Hidradenitis Suppurativa
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Posted by Miracle (Mission, Tx Usa) on 09/28/2009

well..I just started taking zinc gluconate for HS. Mayo Clinic recommends this as an alternate medicine. I had been doing well with just ibruprofen before when I would get the abscesses every month with my period under my arms. My family doctor thought it was hormonal so he referred my to an ob/gyn. I got lab work done and all my hormone levels are normal. The ob/gny then referred me back to my family doctor. Good thing that my friend is a surgeon and told me it was probaly HS. I had NEVER heard of such a thing...so here I am. I will keep you posted to see how the Zinc supplements (50 mg/ 1 a day) work.

Replied by Gw
Nashville, Tn

This is not necessarily in response to Zinc. I have had HS for over twenty years and nothing has ever worked for me but antibiotics and pain meds. I too have had the glands removed from my under arms. My worry is that after taking antibiotics for so long if I get another serious infection my body will be imune to antibiotics and also I'm concerned about being on the pain meds for so long.

Replied by Suffering97
Groton, Ct, Usa

To GW from Nashville, TN: I've had HS since 1997 and since that time I have become allergic to Sulfa (hives) and Cipro(necrosis (black spots) like appearance of skin) which I had been prescribed for HS. As a child I was told I was allergic to PCN (I don't remember what the rxn was).

Replied by Linda
San Antonio, Texas

I am a 60 year old woman who has had HS ["my nasty little disease"] since 1988. Here's what I've learned over the years: (1) The only prescription that does me ANY good is Cipro, and it usually takes two courses/rounds. (2) Eating too many refined carbohydrates (e.g., cakes and cookies, say around the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays when they're all around us) has consistently led to a very-stubborn outbreak that can last weeks and even months. (3) When I tried to go on the MediFast Diet, I immediately (literally within HOURS) had an outbreak; when I read the ingredients, SOY was throughout their products. [I got a 100% refund.] So then I learned soy was a problem food for me. So be on the alert for certain foods that can lead to terrible problems for us sufferers. It's a demoralizing disease.

Zinc Gluconate  

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Posted by Aimee (Halifax, Canada) on 02/18/2012
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Like most of you reading this I have suffered with HS for many years. I suffered with this on my buttocks and inner thigh and I thought I had tried everything. I endured multiple day surgeries to open the glands and have them stuffed with antibiotic gauze, and just about every ointment/pill the Dr would prescribe. I decided there had to be something better that would give better results, bc the surgery was so painful and it just wasn't doing much. I tried taking Tumeric and using antibacterial soap, and both were helpful but I still wasn't getting the results I wanted and this was starting to really effect my personal life!

I did some research of my own and discovered that dr's in Europe have been using Zinc Gluconate in clinical trials and found that most people had remission of symptoms that lasted! I decided to try it bc really what did I have to lose, right? I did everything the same as the trials, 100 mg of zinc gluconate/ day. I also decided to try diaper rash cream as a topical agent since it contains a lot of zinc. All the areas are almost gone! I have been doing this for 2 weeks are the results are amazing! I finally feel like I have found something that really works!!!!!!

I would say prior to this I had moderate HS and now it is almost gone, I hope this treatment works for all of you as it did for me :) I know how terrible thie condition is and the toll it can take on your life!

And for less that 15$, something that really worked for me!

Replied by Mariapkane
Eatonville, Wa.

I used a LED-UV light for 5 minutes and within 24 hours, the boil popped. I also used Ichthammol Ointment prior to using the LED-UV light (from an Auto-Leak-Detection Kit), and also am taking zinc and Turmeric. After the boil popped by itself I put Neosporin with a bandage on the boil.

Zinc, Tea Tree Oil  

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Posted by Vanita (Columbus, Georgia) on 10/28/2012
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I have found that for HS tea tree oil helps alot and taking extra zinc supplements!