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Nail Fungus Remedies

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Posted by David (Redding, CA) on 08/24/2006

[YEA]  Over 25 years ago my big toe was injured. Fungus set in and also infected every toe on both feet. Lived with the problem way too long for 25 years. I did not want to take any prescription medications after reading the side affects!!! Then I came across this site by accident! I am so glad I found this site. Got me going and got me thinking from a different perspective.

In the summer of 2005 I started using white distilled vinegar and hydrogen peroxide. I applied with Q tips to each toe twice a day or more diligently.

First thing I noticed was the fungal smell went away! I started to notice a distinct improvement! I would make sure to cut and file my toenails and then sterilize the clippers and file as not to spread or reinfect myself or anyone else. I drank ACV twice a day. 12 oz. of water to 2 tablespoons of ACV. I cut way back on my grains and sugar in my diet as fungus loves these foods. Also don't drink alcohol and beer. You will be feeding your enemy the fungus. I also take probiotics and anti-fungals, such as a good multi vitamin, olive leaf extract, oil of oregano, and beta glucan. I took the time to study up on fungus.

My smaller four toes began to clear up completely and the big toes showed big improvement. My big toe nails were more stubborn to clear up. Then in summer of 2006 I started to soak my feet in white vinegar and peroxide for 20 to thirty minutes a day. Wow, my big toes are almost all cleared up! Once they are done then the fungus will have been defeated! But do not let your guard down. Continue with the applications and the foot soakings on not as often. I spray the inside of my shoes with Hydrogen peroxide in a spray bottle and then I spray my toes during the day. The fungus has not returned to my smaller four toes. You must STARVE the fungus you have living inside your body, then you must take the anti fungals to ATTACK the fungus living in your body, then finally you must ATTACK the fungus externally with what I described above. It is working for me. I hope it works for you. The science behind this says it will from my research. Best of luck to you and best wishes. Warmest Regards

Posted by Andrew (Long Beach, CA) on 06/24/2006

[YEA]  I have continued to try Ted's method, but instead of soaking my feet using ACV, I switched putting only two drops on each toe of White Distilled Vinegar and H2O2. White Distilled Vinegar appears much better for external use and more effective as it also has the same PH as ACV. After laying off for a few months, I started again at the beginning of this month. Since that time, I see some progress. The base of the aflicted toenails are beginning to look pink and health. It is a small amount, but shows some progress from a month ago. I'm also seeing the top of the nail look much cleaner as it looks clear. The brighr brownish yellow color originally there has lightened and looks whiter in with vertical or diagonal ridges becoming more visable. Although I have not precisely used Ted's method and modified it, by switching to WDV and using drops rather than soaking, I found the method appears to be working. I also think Clorox does a great job in helping. Because my toe nails had been yellow for a few years, I think my toenails will take longer to cure and my nails will have to grow out which may take 3-4 months.

Posted by Pape (Acapulco) on 05/31/2006

[YEA]  I have had a nail fungus i guess going on 20 years. I genetically have black toes so I never paid attention to my toe nails. I went for a pedicure the other day because i somewhat could not not even out the skin on my feet it was like what happens when you try to start a new roll of cheap toilet paper. The pedicurist told me I had a fungus affecting both my nails and skin she had heard about someone using a product used to wash vegetables and that it contained iodine. I search on the net and stumbled on to the site. I tried Ted from thailand's treatment somewhat First day soaked my feet the best I could in a bowl for 20 mins of 50/50 acv and 3%peroxide scrub my skin with the solution and washed with iodine the next morning i filed my nails and did the same. I could tell something was happening. Parts of my big toes had gone milky white.

Encouraged by these results I went and got a proper basin I have size 16 feet US that about 52 european bought a few liters of h202 and acv and soaked my feet coincidence or luck I started watching a movie and forget about my feet I must have had my feet completely submerged for 21/2 hours. When the movie was over I remember about my feet and felt them under the solution a paste had somewhat developed I took a pumice stone and scrubbed this paste of gently what emerged was a brand new foot no skin fungus everything was smooth. I trimmed my toe nails half of my big toe nails came off leaving something that felt lie another very thin nail in place the nails where also have the the thickness they had. I continued soaking for two more days. At night before going to bed I would use nizoral on my skin on the entire foot all the the way to my calves and put tree tee oil on the nails. I went looking for copper chloride and could not find any instead I was able to get a small flask of permanganate of potassium and painted my nails with pdp in the morning. I wore sandals for the first week. I am now using vicks and tree tee oil specially before putting on socks. Here is something else I noticed I lost nearly ten pounds a week later and my eating habits have changed I do not know if this is psychological or my body was stocking up to fight the fungus. This is something worth investigating!

Posted by Andrew (Long Beach, CA) on 02/01/2006

[YEA]  I have taken Teds advice. What I'm now finding is I have a clear nail at the base around the the sides and on the top. To a certain degree, I was also able to clean under the nail, but unfortunately pushed some of the yellow further down my nail. I know it's not a good thing had hoping the extra concentration of clorox will help. The top part of the nail looks clear and lighter with some thin streaks while the middle has a yell strip through the center that go diagonally the to upper corners (top) of the nails.

The top of my nail is about a 1/16" cut back too far, but the toenail is of normal thickness. The nail itself however, because it is far back is high off the nail bed. It is also high enough out so I can slip a thin brush with Tea tree oil in. In about one or weeks my nail should grow long enough to where I will cut it at full length. My hope is I can have more of the bottom part of the nail grow clearer. My feeling is, if the entire part of the nail that touches the skin clear is beginning to clear up, it maybe a good sign the rest of the nail will eventually follow. I will keep trying Teds methods and accept any suggestions he provides.

Posted by Andrew (Long Beach, CA) on 01/22/2006

[NAY]  I had fungus for about a year. When I started using Ted's method 6 weeks ago, I had one toenail that was yellow for about 3/4 of the nail. I also tried Ted's method. Initially it appeared the method worked as the Toe nail grew out 1/2 of the nail looked good. But after a while the yellow re-appeared and yellow has gone down to the same level without any change in my application. I am going to keep trying for a little longer, as I'm beginning to take Niacin and garlic to help with possible fungus in my blood. Unless there is testimony otherwise, I have my doubts about the possibility that the yellow in toe nails can come off in a few days under the best circumstances. I'm wondering if by increasing the concentration of clorox, this may help. So far I say Ted's methods are not working for me.

Posted by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
Dear Andrew, If the yellow is not coming off as expected, I suggest you double your clorox concentration to rid of it.

Posted by Ted (Bangkok, Thailand)

This is where I have most of my experience as this is one of the athlete's most common problems. Even nail manicurists have problems getting rid of this. The fastest way to get rid of toenail fungus or fingernail is vinegar mixed with a 3% hydrogen peroxide. The mixture 50/50. Keep adding it with a dropper or soak until there is no fizzing (if it is severe) and when there is minimum discoloration. Some people will feel as slight pinch after awhile.

This is then followed by getting your hands soaked in a Clorox bleach (in U.S. you use Clorox, in Thailand we used Haiter). A strong concentration is 1 cap per 1/2 glass of water, stir and soak. And leave your finger with fungus for about 1/2 minute. If severe fungus then try 1 cap Clorox to 4 caps water. Again leave for about 1/2 minute. Chlorine will be absorbed through the fingernails during that time.

Rinse in water and dry it and follow this with a 50/50 mix of vaseline and tea tree oil. Put in on the fingernail and put on Band-Aid (in Thailand we use tensoplast) and leave it on for a whole day and repeat the vinegar and H2O2 again, followed by this 50/50 mix of vaseline and tea tree oil again. Doing this for at least 3-4 days. And it should be all gone. Actually it should be gone in 2 days if the required maintenance of reinfection remains. Please remember that Band-Aid is not absolutely required depending on circumstances. It just helps you save time in preventing the reapplication throughout the whole day. I much prefer, especially for the fingernails, to reapply it for a whole week to keep that tea tree oil -vaseline throughout the day. In case of a toenail, especially if you use tennis shoes or shoes that prevent air circulation or no sunlight, then it Band-Aid and vaseline-tea tree application maybe necessary.

The problem about this fungus problem is not the problem of getting rid of them. That's easy, H2O2 and Vinegar reacts into a very powerful peracetic which is reactive against fungus followed this by Clorox! And the second problem I solved is how to get an anti-fungal staying on the fingernail long enough to destroy them, which is vaseline and tea tree oil. The BIG problem is the fungus that exists in socks, shoes and moisture which makes fingernails or toe nail vulnerable to another fungus reinfection. Use clorox bleaches for socks and change socks EVERY DAY. During the working hour, if possible avoid tennis shoes or shoes which prevent ventilation. For fingernails, avoid getting the hands wet especially dishwashing. To avoid it either wash dishes with a waterproof clean plastic or rubber gloves or use a dishwashing machine. Avoid getting the hands except when necessary. If the hand is wet, then you must apply pure tea tree oil (no more bandaids after 2-3 days every time it does get wet.

Finally those who have fingernail fungus, avoid using any nail polish as most colored nail polish covers up the fingernail, causing or encouraging fungus growth. Fungus DOES NOT like sunlight. Getting your hands expose of fungus and sunlight is helpful. In countries where weather is cold, people often use dark gloves, however they are often not laundered. Try to get gloves laundered once a day, if possible using clorox bleach or other bleaches such as sodium percarbonate (better than chlorine bleaches and safer) or the old standby of sodium perborate.

I have recommended this variation to many people and it works every time. Unfortunately, most who came to me are usually too late and the fungus was so severe, they lost nearly all their toenails or fingernails. It is therefore necessary that you do it before it gets any worse.

To leave in closing, people who have fungus infection long enough may have blood stream with possible fungus infection. For those who who are familiar with peroxide therapy, I suggest you research the subject as a potential therapy to get rid of low level fungus in the blood. This will prevent fungus from getting widespread. I remember reading somewhere that before a person gets cancer, they also have a fungus problem.

Also fungus problem of fingernail is also evidence that your body is also deficient in some other minerals. When you are deficient you are also very susceptible to fingernail/toenail fungus infection.

A possible sign of this is if people whose fingernails are brittle most easily get fungus in toenail or fingernail as there are tiny cracks in your nails allowing the nasty fungus to hide.

You can test the brittleness of fingernails quite easily! An ordinary fingernail if you cut up your fingernail and bend is 90 degrees, a normal fingernail will not break completely. My fingernail is better than normal, it will bend even all the way and still will not break. When it does get brittle, it might mean your body is silicon deficient, magnesium deficient and very likely that your body blood serum is high in calcium. Too much calcium is a common problem. Another overlooked problem is places where water is fluorinated it tends to cause your fingernail and bones to become brittle as well as your fingernails - so avoid fluoridated water. Fingernails are a good indicator for future events when you get old or whether you will have osteoporosis. As long as your fingernails remain flexible, it is a good sign that the bones are not brittle.

You can supplement them with silicon or magnesium. The details of supplementation is beyond the topic of this email. Also, people who have brittle fingernails do not get complete protein supplementation or have poor source of proteins. Proteins keep fingernails tough and resistant as well as your bones - not calcium. Calcium is like a chalk you write on the blackboard, but what makes them so difficult to break and resistant to fungus due to lack of brittleness is the protein. Foods rich in hyaluronic acid are also important.

However, you need to follow the mentioned regimen which will best get rid of fingernail fungus. Get your hands/feet dry as quickly as possible. It is a common practice after washing or bathing to just let them dry by themselves. This is a mistake. Use alcohol or wipe them clean dry after getting wet is extremely important as fungus loves water and moisture. Keep carpets and rugs free of fungus by using hydrogen peroxide during the cleaning of them and this will prevent reinfection. Use well ventilated shoes such as sandals if it is toe nail problem. Avoid gloves if it is a fingernail problem. Avoid hand dishwashing if it is at all possible.

In Thailand, fungus is a difficult problem to get rid of since the source water usually comes from the use of illegal well water instead of from public utilities.

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Topical Acidophilus   0  0   

Posted by Steve (Lebanon, Pa Usa) on 03/26/2011

Your site is so helpful. I thought I would share this tip I stumbled upon after suffering for some years. Take acidophillus pills and grind them in the coffee grinder and apply with water to make a paste to fungal infested areas. Works like a charm and safe too although the dust does work loose from the skin. These are tough to cure and many applications may be necessary but be confident relief is on its way!

Posted by Ginger
Champaign, Illinois, Usa
[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]   I also stumbled upon this cure. I had been taking a triple probiotics capsule every day to fight the fungal infection from the inside out. One day I broke open a capsule and brushed the contents directly on my infected nails. It worked! I have been doing it every day for a few weeks and my nails haven't looked this good in 2 years. I had tried dozens of treatments, including going to a podiatrist, and nothing else worked.

Urine Therapy   3  0   

Posted by Darlene (Otto, Nc, Usa) on 10/14/2011

[YEA]  A relative of mine was a midwife, and had home remedies for many ailments. When a baby was brought in with thrush, she would take it down to the barn and work what we thought was some kind of strange magic; and the baby would get better. She would never let anyone go with her to the barn except the baby. When she was very old... before she died, she revealed to us some of her remedies, and the reason why she could not let anyone go with her to the barn...

She said: Thrush (that causes white tongue) is usually a sign of too much fungus in the body; she would take the baby to the barn, and let it urinate in it's diaper, then take the urinated diaper and rub it in the baby's mouth, and if the baby had cradle cap she would rub the urinated diaper all over its head. Most people would have freaked out; if they had known this; so she kept it secret. She was practicing urine therapy; and it seemed to work good for thrush.

I have found that making your own tooth powder (baking soda, sea salt, borax, few drops of peppermint oil, wet toothbrush with H202 and dip in mixture) and after brushing, sloshing mouth with glycerin works wonders on a white tongue. The tongue turns nice and pink, and the mouth feels really fresh. You can also sip on a little glycerin throughout the day for a fresh clean feeling

Ultimately, though... To get rid of the root cause, and keep it gone... you will have to address the fungus problem.

Posted by Kevin (Salt Lake City, Utah) on 07/05/2006

[YEA]  I tried every remedy on the internet i could find. I read about urine therapy on the same and tried it immediately. After two months of drinking 3 cups every morning of my own urine you should see the brand new fungus free toenails that have grown in, absolutely free. I hope this message gets sent to other sufferers because it is the best cure that does work almost immediately, I believe I started seeing results within the first 3 days. Just look up urine therapy on google if you are still skeptical. Thank you.

Posted by Veronica
San Antonio, USA
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[YEA]   Urine therapy worked for me on toe nail fungus, but I did not drink it. A friend who works in the medical field told me that urine is actually sterile and has the ability to kill off some bacteria, fungus and other things. I saved some of my urine (that was fun) and dabbed it on my big toe where the fungus was. I think I did it 2 or 3 times in as many days. It was weird, but it cleared up in about 5 days. I had been battling the stupid fungus for 6 months. I never saw a sign of it again. Go figure.
Posted by Rollo
Silicon Valley, CA
Please don't drink your urine. It is a waste product that your body is trying to get rid of. It is full of toxins. However, it is sterile, and can definitely be applied externally. The easiest way is to urinate on your nails in the shower.

EC: Read much more about Urine Therapy here:

Vicks   7  3   

Posted by Terry (Dayton, Ohio) on 11/04/2011

[YEA]  I had a nail fungus since 1971 and I was reading this page and found the salve. Vicks salve and yellow root. It's gone, all gone now. But I did something different. I cut a lot of strips of plastic bags out so they would be handy. Then when I would put the salve one my toe nail I'd wrap it with the plastic strip so it holds it on the nail and don't soak in the sock. Change it every morning. You can feel it working. Tingling. I tell all my friends about this page.

Posted by Timbo2
Huntsville, Al
[YEA]   I had the toenail and finger nail fungus for almost 3 years. Both thumb nails and and both big toes. I tried the vinegar and bleach and several other treatments with no success. Finally went to the Dr for lamisil pills and it initially seemed to be working but a month after stopping the pills the fungus began spreading in the nails. So it was back to my own remedy. Now Both thumbs are completely normal/grown out and It's been over 2 months with no signs that it's returning. I don't recommend what I did, but it seems to have worked for me.

I took my dremel tool with a sanding wheel and ground off all of the infected nails down to the nail bed. Cleaned it with alcohol, wiped dry, and applied lamisil gel twice a day for six weeks. Each week I would grind off any new nail growth to ensure I kept the infected area exposed. On some occasions I had to grind off more nail because it looked to be spreading. I also wore "finger cots" when showering and tried to keep my nails water/moisture free. This leaves the finger bed/nail area very dry and flakey looking. After this 6 week treatment, I started the vicks vapor rub treatment (off brand) by applying a hefty amount at bed time and covering it with a bandaid. I did this for 2 months. As I said, my thumbs are completely grown out and normal now. My big toes only got the vicks treatment; right is completely cleared and left is still growing out so until it has completly grown out I honestly can't say. Some people claim to see immediate improvement or it worked after 2 weeks... etc. Don't believe it. It will cause a transparent efffect on the nails and make them "look" better but until the nail is completely grown out/connected to the nail bed the fungus is still under there. Most say to do the treatment every night without a missing a single night for 2 months, I say do it until the nail is grown out and looks normal, and that can take 12 to 18 months for toe nails. For me it was about 6 months but my fungus only went about half way back on my toenails to start with. Bottom line, I think the vicks will work for most people but not all, and, you have to be deligent. I did not miss a night, no matter what. If we went away for the weekend I took my vicks with me. If I was sick, I still applied the vicks. I'm very OCD when it comes to these types of things and you need to be to get rid of the fungus. Good luck.

Posted by Timbo2
Huntsville, Al
Just an update, still clear, no signs of fungus. Left toe nail looks normal but still not completely grown out. Probably another 3 to 5 months before I can actually claim victory for that toe nail. Good luck!
Posted by Dean
Seattle, Wa
LOVE the fact that you checked back in!! I too, use a dremel. So funny. (How many more of us are out there?) Never tried the Vicks. I'll try tonight. I'm so impatient. I always give up if something doesn't start working within the first few days.

Posted by Jerry (Cleveland, Texas) on 07/25/2011

I started out using bleach in an effort to cure the fungus under my thumb finger nail about 6 months ago. I had very little results if any. Then, I got a list via my email for home cures and it listed VICKS as a cure for fungus under the nails.

I've been using it now for about a week, and my nail looks much better. I purchased some of those "finger ballons or condoms" at the pharmacy and put that on after applying the vicks. This keeps the vicks in place, and the finger dry.

Posted by Sam (Toledo, Ohio) on 04/19/2009

[YEA]  My wife has had a toe nail fungus for over 40 years. She has tried several nail solution cures purchased over the internet including the prescription penlac. None of them worked.

Finally I accessed your web site and tried almost all the remedies you have posted including Ted's remedy, tea tree oil, hydrogen peroxide, full strength bleach painted on carefully, viniger soaks, etc. Along the way I noticed several observations: All of the above work to some extent because they provide a hostile enviroment for yeast and fungus and initially kill or appear to kill it. They also however kill the skin cells and all irritate the area under the nail and even inflame it after prolonged use and the fungus loves the weakened cells. Most also have water in them which the fungus and yeast love! Finally we settled on a cure which is neither acidic nor basic, which is not an irritant, and which has no water in it and which is on your list of cures and the fungus is gone on one foot and almost completely gone on the other, and the nails are clear and white. Vick's! Vicks! and more Vicks!

Sam's cure: Gob it on each toe at night and cover with a thin cotton half sock or footie. Before showering gob it on, dry and gob more on cover with a clean cotton sock. If time permits gob on during the day and change socks. Stop taking baths, shower only unless you can keep your foot out of the water and keep it gobbed with vicks. The idea is to keep water away from the toe nail and the vick's works the best. The camphor and lack of water will kill it and allow the toe nail to heal. It will take several months but it does work and it works the best. After 40 years it will finally be gone!

Posted by AL
Posted by Christina
Battle Mountain, Nevada
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[YEA]   I had been trying multiple remedies but I only seemed to be keeping the fungus at bay rather than actually killing it completly. Then I added vicks to my other remedies and slowly stopped all other remedies except for the vicks and my two infected nails are doing great. Also I had the fungus for almost 6 years on one nail and about 18 months on the other. I read somewhere that it is the thymol that makes it so effective, don't know if its true. Good luck everyone!!
Posted by Elizabeth
Shelby, Nc
I tried a product similar to Vicks called Raleigh Salve. It has been around my whole life, and I figured it would work the same as Vicks, and it does. I had a fungus on a small section of my big toe, and I started using it twice a day. Within one day I could see a difference in it. It looks like it is repairing my toe nail from the inside out. It almost looks completely normal. Thank you for the information.

Posted by Beth (Memphis, TN) on 03/05/2009

[NAY]  I've read through the nail fungus posts and have heard previously about Vick's working; however, I've been using it for quite a while now on my nail (big toe toenail) (applied at night before bed, put on a sock), and nothing is happening. My problem is that the fungus is at the base of my nail. How do I get to it?? It seems that a large portion of the nail is dead and detatched from the skin towards the top of the nail, so I'm hoping whatever I apply will soak through that opening. I don't think it's working, though. Should I try and cut away what looks like the dead portion of the nail and go from there? Will anything soak through the nail to get to the base?

Posted by Nancy
Sunnyvale, Ca
you just have to be patient..and u will see sounds like you want to see it overnight..but it doesnt work that just wait..
Posted by Ascha4
Springfield, Il
2 Posts
What I did was grabbed a new, small makeup brush that had an angled edge, it was just one I had gotten in a free kit somewhere. I dabbed that in the vicks and then shoved it as far under my nail as I could get it, hoping to attack it at the base. I also rubbed the vicks all around the outside of my nail. I've already seen improvement. I also apply it before I get into the shower to keep the water out, then reapply it after the shower when everything is dry again. Hope that helps.
Posted by Bee
Cut the corners off a plastic grocery bag, slather your toes in vicks, put a corner of the bag over your toes than a sock to hold in place.

Posted by Mercy (Woodland Hills, Ca) on 10/28/2008

[YEA]  I recently just googled to see what I can do to get rid of some toe nail fungus. I was using bleach and some over the counter cream and it was working slowly. But I made the mistake of getting a pedicure nad painting my toes. Well it just ran wild. So I saw that using vapor rub worked. So I bought a generic brand at Walmart...same active ingredients and I started using it day and night. I would apply it and put socks on for bed and in the morning right after my shower. I already see the difference. I cannot believe it. My feet are also becoming real smooth. So I let my mom know because she has it real bad too and we are both seeing a lot of improvement. the nail seems to already starting to grow out smooth. I wish more people knew about this so they could stop wasting their time buying expensive creams and medication. I have already been using it for over a week and I am already seeing the difference. I will see at the end of the one tub I bought if I really see any changes. I will keep you posted.

Posted by Brent (Pine City, Minnesota) on 07/19/2008

[YEA]  I have had toenail fungus for at least 15+ years on my big toe and the one next to it. I had heard that hydrogen peroxide would get rid of it. It did nothing for my toe fungus after using a bottle over a course of three months. I then heard from a couple friends that they cleared their fungus up with vicks vapor rub; so I tried it for two days and I can already see a dramatic improvement. You can get a generic brand also which is a lot cheaper. I bought a chest rub brand made by Target and I compared the active ingredients and percentages to Vicks and it was exactly the same mixture at a way cheaper price. It works great. I can't believe it took me so long to improve my toenails. I was always wearing socks with my sandals because I was so embarrassed of my fungus but not anymore.

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