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Last Modified on Sep 25, 2015

Ozonated Olive Oil   0  0   

Posted by Tassi (Berkeley, California) on 05/09/2015

[SIDE EFFECTS]  I read many impressive things about ozonated olive oil as a cure, so (having tried just about every other remedy for nail fungus and candida) I finally ordered some online from what seems a reputable source. I used it sparingly, applying with a toothpick to just one or two fingernails at first, then after a couple of days I applied it sparingly to all my fingernails, as they are all infested with fungus. From the first application, I was distressed by the intense smell but I think this is just how it is "supposed to smell." After the second day of applying to all my fingers, still very sparingly, my face swelled up. A liquid formed under my skin, a bag formed under one eye, then I watched my face sag down over the next few weeks and now, a couple months later, I am left with having aged in appearance about 5 years. I can't recommend this to anybody who has sensitivities. Note that I never touched my face with the stuff, or anyplace else other than around all the edges of my fingernails.

Replied by Nanowriter
Hotspot, Texas
Hi Tassi, what you describe makes me think you may have had a cancer that inflamed and then was dismantled, leaving a space under your skin. I say this because I have used vitamin c on my skin cancers and experienced the swelling and then tissue loss as the cancer tissue is removed. It left a definite divot at the time.

The good thing is that the tissue loss in your face will likely fill back in over time.

Replied by Tassi
Berkeley, California
Well, thanks for that idea, and I am very intrigued that you have had such success with vitamin c and skin cancers (! ). But I do not see any tissue loss on my face, just an added fold of baggy, slightly puffy skin at the naso-labial crease. That I would like to lose!
Replied by Tassi
Berkeley, California
Well, thanks for that idea, and I am very intrigued that you have had such success with vitamin c and skin cancers (! ). But I do not see any tissue loss on my face, just an added fold of baggy, slightly puffy skin at the naso-labial crease. That I would like to lose!

Potatoes   1  0   

Posted by Beverly (Elkhart)

[YEA]  right now we are using crushed up raw potatoes inside a gauze and put this on the infected toes each night. this pulls out the infection. and afterwards peroxide the next morning with a cotton ball to pull out any more infection. we have been doing this every nite now for two weeks and they are healing. Thanks.

Pulse Generator   0  0   

Posted by Codexaureus (Columbus, Ohio) on 07/06/2011

Bad infection between the little and fourth toes. Dragged what may have been fungus to the surface by electrifying the skin with a puls generator (1-2mA at 5V, 30kHz pulse). The electrodes were two small pieces of copper tubing, the negative electrode placed between the little and fourth toes, the positive between the big and second toes. Removed some small 'white wires' that came to the surface.

After the skin healed up a small metal pin was placed between the little and fourth toes. The negative electrode was connected to the pin, the positive electrode was placed in the mouth with enough saliva to increase the area of conductance. A small protrusion of pus came to the surface. Charge flow was increased to 20-25mA at 5V. White staphylococcus aureus necrotizing fasciitis became visible right below the surface of the skin.

This infection would have and probably has gone unnoticed for years. Antifungal creams sometimes with corticosteroids were prescribed in the past never completely curing the infection. Possible eczema and sensitivity to fungi were the only conclusions.

For the necrotizing fasciitis a 10 day course of 30 amoxicillin/clavulanic acid pills (500mg/125mg) were prescribed. To increase treatment effectiveness a blue light-emitting diode was directed at the site of infection (blue light phototherapy kills Staphylococcus aureus).

P.S. Treatment with lytic bacteriophages is also possible but mainly for multidrug resistant bacteria. Staphylococcus aureus resists human defensins by production of staphylokinase. Fungi evade the immune system of their hosts by secreting extracellular protein 6.

Rubbing Alcohol   1  0   

Posted by Rebecca (Victoria, BC, Canada) on 03/15/2007

[YEA]  I had a severe fungal infection under my big toenail. My doctor prescribed antibiotics that I would need to take for a year (lamisil?); this drug had a risk of serious side effects and also required completely giving up drinking alcohol for a year! Before taking the antibiotic, I decided to try just applying rubbing alcohol (50% alcohol readily available and cheap at any pharmacy) twice a day.

I put the alcohol in an eye-dropper and was careful to get as much under the nail as possible; I also cleaned out dead skin if necessary. I did this twice a day, and also at any time when my feet got wet. I saw progress very soon, and the fungus was completely clear in 6 months. I did not lose the nail as had been predicted. I did not change my diet, stop drinking, or take any special supplements - just the external rubbing alcohol directly on/under the infected toenail.

Worth a try for a month; if you are diligent you will see progress and this has to be the cheapest, easiest way to handle the problem.

Sea Salt   3  0   

Posted by Anonymous (Somewhere, Texas) on 09/23/2012


Add 1/4 to 1/2 cup or more of salt to the foot bath depending on how much water you have. Think salty like the Dead Sea - this will kill the fungus.

If hot water hurts your toes you can use warm water. But you might want to dissolve the salt in hot water first so the water becomes super saturated then let cool.

You can go to a local feed store and buy bulk fine mineral salts which are the same thing as the some of the more expensive mineral baths salts(mined from the same place). This way you can get a lot of high quality salt cheaply. Hope this helps you.

Posted by Mpi (Atlantic City, Nj) on 07/10/2012

[YEA]  I probably tried over 50 different remedies for nail fungus on my big toe and it just kept getting worse. It got so bad, the entire nail was separated from the nailbed, except for a small section at the very base of the nail and I was resigned to the idea that I would lose the nail. Here is what finally worked: SALT.

My routine: At night, pack the affected toe(s) in salt, (less than 1/8 of a teaspoon is plenty! ) making sure to get it well under the nail. You can add a drop of water so some of the salt will get into all the crevices the fungus can grow. In the morning, I use baking soda and a nail brush to scrub it clean and then dab some coconut oil on it to keep the nail from becoming too brittle.

First, I noticed that the fungus stopped advancing down the nail. As the nail grew in, it came in white for a bit and then little by little, I saw pink, healthy nail bed growing at the base of the nail, it is firmly attached to the skin and continues to grow in normally.

Posted by Daisy on 11/23/2006

[YEA]  You can go to any Whole Foods Store and buy Himalayan Salt, like I did. It works! Bleach and Vicks are not natural remedies. Please do not do these remedies you will harm your liver and kidneys not to mention bleach is also a skin irritant. Read the warning labels and you will see that they are completely toxic. Rule of thumb, if you can't eat it don't put it on your skin. Also, Monostat is not a natural remedy either. It is a fungicide. After a while it will not work. Your fungus will grow immune and will need stronger stuff. You can create a super fungus that can eat your skin away. Don't do it.

Replied by Antonious
West Cov, CALI USA
how do you use it? would soaking the feet in water with salt work?

Shoe and Sock Tips   0  0   

Posted by Not Fun Gus (St. Louis, Mo Usa) on 11/15/2011

How can I sterilize my good wool socks after wearing them with toe fungus? I know to first soak them in cold water to set size. Does anyone think a long soak in ACV would kill fungus? I don't want to get rid of them.

Replied by Louwrence
Rustenburg, North West South Africa
Try soaking them in a solution of water & ammonia. Ammonia kills fungus. Borax also kills fungus. Hope you hare successful.

Posted by Uneeq3 (Los Angeles, Ca) on 04/18/2011

Just wanted to know if any of you had to throw away the shoes you have been wearing during/after the positive results.... And doesn't nail fungus contaminate shoes especially those worn without socks?

Sugar-Free Diet   1  0   

Posted by Tee (Chicago, Il, Usa) on 09/25/2012

[YEA]  I had fungus in one of my big toes for about 15 years. During that time I tried strict regimens of both OTC and prescribed topical medications, as well as tea tree oil. Had the nail removed twice so I could get whatever medication onto the infection site, which was at the base of the nail.

Twice the infection appreared to be gone, but later my heart sank as I saw the fungus returning.

Finally I ended up getting a prescription for an antifungal to be taken orally for 90 days. Expensive stuff, about $1000 USD. It did the trick... for three months! I decided to go it again. I got a second prescription, same stuff, thinking it might finish off the fungus 100% this time since it was a smaller infection than the first time. Well it worked... For three years. When I saw the infection returning, I almost cried.

I got online and started searching madly for causes of the fungus. That's when I first learned of the concept of candida, and intuitively felt there was something to it for me. I adhered to a strict diet (Google Candida diet), most importantly NO SUGAR. Worked like a charm; I saw results with my toe in a couple of months.

Over the following ten years fungus reappeared three more times... But at the top of the toenail, whereas before it was the base of the nail. The good news about that was that now I could get a topical medication to it without removing my nail.

The medication I used was bleach. I used the bleach pen, applying a line of it twice a day under the toenail. All three times this killed the fungus within a week. I realize this would not be a popular remedy with naturalists, but stubborn infections call for desperate measures.

Everytime it had appeared I had realized my sugar consumption had gradually increased over time, resulting in another fungus outbreak. So along with the bleach, I also cut out sugar during the treatment phase.

Finally I accepted that I am more sensitive to sugar than most people, and adopted a low sugar diet as a lifestyle.

I have been fungi-free for four years now! My toenail looks normal, as if it had never suffered 15 years of infection.

Hang in there! You have no choice but to be patient with the process, and you too will soon be fungi-free.

Replied by Alaskan
Palmer, Alaska
Thank you for this information. I have been battling toe nail fungus for years. I have used Tea Tree Oil to keep it under control. But, I have always known that sugar is not a good thing for me. I am willing to cut it out and see if it clears this up!

Sunlight   1  0   

Posted by Feethurt (Albuquerque, New Mexico) on 07/04/2013

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  I've had a persistent problem with Toenail Fungus that made my nails get thick and turn inward like claws. I had read an article in Dr. Mercola's website that had a paragraph in it saying to expose feet to sunlight. I was living in the SF Bay Area (cool and foggy) so it wasn't practical but now I've moved to a climate that is more sunny (Albuquerque) and I started wearing sandals in April. My toenails aren't so curved in any more and they don't hurt so much when I trim them.

This is the link to his article. Scroll down to the paragraph titled "Using Sunlight to Treat Chronic Toenail Fungus Infections"

EC: Interestingly, the Mercola article also references Blue Light and Sunlight for antibiotic-resistant infections. Earth Clinic happens to have a Remedies page on this, created years ago! Click the link above to check it out!

Posted by Jwmci (Boulder, Co) on 04/06/2012

[YEA]  My son has been running barefoot for various reasons. An interesting sidelight is that his toenail fungus disappeared, leading him to believe that sunlight is the key. It would be interesting to try an artificial sun light.

Tea Tree, Lavender, Rosemary Oils   1  0   

on 03/17/2007

[YEA]  Lynn from Danby, VT writes: "Perfect cure for toe fungus, and it rids your shoes and sox of any crud as well. A third of each of these:
tea tree oil
lavender oil
red rosemary oil

Cotton ball dab all over. Pull on sox and shoes..and, voila! It's gone in a shake. Also smells wonderful. I used to put a dab in all of our trash brown bags when we were selling our house. Everyone asked what smelled so wonderful!

Replied by Val
Grand Prairie, TX
Where can I buy the red rosemary oil? I can find the rosemary oil, but not RED rosemary oil. Hope to hear from you soon.

Thanks, Val

Ted's Remedies   14  3   

Posted by Anne (Chicago, US) on 08/04/2014

Dear EC,
Earlier this evening I found Ted's recipe for curing Toenail Fungus. I bought the hydrogen peroxide, bleach, vaseline and tea tree oil but don't know how to use it all. Now I can only find others talking about how well it worked under Ted's Recipes but can't find Ted's Recipe itself. If it was removed somehow, post it again? Or tell me where to find it?
Thank you! Anne


Posted by John (Bangkok, Thailand) on 12/18/2013

[SIDE EFFECTS]  I am sorry to hear about Ted fm Bangkok. I live in Bangkok and the authorities and the Thai version of the AMA here does not like

I have a fungus problem that seemingly went the wrong direction while being cured but I would appreciate some advice/input if anyone has an idea on the matter.

I developed what seemed to be large tinea corporis rash (doctor advised) on my backside about 6 months ago. I did not notice it for
quite sometime so it may have been there for some while before that. About 10 weeks ago I saw a doctor here and they gave me the
usual anti-fungal cremes. Over several weeks there was no improvement. In fact, the fungus migrated to my hand and fingers and later the elbows and ankles. They then felt it was internal now and gave me Sporanox and Lamisil tablets etc. No change except to increase intensity of the rash symptoms. Not much itching however, only rash and some rash spreading. I tried various other methods and but not much happened. I had systemic candida 15 years ago and beat it with diet and Mycostatin, etc and it was nothing like that.

Forward to 01 December 2013. I started on what I had read from Ted from Bangkok. I began the regimen of Sodium bicarbonate 1/4
teaspoon and water, 3 x per day and 1/4 teaspoon of Borax in 1 liter water. The borax I started at 50 ml per day. After several days a small reaction began what I assumed was Herx effect. The body trying to get the toxins out quickly. Skin on the rash became very dry and flaking off. But then it stopped. So from what I read, if one had a severe fungal case then increase the dosage to about 100 ml per day. This I did with a 5 day on / 2 day off program. Soon the Monday of the second week the dosage was increased to 100 ml per day. By Thursday a real noticeable effect appeared, the skin was dying off the rashes almost everywhere but the rashes were spreading. I put this down to the increased Herx effect. I stopped for the 2 days on Saturday however, the rashes increased.
Dramatically. They started to appear all over. Now they are also around my eyes and lips and under the arms and even the back of my neck. Face feels like it is puffing up from sunburn a bit as a result. They are very dry and itchy and sometimes small lesions
develop on the finger joints (though I put this down to the fact they are so dry that it is cracking).

That was Saturday and this is Wednesday. It is quite debilitating and irritating and since it has gone to the eyelids, nose corners,
lips, etc etc it is a bit worrisome. I have not done anymore borax since last Friday feeling it was just a increased Herx effect. So that would be 5 days now with no borax use. I still maintain the sodium bicarbonate regimen as before and drinking a lot of water , etc..

These particular effects started after the borax use, nothing like this happened prior. It seems to be increasing daily. I get good
sleep, food and exercise, etc.. Any input is appreciated.

Is it the Herx and I just need to wait it out or is it something else. Go back on the borax. ???

Sincerely, John Bkk

Replied by Nanowriter
Hotspot, Texas
At this point I think you can assume it is not fungal and maybe try treating it like a viral infection. You can use vit C, oil of oregano, lysine, colloidal silver, etc.
Replied by Om
Hope Bc Canada
Hi John BKK -

May be you won't like my advice but I use the following daily and am a senior with beautiful skin all my life. At the moment I am using Ted's borax remedy for mites in my face. As it is very drying I alternate this with the mid stream of my own urine on a washcloth, massaging it in. However, drugs and meat and alcohol must be left aside for your own blueprint to work. It is a remedy without peer. Use it fresh so there is no odour which only develops when exposed to the elements. Om

Replied by Bill Donate

San Fernando, Philippines
1181 Posts
Hi John...Your problem seems to be a bit of a mystery but I think it can at least be partially explained.

For fungal problems, Ted recommends drinking the Borax Water at 1/4 tsp borax in a liter of water throughout the day. That's one liter bottle a day. A 1/4 tspn of borax is equivalent to 1000 mgs borax per day.

Your borax water therefore contains 1000 mgs borax dissolved in 1000mls of water. But your own effective per diem dosage is only 50 mls or 100mls per day -- equivalent to 50 mgs or 100mgs per day -- well below Ted's recommended 1000mgs in water per day.

What I'm saying is that the borax dose that your taking -- 50mgs or 100mgs -- is about 5% or 10% respectively of the per diem dose recommended by Ted.

Since borax is a great detoxer of fluoride from the body -- I'm also wondering if you might have high concentrations of fluoride in your body. If you did then the borax would also chelate out any fluoride from your cells and put it into the blood -- which can accumulate in excess and give rise to a form of fluoroderma or skin problems as a detox effect when fluoride is in excess in the blood.

I therefore think that it might greatly benefit you if you were to have a simple hair analysis (not expensive) -- this will tell you exactly what minerals and vitamins you are lacking in your diet and will also tell you what poisons, heavy metals and halides you have in excess in your body. If you have any excess fluoride or other poisons -- it will show up in the results.

You also mentioned that the doctor said that the tinea corporis has gone internal. I find this extremely surprising and hard to believe because tinea corporis is a dermatophyte -- a fungus that can only exist topically on the skin. Much more likely, perhaps, that the doctor meant that you had candida, a well known internal problem. And since you had candida before I think that your problems might also be related to this.

When I had systemic candida, I also had many fungal type skin problems -- including psoriasis(which is apparently incurable), athletes foot(for over 20 years), eczma and tinea cruris. When I eventually got rid of my candida, all these skin problems -- including the psoriasis -- just disappeared.

The anti-candida protocol is shown at this link. This protocol is mainly based on Ted's approach to internal fungal problems.

Replied by Jillery
North America
I was wondering how long it was going to take before I read about using urine for rosacea!! I'm not adverse to the idea... I actually find it kind of funny!
Replied by Om
Hope Bc Canada
Well, yes, Jillery, you are welcome. That's what I have been doing and people are wondering about my good skin. I ingest it and do my hair with it. It will grow a good mop of hair, too. It is good for many things provided no alcohol, meat or drugs. Regards, Om

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