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Muscle Cramp Remedies

Last Modified on Aug 01, 2015

Calcium   1  0   

Posted by Kathy (Ontario, CA) on 05/24/2009

[YEA]  I used to have leg cramps almost every night. So I would get up and just raid the fridge! I knew that I was missing something in my diet. So ultimately the thing that really helped was taking a calcium pill or 2 before bed and that always lets me sleep thru the night with no cramps! Also on the days that I didn't drink enough water my cramps would flare up. I would just but the chewy calcium....but it seems that any brand works!

Replied by Luvdplanet
Gainesville, Fl
Hello Kathy, I hope you're doing well. I was wondering how many milligrams of the calcium were you taking. My leg cramps at night are really killing me ;o( Thanks! Good Life :o))

Candied Ginger Slices   1  0   

Posted by Hugo (E Freetown, MA) on 02/27/2006


Cayenne Pepper   1  0   

Posted by Vince (Philadelphia, PA) on 09/21/2006

[YEA]  I make up a plaster with cayenne and salt to cure muscle strains and pains. I wet a paper towel and sprinkle just a little of both on it, and apply. The salt is rough being crystals, and irritates the skin a bit, so I make a saline solution and wet the paper towel with that. The cayenne may irritate some peoples skin, but it is used for irritated skin, so isn't a big problem. I even heard of using it on sunburn.) It usually takes 20min to cure pains or strains. I once had a Really strained back and leg. The back came from working under a car, laying on concrete, and the leg was sciatica from siting on a wooden bench after it. My back hurt from my neck to my foot, and my thigh would hurt SO bad I could only walk about 75' before I had to sit down. I decided to do the cayenne plaster, and I was SO Bad I felt I had to Really heat it up. I used a piece of paper/plastic drop cloth, since I was going to add a heating pad, and didn't want it to dry out or wet the pad. I cut a piece to reach from my neck to my butt, applied it and heated it up. The regular plaster usually only needs to stay in place till the heat of the cayenne dissipates. I kept this on a while longer, and after I removed it the pain was gone.

Cold Showers   1  0   

Posted by Araeshkigal (Hurst, TX) on 02/16/2007

[YEA]  I first started taking cold showers as a suggested remedy for migraines. It more than worked. It also helped alleviate skin breakouts, regular muscle cramping, and some blood pressure issues (I changed nothing else in diet or exercise to be sure this was what was having the effects) I find it's best to start barely warm and slowly get to cold. If you can't stand ice cold at first just go "on the cool side" till you get a tolerance. You don't have to *freeze* to get the benefits. Also I find cold baths do *not* have the same theraputic effect as' cold showers (anyone else?)

Dietary and Herbal Suggestions   1  0   

Posted by Gabby (Dallas, TX) on 07/01/2007

[YEA]  I suffered over 20 years from nighttime toe, foot and leg cramping. It would usually start at around 3am and go on until I got up.

Instead of just treating the symptoms I tried to find an actual cure and I found out the following: Don't drink alcoholic beverages (a glass or two per week is fine), don't eat much sugar or sweetened food, don't drink caffeine especially no sodas with caffeine. Caffeine free sodas work okay but keep in mind that it is not healthy anyway. Stop smoking if you do (that wasn't a hard one, was it?), drink plenty of water, at least 2 quarts (liters) per day and make sure it is good water (not tap water) and finally the most important: Go to bed before midnight! I believe this is especially true because our organs regenerate themselves during the night. I am not sure but I believe that at 3am the liver starts to regenerate which would mean that this is the weak spot of us "crampers". To support the liver, one can also use the herbal supplement "Milkthistle" (in german Mariendistel) which can help tremendously. If I follow this rigorous regimen, I am cramp free!

Replied by Sandra
Entiat, W
I agree with the sugar (sweets, simple carbs) If I eat to much I have learned that I get terrible leg and foot cramps. Just to be sure :) I keep testing it out. Some things are harder to accept as a lesson learned than other lessons.

DMSO   1  0   

Posted by Janice (Ocean, NJ) on 06/19/2007

[YEA]  I pulled a muscle in the upper middle back and could not turn my head full left or right. I rubbed in DMSO, & soon after, the pain was gone. It lasted the whole day, but I did have to reapply at night & then the next day. After about 4 days , the pain was completely gone! This is an amazing site--my new bible---thank you for everything!

Replied by Mike
Chicago, IL
what is dmso?

EC: More info here:

Replied by Fuzzball
Nanuet, Ny, Usa
Dmso is great for many things, including helping to turn cancer cells into good cells, but it stinks to high heaven. If you plan to use this remedy, wait about an hour then wash yourself. You can get this at most pet stores. Make sure it's 70% dmso, 30% distilled water.

Epsom Salts   1  0   

Posted by Terri (Richmond , VA) on 10/15/2007

[YEA]  Recently my husband & I moved. Both of us are in our 50's. We were both taken by surprise at our aching muscles from the move as we are fairly active people. We didn't wish to take anything over the counter for our pain. Our Chiropractor recommended getting Epsom Salts (magnesium) to place into a tub of hot water to soak in. The directions were on the outside of the package. Place two cups into bath water and soak your body. I added a few drops of Pure Essential Oil, Lavendar to the bath as I needed a good nights rest. We slept like babies, totally pain free. We would recommend this highly to anyone able to get in and out of a tub. We repeated it nightly for several nights until the soreness had totally faded.

Fruit   1  0   

Posted by PT Sherm (Provo, UT) on 01/21/2009

[YEA]  I accidentally took two diuretic pills right before going to bed, thinking they were other pills and woke up with both legs seized by leg cramps. I was in tremendous pain in both legs like never experienced before. I am alone could not even walk to go get anything else or walk it out. I reached for one of the stored fruit kept stored in my nightstand that I use for low blood sugar for emergencies. I started eating them and within 20 min I could go back to sleep without any cramps. fruit is full of potassium.

Heat   1  0   

Posted by Anne (Mineral, VA) on 04/20/2007

[YEA]  I have been waking up in 30-minute intervals between 2:00 a.m. until I finally get up at around 8:00 a.m. with extremely painful leg/foot cramps. I used to run to the bath tub, sit down on the side of the tub, and run the hottest water I could stand over my calf. I discovered by using my hair dryer on high heat, following the calf muscle that's cramping to my foot area that's also cramping, helps as a quick emergency tool. But I really am looking for a remedy to avoid having cramps in the first place. The heat helps stop the cramp, but it keeps returning after a short while. What I wouldn't give for a full night's sleep! I think I'll try the pickle juice tonight!

Horse Chestnut Root   1  0   

Posted by Christopher (Copper Center, Alaska) on 10/16/2007

[YEA]  My Mom had painful leg cramps all of her life. I started getting them in my early 40's. I have tried most of the other remedies with varying success but what works best for me is "Horse Chestnut Root" extract. It is preventive, not for immediate relief. If I start to feel them coming back, I just take two pills a day for a couple days. Sometimes no cramps now for 1-2 months at a time.

Horseradish   1  0   

Posted by Ken (Saint Louis, MO) on 07/17/2009

[YEA]  Horseradish works great for Muscle cramps, headaches, and ulcers. I eat a spoonfull with a glass of water and the cramps go away in a minute and do not return.

Hydrigen Peroxide   1  0   

Posted by Ms Peggy (Sacramento, Ky) on 10/03/2013

[YEA]  I don't know why it works, but read some where about using peroxide for muscle spasms. After suffering from them nearly every night for many years, I decided to try it. Rubbed a small amount of peroxide on the area of the charlie horse, and praise be it worked. They didn't come back the rest of the night. While pickle juice, and mustard do tend to help, I have to repeat fairly often. Now I keep the peroxide close by.

Replied by Dave
Fountain Inn, Sc
Hello Ms Peggy from Sacramento;

My understanding of how the H202 is working to relieve leg's muscle spasms is simple: spasming may be lack of oxygen. Others deficiencies... Such as lack of magnesium can also cause spasms. But you got it right and found peroxide worked.

But go one step further. The spasms and the fact that extra oxygen helped is a possible warning for you. You might have oxygen deficiency in your system. I take Natural (not synthetic) vitamin E to help deliver oxygen throughout the body... Especially muscles. Remember the heart is a muscle.

So the point is this: If you were having muscle cramping for years and if the hydrogen peroxide helped, then you might be oxygen depleted and that is dangerous most importantly for the heart.

Vitamin E (which is refined out of virtually all our grains) is essential to oxygenate muscles. I've taken 800 iu daily for about 40 years. E does 20 different things in the system. By taking E, I don't have to take an aspirin to thin my blood, for instance. By taking E I don't worry about cholesterol levels, because nothing is sticking to arteries, the E coating the veins and arteries. By taking E I know there will be no sudden heart craved spasm of my heart... instant death.

Remember the heart is constantly working and of all the muscles the one you cannot afford to have spasm!

Natural E is called "d-alpha tocopherol" and you get it in health food stores ... not in drug stores which sell the synthetic.

Start with 200 iu daily and over a few months increase to 400 and then go to 800. E will dissolve existing plaque formation so the slow start up of E is better so there is not a sudden release of a clump of plaque.

Glad you found a solution,


Hydrocortisone Cream   1  0   

Posted by Anna (Philadelphia) on 08/06/2013

[YEA]  Hydrocortisone Cream for sufficient temporary relief of spasms and overworked joints/muscles

I was rear ended in a car accident when I was 24. Since then I have been dealing with sharp stabbing burning pains in my neck. After 2 years of pain management my doctor has exhausted all techniques. Until one day he put his finger in the dip in my shoulder. INCREDIBLE PAIN surged, I felt like I lost the ability to stand or sit upright. After finding this out there isn't much that is able to be done about the horrible sensations that start in my shoulder and shoot to my neck. No prescribed external topical applications have been successful.

One day I was in so much pain I just started throwing different creams on myself. Surprisingly, I found that hydrocortisone cream temporarily relieves these neck spasms long enough to "forget" about it and move on to something else. I would say it's an aid to help me relax.

At first I had to apply frequently because I was so stressed from the pain itself. But used less eventually. Keep in mind that a hot shower stream of water beating on my neck caused "white light" ten out of ten pain that took me to the ER because I freaked out.

So I suggest applying this to a very sensitive painful area of the body due to deep debilitating muscle spasms. It really helped me get past the pain long enough to distract myself with normal activities.

Replied by Judy
Have you ever seen a chiropractor, massage therapist, acupuncturist or "trigger" therapist. The right professional will release that place in your neck. May take several treatments since you'd had it so long.

Hydrogen Peroxide Inhalation   2  0   

Posted by Ginny (NY, NY) on 02/19/2008

[YEA]  Hello. I wanted to give you an update for another hydrogen peroxide inhalation cure. I wrote in a couple of weeks ago about how it stopped my flu in its tracks after a few hours (yes, I never got sick). Well, last night while I was asleep, my left neck muscle and shoulder blade went into a spasm. It was very painful and even more so when I got up in the morning. I went around yelping like a dog every time I moved my head or left arm. Anyway, after a few hours of this, I suddenly remembered that Bill M had written about how he used his remedy to stop a muscle spasm. I got out my little sinus spray bottle filled with h202 and did 6 quick squirts into my mouth (I like to hold my breath as long as possible after I spray and then spit out the left over peroxide). The excruciating pain jolts went away almost immediately and my neck and shoulder were back to normal after a few hours. Actually I can't tell you how long it took because I forgot about it until tonight when I realized that not only did I have no pain, but I had full mobility of my neck! I have had this same spasm occur lots of times over the years and it usually takes a good 2-3 days to recover. I LOVE THIS REMEDY!

Replied by Ramona
Greater Boston, MA
[YEA]   Muscle spasms/leg cramps

In the middle of the night, I am often awakened by horrific leg cramps (calves). I, too, remembered the Bill M. peroxide inhalation....took out my handy-dandy nasal spray bottle with 3% peroxide, and inhale about four sprays at once, and hold my breath as long as I can. The pain disappears within ten seconds. This works for me, and might help someone else.


Hydrogen Peroxide Topically   1  0   

Posted by Nattakit (Bangkok, Thailand) on 02/26/2011

[YEA]  I woke up one night with a terrible muscle cramp at my calf. The muscle was hard as stone and caused a dreadful pain. I could only think of a small atomiser filled with H2O2 for my inhalation. I then sprayed over my calf within seconds the pain was gone and with some rubbing, the muscle was soft and the next morning I walked without any pain or stiffnes in the muscle. I used 3% H2O2. This works well in my other time.

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