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Natural Cures for Bad Breath and Halitosis

Last Modified on Aug 18, 2015

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Avoid Dairy   2  0   

Posted by HaHa (Long Island, New York, New York) on 08/18/2008

[SIDE EFFECTS]  Bad Breath Caused By Milk:

I suffered from bad breath for as long as i can remember. But never knew why and what was the cause until recently. A few days ago, I started cleaning my colon. While on it I had to follow a strict diet for almost 7 days. I could only eat fruits and vegetables and nothing else. During that time that's when I noticed that my breath was no longer smelling.

You see, I used to eat cereal with milk every morning or at least every other day. Soon after I stopped drinking Milk for about 7 days, the smell went away. Now I eat everything else except milk. The Bad Breath never came back. It's been almost 2 months now. Having bad breath was terrible. It affected every relationship and friendship I had even with my son. I always had a pack of gum in my packet. Today I enjoying my new life.

Posted by Monique (Windsor, Canada) on 12/07/2007

[YEA]  My son had the worst breath I've ever smelled. I took him to the dentist, no problems with his gums or teeth. I kept on making him rinse his mouth with mouthwash and chew gum. It was so bad when you opened his bedroom door it would make you gag. I couldn't figure out why. Low and behold one day I was figuring out my budget and how I could cut back. So while I was grocery shopping I decided not to buy my son's regular 2 blocks of cheese per week. It was something he would have to do without. After a couple weeks of not eating cheese, we noticed his breath was refreshing. I was so happy, I realized right away it was the cheese since it was the only change from his regular routine. To this day, he eats cheese once in a while but does not suffer from bad breath. Hope this will help some other people with this terrible problem.

Posted by Kate (Brookfield, Wisonsin) on 09/16/2007

[YEA]  I had problems with bad breath. Limiting my intake of dairy products "cheese" in particular has eliminated the problem. Anytime that I cheat and have cheese the bad breath comes back within a day or so.

Avoid Gluten and Dairy   1  0   

Posted by Nat (Brooklyn, Ny) on 03/21/2014

[YEA]  Avoiding or at least minimizing (eating only a little and only once or twice a week) gluten and/or dairy will make a pleasant breath and heal even severe bad breath.

For some people gluten is the main issue, while for others, milk and milk products are the main issue. In the beginning milk or gluten (after testing by elimination which is the main issue) should be more carefully restricted (even in the beginning one can make occasional exceptions), after which, minimizing one or both will be sufficient.

At times other foods or food groups may be contributing to the problem. One should test by eliminating the particular food or food group for a few days or more. One may be amazed how quickly the breath becomes sweet, when the food that the person's body can't tolerate is avoided.

Avoid Sweeteners   0  0   

Posted by Sharon (Boston) on 03/31/2006

[SIDE EFFECTS]  I got a huge pot of organic spun honey from the farmer's market last month. It was delicious, but after a couple of weeks, I noticed a huge buildup of dead cells on my tongue towards the back. It was pretty gross. I also felt my metabolism slowing down and I gained a couple of pounds even though I was eating very healthily. I bought regular honey at Whole Foods last weekend and after 3 days my tongue is back to normal and I am starting to lose those 2 pounds! Interesting, eh?!

Posted by Hugh (Canyon Lake, CA) on 12/27/2005

[SIDE EFFECTS]  Sugar is the killer! Within an hour of having it my mouth tasted horrible, and my wife won't get near me. I don't have too much, so when I do it really stands out. It's apple cider vinegar, H2O2 and iodine for me tomorrow!

Baking Soda   3  0   

Posted by Lawrence (Pattaya, Thailand) on 01/22/2010

[YEA]  Baking soda

I have been swishing sodium bicarbonate for a few weeks now and the most noticeable effect is that my wife can't believe that my "bad breath" has almost gone.

Thats all.........

Replied by Lyne
Queensland, Australia
[YEA]   Yes, I also gargle baking soda and water and no bad breath or bad taste in my mouth. Apparently it kills bacteria in your mouth but I am no dentist.
Replied by Bob
Rainier, Oregon
Baking soda is a neutralizer. It neutralizes the bacteria (lactobicculis and streptococcus ) that causes bad breathe, caries, and gum disease. Brushing your teeth with baking soda and salt with a balance diet will help you stay out of the dental chair. It also will whiten your teeth.
Replied by Grani33
Maryland, Md
I have also suffered from BB for many years, I read these posts on a regular basis, I believe my problem is candida albicans, therefore I recommend you try the probiotics, antibiotics, caprylic acid and pau d arco, oil of oregano, and digestive enzymes, my BB is not caused by anything in my mouth its systemic, I do use baking soda, and peroxide, and Neem toothpaste and mouthwash, I never use any market toothpaste or mouthwash, they tend to dry my mouthout. NOT ANTIBIOTICS--SORRY -- I MET ACIDOPHILUS----

Posted by Dilshod (Tashkent) on 04/02/2006

[YEA]  For almost two years, I have been self-conscious about my bad breath. I always kept myself at least a meter away from my friends, not to mention about girls. I visited several dentists, but none couldn't tell any concrete solution. Recently, a dentist told me to wash my mouth, especially back of my tongue with a BAKING SODA before going to sleep and to take a pill, called Flunol. I washed my mouth with baking soda, but did not take the pill, as it was expensive. To my great surprise, it was enough to get rid of the bad breath. Within ten days, it is almost gone. I still can't believe it and just before writing this message, I checked it, putting my finger in the back of my tongue. it's gone. I know there are many people with the same problem and i want to say those people not to spend much money on those expensive pills and liquids. Instead, look for a cheap, home remedy. And if you really want to get rid of your bad breath and believe in that, you will do it. If anyone of you know how to get rid of black spots, natural moles on the face, please share it with me. Thanks.

Replied by Tina
Willingboro, NJ, USA
Hi Dilshod, Thanks for the info on baking soda. I will share a secret for moles/skin tags. Use ACV!!! Put it on a cotton ball and leave it on the tag for at least 10 min. Then start to wipe it back and forth and in circles. You will notice it get ligther, smaller and disappear except for a clear sac. I then cut it off with sterilized scissors. It was painless except for a little tingle while rubbing it. Try it! I loved it and highly recommend it for getting fast results and hardly any pain!
Replied by Carol
Dover, New Hampshire
I used a strong hydrogen peroxide to rid a mole on my face. It's bought at health food stores but not all carry it. Just a tiny drop on the mole (it does sting for a min. But then stops stinging) then in a few days it falls off. Apply again if not totally gone. Do not use if mole is closer than 1/2 an inch.

Chewing Cardamon or Cloves   2  0   

Posted by TS (Rajah) (Wimbledon, UK) on 02/17/2008

[YEA]  Chewing cardamon or clove works quite effectively for bad breath.

Replied by Sotonightthatimightsee
Allentown, PA
How many cloves at a time? Thank you!
Replied by TS (Rajah)
Wimbledon, UK
[YEA]   As many as you can fit in your mouth. Take care not to choke. Then you'd have a much bigger problem than bad breath. Cheers!

Chlorophyll   2  0   

Posted by Mike (Gadsden, Alabama) on 08/10/2015

[YEA]  I've had bad breath for 20 years and worked in industry and sales. I've tried gastroenterologist, dentist orthodontist and ENT. Drove 150 miles to dental clinic in Atlanta. All to no avail. Still had bad breath. In my local health food store to buy coconut oil, for oil pulling talked with sales person. She suggested chlorophyll liquid. Three days later no bad breath. I can't believe it. A lot of stress gone. Chlorophyll liquid couple of ounces a day in orange juice.

Posted by Gayle (Germantown, Md,usa) on 11/11/2010

[YEA]  I had my bad breath off and on for almost 24 years now and I tried all kinds of remedies but it comes back every now and then. I surf thru the internet last week and found liquid chlorophyll as one of the remedies of any body odor. So I tried it last night taking 1 tbsp after brushing my teeth and when I woke up ask my son to smell my breath and he was amazed that it doesn't have any smell at all. I hope this is it and I thank God for giving me this product which may be the final solution to my problem. I hope this will help you. Also I started taking primadophilus once a day but I think the one that really help me is the liquid chlorophyll. You just have to be careful because it stains in your clothes. It has a green color.

Replied by Akbor
Dhaka, Bangladesh
Hae Gayle, regards. I am also suffering from chronic bad breath for 20years. Presently taking chlorophyll capsule (from American nutrition), magnesium citrate, and zinc gluconate 50 mg for nearly 20 days. I see 50% reduction in my bb but not curing fully, and it is on and off. Could u tell anything about why liquid chlorophyll works for somebody including u while chlorophyll cap (green powder) does not work fully for others? material is the same? do u think if I shift to liquid chlorophyll, it will work? Have any idea which among these three components working a bit for me? I am taking them daily. Thanks.
Replied by Gayle
Germantown, U.s.a
Hi Akbor, may be the liquid chkorophyll removes the acidity of the mouth especially the tongue because I understand that bacteria thrives in an acidic environment. And I think we should support this with a vegetarian diet ( more greens). I noticed that when I eat dairy food, the bb comes even if I take the chlorophyll.
Replied by Lisa
No, Fl
Hello, sorry so late to this conversation... What a problem this is. I never knew that so many of us are going thru this.' I'm getting ready to try chlorophyll for the first time. hope this works, will keep u updated.

Did this work for anyone (Akbor)?


Replied by Zariah
Seattle, Washington
Words cannot express how deeply I am affected by this problem, I can relate to everyone here. Unless you have a truly dedicated Dr. to help you find solutions going to them are a waste of time and money. Bad breath clearly has origins besides poor oral hygiene because I had everything that needed repair fixed, I brush, floss and scrape at least ten times a day. I had whitening treatments, used smartmouth which felt refreshing but, actually left my breath smelling of moth balls. Because of this problem I have no life, the life I had before was hindered and crippled because of this. I hope no one finds humor in exploiting those of us who suffer I want responses from people who honestly want to help.
Replied by Susan
Dallas, Tx
My sister had the same thing and started taking Acidophyllis pills by Nature Made. You can buy these at Target, Walgreens etc... She was totally cured in 2 days and she had the worst bad breath I have ever been around. She takes 1 tablet daily and her breath is totally normal now.
Replied by C. Marie
Atlanta, Ga
Have you tried Oxyfresh or Breath RX?? Both are great products. Scraping the tongue if definitely a good idea... Go as farr back on the tongue as you possibly can. Another thing it could be is Tonsil Stones... (I suffer from these). They are little white/yellow waxy balls that come out of your tonsils and they smell TERRIBLE. Luckily for me I can see where the "stones'' are coming from and I try to keep the area cleaned out as much as possible. Sometimes if I push on the side of my tonsil with a Q-tip the little stone will pop right out! I am a dental Hygienist so these are the only things I can tell you to try! Especially if you have already gotten the gum disease under control. I hope this helps!! Oh and maybe try looking into your diet... Maybe its something that you are eating? Sharp cheeses give people bad breath.
Replied by Lisa
Hi Zariah from Seattle,

Has any of these remedies worked for you yet? I have been using baking soda and hp for a gargle in the morning and SmartMouth the 24hr protection and it has helped some, anyway I have more confidence when talking to people.

Replied by Abler
Bklyn, Ny
I too suffered from BB for 5 years now. I just started taking Chlorophyll at night - 2 tblspn (it eliminates morning breath). In the morning after I brush my teeth I add 2 drops of Grapefruit seed extract to my toothbrush and brush my tongue. Within minutes I have to spit out the slimy saliva that I think contributes to BB. I have notice that it helps alot. But before trying this I took the antibiotic Augumentin for 10 days. It got rid of the horrible smells (like, rotten dead flesh, toilet water, feces, fart, etc. ) I had coming out of my nose. I guess it kill whatever bacteria I had. I heard that it's the only antibiotic/penicillin that will penetrate the bacteria cell membrane to get to the actual cause and kill it. So I hope this will help. I even carry the GSE with me in case... add a couple of drops to the back of my tongue.
Replied by Lisa
Hi Abler, Nice to meet you, its not fun having this problem and people talking behind your back about how bad your breath is as they do not understand that this is really a problem for some people, it has gotten to the point that I avoid outings with people because of the close contact, but I will try the grape seed extract along with the smartmouth 12 hr protection. Let me know how you are doing. Lisa
Replied by Abler
Bklyn, Ny
Hi Lisa, yeah I know what you mean. I was a very social person but when this happened I pulled away from people and my relationship suffered because I pulled away. I kept asking if you smell anything let me know but he kept saying no he did smell anything.... It was funny how everybody and their mother was smelling it but not my mate and/or my family... WEIRD! Sometimes I can still smell the bb or sulfur smell but only when I eat meat and dairy... So I try not to eat it only when I know I'm not going to be around anybody for a couple of days. I drink lots of water. I also try chewing on grapefruit/lemon rinds... That too is helping. Sometimes when you think the smell is gone and you go around people or in a crowd the person near you tends to frown or make a face like something smells... Then it makes you self conscious again... I will continue to try whatever natural remedy to get rid of this problem that almost caused me to commit suicide and kept me depressed for a long time. I want my life back!!
Replied by Kris10
Dubai, Uae
HI, I am suffering from bad breath, been experiencing for 6yrs already. where can we buy this liquid chloropyll? Help me plz.
Replied by Ed2010
Oakville, Canada
hi Kris, if you can't find chlorophyll. Just Juice any of the Green leaves and drink it,: Mint leaves, Coriander Leaves - Cilantro, Parsley Leaves, or Spinach. Or you can get try spirulina powder, which is rich in chlorophyll. Good Health
Replied by Roula
Arlington, Virginia, Usa
Wheatgrass is an excellent source of chlorophyll. Pines makes an excellent one in powder which you mix with water or another liquid. You can order it from Amazon or maybe find another distributer which sends to Dubai? pine

Replied by Vishal
Los Angeles, Usa
Hello all. I too have been a culprit of BB. However, I have white hairy tongue which is elongation of filiform papillae which are the smallest papillae's on your tongue. These papillae trap bacteria and food debris and create chronic halitosis. I've tried everything, even went and extracted my wisdom teeth last week but still no change. I'm going to try liquid chlorophyll and I hope this will make a change. I'm 27 and I already have grey hair because everyday I stress about this problem. I think twice before opening my mouth and saying something. I brush twice a day and scrape my tongue and its been over a year and still no changes. This has def. caused a dent in my social life.

Cinnamon and Honey   1  0   

[YEA]  First thing in the morning, gargle with one teaspoon of honey and one teaspoon cinnamon powder mixed in hot water. Breath stays fresh throughout the day.

Coffee Bean   1  0   

Posted by Sp (Nashville, Tn) on 05/19/2010

[YEA]  Chew on coffee bean for bad breath. It really does works and works better than breath mints. I used to carry mints in my purse, now I carry coffee bean with me. A friend of mine from Ethiopia told me about this. She said that coffee bean even works on garlic breath. So I tried it and she was right.

Replied by Jj
Columbia, South Carolina
What kind of coffee bean? You mean like the one in a bag you buy at the store?
Replied by Walter
Hoffman Estates, Il
I agree that it will help improve the breath. The problem with the coffee bean though is that it is not to be consumed. That's why it's filtered for the essence only. A nurse that we've known to carry these at work and chew on died of a liver cancer. You'd be better off looking for mints. Kind regards to this site's - haven sent sharing and caring community.
Replied by Saba
Mentor, Oh
I think she is talking about the roasted coffee beans. You can chew them with no problem. Not all cultures filter their coffee. Expresso is made from finely ground roasted coffee. Strong coffee simply mean more of the beans are dissolved in the water.


Colloidal Silver   0  0   

Posted by Grammie4u (Duncan, Bc, British Columbia, Canada) on 07/20/2011

I make my own Colloidal Silver and my friends husband had a very bad case of halitosis. I gave him a bottle about eight years ago and he brushed his teeth with it and swallowed an ounce every day. They have bought their own machine since then and he hasn't had it since. Also, he hasn't turned silver like some of the talk shows said he would.

Replied by Lisa
Hello, Can I get the recipe for your colloidal silver?

Cream of Tarter   1  0   

Posted by Diana (New Zealand) on 01/09/2007

[YEA]  Just wondering if you have heard of the healing capabilities of Cream of Tartar? It was suggested on an Alternative Health Message Board. Since trying it I haven't suffered bad breath anymore..its meant to get rid of candida out of the body and the brain. Alot of people use it to stop smoking. There isn't alot of info on the web about it.

Replied by Dream
Manila, Phils.
hi there i just want to ask how to used the cream of tartar as a cure to badbreath and also the charcoal powder that u were talking..what kind of charcoal powder is this?and where can i buy it...and how will i used it? thanks! it would be a big help for me the information that u will give...

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