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Mastic Gum  

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Posted by Carie (Hudson, Oh, Usa) on 11/06/2010
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Went to doctor's office for what I am sure was ulcer. Had the gnawing feeling in my stomach about half an hour after I ate and the other symptoms associated with ulcers. After researching this site, found out that most ulcers are caused by h. Pylori. Tried the Manuka Honey for a while but was not agreeing with me. Tried the Mastic Gum and within three days the gnawing feeling was gone. Took it for 20 days (that was how much I had), two pills in morning about half an hour before I ate anything. Had the die off effects so I did not feel great for a few days but stuck through it knowing it was Herx's. Got tested for h. Pylori after and it came back negative. Got my mastic gum at local health food store.

Replied by Meryem


Wondering about the mastic gum. Do you take it in a pill form and how many during your treatment until it get rid of the h pilori?



Replied by Janet
1 out of 5 stars

I did the same treatment for 40 days. Still H pylori positive. :-(

Posted by Suneel1980 (Houston, Texas) on 10/17/2010
4 out of 5 stars

I had H.Pylori for 10 years and tried triple therapy, anti biotics, PPI, etc. Nothing resolved my issue. I wanted to try natural remedies and searched the web and found mastic gum eliminates hpylori and cures gastritis. 3 weeks back I ordered mastic gum 1g. each capsule and taking one in the morning and one evening, from the third day itself I started feeling better. And now I am very happy, dont know it cured hpylori or not as I have to go for a urea breath test or stool test. But I am feeling much better now. Will keep you posted after my test. I will recomend this to anybody suffering from gastritis or ulcers. Feel free to ask me if you need any more details. Thanks

Replied by Abe

Where can I buy the mastic gum? I live in Phoenix, Arizona. Can it be bought locally or must it be online?


Replied by Massi
Thousand Oaks, California

Mastic gum is available at Sprout Farmer stores, and I purchased it lately. They have a very broad section of digestive stuff and all herbal. Worth try it..

Posted by Ravi (Dallas, Tx, Usa) on 04/29/2010
5 out of 5 stars

The best remedy known to me and having successfully tried, is Mastic Gum. Just chewed that gum for two weeks and H Pylori was totally gone.

Posted by Greels (West Wareham, MA) on 05/29/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I contracted h pylori two years ago and went through antibiotic treatment "twice"... both times failing as I was told I had a type that was strain resistant. After much research, I started taking mastica chios (mastic gum) twice a day. To help heal my stomach lining I also took DGL Licorice as I have HBP. I was recently retested again for h pylori and the results were "negative

Mastic Gum and Manuka Honey  

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Posted by Jake (Phoenix, AZ) on 06/19/2008
5 out of 5 stars

H. Pylori: Took Mastic Gum and two tablespoons of Manuka Honey daily for several weeks. All symptoms are gone and normal.

Mastic Gum, Colloidal Silver, Yogurt  

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Posted by Sue (Webster, NY) on 03/28/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I wrote a few weeks ago about taking colloidal silver, mastic gum, yogurt and prilosec for H Pylori. After taking it for approximately 5 weeks, my recent stool antigen came back positive - I do feel somewhat better, but obviously the bacteria is still present. Just an update... I may try ACV or Oil of Oregano.

Posted by Susan (Rochester, NY) on 03/12/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I have been suffering with H Pylori since November 2007. After trying the traditional western medicine cure and not being able to tolerate it, I started taking Mastic Gum, 2 caps twice daily. I am also taking 3 droppers ful of Colloidal Silver 10 ppm 3 times a day. I am taking Prilosec twice daily and eating 1 cup of yogurt as well. I am having more good days than bad, but am definately not cured yet. I have been on this regimen for 3 weeks and will continue for a few more before trying something else.

Mastic Gum, Digestive Aids  

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Posted by Beechee Queen (San Bernardino, California) on 08/05/2010
5 out of 5 stars

I was diagnosed with H. Pylori and put on antibiotics and all kinds of medications for over 7 months it was getting so bad I literally stopped eating meals and lived on bananas and oatmeal for fear of the returning belching, gas, bloating, indigestion the antibiotics and endless prescriptions didn't help. Then I searched for alternative remedies and came across a couple of promising cures so I went and bought 3 products hoping that at least one might work. And 3 to 4 days later I noticed that I did not have any more burping, gas, indigestion, or bloating.. It was mastic gum and some digestive aid for healing the stomach lining. It worked I have never had a single symptom since and that was over 3 years ago. It is a sap from a tree that draws out and kills the pylori. I would definitely give this a try.

Matula Tea  

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Posted by Linda (Orlando, FL) on 01/31/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I am a nurse, and about a year ago I was seriously ill. The doctors did every test... then blood test which tested positive for H-pylori... I was soooo desperate for a cure... because I could not tolerate the "standard" treatment of antibiotics, antacids; I turned to the internet and found Matula Tea... it saved my life. You have to understand this nasty bacteria had me bedbound for 6 weeks... with one 2 day stay in the hospital for dehydration. After one month of taking the tea, I was tested again and no sign of H-Pylori. I started to feel "Alive"again.

But here I am yet again with the bacteria. I believe I know the source now, because people too can be carriers of this disease with no symptoms. Well this time I decided to try the "Standard treatment" and had a severe allergic reation to the antibiotics, and still have H-pylori positive. I have learned my lesson, I am ordering Matula Tea once again, and the person who I believe infected me is to be tested and treated.

Posted by Pettie (San Francisco, CA) on 12/04/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I had stomache pain for over 2 years. My doctor denied that I had the bacteria and didn't do the test. We did scat scan, MRI, X-Rays... He found nothing. Then I got Acid Reflux really bad. Took 2 Prevacid and 2 Carafat each day. A biopsy at an endoscopy found the bacteria in my stomache and barret syndrom 1st stage.I took the pills for 9 months and had a lot of side effects. A specialist told me,"millions of people live with this and take the pills every day. This is nothing." I started Matula Tea and had no side effects. After 2 weeks I reduces my medication, after 3 weeks I stopped taken it. I emailed Customer Service from Matula Tea some times and asked for advice. He told me to take other remedies with the tea.(Slippery Elm, L-Glutamin, Betain) It worked for me. I had an Endoscopy two months ago, my bacteria is gone, my barret syndrom is gone, as well as my acid reflux. If I will get acid reflux or the bacteria again, I will take the tea again.

Posted by Colleen (Cape Town, South africa) on 05/27/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Matula Tea killed my H Pylori in a month. Had a gastroscopy before and was told it was present. Had a second one a month later and no sign of H Pylori. Hope it stays away! This tea is good!

Replied by Eric Els

Coleen where in SA can I buy Matula tea?

Replied by Reneilwe
Johannesburg South Africare

Please advice where and how can I get Matula tea in South Africa, its been 2 years now and its getting worse as no medication cures me.

Posted by Walter (Fort Lauderdale, USA) on 02/27/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I have been suffering with very badly with H.pylori for at least the last 5 years. I had 10 treatents of antibiotics during this time without any success. Everytime I had the breath test it came back positive. I was getting so desperate about my health and even changed my Doctors several times after they all started to tell me that it was because I was panicking so much that I wasn't getting better. I finally searched the internet and found Matula Tea. I am pleased to tell you that Matula has proved to be a real winner and it has given me back my health again. A month after I completed the treatment I did the H.pylori stool antigen test and it came back negative. I was so happy I couldn't believe it. So much so for the antibiotics and other drugs that simply didn't work. I feel duty bound to let other people know about Matula Tea and how it has worked for me. ' What I found great about Matula Tea is that I didn't suffer any side effects like I did with all the antibiotic treatments. I hope that all you people that are suffering just like I did will find my story beneficial to your future health.

Posted by Tony (NY, USA) on 01/31/2008
1 out of 5 stars


dear friends, STAY AWAY from matula tea which is sold in the internet. I bought it and when I got it brewed it for about 5 or so minutes. I took a FEW SIPS and minutes later became very ill, allergic reaction. Called 911 and ended in the Emergency Hospital. Be careful folks with some of the things you put in your body. Remember, be careful, as many of these people selling these remedies first objective is to make a buck.

Replied by Alib
Swansea, Wales, Uk

You have to be careful about condemning the product when you get a bad reaction - because the reaction may not have been to the tea itself but could have been the bugs reacting to it and throwing out some kind of toxin that your body reacted to. We assume when we get an 'allergic' reaction that it is to some kind of food, but is our body reacting to the food, or a toxin that is being produced by the microbes?

Some people need to start with a very small amount and gradually build up to the full dose. I have found this with other things - many react to things like eggs, or coconut oil when they first start a Candida diet, but by just starting with a teaspoon, or even half a teaspoon and gradually increasing it, eventually they are able to tolerate the full amount. It is not them reacting - but the Candida. Just to bear in mind too, that things like diarrhea, rashes, nausea and vomiting, etc. , are actually detox reactions and are not necessarily bad. Your body has to get rid of the microbes and other rubbish some way!

Replied by George
Lancaster, California
5 out of 5 stars

Agree with Alib.

Matula Tea helped me tremendously, and certain people can have bad reaction from normal food, such as peanuts or milk, so like with every new product try and see. It is definitely MUCH safer than antibiotics!

Replied by Athanasia

In stead of the expensive matula tea why not use greek mountain tea which you can find in every greek shop. It's been used for h.pylori. Also if you use this together with the mastica it would be a very good combination I think, the greeks use both and are very healthy.

Posted by Tracy (Cape Town, South Africa) on 07/10/2007
5 out of 5 stars

re: Ulcers and h pylori (ailment) -- Matula Tea worked for me. Expensive but I am free from the pylori bug at last.

Replied by Elsabe

Can someone please tell me where I can buy this tea in South Africa and what it wiill cost?

Multiple Remedies  

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Posted by Tomile (Ny, US) on 05/13/2014
5 out of 5 stars

I first found out I have the nasty pylori bacteria about 1.5 years ago I have been trying some tiny changes my diet and some oils that never helped me for long. It helped me for few weeks and then I felt the gas, pains and mental unclearity again. I started reading more and more about it. Trying to figure out how to kick it out of my life for good. For the past 2 months I have tried those 4 things that REALLY makes me feel so much better! I have not checked myself if I have it or not but I just feel good now!
1. I started taking zinc-carnosine twice a day. A little expensive pill (abut $40 although you might able to find it cheaper- depends on the brand). have been taking it for two months now.
2. Coconut oil- two spoon twice a day.
3. acidophilus (good bacteria for stomach)- once a day one pill
4. THE MOSTIMPORTANT- RAW FOOD DIET. I have been a vegetarian for the last 10 year so even for me going completely raw was hard. (no coffee as well).I started educating myself and searching more and more knowledge about this raw food vegan movement. I feel so great, so energized. My digestive system has been amazing for the last month.
I would recommend YouTube about the Raw vegan diet. Watch people such as FreeLee, FullyRawKristina, Megan Elizabeth and more.
I am not a doctor of course and this is personal to my case but I so know how it feel to be in this awful pain. Give it all a 2 months try and I really hope you would feel the difference!