How to Cure Candida

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Traditional Chinese Medicine

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[YEA]  07/12/2012: Sapphire from Brisbane, Australia: "I was suffering from Candida so badly that I had persistent pain and blocked feeling in my ear. It was made worse by antibiotics.

I visited a TCM Practitioner who took my pulse and looked at my tongue.

She said the white coating was indicative of "Dampness in the Body", which is basically candida in TCM terms. In TCM many illnesses are attributed to "dampness". The Chinese understand it and they know how to treat it.

She prescribed a herbal formula and told me to avoid certain foods (dairy, processed foods). Also to add some foods to my diet (particularly adzuki beans and some live sauerkraut).

Surprisingly, I was advised to STAY AWAY from RAW foods and vegetables. Everything must be cooked because my digestive system is struggling and raw foods are tough on the digestive system. I also need to avoid heavy meats like beef and pork.

I was advised that grains are OKAY (except for wheat - although some sourdough is OK). I must soak grains overnight before cooking them otherwise my body will not absorb them properly.

After taking the herbs for 2 weeks, I felt 100% better. My ear pain was gone and I had lots of energy. Due to circumstances out of my control, I did not improve my diet. In fact, my diet was worse than before, yet the herbs worked.

When I ran out of herbs, my symptoms came back, but now I am in a position to alter my diet so I look forward to the results.

I hope this information helps someone as I know that many people struggle to control candida. With TCM, you don't need to follow an impossible diet, just take the herbs, add certain foods and limit others.

WARNING: Chinese medicine is quite complex and this advice was given for my specific condition. Everyone is different so you will need to consult a practioner who can assess whether you have "dampness" and/or other conditions."


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[YEA]  02/26/2010: Victoria from Los Angeles, California, Usa: "Turmeric Stopped My Candida

Since taking an antibiotic a few months ago, I have been plagued with a Candida overgrowth in my bladder. So painful, and I couldn't leave home. I was taking natural anti-fungals, expensive probiotics, and following the pesky (but helpful) Candida diet.

Then I had a bad flare-up of arthritis, and remembering that turmeric worked wonders with that before, I ate curries for two weeks straight. (Fortunately I love curries!)

Anyway, not only did my arthritis symptoms abate significantly, but my Candida symptoms disappeared!

I can discontinue the expensive probiotics, or at least take less of them, and I don't have to stay strictly on the Candida diet, so long as I have turmeric in some form at least five days a week. I have just learned about turmeric tea, which means I can eat other types of meals besides curry all the time! And, it's great to be able to go out and about again without diving for bathrooms all the time."

02/27/2010: Faithinhealing from Forest Park, Ohio, Usa replies: "I use the tumeric for my candida too, but to cure the candida you have to heal the gut. You can do that with aloe gel and fermented foods, as well as eliminating any toxins/allergens, both food and chemical, that are exascerbating the problem."

[YEA]  06/13/2009: LN from Austin, TX: "Turmeric together with eliminating sugar & gluten cured my Candida.

I had a candida infection for 15 years and had tried many treatments including over-the-counter creams, acupuncture, naturopathy, hydrogen peroxide, raw garlic, and various dietary regimen. Last year I took the plunge and eliminated all sugar, including fruit and all starches, from my diet and experienced some relief of my symptoms, but the yeast was still present and would flare up now and then.

What finally worked for me was taking turmeric 3x a day along with cutting way down on sugar and totally eliminating gluten (I ate rice and corn but no fruit, refined sugar, honey, etc). I experienced yeast die-off symptoms (all my symptoms seemed to get much worse for several days) but then the symptoms lessened and finally abated!

Here's what I did with the turmeric (credit goes to the Kundalini Yoga Tradition for this info):

Make turmeric paste by mixing 1/4 cup of turmeric with enough water to form a thin paste and boiling it on the stove for 5 minutes. Stir continuously and add water as needed. Store the paste in glass jar with a tight-fitting lid in the fridge for up to 30 days.

Heat 1.5 cups of milk, almond milk, soy milk, or rice milk to almost boiling.
Pour milk in a mug.
Dissolve 1 heaping teaspoon of turmeric paste in the milk.
Add sweetener to taste (use stevia powder if you are avoiding sugar).
Add 1 tsp. of almond oil.

It's sweet, warm, and delicious! Even my husband, who is not adventurous with food, loves Golden Milk.

I drank three cups of this a day for six weeks in conjunction with eliminating refined sugar, fruit, and gluten from my diet. Once my symptoms were gone, I introduced refined sugar and fruit back into my diet but when I tried to re-introduce gluten, I had bad results so I no longer eat gluten."

Urine Therapy

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[YEA]  05/09/2013: Kat from Grand Junction, Co: "Urine Therapy (UT) SAVED MY LIFE! Before I was willing to try it, two friends who did not know each other came to me within a week and told me about this therapy. I actually yelled at one of them to get away from me! The idea was completely repulsive and I was sickened even by the mere conversation of such a horrid deed!!

However, a day or so later I asked one of them to loan me one book of three she had offered me. I then read the other two books and decided to give it a try.

When I first drank the flavor was disgusting, but the thousands of miracule cures I read about spurred me on and suffered through the taste. After you drink a time or two the harsh flavor lessons and it is far more paletable.

At the time I had SEVERE food allergies, my immune system had crashed the year prior and I was isolated from the world I had suddenly become allergic to everything. In seeking medical help nothing worked, the AMA said I was nuts and should be on anti-depressants and depression meds, they could find nothing wrong with me. The alternative world wanted to charge me an arm and a leg for their offerings which I tried many, but eventually ran out of money. UT was all that was left for me. Eventually from daily use of drinking and rubbing it in my skin my chemcial allergies subsided, my food allergies were abated and my skin was incredibly clear and smoothe!

I've used UT on and off since 1996. Today I am severely ill from a virus and have been drinking to try and relieve the symptoms. I believe I may have picked up candida from going back to wheat and sugar again. Not good thinking on my part.

One week ago I began eating sugar and wheat free, sipping through out the day while swishing and gargling to relieve thrush symptoms. UT is perfectly balanced for us because it is made by our bodies. It IS STERILE as it comes out - so drink to your health and wellbeing. Storing for later use is ONLY good for exterior applications NOT DRINKING.

Good luck to all and I do comprehend the initial repulsion at first blush - I had it too, BUT some of us are so severely ill we will try anything and so thankful I did!"

05/09/2013: Anon from Anon replies: "No, don't try this.. The more ill you are, the more toxins are in your urine.. Follow Bill's protocol for candida."

[YEA]  06/04/2009: Kavita Ballah from Port Louis, Mauritius: "Hi my name is Kavita Ballah. i am a Mauritian, married and mother of two kids 22 & 18 yrs. i am now 43 yrs old. i had surffered from candida since 24 yrs now. i have never known what it's like not to suffer & not take medicines. All my life i have struggled and fought for my health. i tried so many things but there has never been a cure. i was very sick. For a very long time.

i tried all kinds of herbs and chemicals that exist on the market home and abroad. i spent all my saving going around the world ( US,UK,India,malaysia,Indonesia,Reunion island) in search of relief.In 2001, i had hysterectomy followed by adhesion on the left which nearly killed me.

3 months back, i was told i had Pelvic inflammatory disease, adhesion on the left again, left ovarian cyst 5.8 cm for the 4th time( had ablation done once), vaginal yeast infection, chronic cystitis, sinus infections and chemical allergies.

i knew about Urine Therapy some 10 yrs back. a friend insisted i should do it. Did not trust it that much then until one night i was on my knees crying becuase of pain in my lower abdomen. i just remembere UT. Next Morning i started on it and immediately my pain reduced to 20%. That day i did it whole day and the next dat my pain was down.i was suppose to go for surgery on the 3rd day. i postponed it and for following week. i gave myself one more week to decide. within 5 days my cyst shrunk and all my pain reduced to 60%. i started beleiving in it and from that day till now i am continuously drinking urine in the morning.

My chronic cystitis and yeast infections has disappeared . After one months, i was a new person. Today it's nearly 3 months and i am happy to confirm that i don't suffer anymore. my sexual life is so beautiful and i see life full of values.

This is a message to all women who are suffering from Candida. Urine therapy is the answer girls."

06/04/2009: Rawan from Abu Dhabi, UAE replies: "Happy to hear that your suffer it ends after that much long time! can you tell how much urine you are digesting?"
06/19/2009: VeganGypsie from San Francisco, CA replies: "wow, interesting. does one drink ones own urine, or that of someone without a candida overgrowth? This sounds extreme for me, but candida is only ever a problem now and then."
07/14/2011: Betty from Gainesville, Ga replies: "Drinking urine? That is digusting! This site should at the very least have SOME common sense on what they allow to be posted here! What's next - eating feces? Wow.... that's all I can say."
07/14/2011: Pedro from Latin America, La replies: "It's not disgusting if it is what cures you :-)

Urine is not disposal like feces is. Urine is sterile, and in fact, you "recycled" it in your mother's womb for 9 months. In fact your body recycles it today still, just sending excess of it to the bladder for disposal. Our bodies reuse what it can.

I have tried it but I couldn't get over the icky factor. However if you research urine therapy with an open mind you will find some fascinating info."

07/14/2011: Betty from Gainesville, Ga replies: "I don't think so :( I've tried many things on this site and feel that I am open-minded, but that is a little much. I have recommended this site to many of my friends and family, but after reading this bizarre post, I will stop never do that again. It also makes me re-think some of the other "cures" I have read about here on this site -- if anyone can just post anything, no matter how weird or disgusting. There MUST be SOME kind of filter by whomever runs this webpage so that you are not viewed as totally crazy and bizarre, and then the GOOD things that are recommended are overlooked because of things like this one. But, "to each his own", I suppose."
07/14/2011: Pedro from La replies: "That's cool too, you can have your own opinion. But I think you missed the whole point of this website. If you are the kind of person that believes shared knowledge should be censored, then you might as well just go to the CDC, AMA, FDA, ACS, NIH websites, etc, and follow their recommendations. Because censoring is what they do.

Urine therapy has worked for hundreds of years (maybe thousands?) for a lot of people. It didn't work for me, but hey, I'm ecstatic it is an option that worked for others!"

07/15/2011: Francisca from Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France replies: "Betty, I have never tried urine therapy, not because I am not curious about it but because I believe that if you have a health problem, you many times find out because of the stuff that comes out in your urine so why would I want to be drinking the bacteria or whatever else that makes me ill in the first place? Just imagine a bladder infection, don't you find out what it is exactly because of the bacteria found in your urine? So far no one has been able to give me a satisfactory explanation for that an? Therefore I have never tried.

True, it sounds a bit far fetched but as far as being disgusting what do you think about other therapies being used all over the world which kill people and are no good except for those making money from them, do you find that disgusting too? I could mention a few, like chemotherapy, needless operations, treatments that make people worse then they were when they started, completely wrong nutritional advice that has impared a whole generation..... Ever thought of that as disgusting? What about all the medication sold in perfectly honorable pharmacies that have killed hundreds of thousands of people? Disgusting too? Or have you never thought about that? Compared to all that maybe Urine Therapy is not that disgusting after all!

One last thing..... What about the trying to prevent anyone finding a cure for illness like cancer that kill people in droves all over this planet and cause huge suffering so that they earn more money or the "right" person gets the Nobel prize for it? Disgusting as well? And the persecution of all those who have fought for our wellbeing? See... I believe you are a good person but I also believe that you are a person who needs to do a bit of independent research so that you know where you stand! And.... there will always be treatments you agree with and which work for you and those which don't, that's life....."

07/15/2011: Teru from Paris, France replies: "Before speaking you should read about urine therapy. You sound pretty ignorant about that subject."
07/15/2011: Tina from Princeton, New Jersey replies: "Betty, please do not dismiss a therapy just because of your 'ick' factor. This is a forum where people post therapies that have worked or pose questions about solving their health issues. Urine therapy is an ancient form of treatment and it's benefits have been well-documented, as you would have found out if you had cared to do a web search. Yes, it is not for everyone and I fully understand (being one myself) but I have personally seen it work for a family member with a chronic skin problem. So I know it definitely has something to it. You remind me of a friend who scoffs at acupuncture saying sticking needles into one in hopes of a cure is just hogwash! I think it just airs one's ignorance."
07/15/2011: :o) from Atlanta, Ga replies: "Hmmm. drinking urine or having the constant aroma of the gainesville chicken plants... Decisions drive me nuts! Research before reactions please!"
07/15/2011: Elsaeasterly from Elsewhere, Ca, Usa replies: "Betty, You are not the only one that feels this way. I have been reading this site regularly for a couple of years and have always felt that the practice is repulsive. I have never said anything because I knew there would be a huge backlash.

The fact is that Webster's dictionary defines urine as waste, and according to, if the kidneys did not remove these wastes, they would build up in the blood and make a person ill. In some cultures, even animal urine is consumed as medicine. In ancient times, dung was used as a poultice for wounds – really not a good idea! Just because some people have done this sort of thing for thousands of years doesn't make it an intelligent choice and certainly doesn't make it any less repulsive.

I'm with you, Betty. It's nasty!"

07/15/2011: Gavin from Manganui, Northland, New Zealand replies: "Hang on!! If someone is badly burnt and nothing is available to treat the burn... believe it or not urine is the best remedy.. After a while in the air it turns into streptomyacine.. and all the broken down cells act as a nutrient. There have been many cases where really bad burns have been healed with little scaring. Nature wastes nothing."
07/15/2011: Carolyn from Abilene, Texas replies: "I don't subscribe to this practice myself, but apparently NASA does. NASA has used a urine recycler since 2008. This was in a headline on July 11th this year: The crew of Atlantis, the final mission of the US space shuttle program, are testing a urine recycling system developed by NASA that is capable of turning astronauts' pee into a tasty sports drink.

You can find the articles by searching Google. It's pretty interesting."

07/16/2011: Pepper from Naperville, Illinois / Usa replies: "Betty - Even though I would never consume my own urine, it is my belief that if this therapy helps people I have no right to criticize their choice. By the way, the main ingredient of the estrogen replacement thereapy drug Premarin is urine, hence the name Premarin comes from PREgnant MARes uRINe. That has never been a secret. Also, urea (derived from urine) is often listed as an ingredient in cosmetics.

Please don't criticize a wonderful website because you find one therapy disgusting. Many people have been helped with advice from all over the world for their various ailments."

07/17/2011: Nat from Tampa, Florida, Usa replies: "Personally, I would not consider "urine therapy" under any circumstances, no matter how dire. However, if people really want to do such a thing, then it is their own business. That's what freedom means. Even though I happen to be repulsed by this therapy, that does not mean it should be censored from EarthClinic. If consenting adults wish to use this therapy, they are free to do so.

For my part, I'll stick with ACV. That's hard enough to get down sometimes."

07/18/2011: Betty from Gainesville, Ga replies: "Hi, Carolyn - If you will read the thread, the topic is Urine Therapy, not Urine recycling. I know about NASA using that procedure. From what I have researched (yes, I have researched it), it is the DRINKING of your own urine (not cleansed in any way) that I find disgusting. AND by the way I have NOT "criticized" others doing this. I just said that I found it disgusting, and I do. I have had several ailments that I was desperate to find a cure for, but I would NEVER consider doing something like that. There are always far-out "snake oil" theories out there, so "go for it" if you are so inclined. My main point was that posting that as a "therapy" will scare many people away from what otherwise would be a beneficial resource for effective home-remedy type treatments. They will see this site as a JOKE instead of an actual serious attempt to help people. So, all you "open minded people", stop critiziing ME for having my own opinion on a disturbing "treatment" found in this site. I was very disappointed to see such bizarre, far-out-there suggestions on this site that I have come to find interesting and enjoy."

Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide)

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[YEA]  05/13/2011: Kathie from Houston, United States: "I struggled with sinus infections for years. Many antibiotics later, I had sinus surgery (they basicly scraped out my sinus membrane to allow a new healthy one to grow back). Unfortunatly, because I had taken so many antibiotics for the issue, fungus had taken hold in my body -this, I did not find out about until several years later. So for two years following my sinus surgery, I experienced a "smell" inside my sinus that smelled like old trash (as I reflect on it, it was a sweet stink much like you would smell from a trash can at the circus or carnival). I was cured of the sinus infections, yet emotionally miserable (I contemplated suicide because I was smelling trash 24 hours a day). I kept going to doctors, even an infectious disease Dr. and they kept putting me on more ANTIBIOTICS!!!

At this time I was also having some hormonal issues so I went to a Dr. that perscribed natural hormones and put me on a wheat and sugar free diet for two months. It worked wonders for my hormones as well as my sinus "stink". However, several years later, the stink came back and I did not have the discipline to follow the diet again. One day, shortly after the "stink" came back I blew my nose and a big BLACK CHUNK of something came out. Luckily I was able to save it in a sterile container that my Dr. had given me at an earlier date. I took it to my Dr. and she had it tested. It took about a month and a half for the specimen to grow. However, the wait was worth it... It was CANDIDA ALBICANS. (Note that it is very difficult to test positive for Candida Albicans because it is rare to get a good sample.. Most people do not just happen to blow a good sample out of their nose like I did! ) Fungus or yeast had been growing in my sinuses because of all the antibiotics I had taken. This makes sence why the wheat and sugar free diet worked.

After the diagnosis of candida, I began nasel washes with probiotics in my nasel wash solution of 2 parts salt to 1 part baking soda (about a quarter to a half teaspoon to a cup of warm water). I also added lavendar essential oil to the baking soda and salt (before adding it to water... I would mix up about a half cup of the b soda and salt and add two drops of Lavendar eo. - it is important to note that you should not use regular table salt... It has anticaking additives, use pickeling salt). I also took extra B vitamines. Lavendar and B3 are great antifungals (see the following links). Turns out that many cronic sinus infections were fungal related as studies are showing that most are...

B3 to treat fungal infections and antifungal effect of Lavendar oil:



I have been "stink free" for several years now and only have an occasional sinus problem that a nasal wash takes care of.

I hope that this helps someone struggling, Kathie"

05/14/2011: Randy from Jersey City, Nj, Usa replies: "thanks for these tips Kathie. do you think these remedies could be used for intestinal candida issues? also, the B3 article specifically discusses the vitamin in the form of 'nicotinamide. ' how can I be sure that this is the specific form of B3 used in any particular supplement? I don't see it listed as an ingredient in the ones I've looked at. thanks ;)"
05/15/2011: Kathie from Houston, United States replies: "Randy, Nicotinamide can be purchased as a single ingedient vitamin. When my tongue had turned black from the candida, I began using lavendar "internally" in a way... I would gently scrape my tongue then rub in a couple of drops on my tongue 2-3 times per day. I have heard of people putting the essential oil on a charcoal tablet and then taking that internally, though I have never tried it."

[YEA]  09/17/2006: Tamara from Richfield, UT: "Niacinamide- This needs vitamin c and vitamin E to be absorbed. There is a book called Mega Vitamin Therapy that talks about the synergystic effects of B vitamins and needing C and E to be absorbed. I usually take 2000 mg Vit C, 1000 Vit E, a good B vitamin complex with no yeast and 500 mg of niacinamide daily. This is very good for stress also as many people that have candida raise their PH by having stress in their lives"

06/19/2006: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand: "It has been known in academic circles for sometime that vitamin B3 in the form of niacinamide (non-flushing) is relatively toxic to yeast. A scientist found several years ago and concluded (wrongly) that taking vitamin B3 niacinamide will shorten your lifespan or longevity, through suppressing the SIR2 silencing gene, which is responsible for longevity.

As a result of this little misinformation, people stopped taking niacinamide and candida and yeast infections skyrocketed. Now the reason for the mistake was relatively simple, the scientist was apparently doing a study on longevity on yeast cells. Apparently in higher animals, fruit flies included, the effect of adding niacinamide resulted in longer life of 15%, as well as human embryo cells.

Therefore, if you have candida, yeast infection, or possibly even a UTI (urinary tract infection), taking niacinamide between 100-500 mg/day could solve this mystery that doctors have a hard time suppressing. In fact, you can expand this idea into applying the use of niacinamide NOT NIACIN, as a means of controlling fungus, since fungus is a relatively close cousin of the yeast also.

This is interesting, since in medicine the two most hardest organism to kill is actually fungus and yeast. It is almost a death sentence if you have this and getting rid of it may mean endless nightmare. Who knows, perhaps dissolving niacinamide with vinegar will be helpful in relieving your toe nail fungus infections.

Therefore a possibility exists from the point of view of biological terrain, candida, yeast and fungus infection is a form of niacinamide deficiency."

[BETTER BUT WITH SIDE EFFECTS]  11/04/2010: Pam from Seattle, Washington replies: "I would like to comment on niacin for fungus infections and ask Ted some questions. I read about using niacin in the form of "inositol hexanicotinate" for acne. Within a week of taking 500mg per day of niacin/inositol hexanicotinate all my cysts are gone and other acne is totally gone. I have had acne for over 30 years and this to me is a miracle. My acne has always increased after antibiotic use and also is accompanied by fungus or candida symptoms. My fungal symptoms have lessened substantially in just a week too! The only problem is my insomnia is much worse now. I notice that the niacin seems to block my calcium because I get particular symptoms from low calcium and when I take niacin my calcium no longer works for my insomnia or my low calcium symptoms.

Questions.. What is your advice or thoughts on the niacin blocking my calcium? And.. Is the inositol hexanicotinate form of niacin also considered antifungal in the research you mentioned? Thanks much! "

Wheat Grass Juice

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[YEA]  02/06/2006: Bliss : "In addition to all the other cures mentioned, Wheat Grass is what I call green is an elixir that purifies one's blood almost immediately. It may cause you to feel a bit of nausea initially, but that means it's working. Good Health to All."

Xylitol, Bentonite Clay

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[YEA]  05/05/2008: Julie from Las Vegas, NV, USA: "Hello, I would like to share my cure. I had candida overgrowth for many years, due to too much penicillin and antibiotics when I was young. I had very bad yeast infections. I found xylitol and began using it in large doses, probably about 1/4 cup per day, which had a laxative effect. Immediately, I felt a lot better, but not 100%. Then I cleansed my intestines with bentonite - the candida sticks to the walls of the intestines, so the bentonite removes it, so it can't keep growing. Meanwhile, I was still eating xylitol, either by itself, or with recipes. Then I used a lot of acidophilus, and eventually, after about 6 months, I had no re-occurences. What relief! I might mention that I have written about this on another large health website, and some people reported headaches from the xylitol, due to alcohol content. Hope this helps someone."

06/04/2012: Shampoo from Los Angeles, California replies: "Guys, essential oil therapy!!!! Look up Dr young, and If you think they are a scam, (cuz there oils are expensive and they make alot of wild claims about curing things) research them on other forums, these oils really do work. In fact all essential oils work period.

I use the basic brands, cheap brands, like edens garden and Aura Cacia, and they work just fine. Y Altho, Young claims to use (for example clove) the whole entire plant to extract the oils not just the buds, which makes it more powerful. Also, google Dr Youngs recipe for super antibiotic essential oil formulas, amazing. I cured my interstitial cystitus and my moms COPD in a matter of days, using essential oils like, clove, rosemary, lavender, peppermint, cinnamon, and sandlewood oils. Look up essential oil antibiotic recipes online, You put various drops in Empty 00 gelcaps.

I used to think essential oils were dangerous to use, (and they are, in excessive amounts) but this is incredible.

They work better than antibiotics. I also treat my Vulvodynia, successfully with essential oils, including frankenscense and Myrrh. Please do your research on esssential oil therapy and Dr young."


11/03/2009: Cathy from Hartville, Ohio, Usa: "Yogurt for candida - If you are feeding yogurt try to find a "greek" yogurt. There is much less sugar in greek type yogurt than any other- even organic yogurt has excess sugar which feeds the yeast."


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