Where to Buy Borax in Germany

| Modified on Feb 08, 2021

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Posted by Vb80 (Loser Salon, Germany) on 04/27/2015

Hi There, is there anyway to get borax in Germany?The pharma industrie made it nearly impossible to get. The one I bought it from last time, told me, it is not allowed to sell it anymore ...

I love this Site, it's so great, use-and helpful.

Replied by Timh
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Try making an order at soapgoods.com here https://www.soapgoods.com/advanced_search_result.php?keywords=borax&search_button= and tell us how you fare in this endeavor.

Replied by Georg

I had no problem buying it (1 KG of Natriumtetraborat) in a regular pharmacy (Apotheke). All I did, was telling them that I needed it as an ant poison in my basement. As long as you don't tell them what you really want it for, you should be fine.