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Cure Acid Reflux: Fast Acting Natural Remedies

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Red Wine Vinegar

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[YEA]  03/29/2007: Franklin from Snead, AL: "I had terrible acid reflux and was afraid of getting esophagus cancer. My acid reflux was so bad my throat would swell. Twice daily, drink one fourth cup of redwine vinegar in three fourths glass of water until well and repeat if acid reflux returns. Give God the glory. I'm totally free of acid reflux."

[YEA]  11/19/2009: Jay from Philly, Pa replies: "Apple Cider Vinegar has been my acid reflux/GERD cure of choice recently as it has really seemed to help more than any medicine's I've tried. I ran out of Apple Cider Vinegar and searched to see if Red Wine Vinegar had the same sort of benefits. I saw a few people on here said it worked, so I figured I would give it a try. Sure enough, 2 teaspoons in about 2 cups of water did the trick like magic.

The scientific explanation:
The acid in the vinegar aides the digestive process. Stomachs can sometime produce too much acid. However, more likely someone's stomach with GERD or chronic acid reflux actually produces not enough acid or too much alkaline.

The acid from the vinegar helps digest and process the remnants of food that hasn't been able to be digested naturally.

I like to think of my stomach as a mini-science experiment. Taking extraordinary amounts of TUMS or acid reduction medicine to remedy the solution is usually short term. Although it's sometime painful, in the long run it's better to find something like vinegar or other natural remedy that isn't harmful to your body that you can take on a daily basis."

Reduce Stress

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[YEA]  05/19/2008: Gislain from Phoenix, AZ: "Stress was cause of my Acid Reflux:

3 weeks ago today after lunch at work, I had experienced some acid reflux pain. It was beyond heartburn and made me concerned. I wasn't sure why I was having this so I researched online. The cause: Not digesting my food properly.

So I spent money on digestive enzymes and stress reduction supplements - $50. Then I returned the next morning buying a Chinese herbal remedy supplement - $30. After not sleeping still from the pain at night, I decided to see the doctor and get a prescription for Prevacid - $25. I tested my ph and it was 5.5 so I bought a body ph reduction supplement - $25. Then another supplement - $20. All of this with no relief.

Finally, I tried Apple Cider Vinegar which helped ($4) and allowed me to sleep at night, but during the day and in the evenings, the suffering continued. I couldn't eat this and can't eat that. I overall dropped 10 pounds in almost 3 weeks. I was convinced I had an ulcer or maybe CANCER!

Finally after consulting with family and self-evaluation and insufficient funds at the bank, I found the root-cause of my Acid Reflux - Stress and Worrying!!! I tried relaxation techniques and positive thinking, and last night at dinner, I ate a veggie burger with a WHEAT bun and salad with RANCH DRESSING and FRIED SHRIMP and HOT SOUP and had almost zero problems afterwards. Today, I have had no Apple Cider Vinegar and the stress is down. My Acid Reflux is so much better and is improving. My esophagus is so imflammed still and will need time to fully heal. But in my case, my Stress and Worry caused my problem. Before you decide that you are stuck with Acid Reflux forever, try relaxing first. That may be your problem - Stress!!

I was having stress at work and tend to be a worry-wart at heart. I am my mother's child. She died of pancreatic cancer at age 51. She was under constant stress all her life. I'll be 25 next month and plan on living a long time. Stress will not kill me!

Also, another important thing too is to be calm when I eat. That makes such a big difference!"

11/01/2008: Ali from Portland, OR USA replies: "Ref: Posting of 05/19/2008: Gislain from Phoenix, AZ

You are absolutely correct. Stress can certainly cause acid reflux. Then the person is told to take PPI's or H2 Blockers. The next thing they know they're on med's for life. Avoid worry and stress. Don't get over weight (if you are lose weight), eat right (smaller portions and healthy). Avoid all medications that can cause reflux (and there is a lot of them out there, prescription and OTC). Lastly, practice relaxful breathing, close your eyes and envision a calm place."

Remedies Needed

12/07/2013: Renee from Burke Vt: "I have been taking nexuim for about 10 months for acid reflux and it has not been working for me. I also have spasms in my Esophagus, it hurts to bend down and do any kind of exercise. Also feels like my breathing is affected when turning my head. I have a hiatal hernia and have had 2 endoscopy's and everything is normal. Does anyone have any advise or has experienced this?"

12/08/2012: Dushyant from Duabi, Dubai, Uae: "hello, I am having acidity problem since last one year. I am not able get the permananet solutions. I have tried so many tablats. but no benifit. now it is seems like ulcer bcoz whenever I am eating anything it hurt my chest.

I seen a blog for Apple Cider Vinegar may be the solution but I have doubt that Apple Cider Vinegar already having the acidity so how it can help to reduce acidity. i am looking for he permanent solutions. i hope u will give me the best solutions."

12/08/2012: Ed2010 from Oakville, Canada replies: "Search for Ted's Alkalizing Forumala in this site. It is using ACV and Baking Soda. Take this, you will be alright and prevent ulcer."

EC: You can find Ted's Alkalizing Forumalas right here.

12/11/2012: Alsky from Toronto, On Canada replies: "ACV becomes alkaline after ingested. It works!"

09/15/2012: Atique from Dhaka, Bangladesh: "My gallbladder has been removed due to stone formation, for that I'm presently suffering from acidity problem, I feel occassional chest pain. My one artery has been found 40% block. I'm taking prescribed medicine given by my doctor like Amdocal for high pressure and Lopirel for thinning blood. After seeing this site I am taking this mixture 1 tablespoon in the morning for last 14 days, along those medicine but feeling more acidity and some time unconfortable in my stomach. Due to acidity I feel some bit of uneasyness in left chest. I'm not sure why this thing is happenning? Can anybody suggest me?"

09/04/2012: Chris from Jackson, Mississippi: "Hi, My name is chris. I'm 17 years old and a male. When I was 11 I woke up one morning telling my mom I couldn't swallow. Felt like something sitting in the base of my throat. Right above the center of my collarbone. I went to the er they did tons of tests. Scoped my throat and said "acid reflux" handed me some horrible flavored pepcid tablets and sent me home. I've had trouble ever since. For years it was just my throat problem. Often times not able to speak without trigger my gag reflex. Constantly feeling the sensation.

Later on (around age 14) it started with heartburn. Keeping me up till 3 and 4 am everynight. I started taking tums. About 2 a day when heartburn started (this went on until I was 16). One night I had heartburn and took a tums, about 15 minutes later my heart rate jumped so high so rapidly I thought I was having a heart attack. I was rushed to the hospital. They did tests, checked my heart, sent me home. After 4 nights in a row this happening and going to the er they finally admitted me to the heart floor. After about a week in the er they scoped my throat with a camera to find I had gastritis(the weird heart rate and chest pain ended up being a bad abses tooth along with gastritis) The doctor spoke with my parents about having trouble getting the scope to go down. He said he had to use an infant scope and still had trouble getting it through(the sphincter in my throat was too tight)

They put me on carafate for the gastritis which I took for a month. I finally stopped due to 2 weeks of constipation. Even with stool softeners and laxatives. After I stopped taking carafate my bowel movements changed. I still struggle with constipation and hemorroids. Now I'm on nexium once a day. I have no heartburn but I'm often holding my left side(mid ribcage) it sometimes is a pain often just a odd feeling. And constant belching. Sometimes I'll feel the sensation to belch but it feels stuck and I have to kinda force it out. If I don't take nexium I can barely breathe. No heartburn.. Just scary trouble breathing.

But now every night I lie awake with trouble breathing.. And a feeling like all the blood has left my head. I describe it as a groggy feeling. The left side of the back of my neck always feels stiff and bothers me more when these symtoms are flaring up. I've tried apple cider vinegar but heard it causes constipation and it doesn't help with the belching at all. I've done everything I know to do. My quality of life is so bad I've become depressed. I lie awake at night praying for God to send healing or some answer my way until I fall asleep from exhasution.

If anyone reads this and has answers please email me Jxnskates(at)"

08/21/2012: Nycb from Ontario, Ca: "I get a very full feeling right under my rib cage and i'm very uncomfortable most of the time. I drink ACV, it does not help, unless I'm naseaus then it helps. And I get that way OFTEN as in daily.... Sometimes I just chew on a few mints and it subsides. I really don't have the typical issues of reflux so that's why I'm asking. Also when I get that full feeling it feels really jittering in my stomach. Could I have a wheat intolorance?... Sometimes I feel like i'm a mess... Someone please help!"

08/21/2012: Mmsg from Somewhere, Europe replies: "Nycb, why don't you "follow your haunch" and try going a week or two gluten-free, or at least wheat-free and see how you do with that?"
08/21/2012: Tina from Houston, Usa replies: "It could be gluten intolerance, or it could also be an unhealthy gall bladder with gall stones perhaps. Drink a squeezed lemon in warm water several times daily to keep your body alkaline, and also to help the bile flush through the gall bladder. Eating beets before each meal will also help."
08/26/2012: Nycb from Las Vegas, Nv replies: "I have tried to go vegan and I'm on my third day.... I just cheated.... But for the last two nights no problem! .... However what I just cheated on was three pieces of cake.... so I will see how I feel tonight."
08/27/2012: Mmsg from Somewhere, Europe replies: "Nycb, if you "cheat", from my experience it is a sign of your body missing things. For example, a doctor told me when I crave sweets, I am missing protein. Since then, a salmon steak or an egg dish is what I go for when craving hits, and it never fails to work! I sorta think cravings are the body's signal for stuff it needs. But we have to "read" it right. That's the hard part!"

07/21/2012: Ruth from London, England: "Hi Ted.. What is the correct recipe for severe acid reflux. Should I use the the bicarb as well? I'm on omeprezole ppi but does not seem to work. Thanks Ruth"

07/20/2012: Reinaldo from Bx, Ny: "Im a 42year old male, and I have been sufferring from acid reflux for 2 and a half years. Ive been through indoscopy, taking all kins of medications such as nexium, omeprazole, prevacid, alore vera, among all other home remedies to help my situation. In addition I have consulted with a psycaitris who has also prescribed medications and NOTHING helps. I also follow a small portion meal. My symptoms include, dry mouth bitter taste, burning sensation on my lips and teeth, my tounge is mainly white but changes with things I eat. This has effect my life as it has changed my moods and approach towards others, esspecially my family. Suicidal thoughts come to mind and I no longer enjoy the things life has to offer. Im desperate for your help, to become the HAPPY man I was before. Please TED, please, goodnight."

07/21/2012: Ed2010 from Oakville, Canada replies: "Proton pump inhibiting drugs cause a big mess to your stomach.

Now you should identify whether you produce more or less acid in your stomach. More acid or less acid produces same symptoms of acid reflux.

For low acid:

After a meal if you have acid reflux drink a quarter lemon squeezed in half glass of water, add honey to taste. If the symptom subsides then drink half lemon squeezed in full glass of water in the next meal.

For half lemon juice if the symptoms subside then continue with it till your intestine and stomach gets healed.

For High Acid:

Drink one of the Ted's Alaklizing Forumla. In any case you should take Ted's Alkalizing Formula.

Also, add probiotic foods like Kefir, Saurkraut, Home made Yoghurt. Saurkraut can cure most of the acid related stomach symptoms whether low acid or high acid.

Once your stomach symptoms dissapear, your suicidal thoughts will vanish. It is just a phase, just ignore it.


07/21/2012: Ed2010 from Oakville, Canada replies: "Continuation...When taking lemon juice if your acid reflux increases, then drink a glass water with quarter tsp of baking soda. Start eating saurkraut and take ted's alkalizing formula."
07/21/2012: Tina from Houston, Usa replies: "Probiotic - rich foods are essential and very effective in clearing up acid reflux. Home made milk kefir (consumed daily) is probably the easiest and most effective way to stop your acid reflux issues.

This site teaches you to make your own milk kefir.

You do this for 2-3 weeks and notice the dramatic change in your entire mind-body. The kefir consumption should be ongoing. If you stop, you will notice your acid problems again. Also sauerkraut, lacto-fermented veggies and kombucha are very helpful too. (All these can be found on the link above too).

Good luck, Tina"

07/21/2012: Bill from San Fernando, Philippines replies: "Hi Reinaldo... If there is too little acid in your stomach -- this will also cause reflux problems and if you are also taking PPIs from the doc -- then this is about the worst thing you can take to heal your reflux problem if you have low stomach acid already.

For a more complete and full explanation of your reflux problem and how to go about resolving it -- see this longer post by me from a few days ago:"

06/22/2012: Christine from Nottingham, England: "Do give marshmallow root, it worked well for me. I opened two capsules into a cup and added a little water three times a day. I had tried most of the other remedies and this one worked best for me. We are different but it may be worth a try."

06/21/2012: Brad from North Providence, Rhode Island: "Dear "diet not helping acid reflux", you need to Proper Food Combine. Its been around for I think 100 years. Google it, buy a book, whatever. The foods you eat are not digesting the way you are combining them, Good luck. Harvey diamond is one good source for a book. Brad"

06/21/2012: Leeopia from Lawrecnceburg, Ky, Usa: "Im a 40 yr man that has had acid reflux or gerd acording to my doctor, for about 10 yrs. At first I would eat tums when I would get it. Which I usually got it from baked goods, like bagels, cookies, cakes, pies, dounuts, things like that. Spicey food never bothered me. Well over time it got worse and my Dr put me on Nexium and then Ive been taking Prilosec OTC for a good 5 years. Well now everything gives me reflux! So Ive come off of the medicine and I am trying natural ways to help it. I have cut out all junk food and fast food. No sodas of coffee or tea or anything like that. I eat 5 small meals a day. (I had a bad problem of overeating and the food wold sit in my stomach for hrs) And Ive tried to just about every natural remedie I can find and nothing is working. Here is a typical day for me:

Small breakfest: Usually small bowl of oatmeal with 1 egg and 1 piece of whole wheat toast I also started taking a digestive enzyme with each meal for about a week.

Snack: A piece of fruit

Lunch: Turkey and cheese sandwich on rye bread with mayo.

Snack: Apple

Workout for about a 1/2 hr after work

Protein shake and then a sensible dinner small portion fish or chicken with rice and a veggie and nothing else for the rest of the night.

Heres the problem. After about 1-2 hrs after eating I get reflux. Sometimes its bad sometimes its just one burp and then goes away. Sometimes water triggers it! And I have a physical job so I bend over alot and thats when its really bad! My stomach always feels bloated or crampy all the time. I think from taking the prilosec for so long has really messed up my stomach and is the root of the problems.

Ive tried everything and I dunno if I have to much acid or not enuff. Ive taken ph test and my saliva is usually alkine and my urine is acidic. But its not to bad just over or under the normal range. Physical activity seems to bring it out the most. If I just sit around it doesnt really bother me to much. If I dont eat anything for the day it doesnt really bother me. I have been eating this way for about a month now and working out for only 2 weeks. Im not obese. Im 5'10" 180lbs. Ive always been in ok shape. Hardly ever sick. I just want to get this under control and any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for taking the time to read this post."

05/16/2012: Etta from Tustin, Ca: "I have always had issues with nausea. A couple years ago, I was throwing up all the time, lost alot of weight. At the time, I had insurance and they told me I was lactose intolerant, and I had a severe sensitivity to acids. I gave up smoking cigarettes, dairy, coffee, candy, acidic fruits/veggies. All seemed well, gained 40lbs back, gained muscle.

But now I am getting sick again more often that I would like to. I do not have insurance. I am wondering if a written, planned out diet would be best? I am really confused and uneducated in nutrition. I am a bad pill taker, but have been hoarding prescription Prilosec for the worst times. Don't really know how else to describe my symptoms, PLEASE HELP!"

05/17/2012: Lori from Birmingham, Alabama replies: "Low Fodmap is hands down the best EVER... Its all about food sugars, wheat, lactose, fructose;

Lactose as you know is a sugar; you must look at Fructose Malabsorbtion, this has saved my life along with stopping ALL presriptions, they are loaded with fillers, binders and colors that will worsen your condition not make it better;

Stop the prilosec, this is very bad; symptom treating is no way to live... Find the cause, or further disease will develop... Take my word on this one; stop all meds and only use dye free benedryl or dye free gluten free ibuprophen; use sparkling mineral water, (like Perrier, PLAIN one) a few shakes of salt and fresh lemon or lime for indigestion... You will find that one week medicine free and low fodmap will cure all your digestion issues! I was belching night and day until I changed the foods I ate!

Here is a very basic guide: Wiki Fructose Malabsorbtion.. Low fodmap has saved my LIFE! Eat only real butter, hard cheeses (cabot white sharp cheddar has no lactose) lactose free milk, avoid apples, garlic, onions, chemicals in food like INULIN, eat nothing fat free or sugar free, no sorbitol or nonsense, pure fructose will sicken... every time; Hope this helps:"

05/17/2012: Lori from Birmingham, Alabama replies: "PS: this video will best explain PH balance in the body; very informative, watch this: How diet soda causes weight gain; its all about PH balance! Http://"

03/29/2012: Gary from Edmonton, Alberta, Alberta, Canada: "Hello, I'm new on here and I think that after much investigation I may have GERD. I have most of the symptoms which just started a few days ago. I have not been able to lay down at night to sleep as the acid reflux burns my throat and esophagus. Last night I found this website and after reading the countless logs of other people who are experiencing what I am, I feel I have finally found some help. I have taking antacids and stuff like nexium for probably 20 years. After reading many posts last night which kept me up until 330 in the morning, I think that I need to try this HCL with Pepsin. Can anyone tell me where I can get it as I do not want to continue with this very hard to manage problem of gastric reflux. Email me at Garywyurchak@shaw. Ca please as soon as you can. I am desperate!!!!"

02/01/2012: Deborah from Herts, Uk: "I have been suffering with reflux since May last year and it gives many symptoms, feels like a bubble in my throat, constant clearing throat , choking feeling, difficulty breathing, swallowing problems etc. My Dr say I have a spasm in esophagus which he felt when he was doing endo but nothing showed on Barium. I take Omeprazole 80mg and Isosbate 10mg to try and help the spasm. My osteo thinks all caused by such a tight diaphragm which causes the reflux. Not sure who to believe or what to do but am miserable as cannot eat etc. Do you think I dare take ACV- it sounds too good to be true and I am so bad I can't risk being made worse."



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