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Natural Remedies for COPD

Last Modified on May 03, 2016

Hydrogen Peroxide Inhalation Method  

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Posted by Paterin (Pensacola, Florida) on 02/03/2014
5 out of 5 stars

I want Bill Munroe to know that my COPD has responded amazingly to his H202 inhalation therapy. I'm not sure everyone inhales as they spray, but I do, and hold my breath awhile so it can really have plenty of time in there and I don't even count how often I do it. I keep 3 sprayers filled with 3% hydrogen peroxide from Walmart at all times. Nothing in this world could be easier with this most amazing result. I've used it for months now and will NEVER be without it. You're a lifesaver, Bill.

Replied by Yolanda
Illinois, US
I also have been using the h2o2 in a spray that I spray in my throat about 5 times a day, about 6 sprays. I use the drugstore 3% as I am afraid to use the food grade. I bought some and it leaked out of the bottle and burned my fingers; that was enough to scare me even though I know it has to be diluted. The drug store one is fine and have been using it for over a year. I won't go on any inhalers; they don't cure anything and as far as relieving symptoms who needs that. The symptoms are there to tell you something is wrong. I also spray colloidal through an inhaler. By inhaler I mean the one you buy at the drugstore using the Bill Murey method. I use that 3 times a day. It has really helped. I also use 6 drops of p73 Oregano oil to boost immune system. I use that for about 2 weeks and then go off for at least two weeks. I bought the book "How I reversed My Mom's COPD" It helped a lot to see how the medicine from the pharmaceuticals are making you worse and adding to the problem. If you look up what virus causes COPD coxsackie virus was one of them. I probably have that spelled wrong.

The best to all of you, love the site. Yolanda

Replied by Kennywally

I don't want to be an alarmist, but as I understand it, there are metal particles [ so-called stabilizers ] in the store bought HP.

I'm glad you are having success, but I'm concerned there could be an up coming unexpected issued from the particles. I'd just dilute FGHP with pure clean water, and reduce the FGHP down to 3% or even half of that, whatever level works best for you. Best wishes.

Posted by Raymond (La, California) on 11/20/2012

Currently using Bronchiodilaters / fast acting meds with no real relief for COPD / ASTHMA. Tried H2O2 Nebulizer previously but discontinued because Physician said he knew nothing about procedure and would not recommend it! Currently not getting any relief from prescribed meds!

I am willing to try H2O2 via nebulizer, however; due I use current prescribed meds with H2O2 nebulizer or should I discontinue while trying peroxide treatment? I am slightly confused because none of your feedback addresses the issues of current meds and recommended peroxide via nebulizer treatments! Any assistance / information would be greatly appreciated!

Replied by Maggie
Orlando, Fl, USA

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5 out of 5 stars

I posted two years ago, when I began inhaling H2O2 for COPD. I had been terribly sick for over 15 years and was suffering for nearly six months of the year with chronic bronchitis and pneumonia.

I started with Bill Munro's inhalation method and I am now using between 3 and 5 ccs of .5% (1/2 %) food grade hydrogen peroxide (diluted with distilled water) daily via nebulizer. I have had only two short episodes of bronchitis in two years (and no other illnesses at all)!

I am not a healthcare practitioner, but have been doing exhausting amounts of research and have found a lot of important info I would like to share.

1. You should always use food-grade H2O2 when possible and it should only be diluted with distilled water. (care should be taken when diluting, it is caustic at anything over 3% and WILL burn you). If food grade is not accessible or you don't trust yourself, use the stabilized type (brown bottle), but know that it has additives that can affect you negatively. I used the stabilized type for about a year with no adverse effects and Bill Munro has been using it forever.

2. The food-grade is more potent than the stabilized even at the same diltuion. The dilution I have used (and recommended to hundreds of people) is:

3% stabilized or 2% food-grade for mist inhalation and for anything topical (ears, cuts, etc.).

1% stabilized or .5% food-grade for nebulizer treatments.

3. Many people would like to take H2O2 internally for almost any ailment. I believe it will cure ANYTHING! However, you should know that it is not as simple as putting a few drops in water. There are many foods and meds that interact with H2O2 and you can get quite sick. In "The One-Minute Cure" by Madison Cavanaugh, there is a great chart with dosages and recommendations for detoxing, etc. You can also read about what foods, medicines, etc. to avoid.

4. Speaking of books on the subject, "Hydrogen Peroxide Medical Miracle" by William Campbell Douglass is also a wealth of info. I have also recently downloaded a free Kindle book "Hydrogen Peroxide Miracle Healers From the Kitchen" by Sharon Daniels. It is a short e-book. It appears that this author has condensed other author's info into a quick read. It doesn't really give specifics on how to use H2O2, but it's great for some very interesting facts.

Lastly, I would like to again provide my email for anyone looking for advice. It is Maggz129(at) I also have a blog page at which tells my story and my experiences with H2O2 (I started this blog due to the 100s of emails I recieved after my initial post on EarthClinic). Unfortunately, I have been unable to access my blog to add new posts recently (some kind of tech issue). I will repost when I transfer my blog to another site.

I hope that this info can be posted for others, so that they can take advantage of this amazing and inexpensive cure for almost any ailment out there.

Be well, Maggie

Replied by Patrick
Montreal, Quebec
Can a 75 year old woman use this, she has COPD? She is having trouble breathing and can't talk for very long, her mask is not helping her that great so would this be safe for her? Please help me as soon as possible. Thank you and God Bless. Patrick
Replied by Mmsg
Somewhere, Europe
Patrick, put a small spritz into a humidifier near her, or a tiny bit into an inhaler.
Replied by Vcn
Phx, Az, Us
Patrick - I'm sorry to hear of her struggles. I cannot speak about the H202 method.... but hope this can help.

COPD is a chronic inflammatory disease. Therefore getting the inflammatory mediator (leukotriene) under control will be vital in helping to control it as well as dilating bronchial tubes.

Some antioxidants are capable of doing this but conventional ones (vitamins C & E) may not be sufficient enough. Pycnogenol (antioxidant) was reported to improve pulmonary functions in asthma patients & dramatically lowered their need for inhalers. (Amounts taken are based on severity of condition). It tends to have quicker effect if it was supported by other antioxidants, (primary from the cyanidin groups).

Another thing to consider.... Respiratory disorders may be associated with cartilage degeneration which is also common with older people. Cartilage contains lots of water, type II collagen, hyaluronic acid, chondroitin sulfate -- all which tend to deficient in older people as well.

Unfortunately, we stop producing hyaline cartilage, (the type found in the air tubes) during our teen years which cannot be replaced. However, in adults, when cartilage gets damaged or degenerates, it can be replaced with another type (fibrocartilage). From what I've learned, this can be done in a number of ways with glucosamine sulfate and glucosamine hydrochloride (properly proportioned), without chondroitin, supported by pycnogenol or vitamin c to help build collagen and hyaluronic acid to maintain hydration.

The very best luck and blessings to you!

Replied by Jenny
London, UK
5 out of 5 stars

I will be turning 80 this year and have used the peroxide inhalation method since I read about it three years ago or so. I have never experienced any side effects. I have lung issues as well and use the method when I am catching a flu.

Replied by Marigold
Just an update - I'm still using h2o2 in my nebulizer. I now use 2 droppers of peroxide to 2 droppers of distilled water. I feel better than ever, starting to exercise. I don't use my prescribed Flovent Disk much at all because I hate the side effects. I still use my Ventolin HFA for emergencies.

This time of year, the humidity causes me real problems. I have a dehumidifier running and take cheapo, Dollar Store Allergy Relief ($6). Those two things plus the nebulized h2o2 have helped more than any of the high dollar prescriptions.

We do need to remember that all of this isn't a one size fits all. Some things work better for others.

Replied by David
You say 2 droppers of peroxide, describe, 3% or 35% food grade

Posted by Ann From Alabama (Tuscaloosa, Alabama, Usa) on 10/18/2012
5 out of 5 stars

I began 2 weeks ago nebulizing 35% Hydrogen Peroxide. I am amazed at the results. I have tried every prescripition drug available for asthma and COPD available in the US. The side effects were so horrible, I was unable to continue treatment. I finally decided that I had nothing too lose so I decided to try the Peroxide treatment. Here is what I did. Just to mention I only did this twice a day for two weeks. On Oct 17 and 18 2012, I have not used the nebulizer at all. I am totally amazed, no wheezing, coughing, or heavy chest. I sleep comfortably throughout the night, something I have not done in over 8 months. I have a nebulizer that was prescribed by my doctor, but I also have information on purchasing one without a prescription, but more on that later.

Here's what I did. In a glass measuring cup pour one ounce of 35% food grade Hydrogen Peroxide, then pour into a sterile glass jar. I used a canning jar that I sterilized in boiling water. Then I measured 11 ounces of purified water to the peroxide and mixed well with a plastic spoon. Put into refrigerator. To nebulizer add 1 ml peroxide solution and 1-1/2 ml purified water, shake gently to combine. I breathed this for one to 2 minutes two times per day with amazing results. In severe copd cases you may nebulize more often.

I have been doing more extensive research on alternative treatments for COPD and found that nebulizing buffered L-Gluthathione has been proven as an effective treatment for COPD. L-Gluthathione is a very potent anti inflammatory and antioxidant. The liposomal form is best for inhalation. I am going to try this next.

I have found that the website www.theranaturals has the buffered Gutathione and www.outpatientmd has nebulizers starting at $28.00 usd.

I will stay in touch as I test and try new treatments for COPD

Replied by Mary
Tuscaloosa , Al Usa
Ann in Tuscaloosa, I also live here and I am at the end of my rope. Seems I spend my day on nebulizers or oxygen. Where do you get this from and how does it work? Thank you.

Posted by Richard (Wagoner, Oklahoma) on 02/18/2012
5 out of 5 stars

COPD Hydrogen Peroxide letter

Last fall 2011, I started to use the peroxide medication regime and have had the subsequent events took place:

I was on an oxegenator 24/7 constantly hooked up and running.

Oxygen bottles were used whenever I needed to go to the store. I required help going to the store, could not bring in groceries myself.

It was not possible to walk from the back of my house to the front without getting winded. No work could be done at all. Laundry, cleaning, bed making, showering, and all walking was a real problem. Occasionally I would overdo and it ended in a full blown pulmonary episode, sometimes so severe my bladder would void unstoppably. I wanted to die when that happened. This is no way to live, I prayed to die or if I was not to die yet then to heal me. In response to my prayer He began to quicken my thoughts to investigate natural remedies, eventually I found this website and read about the use of hydrogen peroxide.

I have not used the oxegenator in over five months. My pure oxygen requirements went from eight small bottles a month to less than two. I'm still careful but I now can do my own gardening and lawn mowing on the lawn tractor. I don't need any other meds other than the two capsules that are taken everyday in an inhaler. I can go for days at a time without even using the nebulizer with the 3% hydrogen peroxide mixture.

I drive and shop unassisted. If you have COPD try this. It worked for me! And don't forget that God is in charge and guides you every moment.


Replied by Sugarbabe
Jeannette, Pa Usa
I found you on this site. I just got on oxygen a month ago and having a hard time dealing with it. Could you tell me how you do the 3% hydrogen peroxide with the nebulizer? Do you mix any thing with it and how many times a day do you do it?


Replied by Dave B.
Palmdale, Cailf
I am in the condition as better but not cured was in. I was ready to die and give up until my son gave me this website. That was 4 days ago and I haven't stopped researching yet.

In the past 4 days I have gained a wealth of knowledge about COPD. I have found about 10 different cures for emphysema which is the main part of COPD

Hydrogen peroxide seems to be on the top of the list. Also ozone therapy which is oxygenation of the blood.

Interesting thing is that they claim HP and ozone therapy can also cure HIV and AIDS. Not just treat it but cure it. Recent breakthroughs have broke into the mainstream of medicine.

Exhale Airway Stents. Inhaled glutathione HP DMSO MSM ECT, ECT. I have put together a list of the different things I have found, It is to much to try to explain here, so If you would like this list I would be happy to email it to anyone who needs it

If you are in need of info I can save you a lot time. I will be checking in here with some progress reports my own from time to time.

My Email add is: popgun(at)

Posted by Ken (Gaithersburg, Maryland,usa) on 12/27/2011

I have COPD and my last time in hospital left me with so little lung function I can no longer work, climb stairs and so on. And am getting scared because I can no longer get a good breath and have to be very careful not to do too much or will pay for it. I am on all of the steroids and inhalers have thrush in mouth they say I will never get rid of because of steroids. I have an O2 concentrator with a water humidifier bottle on it how much or what concentration of H2O2 should I use how many times a day for how long and how many liters a minute? Need info ASAP can't breath and getting worse. My COPD is from smoking and breathing in bad chemicals in construction at work.

Replied by Andrea C
Cardiff, Wales
I am sorry your are so ill. I too am seriously ill. Drink sodium bicarbonate, aluminum free. You may get lucky and find your detox symptoms are barely recognizable. Don't even think about it. You may sail through and get well. I am not that lucky. Lol. I got beaten up by past illnesses (stuff you had as a kid and forgotten you ever had it). It's called detox layering and it also flares what you are trying to treat sometimes as well. I am not trying to scare you, just letting you know in advance.

Posted by Christy (Indianapolis, In) on 09/24/2011

Hi Panel,

I was going through this site looking for natural remedies regarding copd... My mother is 70 and has had this for decades and of course getting worse... She is NOT now nor was in the past a smoker. I read through some of the many comments and am a bit confused... The hydrogen peroxide method is this used for smokers only?

She is a skeptic toward anything natural or going against what is prescribed... The only other meds she is on if for arthritis and the advair for copd... I would like some updated help from anyone who has tried and been successful for a while using a natural remedy who doesn't have nicotine buildup...

Does anyone or has anyone used hydrogen peroxide for copd that is not a smoker, or anyone who can help? I would be grateful for the information... As you all know the web is full of information and misinformation and it's people like you who have tried these methods yourself that help the rest of us along in the right direction... We cannot rely on the medical community when it comes to our health, they are too eager to put us on prescription meds, pat us on the heads and send us home.... Thanks again for any feedback. Christy

Replied by Sistertongue
The Boonies, Usa
1 out of 5 stars

It is important to understand that COPD is COPD, no matter the origin, though smokers will have additional difficulties to deal with. H202 is used also by many, many healthy people for its benefits. It circulates more oxygen in the body and is beneficial to everyone. Nebulizing is particularly helpful for those with respiratory compromises as it cleanses and oxygenates at the lung tissue level.

One other poster noted that H202 should be avoided with certain other supplements. Important to read about heavy metals in relationship to h202 as this can be very dangerous. For instance, with iron. If you think about it, oxygen rusts iron and other metals. If you have a heavy metal load in your body, h202 can be dangerous to take and best to detox from the heavy metals FIRST.

Replied by Alex
Blackpool, Lancashire, England Uk
Hello... thankyou so much for your website, it has really helped me stay afloat since my recent diagnosis of mild copd, my spirometry test fev1 52% with a lung age of 69 years old.

I am a 39 year old male, and have had childhood asthma since the age of 7 years old I have bipolar depression, irritable bowel syndrome and I am an artist that used many different types of aerosol paints /solvents /pigments/ and chemicals for my work for many years.

I have been a tobacco smoker (not cigarettes) whom has used cannabis to control my moods since my 20s.... I have been on many different anti psychotics and mood stabilisers and sleeping tablets over the years. also I have a lot of metal fillings in my teeth.

Recently I have been hospitilised 3 times with chest infections and a collapsed lung, I have been on many inhalers over the years and are currently taking symbicourt and bricanyl.

I am currently having an exacerbation and taking steroids and high doses of vit. C... my air intake is around 250 200 with peak flow meter, though I can't seem to process the air I breath in.

I've been reading this site a lot recently and have purchased a pdf booklet how to beat... Jim's story has prompted me to buy msm powder, hydrogen peroxide 35%, the correct distilled water and dmg capsules.... and am looking into purchasing a nebuliser as my doctor wont give me one until I am in end stage copd, I say why wait?

I'm keen to start treatment as soon as possible but after reading these pages I'm concerned about the metals issue and the contents of my lungs regarding prescription and cannabis drug resins in my lungs /system....could anyone offer any specific advice regarding my situation?

Thankyou for reading- hope you can help.

Replied by Siorapwil
Porthmadog, Gwynedd
5 out of 5 stars

Hi Alex, Please read the following.

Ref: COPD - 74 years old

I started drinking H/P - H202 just over one week ago so far I feel good with no problems or side effects, I bring up copious amount of mucus, and even though I need oxygen at times I cope well without it so far.

I must point out never take Hydrogen Peroxide at full strength of 35% always dilute in my case to 200ml distilled water to 3 drops 35% 3 times a day and increase as per protocol.

Please read as much as you can on Hydrogen Peroxide before you start taking it scroll down the latest post and you find the protocol of use.

let me know your progress.

Email me @ siorapwil(at)


Replied by John
Perth, Western Australia
Hi Alex, I am 41 years old and have had many of the same problems. I can offer a few ideas that have helped me.

Food, Water and Air.

1. Mercury amalgam fillings vapor is inhaled & exhaled each breath. Some people breath in with nose and some with the mouth. Breathing in by mouth will increase the amount of mercury vapor into the lungs, many with asthma breath this way. Normal saliva pH is 7 and if it goes below 6.5 acidic corrosion and electrolysis increases of the mercury fillings releasing more poisonous mercury vapor. Check MSDS on mercury.

2. Rainwater, reverse osmosis, distilled water and diet soft drinks all are below pH6.5 and take away magnesium from the body that is needed to protect against the mercury poison uptake. I used to have a regular metallic taste in my mouth until I changed to hard alkaline water. The demineralised acidic water acts by washing the metal filling surface, then the salt in saliva completes the electrical circuit between mercury amalgams.

3. Depression had control of me since about the same young age you mentioned and I finally found low magnesium to have been the problem a couple of years ago. Tests did not show a problem and a common reason it is overlooked in favour of tablets. Finding out I had been drinking water without any magnesium for years and by changing to water with high levels the results were hard to believe. My diet never changed only the mineral salts in water. Total dissolved solids was only 10ppm pH5.5 changed to TDS800ppm and pH8.

4. Metabolic acidosis, dehydration, pre-Diabetes, high blood pressure, muscle pains, aches, stiffness, CFS, IBS, shortness of breath, from mercury and low magnesium and calcium in the water.

5. Some studies on cannabis recently have showed some protection from certain cancers and lungs being affected less in heavy cannabis smokers than tobacco smokers. I am not sure this means if you smoke both tobacco and cannabis then each will cancel out the other and make it all good.

6. Detox ideas, Cilantro, Chlorella, vitamin C, Spiralina, Chlorophyll, MSM, Magnesium sulfate, MMS.

I hope some of this information helps.

Regards, John

Posted by George Murray (Porthmadog, Gwynedd) on 07/03/2011

I use 3% for cuts etc, I noticed that spraying onto the skin bleaches the skin white and lasts for about 1/2 an hour, does this happen if when you inhale 3% into your lungs? if you cannot provide the answer with all due respect can you point me to a person that can.

Replied by Karl
Digby, Canada
Make sure all forms of H2O2 is properly diluted, the over the counter store bought also needs to be diluted to at least 1oz of H2O2 to every Quart of clean water, I prefer reverse osmosis water but distilled water works, certainly better than our tap water anyway. If you're getting white stains on your skin maybe your H2O2 isn't 3%, I have been using it for awhile and the only one that changed my skin color was the 35% H2O2, I personally use internally the 35% food grade H2O2 solution diluted down to a 3% solution then diluted again down to 1oz for every 1 quart of clean water. I found out today from a message on earth clinic that even tapwater can be somwhat cleaned with H2O2 at least to remove the chlorine and fluorine, which is what I do to take a bath in it. Not sure about the other toxins in most water supplies though.
Replied by Sistertongue
Out There, Usa
Do not EVER ingest or use in a nebulizer store bought 3% hydrogen peroxide. It is FULL of impurities. ONLY buy and use internally 35% FOOD GRADE h202. There are lots of websites where you can order it. It is EXTREMELY dangerous at 35% and can burn the skin (wash immediately with water and you will be fine). It is highly diluted in water to prevent burning of tissues, both internal and external.

Posted by Janetlee (Panama City, Fl, Usa) on 06/04/2011

I've had my mom who has COPD (I believe so b/c she has ALL the symptoms, but won't go to a doctor-several years ago she went to a general MD and was told she has bronchial asthma-she doesn't have attacks where she has to use an inhaler). Anyway, for the past week or so, I've had her using a nebulizer to do the H202 therapy. She was unable to tolerate the Bill Munro method. I have her mixture in the nebulizer at 1 part H202 to 3 parts water. She does the nebulizer about 4x a day and only does it for about a minute or two at a time. She says that she is willing to continue this treatment for a little while so as to give it a fair chance. Hower, she also says that it seems to make her chest feel heavy and thus she feels worse... She's not to a point where she can't go do things, but does get quite shortwinded and coughs up phlegm. She's also doing the Mucolyxir and himilayan salt inhalation which have definitely helped her. So I guess what I'm asking is does anyone have any feedback for me? I'd really appreciate it! Thanks!


Replied by Barbara
Leicester, United Kingdom
5 out of 5 stars

Hi I have COPD and last year I took H2o2 orally you wouldnt believe the differance it made even after a week I couldnt go upstairs without having to sit and wait to get me breath back I would wake up in the morning not even moved out of bed and couldnt breathe I stopped taking it last november and im getting poorly again so I have just ordered myself some more I am going to start taking it again it really helps....

Replied by Janetlee
Panama City, Fl, Usa
Thanks for your reply! May I ask how you personally took the H202 orally? How much? For how long? To what extent did it help you? I am asking so many questions because I have to be persuasive to my mom! Thanks so much!

ps-you can email me if you like at shapeep @ maildot com

I hope you get that coded email okay! LOL!


Posted by Janetlee (Panama City, Fl, Usa) on 05/20/2011

Could Ted or anyone else that has any experience with this help me out please! My mom has COPD and today I bought a quart of 35% Food Grade H202, distilled water, and a nebulizer. Now that I have all the things she needs to try the therapy, I am at a loss as to how to go about this! She'll think I'm an idiot! :( Maybe I am.... But I love her and am trying so hard to help her. I have her on 200 mg. Ubiquinol (a superior form of CoQ-10) daily and NAC and Himilayan Crystal salt Inhaler and Mucolyxir (NATURAL MICRODOSE DNA). All of this has helped her, but she still gets so shortwinded and wheezes a lot and coughs up phlegm. She won't go to a doctor no matter what! But she is willing to try some alternative therapies. Anyhow, could someone PLEASE A. S. A. P. Answer my question about the H202 inhalation therapy via a nebulizer?

How much H202 to how much water? How long should she use the nebulizer each time? How many times a day? How many days? ANY HELP IS GREATLY APPRECIATED! Please help us!

Thank you so very very much! janet

Replied by Robert Henry
Ten Mile , Tn Usa
HI U JANETLEE, , , , , , ,

To get to 3% from 35%, you add 3 tablespoons of 35% hydrogen peroxide to 12 oz of distilled water.

The rest you are on you own and if someone tells you different then they are peeing on your leg. ======RH========

Replied by Bess
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Hi Janetlee - To dilute 35% hydrogen peroxide down to 3%, add 1 ounce of 35% HP to 11 ounces of distilled water. That is the instruction on my bottle of 35% food-grade HP (Gold Top Super Oxygen). As for using it for COPD, sorry, I don't have any information but do an Internet search for Bill Munro's hydrogen peroxide inhalation method - that might point you in the right direction (he uses an atomizer to inhale instead of a nebulizer). Perhaps someone with actual experience with HP and COPD might be able to respond to you. Best of luck to you and your Mom.
Replied by Janetlee
Panama City, Fl, Usa
Thank you both. I do know how to make the 35% H202 into 3% H202. What I am puzzled about is how much of the 3% H202 to how much water before putting it in a nebulizer? On the Asthma thread here on Earth Clinic, one lady said she puts one part H202 to 2 parts water, then puts it in the nebulizer. I'm at a loss... I did talk to Mr. Munro and he really didn't know what to advise me in regards to a nebulizer. He does feel that regular 3% H202 like you buy at a drugstore is just fine and feels that the food grade kind is a waste of money. He's a very nice man! Anyway, the nasal mist pump bottle inhalation burns my mom's throat too bad, even after I diluted it more.

PLEASE, if ANYBODY has COPD and has used a nebulizer to inhale H202, PLEASE tell me your mixture ratio! Thank you!

Replied by Alain
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Answer to Janetlee from Panama City, Fl about using H2O2 with a nebulizer.

I think I recall Ted saying to use not stronger solution than 1% H2O2 solution for inhalation. I would therefore suggest using a solution of 1% or less and then increase occasionally to see if a higher concentration can be handled. Do not exceed 3%.

The same goes with the ordinary inhalation method. If 3% burns the throat than start with 1%.

Here are two interesting pages on using a nebulizer with H2O2.

Good Luck

Replied by Janetlee
Panama City, Fl, Usa
Thank you. I decided to go very diluted and slowly add more to the water. I will try to keep posting as we go along!

Thanks all! janet

Replied by Janetlee
Panama City, Fl, Usa
1 out of 5 stars

I am sad to say that I went ahead and told mom to stop the H202 therapy. I could not see where she was benefiting. It may not be that the H202 is ineffective, it could be that mom was not doing it right. She is not able to do the direct spray into the mouth. The nebulizer method bothered her throat some, but this was even with me diluting the 3% H202 as one part H202 to 3 parts distilled water. Maybe it's too weak. Maybe she didn't do it often enough or long enough each time. Mom does what Mom wants! She may try it again eventually, I don't know. But I am very disappointed, as I had high hopes.


Replied by Samdi233
Brantford, Ontario/ Canada
Hi janetlee

For good resolute dilute 5 h2o2 to %3 pore 2 oz or lass in small jar and let your mom inhale the h2o2 from a jar 3x deep breaths 4x a day, read those

Replied by Cindy
Fayetteville, N.c. - Usa
There is a product that can be bought at Health Food Stores that is already mixed food grade hydrogen peroxide. It is called Oxy-gen Liquid Antioxidant with CoA10 and B12. It can also be ordered, which is cheaper. It tastes good, too. Follow the directions.

To Improved Health --- : )

Posted by Maggie (North Attleborough, Massachusetts) on 12/28/2010 | 6 Posts
5 out of 5 stars

Hydrogen Peroxide inhalation for COPD

Hello, My name is Maggie and I live in Massachusetts. I am writing because I finally decided to take a chance on inhaling hydrogen peroxide for my COPD. I have been sick every Winter since I was 26 (16 years). I have tried diet change, steroids, antibiotics, supplements (with some success) and every other alternative offered to me. I have used your website for other ailments, but thought this was a little crazy. However, I have been using this method for 3 weeks and have NEVER felt this good in the Winter. I have also stopped using my rescue inhaler (down from 6-7 times a day) and am not taking any medications. I will be personally sending an email to Bill Munro, who is now my hero. Just when I finally began to accept that I was going to be another statistic (surviving as many Winters as I could handle until my disease did me in, as it did my father), a miracle falls into my lap! I will do this treatment for the rest of my life and I will recommend it to EVERYONE who ever complains to me of bronchitis, asthma, or any other form of COPD. I would be happy to talk to anyone who has questions or needs to speak to a real person. They can email me any time at Thank you Earth Clinic and thank you Bill Munroe for giving me a chance to live my life, instead of biding my time!!!

Replied by Maggie

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I am not sure if it is possible to edit my post, so I am adding this info in a comment instead. I would like to say that it has been over 4 1/2 years since I began inhaling H202. It has been the best thing ever. I decided to switch to food grade to avoid the stabilizers and to use the nebulizer for more effective treatments. There was no information about nebulizing it on the web when I started, so I experimented a bit and came up with a decent dilution, etc. and have been using it since. I am symptom free and am on no medications at all anymore. I would even claim to be cured if I didn't know that COPD has no cure (hmmmm).

Since my posts on EarthClinic, I have helped hundreds of people all over the world with this method. My family and I are using the inhalation method for many ailments and I have also discovered many other ways that H202 keeps us healthy. I had a blog that told my story, as well as my treatment plan, but it was through Verizon and they discontinued their blog site. I have saved all the info and hope to find the time to start another blog, but I'm so busy living! I'm also currently trying to put together an e-book, but am concerned about legal matters, so I will just keep sharing my vast H202 knowledge at every opportunity. Please try this!!! What do you have to lose?

Replied by Amanda
London, England
Hi Moggie, how lovely to hear your story, such an inspiration and a good lady to share and care bless you. I've been devastated by my diagnosis and you have givin me joy. Much love xxxxx

Posted by Joan (Brooklyn, New York) on 08/01/2010
5 out of 5 stars

I have emphysema. I get tested every 6 months to check the oxygen in my lungs.. Before I inhaled 3% peroxide my test prove my COPD was getting worse... But this time, after inhaling peroxide for three weeks my lungs have greatly improved. My pulmonologist was impressed at the technician's report that he tested me on difficult state of the art machines that measure the capacity of air in each test and he indeed reported much better than the previous three years.

I didn't tell her what I was doing. I was afraid she would try and stop me... Joan

Replied by Jgp
Industry, Pa Usa
Joan from NY; what concentrations are you using? Thanks jgp pa

Posted by Bharat (Faridabad, Haryana, India) on 04/29/2010

My father is suffering from COPD (chronic bronchitis and chronic emphysema), he is 57 years old and weighs around 40 kg.He was told about it 6 years back in 2004 untill when he was a chain smoker and left it then only.His fev1 count is only 17%.He used 35% food grade HP orally according to the given schedule but as soon as he reached 18 drops he felt some extreme symptoms like nausea, headache along with extreme weakness. His heart beat went high up-to 130 bpm and thus he just slacked off on it. He can barely walk and even find it difficult to eat food. I just wanted to ask what is the solution to such extreme symptoms because we don't want to quit so easily as there are not much options left after HP. Another query i had in my mind was that can anyone tell me that among either oral and inhalation method which one shows better and quick results?

Replied by Alain
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Answer to Bharat from Faridabad

With H2O2 we have to go slowly. If 18 drops is too much because of detox effect, just reduce it to a comfortable level. Than increase only after a while. You don't have to go as fast as a chart. Those charts are just guidelines.

The max recommended concentration for internal use is 0.5%. But even 1/10 of it can help. There are also other ways, like Baths with H2O2 and Epsom salt, or Bill Munro's inhalation method. People react differently to different concentration. When too much just reduce.

I posted something here with a lot of info.

Good Luck, Alain
Replied by Bharat
Faridabad, Haryana, India
Thank you Alain.I really appreciate your effort .

Can you please tell me if is it possible that food grade Hydrogen Peroxide when taken orally reduces the spo2 level in blood.I am asking this because for the past 3 -4 days we are noticing a quick decrease in spo2 levels of my father even when oxygen is been taken externally.

Can it be assumed as a possible side effect of hydrogen peroxide since his fev1 count is only 17%?

Replied by Alain
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Sorry, I cannot answer satisfactorily to your quesstion, because I am not at all familiar with the test you are talking about. But I did some quick searches and I have a few thoughts I would like to share with you.

First, you did not explained how the oxygen was taken externally. Was is peroxyde? And how? To get back to my previous post about dosages. Consider that 18 drops of FG h2o2 in a glass of water is not the same for a man of 40Kg as for a man of 80Kg or 120Kg. I suspect that your father is very weak and has digestion problems. So, maybe the 18 drops is even more demanding because of his weakness. H2O2 will create detox symptoms. So it is good to have something to improve the elimination of the liberated toxins. Those "toxins" are not from the h2o2 but from the body trying to get rid of them by being helped with the h2o2.

So, it might be better that food are any supplements be taken in smaller portions but more often. Something that might help greatly is the taking of pro-biotics on a daily basis. The more I read about pro-biotic bacteria for the colon the more I thing it is a vital element in helping in the recovery to any illness.

If you read EC pages on COPD and do a search on the web you will find that many have been helped by DMSO, and MSM. First, DMSO is very closed chemically to MSM. MSM can be obtained naturally from food. But can be easily destroyed by processing foods. MSM is better utilized by the body if taken with glucosamine sulfate and the chondroitin sulfate. MSM is a compound with sulfur as so are the two other sulfates. It has been shown that magnesium and magnesium sulfate can help asthma. Here we go again with a sulfate.

There is an easy and cheap way to get magnesium and sulfur in the form of sulfate. It is with Epsom salt (Magnesium sulfate). It is cheap and easy to buy in North America. I don't know about your part of the country. Two ways I know how to benefit from Epsom Salt (ES). Internally and from baths. Internally, a pinched of ES with meals or beverages. Coincidentally, a bath of ES can be enhanced and alkalizing with some h2o2. Here is a good link about such baths

Magnesium will also help the liver and kidneys in digesting proteins.

So, IMO you should have a multi-facet approach. Improvement of digestion, improvement of nutrition. Smaller portion but more frequent. Supplementation of MSM and or magnesium sulfate. Alkalizing baths. So much can be said about alkalizing.

I could have put a lot more in the form of supporting links and text extracts that would better help what I said above. Health can be restored but it will take time. A simple advice-Stop doing what makes us sick and start what makes us healthy.

Good luck, Alain
Replied by Vicki
New Plymouth, Taranaki, New Zealand
Answer To Bharat From Faridabad. Hi from New Zealand. My father, who is 84 and has had emphysema for over 20 years, has been using some drops that I got for him from a large online supplement supplier in America. I can't say the name of the product on this site, but if you Google "Natural Microdose DNA" you will find info about the product. Dad uses ONE drop FOUR times a day. It isn't very expensive to buy. I think it works by thinning the mucus. Dad has been using it for about six weeks, and it's the first of the MANY "natural" remedies that we've tried that's helped him. Unfortunately he's still using all his puffers at this stage,but the drops have made a huge difference in his comfort level. He is able to go for walks outside and do light chores around the house, which he hasn't been able to do for ages. A big difference is in how long it takes him to recover from breathless episodes. Now, he gets his breath back almost immediately, instead of spending five minutes gasping for air. He's really happy about that!! He has had a peak flow meter for several years now and it has always been around 160 to 170 maximum, but now it averages about 190 and several times has been over 200, which has never happened before. So, while this hasn't been the miracle cure that I have been looking for, it has made a BIG difference to Dad's quality of life, and,at the moment, he is progressing instead of getting worse. Hopefully after he has been using the drops for several months he'll have made further progress. The only negative comment I have to make about the product is that it"s really difficult to get the drops out of the bottle - I have to put it in another bottle for Dad to use. Later on I'm also going to get him some black elderberry (there's an interesting post on here about that), but for now we're seeing how much he improves by using the drops alone. Kind Regards, Vicki.

Posted by Dixie (Lake City, Florida) on 11/04/2009
4 out of 5 stars

We need to keep this alive. I just found this site. I used 35%food grade HP for the schedule and it gave me more energy and then stupid me slacked off. I need to go back to it. Anyway I have COPD and lately I can barely walk to the bathroom because I can't breathe from long time smoking, so I have been reading this. I tried Bill's method of putting 3%HP in a pump bottle undiluted. Then I put 3mg in my nebulizer and it's kinda strong so guess you can cut it with water. Now I'm using 35% food grade 1 drop per 2oz distilled water and then putting 3mg in nebulizer. Cheaper then using an oxygen tank I think and did give me instant relief so guess I'm going to do this about every two hrs and see how it goes then I probably will start the schedule back over which is 3 drops three x's a day then increasing one drop every day until you get to 25 drops then you taper back down to only using 5 drops per week

Posted by Patricia (Flower Mound, Tx) on 10/12/2009

I have COPD that started to get worse when I moved into an apartment with a bad mold problem. My condition has deteriorated so much in the last year that I'm on oxygen 24/7, despite the fact that the physiology of my lung tissue hasn't changed, according to a CAT scan in 2003 and another one six years later. I suspect aspergillus, but could be wrong. My doctor did a blood test and says it was negative.

Anyway, I've tried about everything including a psychic naturopath, except the H2O2 therapy. I made an appointment with a Doctor in Fort Worth who does it intravenously. These treatments are expensive, and I have no insurance since my insurer rescinded my policy when I was in treatment for kidney cancer [which fortunately the recent CAT scan for my lung caught in an early stage], so I don't want to do this unless it will help or if there is a less expensive way to get the job done.

Has anyone taken the H2O2 by mouth. If so, how much, how often and how long before results. What were the results, if any. I'm a little afraid of the inhaled therapy because of the condition of my lungs already, or does anyone have advice for me? I'm a writer and a filmmaker and this oxygen thing is totally limiting my life.

Replied by George
Bedford, Tx
Jody from Tyler Tx has asked about doses and how to administer Hydrogen Peroxide. I can only tell about my experiance and cannot make any recomendations to anyone else. I use it primarily in am Sleep Apnia mask [PAP]. I use a solution strength of about 20%. That is 1/4 cup H2O2 to 1 cup of Distiled water. I breath it all night and if my lungs feel a little irritated I add another half cup water to make it about 15%.

I also use my nebulizer one or two times a day and there I use a 50% strength for about 3 min.

I believe I am killing all the bacteria, mold and fungus in my lungs as I don't have any more coughing or mucus since the first day I tried H2O2.

My Pulmanologist, Cardiologist, and my Gen Practioner are all amzazed at my improvment. None of them have ever heard of inhaling H2O2 before.

Good luck and let me know how you are doing at my email address

Posted by George (Bedford, Tx) on 08/04/2009
5 out of 5 stars

After living with COPD for several years my condition recently got worst to the point that I could barely manage simple chores like taking out the garbage. 2 wks ago my Pulmonary Doctor told me to use Oxygen 24/7 and to use an Albuterol inhaler twice a day and as needed for emergencies.

A few days later I had a serious incident from trying to climb some stairs,and almost passed out. The next day I had another incident from a minor exertion. I believe that an angel must have directed me to the earthclinic web site because I found the Hydrogen Peroxide treatment there. I am lucky enough to have a better system to administer the Hydrogen Peroxide than using asquirt bottle. I have a machine for my Sleep Apnea where I sleep with a mask that covers my nose and mouth and the machine provides positive air pressure to keep my wind pipe open. The machine also has a water tank of about 6 oz to keep the air moisturized.

I began my treatment with standard drug store 3% Hydrogen Peroxide, and dialuted it 50/50 with filtered water. I braethed that mixture for 8 hours that night and in the morning my lungs were clear. I didn't have the usual coughing fit to clear my lungs of mucus. The next night I used a 30% mixture instead of 50% and the results were just as good. I stopped using my hand held inhalers entierly. I again cut the dose down to 20% and still had the great results.

On the 10th day I awoke with so much energy that I changed the bed sheets, vacuumed the floor and cleaned the bath room. 2 weeks before this I could barely walk across the room.

The Peroxide treatment is a blessing to me.

Replied by Jody
Tyler, Tx
George, I am happy that you've had such good results with the h202. I had previously tried Bill Munro's method of inhaling while spraying from a nasal spray bottle. I was already sick at the time and that method caused a deal of irritation in my lungs--perhaps the spray droplets were too large, don't know. Anyway, I ended up in hospital...I was also trying to nebulize some colloidal silver----desperate to get rid of the infection.

I'm currently at the stage of copd where one infection follows on the heels of the last one.

I'm a bit afraid to try the you think it would be ok to use some in my nebulizer and if so should I also have the albuterol in there or just h202 and water? I also have an oxygen concentrator with a moisturizer bottle on it...not sure of the measure..looks like about 8 0z...would that be a good way to inhale it?

Thanks for any help you might give me.
Replied by Hobbit From The Shire
Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
I have a friend struggling with COPD. He is willing to give the H202 in the sleep apnea mask a try. I would appreciate if I could get an email address for George from Bedford, Tx in regards to the H202 he used. Was it Food Grade, or the regular. And would like to know how George is doing these days?

Thank you!!