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How to Cure Candida: The Candida Diet Protocol

Last Modified on Jul 10, 2015

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Posted by Bill (San Fernando, Philippines) on 12/05/2012 | 1165 Posts

Replied by Val
Sarnia, Ontario
I am 56 years old. I have had candida outbreaks for many years. In the last 3 years they have escalated to the point where I'm finding it hard to function. I've taken probiotics, antifungals and followed the candida diet but have gotten worse. This year I had several serious life stresses including the recent death of my mother.

I now have IBS, thrush, chronic fatigue and insomnia. A friend told me about the turpentine protocol. So I downloaded Bill Thompson's book Candida: Killing So Sweetly and am ready to start all the protocols. I'm very hopeful that this could be the answer for me.

My question is about the diet. You mention what we shouldn't eat but there isn't much about what to eat. Because of my IBS there are very few vegetables I can tolerate (no cabbage, garlic, onions, broccoli, etc.) and I can't eat potatoes, carrots, squash, etc. because of the high carbs so I am basically eating virgin coconut oil, butter, meat, poultry, eggs, pureed green beans, spinach & zucchini, dry cottage cheese (very low lactose) and yogurt I make myself by fermenting for 24 hours to get rid of the lactose. I'm not eating any grains at all.

You say not to eat dairy and only small amounts of meat & poultry. I know I'm eating too much meat but I don't know how to get enough calories otherwise. Should I be eating some grains? I can't tolerate gluten. Do you think that my digestives issues will improve quickly on your program?

I'm losing weight at the rate of about 2 pounds per week and can't afford to lose much more. Is there a sample diet that you or others following your protocols follow? I'd really appreciate some help.

Replied by Mike 62
Denver, Colorado
Val: Please let me explain concisely and accurately. The banana girl eats a raw organic banana. Enzymes, humic acids, xeronines, sulfur, and trace minerals not in cooked conventionally grown food increase the respiratory quotient. This is a fancy term for the cells functioning at peak performance. Sugar stimulates the production of insulin. Both end up in the blood plasma. Proteins unfold revealing receptors. Insulin attaches to the receptors and sugar is burned as fuel only when fat is less than 10% by calorie. Dieting is not an option because low levels of atp reduce zeta potential and increase the disease state. Cellular biologists can explain this technically. 80/10/10ers give testimonials and share recipes. The cells are not being nourished properly, and this is required, because you have heard that candida eats sugar. Candida does not eat sugar when the cells are nourished properly. All you have to do is just ignore all the diseases and nourish the cells properly. The ibs is going to require some special care. If you want to try this reply back and I'll be glad to send the details. You can study Dr. Doug Graham candida natural news, Andrew Kim Blogs why cells go bad, insulin revisited, carbon dioxide, raw food health the candida cleanse, and watch raw food for candida videos fpr more info. Thank you.
Replied by Taram7
Cincinnati, Oh
Candida Diet will not and cannot help Candida... because leaky gut must be healed and is almost ALWAYS present with Candida overgrowth. Your body has to have fruit... a juice fast for 30-90 days is the best method. I have struggled with these insufficient diet theories and Candida for over 5 years... I am finally healing by killing the Candida Cell wall (chitin layer) Juice fasting and good probiotics. If leaky gut is not healed with Candida, the symptoms will just transfer somewhere else into another part of your body. Foods heavy to digest and cutting out fruits is bad for your healing and health, as your cells NEED FRUIT to be strong and heal and fight it and without curing leaky gut, the candida keeps migrating into other parts of the body. Candida just goes 'dormant' with the Candida diet and does not 'die' because of the hard to destroy cell wall, your immune system cannot kill Candida on its own without a Chitin Layer destroyer.
Replied by Timh Donate

Ky, Usa
Val: Since Candida is an opportunistic fungus, it seems very likely you have other disease states also. Have you tried detox methods like gallbladder cleanse, colon cleanse, parasite cleanse?

Here are some effective remedies for parasites and pathogens which can be used alongside the diet:


Colloidal Silver


Liposomal Vit-C

Liposomal Borax


How is the quality of your indoor air? Upgrading your air quality will improve immune function. Magnet therapy directly over the thymus gland as well as "tapping" will improve immunity. Supplementing Raw Thymus Glandular will boost immunity.

Replied by Timh Donate

Ky, Usa
Val: Update on my original reply. I forgot to mention the possible need for heavy metal detox as Candida can thrive in a heavy metal contaminated body.

Also, I have suffered what I believe to be more than one species of fungus infection for aprox 15 yrs w/ symptoms of infection in the spine and until only recently definitely affecting my brain & eyes resulting in vertigo and mental decline, vision problems etc. I began zapping the upper and lower spine w/ major die off symptoms for aprox 5 days. I also did several daily ozone ear insulflations which I did note positive results. Now, aprox 2 wks later I am still improving.

Replied by Bill
San Fernando, Philippines
1165 Posts
Hi Timh...Fungal infections in the backbone and in the synovial fluids can cause considerable problems as regards adequate delivery of curative nutrients because of the blood/bone or blood/brain barrier.

I've recently found out that artemisinin(ART) seems to be very useful against fungus, viruses, various bacteria and mycoplasma. Furthermore, artemisinin is easily able to penetrate the blood/brain barrier -- so it should perhaps be effective in the backbone area as well. Some research here and here.

The way ART works is that it contains a peroxide bridge on its molecule. Similar to Vitamin C, ART can also look like sugar to candida. When the ART gets inside a candida cell then ART reacts with the iron in the candida cell(candida loves ferritin or iron) to produce reactive oxygen species or free radicals(same as MMS and H2O2) only this happens inside the candida cell, not outside. Consequently the candida cells -- not the host cells -- are destroyed. This ART pro-oxidant method of kill is also similar against other pathogens. Also, candida biofilms contain alot of iron, so ART may well be effective at rapidly destroying candida biofilms. I've also read where ART is being successfully used against malaria and cancer(in Vietnam and China). Other posts show that people are using ART against particularly nasty diseases like Morgellons and Lyme Disease -- which can also involve candida.

I've also read where an 81 year old man in California with skin melanomas cured this problems using DMSO and ART. One ART pill in DMSO. His wife also had melanomas and was also cured by this method. See this link. So I was just thinking that using DMSO witand remove h ART on your backbone might be a more focused protocol to help kill the fungus/pathogens inside the backbone area. DMSO, as a carrier, is easily able to transport nutrients through the skin, blood/brain and blood/bone barriers of the body. DMSO with Iodine might also work. Unfortunately, turpentine is insoluble in DMSO, so you cannot use it with DMSO, more's the pity.

Replied by Timh Donate

Ky, Usa
Thanks for the info Bill. I use Art in combination w/ walnut hulls and clove both orally and let. and also includes oregano & grapefruitseed. Despite extensive trnt my condition is still quite severe although I have shown moderate improvement in the last month.

It appears that my heavy metal load has finally decreased and my liver function is better than several yrs past, so I am hopeful yet.

I am more in belief that the autoimmunity problem which stems directly from the lung fibrosis is the single major detriment to any kind of substantial recovery.

I get noticeable improvement fallowing Glucosamine (as it relates to promoting mucus secretions in the lung of which appears I am deficient), Hawthorn also helps (proly something to do w/ antioxidant protection reducing inflammation). Beginning trials w/ Valerian & Calms Forte' seem promising. LDN seems very promising as well as Cannabis (unfortunately I don't live in Colorado). Nebulized Resveratrol appears to have some potential.

Posted by Carolyn (Milford, Ct) on 07/11/2012

I am trying to email Bill from San Fernando about his candida summary protocol. More precisely;

Is it possible to combine several of the candida-cleanse ingredients into a one liter bottle of water with the borax? I would like to combine the borax, baking soda (Ted recommends 1/2 tsp to prevent kidney pain while taking the borax), h2o2, methylene blue, vitamin c (as sodium ascorbate, of course) and a couple of drops of Lugol's iodine.

I know that combining the Lugol's and vitamin c at the same time will make it turn clear and into iodide. Does this matter for the overall curative effect when done over an extended period of time?

Also, I am curious how long he waits between taking the lemon/lime baking soda (Or Ted's carbicarb remedy) and then sipping at the borax? Is there a need to wait a while before or after the bs/lemon before sipping the borax again?

Any help would be appreciated!

Warmest Regards, Carolyn

Replied by Prospero
Angeles City, Pampanga
Bill, if you happend to see this message please drop me an email at prosperity71(at)

I need to ask where did you get the BORAX, I'm also from Pampanga, Philippines. I have really a severe candida that crippled my life for almost 3 years now. Thank you

Posted by Susan (New York) on 04/07/2012

Bill from San Fernando, Can you clarify how to take 5% Lugols Iodine? I thought onlly distilled water should be used with 5% Lugols Iodine? Is spring water ok too?

Replied by Bill
San Fernando, Philippines
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Hi Susan... 5% Lugol's Iodine means that 5 gms of elemental Iodine is completely dissolved in a solution that comprises a mixture of 10 gms of potassium iodide and 85 gms distilled water. This mixture would make approx 100 mgs of a 5% lugol's iodine soluton.

Elemental iodine is not soluble in water alone but is completely soluble in an aqueous solution of potassium iodide.

The 5% Lugol's represents the lugol's strength -- such that one drop from a dropper of this form is equivalent to 6.25 mgs of iodide/iodine whereas a 2% lugol's iodine solution would deliver less -- just 2. 50 mgs of iodide/iodine per drop.

Lugol's Iodine is generally always made with distilled water.

Replied by Lon
Stanhope, Nj
This is terrific and much needed guidelines. Thank you Bill. I read all of your posts carfully as you summarize and break down to the essentials. One question; what about the flouride in the green tea. Isn't that a problem?
Replied by Bill
San Fernando, Philippines
1165 Posts
Hi Lon... There might indeed be fluorine in the green tea. However, since you will also be detoxifying halogens as well as heavy metals with this protocol anyway, I don't think this is a worry because borax and lugol's iodine, which are also both used in this protocol, will act to strongly remove or inhibit absorption of fluorine into the body respectively. So the effect of possible fluorine in Green Tea is therefore cancelled or nullified when you follow this anti-candida protocol.
Replied by Bill
San Fernando, Philippines
1165 Posts
I must perhaps add several other points concerning this anti-candida protocol:

* Generally whenever people request my help with getting rid of their candida problems by email, I initially send them the protocol above and some initial advice. Then I wait for a response. There should always be a response because systemic candida can effect people in many ways with differing symptoms and so there will always be questions. There must be questions. But after I send them the protocol, I never hear from about 70% of them again. Obviously they are perhaps a little surprised or horrified at the protocol.

* Many people treat candida as perhaps just a trivial problem. Candida not only causes acid body and drags down the thyroid and immune system -- but the environment candida creates inside the body sends an open invitation and pass to other pathogenic bacteria and viruses for a free lunch in your body as well. This is why particularly systemic candida is so hard to defeat -- because you may well have other associated bacteria and viruses in your body as well as the candida -- which can also give rise to a huge variety of symptoms. Therefore, just as an example, if you have colitis, GERD, IBS, Leaky Gut Syndrome, Crohn's Disease etc, then there will be a very high probability that you also have candida as well. When Dr Orian Truss started to use Lugol's Iodine in earnest, he found that larger dose LI could cure not only candida but schizophrenia and severe depression as well. Candida is also a fungus, which is a highly adaptable pathogen which can both hide and overcome drugs by mating with your cells. Of the people that email me for help, only about 25%-30% of them actually do the anti-candida protocol. I am always in touch with these sufferers by email because symptoms always change, other problems arise and there are always questions to be answered and so support must be given.

* Many people with hypothyroidism (another close companion to candida), as another example, when they take just one or two drops of Lugol's Iodine have heart palpitations, arrythmias or skin breakouts, eruptions and rashes similar to acne or other problems such as depression, lethargy etc. This is caused by bromine detox by the iodine causing excess poisonous bromine to accumulate in the blood. And so if you also have a weakened excretory system already (very likely with longterm candida) -- and an overstressed or insufficient liver or kidney -- then your body will not be able to clear the bromine sufficiently quickly and you will get other symptoms arising and manifesting such as racing heart, skin problems, depression etc. This is why oral iodine should never really be taken alone -- but always, at a minimum, involves taking companion nutrients that help strengthen the liver and kidney, while also taking nutrients that heal metabolic malabsorption issues (bromine also inhibits iodine uptake in the intestines and cells). The answer, therefore, to this bromine detox problem is to take the Sea Salt Loading Protocol given here to help eliminate the bromine more quickly from the body. It has also been my experience that when I've helped people from Africa or the Philippines with candida -- these people took 30 drops of iodine from the start with very few bromine detox problems. And yet, it seems that candida and hypothyroid suffers from the Western World -- America and Europe -- have much harsher side-effects from even taking just one drop of lugol's iodine. Why is this? This is because the people I treated in these more primitive countries ate better, less processed foods and better diets that contained no bromine. In the Philippines bromine is not used in their bread by law. In America particularly -- bromine is used in their bread and in their brominated, highly processed vegetable oils. So I am not the least bit surprised that people in America or Europe now have such a hard time taking just one drop of lugol's iodine. This is one of the reasons why proper diet is also important in the anti-candida protocol.

* I am also surprised at the way people think about how to cure their problems. Alot of people seem to think in the same way as doctors do now, which is:

One disease --> One Germ --> One Cure (just attack the pathogen and do nothing else)

OR - in the case of autoimmune and degenerative disease treatments eg hepatitis, cancer, heart disease, diabetes, hyperthyroidism:

Antibody attacks organ --> Attack and destroy anti-body with huge collateral body and immune system damage and hope for the best. Meanwhile, let's just treat the symptoms instead.

Attack!! Attack!! Attack!!

Make sense?

Where's the healing?

Where's the actual cure?

I define an actual cure as taking a remedy or a protocol for a while until you determine that you no longer have that medical problem and then you can stop taking that remedy forever. Unfortunately, in the case of degenerative or auto-immune diseases, the larger pharmaceutical companies seem to prefer just treating the symptoms of these diseases with a battery of drugs (glorified anti-inflammatories and pain-killers with huge and dangerous side-effects) for the rest of your life, simply because this seems to be a much more profitable fit to their Business Model.

Replied by Lon Di
Stanhope, Nj
Thank you, Bill, this is very helpful information because I've been quite confused about green tea.
Replied by Heather
San Diego, Ca
Yes. This works.

I have been following various forms of Ted's advice, combined with other research I found on the Net (after years of piecing together what did and didn't work for me from trial and error). Essentially, what I came up with is exactly what Bill has written, which I just now discovered on Earth Clinic.

I used this for chronic fatigue syndrome, which I suspected was related to candida.

This is very good advice. It took 6 months for me, and I still have health issues but the main ones (fatigue, brain fog, depression, anxiety) are cured.

Also, I haven't given up dairy. I did for two months, didn't notice any difference in my health and since I missed it so much, added it back. Also not taking the MB from the aquarium store, but may add that in. (May eventually give up dairy too but for now I eat only organic, minimally processed dairy when I can afford it.)

THANKS so much for writing this excellent report! I'll refer to it often!

Replied by Wydo
Ventura, Ca, United States
Hi Bill from San Fernando, Philippines, You have a wonderful protocol here and it has helped me out greatly. I, however, struggle. I have discovered the reason that the protocol doesn't work that well for me as it has for others. I discovered I have a couple of places on my descending colon that just clamp up tight and do not allow the digested food to pass through. These strictures make the whole digestive system back up and cause the Candida to flourish. I discovered the problem while trying to get things to move by doing an enema. I just couldn't get much water to go in. At first I thought the strictures were a prolapsed colon but they can be made to pop open. I took an enema, one time, after sex and all 2 quarts of water went in before I knew it and that's how I learned that those strictures will pop open. At this time I really need some help on resolving this problem because I have needed to do an enema every day for the last 3 weeks. I do feel better when I take the borax in water but terrible when I am not taking it.

I use 3 capsules of laxative, magnesium chloride and VCO to try to keep things moving. When it comes out it comes out as diarrhea and that is the only way it will come out. I also do your protocol but I don't do all of it at once because it is just too hard for me to do all of it while working. If you have any ideas on how to relax these strictures please post them for me. Thank you.

Replied by Cindy
Wisconsin, Usa
Question for Bill from Phillipines. Could one do nasal irrigation for candida? What would you use in the water for most effect and how often? I have a bad smell in my nose in the morning and a drippy nose as well during the day. Also feel a lump in throat like something you can't get swallowed down. Thanks in advance.
Replied by Josey
Vancouver, Canada
Hi Bill, I was hoping you could help me as I have a lot of questions before I do this program. First, for some background info, I am a 20 year old female with Mitral Valve Prolapse (second level out of 4, but I have symptoms synonymous with level 3 - premature ventricular contractions, fast/irregular beats, which give me a lot of anxiety). I believe I have a systemic candida infection; I have chronic yeast and sinus infections (which I believe to be fungal because I had a fungal ball discharge through my eustachian tubes into my mouth once - disgusting! ), among many other symptoms - chronic fatigue, low immunity, constant sickness & infections, more recently skin rashes/reactions, anxiety, hives/allergies/food sensitivities, indigestion/constipation, loss of balance, athlete's foot (which I struggled with as well as warts as a child but eventually grew out of), etc. I've traveled a lot throughout my life and I've caught various viruses overseas in Asia and it leads me to think I might have parasites as well but who knows.. Of course there's nothing wrong with me according to doctor's, they can only diagnose my yeast infections when they are at their worst, but not when they are mild... But I know they are still there.

I have a question about your suggested use of borax... In the past few months I have successfully used boric acid powder which I put into empty gel caps and inserted vaginally overnight to cure yeast infections - temporarily of course, it usually works after inserting 3 nights in a row and then comes back within a week or so, doing it once a week usually helps to keep the infections at bay... I'm sure I'm just killing the active infection in my vagina but since it's inside my body it will just keep resurfacing there until I kill it all.. Anyways I'm wondering what the difference between borax and boric acid powder is and whether they are interchangeable or if one is better than the other for ingesting and/or inserting vaginally for candida. And now that I think about it, I have another question - with Hydrogen Peroxide therapy (the one where you increase the drops daily up to 25 drops 3x/day and then reduce back down again), I am worried about killing the good bacteria within as well as the bad (I think I'm very low in good bacteria as I believe that my candida problems started after I was put on many different antibiotics for something that was eventually diagnosed as one of the first cases of h1n1 virus in Canada) so I'm wondering when it would be best to take my probiotics, as I'm supposed to be drinking the h2o2 3 times a day and I don't want the two to interfere. And while I'm at it, I already take on a daily basis: 500 mg of magnesium, fish oil, 200 mcg of selenium, 500 mg of timed release vit C, astaxanthin, vit D drops, peppermint oil gel caps for digestion, birth control pills (I know bad), and tryptophan 1000 mg for my heart palpitations/arrythmia/premature ventricular contractions. I mostly only take 1 tryptophan at night, because my symptoms are worse at night, unless something is causing worse heart symptoms of late, then I might take more pills or some during the day - I try not to though because I find it suppresses my nervous system too much and lowers my blood pressure so I get very faint the next day if I take too much at night. Recently I started taking B100 timed release and those aggravated my symptoms, so I stopped and after a couple days they went away, but I was fine before on another B complex that wasn't as potent I guess (I don't have the bottle anymore so I'm not sure). I also drink 1 tb of liquid chlorophyll, ACV & blackstrap molasses every day as well. I'm wondering if there's anything else you suggest that I should take, or if any of these supplements will react with either each other, the h2o2 therapy and/or my tryptophan. I was thinking of adding Pau D'Arco and of course doing the sodium bicarbonate & lemon alkalizing formula twice (or thrice?) daily. And what kind of anti oxidants do you recommend taking on the h2o2 therapy?

Thanks in advance for your help, I appreciate any and all advice I can get as I know other people who have gone through the candida diet "cure" just by changing their diet and not using many of the other things, but who I personally don't believe are cured because still get a few yeast infections a year, think I'm insane for considering h2o2 therapy, and so do my mother and her bf, who are both in the science research field, my mother in cancer research and her bf has his doctorate as a scientist - then again his speciality is sex hormones not fungus so who knows, I take everything with a grain of salt and everything in moderation.

Thanks again!


Replied by Dave
Fountain Inn, Sc
Hello Josey; based on your description and travel experiences as well as what you suspect, you clearly have a system wide viral/fungal infection. Your description of the sinus problem means you need repeated sinus irrigations of colloidal silver. I make my own so know it is strong enough... Over 100 ppm. But you'll know if you have the right silver the first time you irrigate. It should sting in the infected sinus cavities. Also irrigate into the ears so the eustacian tubes are coated. Repeat twice a day for a month. AND begin drinking on empty stomach two tablespoons daily for at least six months to kill the system wide infection. One case I knew took two years to kill the infection; it had landed on the pancreas.

Finally, I'm happy to see you are doing some things to help the heart situation but you have left off the most important; NATURAL vitamin E. You need at least 400 iu daily for good circulation/ oxygen flow/ slicking down veins and arteries and platletes.

Do not buy E in a drug store as they only want to carry synthetic E.

Replied by Mike
Denver, Colorado
Josey: A young woman who followed the candida plan for 2 years gives a concise explanation of the way she completely cured everything in 3 days. Google raw food for candida videos. She has an accent and is standing in a field. The duration is 7:15.
Replied by Davae
Borax and Boric acid are two different things DO NOT INTERCHANGE THEM THAT IS DANGEROUS! Boric acid is only for yeast infections it is to be inserted in the vagina,

I had a fungal overgrowth and finally figured out a natural solution, I had a hidden dental infection that lead to sinus issues/ nasal polyps I had to have sinus surgery then I was on clindamycin which lead to bad yeast infection my doctor gave me boric acid suppositories to insert vaginally before bed and he told me that I needed to do it for two weeks to really get rid of it Now I had fungus overgrowth I had this intense stinging, itching. The MD gave me Diflucan that stopped the itching fast except I had bad side effect I really hate to take antibiotics .I decided to do my own research So here is what you do to get rid of fungal overgrowth take mega doses of vitamin C, stop all sugar and carbs dairy gluten. Read the the Gut and Psychology book get on the diet. Start taking slow released coconut pill ( caprylic acid) and serrapeptase which dissolves the biofilm 15 minutes later take Grapefruit seed extract , garlic pills, SF722 antifungals some people like oregano oil but is kills all the good flora too so you need to decide if it is for you . Few hours later take threelac, florastor probiotics, this will keep the good flora in place. This will take awhile you may have a dieoff of the bad stuff so take benonite clay to get in out of your body, Get with a naturopathic doctor they know how to cures this and will test for it they might suggest IV therapy.

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Posted by David (Illinois) on 09/27/2014

Bill, about the Methylene Blue. There are several websites that caution using MB along w/ Sodium Bicarb. They do not say exactly what the concern is. The MB/bicarb warning is listed near the MAOI Inhibitor warnings. Can you explain what the concern would be in taking MB and bicarb? Have you seen any problems with them together?

Replied by Bill
San Fernando, Philippines
1165 Posts
Hi David...I have never recommended the use of Methylene Blue with Sodium Bicarbonate alone. I recommend the use of Ascorbic acid that has been converted to Ascorbate with addition of Sodium Bicarbonate. Then, when you add the methylene blue, this converts the ascorbate to dehydroxyascorbate. This form of vitamin C has exactly the same properties as ascorbate -- except this form can penetrate the blood/bone and blood/brain barrier. So this form of vitamin C reaches farther in to your body.

Another reason to take MB with vitamin c is to stop its side effects -- it turns urine green and the whites of your eyes blue. MB is used as a stain in biochemistry for identifying the presence of carbohydrates. So taking taking MB with ascorbate will stop these side-effects.

MB attacks plasmodium, bacteria and fungus and is also energizing. MB has positive methylation effects and also acts to increase serotonin in the body thereby also increasing the production of T-cells and immune system lymphocytes.

You should never take MB together with SSRIs(Selective Serotonin Re-uptake Inhibitors) because this could result in overproduction of serotonin, MAOI and serotonin toxicity:

Overview of MB


I used MB frequently when I had candida problems and I also alkalized(at different times) using Sodium Bicarbonate on the same days and I have never suffered any problems with with this combination.

Don't forget that very small amounts of MB are recommended on this site -- 6 to 10 drops of 0.1% MB taken only once or twice a day. When the US troops used MB against malaria in Vietnam in the 60s -- they took stronger dosages by the spoonful.

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Posted by Marjean (Pardeeville, Wisconsin) on 11/18/2014

Have been reading book Candida. Got ingredients to make recipe on p 78. Put 1/4 tsp C sodium ascorbate into glass. Methylene didn't have built in dropper so I used standard glass dropper and put in 10 drops. didn't turn clear so I added 3 more 1/4 tsp C (to full tsp). added more water to two cups and let sit thinking it may take more time to clear. it didn't, but I drank 1C worth.

Now, upon looking up the info here, do I understand that I should have put 8 drops in a liter of water and used 10 drops of that?

What should I expect to happen on OD-ing the methylene? What should I do other than drinking lots of water?

Replied by Marjean
Pardeeville, Wisconsin
Have been reading book Candida. Got ingredients to make recipe on p 78. Put 1/4 tsp C sodium ascorbate into glass. Methylene didn't have built in dropper so I used standard glass dropper and put in 10 drops. didn't turn clear so I added 3 more 1/4 tsp C (to full tsp). added more water to two cups and let sit thinking it may take more time to clear. it didn't, but I drank 1C worth.

Now, upon looking up the info here, do I understand that I should have put 8 drops in a liter of water and used 10 drops of that?

What should I expect to happen on OD-ing the methylene? What should I do other than drinking lots of water?

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Posted by Meeya (Sunnyvale, Ca) on 12/07/2014

Dear Bill,

Thank you for the wealth of info you provide for all of us.

My 1 year old son was born with intestinal bands that never dissolved and which ended up strangling his small intestine when he was only 4 months old. He ended up losing half of his small intestine (the lower half), as well as his appendix and Ileocecal valve. His upper half of the small intestine was joined with his colon, and now he just has one continuous length of intestine without the separation of the small int. and colon (due to no Ileocecal valve). Majority of children who also have this same condition end up with bacterial overgrowth in the intestines, and are treated with antibiotics. They end up stuck in a vicious cycle of bacteria (and I'm sure candida/ yeast/ fungal) overgrowth, antibiotics, temp relief, overgrowth... However, I'm in prevention mode and plan on using your candida protocol (including small amounts of turp) to keep his intestines free of microbial overgrowth. Thank you for your clear explanation here regarding how much CO/turp to use, and why.

I also just read on one of your most recent posts regarding constipation, that gum arabic makes an excellent prebiotic, so I will give him small amounts of that a few times a week as well. (His bowels are already very loose so I don't want to overdo it, but do want to provide food for the probiotics to thrive on).

I had a question for you about a protocol you mentioned in a couple of your other posts.. about a woman who used a mix of ghee with turmeric, cinnamon, clove, etc. to heal her child's autism. Can you please tell me where I can get more info on how exactly to make this ghee and spice mixture, along with how much and how often it's given?? I think this would be excellent for all of my kids to take. And it's a keeper for the recipe book!

Many thanks, Meeya

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Posted by Kin D (Philippines) on 09/02/2014

Hi Bill,

I purchased your book last month. It's very informative. I did not yet start with the protocol. I'm planning to start this month. I just have 1 question. Can I substitute lemon/lime/acv with calamondin or calamansi? Thank you in advance.

Replied by Bill
San Fernando, Philippines
1165 Posts
Hi Kin D...In answer to your question, yes you can take calamansi instead of lemon/lime/ACV. It is also a citrus fruit that contains some vitamin C. I drink calamansi all the time in the Philippines. But make sure that you use enough calamansi for two tablespoons per serving and always add sodium bicarbonate(Arm & Hammmer brand is what I use) to neutralize the acidity first as advised by Ted from Bangkok on EC and in my book.
Replied by Kin D
Pampanga, Philippines
Thanks Bill. It's great to know that. I have other questions please. Will it affect the efficacy of sodium bicarbonate, lugols iodine, lemon/lime/acv/calamansi if I prepare and put them in a bottle container(approx.2-3 glasses) early in the morning and drink the needed amount of mixture throughout the day or within the scheduled time? For instance, I prepared and mixed them at 7 AM. Can I drink the mixture at 11 AM, 3 PM, 7 PM or later in the day? This same question goes for other solution like sodium thiosulfate. Do I still need to put sodium bicarbonate in the mixture if I already have capsules of sodium ascorbate? For alkalizing protocol, I guess yes.

Since decoction of chanca piedra is more concentrated and better than tablets, capsules and tea, I'll be making my own decoction and tincture. Fresh chanca piedra is readily available here. I believe decoction can only lasts for 2-3 days. I can't make decoction every time I need it so I'm planning to make large amount and preserve it using vegetable glycerin. I'm also planning to make a tincture, but I read that tincture bypasses the gi tract and directly absorbs in the bloodstream.

Chanca piedra has anti-fungal properties. If I take it, I want it to pass my gi tract so decoction is more suitable for that than tincture. Tincture is stronger though than decoction and its absorption to the bloodstream is faster than tea and decoction, so its effect to the body is faster too. Now, I'm unsure which is better for candida sufferers, a decoction or a tincture of chanca piedra? This will be my first time making decoction and tincture of chanca piedra. I can't find several sources on how to make tincture of chanca piedra. I hope I can make it right. Your place is just some minutes away from mine. If I failed to make an effective chanca piedra decoction or tincture, I might politely ask if I can bother and visit you personally as my last resort. Thank you again.