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H. Pylori
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H. Pylori Cures - Alternative Medicine

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Broccoli   2  0   

Posted by Linda (Memphis, Tn) on 08/08/2010

[YEA]  For H. Pylori broccoli juice cured my daughter. She went to the hospital about 3 times in one month. She could not keep anything down. I took a stalk of broccoli to her on her sick bed. She felt great within 10 minutes. She has been better since.

Broccoli Sprouts for H. Pylori   1  0   

Posted by Carrie (Los Angeles, California) on 10/29/2007

[YEA]  What about the use of eating 3 1/2 ounces of broccoli sprouts a day for at least 8 weeks to kill off the H. pylori. A study was done at Johns Hopkins saying it even eradicated H. pylori that was antibiotic resistant? I have been putting it in the blender with fresh carrot juice, fresh cabbage and drinking it twice a day..I am also taking NAC twice a day..Anybody else tried this?

Replied by Felix
New York, USA
I would like to know if carrie's formula has helped her or is helping her eradicate the h pylori.
Replied by Joyce
Joelton, Tn
To the person inquiring re broccoli sprouts for H pylori (which supposedly causes peptic ulcer disease) - broccoli makes for healthy eating, no doubt, but I stumbled on the cure for all my stomach problems (constant heartburn, indigestion, nausea, and outright pain from ulcers several times a year before they got around to discovering H pylori as the cause. They were still calling peptic ulcer disease psychosomatic at that time (l968). I remember the lecture on PUD being psychomatic when I was working on my RN later. One of my instructors asking what I thought about the lecture as I was leaving the room. Being polite, I replied that it was obvious that our instructor who gave this lecture had fallen off the fence on the psychosomatic side. She then asked me if I agreed, to which I replied that I didn't and she asked me why. My reply was that my entire family had PUD problems and I thought that it was more likely an allergy or food intolerance. When she asked for my rationale, I asked her if she knew what test they did to see if you were secreting hydrochloric acid. She said she didn't. I then then explained my rationale by saying "OK, we both agree that the basic problem in PUD is an excess of hydrochloric acid in the stomach which eats a hole in its own lining. OK, when the doctor wants to see if your stomach is secreting hydrochloric acid (lack of it is diagnostic of pernicious anemia), he puts you in a hospital bed, starts an IV, hangs a histamine drip which makes your stomach kick out hydrochloric acid, if your body can produce it. Your body throws out histamine causing an allergic reaction when you come into contact with something you are allergic to. It seemss rational to me that if you constantly come into contact with something that causes your body to kick out histamine, your body is going to respond by kicking out excess hydrchloric acid which causes PUD! Do you still think it's psychosomatic? Her reply, "Hmmm, I'll have to tell Dick about that". Dick, her husband, was an intern at Vanderbilt. My cure was eliminating all bleached flour from my food. I later researched PUD for a final paper at Vanderbilt and discovered that PUD arose several years after they started bleaching flour.
Replied by Jchilliwack
Abottsford, Bc, Canada
The only time I had trouble with my stomach is when I eat bread.. Any kind & sugar (any kind).. Burns like crazy & gas is awful. I can eat honey though no problem... Even maple syrup. I'm starting to think GMO's also set things off. I agree bleached anything causes extreme response....

For the person with pos blood test for H. Pylorri.... It tests antibodies.. Once you've had it the antibodies will always show up.... Even if you no longer have the infection... you need the breath test.

Replied by Anonymous
La, Ca
My dr ordered colonscopy and endoscopy. CAT with contrast, Barium swallow, blood work parasite check H pylori results were all negative! Eleven months later it shows I'm positve for H pylori and for SIBO so the first test H pylori test must been a false negative one can assume. Anyhow. I've been referred to infectious disease for them to figure out the why, what where and how as well as prescribe the right antibiotics. I will say this I'm planning on juicing broccoli sprouts everyday as well as probiotics while on antibiotics!

Cayenne   1  0   

Posted by Bev (Long Beach, Ca, Usa) on 07/04/2013

[YEA]  Someone posted this cure on Earthclinic but I can't find it now. I took 3 capsules daily, 40,000 H.U. (450mg) for 2 months with and without food. I still suffered with pain for the first week but since then, I have not had any pain. What a wonderful relief.

Replied by Bea
Mass., US
You forgot to mention the name of the pills you take for your H Pylori. I would like to know what it is. Thanks
Replied by Sam
When it comes to H.Pylori, there are NO single pill that will cure. Read all posts about H.Pylori. It is not necessary and impossible to kill it.

Cayenne, Carrot Juice, Mucus-Less Diet   0  0   

Posted by Ben (Odessa, Missouri) on 08/14/2012

After reading all this I have reanalyzed my situation the last few months.

First, I am an avid liver flusher, I used to do it 3-4 times a week someweeks, but with orange juice and Lemon juice. These are perfect breeding ground for the hpylori bacteria. Then it got worse. I feared for my life, I drank some coffee one night (I never do usually) and I went to the er and laid down with my Bible, I thought it was the end for me. But I woke up a few minutes later, the doc said there was nothing wrong, go home. So I went. Over the next few months of a couple ignorant doctors trying to tell me nothing is wrong and I'm just stressed and another er trip. I finally realized that this whole mess is cured by just killing the bacteria that causes ulcers, with cayenne. Carrot juice was very soothing also.

Now, I don't drink any caffine or dairy, eat citrus fruits, grain products, potatoes, or mucus/acid forming foods. I am determined to follow the mucusless diet and I already feel different from any other time in my life. Doctors destroy health and we can only trust G-d, he puts herbs here for "the service of man"Psalm 104:14. He gave us all the answers right here, together we can share them with each other.

Replied by Craig
How do you use it and how much of it do you use.
Replied by Florine
Moncton, Nb Canada
For my H-Pylori treatment I had the Colon Hydrotherapy treatment done and changed my whole eating habits, taking sugar and milk products out of my diet and eating organic foods, I feel so much better.

Cinnamon   0  1   

Posted by Mreynard (Newark, New Jersey) on 04/22/2007

[NAY]  This controlled Israeli study showed no effects of cinnamon on h.pylori:

perhaps you should indicate that there are discrepancies

Replied by Kim
Sault Ste Marie, Ont
No! Cinnamon on its own may not help anything BUT Recent research in Japan and Australia has reavealed that advanced Cancer of the stomach and bones have been cured successfully. Patients suffering from these kinds of Cancer should daily take one tablespoon of honey with one teaspoon of cinnamon powder 3x per day for one month. I have a whole page and I will submit the namr of that page at a later time. Hope this cure woeks for anyone who is suffering. Amen. Its certainly work a try. I am having terrible stomach pains and am being testing for H-pylori and I am getting relief (pain relief from drinking this mixture and I have only drank it 2x so I will update you on my progress)Ty

Cleansing   0  0   

Posted by Mason (Ca, US) on 07/28/2014

I've had h. pylori for a while now and I was perfectly fine before I got it several years ago. Many forums talk about bad symptoms and talk about HP cures, however, I don't see anybody posting about colon and liver cleansing. My symptoms caused by HP were really bad and escalated to the point where I had bad migraines, nausea, vomiting, bad bloating/gas, indigestion and stomach distention, weird appetite, unable to think clearly, etc. Turns out the HP compromised my whole digestive system (and cogntitive abilities).

A couple of years ago, before I knew I had the HP, I tried liver cleansing (aka liver flush), and boy, it alleviated 99% of my symptoms. This helped immensely so I did a series of them, 1 per month, about 12 liver cleanses in 16 months, and it really cleared out my liver and gallbladder of stones and junk that weighed it down. These cleanses basically saved my life. Think how important your liver is, biggest organ in your body and detoxes everything you eat/drink, imagine if it didn't work and so the toxic overload staying in your body will cause deep problems.

Now, I'm treating my HP via alternative therapies, I.e. mastic gum/manuka honey/coconut oil for the lauric acid, and will also continue my probiotic, vitamin c, oregano oil, and green tea. All the web posts I've been researching point to these as good treatments so hopefully mine will be eradicated after. Also, diet is key, avoid sugar/dairy/carbs/processed foods and eat as raw and organic as possible.

But each person's HP infection and body is different so that's why you've got to know your body, definitely do colon and liver cleansing, and understand that some therapies work for some and not for others if they don't do it long enough or stick to it, or their bodies weren't very healthy before HP therapy so it won't work because your body is not clean/healthy enough to accept the HP therapy. I'm pretty sure the cleansing is the key because your body has to always be as clean and healthy as possible to increase success of any treatment or therapy. The foundation should be as clean as possible. Besides, the colon and liver cleansing is good to do even if you don't have any illness/infection, they're designed in this case to be preventative. There is a great ebook from a natureopath doctor I've been following, and his products are great too. The book is called THE GREEN BODY CLEANSE by Dr. Edward Group III. I think you can download the book online. Good luck, all!

Replied by Monica
Sacramento, California
Hello there I just wanted to know if there was a particular cleanse that you made or purchased. Where might I find a Liver cleanse besides surfing the net?

Coconut Oil   2  0   

Posted by Joel (Washington, Dc) on 07/14/2012

[YEA]  I've had problems with H. Pylori due to multiple overseas tours. Got it in Iraq in 2006, had it untreated for a couple of years and then a doctor friend who had also been over there told me to get checked for h. Pylori. Sure enough, there it was. Went on antibiotics for a month and it went away. My symptoms were frequent, multiple attacks of almost purely liquid diarrhea, no matter what I ate. After raw/pure foods like sushi, it was less than 20 minutes between eating and elimination. Probably got it again last year in either Iraq or Afg. It's gotten really bad again, with frequent, uncontrollable, and watery eliminations. Between four and six a night after eating. My wife was telling me to go to the doctor, but I wanted to beat it naturally and I, like many of you, hate antibiotics.

Saw someone talking about coconut oil. I always have some on standby. The kind I used was unrefined, cold-pressed, whole kernel. Two nights ago, before eating dinner (I fast about 16 hours every day), I scooped about 1.5-2 tablespoons of coconut oil into my mouth and ate it. I had my first solid elimination in I can't remember how long. I make sure to have a large scoop every day before breaking my fast, and I haven't had a problem since. I am so happy. To all sufferers out there, I'm telling you, this is the cure. No meds, no big pharma, just good old fashioned Mother Nature. Don't be afraid to have too much. Organic coconut oil is a miracle food. Just take a big dumb scoop before you eat. Thank you for this site.

Replied by Susan
I have hp recently after testing +.. I would like to try coconut oil.

Posted by John (Spring, Tx, Usa) on 07/22/2011

In what manner does coconut oil cure H. Pylori? How much should a person take and for how long?

Posted by Jaki (Small Town, NM) on 08/07/2007

[YEA]  I have been using coconut oil for several weeks, initially for weight loss. A few years ago, I heard of using it as a remedy for so many things, but when I tried it, my face broke out, so I stopped using it. I quit smoking (YAY!) almost 4 months ago, and not only gained weight but was told by a doctor that my distended belly was the result of h.pylori bacteria. I can't believe I aquiessed, but took the prescription for double dose antibiotics I was given. I have rarely taken any antibiotics, and don't like them at all. They caused a Candida imbalance, and a return of intestinal parasites. Then I came across a jar of organic VCO in my fridge, and figured it was worth a try. Amazing results; my energy level rose immediately, my belly started disappearing after a week, and I seem to crave "good" food, while being relatively uninterested in unhealthy food. An unexpected benefit was how clear my sinuses became; even 2 months after stopping smoking, my head and ears were stopped up. I am now experiencing some minor break out on my face, but am beginning to suspect this is a cleansing reaction from candida die-off, parasite die off and tobacco cessation. I think it is important that the VCO be ORGANIC. Thanks for the site!

Replied by Nicole
Saint Louis, Mo.
How do you take the oil? Does it come in a gelcap by chance or do you dilute into water? Please let me know I am a sufferer as well.
Replied by Terry
St. Louis, Mo
Coconut oil can be taken right off the spoon. When warmed ever so slightly, it changes into a clear liquid. You can also cook with it and/or add it to other liquids/foods, because the taste is pretty mild or subtle. The main objective, though, is to just get it in you any way you can so that you can reap the benefits ...
Replied by Joshua
Olympia, Wa
Indeed, a breakout reaction is usually a sign of the boxy detoxifying through the skin. I had a similar experience using allicin- the first day I used it I broke out in hives all over my body, which scared the heck out of me so I switched to something else. After a week of using a milder product, I went back to allicin and had no adverse skin reactions. Acute acne sucks, but it's a sign you're doing something right!
Replied by Anonymous
Heating Virgin Coconut oil is not a good idea it will destroy its healing properties, and change the chemical composition. Just take VCO in its natural state 1 tablespoon 3 x a day to start and just see how you feel then cut back to 2 x a day.
Replied by Summerjoy
North Las Vegas, Nv, Usa
Am I understanding you right? Organic Virgin Coconut Oil will get rid of H-Pylori? How long do you have to take it to be cured? Did you have a test done afterward to make sure the bacteria was gone?

Colloidal Silver   1  0   

Posted by Steve (Niwot, Co, Usa) on 06/23/2011

[YEA]  I actually spent 12 years in the laboratory researching the uses of colloidal silver. One of the more difficult projects was the effect on H. Pylori since it is an anaerobe (doesn't like oxygen) so we had to culture in a CO2 environment. However... We were testing a product called Super Neti Juice (which is a powerful colloidal silver) and found that it worked very well on H. Pylori even down to a stomach pH of about 3.0.

The trick is to take about 1 ounce on and empty stomach three times per day for about a week. If you take it with anything else... It will bond with that and not work. If you add sugar... It will not work. If you take it once a day it will not work. But when we tested just this simple product by itself, on an empty stomach, three times per day, it dropped the H. Pylori titer down to un-measurable. Even months later.

Hope this helps you. I have since used it on a few friends with ulcers and it has dumb-founded hte folks at the hospital because when they use the endoscope and see the ulcer and then the titer comes back for negative H. Pylori, they just shake their heads. Then... of course, the ulcers heal very quickly and everyone is happy.

Replied by Tommy
North York, On, Canada
Hi Steve, Thank you very much for the information regarding the use of colloidal silver. Do you have the study on hands? Could you reach me at jyt)at)

Best regards

Replied by Yuri
Milwaukee, Wi
Thank you, Steve. Would you please advise on percentage of collodial silver should be used. Does it come in different strength? For how long it should be used?

Yuri. ykitov(at)

Replied by Wuwy
Greifswald, Germany
Dear Steve, I suffer from a horrible HP and, unluckily, I m allegic to ß lactamic antibiotics... I have been reading your coment on the use of Super Neti Juice against helicobacter and I ended up contacting the sellers... Could you give us some more advice related to possible side effects in the dosis you recomend? And if you have been investigating it in your lab... Are the ingredients the mentioned ones: collodial silver, peppermint, etc. Not that I am distrusting, just taking care.

Thank you very much in advance!!!!

Replied by Teammom38
King Willliam, Virginia
My daughter has been diagnosed with H. Pylori. She has been suffering for the past 3 years and she is only 13. We did the antibiotics but with no results. Now it seems the pain is just getting worse. A friend recommended the coloidal silver and she has been taking it 2x a day with water. She is supposed to be taking 1 tsp. At a time. Will that work? Any recommendations on how much to take and when? She cannot even attend school because of the pain. Anyone who can help her please contact me at chellestargate(AT)
Replied by Teammom38
King William, Va
Thank you for the few answers I have gotten. If there are any other suggestions for how to rid my daughter of this h. pylori bug.. Please let me know. She is still having pain in her stomach.
Replied by Cronelesbo
Sf, Ca
Dear TeenMOM: I would suggest looking into the Gaps & Psychology Syndrome diet (GAPS) for your daughter. It deals with many digestive issues and heals the gut naturally. Along with natural things for H. pylori it will give the support needed.

You can buy the book and there are many things on the web for support. This has been instrumental in healing my gut and the book is for kids digestive issues as well.

Best, CL

Colloidal Silver, Chaparral, Shitake   1  0   

Posted by Masha (Pasadena, Ca, Usa) on 03/22/2012

[YEA]  I posted before on h-pylori and this is a follow up. I went to a health food store in Mexico for h-pylori, and the homeopath gave me the following: Colloidal silver, Chaparal, Shitake mushrooms.

I take 2 pills Chaparral 1/2 hour before breakfast and lunch, take 2 pills Shitake mushroom 10 minutes after breakfast and lunch. Take Colloidal silver after every meal, after breakfast, lunch and dinner. You finish all of it, the big bottle of Colloidal silver took one month to finsih. I have not tested yet, I am waiting for the two week period before testing.

I met with the Chinese Medicine doctor and she said that I need to stabilize my stomach first, then I will take herbs.

I hope that I can help by posting this.

Cordyceps   0  0   

Posted by Loiz (Ireland) on 04/03/2014

Hi there, I wondered if anyone had success with cordyceps for treating h. pylori or candida? thanks

Replied by Tony
Tn, Usa
Hello Loiz from Ireland:

I've been using a stand-alone cordyceps as treatment for candida for over 5 months now. I also take a multiple medicinal mushroom formula to go with it. Let me just give you my results.

I do have increased energy levels along with seeing some candida in the toilet. However, cordyceps or any medicinal mushroom formula alone WILL NOT get rid of candida. It takes much much more than that. Have you looked at Bill's candida protocol here at EC? Go to the ailments section and then look for candida.

The key part is getting rid of the biofilms associated with candida. This will take turpentine or Nattokinase to remove the biofilms. Plus, a few other supplements will be needed as well. You can't just use cordyceps alone to get rid of candida overgrowth. I too wished it was this easy but candida are stubborn little boogers. Takes a holistic approach for sure! They are very hard to get rid of from the entire body once they become widespread in growth. Hope you have some success! God Bless!

Cranberry Juice   1  0   

Posted by April (Pawtucket, Rhode Island, USA) on 09/09/2012

[YEA]  For anyone suffering with h pylori, as I am, I have discovered (from a medical school study in England) that any remedy used should be taken with cranberry juice. Cranberry juice makes it much more difficult for h pylori to stick to and hide in tissue. H pylori is hard to get rid of because it first destroys your protective mucous, then hides deep in tissue cells when a remedy comes to fight it. I am using tumeric, ginger, and coconut oil. Adding the cranberry juice has decresed my suffering a lot. I hope this info will help someone.

D-Mannose, Omega 3 Fatty Acids   1  0   

Posted by Max (Los Angeles, CA) on 11/21/2008

[YEA]  Hi Guys,

I have gotten relief from d-mannose, particularly for the cramping. For me, the cramping stops immediately. And Omega 3 Fatty Acids seem to be very beneficial in a general sense.

Here's something I just found on-line and decided to come back here to let everyone know in case you're interested.

From, a very reliable website:

Ellagic acid is anti-bacterial, [it] destroys the H. pylori bacteria responsible for stomach ulcers. Ellagic acid is a naturally occurring polyphenolic constituent found in 46 different fruits and nuts, like grapes, pomegranate, red raspberry, strawberry, blueberry and walnuts.

This non-profit site: discusses ellagic acid and has links to other sites that discuss it. Linked vendors are identified as such, but tend to be reputable.

I'm going to try it and get back.

Max - Los Angeles

Dietary Changes   0  0   

Posted by Beanie (Connecticut) on 09/02/2013

My chiropractor told me the reason People are not getting rid of H pylori is because they are not changing the ph in their stomach. We need stomach acid to digest food and more and more doctors are prescribing antacids. H pylori will go away if dietary changes are made. He said that he advises people to do the antibiotic treatment and from there he helps people get their stomach ph correct. If you are getting chronic heartburn- you are getting it for a reason. Do food eliminations to see what you are sensitive to. I was eating bananas and I would get heartburn. I found out through a food intolerance test that I had a food sensitivity to bananas. If I avoid them, eventually I might be able to allow them back in my diet, but for now-I don't want heartburn.

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