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Nail Fungus Remedies

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Posted by Alex (Albuquerque, NM, USA) on 04/03/2009

After researching a great deal about ACV, I doubt the vast usefulness of it as touted here at Earth Clinic. There are just a few studies done that show any promise for ACV, but overall, all these claims of its effectiveness against one condition or another are doubtful. For example, one person's claim that using ACV for toenail fungus resulted in a new, pink toenail growing out healthy in just one month. Toenails take months to grow!

Posted by Rin
London, UK
[YEA]   "I have been using ACV on my toenail fungus for just one week and the results are amazing. I have had this on my big toe for a very long time and nothing would shift it, nothing that is until I started using ACV. This what I do every night..

Soak a cotton wool ball in ACV
Place it over my toe and stick down with a plaster
leave it on over night
Remove in the morning and shower
In just one week ACV has nearly removed all of the black part of my toenail, it just went soft and fell off. I know i will have to wait for the new nail to grow back but im thrilled to bits

Posted by Nat
Huntsville, AL
[YEA]   "Vinegar can and does work wonders on mild to moderate toenail fungus. I used ordinary Heinz white vinegar and experienced amazing results after just a week. I'm sure ACV would provide equal or better results. After 2-3 weeks of treatment, the fungus was just about totally knocked out and I haven't had any problems since.

Of course, the studies probably don't support this - but why would they? Who has anything to gain from cures that involve a $3.00 bottle of vinegar?

EC: Nat, how long did you soak your nails for?

Posted by Nat
Huntsville, AL
Not long. I just covered the nail with a generous amount of vinegar and then allowed it to air-dry. I did this 1-2 times per day for a few weeks, until the thickness and discoloration were almost totally gone. After just a few days, I was able to remove large amounts of flaky whitish matter from under the nail - presumably the dead fungus. I continued applying the vinegar and removing the foreign matter until I was satisfied with the results. I still apply vinegar once a week or so for maintenance, and have had no further trouble with the nail.

I had been considering getting Lamasil or Penlac before trying this, but figured I might as well give it a try first - and I'm very glad I did. More severe cases may not respond as well, but I'd say it's worth a shot.

EC: Thanks very much for updating us!

Posted by Kathy
Hugo, Mn
Why would such a naysayer enter an ignorant comment without trying himself? Fear. Western Meds would NEVER approve because they make NO money from a CURE without meds. I hope you try ACV for something and see for yourself it was an uneducated remark about home remedies and natural health period! I've witnessed countless cures for ACV and basic home remedies from my brilliant father-in-law and my own family! You are missing out to be such a "debbie downer" and doubtful. Sorry, but I felt the need to speak up!
Posted by Adrienne
Arlington, Ma
[YEA]   "I too find it very disturbing that physicians dismiss fungal infections or something as simple as ACV to treat it. Ignored fungal infections long term can permanently disfigure your nails, get into your blood and be terribly hard to treat, and of course infect others.

After getting a new doctor, I discovered that I had had athletes' foot for years. It took the form of small blisters and dry skin - that I couldn't figure out because it didn't itch and didn't respond to over-the-counter medications. The doctor told me that because I had had it so long, I probably would need to take Lamasil orally. Since like others here, I already take other medications that affect my liver, I was not at all happy to hear that.

Thank goodness for apple cider vinegar! I began soaking my feet in 1/2 ACV and water twice a day for 15 -25 minutes, it was easy while checking email. I used a tupperware container big enough not to easily slosh out and that both feet would fit in. Changed the solution once a week. Changed towels under the bin every other day, used new towels each day to dry my feet. Used a waterproof nail file to remove excess calluses and reduce thick nails. I washed and treated nail file with Lysol each day, sprayed the shower once a week (not good to do it more apparently). New towels in bath every other day in the beginning. Applied antifungal cream to my feet if I needed to wear shoes, changed socks at least once a day, sometimes twice if my feet sweated a lot.

Sprayed the heck out of my shoes, removed the inserts and sprayed them as well with an antifungal spray and left them out in the sun to dry. If you have old shoes that can't be sprayed, or you feel they're iffy, get rid of them. This is an important point that I don't see people mentioning here - you don't want to undo your hard work. I reinfected myself briefly because I grabbed an old pair of gardening shoes one day, and sweated in them without socks.

It took me about 4-5 weeks from the initial start of soaking to be fungus free. Yellowed skin and nails from cider stains gradually disappeared over a week or two. Lemon juice and/or a little scrubbing with a pumice stone can help speed its departure.

My mother and sister have nail fungus, and I recently told them about ACV - they're trying it too. Will post back in several weeks about their results.

Posted by Suzann (Titusville, New Jersey) on 02/19/2009

I will be buying Apple Cider Vinegar tomorrow for my toenail fungus. My large toe and third toe and pink toe on left foot appears to be infected. I really wasn't sure what was going on. Asked my doctor and he didn't seem overly concerned. Well, I am. They look horrible. I am not sure why??? But, I am excited about all the results listed in Earth Clinic writer's comments. Thank you folks. I am going to start tomorrow with the treatment and will let you know through time how my toes clear up or not.

Posted by Suzann
Titusville, New Jersey
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[YEA]   "Hi, I am following up with my results as promised on the Earth Clinic website. I wrote on 2/19 that I was going to start treating my "large" toe - with ACV. Well, it has been almost four weeks. I am happy to say, my four small toes are close to being totally cleared up and my large toe (my main concern) has lost the large, crusty, black striped nail and a new toenail bed is under! I was thrilled to see this! My nail fell off and on my toebed was new pink toenail. Now, I will see if my toenail grows back clear and healthy once again. Hope this helps and encourages you to use Apple Cider Vinegar on your "fungus infected toes!" It works!

Posted by Bill (St. Louis, MO, USA) on 02/02/2009

[YEA]  My lady friend developed a severe case of some type of yeast or fungus overgrowth. It began as a red area under one breast, and soon spread to both breasts, upper chest, stomach and groin area. I suspect a recent injection of steroids (to relieve poison ivy) to be the cause, but that is only speculation. This rash was severe. She was Dr. prescribed a cream and then a powder-- with little effect. I recommended the Apple Cider Vinegar Cure, along with making sure the affected area stayed clean and dry. We applied (again, use only), organic, unfiltered, non-pasteurized Apple Cider Vinegar. She applied the ACV directly to the affected area. It is important to note that applying the ACV to a severe rash is Very Painful! I suggest that if you cannot tolerate the pain, you might start with a diluted (50%?) mixture until some of the "rawness" disappears. RESULTS: 100 Percent CURE! Absolutely amazing. She continued the application for about two weeks, with results beginning immediately. Her skin dried completely, the rash and finally the redness disappeared. Thank You Earthclinic, Thank You Ted!

Posted by Sam (Scipio, IN) on 11/18/2008

[YEA]  After reading about using apple cider vinegar to cure toenail fungus, I decided to give it a try. Not being a patient person, & wanting it GONE ASAP, I applied ACV relentlessly. I dabbed it on morning & night, as well as soaked a cotton ball with ACV, placed it on the nail, & wrapped a strip of tape around it to keep it on the fungus during the day. Sometimes I wore old socks & poured the ACV directly on the socks over the affected toes. The pressure of my shoes kept the vinegary sock in contact with the fungus all the time. Let me just say this - ACV works! In less than a month, I have a healthy pink toenail.

Posted by Shelly ( Iowa, Iowa) on 10/26/2008

[YEA]  I found this website when looking for cures for my daugher's warts, she has several on her hand. We taped small pieces of banana peel to each wart every night and two are gone, two are getting much smaller, so I'm positive they will disappear. I can't remember how long it has taken, but I would guess at least 1 month. We would forget several nights too.

Also, I found the rememdy of ACV for toe fungus and have soaked my foot every nite for about 1 or 1-1/2 months. The toenail isn't completely grown out yet, but this new growth is looking very clear, so I think that worked and it will grow out clean.

Thank you for cheap and easy remedies.

Posted by Ringlette
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
I'm writing in response to your post regarding warts. I do a great deal of travelling, and I somehow contracted a wart on the top of my big toe. For a year and a half, I tried everything that was offered from the pharmacy, including a home burning kit, but nothing worked. The wart would get smaller, but it wouldn't go away. Finally, I tried oregano oil. Twice a day I put a few drops on the wart and put a bandaid over it - the wart was completely and permanently gone in approximately one week. I tried the oregano oil for toenail fungus, and, unfortunately, have not had the same success. Please note, not all oregano oils are created equal - this is one product you get what you pay for. Some are diluted with olive oil and are not as good quality. Anyways, hopefully you get the results, you need with the banana peel treatment. If not, perhaps you might consider this alternative
Posted by Carol
Sea Cliff, New York
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I have been fighting nail fungus for about 25 years. I have tried all of the prescription meds. Penlac, which is very expensive, is the only one that sometimes works. The others did not work at all and can cause problems with the liver. I cannot wait to try the ACV treatment.

Regarding warts. My daughter had a couple when she was very young. We went to a couple of dermatologists who used the usual treatments that hurt her and did not work. I looked for a natural remedy on-line. I found an onion remedy that works everytime.

Take a small bit of onion (about the size of the wart)
crush it and place it on the wart
use tape or a bandaid to keep it on for about 24 hrs.
when you take it off, you will see that the onion actually eats through the wart and burns it off.

NOTE: only put enough onion on to cover wart or your healthy skin can get hurt.
Good luck to all
You will get a scab and when it heals the wart should be gone.

EC: Thanks Carol! We are cross-posting your feedback to the wart and onion pages!

Posted by Grace
Alma, Michigan
[YEA]   "I read a lot of things about apple cider vinegar healing toenail fungus on line. Some of my toenails had fungus and looked really nasty. After only one month of drinking ACV , 2 table spoons in a 32 oz bottle of water daily my toes are a whole lot better, I actually cut the nails with regular toenail clippers. I am pleasantly amazed at how much nicer my feet look after such a short time. I can see where the nail has grown out at the base it looks normal. I will just keep cutting that fungus out until it is all gone and keep on drinking that ACV! I also saw a Dr on tv say to rub mentholatum rub on the nails and I have been doing that too. Whatever I am doing it is working and I am so happy. Looking forward to wearing sandals again this summer :)
Posted by Grace
Alma, Michigan
I wanted to give an up date to my post. My feet look marvelous. I had fungus in all my toe nails. Some really bad and some just starting. It has been over a month that I have been drinking Apple Cider Vinegar diluted in water and putting the vinegar directly on the nail. Only 2 nails look bad at this time. I can see new nail growing in and is about at the half way point now. I will continue to use the Apple Cider Vinegar daily until the fungus is gone and then probably only once or twice a week after that for maintaince. I have cut the nails short and keep them trimmed, the fungus is getting easier and easier to cut away. My nails are no longer thick and dark and the skin around the nail is no longer red and itchy. This is amazing. Thank you so much.

Posted by Walt (Buena Park, CA) on 08/09/2008

[YEA]  Nail Fungus: At the Veterans Hospital they told me to use Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, mixed with one part water. Not beliving it I tried it anyway and wala it worked. However I mixed it to one part each with Hydrogen Peroxide. The pills my private doctor gave me did'nt work.

Posted by Solomon (Ottawa, Canada) on 06/05/2008

[YEA]  I got nail fungus two three years ago. more than a year I used penilac which does not help me anything. I bought "No more nail fungus" online but help little. I read online about apple cider vingar, it was unbelivable with in 15 days I saw white nail is growing and black staf coming out form my nail. (i had sever nail fungus) now I am happy with the result. solomon

Posted by Joe
Elk Grove, california
I was told by a foot doctor to use tea tree oil twice a day directly on my toe nails with the fungus. he said it might take a whole year to kill the fungus. And to allow time for the nail to grow back. I did this, without any change in the problem. Now I hear apple cider vinegar has the medicine power to kill toenail fungus. but I am confused. because the distilled acv medicine quality or pasturized acv is dead vinigar, no healing power. Can I use just regular acv from the grocery store, or do I have to buy the raw unfiltered acv? I'm hearing ___ makes the good stuff.
Posted by Dennis S
Galesburg, Ill.
Responding to the individual who was wondering about ACV and nail fungus. This is something you need to try for yourself. Nothing works a hundred percent for everyone. As to which to buy, don't waste your time on the type from the grocery store as you mentioned or for that matter any other average store unless they do carry the ___ line. Do it right and get B____. In the better health food stores. It is the real thing as you put it. The life (the Mother)is still in it and can help in many other ways than just a nail fungus problem. Good Luck
Posted by Trinh
Houston, TX
[YEA]   "1. Soak both feet (to get rid of the fungus on my big toe as well as preventing other toes from being infected) with distilled vinegar everyday for 30 minutes.
2. Rinse with water and use paper towels to dry feet.
3. Soak cotton ball with hydrogen peroxide and dab it on all toes.
4. Blow dry feet.
5. Apply fungus cream on feet.
6. Wait for about 30 minutes and apply Penlac on all toes.
7. I wore only open toe shoes, and I don't even cover my feet with a blanket at night!

I did the above steps everyday and my big toenail looked beautiful in only 3 months! As you can see, I used vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, antifungal cream, and Penlac. My theory is that if one doesn't work, then at least the other will, or the combination of all 4 is just too powerful for the fungus to survive.

Posted by Chris
Montreal, Canada
[QUESTION]   "I started soaking my feet in pure ACV every day for 30min. I change the ACV every 7 days. Is that enough or should I change it more often? Thank you in advance for any information! Chris
Posted by Fleabag
Liverpool, Uk
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I keep reading about unpasturised ACV with the "mother". I've been to a national store and found the natural stuff, but there's no cloudy "mother" in it. I was left unsure about whether it would do... But the bottle states that it's organic & unpasturised
Posted by Grace
Alma, Michigan
To Solomon, I started using distilled vinegar from the grocery store but switched to raw vinegar from our local health food store. The raw vinegar is WAY stronger tasting and has the mother in it. I feel so much better taking ACV everyday. Not only is my nail fungus clearing but ( I hope this isnt TMI LOL ) I am supposed to take an iron supplement and was unable to without a stool softener and I dont need the stool softener anymore. I also work 12 hours shifts in a nursing home and my feet and legs dont ache like they did at the end of the day. This stuff is amazing, Im hooked for life :)

Posted by Linda (Clyde, Texas) on 02/07/2008

[YEA]  I've used ACV for many problems including fungal infections. When my son came back from Iraq he had a horrible case of athletes foot. I used 1 cup ACV and distilled water as a foot soak and the infection cleared up completely. He only needed to do the foot soak 1 night. Also, I developed that horrible toenail fungus like my mother had...thick yellow nails with a flaky exudate underneath...I started soaking my toenails in ACV straight from the bottle. After a 10 minute soak, I would use a q-tip and get the ACV up under the nail. Within a week, I had healthy growth of my nails. Now they are completely normal. The prescription for this was $600 which I couldn't afford. The ACV was $3.95 and I only had to use a shot glass of it every night for a week to clear up the problem. Once new growth was healthy, I stopped the toe soaks and have not had to use it again.

I've used ACV to get rid of ringworm too. It works as quickly as black walnut hull extract. Just dab it on with a cotton ball, and BLOW as it burns. It may burn, but it works.

Finally, I worked in Iraq for a year and developed a horrible fungus in my sinuses and had to have emergency surgery. The fungus would always come back and I finally cleared the infection by using ACV in my nasal irrigator every day. I put 1 mL of ACV in a WaterPik bowl, with warm water. It burned and made my eyes water, but I could BREATHE! Anytime I have symptoms of that fungal infection, I immediately start using ACV in my nasal wash. Anytime I have the slightest symptom of cold or sore throat, I use a shot glass of plain ACV and the symptoms are gone with 1 dose. Now my BP is getting high, so I know what to do...I never should have gotten off of it. This is a great site by the way. For beauty, I've used a water/ACV mixture to tighten pores and to eliminate dulling from shampoo. My dogs get 1 mL of ACV in their drinking water every day and NEVER have fleas or ticks. I don't have to purchase expensive flea remedies. Just a little ACV will do it, but you have to be consistent with it.

Posted by Carlji
Davis, Ca
I have just started using Apple cider vinegar and Hydrogen Peroxide to soak my feet. No idea whether it will cure the toenail fungus, but the irritation between my toes is gone. My feet feel cool and dry during the day, not clammy. (I am wearing sandals with socks. If I were wearing shoes in this heat, my feet might feel worse). Additionally, after a two minute soak, I can further trim my mis-shapen toenails. This makes using the vinegar/peroxide soak worth it to me, whatever long run effect it does or does not have on my toe nail fungus. Let you know about that in a couple of months.

Posted by Jim (Gainesville, FL) on 08/23/2007

[YEA]  I had a fingernail fungus develop on every finger on one hand, and didn't want to take prescription meds. A doctor friend of mine advised that soaking the nails in ACV every day would eventually kill the fungus. He said it would take time but be patient. I started soaking my fingernails for 15 minutes every day a year ago. All of my nails have SLOWLY grown out healthy except the tip of one nail is almost healed. It has been a slow process, but it works - with no meds!

Posted by Trac (Ireland and Dubai) on 10/31/2006

[YEA]  Apple Cider Vinegar with water 50-50 soaked my feet as per advice on this board for about 10-20 min. at night. and if I had time in the day on the weekends I would do it twice. It cured nail fungus the fastest time ever and completely !!! This works but you must do it everyday and you will see a difference.

Posted by Newbie (Canada) on 01/12/2006

[YEA]  I have been using ACV for the past few weeks to treat a nail fungus that has occupied a place under my toe nail for the lst 4 years. However I just noticed that (Earth Clinic's) recommendation is not to drink ACV straight?! I was drinking 2 Tablespoons in the morning, and tried 2 tablespoons in the morning and 2 at noon, and am now experiencing a pain in my side. I have not taken any ACV today at all and am hydrating myself to flush it out. Anyone ever experience this at all? On a positive note I see new nail coming up, as the yellow,white streaks under the nail are disappearing slowly. I am also using a combo of distilled vinegar water after a shower on infected area, then dab with tea tree oil, and then add vix. Working very well! Any advice on my side pains though? Its on my left side, maybe its my liver or something?? It just happened and I wonder if its because of taking such a concentrated amount of ACV. Please advise :)

Posted by R Moore (Cincinnati, OH)

[YEA]  I had fungal toe for years, could not take the huge green pill, so tried ACV and have been free of the fungus for 10 years. I stopped taking ACV and within a week the fungus was back, so now I take a shot in the morning and at night.

Posted by Mo
Houston, Texas
[QUESTION]   "What do you mean taking ACV or taking a shot of ACV?

EC: "A shot glass is a small glass designed to hold or measure liquor, to be either poured into a mixed drink or drunk straight from the glass (a "shot"). The term shot glass has only been coined recently."

Posted by Jeff (Mnassas, VA)

[YEA]  Soak each foot in at least a 50/50 water/acv solution for 2 to 3 days, for 30 minutes each and you will rid your feet of any fungus/ athlete's foot and soften and exfoliate your skin to boot. Much harder to get at the nail fungus though.

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Posted by Debbie (Melbourne, Australia ) on 12/14/2011

[YEA]  I had a bad fungus in one big toe and it was starting in my other big toe. All I did was drink ACV with bicarb soda each day (twice a day). In 3 months the nail with the fungus gradually grew out and I just kept cutting the bad nail off. I put nothing on the nail. It had been there for over 5 years and I had taken something in the past which did not work.

Apple Cider Vinegar, Anti-Yeast Cream   1  0   

Posted by Gail (Florida) on 06/16/2006

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  I have had a nail fungus in my big toe for about 2 years. I didn't even know it was a fungus until someone told me of their nail fungus problem. Originally I thought I had damaged the nail by injury. My toe nail had a white streak in it, but wasn't all that noticeable. I usually never colored polish on my toes, but for two months, I was using dark colors. In between polishes, I noticed that half the nail was white! I freaked out and mentioned it to a few people who confirmed it was a fungus. I cant believe how the fungus took off so fast because of being covered by the polish! I had created a dark comfy breeding place without even realizing what I was doing. I began researching the web for natural remedies and I have been using the ACV, white vinegar and bleach for about 2 weeks now. The yellowing has disappeared. The affected area is very white. I clipped away most of the fungus, not too short though. Then, I filed the top of the nail so that the solutions that I use would penetrate more easily. The other day, I mentioned my problem to my cousin and she said that a friend of hers had a very bad nail fungus in 2 toes and began using (don't laugh) the generic brand for Monostat 7! She said that she applied it daily and at night she would get a Q-tip and apply under the nail as well as over the nail. She wore a sock to bed too. She did this for a few months until the nail grew out. It worked for her. With all my research, I have never heard of anyone mention this remedy? Any feedback or thoughts on this method? it kind of makes sense since it is a antifungal creme and is used internally. I just started using it tonight. I'm also going to try vicks. Maybe I will alternate between the vicks and the monostat and cleanse twice daily with the ACV and bleach solution. I'll keep you posted on my progress and appreciate any feedback about the Monostat cream. Thanks

Posted by Eric
Sequim, WA
[WARNING!]   "Just a heads up. I was just on Wikipedia looking at the definition of bleach and stumbled across the following. It warned that mixing common houshold bleach with vinegar can be quite hazardous.
Posted by Gris
Houston, Texas
[YEA]   "I have heard that Monistat works very well. It is a highly recommended treatment by nail salons. It worked for me and my father. However, it needs to be applied on a daily basis (I did it twice a day) and continue to cut the nail and file the top layer so that the medication can penetrate to the inside of the nail. Hope it works for you.
Posted by Jill
Portland, Or
Responding to the Monistat post....

Years ago when I was pregnant I developed a strange nail problem. My fingernails would actually blister up, like a pocket and crack open eventually, causing the skin under my nail to poke through- usually in the middle of the nail somewhere. When I was delivering, the doctor noticed I had bandaids all over most of my fingers. He took a look and said I had athletes foot in my fingernails. He told me that you can get it in your nails also as a fungus. I was advised to get some over the counter yeast infection cream and apply daily. I did this and within a couple months the nail filled back in around the area and eventually went away. I have never had this problem again.

Years later, I have now have toenail fungus problems. I remembered this treatment and initially tried it. However, I did not have the same results. At first, my nails did start to seem to look better but if I didnt use it daily they would eventually go back to the way they were. In the meantime, I have tried everything under the sun, including detox foot baths from the local naturopathic clinic by my home. I dont have any opinon about those yet. I have tried tea tree oil, eucalyptis oil, yeast infection creams, anti-fungal solutions over the counter, vicks vapor rub, Hydrogen peroxide, ACV, and pine tar. So far, nothing has helped. Im going to try Teds remedy with the ACV, Hydrogen peroxide, and bleach to see if I get any results.

Posted by Elizabeth
Adelaide, Australiz
Jill from Portland, have you considered a visit to a Homeopath. Fungal infections can be difficult to treat and stem from an underlying systemic or constitutional problem. Homeopathic medicine may be another approach to treating the presenting problem. Elizabeth
Posted by Mari
New York, Ny, Usa
2 Posts
Jill from Portland, how much of the monstat did you use on your nails?
Posted by Lady22599
Columbus, Ga
Just wanted to chime in with a regimen I started last week. I've had fungus on both big toes for sometime but it got worse recently because I've been painting my nails every week and we had a bad heatwave this summer. I had some medicated shampoo left over from a bout of Seborrheic Dermatitis. It contains an anti-fungal called Ketoconazole. The prescription strength is 2% but you can buy a 1% over the counter at most drug stores. I wash my feet with that every morning and night. After washing and drying thoroughly I use a q-tip to apply a generic brand of Monistat 7 cream to both toe nails concentrating on the base and sides (think U shape). I can already see a difference in the skin surrounding my nail. It had taken on a dark color like I was bruised but now it's pink again. After reading the great success some have had with ACV soaks I plan to add those to my regimen this weekend (just in the evenings). I took pictures of my toes when I started so I can chart the change and will keep you guys updated.
Posted by Bettertoknow
New York, Ny
gris from Houston, The thing you are describing can be a non-fungus problem at all! Please go test your toenails at a fungus lab! I had the same problem and was self-curing against fungus for many years - it disappeared but re-appeared next year, every year mostly in summer... But after I did a test (twice, to confirm it wasn't any type of fungus) the doctor said it's a condition often developing in women wearing tight and high heeled shoes - due to lack of blood circulation. In extreme situations they even amputate the toes (almost same problem as diabetic patients develop). So don't waste your time self-curing, do the test first!!!

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