05/16/2013

Hi I had my IBS for more than 6years but until now always usually in morning feeling like stomach not feeling well on and off. But at afternoon it will slowly become better. And usually a lot of urine feel like want to go to toilet. Please advice.

Replied by Trudyg
First, you need to watch your diet. Keep a journal and record what you eat, when, how you felt, etc. Also note if you are stressed, tired, that sort of thing. You will notice in a short time what foods bother you when eaten often/occasionally/very rarely/in great quantities. For instance, I can drink 1 c of coffee but not 2 in a day. Some foods are definite triggers--chocolate, tomatoes, high fats. We are always told to eat whole grains, but this is very hard on ibsD. Well-cooked without peel is usually safe for fruits & vegs. Then, look at fiber. There ar 2 kinds, soluble and insoluble. The soluble is goopy, as in oatmeal and lima beans. The insoluble is roughage, like celery. Avoid the insoluble and increase the soluble. If you eat things like nuts, chew very well. Make sure you stay hydrated, water is usually good. Peppermint is an antispasmodic and can help with cramping--comes in capsules, too. good Luck. I've been helped by folks on EC so much, I'm glad I can pass it on.

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Posted by Mike (Vancouver, Wa) on 02/03/2011

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  I was recently researching the link between iodine deficiency and anxiety. I didn't find a lot of convincing information, so I decided to try it on myself.

I've had IBS for at least a year now and strangely enough, I found it to be completely anxiety related and not at all to do with the bowels themselves. I also have regular anxiety as well, but I haven't seen any doctors about either condition because I refuse to get on the meds wagon.

Two nights ago, I painted two squares of 2.5% iodine tincture onto my wrists. I could feel the effects of that by the next day, I went the whole day without any symptoms. One important thing I did find in my research, was that selenium deficiency apparently aggravates iodine deficiency, so naturally, I took 200mcg of selenium the next night in addition to painting iodine on my biceps this time. Still no symptoms of anxiety or IBS on the third day now and I'm hoping this is the real deal. Another interesting bit, I used to take selenium regularly as part of my supplement routine and then stopped for a long time without any obvious reason (ran out and forgot to replenish.. ). For informational purposes, I'm 23, smoke regularly, drink on weekends, eat relatively healthy (always home cooked) but not a ton of fruit and vegetables in my diet.

Interesting Fact: The iodine painting deficiency test is not an indication of anything. Most of it evaporates and becomes colorless, and the rate of that is dependent on the environment that you are in. It does absorb into your system, however, in small amounts. To back that up: When you do this so-called test, wait until it disappears, then get some hydrogen peroxide and apply it to the area; you will see that the whole thing is actually still there.

Best of luck!