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09/03/2011: Lofty1 from Hi, Usa: "For months I could not figure out why I kept getting these small scabs on my wrists. I would notice them from time to time and could not remember how they got there. Then I slowly began to notice that my wrists, arms, eyes and head began to increasingly itch. It finally dawned on me that this was some kind of mite that I must have picked up from our neighbor's dog that we had looked after when they went on vacation. I figured it was from the dog, because they had to shave the dog's fur due to some kind of "skin condition" .

In any case, once I determined the problem I came to this site and tried some of the remedies and combination of remedies listed here. What I tried and what is finally working is this. It seems you do have to keep after these little buggers relentlessly. I started out using tea tree oil*, then neem oil, then sea buckthorn oil. They all helped a little but not enough to get rid of them completely. For me, what seems to have been working lately is a multi-remedy approach.

1.) I laundered my towels after each use. I changed my bed linens each night. When I washed my linens, towels and clothes I used hot water. I tried not to wear anything that required a delicate or cold water wash. My clothes were worn once and then washed. I used our normal laundry detergent, but I added about 1/4 cup to 1/2 cup of Borax to each load.

2.) I lightly dusted food grade diatomaceous earth* everywhere that I spent a lot of time that had some kind of fabric covering. I sprinkled it on the carpet near my bed and chairs, on my chairs and sofas, my mattress, on the mattress pad, in my pillowcases and on my sheets. I even dusted it on my legs and arms.

2.) I started taking 1 Tbsp of food grade diatomaceous earth* dissolved in a glass of water daily. At first I took 1 T in the morning and 1 T in the mid afternoon. After a couple of weeks I tapered off to 1 T at night. Some people are unable to sleep after taking it, but it actually helped me sleep better. I did this for 30 days. Once I started taking this the scabs and itching became more noticeable on my arms and legs. It seems it was bringing whatever mites were under my skin to the surface. I was really scratching then, but at least they were on the run.

3.) For relief, I covered my eyes in organic coconut oil. I did not pour it in my eyes, I just applied it externally to my lashes and brows. For the rest of my body, every day and night I applied, externally, some bentonite detox clay (the kind you take internally) everywhere that it itched. I would even daub the bentonite clay on my scalp where it itched. It will leave a thin film of clay on your skin and may look and feel dry but it definitely relieves the itch. I would then shampoo my hair every day with tea tree oil shampoo. On occasion I would daub tea tree oil* wherever I felt the itch.

It has been a little over a month now and they seem to be gone, but I will continue my treatments, for a while until I am absolutely certain they are gone.

*Please note that some people will react to tea tree oil. It did not bother me, but it can be an irritation to some. Also I underline food grade diatomaceous earth as that is the only kind you can take internally or allow to touch your skin. I know this has been mentioned before, but it bears repeating that there a two kinds of diatomaceous earth and you need to be certain that you get the food grade kind. You can usually find all of these remedies in your local health food store or online."

04/08/2011: Julian from Toronto, Ontario: "Hi Guys,

I have a very interesting story I want to share with all of you who are suffering from a mite problem.

About 9 months ago I was doing a yoga session at a friend's house, in his attic to be precise and I lay my head on the carpet floor for about five minutes...

That evening I felt a strong "bite" or "pinch" on my scalp. At the time it didn't worry me too much because I had no idea and had never heard of scabies, bird mites or any type of mite that could be a problem for humans…. Boy was I ignorant. The bites got worse and more frequent and a few days later I felt like a "popping" feeling and the spreading of little insects all over my head they spread down to my shoulders, arms, legs, in short all over my body. I could actually feel them walking down my cheek and could catch them with my fingers. These little buggers felt like a grain of sand and they would bite me everywhere!!

The problem was mainly in my scalp but after a few months it spread to the webbing in my toes too and they would then come up my legs as well!!

Despite washing my hair every night with anti nit shampoo the problem had gotten out of control and my small apartment got totally infested.

At first to keep them at bay I would blow dry my hair and body after showering with anti nit shampoo, 1% permethrin. During this period I tried everything I could and in different combinations and strengths until I got a handle on the problem.

My first real discovery was citronella essential oil mixed with alcohol and a touch of eurax lotion. This combination I would spray on my hair and it would kill or stun the mites for about 4 hours…

I then elaborated on this by adding to the citronella: peppermint, eucaliptus, clove, neem, tee tree, oregano essential olis as well as a bit of regular olive oil…. I mixed aproximately 10 drops of each, maybe more peppermint and eucalyptus and then added rubbing alcohol and put in a mini sprayer of 60cc. I sprayed my head and feet throughout the day…. This was really working but I didn't feel it was killing the female below the skin…. How could I get to her??

The answer to this many of you may not believe but it is worth a try because it is totally free!!

I used my own body energy, that's right I used my own bio-electricity to zap them. This idea came about by a chance meeting with a friend on a bus ride. He told me he had been in a terrible health about a year ago with liver problems, prostate and back pain and that a therapist who used energy healing had cured him of all his problems and had then taught him how to do it to himself. I asked him how it was done and he taught me. I started to do it immediately on the bus!! And I was amazed to see that the problem started to decrease at once!! It is very simple so here it is:

Sitting (you can do this while driving btw) imagine an energy beam of white light coming down through the crown of the head. Take this energy and concentrate it more on more in the chest area or the belly which ever you feel is better. Then exhale and try to feel that you are pushing the energy down to your feet. You WILL feel this it is not imaginary by the way then keep playing with it and try directing the energy to the problem areas of your body.

I am not an expert in this so don't ask me to be more specific just inhale through the nose and visualize, feel and direct the energy.

I now believe that when the body is at its full potential of energy all the little buggers just can't handle it and leave you alone.

By the way other bits of info that might help:

1. Take showers and then rinse the tub clean!! I thought that taking long soaks would help. Wrong! These buggers just float and the hot water doesn't kill them so when you get out of the water they just land back on you. If you use bleach that does kill them but it screws up your skin.

2. Tumble dry clothes on high heat or bleach with water soaks to cleaned my clothes.

3. Gave up sugar, soda and chocolate.. this really helped!! The bugs got slower and less aggressive.

Good luck to you all and may God bless us all."

04/10/2011: Christine from Bellingham, Wa, Usa replies: "You might try fresh mugwort, it grows alongside trails and roads in sandy soils and smells lovely. I know it kills fleas, I got rid of cat fleas that had come aboard and got into the bed last summer, and it killed the fleas on a sick wild rabbit I rescued when I put the rabbit into a box with newspaper and mugwort for bedding. It probably won't get the scabies mites under the skin but it could get rid of them in the soft furnishings if you pick bunches of mugwort and place it around the carpet and in corners for a few days. Gotta be worth a try."
[YEA]  08/26/2011: Atomiconion from Montgomery, Alabama replies: "there is a mycoplasma going around that allows these mite to live on people and animals the remedie is because the mycoplasma feeds from frontal lobe and ammonia and some acids symptoms can be mites, aligator legs, pink spots, weight gain, fatigue, lesions, insomnia, malnutrition, depression, swollen glands, headaches, walking nemonia, nervous condition etc. The cure is a slice of onion on forhead for several weeks changing onion only when it is dryed up and not plyable hold it there with sweatband put napkin over it to avoid ridicule, if that the problem you will feel it working after as little as a week for comfort de earth in between legs. the mites go when this mycoplasma dies. cure same for pets. you may need buy dog hat for them to keep it on."
10/06/2011: Ase from Lisbon, Portugal replies: "My problem is mites. I picked driftwood from the beach for carving, and a week after or so I got quite a few strange bites. Now I only have the feeling of crawling insects all over when I am in bed or at the sofa. It is very irritating. Tried insect sprays, mite killer spray and tea tree oil. Not any betterment so far. I guess I will try the cure suggested here. The onion cure will be my first.

Good that you all write because this "thing" can make you crazy and obsessed and even depressed. Thanks to you all, Ase"

12/10/2012: Lou from Tyler, Tx replies: "Not only should you launder the sheets in hot water, but you should vacuum the mattress and pillows."

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  01/22/2011: Leevra from London, United Kingdom: "Hi, Firstly I wanted to say thank you to forums like this, where people can share their experiences, without which I would have probably gone mental and contaminated my body with more harsh chemicals! I'm not free of these mites yet but I seem to be on the mend (touch wood) and also wanted to share what has helped me so far.

I think I'm onto my fourth week of hosting these little buggers but have been actively trying to get rid of them for the last two. Not sure where I picked them up from. I did some volunteering with homeless people but also slept on friends' couches and was around different people over the festive season... Who knows! These mites do not discriminate. I should've gone to the doctors sooner than later though... Even if they were not so certain...

So, one dose of Permethrin didn't work. After reading comments on this site and a million others, two days after the slather of permethrin I set out to look for SULPHUR SOAP, TEA TREE OIL, BORAX and NEEM OIL. Unsuccessful in securing the latter 2 within supermarkets/pharmacies.

If you live in the UK (or London at least) don't bother scouring the shelves for Borax. Shops don't sell it anymore (not even Boots), the usual health & safety talk. You can get it online though (i haven't tried it yet).

Unfortunately I dont have the luxury of a bath. A good soapy lather of sulphur suds all over your body for a few minutes, day and night seems to have helped so far (it has also been amazing for my skin! But you need to moisturise after as it dries it out) After showering I'd put Tea Tree oil neat on lesions and bumps. Stings like anything on the lesions! But gradually subsides. My lesions seem to have joined, from all the scratching, so I've got big ugly blotches on my trunk. Try not to scratch and don't scrub your body too harshly either. Once your skin breaks you're open to secondary infections.

If I feel the lesions need a break I don't have the second shower but will still rub something over them. They wont heal if it keeps getting wet and I rebreak the skin. I eventually stopped putting neat Tea Tree Oil on them as I think it was perhaps too strong for the lesions that seemed to be taking a while to heal. Instead I mixed a few drops with aloe vaseline lip balm and smothered that on. Other than smelling like a tub of vicks it really helped!!

By day 6 the crawling sensation and need to scratch seemed to pick up again. I figured that it was hatched mites (7 day cycle or whatever! )I was even feeling them on my eyelashes.. YUCK! Frustrated I slathered on the second tube of permethrin. Regretted it because I felt some side effects but it has probably helped me to get to the stage I'm at now.. However the side effects although slight were scary.. And everything else I've read about it.

A day after the 2nd slather I purchased some Neem Oil and Neem and coconut cream online from NeemTeam. I continue to shower with sulphur soap. For bedtime I rub Neem Oil all over the infected areas and for the day I use the cream. It doesn't smell as bad as I thought it would (I read in many forums about the stench). Actually it just smells very nutty.. Not the nicest nutty smell but it could be a whole lot worse!!

It's day 7 again and I've been on alert for new bumps, the increased need to scratch or crawlies etc. So far... So good. The lesions are healing too. Much less need to scratch now and near zero with the crawly feeling. I initially thought the advice about 1. Washing everything everyday, 2. Not wearing anything twice, 3. Getting a plastic cover for your mattress was excessive.. But it isn't.

I had not been as militant in the first week.

I don't have time or the facilities to wash everything everyday so before the evening shower the days clothes go into a plastic bag kept away from everything else. Some people might mistake me for an employee of the laundrette now... But who cares. Hot wash and hot dry!!

I've bagged the clothing I don't wear as often, the duvet, pillows etc and stored them away (ie no longer in my room). I've isolated the clothes I'll likely wear to one closet, so that I'm not having to go through all my drawers etc. Never one to iron, I now have an iron LOL. I've read a few times about the mites not liking extreme heat/cold so I'll iron the sheet I sleep in if I can't manage to get it wash and dried. I'll iron clothes if I feel I need to. It's winter at present so for once I'm happy to get a good chill over me now and then. I just picture those mites getting a good shock!

I'm using the plastic side of an inflatable bed to sleep on top of my mattress and my sleeping bag to keep me warm. I've read a few times about the mites not liking the plastic and how they can burrow into your mattress and come back to feast on you when you return to bed. GROSS! At least I can scrub the plastic and put the sleeping bag in the drier.

My room gets hoovered at least twice a week, I sprinkle soda crystals and shake and vac on the floor before so. Thats probably excessive and I don't know if it does anything but you start to do these things lol. I've noticed a lot of dry skin on the floor (its a dark colour) due to peeling from the lesions as they heal and dried out bumps so its been another reason to hoover more often.

And don't wear your hair out, especially if you have long hair. Those buggers will crawl up and onto your scalp. I started noticing the crawling sensation on my head after the first permethrin tube so I started washing my hair with the sulphur soap too. That's worked.

I'm eating more healthy foods and keeping a positive attitude too. This is definitely helping to keep up the regime and hopefully will get rid of these mites sooner than later (when I read people had it months I nearly cried). Looking back to December I think my immune system was low - lethargic and all!

I've got olive oil, olive soap and grounded tumeric on standby... And will need to buy another bar of sulphur soap soon. I'm building up quite a collection..

While I can't wait to be rid of these mites and the scarring, I'm grateful that it has turned me to sites such as this and made me aware of the natural products I'm now using on and in my body. It's something I am going to continue with even after the mites are gone."

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  08/02/2010: Pdidit from Alexandria, Va: "HI Ted,

I have morgellons and I know there has to be some sort of biofilm that is protecting this colony of horrors so that most remedies take a long time to reach the real infestation. In fact, this is why I think I still have this on my head, scalp and hair... Sticky, hard substance that I presume is some sort of barrier of biofilm that protects them. If you could help us figure out how to get rid of this protective film, that would make a huge difference and impact on what is used to kill the infestation. At present, I am trying an enzyme supplement dissolved in vinegar, then add the borax and some neem oil; then pour and comb through hair and cover with plastic bag. My ears are all bitten up and while it stung initially, by the morning, I was much better. But I can't sit in my condo for too long without the familiar sting and accumulation of these things again... Any suggestions would be welcome and thanks for trying to help!!! Btw, am FOUR years into this, with it destroying my friendships, leaving me with a broken home and family, financial devastation, and living a very lonely isolated life. This disease is progressive if not caught in time and stopped in its tracks... I have lost my hair, looks, 20 pounds in weight and if I don't get to the bottom of this soon, I don't see me surviving this. God bless you for your help and for sites like Earth Clinic"

02/22/2011: Ron from Denver, Colorado replies: "It seems to me that before one begins trying the dozens of proposed remedies or solutions offered on this website, the first thing that should be done is to identify the biting critter that is microscopic. I've tried to collect samples by putting out a sticky wrapping take, but none of the pest control companies I've contacted actually use microscopes to indentify the type of mite. Has any one actually trapped any of the mites and had them identified by a university or health department? Doctors are of no help. Please advise - I'm losing sleep and my health over the infestation I'm suffering from. Ron"
01/06/2013: Sherrie from Tampa, Fl replies: "Dear Ron, my mother trapped some of the mites on clear packing tape and sent it to the University of Texas entomology dept. They identified it as a rat mite. Some people purchase their own microscopes. Even a low power one enables you to see the tiny insects. Most of readers are so blown away by the attack and their family doc hasn't helped, that just reading the symptoms of other earthclinic people that matches their own exactly is enough. Many of the different types of mites are immune to poisons, so the Earthclinic letters help keep your sanity. Best Wishes, Sherrie"

[NAY]  05/04/2010: Cayita from Welland, Canada: "I have tried Ted's mite remedies of baking soda (1 tsp in a glass of water/ day)for six months now and the borax topically (and as shampoo). I started drinking a liter of water with 1/8 tsp of Borax 4 days ago. My scalp is getting worse: very painful and itchy lumps. I used to have a couple at a time that would come and go in different parts of my scalp, but now I have close to twenty. I was hoping this would be a healing crisis, but I don't think it would take that long to get better. I have also tried the ACV, tea tree oil, hydrogen peroxide, garlic, coconut oil, plain yogurt, turmeric, cloves, cayenne in vodka, grapefruit oil, etc, but nothing seems to cure this disorder that appeared for the first time when I was 12 (30 years ago). My hair is falling. I don't use regular shampoo anymore. I don't take any medication. Please, I need help."

05/04/2010: Amie from Coopersville, Michigan Us replies: "I don't know if this will help, but I once treated a cat successfully for mange (hair loss caused by mites) by feeding it brewers yeast tablets. Not sure on the dose or why it worked; I saw it in a magazine. The hair just started growing back on the cat and it came in really soft! Good luck!"
05/27/2010: Sharon from Wesley Chapel, Fl replies: "I started using MMS for various reasons. Bought at the feed store for $7.50. My hair, which had been falling out from overtreatments for mites and stress, started growing in soft and beautiful, very fast. My nails got strong as well and my scars on my skin started fading fast. I swallowed 3 scoops a day for a month, then cut to 1 scoop a day. Stuff is bitter. As long as its dry there is not much taste so slowly pour it onto the end of your tongue, then swallow water and gulp it down. The results are worth it. Use borax baths (use teds recipes) and soak for an hour for soothing scalp issues. Don't forget to add hydrogen peroxide to the water first. Make like a mermaid as they live in your ears, nose and throat. throw out your pillows they are infested. buy new ones and cover with plastic and tape any openings, even zippers.

05/27/2010: Peggy from Somewhere, Us replies: "was this mms or msm?"


05/27/2010: Pat from Athens, Al, Usa replies: "What does MMS stand for? how is it used and where is it to be found in the US - I have rosacea due to demodex mites and also suffer from hair loss as well as low thyroid - anything that might help I'm willing to try"

EC: MMS is the acronym for Miracle Mineral Supplement:

It's sold in many places online... You can check google shopping or amazon for sources, but please make sure you read all the reported side effects on the section above!

06/16/2010: Sharonq from Wesley Chapel, Fl replies: "Sorry guys, must be old-timers disease here. I bought MSM at the feed store last year, cleared up my falling hair and skin issues. Recently, I purchased mms mix and started taking the mms mix baths at 4 times the recommended dose to help heal the skin. It did kill the mites in their larval stage, but didnt kill the adult mites in the baths. Extremely soothing and calming. Great for the skin. I had success using 1 tbl mms mix in my portable steamer on the furniture and car seats. I took the MSM orally for 6 months and watched a whole lot of scars go away. It tastes terrible. You have to drink a lot of water with that dose. The mms mix has no flavor and is easier to take. I am currently taking 1 Tbl diatomaceous earth daily and love how it heals the scars. Been on it for a week. I am going to double the dose as I have much to heal. No flavor to it either and no side effects, unless shiny hair and clear skin, and no more arthritis in my knee is a side effect. :)"

[YEA]  04/07/2010: Mel from Houston, Texas: "About a week ago this last Monday was one week that I started itching and getting bites from "something" that I couldn't see. I started researching what could be biting me and I came to the conclusion that "bird mites" could be what was biting me. We have had squirrels living in our attic and we have had such a hard time getting rid of them. I saw one of the squirrels hanging out on my backyard and he was scratching the whole time. It then occurred to me that indeed it had to be rat/squirrel mites seeing as that that are the same thing but one has a fuzzy tail. Regardless as to which one it is, it is horrible. The itching and the scratching. I put everything in bags and I then washed a portion of clothes that we would wear and kept it in a suitcase. I then proceeded to buy neem oil, tea tree oil, borax, windex, disinfectant spray, turmeric powder. I know quite an arsenal. I applied all of these. Let me explain.

1. Take a shower with tea tree soap (nightly)
2. Wash hair with tea tree shampoo/conditioner(nightly)
3. Dry body with paper towels (keeps washing minimal)
4. Mix borax/hydrogen peroxide/water. Make into a paste and apply to bites. After you apply the paste cover with a small piece of cotton ball and cover with a piece of surgical tape. This will keep you from scratching and will keep you from itching. Plus, I noticed that since I started doing this to some of the newest bites, the ones i covered did not scar nor left a dark spot. Do this every night till all itching goes away.
5. I also take neem and turmeric capsules(once a day) that you can purchase at your local vitamin shop.
6. Washed all washables in borax and boiling water put in dryer and run 2 times.
7. You can put some cloths in a paper sack and staple and put in your oven on 200 degrees for 20 minutes. This will kill them.
8. Sprayed windex window cleaner on carpets and cloth furniture every night before going to bed.
9. Spray disinfectant spray on sheets, pillows, and blanket before you go to bed. I usually do this right before I take my shower.

This is day 2 with no more bites. I am thrilled and I hope that they are gone and never come back. Keeping fingers crossed.

I just hope that this helps anyone out there. Please don't wait. As soon as you get bites and there are no mosquitos, no flies, no fleas than assume they are some kind of mite and fight them head on. Wait and see mentality will just give them time to get very strong. Good luck!"

04/02/2012: Lou from Tyler, Tx replies: "Wouldn't the paper bag with clothes in the oven be a fire hazard? I don't think I would do this. Also, I couldn't see spraying my new couch with Windex. It would ruin it."

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  01/19/2010: Nm from Dallas, Tx: "I've been having a lot of luck recently w/raw pineapple. I've been eating lots of's great to be able to eat sweets again...I guess the bromelain eats worms...when I rub it on my face it kills the little black demodex like things (lots of things do kill them, it's killing all of them that's difficult)... I've stuck with the diet, meat, eggs, veggies and not much else... Have been taking garlic, a black walnut/wormwood/clove combo and a good antioxidant complex. I expecially take the blk walnut/wrmwd/clove at bedtime and then I apply a skin tonic which I make out of 1 oz. tea tree oil w/2 capfulls of 91% alcohol and 1 capfull of hydrogen peroxide w/25 drops oregano oil, 15 drops grapefruit seed extract a little olive oil and a drop of dishwash soap to make it all blend together well and put it all over my body at bedtime (I mean all over...except head) and then I wrap Glad Wrap all over my body to keep it in place til morning ... and I've noticed a real loss of activity with every day... And I can tell you this thing got real scarey w/me... these horrid worms can literally punch or dig into your muscles and likely organs and tissue so are potentially dangerous I'm sure. No doctor has helped me one bit. I have a hard time believing they are nanos or genetically modified things...but I have to say they are weird and when I go after one in my upper body sometimes one in lower body reacts so maybe they are somehow connected. But the black walnut definately is a key component and TTO is effective...I think they have to be fought exteriorially as well as interiorially at the same time or they just move from one area to another with ease. You can also take Silica & Nat phos homeopathics, they help too and Bryonia is good if you have cysts.Sulphur homeo would help can open cysts so they can't hide from your attack on them. I take ionic colloidal silver too (very safe in this form) just to avoid infections or viral/bacterial troubles from all this nonsense. Cats Claw (TOA free) is very good too for most things. They do get in your eyes and Walmart sells homeopathic eye drops too or saline eye solutions help, I mix a small amount of colloidal silver with it. If this gets to you mentally, take homeopathic kali phos or ignatia or a general homeo nerve remedy. The TTO wrap lets you sleep through the night. I don't have any sores. Saltwater baths are good too...just plain salt or Epsom."

11/29/2012: Sandy from Monroe, Washinton, usa replies: "I am so glad to see your post. I totally agree about the worms, I can feel them under my scalp at night when I use either olive oil or mayo... I had one in my eye muscle but was lucky enough to get Ivermectin( if you want to call it lucky) Sometime during the night it came out and I found it on my nightclothes.. Ugh! Your so right about the doctors, my regular one almost ran out of the room... I have been too 2 dermatologist, my optometrist numerous times, 2 internists, and 2 other physicians. Not one had done a skin scrapeing or taken a eyelash or a strand of my hair, and I had asked for it.. I was lucky enough to find one arachnid mite on my face and the eye doc. Thought he might have seen a couple of egg sacks on my eye lashes. I am learning that this is internal and external. I might try grinding some cloves( a tsp) and eating that once a day. I saw it on you tube, how to fight intestinal parasites. Stay strong! I am so glad for this website!"
01/25/2013: Lou from Tyler, Tx replies: "Maybe you could tie up the cloves in a cheesecloth and put it in a cup of tea. Not sure if I would ingest them, but I put cloves in apple cider along with nutmeg and cinnamon stick."

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  10/02/2009: Achilles from Everett, Wa: "Ok folks,

My dogs got the Cheyletiella mite and subsequently gave it to me. I will go over what has worked so far, and some extrapalations of some remedies here and how they are working.

1. Window Cleaner with Ammonia ( almost any blue window cleaner), this stuff really works, I've used Raid, tick sprays, foggers, everything...this stuff is the best and it's not even close. Buy yourself a $20 sprayer from Lowe's and get a couple large $7 jugs of Windex, spray down your carpet and the walls, the couches under cushions, everything, and especially your bed and pillows. Keep a couple bottles of spray to use afterwards on couches and such on a daily basis. Spray carpet occassionaly with a borax/ epsomj salts solution as well, just like the dip recipe, minus hydrogen peroxide.

2. Wash dogs bedding daily, use dawn dish soap for detergent, 1 cup of borax per load, and bleach heavily. With all loads use hot water, and let sit for 30 minutes after it fills and mixes well, this is crucial, hot water and chemicals alone will not get everything in the fabric, the little guys have to stew for a while to get everything.

3. Your own clothes, huge pain in the butt. This, other than the carpets will be your main reinfestation possibility. Once again, hot water, 1 cup borax per load, dawn dishsoap, bleach if applicable. Important!- buy a bunch of hangers and hang everything, even socks or sheets. If you put in drawers when the infestation is still current, you wont get rid of them, hang everything, and leaving your clothes in piles is the worst, both clean or dirty, wash dirty clothes quickly and hang the clean ones.

4. Your poor pup- experimenting on a dip right now, will see how it goes. 1 part hydrogen peroxide, 2 parts epsom salts water(1=1 solution (ie. 1 cup epsom salts, 1 cup water, ect.), 1 cup borax per 64 oz. Going to add Tea tree oil to next batch as well, will see how it goes. Or optionally, can use a tea tree condtioner before the dip, Paul Mitchell has one with strong tea tree content and peppermint content, both of which critters really dislike. Spray with your espsom salt solution on body every day or 2 as well. Bag balm on belly is nice if their skin is getting irritated.

Yourself- Ok buy Cetafil, this is what you will bathe with, rub yourself down, let stand 10min, rinse off, use tea tree conditioner on skin if you want, rinse again. Have a small spray bottle with 1-1 epsom salts/water solution, and spray body with it liberally. If you are going in public, avoid face and neck or anyplace showing, as the salt will leave a white dust all over your skin when it dries. Make sure to shower every night before bed, and spray heavily everywhere...I mean everywhere. If you have a tub, use epsom salt(a bunch in n tub with borax), I don't have one, wish I did. If your scalp needs extra attention, use petroleum jelly on your scalp or mineral oil. I have gone so far to cover my entire body in it, I don't recommend it for long periods though. A good one is a hair conditioner you can find in Walmart, called Blue Magic, its petroleum jelly and coconut oil, both of which suffocates the bugs

5. Your car- Same as #1, clean and spray heavily with windex, keep spray bottle in there to douse every couple days.

6. One thing will not beat this- Your job is to make yourself and your pups as univiting as humanly possible to these things, use everything you can in conjuction, I know the things listed above work, but it's going to be a process, and not a quick fix.

7. Buy a push sweeper, dont use vaccum unless its a bag HEPA vaccuum, even the try to use push sweeper. The air and critters hiding in your vaccuum go everywhere when its turned on, making your cleaning a misery to yourself by respreading them everywhere.

This has made wonderful progress from when I first realised what was going on, and I'll post later to show any progress or failures, good luck folks."

10/03/2009: Merryanne from Orange City, Florida, USA replies: "Did you try washing evering, and everbody with Borax?? did you try DE (diamatreous earth) that left on ever body and everthing might kill the little buggers,,maybe. Merryanne"
07/20/2010: Overwhelmed from Chicago, Il replies: "Did it work? I'm completely overwhelmed here. . . Dealing with the same thing."

[NAY]  09/25/2008: Sharon from Springfield, Illinois: "I've just moved into an infested home and didn't know what was going on until, by the process of elimination, I was able to determine that the house is full of bird mites. I have read all the suggestion but so far nothing has worked for me. I had to get up at 10 p.m. last night, throw bed linens in the wash, vacuum bed and room, then spray all that. I let the linens dry on the highest dryer setting for an hour, then made the bed, spraying each layer. I finally fell back into bed and here they came. I was so tired that I fell asleep anyway and awoke with my nose and ears full of mites. The corners of my eyes and mouth were also affected. I feel crawling all over my head and body constantly and think I may be going insane. I can't go anywhere and won't let anyone come here. My pets have to be shampooed daily, so their lives are miserable as well. I just sprinkled borax all over the house, bought some listerine for my shower later. I've been using a home made spray with aromatic oils and alcohol. The pest control sprays I've bought were useless and simply served to irritate me and the pets. This is an awful experience and one I'd never heard about until now. All comments and suggestions are welcome."

09/25/2008: Mary from Regina, Canada replies: "Hi: How awful. It just occurred to me that I bathed in Borax and h202 while I was treating our dogs and still do. I am at 1x week now. All is well. Wash everything in borax/peroxide including you and dogs. Best of luck!
09/16/2012: Remedymaybfound from Houston, Texas replies: "We tried everything. Only things that are working: oil soap. Wash everyhting with diluted murphy's. Wood, cloth, vinyl, leather, carpet, body, hair... We have spray bottles in EACH room with diluted murphys (per instructions on their bottle). We spray each time we feel a crawl or bite. It suffocates the mites. We wash hair & body with shampoo, oil soap & water mixture (mostly water). Use nylon body puff. All towels, clothes etc get washed immediately or bagged up tight. After shower rub down with baby oil & tea tree oil. Once a day use clove oil & massage all over including spine area. Clove oil kills mites within an hour. Drink nutmeg, clove & echinacea tea. Steam your carpet & upholstry with a shark or other garment steamer approved for bed bugs. I spray the diluted murphy's in sections just before steaming slow. Vaccuum each day especially before steaming. Vacuuming hatches the eggs. Treat vehicles same. Hope it helps."

Mustard Powder

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[WARNING!]  04/11/2012: Grace from London, Uk: "I do not recommend the mustard powder treatment. I diluted the mustard powder in water until the mixture was 1/4 mustard powder and 3/4 water and applied it to my cheeks and around my hair line to get rid of the mites. It felt warm. After about a few seconds the area felt very hot so I washed the mixture off and my skin was brightest red. The mixture had burnt my skin despite the very low amount of mustard to water. I now look pale with but too ridiculously red cheeks which I pray will calm down as I have a flight to catch in 2 days and hate to wear make up on a long flight so instead I may look like an idiot unless the redness goes away.

I don't think this solution will work on caucasian or sensitive skin without burning it, if you dilute any more then the mixture is not effective. Once my skin is healed I will try Ted's borax and hydrogen peroxide method which seems a lot less harmful."

10/15/2012: Lou from Tyler, Tx replies: "Search for Dr. Oz and Pineapple and Cottage Cheese. He said this was a rosacea cure on his show. Apparently, pineapple is anti-parasitic."

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  02/20/2012: Lone Star Gal from Lubbock, Texas, Usa: "I have been suffering with an infestation for 7 months now. I've tried so many things and spent so much money and nothing seemed to make a difference. That was, until I was directed to this site and Toni's post. I was actually on the right track and didn't know it. I had been doing a mustard bath product every night for about 2 months. I would watch the bugs rise to the top of the water in the bath and was sure it would make them go away. The problem was, they were still laying eggs and hatching during the day before I did the mustard bath again. Now, since adding the regimen of the mustard powder in my shampoo, body wash and adding it to DMSO, something Ted had mentioned on the site, I am seeing a measured improvement. I am on day 8 and hope to beat Toni's 6-week time getting rid of them. The obstacles that remain are treating my ears, eyes and finding a lotion that can keep the mustard powder moist throughout the day. I'm having to retreat 2-3 times a day at work."

02/21/2012: Gaylebsteve from West Columbia, Sc replies: "You mentioned mites in your eyes and ears. I used a Listerine mouthwash in my ears. I put some in and put tissue in to keep it in. After about 3 days, I don't notice them anymore. You may have an overabundance of demonex mites in your hair folicles. I used bleach (different strengths), vaseline, sulfur cream and medicated lotion to decrease them. After I do a treatment, I put aloe vera on the cleaned face and leave it on. Also, sulfur soap will help decrease the number of mites. There is no cure for them yet, so all we can do is try to control them. One site mentioned putting pyrethrin cream on the face 1x per week, but they are deep in the pores and I'm not sure the cream would penetrate deeply enough."
04/02/2012: Lou from Tyler, Tx replies: "Has anyone tried putting mayonnaise in their hair for awhile? I think it suffocates the mites."
09/29/2012: Sandy from Monroe, Washinton,usa replies: "I am using mayonnaise with olive oil and about 5 drops of lavendar essential oils on my hair at night with a tight fitting shower cap. I can feel these horroble things moving and I dont think that they like it. I make sure to use very cold mayo. Regular mayo does not work well for me. I can see eggs in the morning especially around my ears."
10/15/2012: Lou from Tyler, Tx replies: "Dr. Oz said to use pineapple and cottage cheese for Demodex mites. Apply to face."


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[YEA]  01/14/2012: Tami from Auburn, Maine/usa: "I got Bird mites from my son's parakeet. The bird also gave them to my cats who gave them to me. I washed my cats first in blue Dawn dish soap then in Neem Pet Shampoo. The next day their fur was already growing back.

Doctor's thought I was crazy and they wouldn't help me so I used the pet shampoo on myself because I saw that it was organic with all natural ingredients I figured what could it hurt. It helped me too. Now I found out that there is also a internal neem leaf product that can help rid you from the inside out of these pests. I can't wait to try it. I think that Neem is going to be my new best friend I hope this will help some of you that desperately need it. Tami"

Neem Oil

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[YEA]  06/30/2008: Kim from Normal, Illinois: "I have been infested with bird mites for about 6 weeks now and my husband has recently become infested. Something that has worked well for us is neem oil, I use twice a day- morning and night and it has healing properties and also acts as a repellent. I have also found that ponds cold cream works well too."

08/20/2008: Elizabeth from Farmington, Minnesota replies: "I am wondering where you find Neem oil?"

EC: Lots of stores and websites carry neem oil. We've seen bottles of it at Whole Foods and, much less expensively, Indian grocery stores in the hair and beauty section.

Read more about Neem here:

08/08/2010: Kim from St. Paul, Mn replies: "In Minnesota, you can find Neem at Fresh & Natural on Hwy 96 in Shoreview or at Present Moments on Grand in Minneapolis.... They have lots of great stuff there."

Oregano Oil

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[YEA]  10/16/2012: Binie from Miami, Fl: "I know EXACTLY how to cure demodicidosis (demodex mites) especially on face. They eat away at your eyelashes. It's horrible. All you need is one thing..... A bottle of oil of orgegano. Clean your face at night before bedtime and rub ooo into your skin. It hurts and stings. Do it every night until your face starts peeling. You will have relief within a few days because you've poisoned the mites and they die. This is the best.... I nearly went crazy from these mites and didn't listen to doctors. OOO is the greatest."

11/12/2012: Brussels from Jacksonville, Florida, Usa replies: "I would like to ask Binie from Miami more info on her posting on 10-12-2012. She had some info on bird mites and her treatment with OOO oil of Oregano. I would like to ask her which oil, and what did she do to treat her home? Thank you, Brussels"

Over the Counter

07/18/2012: Sunnydove from Az: "After dealing with bird mites for 3 years, trying almost every solution listed on various internet sites, I've finally found relief by using a solution called "DeFlea Shampoo Concentrate". It also kills mites and lice by softening the exoskeletal system. I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel."



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