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Posted by Kayadams9@aol.com (London, Uk) on 08/02/2009


Posted by K
London, Uk
To totally eradicate H. Pyroli and kill it off within a month - take a dessert spooonful of Manuka Honey UMF 10+ or higher (it goes up to 20+) before meals 3 times and and a spoonful before you go to bed at night. This honey (made from Bees in NZ who feed on the tea tree bushes) has antibacterial, antibiotic, antifungal, antiinflamatory properties and can cure most stomach problems such as Barrets oesephogus, gastritus and stomach ulcers. It can also be used on bed sores and mrsa wounds. Look it up on the internet to see how it has worked for lots other people. Hospitals in UK and Australia are using it to cure MRSA wounds and ulcers on legs, etc. Good Luck!
Posted by Marlaina
Mclouth, Ks
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Has anyone tried tea tree oil? If the honey works then why wouldn't the essential oil work? I have been doing some research on tea tree oil. It kills gram positive and gram negative bacteria. It is antiviral as well as antifungal. Has anyone ever used it for helicobacter pylori? My cousin is suffering from a horrible ulcer. All of the prilosec in the world will not work. He does not have the health insurance to afford the cost of the tests or the antibiotics. Tea tree oil would be cheaper and safer than antibiotic treatment. If anyone has any info on this subject and how to dose, please respond. Thanks!
Posted by Ian
San Jose, Ca
Last week I was admitted to ER for abdominal pain after consuming a plate of Chicken Enchilladas at a local Taqueria. In minutes my stomach was in knots, my breathing slowed, heart and blood pressure rised to 210/100! Everything in my bowels emptied and I vomited. I assumed that the cause was food-poisoning but after blood-work was drawn and a preliminary examination of EKG, Chest X-Ray was taken. There was no-signs of a viral infection.

They did prescribe me with Omeprazole (ant-acid) and Promethazine (antihistamine). Both of which were known treatments for H. Pylori. This bacteria is uniquely adapted to take advantage of the hellish digestive brew in your stomach. It produces an enzyme that prevents the immune system from destroying it. Your body's own immune system will trigger the histamines to fight the infection causing acid-reflux and creating the ulcer.

It's for this reason it can remain in a person's body for decades if left untreated!! When I return to my primary care physician I'm going to present them with this information and suggest these treatments, upon postive verification of the baceteria. I'm glad I read this post. The herbal remedy is superior!


Posted by Tito
Saugus, Ma
[NAY]   "I tried the best Manuka Honey to help with H Pylori and it did not work for me. Suffering from stomach issues for 4 years now.

Posted by Tom (Northbrook, IL) on 07/14/2009

has anyone used manuka honey for H pylori bacteria eradication and/or other stomach problems? If so what UMF strength was used and how successful was it?

Posted by Angela
Athens, GA
[NAY]   "I tried the manuka honey for acid reflux and gastritis, however, it did not work for me. It actually gave me sour stomach really bad. I was taking the recommended 1 tsp. 20 minutes before a meal. It's also very expensive. Liciorice DGL is working for me.
Posted by Alice
Lowell, Ma
[YEA]   "I first tried Pine Nut Oil. It gave me some relief, but not satisfied I decided to try manuka honey since doctors were not paying attention to the problem and was told to take meds for the rest of my life. I bought the Manuka Honey ___ ___ and after a few days my pains went away and I was able to eat again. Since then I have been good. I took the honey for 1 month, and I only take it once in a while now. A good diet is also recommended since certain foods will also make the condition worse. Every body is different so this migth not work on all, but i'm glad I tried the honey. Other brands did not do what Manuka did for me.

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Posted by Al (Alvena, Saskatchewan, Canada) on 07/27/2014

I have had two previous antibiotic treatments for H-pylori infections. The last treatment resulted in my CEA level having a drastic increase. I just recently found out that if you have an antibiotic resistant strain of H-pylori that the common treatment just allows the H-pylori to increase the number of bacteria present due to the lowering of the acidity in the stomach. The same thing happens when you consume baking soda to reduce stomach/blood acidity to eliminate a yeast infection if H-pylori is present.

The big problem for me is that I have had colon cancer and CEA is an indicator for recurrence of cancer and is also produced by H-pylori. My CEA was gradually increasing and was close to 20 (normal is less than 3), so I had a gastroscopy and colonoscopy which resulted in finding the H-pylori infection. Treatment resulted in a spike in CEA so with no answers from my doctor I started taking baking soda to ensure there was no yeast infection in my blood. That resulted in a further spike in the CEA and stopping the baking soda resulted in a return to a slow increase in CEA.

After extensive reading I found that acid reduction does increase H-pylori reproduction and found out about mastic gum and its natural ability to kill H-pylori. I started taking mastic gum two weeks ago and supplemented that with one to two ounces of apple cider vinegar daily, with the mother, to increase stomach acidity resulting in a small drop in the CEA from a high near 40. This test was done 11 days after the first dose of mastic gum and showed a 4% drop in that time frame. I have also seen a cessation of some symptoms as a result.

What I have read about mastic gum it is recommended that it be used for three months to completely eliminate H-pylori. Anyone that has antibiotic treatment for H-pylori should have a CEA test before and after and if the CEA increases should be retested for H-pylori and consider an alternative treatment. It is now ten months since the CEA first started to go up and the cancer specialists are talking about palliative care for me and don't even have a cancer diagnosis. This nasty bacteria has some not commonly known aspects that can point to other problems which result in it getting worse. Be careful about using antacids and acid reducers with H-pylori. I am now waiting on a PET scan to show that I don't have any cancer while I continue the mastic gum treatment.

Posted by Rob (Rancho Mirage) on 05/29/2014

[YEA]  Mastic Gum is excellent for getting rid of H-pylori which causes acid reflux and Gerd. Antacids do not work. Mastic Gum 500 mg 2 times a day for 3 months. Do yourself a favor and stop your stomach problems.

Posted by Sam
There are many strands of HP, therefore it does not always works.

Posted by Tony C (Antelope, Ca) on 09/23/2013

[NAY]  Today is 9-22-2013... I have been on mastic gum for 5 days and it DID NOT WORK for me.. 2nd day I threw up breakfast and lunch, and had diarrhea badly in evening. So after day 5 I have stopped taking it and am now waiting for the following: So I researched cold press virgin coconut oil and I stumbled on a study by a doctor of 148 people given this type of coconut oil daily, a large spoonful of cold oil once a day for 30 days, was monitored by a doctor and he gave his response at the end of that 30 day period and he concluded that CVO erased H. Pylori , Candida, and parasites as well as a bunch of fungal disorders.. He was quite astonished at actual results from the 148 people... There were so many testimonials of good results using this for 30 days, most everybody agreed to take it for lifetime daily... So I ordered 5 pounds of CVO and will start taking it as soon as it arrives in a day or two.. I have a duodenal ulcer and constant churning of my stomach with swallowing disorders, 24/7, very hard to eat without regurgitating foamy saliva so I am hoping this will calm my stomach down and heal my tumor and H. Pylori problem as well. I have a dying dog also that I will try to feed it to as well, maybe it will save her life. More comments coming on using Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil to heal digestive disorders from a user.

Posted by Juan
Texas, US
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How did it go with the Virgin Coconut Oil? Thanks

Posted by Carie (Hudson, Oh, Usa) on 11/06/2010

[YEA]  Went to doctor's office for what I am sure was ulcer. Had the gnawing feeling in my stomach about half an hour after I ate and the other symptoms associated with ulcers. After researching this site, found out that most ulcers are caused by h. Pylori. Tried the Manuka Honey for a while but was not agreeing with me. Tried the Mastic Gum and within three days the gnawing feeling was gone. Took it for 20 days (that was how much I had), two pills in morning about half an hour before I ate anything. Had the die off effects so I did not feel great for a few days but stuck through it knowing it was Herx's. Got tested for h. Pylori after and it came back negative. Got my mastic gum at local health food store.

Posted by Yvonne
Perth, Western Australia
My mother has been diagnosed with h. pylori and was wondering if she can purchase mastic gum tablets anywhere in Australia or if she can import them from the USA.

Posted by Suneel1980 (Houston, Texas) on 10/17/2010

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  I had H.Pylori for 10 years and tried triple therapy, anti biotics, PPI, etc. Nothing resolved my issue. I wanted to try natural remedies and searched the web and found mastic gum eliminates hpylori and cures gastritis. 3 weeks back I ordered mastic gum 1g. each capsule and taking one in the morning and one evening, from the third day itself I started feeling better. And now I am very happy, dont know it cured hpylori or not as I have to go for a urea breath test or stool test. But I am feeling much better now. Will keep you posted after my test. I will recomend this to anybody suffering from gastritis or ulcers. Feel free to ask me if you need any more details. Thanks

Posted by John
Atlanta, Georgia
Did this work for you? Are u finally cured? Please let me know if this worked for you and you were tested to see if it was still there. Mr.hospitable@gmail.com
Posted by Jen
Vancouver, Canada
My 16 yrs. old son just recently diagnosed positive of the h pylori and has to take 2xday of Prevacid 30 mg (lansoprazole), Biazin BID 500 mg (clarithromycin), and 2 cap of amoxicillin of 500 mg each for two weeks. I feel that this is too much for him to take but we are hoping that we will be able to cure it. Did you take the mastic gum while your in antibiotic pills? Please inform me the result of your breath test. Were you able to get rid/cure the h pylori?

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Posted by Jake (Phoenix, AZ) on 06/19/2008

[YEA]  H. Pylori: Took Mastic Gum and two tablespoons of Manuka Honey daily for several weeks. All symptoms are gone and normal.

Posted by Megha
London, United Kingdom
re: H. Pylori: Hi Jake, Just wanted to know whether its safe to buy mustic gum from the net or any other place, could you please tell me where did u get urs from. Also, i have symptoms is HP but havent got tested yet, is it ok if i take the mustic gum before testing. Thanks very much for ur help.

Mastic Gum, Colloidal Silver, Yogurt   2  0   

Posted by Sue (Webster, NY) on 03/28/2008

[YEA]  I wrote a few weeks ago about taking colloidal silver, mastic gum, yogurt and prilosec for H Pylori. After taking it for approximately 5 weeks, my recent stool antigen came back positive - I do feel somewhat better, but obviously the bacteria is still present. Just an update... I may try ACV or Oil of Oregano.

Posted by KATYA
Malaga, Spain
[QUESTION]   "hello, i was recently diagnosed with H.pylori, and i was wondering about colloidal silver if it could distroy the bacteria or not, i've been reading and it says it can, but others like yours say it helped but not erradicated it, i am taking the antibiotics, and other tablets to get rid of it, but i have also heard it can take several treatments to finally defeat it. I would like some help please, this is very uncomfortable as you all may now. hope you all get better as soon as posible. thank you.

Posted by Susan (Rochester, NY) on 03/12/2008

[YEA]  I have been suffering with H Pylori since November 2007. After trying the traditional western medicine cure and not being able to tolerate it, I started taking Mastic Gum, 2 caps twice daily. I am also taking 3 droppers ful of Colloidal Silver 10 ppm 3 times a day. I am taking Prilosec twice daily and eating 1 cup of yogurt as well. I am having more good days than bad, but am definately not cured yet. I have been on this regimen for 3 weeks and will continue for a few more before trying something else.

Posted by Carlos
PLANO, Texas
Suzan: where Did you get the Colloidal Silver, Have you had asides effects? Well How is everything going with the Bacteria, are you better?
A Naturopathic Doctor can be a solution too, most of them knows how to handle the bacteria? I think. I would really appreciate your comments and advice. God bless you in your efforts. Kind regards, Carlos A. Cardenas
Posted by Callmemvp
Los Angeles, California
Hey Susan,
I think your problem is that you're over doing it with the prisolec.. U only need to take 1 per day... It supposedly contains a small amount of aluminum and another substance that u shouldn't take too much of in your condition with the H. Pylori bacteria. Hope this helps, let me know how you feel afterwards.

Mastic Gum, Digestive Aids   2  1   

Posted by Beechee Queen (San Bernardino, California) on 08/05/2010

[YEA]  I was diagnosed with H. Pylori and put on antibiotics and all kinds of medications for over 7 months it was getting so bad I literally stopped eating meals and lived on bananas and oatmeal for fear of the returning belching, gas, bloating, indigestion the antibiotics and endless prescriptions didn't help. Then I searched for alternative remedies and came across a couple of promising cures so I went and bought 3 products hoping that at least one might work. And 3 to 4 days later I noticed that I did not have any more burping, gas, indigestion, or bloating.. It was mastic gum and some digestive aid for healing the stomach lining. It worked I have never had a single symptom since and that was over 3 years ago. It is a sap from a tree that draws out and kills the pylori. I would definitely give this a try.

Posted by Stixoffire
Dothan, Usa
I would like to know what is the digestive aid that you took. What is the name of it. I have read several different reviews on here - many people discuss remedies that deal with the symptoms - but do not cure the infection. That is like saying I have a big gash in my skin that hurts everyday and treating for pain. I do not want just the pain to be gone, I want the cure. I am not allergic to anything that I am aware of and I have tried Manuka Honey (1 teaspoon full) - I had an immediate allergic reaction, my body started to itch everywhere for 2 days.

I am thinking to try the Garlic and Broccoli Sprout method. According to the John Hopkins study: "Citing their new "demonstration of principle" study, a Johns Hopkins researcher and an international team of scientists caution that eating sprouts containing sulforaphane did not cure infection by the bacterium Helicobacter pylori (H. Pylori). They do not suggest that eating this or any amount of broccoli sprouts will protect anyone from stomach cancer or cure GI diseases

Posted by Lauralight
Portland, Or
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Yep, I cured it by grounding up broccoli and putting into my cats wet food and my cat healed from H. P.
Posted by Lynn
Oregon City, Or
This is in regards to the comments about H-Pylori and Mastic Gum. Several years ago our teen son became very ill. He had pain of the stomach, bloating, and overall did not feel well. We took him to regular doctor who without running any tests prescribed over the counter products to relieve pain... This was not effective... Time went on, we revisited the doctor with no good results, and our son became increasingly ill, losing nearly 40 pounds. We became alarmed and took him to another doctor who immediately sent him to a gastro specialist who placed him on antibiotics after finding not only H-Pylori but the accompanying ulcers in his stomach. Much damage had been done. Antibiotic therapy did not eradicate the H-Pylori and we were told after more than two rounds of antibiotics that they had done what they could.

A friend of ours who is a health researcher, when he heard about our problem, guided us to Mastic Gum. Our son was put on it, and withing thirty days began to respond positively to the therapy. This was a miracle! Unfortunately, the ulcers had been there a long time and needed healing. This process has taken years... Our son still has problems when he eats the wrong thing but he continues to do what he can...

Side note - antibiotics were not helpful at all and we also administered other products to get his flora back to normal. Now to try the pine nut oil....

Posted by Name
City, State
Try a strong cup of chamomile tea each night.
Posted by Ian
Nahariya, Israel
[NAY]   "I can't speak for Mastic Gum - yet. It is next on my list to try as I have had HP for 10 years on and off. The "off " being on anti biotics but the HP always comes back. Let me warn people against taking Manuka honey. I tried it as some said it had been helpful. It was the exact opposite and I thought I would have to go to hospital. HP loves the sugar. Manuka DOES heal external wounds magnificently though. Another failure is Grape fruit seed extract as a cure. It could conceivably be a preventative.
Posted by Tony C
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[YEA]   "To: Lynn from Oregon: I beleived I had a bleeding ulcer in my lower stomach, as I was getting black bowel movements.. I stumbled onto virgin pine nut oil, heard a 97% heal rate with this oil try it. I took it immediately and within a week, my stools were back to normal brown, and normal bowel movements, so I drank each bottle for a month, so at the end of 2 months, I ordered 2 more bottles just to finalize this healing, which is working on me... I am also taking mastic gum starting today for a 30 day run at 2 pills a day. H. Pylori is tough to get rid of, so try the natural things that work, coconut oil raw, also I am taking probiotic and enzyme tabs each day to restore ph balances, and also as a last resort, epazote herb tea, known as Mexican tea, will kill parasites, H. Pylori, fungal bacteria, etc, as the Mexican people actually use the herb in their foods to stay free of digestive problems. Only drink 1/4 cup of tea once a day, for 3 days, stop, resume 2 weeks later and repeat.. See if that cures it, if not wait a week and try the formula again... It is a very strong tea and if overdrank could have some side effects, so drink 1/4 cup once a day only! Too many Doctors confuse the public and misdiagnose these problems. This is common knowledge I have shared, so use at your discretion. However, I am taking all of the above in stages to get rid of H. Pylori. Good health! ps: I have spent around $200 so far.
Posted by Maria
London, UK
Hi there, I just saw your message on H Pylori. You say you purchased 3 products but only mentioned 2 of them. Also, in what quantity did you take them? Many thanks.

Matula Tea   5  4   

Posted by Linda (Orlando, FL) on 01/31/2009

[YEA]  I am a nurse, and about a year ago I was seriously ill. The doctors did every test... then blood test which tested positive for H-pylori... I was soooo desperate for a cure... because I could not tolerate the "standard" treatment of antibiotics, antacids; I turned to the internet and found Matula Tea... it saved my life. You have to understand this nasty bacteria had me bedbound for 6 weeks... with one 2 day stay in the hospital for dehydration. After one month of taking the tea, I was tested again and no sign of H-Pylori. I started to feel "Alive"again.

But here I am yet again with the bacteria. I believe I know the source now, because people too can be carriers of this disease with no symptoms. Well this time I decided to try the "Standard treatment" and had a severe allergic reation to the antibiotics, and still have H-pylori positive. I have learned my lesson, I am ordering Matula Tea once again, and the person who I believe infected me is to be tested and treated.

Posted by Colleen (Cape Town, South africa) on 05/27/2008

[YEA]  Matula Tea killed my H Pylori in a month. Had a gastroscopy before and was told it was present. Had a second one a month later and no sign of H Pylori. Hope it stays away! This tea is good!

Posted by Elemr
Johannesburg, South Africa
Where can I buy Matula Tea here in Johannesburg, South Africa?
Posted by Sylvia
Nevada City, CA
Where can you purchase Matula Tea in the US?
Posted by Sje
San Francisco, Ca
[NAY]   "Well, the matula tea DID NOT work for me and my girlfriend....which seems strange as it's supposed to have a 99.7% success rate. That means out of 1,000 people, both of us and one other person remained infected while 997 people were cured. Seems like BS to me. I am currently seeking legal/investigative council & am more than anxious to begin and complete a thorough background/company/fact check with Dankirzar Limited, the company whom sells/distributes Matula Tea, and the actual tea itself.
Posted by Slava
Seattle, Wa
My name Slava let me know wear you purchase Matula Tee I have H Pylory maybe you will give me good recommendation
Posted by Natasha
Port Angeles, Wa
I never tried Matula Tea, but thinking about it. I've been diagnosed with H. Pylori 5 years ago, and never being treated, because was pregnant at the moment when diagnosed. Self-treated myself using info from "Gut Flash Plan" by Dr. Gittleman. It worked for some time. The treatment included mastic gum, cayenne pepper, Pau D'Arco tea, Dr. Ohhira probiotics, cabbage juice, DGL (type of licorice from any health food store). I felt great. Occasionnaly, have minor stomach upsets, and burning, heartburn as well. Usually I pop couple of those probiotics, mastic gum, some Pau D'Arco tea and whatever else I find that feel like it would help ( oregano or ginger for example). After severe herburn lasted 10 days I finally ventured to see a local Doc, which administered a stool test, and, Of course, "there she was, like disco lemonade... " h. Pylori, unbeatable. So I am about to get my antibiotics and ppi's and planning to combine it with all the other more natural treatments, plus add what I've just read here.

Posted by Walter (Fort Lauderdale, USA) on 02/27/2008

[YEA]  I have been suffering with very badly with H.pylori for at least the last 5 years. I had 10 treatents of antibiotics during this time without any success. Everytime I had the breath test it came back positive. I was getting so desperate about my health and even changed my Doctors several times after they all started to tell me that it was because I was panicking so much that I wasn't getting better. I finally searched the internet and found Matula Tea. I am pleased to tell you that Matula has proved to be a real winner and it has given me back my health again. A month after I completed the treatment I did the H.pylori stool antigen test and it came back negative. I was so happy I couldn't believe it. So much so for the antibiotics and other drugs that simply didn't work. I feel duty bound to let other people know about Matula Tea and how it has worked for me. ' What I found great about Matula Tea is that I didn't suffer any side effects like I did with all the antibiotic treatments. I hope that all you people that are suffering just like I did will find my story beneficial to your future health.

Posted by Carol
Kansas City, USA
I would like to know if there are others who have tried Matula Tea for severe indigestion or ulcer problems? I can only find one soure to purchase Matula from and that leaves me quite skeptical as to whether this is a good helpful product or not. Let's hear from others. I have been tested for everything imaginable. Absolutely nothing helps my digestion.
Posted by Joyce
Joelton, Tn
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Hello Carol from Kansas City, Have you tried eliminating bleached flour products from your diet? It hs been working for me for 40+ years.
Posted by Janet Milf
Detroit, Oregon
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To get your digestion working your adrenals and/or thyroid could be kapoots

Take adrenal glandular and 10 mgs of iodine per day
- Sea Aloe Gold is good 3-6 a day

Digestive enzyme - BIO GEST or BILEX

Alkaline water - 1 glass water with 1/4 teaspoon sea salt - 8X day

Anti inflammatory - astaxanthin

6 months !!! it wont happen over night

if that dont work give mastic gum a try

Posted by Michael
Los Angeles, California
[NAY]   "I tried it twice. It did not work for me. I don't think it works for anyone. I contacted the matula sellers, they did not refund my $286x2= $572. I am going to be on antibiotics for the next days.
Posted by John
Harlingen, Texas
Did you change your diet while you were on the matula tea?

Posted by Tony (NY, USA) on 01/31/2008

[WARNING!]  dear friends, STAY AWAY from matula tea which is sold in the internet. I bought it and when I got it brewed it for about 5 or so minutes. I took a FEW SIPS and minutes later became very ill, allergic reaction. Called 911 and ended in the Emergency Hospital. Be careful folks with some of the things you put in your body. Remember, be careful, as many of these people selling these remedies first objective is to make a buck.

Posted by Tony

I did try matula tea, but as I stated above had a SEVERE allergic reaction to this dangerous tea and ended in the ER, and before, the people that sell it stated in their website that you get no allergic reaction from it, but they lied back then, and now, upon reviewing their website, they took out this false statement about the tea not causing an allergic reaction after it is consumed.

STAY AWAY from this tea.

The people who sell this tea are from South Africa and as you can see, many of the so called "Positive remarks" are people from South Africa....hmmm.....! I wonder if the folks that sale this tea are the very ones posting positive remarks, just to make a BUCK! For SHAME!!!

If you try it, you do so at your own risk! I say, try something else, save your money and DON'T BUY this deadly tea!

Posted by Niki
Las Vegas, NV USA
I'm so sorry to hear of the allergic reaction. But I must say that there are many pharm. and/or OTC drugs out there that also cause allergic reactions. Obviously something in the Matula mix is allergenic for you. They (Matula) does not list out what the herbal mix includes, unfortunately. Perhaps they need to invest in a patent in order to do so. Anyway, I have been using the tea for less than a week and have noticed a bit of improvement with my severe acid reflux. My symptoms were in the areas of chronic cough, nausea and constant hunger. I had been taking only Prilosec (among other acid reflux meds)for some time since my doctors did not "find" the H. pylori bacteria. However, Prilosec often made me sick, I'm thinking due to my stomach being unable to digest the food properly because the acid content was being neutralized. I have spent many, many nights without sleep. Desperate to find an alternative to the synthetic approaches, I have been searching the internet for possible avenues to explore. Yes, the Matula formula is expensive when compared to a few packs of Prilosec, but not so expensive when compared to the constant doctor visits, endoscopy, and OTC drugs. I paid $159.00 plus $30.00 shipping for one month supply of Matula. I will continue to use the $6.33 cup of tea twice a day for the entire month. But one must not assume that simply taking the tea is the cure all. The website does give some directions in what dietary changes need to be made. This is very important for the success of the program. And the dietary changes need to be somewhat permanent. They also give you ebooks to read for additional information regarding the lifestyle and dietary changes. If you have tried everything else, then you know how desperate it feels to try to find anything that works, and you'll try everything. But also remember, clinical trials are never finished. Think of all the pharm drugs that have been put on the market only to be pulled due to some unforeseen (didn't show up in the clinical trials) complications. But how many of those companies reimburse you for the money spent to discover you can't take the drugs. Matula does guarantee their product (probably minus the $30 shipping), so if you experience a problem (not to discount the severe reaction mentioned), then return the product. But don't give up on searching for the one thing that does work for you. I have thrown away more drugs due to reactions (this includes supplements), but I know there is something out there for me. Perhaps Matula will be the one, maybe not. I'll let y'all know.
Posted by Pettie
San Francisco, CA
[YEA]   "I had stomache pain for over 2 years. My doctor denied that I had the bacteria and didn't do the test. We did scat scan, MRI, X-Rays... He found nothing. Then I got Acid Reflux really bad. Took 2 Prevacid and 2 Carafat each day. A biopsy at an endoscopy found the bacteria in my stomache and barret syndrom 1st stage.I took the pills for 9 months and had a lot of side effects. A specialist told me,"millions of people live with this and take the pills every day. This is nothing." I started Matula Tea and had no side effects. After 2 weeks I reduces my medication, after 3 weeks I stopped taken it. I emailed Customer Service from Matula Tea some times and asked for advice. He told me to take other remedies with the tea.(Slippery Elm, L-Glutamin, Betain) It worked for me. I had an Endoscopy two months ago, my bacteria is gone, my barret syndrom is gone, as well as my acid reflux. If I will get acid reflux or the bacteria again, I will take the tea again.
Posted by Alib
Swansea, Wales, Uk
You have to be careful about condemning the product when you get a bad reaction - because the reaction may not have been to the tea itself but could have been the bugs reacting to it and throwing out some kind of toxin that your body reacted to. We assume when we get an 'allergic' reaction that it is to some kind of food, but is our body reacting to the food, or a toxin that is being produced by the microbes?

Some people need to start with a very small amount and gradually build up to the full dose. I have found this with other things - many react to things like eggs, or coconut oil when they first start a Candida diet, but by just starting with a teaspoon, or even half a teaspoon and gradually increasing it, eventually they are able to tolerate the full amount. It is not them reacting - but the Candida. Just to bear in mind too, that things like diarrhea, rashes, nausea and vomiting, etc. , are actually detox reactions and are not necessarily bad. Your body has to get rid of the microbes and other rubbish some way!

Posted by Tommy
North York, On, Canada
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[NAY]   "Hi, I took the matula tea and it did nothing for me. I had a confirm case of H. Pylori. The tea seems strange because the ingredients are unknown. They could patented if it's truly get rid of H. Pylori but they didn't since 2006. I also contacted lady who tried the matula tea and she was still positive with H. Pylori. H. Pylori is a very difficult to treat bacteria. Because it buries itself into the lining of the stomach so deep that many antibiotics fail to get rid of it. The immune system cannot reach it because it's an infection in the stomach and they have to stay longer enough to kill the colonies. This seems to create an inflammation of the stomach which could cause gastritis, ulcers and stomach cancers. Add to that the bio film it makes. That will make H. Pylori infection 100 times resistant to antibiotics. Alot of research are done lately to determine the cause of the high failure treatment of H. Pylori with the PPI and 2 antibiotics. The H. Pylori failure treatments are due to so many causes which includes:

1-Its location in the stomach makes it hard to get rid of.

2-The urease activity of H. Pylori which allows it to survive the stomach acid.

3-The multiresistance of H. Pylori to antibiotics like clarythromycine and Metronedazole.

4- reinfection that may occur due to the presence of H. Pylori in the tooth plaque and the tongue.

5-The biofim that protects H. Pylori and makes it resistant up to 100 times to any antibiotics.

6- The genetic makeup of the host and H. Pylori.

I don't believe in the matula tea. It's very expensive tea with unknown ingredients and so many people complains about the high failure rate using this tea. I wish the tea really works but this is far to be true. Here some remedies that MIGHT work against H. Pylori:

Mastic gum. Lauric acid. Sulforaphane. Quercetin. Allicin and garlic juice. Wassabia extract. L. Reuterin and L. Salivarius

The above remedies have some activities against H. Pylori but that doesn't mean they will heal the infection. They might reduce or kill some colonies. The only high rate treatment now is a deadly treatment with 3 antibiotics and an PPI. The treatment has 90% success rate. I hope that can help you some how.

Posted by San
Modiin, Israel
Did you get rid of helicobacter? My son has the bacteria and after 2 rounds of antibiotiocs, still has it. I want to try mastic gum. Do you have any idea where I can get it? We live in Israel too and so far I haven't been able to find it in the health stores.

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