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Hidradenitis Suppurativa
Natural Cures

Top Remedies for Hidradenitis Suppurativa

Turmeric, Liver Cleanse  

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Posted by Melissa (In, Michigan) on 07/28/2012
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Hi, like most of you on here I have been suffering from HS for about 10 years. Like most of you I have endured it silently. I get them in groin area, armpits and weirdly enough only under left breast. I have seen a few doctors but they say its an infection and give me antibiotics. They can become sooo painful all you can do is cry. I highly believe in holistic medicine and decided to treat them with tea tree oil. I found tea tree just wasn't enough so I added lemon oil to the mix. This seemed to help them clear up much faster but I would still get outbreaks. I did notice though that there wasn't a bad smell when they burst. This is because tee tree kills bacteria. I also have pcos and insulin resistence. I am also a smoker which doesn't help.

So fed up I did some research and discovered turmeric. I started mixing it with almond milk, cinnamon and honey. It tastes really good. I noticed my outbreaks lessened and when I did get anything the pain would be gone within a day or two and then it would drain. I no longer really get any in my groin mostly now just under left breast. It makes me sad all the scars and deep purple scars it has left behind. Time does lessen the appearance and I also use rose water to help with the scars. I have been using an essential oil liver cleanse which has helped tremendously. It's peppermint oil and lemon oil cleanse. You use it by adding one drop of each in a cup of distilled water and I squeeze a half lemon in it and drinking it first thing in the morning. The peppermint does wonders by cooling the inflammation and the lemon helps cleanse and alkalanize the ph in body. It gives me more energy and cleans liver at the same time. I also just started using black cumin oil. I don't know how much it is helping yet since I have just started using it a few days ago.

About a week ago I went to the movies and ate salty buttery popcorn and halfway through the movie I noticed a very painful little friend just popped up in groin area. The next morning I drank my cleanse and poof it popped and drained that day. They used to last weeks. I also just noticed a bright red one that appeared under breast but without any pain. I have been putting Turmeric directly on it and it's gone already. It's amazing what these treatments have done for me. Yes I still break out but the pain isn't there anymore at least not nearly as bad as it used to be, no smell, and they go away sooo quickly. Oh and I had a bad one under breast a few weeks ago and I treated it and the pain went away but the lump didn't bt it also didn't spread. Then about one week ago I noticed it felt wet under breast and it had popped and was draining. I didn't even know it was still there. No pain or anything.

I hope this can help some of you. I have read others posts about mixing turmeric with warm water and drinking it but gross. Mixing it with cinnamon and milk makes it tastes almost like chai tea. I really enjoy the taste. I haven't needed it though for awhile since I began the liver cleanse.

Turmeric, Tea Tree Oil  

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Posted by Brian (Michigan City, Indiana) on 06/02/2015
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I see a lot people that say a remedy worked for HS disease. I have used tea oil an turmeric and it has not helped. I see lot people say they have HS disease but do they really? There is a difference between boils an abscess an HS. One is not cured an comes back. I am just tryin to find out more info on the HS disease. I've had no luck really with antibiotics either. I have two holes in my armpits, my butt an groin.

Replied by Miko
Columbia, Md
I'm saddened to hear about what you are going through. I had a large wound in my left arm pit from 12/10/12 - 5/20/15. Antibodies didn't really help. I cut all high fruitrose corn syrup from my diet, and tried to just consume foods that weren't genetically modified. I try to only shop at trader joes & whole foods.

I read some place that oranges contain a vitamin that reduces inflammation. So I eat 3-4 daily. Within two months of these changes the wound that's was present for years is gone. I'm beyond thrilled. It's worth giving it a try. Miko

Turmeric, Tea Tree, Dial  

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Posted by Sylvie (Ottawa, Canada) on 01/16/2009
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I came to your site for info. again this autumn for alternative treatments for HS. For 32 yrs I tried every thing with NO long term success.At that point I was considering a 5th operation, for a year or two of relief. But now I can be hopeful!! For 0ne month now I 've been taking: TURMERIC (in # 2caplets /4 to 6 a day/ also in foods I eat ) TEA TREE OIL ( apply twice a day ) and DIAL soap BAR Gold (wash 2x a day). The improvement is amazing!

Thanks to sufferers coming on line and sharing with others, I can start to feel hopeful again...

Other things that help me but are not a "cure " Epson salts to soak, drinking lots of water, staying away from processed foods, chocolate, cafeine,alcool...But for me, stress/ sweating and tight clothes are the 3 main triggers.

Hope I can help someone ...

PS If anyone can tell me where in CANADA I can buy Dial Gold BARS I would appreciate this info./ had to order from US.

Posted by JERIKA (CHARLOTTE, NC) on 05/11/2008
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Re: hidradenitis suppurativa. I've had the disorder since I was 22 and i'm 30 now. I was just officially diagnosed last year. Long story short i've had an area the size of a mini golf ball near my labia, you can imagine the pain, they have been lanced and drained only to return. It's gotton worse over the years, it started out as one large area on the left labia and now i have areas that affect both sides of my entire groin. Lately i've been cleasing the area with dial antibacterial soap, old fashioned yellow bar. 2 times/day, follwed by a few drops of tea tree oil, i also take 2 300mg tumeric tablets daily. When i feel a flare-up coming i take one alleve which prevents a full blown flare up. I suggest trying a variety of treatments and would advise staying away from antibiotics, they don't work.there are sites which i'm not allowed to name that guarantee a cure that are all natural, i would suggest choosing the one that gives you the ingredients of their product only. Don't let this disorder discourage you. It can be maintained. I can't stress this enough surgery and antibiotic therapy don't work, use natural herbal remedies for this disorder. I've had surgery only for the boil to return in the exact same spot. I'm a rn and i see so many of my patients think that surgery and antibiotics are the only answer. Please continue to research and find natural cures and lifestyle changes that can manage this annoying skin disorder.

Turmeric, Zinc and Tea Tree Oil  

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Posted by Edie (Moundsville, Wv) on 03/27/2015
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I came upon this site out of desperation looking for some help with the hydradenitis. I have been dealing with this for at least 30 years. I have only had a few at a time and sometimes none at all for a few years, I get them in my groin area and on the labia. I have only had really large ones on 3 occasions that sent me to the Dr.

Just a few weeks ago I developed a very large abscess that became about the size of a lime on the labia on left side. I called the Dr. and went in right away and was put in the hospital to run IV antibiotics. On day 2 it drained and he let me go home on day 3 with 2 different strong antibiotics. It went down to very small size but did not go away and I started to develop a smaller one on the left side.

So coming to this site and reading all that people were using I decided to start using the turmeric and zinc. Also using tea tree oil mixed with olive oil. I have to say that this seems to be working better than the antibiotics. They drained for a few days after starting this, now the drainage has stopped and they seem to be going away. I am taking 450 mg. of turmeric 3 times a day and 50 mg zinc twice a day. The tea tree oil I am applying after shower and then one or two times again during the day. I hope that they continue to go away and I don't have any more for a while anyway. Thank you for all the information and help. Glad to know that this is not a rare thing and lots of other people are going through this also. I did have four surgically removed 2 years ago and did not have any more for a while. But the ones that just came up have come back in the same places. So I guess the surgery wasn't that successful. Here's hoping that I continue to get better with the use of these supplements.


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Posted by Gettingbetter (Richmond, Va) on 08/17/2012
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Hello Earth Clinic! I'm a white female, 23. I've been suffering with hidradenitis suppurativa for 3 or 4 years. I've been to the doctors, and have been tested for everything under the sun, and it just isn't an std. It also just isn't cured with anti-biotics. Upon looking at earth clinic, I have applied:

  • -turmeric
  • -bathed with borax
  • -tea tree oil
  • -coconut oil
  • -neem oil
  • -zinc supplements
  • -salt water
  • -garlic
  • -honey
  • -iodine

All of these remedies helped a little, and at least educated me on the ways of living a natural life, but did not wipe this condition out. I was desperate, and I had heard of urine therapy curing MRSA for a family member. I have been using urine therapy for probably 2 to 3 weeks. Basically- every time I go pee, especially in the morning, I drink it, and rub some on the sores.

In the very beginning, I had one, but kind of 3 sores stuck together, that were sore, inflammed, red, raised up, and they are kind of like a pus filled tunnel under the skin. I started drinking the urine, immediately I felt better inside my body. I'm the definition of tired all the time, with a screwed up sleep schedule, and I actually started waking up in the morning. It seemed like the sores became worse, after a week or so. Because they were worse, I applied urine compress on them while I slept. Always in the morning, there would be massive improvement as far as inflammation. The sores were still there, but flatter, less red.

At this point I have had 3 weeks with no new boils, and these ones are on their way out. They are not full of puss any more, they're pain free at this point, all though there is pretty bad scarring. I feel lucky to have to deal with the scars- the scars mean their healing! Finally!

So my point is, I think the urine therapy is working. Now, most people think it's gross, but we're earth clinic people- people who are willing to put our egos aside and just do something, anything to be healthy! Good luck to all the other sufferers out there!

PS, has anyone fully healed up from this yet? I'm interested in the phases of healing of the scars... Thanks :)

Vitamin C, Aloe Vera, Spirulina  

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Posted by Carla (Greenville, Nc) on 05/09/2010
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I have been having trouble with boils for about 8 months. They were in my genital area and my under arm. I tried everything from turmeric to salt, to acv. Finally, one weekend, I had been at a party with friends, and had a flare up. I had read about several things to try online. I tried a tablespoon of buffered vitamin C and a teaspoon of aloe vera gel in a glass of water, with 2 500 mg tablets of spirulina, and by morning the boils were completely gone! I could not believe it. I have now been taking this 3 times a day for several weeks, and NO boils have come back. I am so happy. Just wanted to share. Thank you Earth Clinic.

Vitamin E  

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Posted by Paula (Denver, Colorado) on 02/24/2010
5 out of 5 stars

Hidradenitis. I was researching this disease on the internet since my HS has recently spread to my armpits. I have always had it on my thighs and groin area, but now in my armpits as well. I found that some people had success with Vitamin E since it naturally boosts your immune system. I took 3 of the 400 milligram capsles at night, and when I woke up the next day, the boils were already softer. I took 3 more that night, and they are even better today. The pain is gone, and there is just loose skin where the boils were. I am going to keep taking 3 pills a day as long as it works. Hope this helps.

Vitamins A, D, Zinc, Led Light  

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Posted by Corina (Arvada, Colorado) on 06/10/2011
4 out of 5 stars

I have had no luck with anything my doctor/dermotoligist has suggested, mostly long term antibiotics. I have has some luck with A&D with Zinc (it is a diaper rash ointment). It makes the swelling go down over night (warning: it does drain quite a bit) and makes them much less painful. I have also had good results with red and blue led lights under my arms for 15 minutes a day.

Whey Protein Shakes  

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Posted by Mark (London, Greater London) on 07/15/2011
4 out of 5 stars

Hi guys, I have had this for quite a number of years. And while I'm sure tumeric and the other remedies discussed on here work, for me protein shakes seem to be the answer. Of course it is not a cure but it makes the HS very manageble and takes away almost all of the pain.

How did I find this out? Well I heard someone say they were going to try it for their HS and I thought I should look into this. Apparently there is an enzyme in protein shake that reduces inflamation, this being an imflammatory disease affecting the biggest organ ( the skin) I thought it might work and it does.

You don't have to even drink it everyday. I would say like 3/4 times a week should be fine. Also protein shake does NOT make you muscle bound. Please don't be naive.

I hope it works for you. Lets pray the find a cure.

White Vinegar  

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Posted by Lisa (Memphis, TN) on 06/18/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I have been suffering with this for about the past 10 - 12 years too. The most significant surgery I've had was to remove golfball sized lesions from my armpits. I have had no problems there since the surgery about 2 years ago.

I have certainly found one thing that DEFINITELY works. When the boil forms, the fastest way to bring it to a head and have it drain itself without having to prick it yourself or go to the doctor is this: Take a regular brown paper bag (a lunch bag), cut it into squares just large enough to cover the boil. Cut 3 squares. Place these in a bowl and pour just enough White Vinegar to cover them. Allow them to soak about 30 minutes. Get a box of Tegaderm dressings (2 3/8" X 2 3/4") Place the soaked paper bag squares on the Tegaderm and put it over the boil. If you put it on at night, by the time you take it off the next morning, the boil will have come to the surface and burst. Sometimes, for the really bad ones, you may have the repeat the procedure once or twice more.

Yara's HS Treatment Plan  

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Posted by Yara (Bogota) on 03/23/2014

This is my testimony on dealing with a partner who is suffering from HS. Very long but I just needed to write this. I hope someone will find it useful.

My boyfriend and I started dating 1 year ago, we actually did not date but met and started living together almost right away, it was love at first sight and we haven't been apart ever since. Once we first started, as with every relationship, hands all over the place, sex 5-6 times a day, it was crazy, we both work from home, so we spent pretty much every minute of every day together. He always told me how he loved my flawless skin and how amazed he was because of it, I never quite understood that, he also never took his shirt off, not even when the lights were off... I never made a big deal out of it, I just found it strange. Three months into the relationship we stopped having sex, completely, all of the sudden, I could feel he wanting but not trying to. Though I am a very communicative person, at first I never felt like asking him the reason why we stopped having sex, I just questioned myself all day all night, fell rejected, undesired, some days I thought I was being cheated on, some other days after visiting stupid internet forums thinking he was gay. This led to a lot of pain and anguish from my side, sleeping everyday with someone who kisses, caress and loves me, but has not intention of having sex. After three months I finally asked him what was going on and he told me he had a boil on his groin, alright I said, bought him medicines, stupid me trying to cure him. The boil went away, and although I didn't pressure him, the sex wasn't coming back. Six months after that, I told him I couldn't keep on and didn't want to be in a sexless relationship (lots of internet research led me to that conclusion, again with the stupid housewives forums), I wasn't in a rush, nor I was mad or desperate, I was just bored, I told him he could take the time to search for a new place. About a week after that I noticed a boil on his neck, he told me he was getting this boils since he was 17, he is 38 now.

When he first started getting them his parents took him everywhere, the conclusion was always severe acne, and the remedies all kinds of antibiotics or anti-acne treatments, he never got better so they told him he'd just have to live with that. When we met he was on remission (and had been for about a year) 3 months after that he got a boil, and then another, an then another, and then two at a time, and so on. I started reading about his symptoms and came across with the name Hidradenitis Suppurativa on a British Council document, I translated it and read it to him and he could relate 100% with it, I told him to go back to another dermatologist and asked for another diagnosis, he went and again they told him severe acne, and 7 months of accutane, which he has already taken before with nothing but bad side effects and no remission. I was mad, and sad, and started doing my own research, I found this forum, and after reading every single comment on HS Ailments I did my own treatment plan and asked him to give me a month for results.

We live in South America, so there is no such thing as a Food Allergy Test as far as I'm concerned. I am a very enthusiastic amateur baker, and I used to make him a 1 pound cake a week, he is a very enthusiastic amateur barista so he drinks about 3 or 4 cups coffee a day. He is about 150 pounds, not overweight at all, but I could see how our food intake might be affecting his condition.

We stopped eating wheat, sugar and coffee about a week ago, we also lower significantly our consumption of carbs such as potatoes, rice.

He started taking:

Turmeric - internal, one teaspoon a day with warm olive oil

Zinc - internal, one tablet a day

Calendula - internal, infused

Omega 3 - internal, one tablet a day

And using:

Tea tree oil - external

Hypoallergenic soap

We still can't tell if he is getting any results from what we are doing, I just hope he is, it is worth a try. If his life is better mine is a hundred times better. I don't want to see him living in pain, more so if he is trying to hide it from me. There are three more weeks to go, we'll see. He has being living with this disease for 20 years and as much as a part of him the condition is, I want to be with the man I met without it, in remission, enjoying physically and emotionally every second he spent with me.

Hopefully I would post a reply with positive feedback in a few days. Good night and good luck to all of you.

Replied by Mt
Ottawa, Ontario
Look for GAPS diet on you tube (Natasha Campbell). Your friend needs to improve his immune system. He needs a liver detox -look into Dandelion root tea. Apply either smashed garlic, Manuka honey, charcoal or Propolis on the boils.
Replied by Mom24
Garlic powder (on peanut toast), antibiotic cream in nose 3x day for at least 7 days, don't share un bleached tub and towels. Grape seed extract diluted and sprayed on boils heals quickest, also good for drying of skin before using suntan lotion or being in humid weather, lose clothes for a couple days after, no synthetics if hot. Hibiscus soap/ tea tree drops in dial soap to clean. Avoid aluminum in lotions and deodorants which keeps moisture trapped. 1 tsp Tumeric in half cup warm milk, mustard let dry on boils or spray w diluted GSE so it doesn't over dry cause skin lightning, which if you need to lighten skin works.


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Posted by Jeff (Wayne, New Jersey) on 02/08/2010
5 out of 5 stars

Hidradenitis supurativa

Zinc supplements are giving me AMAZING results. A study in Nantes France showed great results, taking 90mg of zinc daily. I have followed this regimen for 2 1/2 wks. and have had no new outbreaks, and (dare I say) my infections seem to be healing. This is the first time since I have been in my teens,I am now 55, that anything positive has happened regarding my H.S.

I highly recommend zinc supplements, if you can tolerate it. I have had no side effects at all, although the study said upset stomachs could occur. That being said, an upset stomach is a very minor thing compared to the pain and discomfort with this sad disease. Good Luck to all who try this. I am AMAZED!!!!

Replied by Prissy
Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
I would just like to add a comment in regards to the dosage of the zinc treatment, pioneered in CHU Hotel Dieu, Nantes, France.
According to Prof. Revuz, the posology for zinc HS treatment should be total 90mg of zinc gluconate per day, in the form of 15mg pills taken throughout the day (6 times)- that's how the treatment was administered in the successful Nantes clinical trial.

By browsing the Linus Pauling Institute website, I found that extra zinc intake may influence iron absorption (and subsequent anemia) because of the interactions between zinc and copper. I then decided to also take a small supplement of copper every other day to be on the safe side. I hope this information helps.
Replied by Holly
Kelowna, Bc/canada
5 out of 5 stars
I tried 15mg of zinc gluconate 6 times per day for 2 months and it made the boils ALOT worse! However, I now take ZINC PICOLINATE (50 mg 2x/day) and it is AMAZING.... Less than a week and I am in almost complete remission! Run, don't walk to the supplement store for Zinc Picolinate.... Wish I found this years ago! Plus, 2x/day is much nicer than 6x!
Replied by K9.districts
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
3 out of 5 stars
I tried the ZINC PICOLINATE (50 mg 2x/day) after reading the great comment and it worked for about one week.

Everything was starting to heal up, sores that have been open for months and months but then after one week nothing changed. I continued to take the zinc picolinate because I really wanted to see results. After the entire bottle was finished without any really changes I never bought it again.

I understand all the comments on here are advice and everyone is different but it really made me so sad because it zinc picolinate was cheap and easy!

Posted by Miracle (Mission, Tx Usa) on 09/28/2009

well..I just started taking zinc gluconate for HS. Mayo Clinic recommends this as an alternate medicine. I had been doing well with just ibruprofen before when I would get the abscesses every month with my period under my arms. My family doctor thought it was hormonal so he referred my to an ob/gyn. I got lab work done and all my hormone levels are normal. The ob/gny then referred me back to my family doctor. Good thing that my friend is a surgeon and told me it was probaly HS. I had NEVER heard of such a here I am. I will keep you posted to see how the Zinc supplements (50 mg/ 1 a day) work.

Replied by Gw
Nashville, Tn
This is not necessarily in response to Zinc. I have had HS for over twenty years and nothing has ever worked for me but antibiotics and pain meds. I too have had the glands removed from my under arms. My worry is that after taking antibiotics for so long if I get another serious infection my body will be imune to antibiotics and also I'm concerned about being on the pain meds for so long.
Replied by Suffering97
Groton, Ct, Usa
To GW from Nashville, TN: I've had HS since 1997 and since that time I have become allergic to Sulfa (hives) and Cipro(necrosis (black spots) like appearance of skin) which I had been prescribed for HS. As a child I was told I was allergic to PCN (I don't remember what the rxn was).
Replied by Linda
San Antonio, Texas
I am a 60 year old woman who has had HS ["my nasty little disease"] since 1988. Here's what I've learned over the years: (1) The only prescription that does me ANY good is Cipro, and it usually takes two courses/rounds. (2) Eating too many refined carbohydrates (e.g., cakes and cookies, say around the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays when they're all around us) has consistently led to a very-stubborn outbreak that can last weeks and even months. (3) When I tried to go on the MediFast Diet, I immediately (literally within HOURS) had an outbreak; when I read the ingredients, SOY was throughout their products. [I got a 100% refund.] So then I learned soy was a problem food for me. So be on the alert for certain foods that can lead to terrible problems for us sufferers. It's a demoralizing disease.

Zinc Gluconate  

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Posted by Aimee (Halifax, Canada) on 02/18/2012
5 out of 5 stars

Like most of you reading this I have suffered with HS for many years. I suffered with this on my buttocks and inner thigh and I thought I had tried everything. I endured multiple day surgeries to open the glands and have them stuffed with antibiotic gauze, and just about every ointment/pill the Dr would prescribe. I decided there had to be something better that would give better results, bc the surgery was so painful and it just wasn't doing much. I tried taking Tumeric and using antibacterial soap, and both were helpful but I still wasn't getting the results I wanted and this was starting to really effect my personal life!

I did some research of my own and discovered that dr's in Europe have been using Zinc Gluconate in clinical trials and found that most people had remission of symptoms that lasted! I decided to try it bc really what did I have to lose, right? I did everything the same as the trials, 100 mg of zinc gluconate/ day. I also decided to try diaper rash cream as a topical agent since it contains a lot of zinc. All the areas are almost gone! I have been doing this for 2 weeks are the results are amazing! I finally feel like I have found something that really works!!!!!!

I would say prior to this I had moderate HS and now it is almost gone, I hope this treatment works for all of you as it did for me :) I know how terrible thie condition is and the toll it can take on your life!

And for less that 15$, something that really worked for me!

Replied by Mariapkane
Eatonville, Wa.
I used a LED-UV light for 5 minutes and within 24 hours, the boil popped. I also used Ichthammol Ointment prior to using the LED-UV light (from an Auto-Leak-Detection Kit), and also am taking zinc and Turmeric. After the boil popped by itself I put Neosporin with a bandage on the boil.