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Natural Cures for a Bladder Infection

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Remedies Needed

09/14/2010: Lee from Wollongong, Nsw Australia: "Hi

I am looking at taking Apple Cider Vinegar & also have recently purchased some oregano oil. I keep getting recurring urinary tract infections & vaginal thrush & I am sick of using antibotics & creams, its just a vicious circle. I am also type 2 diabetic & have that under control. I have read on some sites on the web that you shouldnt take the oregano oil if you take 3 or more prescription drugs. I take Lipitor for cholestrol, Metformin & Zoloft. Is it safe to take the recommended dose as maintenance if I am on these medications?? If not, is there any other supplements that you can recommend for me to take to keep me from getting these annoying ailments as its so frustrating & now I'm turning towards natural remedies for relief. Your advice would be very much appreciated."

09/15/2010: Jay from Toronto, Ont, Canada replies: "To Lee from Wollongong, Nsw Australia. You might want to try olive leaf extract."
09/15/2010: Elizabeth from Nashville, Tn replies: "It sounds like you may have systemic candida, which can make your life miserable. You need to treat it from the inside out. I would suggest making your own oregano oil capsules and taking them internally and inserting them vaginally. It is a very powerful antifungal and I get almost instant relief. Be cautious, however, since oregano oil is very potent and may sting.

I would:
1) Vaginally- Buy empty capsules, fill with carrier oil such as jojoba, coconut or vitamin E and add ONE to TWO Drops of 100% pure oregano oil from the bottle. Like I said, very strong stuff. You will feel some burning but that goes away within minutes. I usually do this at night. I repeat doses up to 3 days after symptoms cease. You may have to adjust your own doses to suit you.

2) Orally- Fill empty capsule 1/3 to 1/2 full of oregano oil and take with FULL glass of water. This will help with the yeast in your intestines and bladder and bladder infections. I would recommend taking this at night and a GOOD PROBIOTIC (at least 15 billion bacteria, I use 50 billion) in the morning (to replace good bacteria that oregano oil may kill off). I would keep this up indefinitely or until major improvement is seen.

Now, for bladder infections I HIGHLY recommend Uva Ursi capsules, which you can buy at any health food store. This herb is specifically used for bladder infections, has anti-fungal properties and is a natual diuretic. I love this stuff!! I haven't had a bladder infection for almost a year since I've been taking it *knock on wood*. I also ingest Coconut Oil on my toast or in my coffee every single morning. This helps with your overall immune system and is an antifungal also. And yummy to boot! Some people may be wary of boric acid for vaginal yeast and bv but I can swear by it. It has helped me tremendously, although I try not to use it unless I have to. You just have to do your own research and see what your instinct tells you. Sorry for the long post, but after alot of trial and error this is what works for me. Good Luck and God Bless!"

09/17/2010: Jules from Denver, Colorado replies: "I too suffered with this and found relief with grapefruit seed extract. 20 drops in tea with lemon and stevia, twice a day. Use it for yeast as well, but be sure to always dilute it with water or glycerin. Haven't found anything gse can't handle!!"
03/03/2011: Sp from Lavergne, Tn replies: "Hi Jules, Question, how long do you take grapefruit seed extract for UTIs to really get rid of it? I tried the ACV with water and also the grapefruit seed extract for my UTI. It helped lot. I did that for 5 days since the symptoms were gone. But a week later, the UTI came back."

Rock Salt

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[YEA]  01/15/2008: Beth from San Francisco, CA: "UTI and rock salt. I so did not believe this would work, but it did I was shocked."

Sea Salt

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Sea Salt for Bladder Infections

A one-dose remedy (do not use this home treatment more than once!). Add a teaspoon of sea salt to a large glass of water and drink. Very effective, especially if combined with other UTI remedies.

[YEA]  08/23/2012: Darlene from Otto, Nc, Usa: "A couple of nights ago my 83 yr. old mother was complaining... Whenever she went to urinate she was burning very badly, and felt she had to go constantly. I looked up Ted's sea salt remedy and made her a glass (1tsp. Sea salt in glass warm water) to sip on before bed; the next morning she said there was no more burning, and she felt much better... And not having to constantly go to the bathroom. Thanks Ted! So thankful to have you and earth clinic."

[SIDE EFFECTS]  04/07/2014: Conni from Boulder replies: "I suggest being very cautious using the sea salt remedy. I tried using just half a teaspoon, and within an hour had blood in my urine (or something pink, with a few lumps). This cleared up in about 3 hours, drinking more water with no salt. (I found that now I had an aversion to salt.) Some of us may be more sensitive to salt and I am guessing it was overloading my kidneys and creating stress. I'm not sure about this--just suggesting caution. Seems to me that large quantities of water everyone thinks is good. Stick with this and instead of using a whole teaspoon of salt (or even half like I tried), just add a little soy sauce to taste, and make it to your taste level. Your body will know if you need more salt or not to replace electrolyte balance from the water drinking."

[YEA]  11/27/2011: Kendra from Richland, Wa: "Hi Ted,

Just wanted to thank you for your site again. I forgot to vote "Yes" for the sea salt remedy for UTIs. Last January, my family was moving and everyone but me was on antibiotics for one ailment or another. I don't like to take antibiotics because I tend to get candida flare ups, so I started drinking pure, sugar-free cranberry juice like I normally do to make a UTI go away. Plus, I take one cranberry pill, probiotics, and pre-biotics on a daily basis at night.

Well, surprisingly the cranberry juice did not do the trick this time, so I found your site and read about the sea salt remedy. I think I took 1 tsp in one glass of warm water before bedtime. The next morning, things felt 85% better but not 100%, so I repeated the process the next night. Voila! It was gone and I didn't have to go get antibiotics. Now I throw a little bit (maybe 1/8 tsp) of sea salt into my water every night before I go to bed as a preventative measure. I don't use salt on my food, and I only use sea salt for cooking. I haven't had a UTI since even though there have been times (holidays, birthday parties) when I've eaten a lot of sugar. However, as I mentioned previously, I take acidophilus, a candida-eating probiotic, prebiotics, and cranberry pills every night along with my other natural supplements. I hope this info helps everyone! Oh, btw, I am a 40 year old female in good health. Thanks again.


[YEA]  04/12/2011: Octavia from Knoxville, Ga.: "Thank you, thank you, thank you Ted!! I have been suffering for a week and a half with a TERRIBLE bladder infection. I have tried every remedy in the book, not wanting to resort to antibiotics. I tried D - Mannose, Uva Ursi, Baking Soda, ACV - NOTHING would touch this! As a last resort yesterday, I decided to try the Sea Salt Remedy. I did as Ted instructed and took 1 tsp. of sea salt disolved in a glass of water, then I purchased some unsweetened cranberry concentrate (100% juice) from the health food store. I drank about 3 or 4 glasses during the day, of the juice mixed with water, according to the directions on the bottle, and by yesterday evening everything was SO much better. I woke up last night and went to the restroom and for the first time in nearly two weeks - NO PAIN! I have just drank water since last night before bedtime, and each time I have gone to the restroom STILL NO PAIN. Everything feels pretty much normal now. No bacterial odor in the urine, no burning upon urination, no painful bladder cramps or urgency - NOTHING! I really believe that this infection is GONE! Ted you are a lifesaver. Thank you for this WONDERFUL REMEDY!!"

10/21/2011: Lacey from Allegan, Michigan replies: "I hope this works. I have been in pain all day, and it came out of nowhere. The pain us women go thru is terrible!"

[YEA]  04/06/2011: Grannyguru from Oro Valley, Az, Usa: "This is the first time I have ever had a urinary tract infection. I hope it's the last time. I took the ACV but it still hurt. Then I read Ted's sea salt remedy and tried that. Wow! The pain is entirely gone! In just minutes. So far it has stayed away, just a hour or two later. I'm going to continue with cranberry juice etc. Thank you Ted! Alice"

04/06/2011: Wishingyouwell from Gentle Earth, Ks replies: "I believe Adele Davis, in one of her books, recommended magnesium for bladder infections."

[YEA]  11/12/2010: Kd from Lexington, Ky: "I had my first bladder infection in years and it was miserable! There was no way I would go to a doctor or take antibiotics so as usual whenever I have a health issue my first stop is Earth clinic! I knew some of the things to try, like the ever reliable ACV and D-mannose, but also learned about Uva Ursi. I faithfully took all these and they did provide a lot of relief from the symptoms but nothing was completely curing it. As the week dragged on I thought there must be something wrong with me since I wasn't able to get it to stop and so many had written in that ACV cured them in just a few days.

So I decided to give Ted's remedy of drinking sea salt in water - Thank you Ted! After just one glass it was cured and I waiting several weeks to write this just to make sure it was gone. While all the other remedies did help and I would definitely recommend them for relief, the sea salt water ultimately was the cure. If you're reading this you are probably feeling completely miserable so give it a try, it can't hurt! "

[YEA]  05/05/2008: Anonymous from Spokane, Washington: "A while ago I had a bladder or urinary tract infection. (I am unsure because I didn't go to a doctor.) There wasn't much pain except for when I was done urinating. It seemed like my body was trying to push more out than it had. During this time I always had the strong urge that I needed to urinate. When I'd go it be a very small amount of urine. This had went on for a little more than a week when I then noticed blood when I wiped. Knowing that that was a very bad sign it was either a trip to the doctors or search the internet. I came across the remedy of drinking Sea Salt. That night I drank a teaspoon of Sea Salt in water. About an hour after doing so it felt as if my body was trying to cleanse itself. It gave me a loose stool and urinating felt the same. I decided to wait a couple of days before attempting either more sea salt or if it had gotten worse to go to the doctor. A couple days later I was fine. No more discomfort or blood in my urine. A teaspoon of Sea Salt in warm water did help a lot. I would recommend trying it."

[YEA]  02/25/2007: Feona from Long Island, NY: "I tried Vitamin C - Cranberry Juice - and 2 teaspoons of sea salt in half a glass of water and oregano oil. That is the stuff I had around so I tried all of it. The salt did make me vomit but who cares. I drank some more and it stayed down. I sat in a bath for 1/2 a day because of pain. By the evening I was 75% better. Next morning I am about 85% better. The doctor is open on tuesday so we will see if I continue to get better. No coffee or chocolate or junk food. I always have to go on antibodics so this is cool."

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  01/11/2007: Rachel from Aztec, NM: "I got a UTI about a week ago. Slugged down 2 tbs of sea salt in 8oz water. Gosh, that was rough! I felt no more pain in my bladder, but had been drinking cranberry juice all morning. I was symptom free for about a week. It came back today, I drank only 1 tbs sea salt this time, and it didn't touch the pain. It cleaned out my bowels, which helped with the overall bloated feeling I also suffered. Now I'm trying Apple Cider vinegar. It's helped with the pain, although not completely. And it tastes way way better"

[WARNING!]  07/21/2009: Kim from Cleveland, Ohio replies: "I tried the sea salt cure for my bladder infection and ended up with very low kidney function. My kidney's were functioning at 24% capacity ( 15% or less is considered kidney failure). My urinary tract was so irritated I had to go on painkillers so that I could urinate without screaming. Took several visits and alot of test for a Kidney Specialist to figure out it was the salt that was the problem. Turns out that you kidneys can only handle so much salt.

Now I watch my sodium intake no more than 2000 milligrams a day and I go to the doctor to treat my bladder infections rather than use natural remedies. Please be careful people! Fooling around with home remedies can have harmful side effects!"
[YEA]  02/19/2012: Sarah from Toronto, Ontario, Canada replies: "I really want to thank this site for being so amazing! I had been suffering from what I believe is a bad uti, since about a couple weeks ago. I was so despirate and hurting a lot when urinating and wanting to go really frequently. I had gotten rid of a previous uti over two months ago - I had aquired it during a bad broncial infection -. Then I got sick again about two weeks ago with a sinus cold and bit of the flu. This caused the uti to come back and flare up stronger then ever! I was so despirate and couldn't do anything. I couldn't go out for long periods where having access to a washroom was very limited. I couldn't do much at all without wanting to practically live my life sitting on the toilet. There was no bleeding at least but I was up and down every 5 seconds sometimes, especially during the day. The only thing that supressed it a bit was drinking about 750ml of water minimum before 4pm in the day and then at least that much again before 8pm at night. I still felt like I had to go more then normal but it wasn't as bad and I wasn't going every 5 seconds and feeling intense pain. I only felt a small bit of pain.

Finally I decided to do some research on the net to see if there was anything I had at home to use as a natural remedy. I had done a few things already. Drinking Cranberry juice, calcium suppliments and upping my dietray fiber intake but they didn't do much at all. So despirately googling for some answers brought me to this site and immediately my eyes found the words sea salt. I then clicked it and read the posts.

So thank you for posting about the sea salt and water treatment. Definently the one dose overnight effectiveness and the fact that I already had some caused me to try it but it was so worth it! I'm barely going more then usual now - unless I'm drinking a lot of water - and I don't feel any pain, stinging or burning!

I am so happy to be free from all that suffering! :D"

Sea Salt, Baking Soda and Cranberry Pills

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[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  04/22/2008: A from Dallas, Texas: "Woke up this morning with a wicked bladder infection. I haven't had one of those in years. I know what caused it though, unfortunately it was intercourse and not peeing immediately afterwards. I am religous about peeing after intercourse. Why I didn't do it this time I will never know. But I am paying for it. Love your site. I tried the 1 tsp. sea salt in a glass of water, along with concentrated cranberry juice throughout the day. Also added magnesium and zinc tablets. I am hoping this will work fast. I don't want antibiotics. If this fails I will next try to oregano oil and D mannose."

[YEA]  Stella from Cleveland, Ohio: "I had written on 2/27/2008 that Cranberry pills were working for my bladder infection. It may have been a BV infection I'm not sure. Anyway the cranberry pills alone did not completely take away my infection & it started to get worse it was very painful. I tried Ted's cure of drinking 1 tsp of sea salt in a glass of water, I did this one time in the morning, then at night before bed I drank a pinch of baking soda & water along with cranberry pills and it worked. I continued the cranberry & baking soda for a few nights and I am 100% cured. It has been almost a month now and my infection has not returned. I would definitely recommend this to anyone suffering from this type of infection. Thank you Ted."

Ted's Remedies

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03/07/2012: Effie6 from Sheffield, Uk: "Hi Ted, I have suffered with recurrent UTI's for years but a few months ago had a particularly severe one which I took 4 different antibiotics some not finishing the course because I felt they weren't working (stupid I know, probably the reason I'm in this mess I know). I don't think it ever really went. But my urinary symptoms completley died down after a course of trimethaprim.

After about a month I became severely brain fogged and tired and weak and couldn't do anything. I thought I had ME. I had strong smelling urine and occasional twinges when weeing but no normal UTI symptoms. Then after a while it transpired I had a UTI. The sensitivity test said it was sensitive to amox so the doc put me on 250mg 7 day course. The symptoms improved but didn't go. I then had a 5 day course of 500mg amox and the symptoms seemed to lift. I was so happy to feel clear again.

2 weeks later the symptoms have slowly crept back and I am now brain fogged again and have strange urinary symptoms-slight stingy twinge on weeing and lower abdominal pain/gripes but without the fatigue. I got drunk with my friends a few days ago and that seemed to make it a lot worse. I have now just started another course of augmentin. I am a 5th year dental student approaching my finals and I can't think straight. I just failed a practical exam and my tutor said I just didn't seem with it. She was right I never feel with it at the moment. It is making me so sad. I feel like I have a super infection. Oh and now my urine test has come back negative apart from slight white blood cells and the docs keep telling me I am making the symptoms up. I have tried ACV and cranberry and d-mannose. Nothing but the antibiotics seem to make a difference but even they don't seem to keep it away.

Should I ask to be put on long term antibiotics? The brain fog affects me so much I hate it, has anyone ever experienced anything similar or have any suggestions as to what I should do?"

03/08/2012: Bill from San Fernando, Philippines replies: "Hi Effie6... For an understanding of what might be causing all your problems, here is an in depth article on something called the Antibiotic Syndrome and how excessive use of antibiotics relate to causing dysbiosis(eradication of the good intestinal bacteria) which eventually causes the rise and dominace of Candida albicans problems in the the body:

Antibiotics, Dysbiosis and Candida

All the symptoms you have described seem to relate to candida problems: low thyroid, low energy, brain fog, memory problems with ongoing intestinal problems etc. The cause was perhaps over-use of strong antibiotics over too long a period. I have also had systemic candida and managed to get rid of it using natural protocols -- but it was a lengthy process.

For natural Candida remedies -- see these links:"

03/23/2005: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand: "There are other herbal preparations that can be helped with UTI and they are taken usually 4 times a day:

1. Uva Ursi. Has antimicrobial and research has support its traditional use, usually 1-2 teaspoon of the herb.
2. Goldenseal Root. Also long known as a strong antibacterial agent to be used as tea or 1 teaspoon of dried herb in a cup of water.
3. Althea officianalis, used as cold infusion soaked in cold water and drink.
4. Galium aparine (cleavers) Has long history of use and taken with tea.
5. Zea Mays (Corn silk). Diuretic.
6. Buchu - Diuretic and antiseptic properties.
7. Equisetum arvense (Horsetail) - Diuretic, astringent and healing properties."

05/09/2009: Rob from Justice, IL replies: "Ted, i have a uti infection that started with lower back pain, burning sensation when urinating etc....i went to the doctor to have my prostate checked and it was fine---he prescribed antibiotics. it is still lingering and has settled in my testicle area(they are red),along with the head of my penis. i have used the oil of oregano in pill form with no cure. any suggestions???? i drink a ton of water, eat healthy, and get plenty of rest. i don't want to go back on antibiotics......"

05/12/2009: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "The best UTI remedy so far the simplest and is the fastest is the sea salt remedy. The dose is 1 teaspoon of sea salt dissolved in a full glass of water, plus drinking the cranberry juice or mannose powder roughly 2 teaspoons x 5 a day will usually do it. The sea salt remedy is taken only one dose and there's no need to take an additional dose. The bacteria causing the UTI appears to have a weakness to salt. In fact drinking too much water reduces the salinity of the urine which encourages the UTI. Therefore addition of sea salt one dose should see a relief in pain within a matter of minutes. The maintenance dose thereafter is only 1/4 - 1/2 teaspoon per ONE LITER of drinking water. This is the most effective remedy I have found so far.


02/10/2011: Sophie from Montreal, Quebec replies: "I used to suffer from bladder infections regularly twice a year. I tried everything, alka seltzer, d-mannose, ACV, cranberries, you name it, until I discovered Olive Leaf Extract capsules. It cured my infection and I have never had another one since, because at the first sign, I take a capsule and it is over."

05/08/2011: Pasha from Durham, Ontario, Canada replies: "This is on the right track.... I battled with UTI's for years till I discovered herbal infusions. Don't be intimidated, it's really not that complicated. Before you start, if you are suffering, go right now and take a big ol' dose of vitamin C... We're talking 3000 mg... Unsweetened is best (with a BIG glass of water or two). In 10 minutes, you may have no pain. You are not cured, but you get a break, to go make a cure! The pain will be back, and when it comes, more vitamin C and as much water as you can stand.

Okay, now we will make an herbal brew! Any natural food store should have bulk herbs. Forget the pills and capsules, even cranberry is pretty useless. You'll need nettle leaf, uva ursi, yarrow, marshmallow root, perhaps a wee bit of goldenseal (you can add many more medicinal herbs for UTI's, try doing a web search) and licorice root to sweeten it up (note: Very sweet! ). Now get 2 quart or liter sized jars that are safe to add boiling water to, such as mason jars (always add boiling water slowly and cautiously, as a quick temperature change can make glass crack) or if desperate, a big metal thermos. Heap in the herbs... A healthy sized HANDFUL of light, fluffy type herbs like the nettle, do not think in tea-bag size terms! Toss in less of the medium dense herbs like the uva ursi leaves, maybe a golf ball sized amount (note: uva ursi is very bitter... But important, add what you can handle cuz' it won't help if you can't drink it). Then only a tablespoon of rooty bits, such as the marshmallow root, and just a tsp of goldenseal if it is powdered. Fill to the top with boiling water and tightly cap. Let it sit for anywhere from 1/2 an hour to half a day, the longer the stronger. A good indicator of successful steeping progress is when the herbs get so saturated they sink to the bottom of the jar. Now strain and sip at as much tea as you can muster for about three days. Keep a supply on hand by alternating jars.

This is the real deal. I think I actually strengthened my system with this, as I got UTI's every few years instead of every few months after treating the infections this way for awhile.

Much compassion and empowerment to you!"

[YEA]  11/22/2012: Dwayne from Pittsburgh, Pa replies: "Ted, that sea salt worked great!!! Thanks Dwayne"
11/23/2012: Jay from Germantown, Ohio, Usa replies: "A question for ted, when you say a full glass of water is that 8 oz or 16oz for the uti sea salt remedy?"
01/05/2013: Michelle from Dallas, Tx replies: "I don't get UTI's often but when I do they are come on so strong. I HATE antibiotics but nothing I have ever tried has worked- cranberry, uva ursi (bleh! Btw), etc etc. The salt trick did the trick immediately. I could NOT believe it. I followed up with D Mannose throughout the day and did one glass with the ACV too for good measure. (as I said, nothing has ever worked and I Just wanted to make REALLY sure it stayed away). Can I just tell you that I have a HUGE aversion to salt.. HUGE. But I stuck it out and I am so grateful!"

Treat According to Your Urinary pH

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[YEA]  01/06/2010: Sarahbelle from Bryan, Ohio: "Uti or interstitial cystitis and acid/alkaline

Please read this if you have a UTI or IC!! I have been researching and this is my conclusion: Your urine is either too acid OR too alkaline. It may have caused bacteria to grow, or if cultures couldn't detect bacteria, it could just be irritated as in IC. I always read that my urine was too acidic. When I tried to make it more alkaline I was even more miserable! Once, when I was taking a barley powder product for it's health benefits, my bladder got worse. It was too alkalinizing. I read that DISTILLED WATER was very acidic, so I chugged a gallon that day. What a relief! (One wouldn't want to drink distilled water for more than three days, as prolonged use can be detrimental, but it is easy on the struggling kidney and bladder.) Make sure you know if your urine is too acidic or too alkaline before you treat yourself. You can buy testing strips at a pharmacy. The doctors in our rural area would think I was weird if I started talking about natural cures and acid/alkaline. Be your own doctor if possible. Best wishes."

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