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Periodontitis Remedies

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Posted by Rabia (Karachi, Asia.Sindh.Pakistan) on 12/29/2008

[SIDE EFFECTS]  hi.i would like to know that i used HP as a mouth wash 50:50 during my scalling and did not rinse my mouth with water.from that i m suffering from gums pain i think my pockets are opened and the colour of my teeth is changing.plz tell me y this happend?and now what should i do now?i want home remedy and dont want to go dentist.

Replied by Hamza
Medina, Ksa
[SIDE EFFECTS]   I had been worried about my teeth and gums, and decided to try a few different remedies listed here. I first tried brushing with baking soda and then rinsing with ACV, at another time I used Hydrogen Peroxide to rinse. I did not have gum pain before I started but now my teeth and gums are sore to the point where I've thought of going to see a Docotr which I have refuse do to for about 5 years. Does anyone have an explanation for why my gums started to become very sore?
Replied by Kathy
Dubois, Pa
If it hurts, stop doing it! Just because it works for someone else, doesn't mean it will work for you. I think ACV is a terrible substance to use on teeth (and that means gums, too) because it is acidic, as is Hydrogen Peroxide (my bottle of Peroxide registered a pH of 5...the same as ACV). So if you are using Peroxide and Vinegar together, you are dosing your teeth with two different forms of acid, both of which will dissolve tooth enamel and damage gingival (gum) tissue because of their low pH. This especially applies if you are using Peroxide and Vinegar on your teeth more than once per day.

p.s. When I write "Peroxide" I mean Hydrogen Peroxide.

Replied by Angela
Killeen, Tx, Usa
[NAY]   I have been having major gum loss and tooth pain. I was told to swish a cap full of HP in my mouth when I brush at night. I DON'T RECOMMEND IT!! It has removed the enamel on my teeth and has done nothing to help my gums. Actually, it seems to have sped it up a bit. I really don't recommend this method to anyone!
Replied by Robert
Martinez, Ca
Angela, I did read that hydro peroxide will soften the dentin of the teeth. Best to use a pure saponified, meaning that it also contains oils such as coconut, olive, etc. , liquid castile soap with a pinch of myrhh powder for the gums. The soap will allow the teeth to remineralize & myrhh will heal the gums. CoQ10 taken with a fat or oil for absorption will heal the gums also. Using a water pik will stimulate circulation to the gums besides cleaning the teeth.
Replied by Allthingslovely
Norfolk, Ny
Angela, Hydrogen peroxide can help treat gum disease but it should not be used without being diluted. Also what needs to be done to stall the progress of your gum disease is a visit to your dentist for periodontal treatment. Once your periodontal treatment is complete, you can have success with the use of 50/50 hydrogen peroxide to lower the bacterial content in your mouth. Flossing and rinsing are two of the most important things you can do to help get your gums under control. The more you floss, the less it will hurt. Gum disease cannot be cured, but it can be stopped in its tracks, but you have to be vigilant.
Replied by Tomsee
[NAY]   I swished with a very mild 1.5% solution and it damaged my front gum. It actually seemed to burn it off. I don't recommend hydrogen peroxide.

Posted by Lance (National City, California) on 10/15/2008

[YEA]  use hyrodgen proxide as a mouth wash it will kill all the bacteria in your mouth. if you read the instruction on the bottle of hyrodgen proxide it will say oral rince it will start to foam in your mouth thats when you know it is killing the bacteria. i have used 3% hyrodgen peroxide for many years with no side affect. avoide prolonged use just until the infection is gone. they say to use 1% hyrodgen peroxide because they are afraid it will damage your gums. feel free to research this remedy for yourself as dentists dont usually approve of it. maybe its because they want to make more money when all your teeth fall out..

Replied by Rabia
Karachi, Asia, Sindh.Pakistan
[SIDE EFFECTS]   hi.i used hydrogen peroxide as a mouth wash for almost 3 weeks now now it tenders my gums and i have gum pain from 5 months my lips are also very dry from thats use.plz help me in regard of this.i will be very greatful.
Replied by Jake
Chicago, IL
[WARNING!]   I want to warn everyone against using hydrogen peroxide orally. I brushed my teeth more than 6 months with it and wound up with 11 deep cavities that nearly cost me several teeth - I don't believe in root canals for the health disadvantages. I went on line and was shocked to read of a study that suggested the h2o2 penetrated the tooth enamel. Wish I'd read the study earlier. Yes, the h2o2 kills germs, but apparently there's no end of germs available in the mouth and they apparently are transported into the teeth where they grow cavities.

My son who followed me in this misguided endeavor, whose gums are not receded as mine are, and who never gets cavities, had two cavities at this time as well. A word to the wise is sufficient.

Replied by Jenny
Chicago, Il
To Jake in Chicago,

You need to post your source for this study, because it would be impossible for peroxide to degrade enamel by just brushing your teeth with it. Streptococcus mutans, which you can read about here, are what cause cavities. And peroxide has been proven to kill Streptococcus mutans. I doubt your cavities were the result of peroxide. And I wouldn't believe any dentist that told me it did.

Replied by Anan
Philadelphia, Pa, Usa
This is to Jake and Jenny. Streptococcus is very much involved in forming cavities, right, but first the enamel has to be broken, and acids do that! Bacteria do produce acids too, but one may make life easier for them by introducing acidic stuff into your mouth like acv (nevertheless I'm drinking it-but with a straw and chaseing with water), lemon juice or anything with low ph (below 6.5 is enough!). If your H2O2 has low pH IT DOESN'T HAVE TO PENETRATE ENAMEL - IT BREAKS IT opening the door for bacteria.
Replied by Jhon Everyman
Springfield, Kentucky
[YEA]   I went to the dentist when my gums hurt... they were infected and he gave me a mouthwash... the ingredients were 50% peroxide 50% water, some sweetener and mint...

RIGHT ON THE DIRECTIONS it said "rinse with water after use...

Contains peroxide: Prolonged exposure to peroxide can damage enamel. "

So yeah... it works... just use 1% or 3% 50:50 with water... and rinse after a minute or so... when your gums aren't infected, switch back to a mouthwash.

Think for a moment... If you leave peroxide on a small cut too long what does it do? Turns the skin white and kills it right? Well that's what it does to your gums and teeth if you don't rinse it off.

There is nothing wrong with this remedy! But it is only a remedy, its not meant to be used every day for months... If my gums are infected I wash with it 1-3 times a day for 3 days or so and its gone, then I stop.

Posted by FR (NYC) on 10/01/2007

[YEA]  Hi, just wanted to share with you my cure for an infected gum -- hydrogen peroxide. Also wanted to respond to Subashini from Kuwait, because I may have an answer for her about the bad breath and oil pulling.

My story (I'll try to be brief)... got a piece of food stuck in the gum behind one of my front teeth. No matter what I did -- floss, oil pull, swish peroxide -- it didn't come out. I then went to a new dentist last week to have my teeth cleaned and the stuck particle removed. Lucky me -- the hygenist was just filling in for the day and during the teeth cleaning part, said she saw something dislodge but then "lost sight of it". Okay, fine, I thought. That night I awoke in the middle of the night with terrible bad breath. It was so bad it actually woke me up. Yes, I do have sensitive smell!! When I looked at the right front tooth the next day, I noticed that the gum was severely swollen, from the tooth to the roof of the mouth. The bad breath also persisted. I started my holistic regime of oil pulling, then later swishing with hydrogen peroxide. The oil pulling, like Subashini said, made my breath worse. YUCK! I tried swishing with sea salt. No luck. Finally I had the idea a couple of days ago to soak a cotton ball with hydrogen peroxide and then hold it (tightly) to the swollen gum for 10 minutes. I also pinched another h202 soaked cotton ball to the back side of the tooth where the piece of food had initially lodged. Interestingly, it didn't hurt, but certain areas of the gum turned white. 10 minutes later the white had disappeared. Glad to say that my bad breath smell immediately disappeared and has not returned. My gum is looking a little better. A couple more days of this (soaked h202 2x a day) and I think I will be back to 100%. I highly suggest this technique if you have a tooth abcess or swollen gums from an infection. It is the best way for hydrogen to penetrate, otherwise it just turns to foam if you swish it around in your mouth.

So Subashini, I think your issue may be an infection somewhere in your gums that the oil pulling is bringing to the surface. Infection smells like dental plaque -- quite disgusting. My suggestion is to pull up your top lip (then pull down the bottom lip) in the mirror in daylight and look for redness in your gums. If you can pinpoint an area, then soak it with hydrogen peroxide cotton ball 2x a day for a day or two. I would predict that your issue of bad breath will immediately go away, even after you oil pull.

Oh, one more thing. You will need to bend over a sink whilst holding the cotton ball to your gums and let your saliva run out. You may need to do round 2 during the same session. Most importantly, you don't want to swallow anything! Rinse well afterwards. Hope this helps someone, somewhere. All My Best

Replied by Subashini
hi, i tried oil pulling with sesame oil.i have done it for nearly 10 months not even 1 day left out.still my irregular period problem has not solved...only good thing is tartar in teeth's have disappeared... generally i do not get bad breath..after started doing oil pulling i am getting it now.once i leave oil pulling again the plaque formation started in my teeth....if i stop oilpulling bad breath stopped... i am highly optimistic much i can convenince myself to continue it,,,,it is not working well.... Also by searching the cold pressed sunflower oil...i am tired too much...normal sunflower oil within one day bad breath starting....i don't know why...whom to get guidence from which website we do interaction with experts... is only giving fewer information.... please advise me if i am wrong...i strictly follow the instruction how to do oil pulling even though it happends to me like this..
Replied by Cat
Austin, Tx
Maybe you should switch your oil. Try virgin coconut or seasame oil with a drop of spearmint or peppermint included. My teeth got stronger and my gums pinker and my breath better when I alternate these two virgin oils with the mint. And, be sure to floss after every meal; I have improved my breath just by flossing...especially those tight back teeth that tend to hold food in them and make the breath smell worse. Also, be sure and brush or scrap you tongue. For your period, take 7 days and eat low carb/low sugar diet. This regulated my periods tremendously. For my daughter, taking ACV regulated VERY (vomiting, heavy bleeding, debilitating cramping etc..) periods. Now her periods are normal. Also, have your thyroid and iron checked. Hydrogen peroxide 3% is better diluted or it can break down the tissue of the gums over time. Check wikkipedia on hydrogen peroxide - it is a tissue destroyer so should be diluted.

Posted by Cynthia (Fayetteville, Arkansas) on 05/15/2007

[YEA]  I was reading on here about cures for laryngitis and went on to read about hydrogen peroxide. I use the low grade peroxide you can buy at any store. Whenever my gums and teeth begin to hurt, I simply put one or two capfuls into my mouth and hold them there for about a minute. The pain and ache go away and usually stay away for quite some time.

Posted by Jennifer (Lansing, Illinois) on 05/10/2007

[YEA]  Hydrogen Peroxide cured my gum disease. Yes, cured. I had deep pockets and was bound to loose all my teeth within 5 years. I use a waterpic with diluted food grade peroxide. I also rinse with it before I brush to loosen plaque, then brush, then rinse with it again. Since then I have used peroxide for everything. I drink it, I soak in it, I even use it to water my plants and germinate seeds. Do some research and you will find that it's a cure all even for diseases we are told can't be cured.

Replied by Mimi
Baltimore, Maryland
I am responding to this post because I read about the many cures using Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide. I believe it could work. Scientifically it makes sense. Oil pulling only destroys S. Mutans, which are gram positive bacteria. However, it does nothing for the gram negative bacteria left behind. The gram negatives are the ones that cause the halitosis. So, by bringing the real deal, hydrogen peroxide on board, you provide a fully oxygenated environment that will destroy the gram negative bacteria.

There is a great difference in food grade H202 , and the garbage we get at the drug store. The over the counter product is full of stabilizers. Food grade peroxide SHOULD NOT BE HANDLED CARELESSLY!!!!!!!!! IT IS HIGHLY FLAMMABLE. YOU SHOULD RESEARCH IT FIRST, CALL THE PEROXIDE CLINIC / CENTER FIRST....... BEFORE TAKING ANY WAYWARD INTERNET ADVICE.........

BACK to my original reason for posting . I wanted to know if anyone else has tried the use of the H2o2 and what were your results. How and where did you get the food grade H2o2?

I read about one source over the internet but, it got bad reviews.... please advise ..

I have chronic gingivitis and am doing some very unsafe practices to keep it at bay.... I am a health professional and am very aware of the risks to my behaviors. I can't discontinue any of the things I am doing because this "bad breath issue is making me dysfunctional at best. So, I am desperately seeking to find someone who can dialogue with me about their experience with Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide.

Thanks in advance.

Replied by Francisca
Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France
Mimi, although I have never suffered from bad breath other than occasionally I fully sympathise with your problem. Have you ever tried Chlorophyll? A while ago I took Chlorophyll on its own and then a supplement with Chlorophyll, Chlorella and Spirullina and I never had transpiration smell under my arms again after reading on this site that these supplements work well deodorizing the body. That might solve your problem..... Actually I didn't take them for that purpose but it was a nice side effect anyway! As they seem to detox the liver they might very well work for you too!
Replied by Timh
Louisville, Usa
I use fg h2o2 reduced to approx 5% occasionally as a gargle which last about 1 or 2 minutes. It seems to work well topically, but it leaves the tissues tender if overused. So it may not be effective for the deep cleaning needed for those infected gums. After one month of once daily oil pulling with canola and safflower the overall health results were significant, but I had to quit because of infection in gums, eyes, headache. Today I tried a colloidal silver swishing for about 10 min, which seemed to work as my headache dissapeared within hrs and my mouth has felt fresh ever since. I am definately going to continue this.

Over-the-counter h202 is not so loaded with fillers so as to cause any harm for external use or a mouth wash, imho. Try your local health food store or pool supply store for food grade peroxide.

Also, Jim Humble recomends MMS as the most powerful mouthwash ever. If MMS has no bad effects on teeth enamel then great. I have used a 5 drop solution a couple times with very good results.

Replied by Rxgrandma
Fruitport, Mi
Years ago, my dentist told me to use a firm toothbrush and when I brush, I should twist the toothbrush in a rolling motion going from the gums to the end of the teeth. The gums will bleed at first, but they will strengthen. Floss first. And brush the chewing surface also. When I get my teeth cleaned every two years, it's very painful because the hygenist is used to going deep behind the gums to scrape. Mine bleed and are sore for 2-3 days afterward. But, I haven't had a cavity in years, only had to replace one that wore out. I brush every night before bed, but I think the key is the firm toothbrush and the way you brush. My gums are very tight to the teeth. I needed a root canal because the chewing surface weakened or the filling wore out.

Posted by Yoland (Houston) on 05/25/2006

[YEA]  Hydrogen Peroxide cures sore throat, any bacteria blister in or around the teeth and gums, insects bites, and cuts. Hydrogen Peroxide is great for sterlizing the affected areas. Does not sting my kids and grand kids trust it and enjoy seeing the little form bubbling up. I tell them it is killing the germs. Thank YOU a bunch. I also am a believer of its cures and yes, it was passed down by mom and grandmom and it will always be a very great cheap cure for people that cannot afford go to the doctor.

Posted by Liz (Killeen, Texas) on 04/26/2006

[YEA]  For years, when I get sensitive gums, bleeding or otherwise inflamed, I rinse my mouth with HP. After the rinse I also brush my tongue while the HP is still bubbling in my mouth. Mouth sores disappear in about a couple of days.

Posted by Sheryl (St Louis) on 04/18/2006


Replied by Avacadorose
Sabaneta, Dominican Republic

I just recieved a bottle of 12% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide. The instructions say to dilute it to a 3.5% solution for internal use. I am reading an excellent book called "The Truth about Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide" by James Paul Roguski. It's a free ebook on the net. Excellent and surprising documented research that has been available for years. This is my first time using this and I want to be careful and not over do it. I'm trying to get a protocol for removing tartar on my teeth (and my old dogs teeth too).

If I am understanding the info it says to mix 2oz of 12% FGHP with 8oz of water and that will give me 10 oz of a 3.5% solution that is safe to use. It looks like I would be able to use that solution full strength in my mouth. Does this sound correct? Is anyone doing this that can offer some insight?

Replied by Thenewguyintown
Westwood, New Jersey, Usa
Seems right based on simple math. If you have 12% FG H2O2 and need to make it 3% you would divide by 4 as 4 goes into 12 3 times evenly. So therefore, 1 part 12% per 4parts water will give you 3% H202 as you have diluted it by 80%.

2 oz diluted in 8 oz give you a 1 to 4 ratio or 3%, 2.5 ozs mixed with 7.5 ozs of water will give you 3.5%. I used small measuring cups (the kind that come on cough syrup when I mixed mine for inhalation purposes. As for as oral for the mouth I do it by eye and mix about a 50/50 mix of OTC 3%. Internally I only use the FG mixture, orally not a big deal using the OTC variety.

Replied by Caroline
Madrid, Spain
Hi there, my name is Caroline and I have been reading all your info on this problem, from all you have been telling me I dont know where to begin, you all sound wonderful people and I am sure that your problems are the same as mine. But what substance do I start with is my problem, bee propolis or hydrogen peroxide or even charcoal powder? I have a problem and that's all I know. Help me solve it. Gum disease.
Replied by Capt. Randall
Gainesville, Fla, Usa
Vitamin C/bicarbonate to bowel tolerance 4-5x/day.

Start w 4-10gms (heaping tsp) and 2-5gms baking soda in 4oz water, fizz, drink. Use peroxide mouth soaks for 3-5min. Brush w a drop of essential oil, clove/cinnamon/peppermint.

Vit C/bicarbonate is universal element of 11 step protocol for disease and bad aging; oxidative stress, see

Millions of teeth could be saved every year!

Best regards to Ted and Earth Clinic. Their stuff really works!

Replied by Mmsg
Somewhere, Europe
Capt. Randall, have you ever heard of this protocol helping canker sores?

Posted by Roxy (Kingston Tn) on 01/06/2006

[YEA]  I use Hydrogen Peroxide when flossing my teeth. Mix the HP 50:50 with warm water and close your mouth tightly while you are flossing. I used the reach flossing thing and it worked really good. Just try it. HP is as good if not better and cheaper than name brand mouth wash. It helps with gum disease.

Posted by Donna (Aspen, CO) on 10/07/2005

[YEA]  Plaque removal: use 1/2 capful hydrogen peroxide in a little bit of water and swish around in your mouth after brushing.

Itchy Gums   0  0   

Posted by Obeybunny (Santa Ana, California, United States Of America) on 11/30/2011

Does anyone know any remedies for itchy gums? I'd rather treat the cause than simply apply pain relievers. This has been a periodic problem over the last… oh…. 15 years of my life. My gums will just become itchy for no reason for about a month before the problem just goes away on its own. But during that month, I'm scraping at my teeth and gums with anything- sticks, my fingernails, my shirt, toothbrushes dipped in baking soda, pieces of plastic I've taken from birthday gifts that I've cut into sharp triangles, anything- all day and causing a darker reddening (probably bruising) of my gums.

I've been able to tolerate a few hours of not scratching at my gums by putting ground cloves directly on my gums. This treats the itching but probably isn't fixing the cause.

As far as I know, I've never been diagnosed as having gingivitis, but that doesn't mean I don't have it.

So if anyone knows how to make the itching stop, I'd be so grateful.

Thank you Earth Clinic staff and members!

Replied by Louwrence
Rustenburg, North West South Africa
Hi Obeybunny, Try swishing your urine in your mouth at regular intervals. Urine helps for a lot of things. When I bite the inside of my mouth I use urine or try using salt but urine works quicker. Good luck.
Replied by Red
Chicago, Il
Try freshly minced raw garlic instead of cloves... immune stimulant.
Replied by The Owl
Knoxville, Tn
I have itchy gums too. It comes and goes (for the last year) and I can't pinpoint the problem but I'm looking into dehydration (from coffee, too much sodium, fiber, etc). I am also considering carbs, allergies to foods, certain proteins, etc. One thing that calms them down is zinc. Take a zinc, preferably a type that doesn't make you nauseous and try drinking a lot of water. Your best bet is to keep a food journal and note the times when gums are itchy.

MMS   1  0   

Posted by CJ (Hartland, ME) on 02/07/2009

Some people do have insurance however dental is sometimes very poorly covered as in my case. I dont qualify to be "poor" but I certainly cant afford to pay a dentist almost full reimbursement! I have to pay like 80+ per cent of the cost. My issue is I have gum disease and I what really need is dentures, but I cant afford to pay out of pocket 5000-8000 for extraction and dentures. I have a job but I'm not rich by any means. I wish some one at the top would seriously look at these issues. Your health is severely affected by the condition of your teeth. So I am always trying something natural for the pain and for the infection. Thank you all for your hints.CJ

Replied by Gean
Salina, KS
I have read that MMS (Miracle Miracle Supplement, which is sodium chlorite activated to become chlorine dioxide) is very good for gum disease. Do a google search on MMS and Jim Humble. You can buy MMS from e-bay, where I purchased it, or other internet sources. It's less than $20 including shipping. They say to mix 6 drops in a glass with 1/2 teaspoon lemon juice, wait three minutes, and add 1/4 cup water. Use this solution to brush teeth. Use a new solution every morning. Do not leave this solution in the mouth for longer than 60 seconds. According to Jim Humble, in his book "Breakthrough The Miracle Mineral Supplement of the 21st Century, part 2", expect a completely healthy mouth in less than three weeks.

EC: Read more about MMS here:

Replied by Gean
Salina, KS
Oops, the name of the product is Miracle MINERAL Supplement, not miracle miracle supplement. Sorry!
Replied by Ladyhawk
Sarasota, Florida
"Miracle Mineral Supplement" (MMS) sounds appealing at first blush, but I'm not sure it's anything more than snake oil. It is the second potential healing solution I have come across that contains chlorine dioxide (ClO2) -- just the word "chlorine" sets off a a read alert as far as I'm concerned -- so, I did a little research.

On Wikipedia, it says: "Over 95% of the chlorine dioxide produced in the world today is made from sodium chlorate and is used for pulp bleaching. It is produced with high efficiency by reducing sodium chlorate in a strong acid solution with a suitable reducing agent such as hydrochloric acid and sulfur dioxide. . . A much smaller but important market for chlorine dioxide is for use as a disinfectant."

Pulp bleaching? A disinfectant? This doesn't sound like the sort of thing I'd want to put in my body under the auspices of health.

As Stephen Lower, retired faculty member of the Department of Chemistry at Simon Fraser University in
Burnaby, Vancouver, Canada says about water ionizers on his AquaScams web site: "This is a very expensive way of obtaining a solution that you could in principle make yourself by diluting some laundry bleach, and perhaps adjusting the pH by adding a weak acid such as lemon juice. But would you want to drink this "eau de Clorox"? Don't try this at home!"

I'm going to sit on my hands and pass on this one. Thanks.

Replied by Mms User
Seattle, Wa
[YEA]   I have used MMS for about 5 years. I don't use it continuously but as the need arises. I can say that by mixing 3 drops with 15 drops of citric acid and then adding some distilled water, that I have a very good dental pain reliever. You may pass on this item if you wish, but I can say with certainty that swishing this has brought me pain relieve and kept me out of the oral surgeons and dentist's office. I use it as part of my oral care regimen. If I am experiencing any symptoms at all, I use this concoction to brush my teeth. I have also rid myself of body chills injesting for about 2 or 3 weeks. I believe that I rid myself of a low grade infection by doing so. Lastly I reduced arthitic symptoms by injesting. I use very sparingly and have had good success.

Multiple Remedies   1  0   

Posted by Stephanie (Somewhere, Texas) on 11/26/2011

My gums and overall dental health seem to have improved dramatically by using diatomaceous earth (food grade) to brush with (dip damp toothbrush into the DE and brush). I have also been experimenting with a combination of almond oil and spearmint and peppermint essential oils. I don't have an exact recipe but I put a couple of tablespoons of almond oil in a dropper bottle with some spearmint and peppermint oil (10-20 drops each). I put a few drops on my toothbrush and try to work the mixture into the root areas of my teeth. I also put a drop on my floss. My infected gums have cleared very quickly with this solution and a painful molar I had (with a crown) has become painless. I make sure to gently massage the solution all over my gums, roof of my mouth, tongue, etc. To try to eradicate any bacteria that is causing problems. I have also experimented with putting the DE on my brush and then a few drops of the above solution. I hope this helps others. If I get more exact solution, I will post it. If someone is knowledgeable about essential oils and wants to weigh in on suggested amounts that would be great.

Posted by Sue (Arroyo Grande, Ca) on 08/27/2011

[YEA]  I had bleeding gums for years and the hygenist always chided me about brushing more and flossing. Brushing, even with a soft toothbrush hurt a lot and flossing was worse. I failed to follow her instructions. Now you can find super soft tapered toothbrushes online or in the health food store. I finally like brushing my teeth! This has made a big difference in my gums. The super soft tapered toothbrush does not clean the teeth well enough, though, so after using the super soft toothbrush on the gum line, then I use a regular soft toothbrush for the teeth, avoiding the gum line, and a couple times a week I use an electric toothbrush over the teeth in any area that doesn't feel quite clean enough. Once again, I try to avoid the gums.

I now use a toothpaste without sodium lauryl sulfate and a rinse without alcohol. The rinse I use already has peppermint oil in it, but I add extra. As a tooth cleaner, I occassionally use calcium citrate powder with a little baking soda. Oh, and I drink my coffee with a stainless steel straw to avoid the kind of staining in the lower front teeth that I previously had.

At night before bedtime, I massage a mixture of oils into my gums.

In the past my enamel had been damaged by over the counter whiteners. They used to say that you can't regain enamel once it is damaged, but this isn't completely so. My enamel isn't as good as it once was, but it has improved from the point of the damage. It doesn't feel dry and rough anymore in the spots that had eroded. It feels smooth again, though thinner. I've tried so many things, so I can only think that it is just time and better hygene that improved the situation.

BTW, I still rarely floss. Sometimes I think it just grinds the food down further. I use a water irrigator, a gum stimulator and small interdental brushes to remove food particles that are stuck.

But I wanted to mention a couple more things. The quality of the water from our tap water is horrible in terms of bacteria. I suspect that a lot of dental problems start with the water. I use filtered or distilled water in my irrigator and add a cap full of hydrogen perioxide.

I have sinus problems and the light dawned that the gum disease and sinus drip are probably caused by the same bacteria. So it would seem that if you get rid of one problem and still have the other, you would be reinfected continously. So that's the other side of the coin I have to work on.

Posted by Bev (Fort Lauderdale, Usa) on 08/05/2011

First, I want to thank eveyone for all the great advice. Some I knew and some I didn't. This is a great resource.

What finally worked for me was a dilution of 35% food grade Hydrogen Peroxide. You probably have to get this stuff online and it isn't cheap but will last for years if you keep in it in the freezer where it remains liquid.

I used one part 35% to 5 or 6 parts distilled water. I then soaked a small wad of cotton batten with the mixture and tucked it between my front lip and tooth/gum. It was 10 times more effective than the 3% peroxide! I set the timer for 10 minutes but I was still spitting (more like a controlled drool) foamy saliva and left it in for about a 1/2 hour until the foam almost disappeared. 90% of the pain is gone and I feel better all round. Yes. You will foam at the mouth and scare small children, but the foam is actually dead bacteria mixed with your saliva. Keep a glass nearby to catch the foamy saliva.

I tried oil pulling with a couple of drops of Oregano Oil but I just don't like doing it very much although I felt a little improvement.

You should also take a good immune booster to help fight off the bad bacteria that is having a party in your body. Olive Leaf Extract, or up to 20 grams(20,000 mgs.) of Vitamin C. I had a product called Immutol lying around and I've been taking 2 capsules three or four times a day.

I also swished MMS which means Miracle Mineral Supplement. It's cheap and for about $20 you get two years worth of the stuff. It cures just about everything so naturally the Feds moved in and the originator, Jim Humble, moved his whole shebang to the Dominican Republic. Go to to learn more about this wonderful product that has already cured thousands of people.

I have a front tooth crown that had a root canal about 14 years ago. About 8 years ago it started to "act up" on occasion and I applied Oregano Oil and/or Tea Tree Oil and in a day or so the inflammation and mild pain would go away.

Three years ago I had to leave work because not only was my tooth and gum very painful but I felt horrible all over. I guess the infection invaded my entire body. I used an EFT protocol called Faster EFT originated by Robert Smith. (He has a zillion videos on YouTube) After an hour of frenzied tapping the pain disappered and I felt normal. Amazing.

Problem is Faster EFT didn't work for me last year -- or this. Drat! But, watch some of his videos -- it's free and easy to learn.

By the way, I do not sell anything and I have no financial interest in any products.

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