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Posted by Jay (Laos, Ireland) on 09/14/2012

My gums red, sore, teeth seem loose as well. I get dried mouth after using toothpaste, it makes it worse.

Posted by Mmsg
Somewhere, Europe
Jay, read up on oil pulling and you might want to change your toothpaste.
Posted by Happy
Up The Creek In, Wv, Usa
In reply to -- 09/14/2012: Jay from Laos, Ireland: you are probably allergic to the fluoride in the toothpaste. Switch to a home-made toothpaste that has no fluoride in it. You should also drink water with no fluoride in it.

Also, in some Euro countries fluoride is mandated to be put in the table salt now. Is this so in Ireland?

Posted by Bill
San Fernando, Philippines
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Hi Jay... I had the same problem as you several years ago. My back teeth started to fall out for no reason at all and my teeth were becoming loose as well as gums receding. I think this was all tied in with my candida problems at the time as well.

To help cure these problem, I just followed some of the advice of both Dr Gerard Judd and Ted from Bangkok. I took the remedy that Judd recpmmended, which is shown here:

I just used organic soap for toothpaste as Judd recommends. Dr Judd also wrote a book -- Good Teeth: Birth to Death-- which is now a free download here:

Dr Judd describes how soap dislodges bacteria and prevents plaque build up by removing bacterial biofilms from the gum pockets of the teeth. Soap also emulsifies and removes fats covering teeth, which prevents proper re-mineralization of teeth from the mineral constituents of saliva. I also use Ted's advice -- I use 3% hydrogen peroxide as the final rinse for my mouth after cleaning to kill all the dislodged residual bacteria in the saliva and then use a small amount of baking soda afterwards to return my mouth saliva to its proper alkaline pH.

To strengthen gums, I take larger dose niacin or niacinamide, 500 mgs two or three times a day after meals. In this link, Abram Hoffer describes how he cured his own receding gum problems using higher dose niaci/niacinamide:

The above remedy is a fairly cheap and effective method of both strengthening and improving the health of your teeth. My teeth are now rock solid and my gums have also greatly improved as a result of this protocol.

Posted by Susan
New York
Hi Bill from San Fernando, will niacinamide makes me sleepy because Ted recomends niacinamide for insomnia ? Or taking after meal will not cause this problem? Thanks!

" larger dose niacin or niacinamide, 500 mgs two or three times a day after meals"

Posted by Bill
San Fernando, Philippines
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Hi Susan... As a regular supplementer of higher dose niacin, I have to say that B3 does have a relaxing effect on the brain and, in this respect, is useful for depression. And if you feel relaxed, then it is much easier to fall asleep. Ted has also mentioned that an acid or overactive brain can also cause insomnia -- and the cure for that is his carbicarb remedy. But I have never found that niacin has ever made me groggy or sleepy during the daytime. I also usually take niacin after meals. Remember also that if you eat a large meal, this can also make you sleepy or groggy for a while during the daytime.

Posted by Katie (Kansas, United States) on 08/18/2012

My teeth are feeling a little loose and I think my gum line is also receding... Please help.

Posted by Duane (Johannesburg, Gauteng, Johannesburg) on 07/19/2012

Hi Dentist/doctor, my gums have been really sore lately, including my pallet. When I brush my gums, they bleed all over. I'm also worried that I might have a receding gum by my crown tooth as the gum is growing towards the root, please help me and tell me what I can take for this. duane

Posted by Louwrence
Rustenburg, North West, South Africa
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Hi Duane, There are 2 items that I know of that are effective for your problem & that is urine & sea salt. Urine is better than sea salt. Also cut out starches & sugar & junk food.
Posted by Ed2010
Oakville, Canada
There is a tooth powder which is indian made. I don't know whether EC will approve it to publish here.

It is Vicco Vajradanti Powder. After brushing your teeth, just take this powder and apply on your teeth with finger just like brushing 3 or 4 times. This will strengthen you gums and teeth and you can feel it immediately. You can also use this to brush your teeth replacing tooth paste.

This powder is a Herbal Medicine, which has:
salvadora persica (meswak)
and many other herbs

This powder is very good for bleeding gums, soar gums, sensitive teeth, cavity, dry mouth. At least one should use couple of times in a week to strength the teeth and gums. They have same forumla tooth paste, but it is not very effective as this powder. Trust me this will really help, I am not affiliated with this company but a regular user.

Hope this helps.

Posted by Dez57
Beatty, Oregon
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Where to start? I am not a writer, a doctor, a scientist or a man of letters. If had to name what I am is maybe an information freak. A drive to understand what ever strikes me a given time. Man like all life on earth has one primary drive, To survive. To make a life for itself, to grow and reproduce its self.

So when I have a problem or a question, I research it. We live in a wonderful age of the computer with a vast ocean of thought and information at our finger tips. One of focus of mine has been health and all its variables. At eighty I consider myself very health, but not totally. I do not have a doctor, never taken prescription drugs. I have come to some conclusions, how ever flawed they may be.

All life forms have specific needs to survive and flourish. Man is no different.

Nutrition. A brief conversation at a check stand bought home to me the truth of the importance of a lot of my research and study. She said she was diabetic and that it was inherited. I responded with, 'bullsxxt" a little shocked, she said 'it was true, six generations, including herself and four sons were diabetic'. Most of my research by natural health specialist said that there are few if any 'inherited' diseases. I believe this to be true. I ask her 'if they all ate basically the same thing'. She froze and her face went blank. I wished that we could have continued our conversation, but it was a busy store and I left. I have reflected back many times to this brief conversation. I grew up country, 'farm' and ate many family meals during harvest time. The same basic meals ' meat, potatoes/gravy, in season vegies, coffee/sugar, real milk and pastry/pie. Morning and afternoon beaks with coffee and pastry. Breakfast, eggs, ham and or bacon, cooked cereal/milk, pastry and coffee/sugar. Lots of exercise. Thats what I grew up with. Most country people were healthy and lived to be 70/80. Arthritis and the many childhood diseases were the main health problems. Cancer was rare. Soda was a town drink, little was drank at work, school or home. Then, there few toxins out side of white sugar, white rice and flour. Few commercial fertilizers or crop sprays were used, some tobacco and alcohol.

The immune system. We are blessed with a very powerful protecter of our body and health. Properly nourished, it will prevent, cure and protect our health naturally. Filter out, neutralize and eliminate most toxins, heavy metals and poisons.

There are many thousands minerals and nutrients and other necessities to create and sustain life. These are the basics which most of us know and understand. What causes ill health is the failure of including them in out diet and to understand how important they are. I believe we are deliberately kept ignorant of there importance and "why". Example: Ascorbic acid, (vitamin C). Outside of man, apes, guinea pigs, some fish. This most important of nutrients, ascorbic acid is produced in the body, Man does not. Almost all plants do to. Few if any seeds have vitamin C, but is produced when sprouting. A 140lb goat produces 5 grams a day when healthy, up to 60 grams a day when injured, bengal tigers up to 200 grams a day. Dr F R Klenner the pioneer of massive doses of ascorbic acid and other nutrients, cured a whole host of ailments, some declared incurable. Dr Klenner said that 'the only mistakes he made with ascorbic acid was not using enough, When asked how much is enough, he replied 'what ever it takes'.

Research his 28 papers on the internet.

There are many necessary vitamins, minerals, nutrients, and supplements that support the immune system. We do not, can not get enough of them from the shelves at the local 'supermarket'. Some of what vitamin C does in our body, Our bodies cell walls are made of cellulose, without which, cell walls are not made or repaired including bone. Neutralizes heavy metals, toxins and poisons and aids in the excretion of same. Nautiluses all virus, then the immune system disposes them. Extremely important for burns and shock. Will and does fight inflammation and pain, the list is almost endless. Do the research. Vitamin C supports and needs the support of all the immune system nutrients. The more vitamins and nutrients available, the more effective all of them are. Health begins with, but does not end with a heathy immune system. Again do the research. A lot of the complaints I see on the internet have todo with our digestive and elimination system. I had some of the same problems, until I stumbled upon a book which had a definitive effect. Vegetables and fruits go through the stomach to the small intestines. Protean take up to six hours to digest in the stomach. When you eat a meal with salad, vegies, meat, potato desert all piled together, it tends ferment or rot as the book said and there in lies the problem. The book suggested fruits in the morning releases energy, later vegies, ending with a later meal of protean. I researched and found the same information. Works for me big time.

I am only a interested researcher. What I say and believe may or may not be all that true or valid. Much of the internet information on health is disinformation, misinformation, propaganda, and out right lies. To many sites in this category end in. Gov, . Edu, . Org, . Grp etc. Also, I found at least 7 purported health forum sites supported by the pharmaceutical industry. Do the research and then research again. That holds true for me. I am not at all that infallible. When some sites attack or deplore natural health, 'Ask where are the bodies'?

Posted by Jolele
Tasmania, Australia
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To Beattie, Orogon. Thanks for your contribution, I agree that there is so much misinformation (deliberate or not) that one can easily feel confused when searching for remedies. It is good to be reminded to see our health in context of the natural world around us and that (in general) ongoing support for our health would minimise occurence of illness and disease. Again thanks and blessings to you and all others who are dedicated to find their own way in seeking understanding and treatment to support their health and wellbeing.
Posted by Bill
San Fernando, Philippines
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Dr Abram Hoffer, a well known pillar of the orthomolecular movement, also had gum disease and managed to cure his own bleeding gums problems with higher dose B3 or niacin.

I also had serious gum and teeth problems and did some further research. I must also mention here that both my dental and candida problems greatly accelerated after I had had my tropical vaccine shots (six of them -- all in one go) just before I retired to the Philippines. On reflection, I think doing this was a bit dumb on my part because it caused me so many problems. My fault really for trusting vaccines and for trusting the advice of doctors.

In my own research on gum disease, I came across a letter by a respected independent researcher. Well it wasn't so much research -- more an official letter of complaint to the US Government which was backed up by his own dental research. The letter was written by Dr Gerard Judd. He was complaining about the poor dental care standards advised by the American Dental Association. He was also very qualified to do this -- he was a Phd researcher who had been a professor of Chemistry for 33 years -- 18 of those later years being devoted to fluoro-organic research.

Dr Judd is also somewhat contemptuous of fluoride toothpaste and gives all the reasons why and further advises how you can avoid both cavities and avoid gum disease by not using toothpaste but by simply using ordinary organic bar-soap to brush your teeth with. Research has also found and confirmed that teeth plaque is initiated in the mouth through bacterial biofilm formation which helps to protect the bad plaque bacteria from the immune system. Furthermore, soap emulsifies and destroys biofilms in the mouth. That's how you stop gum disease.

Dr Judd's letter of complaint to the US Government (April 2002) and ultimate solution for bad teeth and gums makes for interesting reading and is here:

Dental Health

My own problems with my teeth entailed four of my back teeth suddenly falling out in quick succession for no apparent reason. My own teeth became very loose and I even pulled some of these large back teeth out myself without much pain. But this was disturbing because all my teeth were becoming so loose and falling out for some unknown reason.

To stop this I adopted the following as my simple dental protocol:

* Wash mouth out with 3% hdrogen peroxide.

* Brush teeth thoroughly several times using just organic bar-soap and a tooth brush.

* Wash out mouth out again several times with 3% HP to kill residual bacteria left in mouth.

Using 3% Hydrogen Peroxide kills all the bacteria in the mouth after disrupting the bacterial biofilms with the soap. When it breaks down chemically, HP also supplies oxygen in the saliva, which further helps to re-mineralize teeth properly.

I have been doing this protocol(and taking higher dose niacin after meals) for many years. My teeth are now rock solid with no more problems. I'm 62 years old.

For further interest -- Dr Judd also wrote a notable book -- "Good Teeth Birth to Death: The Prescription for Perfect Teeth".

Posted by Meg
Kansas City, Mo, Usa
Dear Bill, Thank you for your comments on problematic gums. I have been dealing with a tender-to-touch lump on my right upper back gum for a couple of years now, and despite my efforts it will not go away. I daresay it is an infection; I have tried activated charcoal poultices at night which did work to some degree as it brought on a bad reaction which made me quite ill at one stage. I am dealing with several issues: adrenal fatigue, and digestive issues, no doubt candida as well, and am working also on alkalizing my system with baking soda, etc. I am very grateful for all the information on this site.

Dental X-rays show a pocket, and suggest root canal, but I do not want to take that road unless unavoidable. I follow Dr. Judd's ideas though mainly use baking soda and salt and activated charcoal to clean my teeth, and floss, which I do religiously every time I eat. I will try the soap too. I was wondering if you have any further ideas. I think the basic problem is my body's lack of energy to throw off the infection. I have had adrenal fatigue off and on for 5 years now due to emotional stress, which I have dealt with, but now must wait until the adrenals strengthen once again. I daresay all my problems are connected and I am working on all fronts you might say, but would appreciate any further insights into the gum issue. It is painless by the way, unless I press on it, and the rest of upper gum is fairly red too. Thank you very much for any light you can throw upon this issue.

Posted by Sue M.
Worden, Il, Usa
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Dez57 from Beatty, Ore..... Thank you so much for your posting. Your contribution struck a chord and mirrored how I'm trying to live my life and take care of my health. Especially how you read and do research, research, research. My family can find me tedious, at times, because I "share" with them my discoveries. I did go online and read about Dr. F. R. Klenner and was fascinating at his findings. Needless to say, I will be adding ascorbic acid to my health regimen. Never knew just how important it is to our overall health. Thank you.
Posted by Bill
San Fernando, Philippines
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Hi Meg... Thanks for your comments. Regarding root canal problems, perhaps you should read this article by Bill Henderson -- author of the book Cancer Free -- and see what he thinks concerning root canals:

Root Canals and Cancer

So avoid root canals at all cost and, if you can, find a proper biological dentist to have any and all root canals removed.

There could be a number of reasons why your immune system seems unable to cope. Candida is a good reason and persistent dental infection probems can also add greatly to your immune problems. I'm fairly lucky because I only have three teeth fillings in my head -- all back teeth. And when my four back teeth fell out, all my fillings also were removed.

Dr Weston Price researched the root canal procedure thoroughly in 1903 and, at the end of this research, he declared that the root canal procedure led to a hot-bed breeding ground for very dangerous pathogens. Part of his research entailed removing root canals and implanting them under the skin of rabbits. What he found to his great surprise was that the rabbits always caught the same disease as humans from which the root canal was taken. For example, if that person had arthritis -- then the rabbit became arthritic. Other researchers found that root canals were even a breeding ground for botulism -- which is a plague pathogen. Dr Weston Price further postulated on the effects of these root canals -- that they caused something called "focal infections" where, for instance, a disease far and distant would be caused by dental issues like root canals. Of course no-one believed Weston Price's research which was completely rejected by the ADA, which is why root canal procedures continue to this day. Since this early time we now know that poisons and pathogens can easily breed and drain from the jaw area into the lymph and from there be easily distributed throughout the body to cause havoc.

I would agree with you that your candida, adrenal and other problems might well be connected. These may also be difficult to cure unless you first get rid of your persistent gum infection problems which has been with you for many years. This might well be the "focal infection" that has initiated all your other problems. Perhaps seeing a biological or holistic dentist would be the most helpful path open to you.

Posted by Bill
San Fernando, Philippines
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Here is a useful link to Dr Gerard Judd's book -- Good Teeth Birth to Death, that I mentioned in my last post. It's not a long book but is nevertheless packed with useful information about how to protect and maintain your teeth and gum health:

Good Teeth Birth to Death

Posted by Lisa
Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa
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Hi Duane, I have often mentioned the Longevity Now Conference which I attend and learn an awful lot regarding all sorts of issues on health. Because I attend these highly informational conferences, they will send me video of some of the speakers. I am giving you two links on a woman who speaks on teeth/ gum health through alternative means. I think you can learn a lot from this info. I know I have.

And like Bill mentioned, you may want to study Weston Price's work. You can google him. His work is also remarkable. Hope this helps, Lisa

Posted by Meg
Kansas City, Mo
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Dear Bill, Thank you so much for your quick response; I am so grateful for this site and all the information shared. I checked on the email response from Lisa (7/23/12) and viewed the video links from a Longevity Now conference which she kindly included. They are fascinating and if you watch them, I am sure you will also agree that the basic problem emanates from the digestive system if it is not healthy. I have fairly severe problems due to the adrenal fatigue, including inflammation, constipation, and live on HCI and digestive enzymes of all types in order to digest my food. (No natural stomach acid. ) I do not eat processed food other than sardines, and eat mainly vegetables and honey when I am really hungry, very little raw food as it is so hard to digest for me, and am trying to come back on to quinoa and brown rice. I have not eaten flour-containing foods for many years now. I am working on more and more fermented foods and it is definitely helping me because I know I am getting better.

I would be interested to hear your comments after viewing the videos. Essentially the presenter, Nadine, is saying that the health of our teeth and gums is governed by the hypothalmus and the parotid hormone and gland; not by sugar and acid forming foods. Healthy teeth etc. , apparently can handle these if the body is healthy as a whole. It is all very fascinating and I am excited to learn more. Thank you again for your words of wisdom.. I really appreciate the help as I have been working by myself for 20 years now, researching and experimenting, and using the simple formulas on this site, having given up on the medical profession which could only go so far. Vit. C is a real key for me as I have always reacted to citrates for some reason, and am only now just being able to deal with sodium ascorbate which I make myself, without too much of a reaction.

I also realize that my health issues originated from unresolved emotional issues, lots of grief and loss in my life, but these are now resolved, so it is onward and upward now to total healing. I hope, too, that my experience may help someone else.

Fortunately, I have never had a root canal, just lots of crowns. Meg

Posted by Meg
Kansas City, Mo
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Dear Lisa, I have an infection in the gum--a painless lump/bump unless touched with pressure, which I have been trying in vain to heal for several years, and I have always intuitively known that the cause of it was my fairly severe intestinal issues, and hormonal imbalances, especially adrenal fatigue. I watched the two video links provided and I can't begin to tell you how grateful I am. How can I obtain the remaining part of Nadine's presentation on teeth? I am hoping she will discuss the issue I am dealing with. I need to research and track down how the parotid gland works etc, in conjunction with the hypothalmus. With great gratitude, I thank you for any help you can offer. Your email was an answer to a prayer, I can assure you. I had responded to Bill's response also. The information is just too wonderful for words! Meg
Posted by Lisa
Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa
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Hi Meg, I am so glad this information helped you! What I am going to do is give you the link to her site which as a lot of audio interviews of her.

There's quite a few regarding tooth truth, as Nadine calls it. I have heard her interviewed and speak quite a bit but have not actually listened to these but, my thoughts are, they are most likely the same info I have heard. Nonetheless, I'm sure you will learn a lot! I use many of her products and love all of them. I also loosely follow her protocol. I don't do everything she says religiously but I follow a lot of it. I ditched any toothpaste a long time ago and only use, sea salt, baking soda, Dr. Bronner's soap, clay, hydrogen peroxide tongue scraper or a combination of all of them! I know her products are a bit on the pricey side but that is because of the quality and time she puts into them. Her knowledge is remarkable and her standard of quality extremely high. I hope this helps you in your quest, Lisa

Posted by Meg
Kansas City, Mo
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Dear Lisa, Thank you very much for the website... The information is really helpful. Meg
Posted by Lisa
Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa
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Hi Meg, I wanted to pass this on to you as well because I believe Weston Price's work is noteworthy! This is a book that is based in his work but also you will find yourself on his foundation's site. Here is the link to the information:

Hope you find some valuable information in this! Best to you, Lisa

Posted by Martin (Germantown, Md, Maryland) on 12/22/2011

I notice my Gum is shrinking above my crowns and and also recently my from two teeth are also losing gum tissue. I wonder if you anything I can stop this. Thanks

Posted by Dave (Ottawa, Canada) on 07/21/2011

Please help! I've been going to a periodontist for about a year and a half. We had the deep gum cleanings a few times and now he tells me he would like to have the gum flap surgery which I am trying to avoid. It's not cheap and also he can't guarantee it will resolve my issue and from doing research there is alot of pain involved, time off work and people who have had it done say they dont ever feel the same after.

So anyway, I found this site here, and it is interesting but a little confusing. So many different solutions but no clear one that people are using. I took the advice of some posters and started the following routine. Stopped using electric toothbrush for about a month now, I have been brushing with baking soda and ACV but I have to say I think the ACV is actually making my gums worse. Is the acidity not bad for your gums? Bought some Vitamic C, which I think helps. I bought bee propolis and apply it at night on my gums which makes my gums pink but is it really doing anything or is that just exterior? I need to be on the right path as I am too young to start losing teeth. Please help.

Posted by Debbie
Melbourne, Australia
Dave, I wouldn't use ACV on your teeth. It is very acidic and will erode your enamel. Vitamin C is very good for pockets. Also Niacin is very good for pockets.

From the website:

Comfrey root used as a tea:

1. "The root, " I said, "is the part we want to use. The root, tradition says, is for internal use, and the root is not to be taken raw. Instead, you make a decoction of the comfrey root. A decoction is basically just a boiled tea."

"And how do you make that decoction?" said Kate.

"First you have to take a bit of root, maybe a few inches of it, and wash it under water. Cut the root up, like you would a carrot, into slices or chunks. Put the pieces into a Pyrex or stainless steel saucepan with a cup or two of water. Bring it to a boil, boil it for five to ten minutes, and then let it sit and cool. The result is a dark-brown, not particularly bad tasting tea. A cup or two every other day will probably be enough."

"Where do I get comfrey root?" Kate asked.

"Probably at most herb stores. I got mine fresh from a farmer who was trying to get rid of it. Comfrey grows like a big weed: very fast. If you mow it down or try to plow it under, it just comes back. Even a little bit of fresh root will grow a new plant. I'm here to tell you, there is nothing to growing your own comfrey. Cheaper that way, too."

Vitamin C:

"True enough. The trick is to use a non-acidic form of vitamin C called calcium ascorbate. Topical calcium ascorbate will not sting even sore gums. You can obtain it as a powder, and spread about half a teaspoon on the gum surfaces. It has a bit of a metallic aftertaste, but its quite bearable. Hold it for about ten minutes, then rinse."

For two weeks, Kate did exactly that, plus drinking the comfrey decoction. However, she did not cancel her gum surgery.

After a pre-op examination, her dentist canceled it.

Also niacin is very good for your gums taken internally. Good luck

Posted by Rob
Manhattan, New York
Dave... My brother lives in Ottawa... But I believe you're not really interested in that... However... yes, absolutely stop using ACV on the teeth!!! This is a crazy idea! In fact, when drinking Apple Cider Vinegar use a straw to bypass the teeth as much as possible...

I have the same problem and my dentist suggested less aggressive brushing, with the softest bristle brush... also to gently stimulate my gums with the rubber toothpick device or thumbs..

What seems to be helping me as well is CoQ10, I take 100mg before bed, (it may give you vivid dreams)

about CoQ10 .... It has been shown to restore gum health by preventing the progress of gum diseases such as Pyrrohea and gingivitis, and increasing the rate of gum healing. Research has shown that diseased gums tend to have lower levels of Co-Q-10 than healthy gums.

I also take Pycnogenol with some Omega 3 oil before before bed.. They all work together to increase micro. circulation.

Also, when I floss I dab a little Theives oil, (I make this up from essential oils) on my thumb and fore finger and run the floss through it... then floss..

basic recipe is equal parts of lemon, euculyptus, cinnamon, clove, and rosemary essential oils. (about 20 drops each to 1/4 cup of olive, jojoba, almond oil carrier oil) google for other recipes... I also add Thyme...

...but really just a few drop of any anti-bacterial essential oil in a carrier would probably suffice..

& yes, a good non abrasive tooth powder might help... like Eco Dent.

keep smiling

Posted by Tina
Princeton, N J
Hey Rob! Excellent suggestions.... I am going to try them. I love the idea of coating the floss with anti-bacterial oil. Going to implement that into my nightly brushing routine from tonight. Thanks for sharing!
Posted by Along
Berkeley, California
Becareful about Comfrey. I had tried to buy comfrey tea before, thinking I could injest it as a tea. I went to a few herbal stores and finally found one that sold comfrey ointment only. I asked about the tea. The herbalist told me that it is NO LONGER safe NOR were they allowed to sell comfrey for internal uses. It was found to be linked to liver damage. Not so long afterwards, a few of my teachers told the class about this linkage as well. So just BE CAREFUL with comfrey.

Posted by Diamond (Cleveland, England) on 05/27/2011

hi, I was wondering is there a mouthwash I can use to treat my gintivitus, at the moment im on my 9th bottle of cordosol, but not sure weather this is helping. I may need something stronger. I read somewhere that milk of magnesia, 1 tablespoon swish round mouth for 1 minute. is this any good to treat gintivitus? thanks.

Posted by Machineghost
There are two natural products to consider, both are herbal mouthrinses:

1. Tooth and Gum Formula (Schulze).
2. Periowash.

For best results, you need to use the above in an oral irrigator with an ultra slim cannula tip to get into the deep pockets below the gumline. Be sure to rinse the irrigator with water after each use, or it'll dissolve over time.

Posted by Lucky (Stockton, England) on 05/27/2011

hi ted, can u please help me,

i went to a new dentist a year ago, he said I had gintivitus, I did not understand it because I always went to a dentist every 6 month, I ask him why didnt my other dentist pick this up, he shaked his head, ive got four caps at the front of my mouth, these teeth have come away from my gums, I just thought it was my caps coming loose as these have been on for 15 years now, I really dont know what to do now, im taking coenzyme q10 30mg 3 times a day, plus vitamin c and zinc lozenges 600mg 1 daily, and mouthwash 3 times daily. please help .

Posted by Thepharmacist (Vienna, Vienna, Austria) on 02/10/2011

Dear Ted,

First of all I would like to thank you for this awsome website and on your great advise.

I had acid reflux for ten years and have finally almost no trouble with it thanks to your website.

I still have gum disease which I can't yet get rid off. I have tried hydrogen peroxide locally and internally, oil pulling with sesame oil and coconut oil, colloidal silver, bar soap brushing, daily rigorous flossing and waterpik application. I saw the dentist and had a professional cleaning. I still have a burning sensation and inflammation in my gums, which are rapidly receding. I'm now trying coconut oil internally.

my saliva pH in the morning is about 6 while my urinary pH is around 7 due to ACV/baking soda. I am treating my candida with low carb diet. I also tried borax for a week but I stopped because of abdominal discomfort.

Please give me some advice on how I can cure this unusual type of gum disease!

Thank you!!!

Take care and best regards,


Posted by Inanna Lives
Middletown, Delaware
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Perhaps taking Neem Capsules will bring an end to your troubles.
Posted by Cruz
Ny, New York
I was in the same situation and everything got better when I stop using toothpaste without FLUORIDE. Try
Posted by Rob
Manhattan, Ny
1. increase your intake of vitamin C

2. increase vitamin D

3. reduce stress, with exercise ... A good 40 minute walk 3 times a week... even better, daily.

4. CoQ10... Apply topically over the gums and take internally. 100mg daily

5. I make an essential oil mixture of olive oil, clove oil, tea tree, and cinamon, thyme... then dabbing some on my thumb & index finger I run my floss through it before flossing...

a reference...

Posted by Karl
Vienna, Austria
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Thank you all for the suggestions. But except the neem capsules I have tried all of it. I haven't used fluoride tooth past for three months. I take vitamin C and D, I have tried CoQ10, brushing with clove oil. I also practice daily Qi Gong for stress relieve. I have this burning pain in my gums and I also have this chronic redness (inflammation) in my throat. I suspect it is a viral infection since all the usual remedies don't work.

Does anyone have a suggestion?

Please help!

Best wishes,


Posted by Kat
Melbourne, Australia
Hi Karl.... Have you tried brushing with baking soda (no toothpaste added) and gargling with a mix of baking soda and water? Also, you may have too much acid in your system, which you can "get rid of" by mixing 1/2 tsp baking soda with 8oz water and drink it in the mornings for about 1 week. Baking soda will rid your body of the too much acid and it is a virus/bacteria killer. Try it and see if that works for you.
Posted by Elsaeasterly
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Whenever I get a minor gum infection, I make a paste of ground cloves and water, dip a toothpick in it, and run the toothpick all around the affected gumline. Sometimes I also dip floss in the paste and use that also. If I do this after brushing and regular flossing right before bed for 2 nights (and don't rinse! ), the infection is always gone within 36 hours.

I see you've tried clove oil, but maybe this method with ground cloves is more potent. Please post back if you try it. If your infection is more advanced it may take more than 2 days, though.

Posted by Craig
Dallas, Texas
I'd stay away from the bar soap brushing and "vigorous flossing." Clean a soft-bristled toothbrush with soap and rinse thoroughly before each use, then gently clean the teeth and massage the gums. A warm sea-salt and water solution with some tea tree oil and clove oil makes a great, gentle rinse to help kill bacteria also. And, when you floss, don't floss vigorously! Use it to clean the gunk out from between your teeth. Your gums get inflamed and cut up, and you leave them exposed to additional bacterial infection!

Don't forget, gum tissue is still tissue. If you had something wrong with the skin on the back of your hand, would you rub the crap out of it two-three times a day with the same non-sterilized brush, cut into it with string, then rinse it with a water pick?

Of course not!

I've also been told, though I haven't read this specifically, that the glycerine in a lot of toothpastes (both commercial and "natural") coats the teeth and makes it so that nutrients can't absorb directly into the tissue and teeth. It makes sense to me, but I've never seen the proof.

Posted by Hutchbeach (Santa Monica, Ca, Usa) on 10/23/2010

I have an infected gum and was given a 10 day course of clindamycin. Going to the periodontist on tuesday and want to try to get the tissue of the gum as healthy as possible. The dentist says he can see bone loss on the xray and that I will probably need surgery. Trying to avoid that. Please help.

Posted by Dent
Boston, Ma
Good oral hygiene will help to create a healthy environment in the mouth and fight oral disease. Regular, gentle, brushing and regular flossing (or some equivalent that will clean the areas between the teeth, for example, a simple interdental brush--the tiny ones that look like a bottle cleaner or a water pik, etc. ) are simple, yet very effective ways to prevent or even cure periodontal disease. There is good and bad bacteria in the mouth, the bad ones particularly like acidity and actually require acidity to thrive. They also prefer areas where they can hide and not be washed away by saliva. They help each other to hang on to the teeth by creating a biofilm, that is, simply clumping up so that the bacteria on the outside protects the ones inside. As one can guess, the areas between the teeth are perfect to hide and colonize the mouth. If food is left between the teeth, the bugs use it to grow. Soon, the tissue around the tooth, once firm and healthy, tightly surrounding the tooth, becomes inflamed, red (as opposed to a healthy pink), puffy, it bleeds, becomes loose and bacteria can penetrate deeper areas, including the surrounding bone. The body perceives the "attack" and responds (inflammatory response) by trying to destroy the invaders, but ends up causing some damage to the gums themselves.

In simpler terms, the gums, are caught in the fight, and change, are not able to do their job, of protecting the tooth by hanging on to it's neck tightly--like a turtleneck, become like a cowlneck. The goods news is that with regular cleaning, things can be improved. The key is to be gentle, brush GENTLY (most of us brush too hard--use soft or even extra soft toothbrush), take your time, the motion itself does not matter much, just make sure that ALL of your teeth are brushed and flossed, even it there is bleeding, floss gently and things should improve. Flossing is a habit, if your are not in the habit of flossing every day, floss at least a couple of days a week and work your way up to once a day (before going to bed) and again, there are alternatives to flossing. Lastly, please do not bathe your teeth in sugary "whatevers", drink it a once and them brush, rinse well--remember sugar is what bacteria wants and needs to live.

Posted by Tristan (Brisbane, Australia) on 01/19/2010

What can I do to heal my bleeding gums? They bleed when I floss and brush. I do oil pulling, use hydrogen peroxide as a mouth wash, and floss and brush twice a day. Help would be most appreciated. Thanks all.

Posted by Rkymtsprt
Missoula, Montana
hope this gums were terrible and bled all the time. Once I began taking Calcium with Zinc and Magnesium the bleeding stopped. I still use peroxide and brush with baking soda.
Posted by Entheogens
Palo Alto, California, Usa
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Okay. Besides flossing, which you need to do, buy some white oak bark powder (you can find it online or at an herbal apothecary, if you have one near you). Take a little bit and put it in between your lip and gum, so that it rests on the affected areas of the gum and sleep with it in there overnight. Do this for several nights until pain and swelling go away. This worked for me, in any case.

Robert's Tooth Powder Formula   1  0   

Posted by Robert (Manhattan, New York) on 07/06/2008

[YEA]  Healthy Teeth & Gums & ACV: I take ACV occasionally and recently after a few mornings of 2 tbsp mixed with water I developed a shooting intermittent nerve pain from an exposed area above a tooth where the gum has receded. I can't get to the dentist for a few weeks so I searched on the web for some help & came across this tooth powder recipe. In addition to staying away from acid foods, it seems to be helping..after a few days I no longer have the pain. I also added Myrrh & Bentonite Clay to the recipe. The Prickly Ash Bark gives a wonderful tingly sensation. Be sure to use an alkaline base vit C/Calcium formula. I used Sodium Ascorbate & Hydrilla (Natural Alkaline, plant with high Calcium) I think Ted is right on about acid & teeth health...& finally research on your own, be creative & trust your intuition.

Tooth Powder

3 parts baking soda
1 part sea salt
3 parts calcium-magnesium-vit c powder
3 parts finely ground prickly ash bark
1 part echinacea powder
1/2 part goldenseal powder
Optional: peppermint essential oil to taste

Combine the ingredients and shake well. Use about 1/4 tsp on a wet toothbrush.

Salt   1  0   

Posted by Mysticgardener (Plain City, Ohio) on 05/14/2011

[YEA]  A few years back I had a terrible problem with gum disease and had to have 3 teeth pulled. After that I had to go back for four sessions of root planing. (cleaning around the root and under the gumline). After I had the first two sessions done, I heard a retired dentist online say that the best thing for your dental health is salt! He also said he would never have dared say this while still practicing!

So I started brushing with sea salt and when I went back for the third session, the hygienist was just barely scraping, doing more talking than anything. She started to talk about how much my mouth had improved and that she had never seen anything like it! THEN she said I would NOT HAVE TO COME BACK for the fourth session!

Six months passed and I went back for a routine cleaning. AGAIN, she exclaimed about how much my dental health had improved since the first time she had seen me. I still didn't tell her what I was doing. I just said I was brushing longer like she had told me to do.

Six months after that I went back and had the same results. At that point, I told her my secret! She truly acted like she had never heard of it. This retired dentist I listened to online said salt kills the bacteria that causes gum disease. I now use an herbal toothpaste with no fluoride, and from time to time I will run my tongue around my teeth, and if I feel any plaque on the teeth, I will brush them with salt and it comes right off.

I now brush with salt about once a week, just for good maintenance. I believe this will save the rest of my teeth and thousands of dollars! My teeth have also gradually gotten whiter, and I no longer worry about bad breath. At first I worried the salt might take off the enamel but this has obviously not happened! I was so grateful to learn of this because my dentist told me they could not guarantee I would not lose the rest of my teeth, even with the root planing. That was the 3rd time I had root planing done and it is very expensive, and it obviously wasn't fixing the problem since I had to keep having it done every 7 or 8 years!

They tried to insinuate that I had gum disease because I was not brushing and flossing on a regular basis which was absolutely not true! I was extremely vigilant about both and had been my whole life! Let's continue to get the truth out there folks and keep our money where it belongs!

Posted by Francisca
Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France
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Weleda has a toothpaste with sea salt but there are others. When I started using it I never had a coated tongue again. My teeth are not whiter though which is a pity. As I drink a lot of tea they get very brown.
Posted by Cindy
Cochrane, Wi
to mysticgardener: would you please share where you found online information about dentist and using salt. Thank you

Selenium   0  0   

Posted by Rich (Boca Raton, Fl) on 04/02/2009

Gum Disease: Test Your Selenium

"Results showed that selenium has the strongest association with gum disease, with low levels increasing the risk by 13 fold. "
If 13 of 14 people with Gum Disease have low Selenium levels (93%), that looks like causation. Note: Selenium is an antifungal.

Chlorhexadine, a treatment for ringworm yeast, is the FDA approved treatment for Gum disease. It turns your teeth yellow, and is rarely prescribed.

Zinc has been proven clinically effective at reducing pockets.

Here is another treatment guide, notice the Metronidazole(antifungal used in rosacea treatment):

It is a national tragedy and a huge detriment to oral health that fewer than 5% of general dentists in the U.S.A. and less than 25% of periodontists implement this periodontal disease treatment protocol. Variations of this protocol have been published for more than a decade.

Shake With Brewer's Yeast and Lecithin   0  0   

Posted by Jana (Wa) on 06/20/2010

Several years ago I had a tooth replaced and started to notice a darkening area in the gum line above that tooth. A friend introduced me to a book on natural remedies. A recipe for a shake that included, among other things, brewers yeast and lecithin worked wonders. Within two weeks the darkness was completely gone and my gums have remained very healthy.

I am trying to locate that recipe but don't know the name of the book or the author. The recipe was called something like "Nora's shake" or something similar.

Does anyone remember reading this book or seeing this recipe? If so, I would be very grateful for that information. Thank you.

Posted by Purelife
Columbia, Sc/usa
Not sure if this is what you were looking for, but I found this after a google search.

Dynamite Milkshake (I found the orig book!)

2 C skim milk (or equiv in powder form)
1 TBL safflower oil
2 pks sugar sub
1 teas vanilla
Start blender on low, then add:
**4 heap TBL powder yeast
4 Heap TBL gran. Lecithin

** start w/ 1/2 teas yeast & every few days increase the amount. Blend all & refridge overnight (improves the taste) then re-blend & drink in the AM. It's a meal substitute, but you can add fruit. Brewers yeast is best to use, If it's been de-bittered, it looses nutrition. Do NOT use bakers yeast.

Silica Toothpaste   1  0   

Posted by Joan (Sa) on 12/26/2011

[YEA]  The best thing I have done for my teeth and gums is change to a silica toothpaste. I had receding gums, sensitive teeth near my gums that would feel like an electric shock when I brushed my teeth. I also had bleeding gums if I did not religously floss my teeth every night. Since changing, the sensitivity has gone, and my gums don't bleed even when I don't floss every night.

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