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Posted by Peggy (Plano, USA) on 08/03/2008

[YEA]  Scratched Eye Remedy:

A wonderful natural remedy for a scratched eye is a (Grated Raw Potato)! Simply take a white Idaho or baking potato and peel off the skin. Then grate about one tablespoon onto a paper towel. Squeeze the potato to get the starchy water from the potato on the paper towel, then place the paper towel directly over the injured eye for 15 minutes. It usually does the trick in a single treatment. Do not rub the eye. It will take the pain away and speed up the healing process significantly! I have seen this remedy work (4)times now.

1. I burned my eyes about 25 years ago on a sun lamp.

2. My daughter was scratched in the eye by our cat.

3. A friend was hit in the eye by a paper wad!

4. My son didn't know what he did, but woke up with a painful scratch in his eye.

I was given this wonderful natural remedy from my dad when I burned my own eyes, and have joyfully helped many others with the same remedy. Now I am happy to pass it on to others!

Posted by Jay
Spfg, Il
Do you put the paper tower in a closed eye or open eye? How about droping a potato juice directly in the affected eye? thanks.

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Posted by Shadel (Nebraska) on 01/21/2014

As an aftermath of a cold, I have red eyes. Have used the honey/water drops, also colloidal silver dilution in my eyes. My right eye is redder than the left. On one of Dr. Oz's shows, he mentioned red eyes could be a sign of inflammation. Could anyone advise me what to take to correct this? I took elderberry, colloidal silver and a first responder that has garlic in it for the cold. I'm taking coral calcium and baking soda to build up my ph. Thanks for any suggestions.

Posted by Om
Hope Bc Canada
Shadel from Nebraska -- brew a nice cup of chamomile tea, let it steep and taking a washcloth, soak it and place on your eyes. It is very pleasant and soothing. This is used widely in Europe. After fifteen minutes or so, dab your eye dry and you will feel the benefit of this simple treatment. Om
Posted by Hashiaussie
Melbourne Australia
I have been suffering from a nasty flu for the past three weeks and in the last week conjunctivitis moving backwards and forwards between my eyes in two to three day stints. (Read up here on conjunctivitis). I am nebulising colloidal silver which is getting rid of the cough but did not want it in my eyes. I have had success swabbing each eye with separate new cotton balls with boiled up olive leaves from my own tree (let it cool first) and taking commercial olive leaf extract - a teaspoon every few hours. You need to wash everything (sheets and glasses) as well to stop the cross infection. It seems the flu virus has caused the eye inflammation (and possibly the recent heat wave). If you have allergies, which I also get, it is all over within the day. With this it just gets worse with morning glue eye unless you get rid of the virus. I tried all the usual remedies on Earth Clinic but I think it is a matter of getting the right remedy for the right virus so try a few things. Good luck with it.

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Posted by Ayala (Bristol) on 09/27/2014

Two years ago, herpes zoster caused an infection in my cornea. When it healed, it left a scar beneath my pupil that didn't affect my vision.

For the past year and a half, the scar alternates between a dormant and active state. When it's active, it gets darker (milky white rather than clear) and grows a little. This does affect my vision. Even when it's active, it isn't inflamed. Inflammation isn't an issue

Can anyone suggest a natural cure? Some suggested urinetherpy (applying urine on my eye - not drinking it) but I couldn't find enough info on it to know if it was safe and helpful.


Posted by Timh
1302 Posts
Ayala: I would recommend first taking an Eye Health Supplement which would contain as many of the fallowing nutrients you can find in one formula ---Beta Carotene, Lutein, Zeaxanthin, Zinc, Bilberry, Eyebright.
Posted by Prioris
Florida, US
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Look into serrapeptase. It addresses scar tissue of many types.

Posted by Meeya (Sunnyvale, Ca) on 07/18/2014

For the last couple of days it feels like there is a small piece of sand or eyelash or something trapped under my top eyelid. It's not painful, but definitely irritating. Normally whenever I've had something stuck under a lid it will come out by itself or wash out with drops. I've tried drops and it doesn't help. It doesn't seem to move either... and it's not getting any better or worse. I looked under my lid and I don't see anything. Anyone have any ideas what this could be and how to get rid of it? thank you

Posted by Bess
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Hi Meeya - Have you tried an eye-wash cup? It's much more effective than drops. You can get it at any pharmacy. Just fill it with solution (where I live we only have "Optrex" but I imagine your pharmacy has more of a selection), hold it firmly around your eye, blink and roll your eye around while the solution "washes" over it. Keep doing it with fresh solution until you feel the grit/eyelash come out (sometimes you can see it in the cup). It takes a bit of practice (I usually get some of the solution running down my face).

If that doesn't work, you might want to try the cures here on Earth Clinic for a sty (which can be on the outer or inner eyelid). These remedies are quite soothing for irritated eyes - compresses, warm teabag on the eye, etc.

And if that doesn't work, I would be tempted to see an optometrist to rule out any abrasion or infection.

Hope that helps. Take care and good luck! Bess

Posted by Om
Hope, Bc Canada
Hello, Meeya, take cold pressed castor oil and with your finger put a good glob into your eye. it is very beneficial and will deal with the pain, while healing, too. Also use externally. Om
Posted by Meeya
Sunnyvale, Ca
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Thanks for the suggestions. I put a glob of castor oil in my eye and took a nap. When I woke up I used a little medicine cup, which fit perfectly over my eye, filled with colloidal silver and washed my eye for a minute or two. Then I laid on my back on the bed with my head hanging off... neck arched back over the edge of the bed. I pulled my eyelid open to make a little pocket for the silver and let gravity take it down into my upper eyelid. I let that sit in there for a minute or two. Did some blinking and repeated. I then closed my eyes for 20 minutes or so. When I got up, it was completely back to normal! Not sure exactly what it was that did the trick nor did I see anything come out, but it definitely worked. I wanted to share the results... and say thanks for the help!

Posted by Deb (Clifton, Tennessee) on 11/20/2012

I have a liver looking thing growing on the inside of my top eyelid. What is it and what can I do about it. My eye Dr. told me to use steroid eye drops for 5 days and it would be gone. Its been 6 days and no change.

Posted by Allen
Liberty, Sc
Colloidal Silver should clear it up. Check out Steve Barwick web site on how to make Colloidal Silver.

Posted by Debbie (Cobourg, Ont. Canada) on 11/20/2012

Hi, I am new to this site and was hoping I could get some advise on a condition I have been suffering for more then a year. The Doctors call it Bletharitis but I dont think that is what I have. My symptons come and go. Sometimes a few times a day. My eyes feel full of fluid almost like they are drowning this makes my vision blurry. Im constantly blinking and my eyes feel stressed. My eyes are not watering but my nose gets runny. In the morning my eyes are crusty but it doesnt feel like there is sand in them which is a symptom of bletharitis. I wash my eyes morning and night with baby shampoo and have done the hot washcloth routine with no improvment. Any suggestions? Thanks Debbie

Posted by Lou
Tyler, Tx
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It's called Blepharitis. Blepharitis is caused by the demodex mite. Everyone has them, but when the immune system gets out of balance, they reproduce more rapidly. There are helpful solutions on Earth Clinic. One I tried was to press warm green tea bags on the eyelids, lashes. The things I tried involved washing my eyebrows and lashes with tea tree oil shampoo (be careful not to get into eyes). There's actually an article written by an eye doctor if you search for it. You can also wash your eyelids with diluted baby shampoo. Be careful, as some of them contain dyes (in case you're allergic). There are also eyelid margin scrubbing wipes at the drugstore. I tried peppermint soap from the health food store. I started with the warm compress, washed with the soap, and then I rinsed with cold water over and over. I think it makes the environment non-hospitable for the mites. If they get on your forehead and bite (pimples) then hydrocortizone cream helps. I also have tried cleansing with Pond's cream at night. They can get into your hair follicles too. For that I used castor oil with a dollar store shower cap all night. Wash it out the next day. Then use a PH balanced shampoo and tea tree oil mint conditioner. Once the hair stops falling out to a lesser degree, try a natural bristle brush. Start at the hairline at the back of the neck area and work in sections. That's about it! Don't forget to check out the other cures. And change your pillow cases daily.

Posted by Lee (Wollongong, Nsw Australia) on 10/17/2012

Hi, Im just wondering if anybody on here has had the same problem. Sometimes my eyes will water, (one eye is worse than the other), for days on end & the tears just roll down my face & no drops or products have helped so far. I have been to an opthamologist who examined my eyes & even did a procedure to unblock my tear ducts, this didnt work. He also gave me some "artificial tear" drops as he said sometimes if your eyes are dry, it can cause them to tear, this didnt help either. I am 49years old & this is driving me crazy. Does anyone have any suggestions. Your help would be most appreciated.

Posted by Timh
Louisville, Ky, Usa
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Lee, no expert here but I can state some possible causes. 1. Some type debris or irritant from your home or workplace environment. 2. Some type infection. 3. Inflammation from items 1 or 2.

Make sure your indoor air is clean by replacing air filters (assuming you have this type unit for heating & cooling) w/ a higher end filter like electrostatic or better yet HEPA or HEPA Type filter; or purchase a stand alone unit like Negative Ion or Ozone unit.

Magnet Therapy can help w/ inflammation. Place a refrigerator magnet over the eye for 5 minutes a few times per day. Place the side that sticks to metal over eye. Colloidal Silver is a very effective antibiotic for the eyes especially.

Posted by Wendy
Columbus, Oh/usa
My right eye has been watering more often, lately, although probably not as much as yours. Because of the watering, the corner of my right eyelid was getting raw and reddish, almost like a little rash. Here's what I did:

1. I got some castor oil at the health food store. Put just a little on a Q-Tip and smooth it over your eyeLIDS before you go to bed. Do not get any castor oil IN your eyes. (this is because the oil is not clean enough to put IN your eyes).

2. Clean up your diet: NO sugar, no processed foods. Only eat healthfully (fresh veggies, fruits, organic if possible).

3. I also got some eyedrops at the healthfood store that come packaged individually in little plastic tubes. You snap off the end, and put the solution into each eye.

After doing the above 3 things, my eyes have not been watering nearly as much, and the little rash is pretty much gone.

Posted by Mmsg
Somewhere, Europe
Lee, when I cut down on "junk food" the tearing stopped. You can also try eating more "eye food" like carrots and blueberries (or is it bilberries?) and goji berries.

Posted by Jo (Adelaide, Sa, Australia) on 09/24/2012

Hi, am just wondering if anyone has any remedies to brighten eyes? I have no known allergies and a good helthy diet but my eyes are always red.... I use eyedrops to brighten them... I know this is bad. Just wondering if anyone has any clues for me? Thank you very much

Posted by Cat (Bop, Nz) on 07/22/2012

Any ideas on what to do for my mother. She's 74 this year, is blind in one eye and is on glaucoma medication for the sight in her good eye. In that eye, she has ingrown hairs on the bottom lid. She seems to be going to the doctor more frequently now and at times he pulls out 12 hairs! It's very painful naturally and she's beside herself as it's happening so often. The doctor has told her that particular medication will cause hair to grow and I've suggested she tell him to prescribe another one but she seems reluctant in case her glaucoma won't be controlled. Any suggestions on firstly ceasing or at least slowing down the growth of hairs in her bottom eyelid and secondly, controlling the glaucoma. Doctors tell her it's nothing to do with her high blood pressure but I fully believe it is, as when her blood pressure is down, so is the eye pressure. I've given her all sorts of answers from EC and others, some she sticks to (like ACV and BS) but others, she just "can't be bothered". It's so frustrating!!! But if I can get her some relief from eyelashes, then she'll think twice!!

Posted by Rachael (Phillipsburg, Nj) on 01/03/2012

Hello, I had this problem starting last February and it is back now that it is cold. The skin all around my eyes gets incredibly puffy. It looks horrible. It is extremely frustrating as I have tried a few a natural remedies but none really work. I do not want to use steroid cream even though that is the only thing that has worked quickly and thoroughly due to the serious side effects that result from steroid use.

Anyway, if anyone else has had this problem and has found a natural remedy, please let me know. I am desperate for a good remedy. (I have had bloodwork done and they eliminated any kind of medical problem. They say it is contact dermititis but I am certain it has to do with dryness since it is season-specific.)

Posted by P
Middle, Fl
Castor Oil helps with my puffy eyes! I apply as a moisterizer and make sure to do circular motions around eyes! I know it's thick but you will get use to it... Maybe. I've learned to put coconut oil first then the castor oil will glide right in!
Posted by Francisca
Zug, Zug, Switzerland
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Hi Rachael, I have puffy eyes the whole year. I feel terrible when I look around me and hardly ever see another woman with these awful puffiness under the eyes! I have always had it but it became a bit worse with the age. From what I have read recently it seems to have something to do with dry eyes, which I have. So far nothing has helped. I know of a very good natural doctor here in Zug so I might try to see what she says. Whether I am well rested or not makes no difference!
Posted by Jen
Bozeman, Mt, Us
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Hi Rachel, I too get puffy eyes but I have recently figured out that a few things cause it for me. When I stopped eating gluten they went away. If I eat gluten they come back. When I drink red wine they show up for a few days as well. I believe the wine is the sulfites in it and gluten is a food sensitivity. I remember back in the days when I would put hemmorhoid cream under my make up to reduce the swelling and that usually helped a bit. Which leads me to believe my veins under my eyes were swelling and causing the puffiness. Hemmorhoid cream contains mineral oil, phenylephrine (vein constrictor), and petroleum. Castor oil would be a great replacement for the mineral oil. I don't need anything when I don't drink wine or eat gluten but I use castor oil a few times a week so maybe that's been helpful as well.

Posted by Momo (Homestead, Florida ) on 10/26/2011

Ok I woke up this morning with a crusty red swollen pus fulled eye that burned the instant I opened it. I bought the anitbiotics my doctor recommended. I hsave to put it on every 3 hours. But it gives instant relief for 15 minutes. After that it continues to worsen. Then I found Earthclinic and it actually made me want to try the Black tea bag recipe. Only problem is my parents don't want me to infuse tea with the medication. Any suggestions?

Posted by Theresa
Stuart, Florida
Use the tea! My grandmother always used it (13 kids, no doctors). My mother repeated what she grew up with when any of her 5 kids had eye issues. I now use it. My 4 have never missed a day of school for conjunctivitis, as the tea works VERY quickly. I use teabags at the first sign of any eye discomfort & it immediately feels better.

Posted by Dave M. (Rathdrum, Idaho, Usa) on 02/13/2011


Posted by Francisca
Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France
900 Posts
Hi Dave, my father, who is 83 has the same problem. I would be interested in knowing your age..... He takes all kinds of medication including statins, I have no idea if there is a connection. You do see more older people with very watery eyes though, could it be connected to the age? Mine have just got dry, it seems to be connected to the age and long use of contact lenses, I am 53 and I am going to try Hyaluronic Acid to see if it helps. Any ideas about the watery eyes would be appreciated, I will pass them on to my father although he is not one to try new things unless the doctor tell him to!
Posted by Dave M.
Rathdrum, Idaho, Usa
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My age is 51, but I've got the eyes of a 60 year old. In the past year I've had shingles on my face and head and had a staph infection in my left eye. It's been months and my left eye was watering some what, but now both eyes are watering constantly. I don't know whats causing it and neither does the eye doctor. I put lubricant drops in all the time because they said it's from dry eye, but it does'nt help. I've tried apple cider vinegar and silver internally but it has'nt helped either. I'm thinking of putting them in my eye's to see if that works, but I'm almost afraid to. I'm at a loss what to do right now and could use any ideas that you or anyone else has. the way it is I'm thinking about filing for disability because of this.
Posted by Caro
Blaricum, Netherlands
Hi, You can try castor oil (wonder olie in Dutch), put some in your eye before you go to sleep. More info should be found on the web. Also green tea is a great remedy to 'clean' your eyes.

Good luck, Caro

Posted by Francisca
Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France
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Hi Caro, isn't it a problem if the Castor Oil comes inside the eyes? I tried it all over my face and thus also the eyes for a while but my eyes felt like I had little pins in them. I have also been trying vit. E under and around my eyes because I have little scars but in the morning my eyes are a bit swollen. I don't have watering eyes, my eyes are even becoming a bit dry.

By the way, I read this morning in a book I am reading that watering eyes can have something to do with allergies.

Posted by Maureen
Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada
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Hi Francisca, I have put Castor Oil in my eyes nightly for months straight without any problem. I used quite a bit both in my eyes and around my eyes. I did not have a problem that I was trying to fix, just tried it because of posts I read on Earth Clinic. I do not have anything either good or bad to report as a result of using it although I did remember all my dreams as others mentioned here. Maureen

Posted by Maggie (Thornhill, Ontario, Canada) on 10/04/2010

Under my eyes are puffy what can I do to eliminate the puffyness.

Posted by Addy
Flowery Branch, Ga
I'm also looking to figure out what cause puffy eyes and have been researching it. It makes me look like I haven't slept in weeks! I always thought it had something to do with salt intake. I can eat a salty meal and I'm for sure to wake up and find major puffyness going on. And if I use a heavy moisturizer there, it seems to swell that much more. I've read it can be a hereditary condition which makes sense. My father has it also. I've read eye puffiness is an indicator of digestion issues. Which also makes sense also since I'm a member of the bad stomach club for most of my life. Any thoughts?
Posted by Francisca
Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France
900 Posts
Like you I have no clue but I also have puffy eyes. I am 53 but have had them as long as I can remember and people have always been asking me if I am tired or ill or something. Not very nice.... My mother had the same thing and like you I also have a bad digestion. On the top of that (as if that wasn't enough), in my youth I got some fat things, like little warts which were removed with laser and now I have the scars. Like I said I have no idea what to do about it but I got rid of the dark circles I think by working on my bowels and I try to disguise the puffiness a bit with a concealer. Maybe someone here has a few tips because although this is not dangerous or anything it is not nice either!
Posted by Addy
Flowery Branch, Ga
I woke up way early this morning and was flipping through the tv channels and came across a popular doctor's show here in the states and they talked about eye puffiness. They said to help with this condition, sleep on your back propped up on two pillows. They said it allows for proper lymphatic drainage in the face. That was pretty much it. I'm a side sleeper.. We'll see what happens tonight!
Posted by Tara
Boston, Ma
Wheat gives me puffy eyes! Small amounts, not so much, but if I eat pizza, forget it the next morning! Goes away in 24 hours thankfully. I suggest you try cutting out wheat and see if that makes a difference. Good luck!
Posted by Lou
Tyler, Tx
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Try super digestive enzymes for digestion and coconut oil for constipation. They both work well.

Posted by Sophie (Pdx, Oregon ) on 09/17/2010

This is questions for Ted, I've had this on going itchy skin, fatigue, excessive thirst, dry eyes, and itchy scalp some dandruff which I treat with you ACV and hyrdrogen peroxide mixture it goes away for awhile then returns and I just do the process again. For my skin and eyes I take E (1200 IU), and A ( 90, 000 IU) daily. Flax seed oil, and 1 T Virgin Coconut oil. Castor oil makes my eyes red, I have to put it on my the oil eye lid and use warm compresses this helps. My doctor placed a plug in my tear ducts to hold the tears in this has not helped plus I'm highly allergic to most eye drops because of perservatives which burn my eyes. I also bathed in borax soap for three weeks to see if that would help but not really. I drink warm fluids, I'm a vegetarian and recently stopped eating all flour products. I've been tested for diabetes, and sjorgrens both negative. I did have severe anemia they thought it was because my menustral cycle was running every 21-22 days. For anemia I take iron tablets and blackstrap molasses. I'm currently taking World Organic Potassium iodide three drops daily. Anyhow, I still have dry eyes, and thirst at night I drink a 1/2 liter of water every night. I would appreciate your comments and insight.

Posted by Ily
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
108 Posts
Hi Sophie from pdx. You mention you are a vegetarian, are you eating soy product? Some of your symptoms sound like mine when I finally discovered I was allergic to soy. I also had an itchy rash on the torso though. Also you might need some magnesium supplements to help with the thirst, if I don't take magnesium at least 5 times a week I suffer from terrible thirst. Hope this helps. Lily.
Posted by Sophie
Pdx, Usa
Thanks for the information I was drinking soy everyday and just stopped recently! I'm also gluten free. I will try the magnesium that you suggested so see if I see a change, I recently stopped the estrogen patch (I was only on it for two months) After I read Ted's piece on progesterone deficiency as opposed to estrogen deficiency may be causing the symptoms I'm having. So now I'm just progesterone to see what happens. I have been doing the trial and error process for few years now. I have found just distilled water to spray in my eyes at night helps a lot since I have a reaction to most everything I tried except everyday drop by R_____ preservative free for sensitive eyes.

Posted by Darren (Seneca, Sc) on 09/12/2010

Could someone give me a cure for alternating exotropia. One of my eyes will look straight and the other will look to the wall and the other eye does it too. It is becoming a real inconvenience. My eyes will hurt then I will get headaches out of nowhere. I can't afford surgery right now.

Posted by Pheobec
Doraville, Georgia, Usa
In response to Darren about Alternating Exotropia. My son had this condition for years and it affected his ability to learn in school. Please don't have surgery! His problem was remedied by finding an optometrist who specializes in vision therapy. There aren't very many of them but this is definitely something that works. Every six weeks the doctor would check his progress and adjust his therapy regimen. It was amazing to see the difference each time he was tested. Because of his problem he had never enjoyed reading and during the year he went to therapy he read 52 books without suffering the fatigue and headaches he used to have before. His performance in school improved drastically and overall he was much happier. The therapy generally consists of an initial evaluation (4 hour test) followed by therapy once a week for about a year with exercises that are to be done every day at home. It takes a while but the positive effect is permanent and most important it is non-invasive. Feel free to email me if you have questions (pvcera@gmail. Com) Thanks and good luck! Pheobe
Posted by Catherine
Wellington, New Zealand
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Just in case your condition is what we used to call "lazy eye" I read in Dr Hulda Clark's book that the parasite Trichinella is "a common eye parasite that invades the eye muscles, so that a muscle is weakened and doesn't allow perfect alignment of the two eyes" Worth checking out anyway. Best of luck

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