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Toenail Fungus
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Nail Fungus Remedies

Last Modified on Mar 28, 2015

Distilled Vinegar   18  0   

Posted by Gissel (West Palm Beach, Florida) on 07/15/2009

[YEA]  Distilled vinegar works, I had a toe nail fungus for over 10 years on my big toes, I started to spray pure distilled vinegar into my toe nails every day twice a day for 3 months and I also cleaned underneath my toe nail with the vinegar. today my nails are clear and beautiful. just be patient it will work. Make sure you do it in the morning before you wear your shoes and before you go to sleep, it is very important to have your feet clean

Posted by Marilyn (Buena Park, CA) on 12/21/2008

[YEA]  Vinegar soaks (two hours) for nail fungus : I tried soaking my toenails in vinegar and water 50:50 for fifteen minutes at a time after a shower and nothing seemed to be happening. One day while sitting at my computer I decided to soak then rather than take time to soak when I was ready for bed. Two hours went by before I remembered I was soaking my feet, and they were all "pruny". I did it for two hours again two more times in that week, but not on consecutive days, and never again. It has now been about three months, and I now have about 1/8 inch of normal nail growing in. If fifteen minute soaks aren't working, try two-hour soaks! I only did it those three days. Who knows? It may take only one two-hour soak! I don't think the kind of vinegar matters. It's the acid in vinegar that destroys the fungus and all store vinegar is about the same.

Posted by AMD (V Ville, USA) on 10/22/2008

[YEA]  White Vinegar cured toe nail fungus

Had funky toenail for about 20 + years, tried a lot of remedies to cure it, no joy. Tried the vicks, acv, lavender oil, etc nothing worked. It was really bad by the time I started using white vinegar (distilled) heinz worked for me. To be honest I really was hopeful but not expecting a lot. Well within 3 months my toe nail is cured and healthy looking. I am 45 and have not seen this little chap/ette look healthy since I was about 22.

I just soaked a bit of cotton wool in vinegar, popped it on toe nail and then put a plaster over it. Best done after a shower/bath when nail is soft. After about 3 days of doing this the base of my toe nail (where there was a sliver of healthy nail left..& I use the word "healthy" loosely} got really sore and tender. The skin got red, swollen and kind of spotty. However shortly after that I began to notice a change that has been continuing. 'Tis a miracle!
God bless to all.

Replied by Russell
Wickenburg, Arizona
I read a review about using vinegar a person would use the vinegar then put a plaster over it. What is the plaster?

EC: A bandaid or...

Replied by Moi
V.ville, Ca
Oops, that was me. A plaster (in Ireland where I grew up) was a generic or non company name for what is commonly known in US as a bandaid. To reiterate my post, it works and has continued to work for the past year or so.

Posted by Nina (Houston, TX) on 07/19/2008

[YEA]  I have fought toenail fungus for over 30 years. I have tried Lamisil, Vicks, hydrogen peroxide and now, distilled vinegar for the past 11 months and I have finally won the battle. I diluted the vinegar, half & half with water, and sprayed it on my toenails twice daily. I have also been cleaning under the nails at least once a week. IT WORKS!

Posted by Juanita Watson (Gaithersburg, MD) on 05/14/2008

[YEA]  I used distilled vinegar to cure my toenail fungus. It took a little over a year to get rid of it, but it works. I had the fungus on both of my big toes for about 6 years. It was horrible and painful because they were lifted and very thick. My husband, being in the medical feild, was really amazed. We were told only lamisil would work. He also has the fungus on his big toe. He has had it for almost 20 years. He had his toenail removed when he was 20 and it grew back with the fungus. So after he saw my results he has been using it. It has taken a bit longer for him, but it is working. After 20 years he has new clear nail growing in and the nail is thinning out. Now the only thing he say's is " Honey can you refill my vinegar bottle". All you need is Patience and plain distilled vinegar!

Posted by Harrier (Long Beach, CA) on 12/10/2007

[YEA]  The website where this was original quoted from is

Dr Stoll doesn't mind people using his methods and letting others know. I had bad toenails and used that approach and it all cleared up. Using the two drops at the base allows the white distilled vinegar to absorb through the nail and change the PH under the nail. By using only two drops you also prevent excess moisture from remaining under the nail. You need to apply twice a day 12 hours a part. In about six weeks, you should begin to see a thin clear nail at the base. After 6 months, your nail should grow out. Once the nail grows out, you should continue applying for about three more months. The major mistake people make is forgetting to remain consistant and missing a treatment or applying to much. For that reason cotton schwabs are also recommended. One dunk for each foot. This treatment does take a while and is 100% effective if you do it corretly and have virtually no expense. For some it has taken two and a half years, most cases are cured between 9 months and a year. Once your nail is infected, Dr Stoll feels you must grow healthy nail to push out the bad nail. Another recommendation is to drink two Tablespoons of ACV with apple juice or water twice a day. This helps treat fungus. Remember white distilled vinegar on the outside and Apple Cider Vinegar orally. Not the other way around.

Posted by Margo (New York, New York) on 08/28/2007

[YEA]  I hurt my big toe nail when I was 12, then it got infected. I am 30 now and for the past 18 years I removed my bit toe nail 3 times, I used a lot of different creams and took limisil twice (each time 3 months) During last five years, my second big toe got infected , then two other nails. I became desperate. So this summer I did the search online and found that white vinegar can cure the fungus. I start to follow the suggested procedure: twice a day put couple of drops on the matrix of the toe. Right away I started to note the results. First my small toes and now after 18 years I finally start to see clear nail near the matrix! Hope this information will help others. Also, please note I've read that only white 5% vinegar is good for this procedure, apple cider vinegar doesn't help.

Posted by Fred (Hobart, Tasmania Australia) on 12/25/2006

[YEA]  I used distilled vinegar to cure toenail fungus. Applied twice a day from a dropper bottle (as described by Nedra from Berkeley.

Posted by Nedra (Berkeley, CA) on 12/03/2006

[YEA]  I just discovered yr site seeking sore throat gargle. Cayenne seems to have some positive effects, so thank you. I followed the recommendation of Walt Stoll, M.D. in Saving Yourself from the Disease-Care Crisis to treat my toenail fungus. It worked absolutely when I followed his instructions to the letter. Now even my physician assistant son recommends this to his patients with onychomycosis:

"If an individual with onychomycosis (toenail fungus) will fill a dropper bottle with the cheapest distilled vinegar from the grocery store (do not use good vinegar that has not been distilled) and put 2 drops of the vinegar at the growing base of the affected nail every night and morning, within a few months, normal nail will begin to show at the base of the nail.

"Remember, the normal nail will have to grow the infected nail off the body. If the treatment is missed, for even one dose, the nail that grew that day may not be resistant to the fungus and the fungus can jump from the infected nail that is still present into the healthy (but not resistant) nail. If that happens, infected nail will be seen at the base in a few months (when it has grown out enough to be seen) and the treatment will have to be continued until THAT infected nail tissue is grown off the body. In essence, the treatment time would have to be started anew."

Pretty simple. Works every time. Cure yourself and make yourself an instant hero with this one.

Posted by Earl (San Jose, CA) on 12/02/2006

[YEA]  Toenail Fungus: There are two steps to this that worked for me.

1) Used distilled white vinegar. Soak feet a few minutes to get rid of fungus on feet.

2) If you have a toenail fungus as well, one drop on each cuticle twice a day until the nail grows out entirely. Approx. 6-9 months. If you miss a day the new growth will have the fungus and you may have to start again until that grows out. Just make it a habit, I found that the odd missed treatment was ok. H2O2 works as well, I just found the vinegar cheaper and easier to manage.

Much better than the drugs prescribed for toenail fungus that can damage your liver or kidneys. That's why you have to do bloodwork every month or no prescription renewal.

Eliminating Sugar   1  0   

Posted by Michigan_gal (Farmington Hills, Michigan, USA) on 09/23/2012

[YEA]  Thank you Ted, Earthclinic and all of the people who sat down and took the time to share your stories. I'd like to share so that I can help someone too.

I'm a 41 year old white female. I stay active and I'm a healthy ideal weight (5Ft - 108lbs) Approx. 65% of my diet is organic foods and I do my best to avoid processed foods. I don't drink soda or consume artificial sweeteners. I avoid foods that contain High Fructose Corn syrup and Hydrogenated oils. However, I have come to discover my healthy diet wasn't as healthy as I thought.

For the last 3 years I have had recurring scabs near the back/crown of my head, sometimes infected. Like a bad habit, I've picked them for years not knowing what they were exactly. This summer's heat triggered the worst ever of my smelly scalp problem which would subside and get bad again. I wash my hair every morning but in the past few months I would notice my head got stinky before lunchtime. I would be sitting in my chair at work and could smell my own head just sitting there. It's smelled like a dirty cheesy rotten sock. If I rubbed my fingers on my scalp they smelled bad. I just started dating this summer and would rush home to wash my hair before going out on dates. I began researching and discovered other people with the same exact story as me. I was shocked and saddened to read it was a fungus and how it was so hard to get rid of. I'm against taking oral drugs as I've read they hurt your liver and never seem to work anyway. I found EarthClinic and I fully believe in natural remedies and that food is medicine.

I've tried many different topical scalp approaches listed on EarthClinic. They made my hair look great and lessened the smell a bit but never cured it. I read a few posts where people said they were cured from cutting sugar completely out of their diet. I wasn't ready to go that extreme and kept trying various topical treatments. As months passed and my dating relationship failed due to my avoidance of my partner, I knew I had to do the extreme and starve the fungus from the inside out.

I have cut out sugar completely. No sugar/honey, no ketchup, or mustard, (nothing with vinegar in it) no salad dressings, no flour, no white potatoes, no wheat, no fruit, no dairy, *although I do allow myself 2 tablespoons of cream in my coffee with stevia extract powder. My diet consists mostly of fish, chicken, eggs, beans of all kinds, tahini, spinach, zucchini, veggies, olive oil, seasonings, lots of quinoa.. For dessert I mix almond butter cocoa powder coconut oil together, it's delicious. I bought Ted's Alkaline ebook and in the morning and evening I drink the formula of lemon juice, water and baking soda. I also take probiotics in pill form since I can't eat yogurt right now.

I have been washing my hair for 2 months using a mild non SLS tea tree botanical shampoo and conditioner found in a local health food grocery store.

At night, I apply a mixture of lemon juice and a drop of pure tea tree oil to my scalp using a cotton swab or sometimes I drizzle it on. A few days a week I do a borax rinse in the shower. I go about shaving and let it sit for a few minutes then rinse it out. These seem to be working along with my new diet.

NO SUGAR- Day 1 - the worst that happened was I had a mild headache all day. I was a bit emotional but not irritable.

Day 3 of No Sugar - my head did NOT smell by lunch time! It did have a faint odor in the evening but only because I was rubbing my scalp to see if any smell rubbed off. It has been easier than I thought possible to do this diet and I feel very good so far. I am amazed and finding it hard to believe my head doesn't stink! This is a first.

Day 5 - I felt kind of weak and had foot cramps that woke me. Overall, doing very well and not craving sugar at all. My tongue is actually pink, not the regular whitish. Oh and I've lost 4lbs so far but I'm never hungry because I eat as much as I want.

Day 7 - It's gone, the smell is gone. I am in the practice of washing my scalp morning and night to keep it clean and so the fungus have nothing to feed on.

Day 14 - which is today the day I'm writing this. I am certain No Sugar is the CURE for scalp fungus. I plan on staying on this diet for a full 21 days. I'm a little nervous about going off it. I dont want to scoop sugar in my coffee anymore and I don't plan on it. I feel like all those foods I gave up are just useless filler foods with no nutrients. It doesn't mean I don't want those delicious cupcakes or chocolate chip cookies I smell baking in the store but I'm certainly not going back to my old ways of eating. I feel brand new now. This is a wonderful thing.

P.S. I think because my diet was pretty healthy to begin with that I didn't suffer from a lot of the sugar withdrawal symptoms people encounter.

Emu Oil   2  0   

Posted by Sean (Portland, Or) on 09/07/2012

[YEA]  Put pure emu oil on your nails for a month. Tougher cases may take longer. My fungus was cured. Hope yours responds in the same way.

Posted by Heatherh (Portland, Or) on 08/23/2010

[YEA]  I wanted to get rid of my lifelong toenail fungus before my wedding day 4 years ago. I got a blood test to ensure my liver was in good condition and happily took home a prescription for Lamisil tablets. I ordered them from Canada and started taking them immediately. After about 3 months I started feeling uneasy about the potential damage I was doing to my liver and kidneys and decided to stop taking the drug. Plus I hadn't seen any improvement anyway. My naturopath said I had slow liver function that was causing my constipation. I don't know if this had anything to do with the Lamisil tablets or not but it seemed better to stop taking them than risk harming my organs. Instead I bought a bottle of emu oil and ground up a few of the Lamisil tablets to make a paste. Every morning and night I applied the paste directly to my toenails. After another 3 months my nails were completely clear. I continued to apply emu oil by itself for a few more months. It has been 3 years since my nails cleared up and they are still looking good - no fungus at all, not even athlete's foot.

Epsom Salts   1  0   

Posted by Ellen (Redwood Shores, CA) on 07/29/2007

[YEA]  For my toenail fungus, I've noticed with various soaking type remedies that the infection actually spreads--too much moisture for me. I was a little skeptical of the epsom salts in very hot water, but nonetheless I purchased the epsom salts and microwaved a couple of cups of water in a bowl. Stirred in the salts and then began dipping my feet in the water. It's too hot for me to leave in for more than a second or two, but it quickly cools down and the feet do get used to the hot water. I just keep dipping a second or two at a time. Normally, when I do use a remedy, I do both my big toenails. But this time, due to my problem with too much moisture, I decided to only treat my toenail with the most stubborn long standing fungus as I didn't want to make my "good" toenail worse. So then a month goes by and I notice that my "bad" toenail is half "pinkish" and I start to wonder why my toenail with the long standing stubborn infection is looking better than the other. Then the lightbulb comes on in my head. I did treat it differently. Then about a week ago, once I realized that it must have been the epsom salts and the very hot water, I did it again, on both feet. Then the next day, I didn't feel very good and I realized that I was probably experiencing the die-off effect, with the fungus releasing their toxins as they're dying. I still am doing multiple (6 or so) remedies, concurrently. In addition, I stopped drinking alcohol and having any sugar--cakes, donuts, candy bars, ice cream, etc. I still do have pasta, potatoes and bread. Since I just did the other toenail only one week ago, I'll still have to wait to see the effects. But I am extremely gratified to see the worse toenail now is half pink with the outer half being brown with white marbling growing out.

Epsom Salts, Colloidal Silver   1  0   

Posted by Frank Knows (Usa) on 08/11/2013

[YEA]  I'm shocked that no person has recommended epsom salt for Nail Fungus. Soak your feet as directed every other day for 3-5 days, also colloidal silver. One drop on each nail. Take a break in between treatments, one day , Don't treat each nail if not needed, just the infected one with colloidal and the ES should take care of the rest.

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