Where to Buy Borax in the UK

| Modified on Aug 23, 2021

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Posted by Triantaphyllo (England) on 08/11/2016

Hi. I have a question. I live in the UK and have just purchased Borax Sodium Tetranitrate Decahydrate ( 20 mule team Borax.). What is the difference between this and the Hexahydrate?

Is the one I have purchased safe to use internally?

Many thanks.

Posted by Alitown (Uk) on 02/11/2016

I am stuggling on with demodex mange on my 2 year old dog. He is on homeopathic tablets but the going is very slow and we still have constant flare ups of the scabs. Want to make up the wash but cannot find anywhere to buy the borax here in the uk. There is natural borax substitute available. Will this produce the same result?

Many thanks.

Replied by Jacqueline
(Devon, Uk)

Don't buy the substitute. You can get the Borax on Ebay. Some is called by it's chemical name - sodium-something (can't recall) - it's the pharmaceutical grade 99.99% pure, or they have the jewellers borax, but it's all the same thing. Doesn't cost much.

EC: Borax goes by several chemical names: sodium borate, sodium tetraborate, disodium tetraborate.  It is all the same borax.

Replied by Sharon
(Ulysses Kansas)

Have you tried making a purchasing on amazon.com?

Replied by Janet

Sharon. A facebook group I belong to orders theirs. You can buy sodium tetraborate (borax) from intralabs online. Janet

Replied by Mrs A.
(London Uk)

To the enquirer looking for Borax in the UK -

You can get it at Intralabs

Replied by Michael
(West Yorkshire)

Borax is available from Intralabs, but it must be for commercial use or they will not sell it apparently.

Replied by Julietta

Janet, could you say the name of the facebook group?

Replied by Janet


The group I spoke of has become inactive. Or disbanded.

There are a few, related to borax. I did a search, 2 English speaking groups popped up.


Posted by Mike (Uk) on 02/11/2016

Hi there, you can get borax in the UK, just go onto ebay.co.uk and search on there! It will go by various names, the one I get is sodium tetraborate decahydrate, , , , It's cheap too!!

Posted by Angelika (United Kingdom) on 04/02/2015

Where can I buy borax which is safe for internal use? Do you sell it?

EC: Hi, you will find some information on buying borax here: https://www.earthclinic.com/remedies/borax17.html#uk

Replied by Fearg
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Hello, I purchased Bill Thompson's book "Candida, killing so Sweetly" and want to undertake an anti-candida protocol.

The problem I have is I live in the EU (UK) and sales of Borax are restricted to the public. I don't know what it's like in Asia but I can imagine you could easily buy it there.

Online you can buy Borax substitute, would this be just as effective or not?

Would it be possible for you to advise me on how to obtain what I need?

Even if I have to order from the USA for example. I cannot move forward without getting past this snag so I would really appreciate if you could help.

Keep up the good work! Best, Fearghas

Replied by Janet

Fearg, The borax is sodium tetraborate and from everything I have found is available on the internet from Intralabs. Many in my facebook group order from there from Europe. Janet

Posted by Broch (Aberdeenshire) on 10/21/2013

Where can I obtain food grade pure Borax in the UK.

I bought some from intra labs but it says on the package do not eat, technical grade powder for general reagent use, sodium tetra borate decahydrate. would this be ok to take orally?

Replied by Timh
(Ky, Usa)
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@Broch: The regent or lab grade would seem to be the most safest form in comparison to food or commercial grade. If you can't find any "borax" at your local grocer, try Ebay or Amazon as they have thousands of merchants that ship worldwide. Do be sure there are absolutely no added fragrance.

Replied by Lorenza

I just bought some from the same place. I actually enquired about this; due to pharmaceuticals corrupting our lives, its very hard to get borax that will say for consumption. However the little impurites in the borax you bought are just other mineral s that our bodies will get rid of. So should be fine.

Posted by Avi (London, United Kingdom) on 01/21/2009

Hi, in searching to buy borax online, I found it under this name: Sodium tetraborate decahydrate at this site, top of page

and I'm not sure that this is the right stuff. Can anyone tell me? Thankx, Avi

Replied by Casper
(Helsinki, Finland)
Replied by Jane
(Liverpool, Uk)

Is Borax safe for internal consumption in very small amounts say 1 ml spoon daily? there is an article in Nexus, that say because Borax was so good for arthritis and many other ailments it was banned, I cannot seem to find whether it is actually safe, some chemical sites suggest definitely not!! Any ideas or has any one used Borax internally safely?? thanks jane

Replied by Suzy

Intralabs says you can only purchase Borax you're trade or professional.

Replied by Sandra

You can buy it on Ebay UK

Posted by Cara (Birmingham, England)
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Re: Mandy from Dorset, Uk writes: "You cannot buy borax in England anymore - any other possiblities for horse mange?"

People say you can't buy borax in England. I bought some today in Boots, in the household cleaning aisle. Also available in tesco and ebay.