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[YEA]  05/14/2007: Phyllis from Rockhampton, Australia: "I have been dealing with the pain of cramps for a lot of years now, however as I am getting older & the pain is now so painfully excruciating I am going to make sure I get a cure for this problem, NOW. I bought a bottle of "BIO magnesium" last night & out of three nights cramps I didn't get any cramping even though I can still feel the cramp lying in waiting, & I had 12 hours sleep, WOW, I feel like I need mores sleep now because I have been so badly deprived of sleep from the extremeties of the pain. I also bought ?Mersyndol" which the chemist herself said would help me get some sleep, in which it did. I will post my latest knowledge back here again soon!.."

Magnesium and Dill Pickle Every Day

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[YEA]  Judith from Columbus IN: "Magnesium cured excrutiating leg cramps in mostly right leg & dill pickle relieved leg, feet, ankle cramps or "tightening" & big toe stiffening, not 'painful' exactly, but verrrrrrry uncomfortable. My podiatrist recommended Maginex magnesium supplement about 18 months ago & I have not had a BAD leg cramp since. The past several weeks, my left leg started tighening up, severely, every night, also with my big toe bending straight up & unmoveable until it decided to do it on it's own. I could not even bend it down with my hand. The tightening--that's the only way to describe it, was not nearly as bad as the cramps I use to get, but I was waking up 6-7 times a night with it & not much I could do to help it or get rid of it. My doctor suggested eating a dill pickle every day. She said she had heard it really worked & I was ready to try anything. Since the very first night after eating a Claussen dill pickle I have not had the near-cramping or tightening. A couple of times I have woke up & thought it was going to happen but I was able to "work it out" before it got very far. I have faith in the pickle juice!!"

[YEA]   Sue from Phoenix, AZ: "Magnesium Malate is wonderful for leg cramps and muscle twitching. I take 3 in the AM. Left sided leg cramps can mean that calcium is needed. Right sided leg cramps are often an indicator that magnesium is low. But the very best all around leg cramp annihilator is a shot glass or two of dill pickle juice. If you get up in the midst of a cramp and drink this you will experience almost immediate relief and sleep through the night."

[YEA]  05/30/2011: Azuresea from Singapore, , Singapore replies: "Magnesium does work. I found that out by accident when I took a cal-mag zinc supplement. Almost immediately, my cramps went away in a matter of hours. In fact, I suggest that one takes magnesium at least once a month as adequate amounts prevents body from absorbing other heavy metals like aluminium, lead, mercury etc."


06/19/2008: Larry from Valencia, California: "I have suffered cramps of feet, legs, hands and side for years. I have tried many natural remedies with some limited success. It was recommended that I try a powder mixture called Natural CALM, a mangonese supplement that you drink like a tea. This 'tea', which I added a regular tea bag to for flavor, immediately relieved my cramps. When I started taking 1 1/2 teaspoons morning and night, my irregular heartbeat (Atrial Fitrilation) went away! Wow! This is great! You can find it at your vitamin or healthfood store."

08/05/2009: Harriet from Federal Way, Wa replies: "Natural Calm is MAGNESIUM, N O T Manganese. I know. I've used it for years. Dissolves in hot water."

Multiple Remedies

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[NAY]  02/12/2009: Shelagh from Palm Beach Gardens, Florida: "This is a bit crazy- I fell on the job last June & tore my anterior deltiod- I am receiving massage therapy and chiropractic treatments which are helping- but the healing is so slow going it's making me nuts! I am 51, I kayak for 'therapy' and have been unable to do this since my fall. And last night I fell again; tripped over a raised bit of something in the concrete... this time I badly injured the opposite elbow- I was actually sitting on the cold ground for a half hour before I could catch my breath & talk myself into biting the bullet through the pain & forcing myself to get up. I had my cell phone and actually considered calling the police for assistance!

I endured interesting muscle spasms all night & even throughout today as I tried to straighten my arm... elbow hurts like hell if I attempt to straighten it- I will seek treatment for this since I am still dealing with shoulder issue.

Ironically, now my 'bad' shoulder is my 'good' one. Sigh.

My question: what to do for acute intense muscle spasms? I rested last night with my arm elevated, iced, rubbed Epsom salts into the area for magnesium... massaged with witch hazel, wrapped in rags with ACV... I took 3 500 mg caps of turmeric. Sleeping was still a miserable ordeal. A slightest movement would send screaming spasms into my elbow and forewrm... causing my hand to clench...

I finally bought otc pain relievers this afternoon because I had to work...

Tonight I can't sleep for the pain... am going to make a cayenne concoction with turmeric... repeat some of my machinations from last evening, see if I can dream up any magic potion... in the mean-time, any other suggestions?

Thanks people. Peace."

02/12/2009: Tess from Palm Beach, FL replies: "Hi Shelagh, not sure this will be of any help, but I found this while searching under Vitamin D3 cures:

"Symptoms and Signs:
Vitamin D deficiency can cause muscle aches, muscle weakness, and bone pain at any age."

There may be other vitamin or mineral deficiencies which can also cause intense muscle pain. I will keep looking."


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02/22/2012: Art from Mt. Marion, Ny: "Many have mentioned the effectiveness of pickle juice to relieve muscle cramps, well dill pickle juice is usually loaded with mustard seeds. Perhaps it's the salt and mustard thing working hand-in-hand."

[YEA]  05/25/2009: BKay from Bozeman, MT: "A great remedy for muscle cramps is mustard. I get muscle cramps in my feet and legs frequently. When I get them, or think they might be coming on, I take a couple teaspoons of mustard and get almost immediate relief."

05/25/2009: Flo from Segamat, Johor, Malaysia replies: "Hello! I've been reading Earth Clinic since yesterday. When I came across this Muscle Cramps.... I just had to tell about this "Cramp Keep Away" remedy. No medication, No explanation as to why it works BUT IT WORKS. Not only for me but for my friends who tried it.

What is needed is a cake of soap - any brand. Keep it close to you - in your pocket, on your table, bed, chair etc. You don't even have to take it out of its wrapper. Cramps leave fast and stay away! I found it in a Korean lady's blog a year ago.

By the way I'm going to start on ACV to lower my HBP."

[YEA]  03/17/2009: Alice from Orem, Utah: "I have suffered with leg cramps since my youth. The best thing I have found after trying several remedies is to take a teaspoon of yellow mustard each day followed with warm water or milk. Once you get it in your system it seems to be o'k if you miss now and then. Soon as I get forgetful and don't take it for awhile, the leg and feet spasms are back. Any brand of yellow table mustard works. Hope it helps someone else."

[NAY]  11/21/2007: Sam from Bournemouth, England UK: "I am currently in extreme pain. MY foot is badly cramping after a lot of exercise this week . . . i knew i didn't need to loose weight!!!! LOL I've read all comments on here and tried mustard to no avail and a hairdryer which eased my pain but only when the heat was over my foot. I'm now sat with my foot in a bowl of boiling hot water which is dulling the pain and making it slightly more bareable. Should i have been able to lay my hands on string at 1:42am i would give it a try. I am praying this is going to be a one off . . . but take comfort in knowing others sit wde awake in agony not knowing what to try next either!! At least your comments have made me smile in my hour(s) of need!!! so thank u"

[YEA]  03/27/2007: Helen from Long Island, New York: "A teaspoon of mustard cured my leg cramps the other night. It worked within minutes."

[YEA]  11/27/2006: Ruth from Banning, California: "A teaspoonful of prepared Mustard like Frenchs brings toe and leg cramps relief. I have tiny packets of mustard (that I purchase at Smart & Fiinal restaurant suppliers) and carry them in my handbag and at my bedside for quick relief. It works fast 99% of the time."


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[YEA]  01/09/2011: Ss from Santa Barbara, Calafia: "Niacin is EXTREMELY effective for leg cramps. Unlike magnesium, it does NOT result in muscles becoming so relaxed your body's energy levels appear to be reduced."

Pickle Juice

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Pickle Juice Remedy for Muscle Cramps

Folk Medicine Ingredients:

  • Pickle Juice

Drinking a few ounces of pickle juice – you can take it straight from the jar – can stop a cramp fast and keep them from coming back anytime soon.

10/04/2010: T Byrd from Milan, Tennessee: "I accidentally found a "cure" several years ago. I woke up in the middle of the night with leg cramps as well as a terrible taste in my mouth. So I hobbled to the fridge to drink some dill pickle juice to chase the taste from my mouth. Lo and behold, my leg cramps went away. I now take 2 to 3 tbls of ACV with warm water and 1 tbls of local grown honey and don't have cramps like I used to. When my stomach acts up, I add 1/2 tsp of baking soda to the mixture and drink it down while it's bubbling. Works every time. If you like dill pickles, I suggest making your pickling recipe without the pickles and keep it in your fridge. I still drink dill pickle juice cause I like it."

[YEA]  09/08/2008: T W from Jackson, USA: "My combination may be of help to sore throat sufferers as well as people having leg cramps. I have always liked dill pickle juice and, as chance would have it, I was suffering from leg cramps when I took 5 gulps of juice. Lo and behold, my cramps went away. I now make my own dill pickles that uses cayenne pepper in the recipe. I am currently working on a concoction that includes elderberrys, garlic, honey, cayenne, vinegar, as my base. Any input would be appreciated.

Dill pickle recipe:
3 cups water
1 cup apple cider vinegar
1/2 cup pickling salt
1 clove garlic
1 or 2 cayenne peppers
1 tsp. dry dill
1/2 tsp. Italian seasoning"

[YEA]  05/04/2008: Carolee from Hillsboro, OH: "A horrific shoulder cramp awakened me in the middle of the night on Thursday.' The knot was visible in the mirror.' Trying to knead it out made me nauseous. I used hot. I used cold. The pain abated somewhat during the day on Friday but returned full force in the middle of the night. Tonight I was again awakened because of the severity of the pain. Additionally I felt what seemed like a muscle cramp in my chest. I wondered if I were having a heart attack. The pain in my chest and shoulder was so bad I would have gone to the emergency room if I had health insurance. I found your site. I did not have any apple cider vinegar but I did have a jar of dill pickles. I drank some of the juice about 20 minutes ago. Incredible. The pain in my shoulder and chest is gone! After more than 48 hours of stomach churning pain, a swig of pickle juice has made it go away. My deepest gratitude for your site."



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