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Cure Swollen, Puffy Eyes

Last Modified on Aug 26, 2015

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Baking Soda for Contact Lense Cleaning   1  0   

Posted by Gabe (San Pedro, California) on 05/19/2008

[YEA]  Rubbing a little baking-soda on each lens cleans heavy deposits. After rinsing the contact lenses can be applied immediately to the eyes. Another remedy I tried using is rubbing toothpaste on each contact lens. But after rinsing you need to store them in Saline Solution over night. If you try to put them in your eyes after cleaning with toothpaste, your eyes will get irritated from the peppermint. Learned from experience.

Black Tea Bag   1  0   

Posted by Tina (Chilliwack, Bc. Canada) on 10/11/2011

I did such a dumb thing- I really did not want to tell the tale, but to prove that black tea bags really work, I'll have to confess. I had 2 itchy eyes from too much computer. I was tired, went to the bathroom and thought I picked up the visine. It was not. A similar bottle with eye glass cleaner, was what I grabbed. I immediately rinsed with water. The more I rinsed the more it hurt. A trip to emerg did not make it better. As the lady in the forum metioned, they gave me antibiotic drops. 10. bucks 1 ml. gr. It did not get better, only worse. Pus, swollen eyelid and pain. I made a cup of strong tea, drank the tea and used the bag on my eye. Now, 15 minutes later, tea is gone and so is the pain and pus. The eyelid opens and no more sticky, yellow stuff, that kept my eye shut. Going to bed now and let you know tomorrow how I feel. Tina

Posted by Adrian (Dayboro, Queensland, Australia) on 07/06/2008

[YEA]  If you suffer from sore itchy eyes, make a cup of tea using a tea bag and when the tea bag cools down, place the tea bag on your open eye (two if both eyes) and let sit there for a minute or so. Problem gone. This is an old Aboriginal remedy used by our Indigenous people.

Replied by Marcia
Norfolk, VA
Does it have to be a black tea bag. Will any tea bag, like Green Tea?
Replied by Grace
Upland, Ca, Usa
I believe Green Tea will also do the trick or Chamomile Tea. This are the only three I have heard works for problems with eyes and skin around eyes. Again, they are Green Tea, Chamomile Tea or Black Tea bags.

Blocked Tear Duct Remedies   0  0   

Posted by Ruthie (Minooka, Il) on 12/30/2013

I have had a blocked tear duct for @ 3 years. I have had three surgeons want to do surgery. I am presently on a steroid eye drop for 3 weeks. For three days.....I had no weepy eye, however, it has started again. I do have a constant clearing of my throat and my sinus areas feel swollen. I don't have a sore throat, cold, cough, etc. Just mucus in my throat all the time. I don't know if the blocked tear duct and mucus is related or not. Any suggestions for how I can deal with both issues AND to escape from the eye surgery called DCR.

Replied by Dave Donate

Fountain Inn, Sc
Dear Ruthie,

You relate blocked tear ducts, swollen sinus and mucus in throat and ask if possibly related.

A Big Fat YES. If this were me...

I'd try colloidal silver ... gargle with the CS, sinus irrigation with the CS...into both sinuses and I'd be aggressive; I'd really try to get the silver way back into the sinus cavity; part of irrigation is shooting CS into ear canal and finally, I'd drip CS into eyes, two drops into both eyes, twice in one day and repeat the next day. I've done the CS as eye drops many times. I don't apply in eyes more than two days (twice in two days) as the CS will take away the surface of eyeball if overused.

I'd keep up the sinus irrigation for two weeks. I'd also assume an infection as you describe might be system wide and so would begin drinking a tablespoon daily (oral) for three months.

Likely the virus has blocked the tear ducts. Same virus has caused all the other symptoms also.

Replied by Laureen
Dear Ruthie,

I am just reading your posting a year and a half since you wrote it and wondering how you have recovered? I appear to have similar symptoms also for several years and wonder is you tried Dave's suggestion of Colloidal Silver or remedied your distressing symptoms in another manner. It would be great if you or any reader sees my reply and has any other experiential solutions. Best of Health to All.

Castor Oil   0  0   

Posted by Jac (Maryland, U.S.) on 10/07/2013

Can anyone please tell me if it is safe to put "turkey Red" (sulfanated) Castor Oil in the eyes? Thanks so much!

Replied by Debbie
What does "sulfinanted" mean? Try looking for pure non pressed organic caster oil (which contains nothing but caster oil.

Inorganic sulphur in the eyes would not be healthy.

Posted by Alicia (Syracuse, Utah) on 09/04/2012

Este mensaje es para Wdickson from Washimgton, donde compra el Castor Oil para usarlo en los ojos, es el co regular o tiene que ser un especifico, por favor darme la informacion lo antes posible, lo necesito para mis ojos. gracias mil.

This message is for Wdickson Washimgton from where buy Castor Oil for use in the eye, is the co regular or have to be a specific, please give me the information as soon as possible, I need it for my eyes. Thanks a thousand.

Posted by Mary (Mukilteo, Wa) on 05/21/2010

[SIDE EFFECTS]  Under eye bags - putting castor oil on the eye bags was suggested. Almost immediately they raised up and look like 2 bananas. No pain. What does this indicate? Any ideas what this tells me what is needed to do? Thank you.

Replied by Ja
Philadelphia, Pa
[SIDE EFFECTS]   Puffy eyes for castor oil is why I'm here! Put it on last night and looked in the morning to be very alarmed. I have very thin skin under eye, dark circles, and very deep set eyes. To see my eyes puffed out is shocking. My mom started the castor oil for insomnia (loves it btw) but complains of the same after effect. I have read that the fatty acid chain in the castor oil is very unique and acts as a humectant, attracting water when applied on hair or skin. I am going to try the black tea bags on my eyes as this has always wored wonders for immediately ridding sunburn for me.

Clogged Eyelid Glands   0  0   

Posted by Kay (Jacksonville, Fl/usa) on 09/27/2011

Thank you Bess from Canada and Maria from Frankfurt, Germany about responding to my eyelid dilemma. I tried the Castor oil several months ago, didn't help. It's true like everything all of us are different and what works for one person may not for another.

Thanks for the input... I love this website.

Posted by Kay (Jacksonville, Fl/usa) on 09/25/2011

This is really strange. For about a year now, I have had my eyelid glands get stopped up hence causing infection in one eye. Went to Opthamologist which recommended to wash eyes with water and baby shampoo and stay away from heavy eye make up. All have been done, he prescribed eye drops and a steroid ointment. It would go away and come back. About two months ago the blood vessels in the one eye would break causing my eye to look very bloody almost like someone punched my eye! Doc says it would go away. It did.

In the past two months my blood vessels in the same eye have bursted probably 3 or more times. The doctors have ruled out high blood pressure. Apparently I still have the eyelid glands stopping up. I read somewhere that apply a steroid ointment to the eyelids can cause the blood in the eye. Don't know how true this is. Now the doc wants to do surgery on my eyelids to clear up the access fat which is clogging my eye lids. He won't do this surgery until the eyes looks good.

I am wondering if there is something internal going on within my body causing the eye to react. I also had the Vitreious detachment in the same eye. It's all so strange. Otherwise, I feel very good.

Replied by Maria
Frankfurt, Germany
Hi Kay, I dont know what is the exact cause of blood in your eye but years ago I had fat in the form of bumps on my eyelids. I had dandruff in my hair that was the main cause of these bumps. The doctors prescribed me many types of eye drops and dandruff shampoos. One doctor advised me to wash my eye with baby shampoo. I followed all these advices but all in vain.

At last I was advised to get them removed with surgery but my mother said that there would be natural treatment for this problem so she searched and found Castor oil is good for dandruff so I applied Castor oil on my scalp and eyelids every night continuously for about two months. The hard bumps turned very soft and filled with pus and eventually burst out. My eyelids had become smooth and even. So I got rid of nasty bumps without surgery just with simple home remedy. I hope this will help you.


Replied by Bess
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Hi Kay - This is advice from Robert Latkany's book about dry eye remedies, but it might help you. He recommends 4 steps to open plugged meibomian glands:

1. Use heat (wring out a facecloth that was soaked in hot water) to loosen the clogged glands. Hold the cloth (make sure it isn't too hot for the delicate eye area) against your closed eyes for about three minutes.

2. Now, gently pull your eyelid slightly to the side and take a Q-Tip dipped in hot water. Starting at the nose-end of the eye, GENTLY push at the lower eyelid margin (just below the lashline). This serves to push the contents of the glands up and out of the ducts. Once you have done the bottom lashes, do the same for the top lashes EXCEPT you are pressing right above the lashline to express the contents of the clogged glands. This should take about a minute to do both eyes. Remember - gently does it!

3. Now it's time to clean the eyelid by taking another Q-Tip and wipe above the lashline on the lower lid and below the lashline on the upper lid. That should remove any stuff expressed from the glands.

4. As his last step, he recommends preservative-free eye drops (keep them in the fridge for extra relief) and apply about five drops in each eye. That should rinse out any last bit of gunk that came out.

Do that on a daily basis and, once it's under control, you can limit it to three times a week but you must continue to do it.

While some people have immediate relief, most have to keep doing it for awhile before it's noticable. But - like brushing your teeth or washing your face - it's a good habit to get into if you suffer from clogged glands.

Good luck - I hope you can avoid surgery. Cheers, Bess

Replied by Francisca
Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France
Great book indeed! I will try to find the time soon to review it here! The cleaning of the eye rim didn't do much for me, I have to say..... In the Eye Hospital in Basel, Switzerland, they advised me to use warm black tea bags. When the doctor did it he seemed to see a lot of stuff coming out and even showed it to my husband in the microscope. I never see or feel anything come out even if I press hard. Sometimes I have little raised bumps but even those ones don't burst or anything. It is difficult to stay motivated.... I have now bought plastic pads you can cool down or warm up to unclogg the ducts when they are warm and to cool them down in order to get rid of the bags under the eyes which, he says, are caused by the dry eyes. No success with any of the procedures so far....
Replied by Francisca
Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France
Maria, were the bumps on the rim of your eye? Or on the eyelids?
Replied by Maria
Frankfurt, Germany
Hi Francisca, The bumps were on my eyelids. In the beginning they were very hard but when I applied castor oil generously and regularly on my eyelids and eyelashes but on scalp too mixed with olive oil left it whole night the bumps became soft gradually and the pus came out itself through the ducts on rim. When I pressed these bumps more stuff came out and my eyelids became flat again. It is very slow process but castor oil definitely worked for me.

Castor oil is also helpful for growing thick and long eyelashes. I still use castor oil because it is a very good eye cleanser. Apply it on the roots of eyelashes whole night and see what stuff and dirt come out next morning. Give it a try. Good luck.


Replied by Francisca
Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France
Hi Maria, As I said the little bumps I have are only on the eye rim but the oftalmologist told me that they are clogged. I don't always have them.... If they touch the eye they are quite annoying. During the day now my eyes are ok but they get very dry during the night. Still I haven't given up looking for a solution. I have no idea whether I sleep with the eyes slightly open. My mouth and throat are dry as well! I have heard about castor oil and tried it a few times, two different brands, both bought in a good health food shop but my eye lids get swollen.

Everybody else seems to sleep better with castor oil on the eye lids, your eyes get clean, mine only seem to get swollen. I have no idea whether I should keep on trying or give it up..... I so wish my eyes would go back to normal.... It is so annoying to wake up with very gritty eyes.... It is as if I wake up tired but it is only due to that sensation in my eyes!

Replied by Eva
A'dam, Netherlands
Castor oil did not work for me either, the infection of my eyelids became worse, my eyes became red and the eyelids became more sore/itchy after a night (I tried it out for two nights 5 dayspart). I also used an antibiotica cream, and it was also irritating my eye (somehow a fatty substance was irriating it more). What helped at the end is keeping it clean, green tea and walnut leaf tea bags and putting neosporin powder on my eyelid(outside). From reading many posts on other subjects as well, I get the impression that what helps some people might be not good for others.

A message for Francesca, contacts are not really recommended for dry eye sufferers... you also have to get into your eyes by putting the contact in, and even if you try to keep your hands clean, there is a chance to bring dirt into your eyes.

Replied by Kay
Jacksonville, Fl/usa
Interesting about the teabags... I think I will try this.
Replied by Debbie
Melbourne, Australia
One of the best remedies for clogged eyelid glands is breast milk. Do you know anyone who is breastfeeding!
Replied by Francisca
Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France
Thanks Eva but for the time being my eyes are ok during the day so the specialist thinks that there is no reason not to wear lenses. I don't wear them if I am at home, only when I go out and being a housewife I am at home a lot!
Replied by Maria
Franfurt, Germany
Hi Francisca, My eyelids also get swollen and eyes become red with castor oil when I wake up but these are temporary side effects. As soon as I take shower or wash my face with cold water the redness of the eyes and swelling of eyelids vanish at once. After washing my eyes I feel quite comfortable again. Anyhow, everyone is different. Best wishes for you.


Replied by Debbie
Melbourne, Australia
Francisca, I would think that the contact lenses have everything to do with your dry eyes - even if the specialist says otherwise. Why not try leaving them out for a month and see if that improves the situation.

Can't you just wear glasses if you must during the day?

Replied by Francisca
Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France
Hi Debbie, the contact lenses specialist didn't say that the contact lenses have nothing to do with my dry eyes but rather that they are not so bad that I couldn't wear them. To me wearing glasses is a terrible thing. Difficult to explain even to people who have glasses with normal gradation. If you are as myopic as I am no glasses look good even with the modern technologies. And even if they hardly seem to have any weight on the side of my right eye, the worse one, I still get this big indentation on my nose, not nice at all. I just feel like I am not myself.

Ok, you will say that it is worth it not to wear lenses so that my eyes get better but somehow I think that the problems lies elsewhere. Last night, instead of drinking water all night I took a little bit of Celtic salt and that worked to keep me from drinking all night. I have the idea that when I started drinking more, even with a bit of salt my body reacted bad and the more I drank the more I had to drink. There is a book about salt, I am going to read it because I hope that there is something there that will help me! I am sure contact lenses, even the latest are not the best things for your eyes but still I think that my problem lies elswhere. I hope so...

Replied by Gavin
Manganui, Northland, New Zealand
Hi Francisca, have you tried coconut oil around and in your eyes before you go to bed at night. They completly cloud up for a while but by morning are completly clean and refreshed. I've been trying it along with the juice, the juice is 3/4 carrots 200gms of blueberries and four oranges, skins and all, through the juicer. The blueberries are mashed in the food processor and then poured in. Then a glass taken morning and evening before bed. It's the third day on this, but early results are interesting.. Last night when I went to the loo about 3am, for a few minutes I could see without glasses really well.. The research on blueberries is that they prevent macular degeneration, incidentaly the Red Indians used them for curing sight issues.. Bearing in mind that they were probably eating a better diet as well.. salmon etc.

Posted by Plexguard (Brooklyn, Ny) on 12/27/2010

My father 74 years old has clogged eye ducts. The doctor says he need surgery. Is there anything he can do?

Coconut Oil   2  0   

Posted by Anonymous on 01/07/2007

[YEA]  dry lines around eyes/wrinkles prevention Coconut oil is the future as I have smoked for 10 years yet skin is smooth & line-free AMAZING

Replied by Frances
Edinburgh, Scotland
Did you have lines/wrinkles under your eyes before you started using the Coconut oil? May I ask what age you are?
Replied by Madefree23
Staten Island, Ny
[YEA]   I have been using coconut oil on my body and ingesting it for about 3 yrs. Like most women I wake up with puffy wrinkly under eyes in the morning. I was using expensive products to combat this. One day I got mascara under me eyes and didnt have makeup remover so I used the coconut oil (cold pressed) and MAN I couldn't believe it! No puffs no wrinkles. In a few minutes. Love it. So Happy!

Coloboma   0  0   

Posted by Maryruth (Albuquerque,new Mexico) on 01/01/2014

Is there any natural treatments/ cures for coloboma? (different shape of pupil) (in only one eye) Our Baby is not quite five months old. What can you tell me about how to treat this? He is breastfed & no immunizations.

Color Blindness   0  1   

Posted by Georgia Mommy (Smyrna, Ga USA) on 09/16/2012

Could we start a topic asking if anyone knows of remedies for color blindness? I have read of instances where children could see colors normally while young, only to lose the ability and develop color blindness later in their young life. To me, this indicates it may not necessarily be a genetic condition, and hoping that means there may be remedies somewhere out there. Many thanks, Traci

Replied by Eyedoc
All Over
[NAY]   Colour deficiencies are caused by a lack of, or poor-performance of, one or more of the light receptive cells in the eye. This is caused by a faulty gene and therefore cannot be reversed.

Some people can develop colour deficiencies in later life, caused by neurological conditions such as optic neuritis or issues with the patient's lens (such as a cataract)

Dilated Pupil, Red   0  0   

Posted by Debbie (Melbourne, Australia) on 01/07/2012

I woke up yesterday with one eye very red (looks like a blood vessel burst). No pain or vision problems. I did try to rinse it will saline water but it didn't help. I also sprayed some colloidal copper on it in case there was an infection (copper naturally anti bacterial/viral). Just before I went to bed last night I realised that the pupil in that eye is larger than the other one. This morning still no pain or vision problems. Does anyone know what happened?

Replied by A
London, Uk
Hi I hope you have seen someone for this but it could be a virus that has led you to have HOLMES AD PUPIL. I have this condition. Just causes some problems reading when I am tired and you rely on the lense to adjust for focus which you notice when looking at something closer then far away as the affected eye is slower to focus.

Eliminate Dairy   1  0   

Posted by Jackie (North Wales, Pa) on 09/23/2011

[YEA]  My eyes used to twitch every so often and then it became a daily occurence. As soon as I gave up dairy completely, my eyes never twitched again. I had also gradually developed puffiness under my eyes which was horrendous in the morning and no amount of cold packs or any other remedy would resolve the problem. When I gave up dairy that went completely away as well. It has been over a year and I have not been bothered by either problem ever since.

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