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Posted by Christina (Silverdale, WA) on 06/04/2006
5 out of 5 stars

When I have problems 'down there' as I call it, I always break out the 100% juice cranberry juice. If you're really brave you can try 100% cranberry juice straight, my sister said it cleared it right up, but tasted awful.

Posted by Joella (NYC) on 02/01/2006
5 out of 5 stars

I drink unsweetened cranberry juice the minute I feel a bladder infection coming on. It usually helps. Best not to add sugar to it, but it is extremely bitter!


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Posted by Sabrina (Houston) on 08/03/2016
5 out of 5 stars

After doing research I wanted something that would work fast because we all know how irritating a UTI can be. After coming on this site and reading about D-Mannose, I did further research and found out this is actually an effective remedy. I went to store and bought, although it's a bit pricey I didn't mind paying the price to heal myself. Once I took the first dose, I immediately felt some relief. I was taking cranberry pills also along with a probiotic. I highly recommend this and also uvi ursi also helps with UTI's. Hope this was helpful.

Posted by Carl (London) on 06/21/2016
5 out of 5 stars

I was in a car accident when I was young which left me wheelchair bound. This accident seems to have a negative effect on my bladder and I am prone to UTIs. I have tried many things but Dmannose seems to help the best. I have now moved on to d Mannose that have Cranberry and Hibiscus. They taste better so that's a big improvement but I feel that little bit more healthier.

Posted by Ashley (Minneapolis, Mn) on 06/08/2016
3 out of 5 stars

I have suffered several UTIs. For me, D-Mannose did end up clearing up the UTI but at a price...I had horrible abdominal pains because of the gas buildups. I guess this is sort of a freak reaction that happens to some people, because my friend took it (as do many others based off of reading the reviews), and they don't seem to have this issue. I took the recommended dosage on the bottles. I got two different brands just to make sure one brand wasn't bad, but had the same reaction with both.

I have since switched to colloidal silver for treatment for UTIs and it works wonderfully, and is faster and more effective than all other treatments I have used. Also, as a sidenote, I have gone over 7 months without a UTI since I started to change my diet. Generally, I eat little to no meat or dairy, and lots of veggies, fruits, and whole grains. Though meat for me seems to be more of a culprit than dairy. If I eat meat more than 3 days in a row, I tend to get a UTI. It's crazy.

Posted by Gg (Denver) on 03/02/2016
5 out of 5 stars

D-mannose works great for a UTI. If it doesn't, see a naturopath, acupuncturist etc to verify its nothing else. I had ecoli and it caused ongoing uti. my practitioner said female openings in proximity can cause these things to happen.

Posted by Julie (Nm) on 12/02/2015
5 out of 5 stars

Hi, D-Mannose powder is wonderful for recurring bladder infections. I have almost always had my urine screenings to come back from the lab with low grade infection but don't take antibiotics unless absolutely necessary. I began searching online for help with bladder infections and found that others had great results with D-Mannose. It seems that bacteria attach themselves to the bladder lining and D-Mannose creates a "slickness" to that lining which creates conditions in which the bacteria detach and you rid yourself of the bacteria via urination. Whatever the process, IT WORKS. I used D-Mannose once per day just before retiring to sleep for 10 days. I keep D-Mannose in my medicine cabinet but have not had to use it for more than six months now. WONDERFUL!! I hope this works for you.

Posted by Linda (Florida) on 04/25/2015
5 out of 5 stars

For anyone suffering from Urinary Tract Indections...

1st, they are caused from bacteria getting up into the urethra( the pee pee tube). When you have sex, always pee before and after because during sex, the bacteria get pushed up there.when you pee after, it pushes out the bacteria. A natural sugar found in Cranberries is called D-Mannose powder. Available at all health food stores.

If you have a UTI, take1 teaspoon every few hours for a day. Within 30-45 minutes of the first dose, the pain and fevers will be gone, and the burning. It is a miracle supplement! . It works by making the urethra walls slippery and so the bacteria can't hold on. It's so much easier and healthier than antibiotics. I take it an hour before I know I'm going to have sex with my boyfriend. Works to keep you free of urinary tract infections. Just look it up on the Internet to learn more about it. I like the powder better than the pills. The powder works faster!

Posted by Autum (Nh) on 12/22/2014
5 out of 5 stars

My daughter had UTI when she was 5. I had no idea she had it that bad and being a young parent then I was clueless even though I had UTI myself. It was stressful for all of us and a lot of things happened. Lots of medical appointments, tests, procedure she had to go through. She was diagnosed urinary reflux disease stage 2 and the possibility of a surgical correction. This went on for 3 or 4 years. She was on medications and we saw the specialists. And then a nurse finally suggested the surgical route. I didn't like the news. How could they gave up on finding a better and noninvasive treatment. I started doing reading up and researching on alternative treatments. I've read that she can grow out of it. Finally I read about D-mannose. The reviews sounded promising. She has been UTI free for a few years now and she's no longer taking D-mannose. No more incontinence adult size because children's size were too pricey. She had to wear them at bedtime. I was so glad the D-mannose worked I told my mother about it. However because of her sensitive ulcer she could not use it.

Replied by Sharon
Sequim Wa

D Mannose only works on ecoli. If you are like me and get everything but, then you will need something else.

Posted by Dee (Los Angeles, Ca) on 08/03/2014
5 out of 5 stars

I used to get UTIs pretty much every time after I had sex. My Dr. would prescribe me antibiotics which cured the UTIs but left me with a slew of other problems. After dealing with this for over 5 years I decided to try the natural route. I went to my local health food store & was recommended D-mannose with CranActin (capsules). I followed the instructions which was to take 2 capsules a day w/ water or a meal & it worked like a charm. When I first started taking it I'd take 2 capsules every single day (whether I was having sex or not) but now I just take 2 capsules before I have sex and 2 capsules the day after and I'm good. I haven't had a UTI in over 4 years!

Posted by Amanda (Seattle, Wa) on 07/11/2014
5 out of 5 stars

D-Mannose is WONDERFUL. Like many women, I've gotten UTIs all my life, particularly after sex. I wish I had known about D-Mannose a long time ago, because it would have saved me from taking many courses of Bactrim and Cipro (and, as many of you know, the more antibiotics we take, the more resistant the bacteria become). D-Mannose works by attaching to e. coli and carrying it out of the urinary tract, so it's gentle on your system, and I have never noticed any side effects.

I recommend that you use the powder, rather than the pills. I didn't find the pills to be effective, especially when there's already an infection present- they might be more effective for prevention. The powder only tastes a bit sweet, like a mild sweetener, and dissolves easily into any liquid. If I have an infection, I'll take quite a bit of it, up to two tablespoons, several times a day. And then I drink a lot of water to aid it in flushing the bacteria out. My other recommendation is to buy it online, because it will be half the price it is at a store. I use the subscribe and save program on Amazon and just have it delivered regularly so I never run out (which, as I have learned, can become an unpleasant and desperate situation resulting in buying a bottle at Whole Foods for $36). As a nurse who used to work in a nursing home, I wish doctors knew about this stuff- so many of the elderly patients always had UTIs and were constantly on antibiotics. I wish more women knew about it, too...which is why I'm posting here! I hope my post will help some poor soul find relief, without a trip to the doctor and a script for unnecessary antibiotics.

Posted by Kelmorse (Brentwood, Tn) on 04/05/2014
5 out of 5 stars

D-Mannose powder works beautifully! I have had bladder infections since I was a child. In took-2 cranberry capsules per day for several years but eventually made my urine so acidic that I gave myself IC :/

Any way, d-Mannose is a type of sugar not absorbed by your body, it creates a barrier bw your bladder & urine preventing bacteria from sticking to the bladder wall. I have been using it for a year & have had great success! No bladder infections! I also avoid sugar. Also I found out that I'm gluten intolerant. Food allergies can manifest in the bladdeR & cause problems. Not all allergist can detect food allergies with a skin test so you might want to try a holistic doctor. Good luck.

Posted by Kt (Texas) on 02/21/2014
4 out of 5 stars

I've only been using the D-Mannose powder on myself for a day and a half but it seems to be helping - though I still couldn't sleep through the night. Seems like if I don't take it every couple of hours, it starts feeling worse again. I'm going to stick with it for a few days. I woke up yesterday morning at 1 or 2 am with a sudden pain and urgency - weirdly I had a dream of blood in my urine right before - and sure enough when I went, it was pinkish. Anyway, today the urgency is the worst part for me, I guess that IS the pain. I ran a low fever most of the day yesterday but that's gone today. Ted said not to drink tons of water so I'm a little conflicted on that, but I can see his point as it increases the pressure and feeling of urgency.

I also took 1TBS ACV (apple cider vinegar) yesterday once and today just once so far. I may try taking more of that if the DM doesn't work better.

In the past I have tried D-Mannose on a cat with pretty good success. That's why I already had it in stock.

Replied by Rebecca M.
5 out of 5 stars

A word on drinking tons of water--I've read that you should take d-mannose with about 4 ozs. of water so that your urine is not SO dilute that you pee it out quickly. It's ideal to take it when you wake up in the middle of the night, as it will have a chance to sit in your bladder for several hours and bind to the bacteria.

D-mannose was a game changer for me after years of recurrent UTIs!

Posted by Art (California) on 09/07/2013
5 out of 5 stars

A friend of mine had a recurring bladder infection with e coli as the common culprit. His doctor prescribed many different antibiotics over the years and eventually they no longer worked to eradicate the infection and on the last antibiotic, his doctor told him that this was the last antibiotic that he could try for the infection as all of the others were no longer effective.

This last round of antibiotics seemed to work, but two days after completing the course, the bladder infection came back and the symptoms were worse than before.

I recommended d mannose dissolved in a 500ml bottle of water, taken at one bottle three times per day. Within 24 hours of starting, the symptoms had diminished significantly and after 72 hours, the symptoms were gone.

Since this is a recurring problem that the doctor told him he is prone to, he will likely need to use d mannose again, but at least he won't have to deal with the negative side effects of taking antibiotics anymore and e coli will never become resistant to d mannose because d mannose does not actually try to kill e coli, it merely binds to it and then allows the body to flush it out naturally. Also, d mannose has an excellent safety profile and is the ingredient in pineapple juice and cranberry juice that is effective against UTI's, however when you mix it with water, you get the positive effects without all of the sugar contained in the juices and it is much stronger than the small amount available in the juices. D mannose in water is almost tasteless, so it is easy to swallow.

The downside is that d mannose is only effective against e coli based UTI's, but the greater majority of UTI's are caused by e coli, so d mannose is probably a good first choice before resorting to antibiotics. If you don't notice improvement within 24 hours, then your uti may not be caused by e coli and you will have to look elsewhere for a resolution.


Replied by Baldev
Maharashtra, India
160 posts

Hi Art, your post does not indicate as to how much D-Mannose you dissolved in 500 ml of water. If you can give this detail. Thanks, Baldev

Replied by Art

Hi Baldev,

It was 3 capsules @ 700mg each dissolved into a 500ml bottle of water @ 3 bottles per day. If you are using bulk powder I would imagine 2 grams/2, 000mg per bottle would work just fine. It dissolves quickly and is pretty much tasteless.

I think I may have worded the dose improperly in my initial post, so to clarify, it is 3 bottles spaced out throughout the day with approximatelly 2 grams of d mannose in each bottle for a total of 6 grams of d mannose per day.

Btw, his bladder infection has not returned, but he is well stocked on D-mannose now just in case! This turned out to be perfect timing for him since he had no more options as far as antibiotics go.


Posted by Laura (Rochester, Mn) on 02/17/2012
5 out of 5 stars

All I can say is D-Mannose, D-Mannose, D-Mannose!!! I suffered for years with UTI's. Antibiotics were a temporary fix. Finally, I got a really bad UTI. After yet another round of antibiotics, I was still suffering. I kept going back for testing & the tests came back negative. Well, SOMETHING was wrong, for I was suffering. Drowning myself in cranberry juice did nothing.

Finally read about D-Mannose. Hit it hard for a day or two & it was gone!!! I continued a maintenance dose for weeks to be sure it was gone for good. Knock on wood, that was several years ago & all has been fine since. If I do feel a bit "off", I just take D-Mannose for a day & all is good. It truly is a miracle.

I have also used it on both of my dogs with raving success. With just one day of intense dosing, they are back to normal (though I continue them on a low dose for about a week).

Replied by Shampoo
Los Angeles, California

UPDATE::: Ok guys, the vitamin C cure DID not work, as the cream of tarter in a few inches of water, DID NOT WORK EITHER. Baking soda didnt work, and I got sick and could have possibly poisoned myself, (i just read about the dangers of taking toom uch baking soda online) UGH....

I was beginning to despair, so NOW, Im feeling great, and for the last week or so Ive been taking massive doses of Echinacea, (4 4oomg pills 4 times thruout the day) but altho I was feeling better, it wasnt really nipping my problem in the bud, as I was beginning to have excrutiating pain at night, and by now I starting to feel fully convinced I have the dread, interstitial cystitus!!!

Guys, D MANNOSE!!! I have tried D mannose TWICE before in the past and it seemed to do nothing for me. It was like drinking sugar water, it seemed to be the most rediculous cure ever!!!!! However, after tireless internet google research, all these women were swearing by it, (even saying things like, 9 out of 10 women are cured by D mannose, and I have interstitial incurable bladder disease and this cured me) so I decided to give it another go.

I tried a really cheap brand of D mannose before, and some women claimed that it DOES make a difference to go with a high quality more expensive brand, and that not all d mannose are created equal, I guess, so I spent about $25.00 for a little jar.

It says on the jar to take a teaspoon every 4 hours, (like 4 times a day) and double for a raging case, (like mine) I took a teaspoon and a half every 2 hours like SEVERAL times a day, and by the third day, I really almost feel normal again, I feel great. I ordered another jar, I really think its working!! Its pricey but worth it.

I suppose the d mannose receptors attract e coli to them and then they attach off the wall and get flushed out of the bladder. Ive also read the d mannose can do this to sperm! So be careful ladies, if your trying to conceive, I read d mannose might interfere with pregnancy. They are even trying to patten a contraceptive using d mannose, lol! I was thinking of using d mannose as a preventative, as many women have had success doing that, but since I want to have a baby... I'll have to try something else when I dont have an infection. Im gonna try a brand of herbal cranberry supplement sold on amazon. One women claims after intercourse she takes 2 pills and a full glass of water and she hasnt had an infection in 10 years.

Im going to continue the d mannose for another week after my symptoms have fully gone. A teaspoon three times a day. Good luck ladies, and I will report back with my progress!!

Replied by Shampoo
Los Angeles, California

Update:::: ok, guys. The D-Mannose was helping tremendously, and I really felt I was making progress with it, but it didnt actually cure, and Im almost done with my second jar. I even spent two days doubling up my doses, but by the third day, it was back again full force.

Its almost like, whenever I try something new, the bacteria gets blasted, and feels almost gone, then, after a fews days, it like, adapts, mutates, and changes form like a scary Sci Fi Movie, and its back again with a vengeance!! I was still in Pain, and truly desparing, since Ive done hours of tireless research on the internet, and I really was beginning to believe I had some kind of incurable medical condition, and I was in deep Poop!!

Ive tried everything, every herb, Uva Ursi, marshmallow root, dandelion tea, and consilk tea. Echinacea, Goldenseal, Grapefruit seed extract, and oregano oil, and tons of it all, Ive also tried Olive leaf extract before, and ofcourse, Cipro and macrobid. I dont kind of viral bacteria this is, but its awful.

By now, Ive drank tons of water, and its been 2 months with this damn UTI!!!!

I read somewhere on here that a women said you can knock out a UTI with one drop of lavender essential oil, in a coconut oil ovul base, or something. I have a bottle of Aura Cacia lavender oil , and some empty gel caps, so I figured what the heck. Put one drop in an empty gel cap. Swallowed it, Waited a few hours. It was cool, no horrible stomach pains and I didnt poison myself, cuz Ive always been leary of essential oils for that reason. You have to be careful. A few hours later, I tried 2 drops in a gel cap, and that was cool. I then did some research on essential oil therapy, and I read you can cure UTIS with peppermint oil. I have some, so by evening, I took another single drop of lavender and one drop of peppermint oil in the gel cap, and did that. I did have some stomach pains, not bad at all, and some pleasant minty fresh burps, and it was all good. I seem to feel a rush of energy, and very alert, I also read peppermint oil is taken for clarity and mental alertness and that seems to be true.

The next day I went Gung HO!

I put a drop each of rosemary oil, lavender oil, peppermint oil, and clove oil, in an empty gel cap first thng in the morning along with my d mannose and 2 glasses of water. All good!!! Then every two hours, one to two drops pepermint oil or rosemary, in a capsule, Id alternate. Then, at nite, the multioil capsule, and the d mannose. Lots of water thru out the day. I also rubbed the clove oil on my stomach area where the Bladder and pelvic bone is, and it gave me a nice, pleasant, warm, happy, sensation for 30 minutes. It was comforting cuz I actually felt it was doing something!! And it helped with the pain.

Now with clove oil, you must be very careful. Only 6 drops can be extremely poisonous. All essential oils can be poisonous if not used with caution, but clove has been known to melt plastic, it is so strong!! I would never exceed more than 2 drops clove oil a day. The peppermint and rosemary I do alot of thru out the day, depending on how Im feeling, plus I was ultra desperate to get rid of this UTI, and if I had mild stomach pains, or slight headaches from the stuff, It was worth it to me, cuz this really is working!! And I thought I had interstitial cystitus.

It feels almost gone. Id venture to say it is gone. I had mild pains last nite, very minimal, compared to pain thru out the day, and everytime I used the bathroom. I have hardly any pain now when I wee. It really is working. My mother also, is dealing with a resperatory infection, and she has COPD, and I also started her on the oils, and it seemed to clear her infection rite up.

Ive been doing some research on essential oil therapy. Ive heard alot of good things about "THIEVES OIL" Ive read some posts on different forums about people being able to cure UTI's among other things with Thieves oil. and the story about thieves oil is very interesting.

I guess its a combination of oils:: Lemon, clove, eucalyptus, cinnamon, and rosemary, that a group of thieves in the 1800's concocted and rubbed on their hands and bodies to rob plague victims, without catching the plague.

People use it for all kinds of things.

Anyways, I figure oils are great, because Ive read online about gals who have been able to cure themselves by taking multiple herbal supplements, and alot of them, so I figure the oils are the essences and stronger, so it works just as good, and cheap!!

Replied by Amber
Little Rock, Ar
1 out of 5 stars

I took over the reccomended amount every 3 hrs for 2 days and it didn't work I had to get on antibotics. I kept taking it while on antibiotics and the bladder infection still didn't go away. I took the powder and pill form. My mother tried D-Mannose as a preventative and it didn't work for her either. It helped with symptons but didn't cure the infection. Cranberry and ACV didn't work for me either. Next time I get an infection I'm going to try colloidal silver.

Replied by Giuliana
Sacramento, Ca

So I've read a lot of responses about UTI and D-Mannose. Ive had reoccuring UTI's for four years now and recently antibiotics stopped working when they were successful before.

After doing some research and talking to my family it turns out my entire moms side has been dealing with Candida for years. My Grandfather has been on a candida diet (gluten and sugar free) for 20 years, my cousin couldn't eat anything with sugar or gluten her entire childhood and my Aunt has had numebr after number of UTI's and had to change her diet. My mom has been dealing with UTI like symptoms for several years and has just been diagnosed with a kidney infection, close to kidney failure, because antibiotics wont work and the doctors dont know why.

I was just unsuccessful with my second bout of antibiotics. I was ready to tear my hair own when I read about D-mannose and candida. I have been gluten and sugar free for a week and I feel more awake than I have in a year.

About 10 months ago I had a period of 3-4 months where I was CONSTANTLY fatigued, I mean, I couldn't keep my eyes open at 7pm and couldn't wake up in the morning, my whole day was foggy. During that time I was eating a ton of bread, sugary stuff and drinking a lot of beer and liquor. Since I've cut it out I feel like a new person.

D-mannose or whatever you try may not work as well if you're not adjusting your diet too. I feel like the supplement's have been helping a lot, I don't feel the urge or pain anymore, and I'm not eating anything that fuels the bacteria.

It's worth it to eat right for a couple weeks if it stops the frustration for a long period of time.