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Bladder Infection Treatment

Last Modified on Apr 07, 2014

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Cranberry Treatment for Bladder Infections

Folk Cure Options

  • Natural Cranberry Supplements, or
  • Cranberry Juice

Simply taking supplemental cranberry pills or drinking unsweetened cranberry juice can put an end to bladder infections.

[NAY]  07/22/2008: Robin from Ladera Ranch, CA: "I have had bladder infections for half my life and cranberries just don't cut it for me. I've tried the pills, tons of water, unsweetened cranberry juice, craisins (I know craisins have sugar but I've tried that too) and none of it works for me. I did a post on ACV working, I guess everyone is different."

[NAY]  06/04/2008: Tara from Jenkintown, PA: "I drank cranberry juice for weeks, and still wound up with a serious kidney infection. I guess it doesn't help everyone."

06/05/2008: Bret from Phoenix, Arizona replies: "Cranberry juice is not an antibiotic. It acidifies the urine which inhibits ecoli. Also, studies did show that e-coli bacteria cling to the sides of the bladder. Cranberry juice removes this adhesive property and the bacteria are more easily flushed away. Also, if you are drinking Ocean Spray or a Juice Cocktail, you are drinking very diluted stuff that is high in sugar. Frozen concentrate is your best bet, Cranberry tabs also are a great idea. I use these in my elderly patients who are incontinent and get frequestn UTI's. Cranberry is more preventative than curative. Bret"

[YEA]  05/14/2008: Peggy from Erwin, Tennessee: "I don't get UTIs often but when I do I use cranberry juice. I drink at least 64 ounces a day until the infection is gone. It usually only lasts 2 days. 100% Pure cranberry juice is somewhat hard to find in my area but cranberry juice cocktail seems to work too. If you have UTIs often drinking a glass a day helps keep it in check."

[YEA]  03/13/2008: Jimbo from Bogo, Philippines: "cranberrie juice will cure uti infections in one day, buy a half gallon and drink it all day long, i have seen it work many times"

[YEA]  02/27/2008: Stella from Cleveland, Ohio: "I had a pretty bad Bladder infection and did not want to take antibiotics so I bought cheap Cranberry pills at the drugstore, took 4 tablets 2x a day along with Tea tree oil mixed with Water and Hydrogen peroxide on the area with a cotton ball a few times a day and it started to go away within 24 hrs. I also took a bath in epsom salt."

[YEA]  02/08/2008: Chanana from Aubrey, TX: "I have had a handfull of bladder infections, and the minute I feel one come on I stock up on cranberry juice. I find that even when mixed with other juices, as long as it is primarily cranberry juice works well, you might just have to drink a little more of it. But it has worked for me every time."

[YEA]  11/08/2007: Vicky from Victoria, BC, Canada: "My doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine once prescribed real cranberry juice for a bladder infection. The stuff worked like a charm and faster than antibiotics. Apparently, there is an enzyme in cranberries that makes the lining of the bladder slippery so bacteria cannot grab on to it. Hence, they are just flushed out of the body. Real cranberry juice must be used, though, not the Cranberry Cocktail kind."

[YEA]  08/21/2007: Cheska from Dahab, Egypt: "If your cystitis/bladder infections are sex related try drinking a whole big bottle of mineral water after sex, this does mean you will be running to toilet all night but that is better then waking up in morning with that feeling of pissing razzor blades! It really helps me, the bacteria does not get a chance to get going as is being constantly flushed out. Also try to pee before and after sex. I also wash carefuly with a bottle of water with 15 drops of grapefruit seed extract in it to help steralise area. If you do develop an infection the next day take lots of cranberry tablets to try change your Ph levels as the bacteria cannot survive easily, lemon wedges or juice also help, stay well away from alchohol, sugar and anthing other then wearing lose cotton underware. Ensuring you get a good nights sleep aill boost your immune system and help fight any infection."

[YEA]  02/22/2007: CC from Ypsilanti, MI: "cranberry juice, peeing after sex and gatorade helped my reoccuring bladder infections. I drink 100% cranberry juice as soon as I feel one coming on and I also drink gatorade to help replenish my body during the infection. To prevent a bladder infection, I always pee before and after sex. Also, stay away from sugar during the infection."

[YEA]  02/10/2007: Tina from Long Island, NY: "In the past couple years I have suffered through lots of uti infections. I was going back and fourth to the gyno and everytime the gyno gave me antibotics which would work but then my uti returns with in weeks to months again. The doctors couldnt figure out why I kept getting them. I decided on my own to remedy. I take cranberry pills everyday. Also everytime after I have intercouse I pee and make sure I clean myself and luckily I have not had a UTI in almost six months I am so happy. I think antibotics do not solve the problem I think they make the antibotics make them worse. I belive in natural healing not drugs!"

[YEA]  09/12/2006: Anonymous from Tampa, FL: "I had a really bad bladder infection. While waiting for the date of the Dr. appointment I began to drink 2-3 8oz of 100% Cranberry Juice twice a day and within 3 days, the frequent urination had stopped completely."

[YEA]  06/04/2006: Christina from Silverdale, WA: "When I have problems 'down there' as I call it, I always break out the 100% juice cranberry juice. If you're really brave you can try 100% cranberry juice straight, my sister said it cleared it right up, but tasted awful."

[YEA]  02/01/2006: Joella from NYC: "I drink unsweetened cranberry juice the minute I feel a bladder infection coming on. It usually helps. Best not to add sugar to it, but it is extremely bitter!"

Cranberry for Prevention of UTI

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[YEA]  06/26/2013: Shell from San Diego, Ca: "I had recurring bladder infections for years. After the last one -14 years ago--I began taking cranberry capsules as a PREVENTATIVE. I just take one in a.m. and one in the p.m. I take 3 if I'm going to have sex.

You can also take d-mannose as a preventative. Urinating before and after sex is always good to do."


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D-Mannose for Bladder Infections

D-mannose seems to be the active ingredient in cranberry juice that prevents and may stop a bladder infection. You can find D-mannose pills at some health food stores and pharmacies.

[YEA]  09/07/2013: Art from California: "A friend of mine had a recurring bladder infection with e coli as the common culprit. His doctor prescribed many different antibiotics over the years and eventually they no longer worked to eradicate the infection and on the last antibiotic, his doctor told him that this was the last antibiotic that he could try for the infection as all of the others were no longer effective.

This last round of antibiotics seemed to work, but two days after completing the course, the bladder infection came back and the symptoms were worse than before.

I recommended d mannose dissolved in a 500ml bottle of water, taken at one bottle three times per day. Within 24 hours of starting, the symptoms had diminished significantly and after 72 hours, the symptoms were gone.

Since this is a recurring problem that the doctor told him he is prone to, he will likely need to use d mannose again, but at least he won't have to deal with the negative side effects of taking antibiotics anymore and e coli will never become resistant to d mannose because d mannose does not actually try to kill e coli, it merely binds to it and then allows the body to flush it out naturally. Also, d mannose has an excellent safety profile and is the ingredient in pineapple juice and cranberry juice that is effective against UTI's, however when you mix it with water, you get the positive effects without all of the sugar contained in the juices and it is much stronger than the small amount available in the juices. D mannose in water is almost tasteless, so it is easy to swallow.

The downside is that d mannose is only effective against e coli based UTI's, but the greater majority of UTI's are caused by e coli, so d mannose is probably a good first choice before resorting to antibiotics. If you don't notice improvement within 24 hours, then your uti may not be caused by e coli and you will have to look elsewhere for a resolution.


09/08/2013: Baldev from Maharashtra, India replies: "Hi Art, your post does not indicate as to how much D-Mannose you dissolved in 500 ml of water. If you can give this detail. Thanks, Baldev"
09/12/2013: Art from California replies: "Hi Baldev,

It was 3 capsules @ 700mg each dissolved into a 500ml bottle of water @ 3 bottles per day. If you are using bulk powder I would imagine 2 grams/2, 000mg per bottle would work just fine. It dissolves quickly and is pretty much tasteless.

I think I may have worded the dose improperly in my initial post, so to clarify, it is 3 bottles spaced out throughout the day with approximatelly 2 grams of d mannose in each bottle for a total of 6 grams of d mannose per day.

Btw, his bladder infection has not returned, but he is well stocked on D-mannose now just in case! This turned out to be perfect timing for him since he had no more options as far as antibiotics go.


[YEA]  02/21/2014: Kt from Texas replies: "I've only been using the D-Mannose powder on myself for a day and a half but it seems to be helping - though I still couldn't sleep through the night. Seems like if I don't take it every couple of hours, it starts feeling worse again. I'm going to stick with it for a few days. I woke up yesterday morning at 1 or 2 am with a sudden pain and urgency - weirdly I had a dream of blood in my urine right before - and sure enough when I went, it was pinkish. Anyway, today the urgency is the worst part for me, I guess that IS the pain. I ran a low fever most of the day yesterday but that's gone today. Ted said not to drink tons of water so I'm a little conflicted on that, but I can see his point as it increases the pressure and feeling of urgency.

I also took 1TBS ACV (apple cider vinegar) yesterday once and today just once so far. I may try taking more of that if the DM doesn't work better.

In the past I have tried D-Mannose on a cat with pretty good success. That's why I already had it in stock."



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