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H. Pylori
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H. Pylori Cures - Alternative Medicine

Last Modified on Jun 18, 2015

Epazote   1  0   

Posted by Miles (Janesville, Wisconsin) on 06/06/2011

[YEA]  ive been battleing pylori for along time and ive been ill for many years. I have ulcers for many years and I couldnt even function, but now im rebuilding my stomach. First you need to get rid of the pylori and parasites, yes parasites.

Im married to a latin fellow, and ive been sick most of our marriage. I tried one herb to take out the parasites first. The name is epazote, tribal people from the rainforest and people in mexico use it to take out parasites, of every kind. Ive never felt better, once I took the plant which is sold in any mexican grocery strore, I made a tea, but only drink 1 quarter cup in the morning on an empty stomach for 3 days and on the fourth day they will die and exit in your feces, do again in 2 weeks to get any eggs that are left, you must do it a second time.

Then I took probiotics to put the good bacteria back and changed my diet, I also drink apple cider vinager in a glass of water before bed, I was amazed all acne is gone and my skin is soft as a babys bottem, now its time to heal it, im about to drink the cabbage juice, what I have is sort of a leaky gut syndrome, that is caused by to much over the counter pain aids and it wore the stomach lining down and thats when the stomach lining was damaged, then that gives the parasites and pylori the greenlight to take over, I was to the point where the toxins went into my blood stream and caused alot of pain and sickness, do not exceed 1 fourth cup of epazote tea a day for 3 days and make sure you do it a second time. This is the only way to really rid yourself of this nasty sickness, I also eat enzymes with every meal. goodluck my life made a total turn around.

Replied by Baileyt
Dallas, Tx
Can you contact me about the h pylori, I have it and am almost done with antibiotics, if not cured I want to take this tea you have. My tummy has been hurting ever since I found out! :( my kiddos are so worried about me.
Replied by Bodulica
Barrie, Ontario, Canada
How do you prepare the tea? Thanks
Replied by Cynthia
Maurice, Louisiana, Usa
I had H Pylori in the summer of 2011. I was treated with 2 types of antibiotics and Prevacid. Did a breath test and tested negative. I have it again and have been placed on the same antibiotics again. I don't have pain but much discomfort with bloating and heartburn. I need to know if I can do the colloidal silver with the antibiotics or should I wait until I am done and test again? Please email me with ANY info you have, as I am very supportive of natural remedies. Any other suggestions would be welcomed as well. God Bless You all!!

Essential Oils   0  0   

Posted by Ellie (Portland) on 10/10/2014

Sensitivities of H. pylori strains to essential oils.

The essential oils that displayed the strongest bactericidal potential against H. pylori P1, carrot seed, cinnamon bark, manuka, and savory oils, were also active against the other strains tested; the exception was manuka oil, which showed partial inhibition of H. pylori ATCC 43504 at the highest concentration tested (i.e., a 4-log reduction in the number of live bacteria compared to that for the control at a concentration of 0.10 g/liter). White grapefruit and clove oils were less active against H. pylori P1 as well as against the other strains tested. Eucalyptus oil completely inhibited H. pylori 2234 and Ly4 (MBCs, 0.10 g/liter) but did not affect the viability ofH. pylori P1, ATCC 43504,1172,2322.7, P49, or SS1 at a similar concentration.

Garlic   1  0   

Posted by Cristina (Makati, Metro Manila) on 02/12/2009

dont have a testimony but a question on the email re garlic. i was diagnosed with duodenitis ulcer and h-pylori. would taking garlic on empty stomach be ok, considering the wounds in the duodenus? would appreciate your reply. God bless.

Replied by Tony
New York, NY
Hi Cristina, in your case, the most important thing to do FIRST is to treat that duodenitis ulcer. In this case, I would advise you to take Manuka Honey, this is good for healing the ulcer and also helps to kill the h pylori in the stomach. You can type in Manuka Honey in the search engine and you will see where you can buy a jar. On the label or website, it explains how you should take the honey. The ones from New Zealand are real good.

Their are many ways to treat your problem, but the solution that comes to mind is the one I described for you above. Good Luck.

Replied by Michelle
Hamilton, Bermuda
Hi, I used that honey and it hasnt done much for me, I am rounding up on yr 3 with this bug.

Posted by Tony (New York, USA) on 07/13/2008

[YEA]  Dear friends, I too was diagnosed with h pylori and discovered eating at least 1 clove of organic garlic a day on an empty stomach helps. Garlic is an anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungus remedy. Natures own antibiotic! After I chew and crush and eat the garlic, I swallow it and leave it there for atleast 2 hours to work. After the 2 hours, I usually wash down some spring water. Garlic is a blood thinner, so be careful if you are taking a blood thinning drug. Talk to your doctor first if you are taking a blood thinner and plan on taking this regimen. Good luck folks!

Replied by Aprilrose
Woodbridge, Va
I have been burping at least 100 times a day for 3 weeks. I tried everything like, eat less but frequently and avoided a lot of stuff that contraindicated. None of this worked. I am kind of worried about having h-pylori cuz a nurse I am working with told me that her husband had the same symptoms been diagnosed for h-pylori. I am a nurse but don't believe in medicine I want to do the natural way. So, last night I asked my husband to squeeze me 2 big pieces of garlic and mix it with apple cider vinegar. I took it by not chewing it, in other words, I just swallowed it. I got instant relief and had only 6 burp. When I got up this morning I dont feel bloated. Then this morning after I ate breakfast (probably an hour ago) I repeated it again. And I only have 3 burp so far. I feel so happy to have so much relief from this kitchen product. Hopefully it will help solve this problem cuz I hate taking medicine. I will give update after a week to see if this really a wonder cure.

General Feedback   0  0   

Posted by Tara (Memphis, Tn, Usa) on 03/17/2012

World J Gastroenterol. 2005 Dec 21;11(47):7499-507.

Bactericidal and anti-adhesive properties of culinary and medicinal plants against Helicobacter pylori.

O'Mahony R, Al-Khtheeri H, Weerasekera D, Fernando N, Vaira D, Holton J, Basset C.

Source: Centre for Infectious Diseases and International Health, Royal Free and University College London Medical School, Windeyer Building, 46 Cleveland Street, London, W1P 6DB, United Kingdom.


AIM: To investigate the bactericidal and anti-adhesive properties of 25 plants against Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori).

METHODS: Twenty-five plants were boiled in water to produce aqueous extracts that simulate the effect of cooking. The bactericidal activity of the extracts was assessed by a standard kill-curve with seven strains of H. Pylori. The anti-adhesive property was assessed by the inhibition of binding of four strains of FITC-labeled H. pylori to stomach sections.

RESULTS: Of all the plants tested, eight plants, including Bengal quince, nightshade, garlic, dill, black pepper, coriander, fenugreek and black tea, were found to have no bactericidal effect on any of the isolates. Columbo weed, long pepper, parsley, tarragon, nutmeg, yellow-berried nightshade, threadstem carpetweed, sage and cinnamon had bactericidal activities against H. Pylori, but total inhibition of growth was not achieved in this study. Among the plants that killed H. Pylori, turmeric was the most efficient, followed by cumin, ginger, chilli, borage, black caraway, oregano and liquorice. Moreover, extracts of turmeric, borage and parsley were able to inhibit the adhesion of H. pylori strains to the stomach sections.

CONCLUSION: Several plants that were tested in our study had bactericidal and/or anti-adhesive effects on H. Pylori. Ingestion of the plants with anti-adhesive properties could therefore provide a potent alternative therapy for H. pylori infection, which overcomes the problem of resistance associated with current antibiotic treatment.

Posted by Masha (Pasadena, Ca) on 02/19/2012

I was diagnosed with h-pylori last March 2011. Since that time, I have been on 5 courses of antibiotics, the 6th one, I had adverse reaction to it. I also had a biopsy. The bacteria is resistant. I am under the supervision of a Gastroenteologist.

I went to a naturopath and I am waiting for the test results, I am going to go to a doctor of Chinese medicine and my Gastroenterologist has a new set of antibiotics for me.

Meanwhile, I have researched and read a lot on the internet, and this site was helpful to me. I started following most of the recommendations, since I am traveling, I cannot find everything and it is not easy to order online so I will follow more thoroughly when I go home. I also came across David Hompes, who has website on h-pylori and I bought his book which I will be following. Some foods to avoid are gluten, milk products, soy, sugars (including juices and soft drinks), vegetable oils and margarine. He talks about a stomach cleanse.

The book is thorough, easy to read and understand. Most effective testing is a stool test; a blood test is deceiving.

I wanted to thank you for all the information that you provided. I am determined to fight this bacteria and get it out of my system.

Replied by Ron
Midland City, Al.
Dont waste your money. Matula tea will not help you. Another tea will help you. Respond to me I will help you. I am a 14 year vet. H. pylori is the devil.
Replied by Kate
Arlington, Va
Hi, could you please share what tea did you use to get rid of h pylori? Thanks.
Replied by Jay
Markham, Ontario
Hey Ron from Midland City, I am replying. What is the better tea? email me anyone who has the right answers. Jay: frijoles[at]sympatico{dot}ca.

Trying to help my 5 year old with T1 diabetes and positive for h pylori, cleared candida with bio resonance. Still existing dysbioses. We are on GAPS and will return to alkaline diet when done theraputic GAPS. Appearantly nothing will work until the nuerology is repaired via methylation (Dr. Ben Lynch). We could be on therapies without results forever if the right order is not followed. H pylori seems to need to be at the top of the list. Thanks, please educate me. I study up to 20 hours daily for over 1 year since my son's T1 diagnosis.


Posted by Si Si (Adelaide, Sa) on 08/29/2011

what will happen if you still have the helicobacter pylori and its still grows more?

Replied by Gareth
Northampton, Uk
As a fellow sufferer, have found a great addition while treating h/p has been the use of plantain, looks just a banana but requires moderate cooking, peel as a banana slice and steam (5 mins) or boil, mash and add any food of your choice, super tummy calming during repair and using our other tummy treatments, very cheap3 for £1.oo in uk, full of all super vitimans, a big yea.. from me, I buy from my local high street carribean store..
Replied by Delprete10
Leesburg, Fl
What kind of tea are you talking about?

Get Tested to Make Sure You Are Indeed Cured   1  0   

Posted by JH (Trying to Feel Better, USA) on 01/04/2008

[YEA]  Hi- A multitude of stomach issue has recently sent me in search of info on H. Pylori.

Now, I have always preferred to handle all health issues homeopathically, and am familiar with most of the remedies listed here on your pages.

One thing that concerned me deeply is this - I recognized a large number of these treatments to be great for addressing the actual digestive symptoms said to be caused by HP. HOWEVER - Did any of these actually CURE HP? Did anyone do a urea breath test after the treatment to make sure it tested negative for H. Pylori? Or are all of these folks assuming that since thier symptoms are gone, the bacteria has been killed?

If the latter is the case, then folks, you will most likely suffer these same symptoms again in the future, because the bacteria is not actually dead. either the bacteria's activity has just been suppressed, or your SYMPTOMS have been suppressed.

Since all of this H. Pylori business is relatively new, (2005 Nobel Prize) there's a lot of room for new findings, and for false claims.

Example- there is an article out there stating that the comsupmtion of broccolli and broccolli sprouts will cure HP. But the people conducting the study sell broccolli sprouts! It would be great if the study is true, but folks- use your head!

I understand wanting to find natural ways to rid yourself of this, which is how I ended up here.
But - Use common sense. Make sure you test NEGATIVE before assuming that you've been cured.

Good luck!

Replied by Rich
Boca Raton, Fl
Effects of high dose vitamin C treatment on Helicobacter pylori infection and total vitamin C concentration in gastric juice

It would appear that Mega-C (5 grams Vitamin C for 4 weeks), has a 30% cure rate for H Pylori. My suggestion is to use a buffered form of C, so as not to upset your ph balance. Sodium Ascorbate is my preferred form. You can easily mix 5 grams of Sodium Ascorbate with a glass of milk, without upsetting your stomach. And/or 2 grams with Orange Juice. You can't taste this stuff.

Certainly getting tested is a good idea, as this is a very serious condition.

Replied by Jabbar
Manchester, Uk

I just wanted to say, I fully agree with your comments.The testing afterwards is so vital to confirm or negate the continued presence of h.pylori. cheers.

Replied by Jdallaris
Hamilton, Nj
From reading newsletters from alternative doctors it is my understanding that h-pylori bacteria are always present in our digestive tract, but when the numbers get too high they cause gastritis. In our family foreign travel seems to trigger it. Excess stomach acid is not the culprit but rather too little stomach acid. Taking anything that relaxes the muscle that guards the stomach can aggravate this condition. NSAIDS (ibuprofen and co.) also make it worse. I also took an acidic remedy like ACV and routinely take Vitamin D3 7,000-9,000 units. This has a natural antibiotic, cathelicidin. Since it is an antibiotic take extra probiotics to prevent yeast infection. Above all get tested for food sensitivities. I discovered I was a celiac at 64. I also take D-mannose for infections a few times a year. Find a good alternative doctor by checking ACAM and follow his advice.
Replied by Maezombiegirl
Kamloops, Bc, Canada
I have had 2 blood tests for H. Pylori, several years apart, and both returned negative results. It was not until I had a gastroscope done and they took a tissue biopsy that I received the positive test result for H. Pylori, so people need to be aware that the blood test returns false negatives.
Replied by Anonymous
Mts, Virginia
I had a false negative blood test, the first time I went to the ER 10 months later, My symptoms were worse, I was dizzy, flu like symptoms , malnorished, tingling in hands and feet, nausea foggy headed I was house bound, lucky I don't work! I went to see a new dr for kidney inflammation she H pylori test it was HIGH positive. My other dr ran a stool test it was negative!

Early detection is important so it doesnt multiply and get burrow deeper into the lining of the stomach.

Alkalize since H pylori loves acid.

Replied by R.s.
Chicago, Il
The same thing happened to me... I tested negative several times after having 3 endoscopies which included biopsies. On the last one I was diagnosed with H Pylori. This came after I had stopped using a PPI for several years. My guess is it may have been there the whole time but because I was taking the medicine it didn't come up positive.

I too am looking for a natural cure since some of the literature states a lot of strands are resistant to antibiotics.

My question is, has anybody else tested positive on the breath test and negative for the stool test? I was told by a GI that once you have h pylori, the breath test will always be positive and that the stool test is the only way to really know. Anybody else have different information on this? Thanks!

Ginger   1  0   

Posted by Alan (Mexico) on 11/30/2013

The wonderful ginger root is the best againt h pylory.

Posted by marshal (al khobar, saudi arabia) on 03/05/2009

[YEA]  myrrh cured my sore throat. h pylori infection was diagnosed recently, high recommendations were given to consume fresh ginger juice daily, multi drug therapy will not always eradicate infection completely, well ginger is natural source.

Replied by Emyc
Paducah, Ky Usa
I was wondering if ginger will cure H. pylori? How much should I take? Thanks.

Good Nutrition   0  0   

Posted by Christine (Nottingham, England) on 02/04/2012

I was interested to read Meho MD posting with regard to H pylori infection. Whilst I understand that this is the standed regime in the conventional medical community it does not follow that is the only regime that works. There are many people who have treated themselves succcessfully with the use of natural products that do not have the side effects of standed medicine. The medical proffession does not have all the answers and are often lead by drug companies that are in it for the money. My own experience with conventional is that if they can not identiy your symptoms then you are on your own.

Replied by Timh
Louisville, Ky, Usa
I suppose the good news of the original post is that finally conventional medicine had stubbled onto one of the leading causes of duodenal ulcers. Many yrs agone and patients suffering complications of this disorder. I spoke w/ a man that almost bled to death from an ulcer; he passed out and was found some time latter, taken to ER and treated with only moments to spare until death. He actually had a Near Death Experience (NDE) during this episode.

The MD's post is certainly gracious in light of the history of said conditions.

Posted by Jane (Sf Bay Area, California, Usa) on 04/23/2011

RE: H Pylori: please everyone, don't take prilosec for H Pylori, gastritis, GERD, or other symptoms. Please do your homework online and read about the negative effects of these meds on your GI system. I had lost 18 pounds in one year (I as already thin, so not good... Got down to 90 lbs. ) and was diagnosed with GERD & gastritis after a colonoscopy; the DR's wanted to put me on Prilosec, etc. But what I read on holistic health sites explained how those drugs just aggravate the problems! Healing happens through proper herbs and substances, and especially PROPER DIET.

For anyone really serious about healing, go to the web site, to read about the right diet, and order the book 'Gut and Psychology Syndrome' by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride (don't let subtitle mislead you, it's for all kinds of GI-related symptoms. And no, I'm not being paid to give this testimony. ) I've been following the diet strictly for one year, and am now free of pain and have gained back 10 pounds, 8 more to go. The only lab that ever found H Pylori and 2 different parasites in my stools is 'Metametrix Lab'... Not cheap, but well worth it! So just because other labs don't find H Pylori or parasites, don't believe it (and I sent in many stool samples the past year to different labs). Had I known a year ago I had H Pylori, I could have started all the things recommended on this site much sooner! One product I haven't seen mentioned here: 'Zinlori' tablets, by Metagenics. Expensive, but again worth it: they help restore the stomach wall lining and prevent new bacteria from attaching there (recommended by a holistic M. D.) Also L-Glutamine is very healing; many companies make it. Good luck to everyone! Perseverance furthers.

Replied by Meho
Beltsville, Md, Usa
I am an MD and would like to give some input on this. First at all the standard regimen is amoxicilin 1g 2xd, Clarythromycin 500mg 2xd, and a proton pump inhibitor such as omeprazole 20mg 2 xd. Now you should not treat yourself as severe side effects can occure and supervision by an MD is highly recomended. First at all H. Pylori can be tested in several ways for active infection. Stool antigen is the best but urea test is good as well. Once diagnosed you should undergo standard treatment for 14 days. After that test of cure should be done best is stool antigen or urea test (not as good). Again biopsy is the best overall test to confirm H. Pylori but not always indicated especially younger than 50 year old as the risk of stomach cancer is very small.

H. Pylori is a helical bacteria and about 20% of US population has it. It increases your chances of getting gastric cancer 3 fold over someone who does not have the infection. Indication for treatment is not so well established. And only treatment is performed if ulceration in the stomach or duodenum exist. However, if one does decide to test and the test comes back positive, treatment is always indicated. This is due to the fact that it increases chances of developing gastric cancer. Other antibiotics are metronidazole if amoxicillin allergy exist. There are multiple alternative regimens that can be used if there is a persistent infection. Standard regimen is anywhere 85-95% effective.

Replied by Deerwatcher
Gaylord, Mi
I know a Gastroenterologist who is one of the top docs in the U.S. He says once you are h. Pylori positive you will ALWAYS be h. Pylori positive. You might not be active with the infection but will always test positive the rest of your life. I've read recent research that states you can get it from someone coughing or sneezing by you in a store.

He says that almost all physicians are positive with it.

Replied by Cronelesbo
Sf, Ca
Regarding Deerwatcher's post on GI doc's saying once you test positive for H. pylori you will always test positive.

I'm sorry but GI doctors are not knowledgable and have actually done more damage to many of us with their lack of awareness. They often deny the existence of many serious GI issues such as this. I have been/there done that with the GI docs who didn't test me for C. Difficile intestinal infection even when I requested it and I ended up almost dying as a result. Also they put me on PPI's which only made my issues worse. Years I have spent trying to rectify the damage.

My advice is to research and see a very knowledgable Naturopathic doctor (ND) who can help you. GI doctors are only useful for certain procedures like colonoscopies, but not for this type of thing. They don't even believe in intestinal Candida! Which many of us know can be tested for and we have been living with!

H Pylori and CEA Increases   1  0   

Posted by Al (Alvena, Saskatchewan, Canada) on 03/16/2014

I was recently treated with an antibiotic regimen for a serious H Pylori infection that was discovered because of an increase in my CEA levels. A blood test done 5 days after finishing the antibiotics showed a severe (50%) spike in the CEA level. My doctor doesn't know if that is normal and is a result of the H Pylori die off or if it indicates something else. Previous to the treatment the CEA was increasing at about 5% per month and presented a concern that my colon cancer was returning. No positive results for cancer were found and we are quite curious if this CEA increase is normal. If anyone knows, please advise me. If not, I need to wait until I have my next CEA test and see where it is a month later. Thank you.

Replied by Karen
[YEA]   Hi Alvena SK guy. I just wanted to get you to search manuka honey and how it beats heliobacter pylori every time!! Please do that. I am certain it will help. Good luck. Keep us updated.
Replied by Dianek
I take a probiotic w 66 billion of good bacteria that I order from swanson vitamins and it helped me a lot. I also have to change my diet and I try to eat ever 2 to 3 hours of small meals.
Replied by Mike62
Al: When a pathogen or a group of pathogens dwell in the gut people get very sick. They can hide in the mucous and behind crusted gunk. Here is a list of excellent remedies you can study and experiment with. All fruits and veggies are raw and organic. All animal products are raw and grass fed. Home made water kefir, activated barley, black chia seeds, green smoothies made from organic baby leaves, strain and remove cellulose, bananas, melons, berries, papaya and seeds, pineapple, desiccated liver, hamburger, eggs, Hawaiian spirulina, raw cocoa powder, colostrum, oxypowder, turpentine, pine nut oil, mastic gum, acacia gum, triphala, cats claw, cayenne, turmeric, expeller pressed coconut oil, parasite cleanse, and masula tea.
Replied by Mmsg
Somewhere, Europe
Mike62, this is the second time I see you recommending to strain out the baby leaves smoothie. Why would you do this? Isn't the fiber good?
Replied by Mike62
Mmsg: Yes. You are right, but not always for gut problems. Soluble fiber is good for gut problems. but not insoluble. For gut problems insoluble fiber should be eaten the last part of a meal. For some gut problems insoluble fiber is not recommended. Thanks.
Replied by Mmsg
Somewhere, Europe
Thanks, Mike62. In which category does constipation fall?
Replied by Mike62
Mmsg: Folk medicine is experimentation. Take a remedy that you study. If it makes you feel good then keep taking it. If it makes you feel bad then stop. This is what I do. I like raw cheese and plain yogurt with the cream on top but it makes me constipated, even a little bit, so I stopped taking them. People with crohns are not supposed to take fiber during flare ups because the fiber increases peristalsis and this aggravates inflammation. Taking insoluble fiber at the beginning of a meal slows the transit time giving bad bacteria a longer lunch, causing bloating. Apples and chia seeds are high in soluble fiber. I take 30g chia seeds daily. This gives me 10g soluble fiber and 6g omega 3s. Onions and bananas are high in prebiotics, a special kind of soluble fiber that good bacteria especially like to eat. Some people cure all their digestive problems eating raw grass fed hamburger and raw pastured eggs. These don't have any fiber at all. The theory is that no fiber starves the bad bacteria and that people do not need good bacteria as long as they get proper nutrition. Wild carnivores don't eat any fiber, unless they eat the partially digested greens in the gut. Babies don't eat any fiber while they are nursing, unless the mothers milk contains fiber. The oligosaccharides can act as a fiber.
Replied by Rsw
Uniontown, Oh
Hi Mike62,

I always enjoy your posts, especially since you appear to be doing well with the diet you advocate. I was wondering if it would be possible for you to say in cups, tablespoons, teaspoons the amounts you post in grams, so that those of us who have been out of school for a while can still understand your advice. Also, I have made water kefir with the grains and natural organic sugar, but are you saying you replace the sugar with a grain product or is it in addition to the sugar? I have seen people eat and love raw kibbee (appears to be hamburger), but I don't think it would be something most of us can eat because not eating raw meat has been ingrained in us since childhood. You seem to be very well versed in what you say. Thanks!

Replied by Mike62
Rsw: Thank you. Appreciation for my effort, respect for my decisions, and admiration for my proficiency, makes me happy. I hope these folk medicine remedies can rescue people. As a young person I had a dog who suffered for a long time. I was busy and ignored his plight. I need to acquire good karma. My past was bad. To clarify check the dosage on the package. For example 1tsp. spirulina is 3g. 1tsp. chlorella is 2g. Powders that float are less than 1g/ml. The dosages for the super foods does not have to be exact. Kefir dosage is best at 60g carbs/quart. This does not have to be exact. Whole cane sugar is 4g/tsp. 60g sugar would be 75ml. 1tbsp. more than 1/4 cup. Whole Flour is approximately 60% of that. For many months I made kefir with sugar. I did not know if kefir could digest flour. I tried one day and discovered that it could. I make kefir with flour because it has fiber and protein that sugar does not have at 1/3 the price. I get 4 refrigerated organic whole flours for $1/lb. I use 40% buckwheat at $2.30/lb. for the quercetin. I spend less on the super foods because I was taking them for protein. 75g flour has 60g carbs. 75g whole flour would be 150ml. 2/3 cup. These measurements are approximate because the fiber and protein vary. As I said before the dosages do not have to be exact. Kefir is not delicate. Kefir is very hardy. Kefir has thrived during 5 mass extinctions and was here before the first multicellular organism. Kefir is between a single celled organism and a multicellular organism because the various microbes cooperate with each other.

Hydrogen Peroxide   1  0   

Posted by Paulica13 (Fort Worth, Texas, USA) on 11/27/2009

[YEA]  H2O2 cured H. Pylori (bacteria)

I used 3-5 drops of hydrogen peroxide in 8 oz. distilled water. First day 3 drops, then the next day i used 5 drops. The third day bacteria passed through my colon with a splash of blood. Simple and amazing!

Replied by Alissa
Manassas, Va
Hello, Thank you so much for submitting that information about hydrogen peroxide. I was wondering what brand you use, and where you can purchase it? thank you!
Replied by Curtis
Desoto, Texas Usa
what kind of hydrogen peroxide did you use? Is it the tropical solution 3% or the food grade solution? What were your symptoms at the time?
Replied by John
Spring, Tx
What kind of Peroxide will I need to use for H. Pylori and Peptic Ulcers? Can it be the normal 3% or do I get food grade, and who carries it?
Replied by Grizzly
Dd, Germany
I cannot work. That concentration will be at first much much to low. Secondly HP has a very powerfull ktalaze and will without problem destroy H2O2, the third day bacteria passed through my colon with a splash of blood, it is not possible...

I belive in Apple Cider Vinegar becasuse

-low mollecular weight

-it is very acidic

-probably helicobacter have no enzymes which can protect them from acetic acid

-in vitro reserch show good bectericicidal activity

but in water peroxide I dont belive you shoul learn a little bit before swallow something.

Keep Your pH Alkaline   0  0   

Posted by Howaurayou (Las Vegas, NV) on 04/28/2009

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  If you have or are suffering from H pylori or just gastric stomach, go to any health food store and get PH paper. The paper dipped in your urine will let you know your PH level. If you are below 7.0, you will notice that is when your stomach will be at its worse. During these times, it is best to eat foods that are alkaline and not acidic. If you are like me, you will see there are foods that are acidic that you have been eating, and causing your stomach to feel even worse. If your body show a PH level below the norm of 7.0 eat foods like apples. When my stomach starts to feel this way one apple usually tones it down and even eliminates the pain and discomfort. It took me a few days of testing my PH levels and eating foods from the the Alakaline group. If you keep your food intake at 70% alkaline and 30 acidic, your PH will return to normal. I feel best when my PH is at 7.5. You may find you need it higher. The best place to look for an alkaline and acidic list of food groups, is to look it up on the internet. It will not cure your H Pylori, but it does make you feel like it is gone if you watch what you eat. Good luck and good health.

Replied by Mark
Mount Pleasant, Michigan
I much agree with the PH balance info. I studied Naturopathy for a year and through the knowledge gained there have been healed and set free from many life debilitating issues. PH balance is one of the foundational principles that plays a vital role in our blood and water chemical efficiency.

I have H-Pylori and like many of you, tried everything natural with hit and miss results. Tried the anti-biotics which helped immensely but for only about 7 months. Now it seems to be back. As I reflect on what has changed, it was my eating habits, which always give me the most trouble in winter months in the north. I have been eating way too many acid producing foods and beverages. The various foods and supplements suggested here all effect PH and will do so differently for each person's own chemistry constitution.

One suggestion I have that can also be helpful for intestinal issues is to try using Kefir. It is potent mix of naturally occuring "good" bacteris or intestinal flora. Fair warning though, it's a labor of love to cultivate it but well worth the effort. It will help combat yeast infection (candida). Remember, sugars are yeasts super fuel and energizer. I'm prone to liking sweets and they get me in trouble most when I over eat them. They too are acid producing along with most dairy, refined flours,and caffeine, my other vice.

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