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Cure Swollen, Puffy Eyes

Last Modified on May 23, 2016

Eliminate Dairy  

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Posted by Jackie (North Wales, Pa) on 09/23/2011
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My eyes used to twitch every so often and then it became a daily occurence. As soon as I gave up dairy completely, my eyes never twitched again. I had also gradually developed puffiness under my eyes which was horrendous in the morning and no amount of cold packs or any other remedy would resolve the problem. When I gave up dairy that went completely away as well. It has been over a year and I have not been bothered by either problem ever since.

Eliminate Sugar  

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Posted by Nico (Ny, Ny) on 12/11/2010

In my case, I will get puffy eyes from too much sugar or too close to bedtime. Sugar inflames the skin and the eyes and causes puffiness. When I reduce my sugar intake, I get smoother looking eyes.

Replied by Scott
Qld, Australia
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I too get red eyes and puffiness from too much sugar. It also makes be feel a little groggy and lethargic for most of the next day. Also to much starchy food seems to have similar but milder effect. Have had blood tests and not diabetes. If I eat lots of vegetables/fruit and everything else in moderation all is well.

Eye Bath  

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Posted by Andrea C (Cardiff, Wales) on 06/30/2012
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I went to an optician 4 times as I felt as if I had broken glass in my eyes. He said there was nothing wrong. On my fith visit, he said 'oh yes, you've got blocked eye glands!! He gave me some ointment to keep my eyes lubricated, which after 1 use, I decided not to use anymore. So what I did was use a clean separate cotton wool pad on each eye, and washed them gently in warm distilled water, then used a separate clean 1 to dry eye. I did this 4 times a day. With in 3 days after weeks of hell!!, they were fine!! I now do this EVERY TIME I have any eye problems, and it ALWAYS WORKS. Hope this helps some 1 else. LOVE Andrea C xxxxxxxx

Replied by Wayout
Mostniceenoughtown, Ca
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I love this idea! Distilled water in a.m. and coconut oil on eyelids and undereyes in evening is working on my dry-eye syndrome/ blocked oil glands.

I also use a bit of mid-stream fresh urine from mid-morning as an eyewash, which has improved my vision immensely.

Thanks for the distilled water suggestion, because it has "pull-power" to clear the clog! (There is always a Way-Out).

Eye Makeup Allergy  

Posted by Kay (Jacksonville, Fl/usa) on 08/29/2011

I have been fighting infections in one of my eyes for a year now. Eye Doc gave me drops and ointment which I now found out (a year later) are steroids. I kept breaking blood vessels in the eye and the pressure of the eye was not normal. Went to new eye doc who said stop taking the meds, wash my eye lids with baby shampoo and water or get those Opti washes from the drug store. In 3 days what an improvement! However, our eyelids have small glands and when I use eye make up(eyeliner or mascara) my eyes would itch more. Doc said I was stopping up the glands and to be sure to wash the eyelids every day if not more. Does anyone know of eye make up which is good for not clogging up your eyelids? I have tried hypo-allergenic brands which do not work. I just purchased an herbal eye liner called Palladio from the local beauty supply store. Hope it works. Any suggestions regarding eye make up.

Replied by Francisca
Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France
Hi Kay, how do you apply the eye make up? I used to apply powder charcoal on the rim of the eye and that not only looked nice but also calmed the itching in my eyes. Asian women do it to prevent eye illnesses but once I went to the eye doctor and he found out that the reason my eyes were so dry and the reason for the itching was not an allergy but clogged ducts so I stopped doing it altogether! If you only apply the make up on the outside you shouldn't have any problems with redness in the eyes, only of the skin if you are allergic to the chemicals in the make up which a lot of women seem to be, luckily I am not as I don't like to go out without make up!

Eye Pterygium  

Posted by Lisa (Austin, Tx) on 05/31/2012

I did three things continuously and it was resolved in 4 days. First, I drank 2 teaspoons of Apple Cider Vinegar with 1 teaspoon honey with 8 oz glass of water three times a day. I also used castor oil compress with heat on my eye three times a day. I applied castor oil onto a flat cotton pad, secured it on my eye with those press and seal wraps ( in lieu of saran wrap), and got a really hot rag and placed it on top of wrap for at least 10 minutes each time. That helped the thing come to a head. I also bought a boric acid eye wash solution at the store and cleaned my eye out four times a day. On the third day, the nasty thing in my eye discharged a bunch of yellowy white stuff while I was cooking. I continued with my regimen until it was completely healed.

Replied by Natasha
Hi there I am interested in a cure for Eye Pterygium. Lisa from Texas I would love to know more about the Boric eye wash and the amount per remedy. I am over it. Cheers

Posted by Estong (Imus, Cavite, Philippines) on 12/26/2011

I have read a lot of threads but I couldn't find any remedy for the ailment of ptyridium.. I wish somebody has an answer for this kind of illness.. Estong from philippines

EC: Do you mean pterygium?


Posted by Ingramzoo (Deltona, Fl) on 06/27/2011

My husband has been suffering from pterygiums in both eyes (benign wing like growths). We have been advised to have them removed since one of them is beginning to cross the pupil area. Does anyone have experience in treating these without surgery?

Replied by Rebecca
Pittsburgh, Pa
Just read about someone who used Castor oil to cure this without surgery. Look under Castor Oil Cures.
Replied by Patti
Moorestown, Nj
I had a pterygium removed and it grew right back! I have them on all four sides, they say it's genetic but no one in my family had ever heard of them. I was told that if it grew over my pupil, I wouldn't be able to see, so I had the surgery and it was awful! I have been watching it since and it grew back but not any further than it was, so I'm leaving it alone. I don't know what to do other than continual use of Refresh Tears or something like that to keep the eye moist; dry eye is part of it. My vision has changed b/c of it, but I still don't need glasses. My advice is to have your husband look into anything that could keep him from having surgery. Good luck!


Posted by John (Trang, Thailand) on 01/06/2013

Fat upper eyelid may be the result of an allergy brought on by cold east wind. I dont know. Fat lids came with runny nose & cough. The fat lids rest on my eyelashes making me feel tired, when I am not. I dont eat nonsense food. Cold symptoms have gone but fat lids remain. Any clues anyone? John.

Replied by Sp
Wb, New Jersey, Usa

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Hi John, I had fat eyelids for years. Not long after I went gluten-free one of the many wonderful side-effects I experienced was having my eyeslids lose that puffiness. They no longer rest on my eye lashes. I also lost bloating in my face and abdomen. Before I went gluten-free I was eating whole wheat and other good quality foods that had gluten. Look into hidden food allergies and food sensitivities. It might be a possibility. It might also be seasonal allergies. And for me, my seasonal allergies are not nearly as bad as they used to be now that I am gluten-free. So a hidden food allergy/sensitivity can make your reaction to other allergines (pollen, pets, mold, etc. ) worse. Also note that if you are outside during your allergy season or doing gardening or yardwork, pollen amd mold spores can cling to your hair. Be sure to have washed your hair before going to bed and change your pillow case if you didn't. Hope this helps you find the cause.

Eyelid Cyst Remedies  

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Posted by Anita (Corpus Christi, Tx) on 05/23/2016
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I got rid of cysts on my eye several times, very easily, by putting apple cider vinegar on the cyst with a cotton swab 3 times a day for a week. They just shrink and fall off!

Posted by Salsera185 (New York) on 07/29/2013

What is the safest remedy to get rid of an eyelid cyst? :-(

Festoon Remedies  

Posted by Addy (Flowery Branch, Ga) on 04/15/2013

Festoons/Puffy Eyes. Does anyone have experience with these without surgery? I've had puffy eyes for a while now and this year it's become a bit more. I now have what looks like fatty pads below my puffiness and it looks horrible. I'm tired of looking so tired all the time. Using moisture makes them swell up prettybad. I have also been using witch hazel for toner a couple times per week, and really try to watch my sodium intake. What should I look at on the inside. Some sites reveal sun damage, edema and other things will induce them. Anybody's thoughts are appreciated.

Replied by Sp
Wb, New Jersey, Usa

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Hi Addy, for what it's worth, going gluten free really helped me with my puffy eyes. The top part of my eyelid was big & puffy & all the way down to my eyelashes. Now it's a much more regular size and the part of my eyelid that covers the eyeball is visible again. I was so happy to see that part of my eyelid again. I bought eye shadow again. :)

Flax Seed Oil  

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Posted by Patti (Muscatine, Iowa) on 11/18/2008
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Dry Eye remedy

I have had dry eyes for over 25 years. I suffered with it for a long time while trying different remedies which didn't work. My opthamologist actually told me about this proven remedy. I have been taking 1000mg gelcap of flaxseed oil 2x/day for several years now and it has worked wonders for me. You have to take it for several weeks before you see results.

Flax Seeds and Aloe Vera Juice  

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Posted by Howard (Satellite Beach, Florida) on 08/07/2008
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Flax Seeds and Aloe Vera Juice Cured My Eye Infection.

This remedy was given to me by the owner of a health food store who learned it from her grandmother: For any type of eye infection (mine was bloodshot and pinchy upon waking in the morning--possibly Pink Eye), she does the following:

Pull out the skin "pocket" below the eye and insert at least two flax seeds or as many as you can get in there. Then put a drop of aloe vera juice on the eye. Leave seeds in overnight or up to 24 hours, then remove them (they will be gummy after drawing the bacteria to them). If eye infection isn't cleared up, repeat for another 24 hours.

Notes: flax seeds can be purchased at a health food store and must be kept refrigerated. Aloe vera juice does not need to be refrigerated. Do not put contact lens in eye while flax seeds are there.

Glycerin, ALA, Carnosine  

Posted by Sozo_me_lord (Fl, Usa) on 01/25/2014

50 year old female, type 1 diabetic for 20 years. Dr. suggested possible laser for some bleeding, swelling, and hard deposits from retinopathy. Also glaucoma. I read about taking glycerin orally, carnosine eye drops, alpha lipoid acid, for some help. Any suggestions as I do not want laser treatment? Thank you

Replied by Faeqa
Amman, Jordan, Jordan

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Hi Sozo_me_lord from Fl, Usa: Mumia mentioned in old Arabic medicine to stop retinal bleeding.

Grated Potato and Milk  

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Posted by Ann (Morristown, TN) on 01/13/2007
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Grated potato patted around your eyes will reduce puffiness caused from lack of sleep or sinus cavity swelling. Also milk on a cotton ball applied to the eye will work. When the cotton ball gets warm, apply more milk. After 5-10 min. of this the puffiness is reduced.